Hilary and her 18 year old Neighbour

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Hilary and her 18 year old NeighbourThe following story was told to me by my friend Hilary, a 59 year old x-hamster member, who would like to share this experience with everyone”Working in a pub can be a real hassle most of the time, but very occasionally like last Friday, the benefits of dealing with drunk men constantly come into play making it all worthwhile. At 59 years of age I should perhaps be winding down slightly, but the divorce leaves me with bills to pay and I’ve been working at my local pub for a few years now. The recent snow however gave me issues. I was expected to start at six in the evening and close up, but with no public transport and no car I had to walk the pretty treacherous mile or so to get there, and with snow planned for the evening I was worried about getting home. I started as normal at 6pm, the mile walk taking an hour and I was slipping everywhere. To my surprise the pub was busy, full of office workers with nothing better to do than drink shots and be obnoxious. The evening snow came as predicted, and the bonus was this cleared the workers out, worried they would miss their last train home. This left around half a dozen people in the pub about 9pm, presumably all very local and to my surprise this included my next door neighbours son, Craig, who had very recently only turned 18, and his pal. I didn’t know him that well, only ever really spoken in passing, but he was a strapping young lad at well over six foot tall. We chatted anytime he was at the bar, and I thought one of the times I caught him looking down my white blouse, my 38c boobs forming a nice cleavage which even naïve old me knew was good for tips. He repeatedly asked for salt & vinegar crisps, and I noticed that he and his pal were not eating them and had stockpiled a collection of around four packets. Perhaps they were taking them home after I thought. A few hours later with last orders approaching, Craig came up and ordered two pints and another packet of crisps. This time he definitely did peer down my top as I poured the pints, and my heart raced slightly at the excitement. I bent over and got the crisps from the box near the floor and suddenly I realised Craig may have been requesting this type as an excuse to look at my bum and legs as I was wearing a nice tight short skirt. Even I knew at my age my legs were still in great shape. To test the theory I pretended I couldn’t reach a packet as the box was almost empty taking an extended length of time, and turned round with my arse sticking out to see Craig practically ogling me, the dirty bugger. I turned round quickly bent over as I knew this would show my cleavage even better, and Craig couldn’t take his eyes off my tits. I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sensed a real opportunity. I rang the till up and gave Craig his change, asking “You couldn’t walk me home afterwards could you, I really struggle to walk in this snow?”. Which although wasn’t a lie, I could also use to my advantage. “Of course Hilary” he smiled bashfully. “Me and Noel will take care of you” he continued with a nod, and smiling I thanked him, thinking of the possibilities this could bring up. I rang last orders and the pub cleared leaving me with these two capable young men, and I poured us all a drink and joined them at the table they had occupied for the last five hours. I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I took a large gulp out of my gin and tonic as I was slightly nervous and excited. Of course I could be getting the signals all wrong, so I really didn’t want to make a full of myself and played it as cool as I possibly could. “That’s a lot of crisps” I said looking at Craig whose blue eyes and youthful fair complexion pierced back brightly at me. Both boys laughed and Noel responded rather cheekily “He was checking you out Mrs”, and Craig put his hands in his face in embarrassment. “Well, what do you think?” I asked half jokingly to keep the conversation firmly on a potential sexual nature. “Oh, Craig likes you. He thinks you are fit”, Noel laughed drinking his pint, his cap hiding his dark hair, but he was a handsome if slightly irritating young man.“And what about you Noel? What do you think?” I said back to Noel trying to embarrass him but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t possible at this point.“Yeah, why not”, he shrugged laughing. “Why not what?” I queried. “I would. I would do you”, he smirked and Craig was hiding practically behind his jacket at this point showing a little bit more respect than his pal.“Craig. Would you do me?” I laughed, again giving nothing away of my intentions but keeping the conversation alive. Craig was a shy big lad, and was embarrassed by the question so did not answer it, and excused himself by leaving for the bathroom. Noel looked at me and I smiled, and the cheeky teenager made a pass to kiss me which I allowed for a few seconds before pushing him away softly shaking my head, and this burst the cocky Noel’s bubble. “Sorry, I thought…..sorry”, he stuttered out and I told him to drink up as we were leaving. Craig came back and we finished our drinks quickly and I locked up with the snow still falling and the streets completely white. We began our trudge home, and immediately I almost slipped but young Craig held me up and offered his arm for the rest of the journey. What a nice young sexy gentleman.Noel lagged youwin behind whilst Craig and I chatted, his warm muscular body protecting me from the conditions and it was already making me horny. “Got a girlfriend Craig?” I asked, and he kind of mumbled something out which I couldn’t quite catch.“He’s a virgin” Noel shouted from behind, clearly annoyed at being humiliated earlier in the pub. “Never you mind him” I reassured Craig. “You have plenty of time to meet a girl….or a woman” and squeezed his arm affectionately and he responded in turn in appreciation of my words. “If you ever want to talk you know where I am” I continued, and stroked his forearm teasingly. “I’d like that. How about tonight” Craig rather surprisingly responded looking at me and I nodded laughing, putting my head into his arm as he practically dragged us home. Soon enough, Noel parted ways with us in a huff up another street to his home, but I wasn’t bothered as he was a bit immