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Helpful Maiduseful advice welcome- if you enjoy it i’ll take that too. The Helpful Maid. Ding Ding, New text. I looked at the clock, only 7:30. I set my book down and looked at the screen. It was her. Opening it up to read the message, “I know you have been busy working and don’t have time to clean your place. I’m sending a maid service over to help you. They should contact you about arrangements soon. Miss you, see you tomorrow afternoon. “ I looked at the screen a minute. Trying to send people to my house? Although the idea is nice, she should know better than to send people to my home. Few people know where I live and fewer I let come over. On top of that, does she think I’m a slob and can’t take care of my home? If they really were going to contact me first then I would just cancel it. Tell her the timing didn’t work out is all. After all, I’m busy a lot. The message did make me look around the room… ok I could use a dusting and the floors could be vacuumed but still. It’s not dirty just lived in. To me it was cleaner than most people’s houses after they cleaned it. “I’ll take care of it. See you then” I replied. I picked my book back up. 10 minutes so later, the back light came on over the door, a soft knock followed. No one was expected. I slipped off the sofa, bare feet on the floor. Sliding my pistol from the holster in my pants on the floor where I dropped them. I could see the shape thru the blinds, female. Stepping closer. I pecked out. It was her face. I tucked the gun away on the desk. I unlocked and opened the door. She stood there eyes slightly down cast, looking chest high on me, not in my eyes. I gave her a once over. She was in a cheap French maid outfit, the ones you see all the time in the adult store. The top was low cut, bottom high. She wore black high heels, a good 4 inches. Fish net stocking held up with garters you could see then sticking out bellow her skirt. I could also see her large breasts here held in a black lace bra. The feather duster and little lace piece on her head completed it. I couldn’t decide if it was funny or sweet at the moment. “Yes, can I help you miss?”“Yes Sir I was sent by the service for a cleaning at this address. I know it’s late but they said right away.”“Well since you’re here I can’t turn you away. This was set up by a friend as a gift. I can’t say I really need it, nor have I had a maid come in before.” I said and stepped aside to let her pass. “Sir I will treat your home as my own, and respect your castle.” She said this as she stepped in and looked around. “You will find that I am very thorough and follow directions to the letter.”“Then just do as you would normally do. “ I closed and locked the door again. “My cleaning supplies are under the sink, and over the dryer, help yourself to what you need.” I stood and watched as she walked over the few steps to the kitchen, bending over at her waist she looked under the sink. Her very short skirt turned up and showed her bare ass under it. I could see her clean shaven sex also. The straps of her garters cut in to her pale ass a little. She stood up and walked to the laundry room. Looking on the shelf she took down a few things there too. She started cleaning. “Your outfit is nice” I said watching her. “Thanks you sir. We try to please our clients in any way we can. We are also instructed to follow any uniform instructing or correcting that are requested. Should I make any changes to better serve your needs Sir?” I held up a hand waving her closer, then to turn around… she spun once slowly for me. “I can see a few… improvements that may help you work better, if you want to know” “Please,” she said a little to eagerly “what can I do?” I stepped to her, reaching out and popped her bra clasp. Not all that carefully I removed her bra from inside her top. Then I pulled the shoulders of her top down her arms, showing more shoulder. I could see her nipples stiffen now. I stepped back and had her turn once more. As she did I could see her large breast shift and sway. The nipple rubbing on her course material or the top. She bit her lower lip a bit by this. “Better, you may return to work.” I turned away and went back to my book. “Yes Sir, Thanks you Sir.” She went back to the kitchen. After a while I heard her stop banging around with the few dishes I had güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in the sink. She started working around the room now, dusting. I got up and went up stair to get a few things. Returning she was dusting a big book case. I waited till she bent for a low shelf. “Stay, I have another way to help you work faster” she froze at my voice behind her. “Spread you’re feet a bit more…. Now hold your skirt up out of the way.” Without a second hesitation she lifted her skirt the last remaining inch over her hips, holding it in balled fists waiting. I put some KY on my fingers and starting working it around her anus. I heard her take a breath, her feet turn out a bit more, she was trying to relax. I could see her sex start to shine now too. This was making her wetter. I pushed into her slowly. She took a deep slow breath, letting it out when my finger stopped in her. I started to work lube into her. One finger then two. Once she was ready I removed my hand and pushed the 3inch plug into her, the head was a bushy rabbit like tail. I stepped back, finished. “Better now you can dust twice as fast, stand up.” She did, standing at her side, her skirt still held up in her fists. I could see she was getting used to it. I can’t say she was comfortable but she wasn’t in pain either. She was still holding her skirt up. I reached between her spread legs to her sex in front. “if you keep this wet too you won’t get chafing when you move around.” I rubbed her lips, parting them to find her hard clit. Toying with it a moment she closed her eyes and started making noises. I stopped and walked away. “you may continue, but like I said to do when you need to, to keep that wet.”“Yes Sir” her voice was small and weak. I laid on the sofa once more, pretending to read but watching her. She was moving around slower now. as she made it around the room opposite me. She bent over the pick something up. I could see the tail still in her. It moved around as she did. I also saw her hand slip up to her slit and rub herself a minute. She was aiming at me. I watched her play, seeing her hands move more easily now. She stopped and continued cleaning. She made her way over to me. Fluffing the pillows and straighten the magazines on the chair and end table. She leaned over my head to fix the pillows like I wasn’t even there. Her tits where in my face. I reached out and bite her nipple thru the top. Holding her there. She braced herself on the sofa back. I reached my hand out and started to play with her pussy. Moving her lips around, pulling on them. pinching and tugging on her clit. She was all but moaning. I slipped two fingers deep in her. Hooking then I found her G spot and toyed with it. Bring her closer to cumin. I had her on the edge. I could feel her trying to get breath to beg me to let her. I stopped and let her go. Looking back at my book, I saw her look down at me and then go back to trying to clean. She did a nice job. Even vacuumed the rugs. I lead her up stairs to do the two rooms there. They didn’t need much so she was finished quickly. The bathroom was the last to do. I had done it the day before so she didn’t do much then wipe down the counter and spray out the tub. “Sir I’m finished with the house. The dish washer is ready to run. I set it for 4 hour delay to not disturb your reading. I can start the clothes if you would like too. It’s loaded up and ready. Do you have anything else that can go in Sir?” she asked standing before me, again looking down at my feet in a soft voice. “You did well only missed a few things. The only dirty clothes I have left I’m wearing.”“I can take then if you would like me too. What did I miss Sir? I can’t think of anything, but I am a bit distracted.” She asked. “You have yet to clean me, or don’t I need it?” I asked her. She turned red, “No Sir, sorry Sir. You’re correct I have over looked you. May I take your clothes to the wash then I will happily wash you as you wish Sir. ““You may only don’t start the washer yet. Go start the shower running now.” she walked away and did this quickly. “Now you may take my clothes from me.” I stayed standing and waited. It took her a minute before she got the hint and came to me. She started to undress me carefully and slowly. I was half hard when she took güvenilir bahis şirketleri my shorts down. She gathered my clothes and walked them back down stairs to the washer. On returning I was standing in the shower letting the water run over me. She stood in the bathroom waiting. I looked at her thru the clear curtain. “Close the door, remove your shoes, place the plug in the sink.” She did as told in order. As the plug was removed she breathed a little sigh of relief. Instead of standing this time, she got down on her knees, sitting tall on them, her hands laced together under her hair on her neck. Her back was straight and eyes down.“Come and finish your clearing” I said. She stepped in to the shower in one smooth motion. Not even caring she was still in the outfit. Exactly as she was told to. I was already wet so she picked up the soap and started washing me, head to toe. She was getting wet but didn’t seem to mind. She was focused on her task. Her soapy hands slid over me smoothly. She wrapped her fingers around my cock, working it clean looking up at me from her knees, she held her bottom lip in her teeth. She moved on after a second. I turned around and she washed up my back. She worked my shoulder, messaging them, trying to work the kinks out. Taking down the hand held wand she rinsed me off. The only trouble she had was, being so much shorter than me, was my hair. I ended up having to take a knee so she could reach. She did a good enough job. I stood back up and looked at her soaked clothes and wet hair. You could see soap bubbles here and there even. She turned the water back to the top head, hung up the wand. She was still on her knees before me. She brushed past my cock, it slid over her cheek. When she pulled back some of her hair was stuck to it. She backed off more to removed. Reaching out she, took me in her hands. Turning me over in her hands she looked very closely to make sure it was clean. “I’m sorry Sir I got you dirty again. Should I re-clean it again for you?” she asked looking up at me, and look of begging in her eyes. “Yes you must. You also failed to completely clean it the first time. My nuts still need to be emptied, and the shaft sucked clean.”“Yes Sir.” She said in a happy and lustful voice. She leaned forward from her high knees and took my in to her lips, keeping pressure on me she pulled me into her mouth. She took me in and out a few times, working me deeper in her. Soon she was down to my balls. I felt her tongue lick out and lick me. She stayed till to chocked a bit. Then backed off and started working me with her mouth. She was very good, using her hands and lips to tease and pleasure me. When she failed to take me all the way after a bit, instead playing with the tip. I reached out and held her head, I forced my cock into her and held her till she was gagging and trying to get back. I let go. She backed off, coughed a few time, still holding me in her hand. Spit dripped from her chin and my cock. She stroked me while she got her breath back. Playing with my balls now one handed she took me into her once more. She understood better now, spending time all over me kept her from being forcing. I reached down and freed her tits pulling them over the top of her top. Her nipples were large and fully erect. “Are you keeping wet like I told you?”“Umhumm” she said not taking me from her mouth. “Show me” I said. She didn’t break stride, just took a hand and reached between her legs. I could tell she was playing with herself. Dipping fingers into her hot wet wanting hole. Her hand came up two finger held out for me. She held them high and I bend a little taking them in my mouth tasting them to make sure it wasn’t just water. It wasn’t, I knew her taste well. I sucked on her finger, cleaning them up a bit then let go. She took them back to her, wetting them again, she offered me a taste once more. I didn’t take them. She removed me from her mouth and wrapped that hand around me, spreading her juices on my. Licked her fingers clean and then took me again. She liked how she tasted too. I was getting closer, she could feel this too. Taking her hands away, she cupped her large tits. Bringing them up under her chin… I started to cum as she played with her nipples. She opened her mouth as I filled it. Keeping canlı bahis şirketleri me in her teeth, but letting some drip out on her tits. Once finished I back up. She closed her mouth and I saw her swallow. She looked down and raise her tits to her lips to lick off the drops. She used her fingers to get what she couldn’t reach. She swallowed this too. She leaned forward again and cleaned me up, sucking softly to get the last few drops. I was still hard. She dropped back to her knees and looked up waiting to be told what to do. I reached down and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her up to her feet and turning her around against the wall. I roughly started pulling her clothes off. I tossed them all on the floor at our feet. Soon she was naked, and bend over at the waist. “Your turn to get cleaned out, and I have just the tool.” I aimed at her pussy and pushed in easily all the way to my balls. I worked in and out of her a few time. Making sure she was ready… her moans and pants told me she was. I started to fuck her from behind in earnest. It wasn’t long before she was crying out in pleasure and begging me to let her cum. I told her yes and felt her constrict on me a second later. I kept pounding her till I was about to cum again too. Using her hair as a handle, I pulled out, turned her around and shoved my cock in her mouth. I held her down on me, while she started to chock and gag a bit I came. Shooting my load down into her stomach. I let her up and she again cleaned me up. “Thanks you Sir.” She said. I stood her up and this time. I began to really wash her. I took my time. Enjoying the feeling of my hands on her smooth skin. She liked it too, the attention I gave her. I played a little extra on her fun parts, not that she minded any. After she was cleaned we just held each other in the water. My hands soon found her ass and I was touching her. Playfully spanking her. She put a leg up on the soap dish, letting me have more of her butt, tightening the skin over bones. I reached around found her anus still had lube in it. As I touched her, pressing a finger into her just a bit. She almost growled in my ear, her nails dug into my shoulder. “Oh god…” escaped her lips. This made me smile and play some more. Soon I was just playing with her anus, just dipping in and out of it a little. “Oh god… oh shit… please Sir fuck my ass I need it so bad.” I smiled and pulled my head and hands back trying to look at her face. She couldn’t meet my eyes. I raised her chin to me. I made her look at me. She was red faced, she didn’t mean to say it she had lost control a moment. “What do you say?” I asked. She didn’t answer me. “Tell me” my tone was stronger now. “I said, I need my ass fucked Sir. Please may I have it” she asked looking me in the eyes, shame and lust both filled her eyes. I didn’t answer her just turned off the water and stepped out. She stood there waiting again. I reached in and took her by the nipple to pull her out. She followed easily. I stopped her in front of the mirror facing it. “Assume the position” I saw the red flash over again off the mirror. She opened her mouth to say something but the look I gave her stopped that. Instead she bend over and spread her ass cheeks and legs for me. Watching me off the mirror this was not her favorite thing, looking at herself. I entered her slowly. Watching her face, once in I reached up moving her hair from her face as she tried to hide. I played and pulled on her nipples with the other hand. “Ask me again, or you will never get this again no matter how much you beg.” “Oh god Sir please fuck my ass hard. I need it so bad.” She locked eyes with me as she did this, knowing it was what I wanted her to do. I started to fuck her now. Still holding her hair as a handle…. She was move vocal this time. And I was rougher too, spanking, slapping, pinching and pulling on her body. Soon she came for me not asking this time. I wasn’t long after her, I filled her ass with my cum. Taking the plug from the sink under her I put it back in to hold it in her. I left her panting laying over the counter. I cleaned myself up while she recovered. I left the room to find clean shorts. After a few minutes I heard her hanging up her wet clothes from the shower and enter the room. I had laid out pj’s for her and she dressed in a long shirt. She found me in the living room reading again. She sat on the floor by my side and waited once more. “Get us a drink my dear.” She got up not asking what I wanted and returned with the right things. We shared it and she just sat and enjoyed my touch on her skin till bed time. To Be continued…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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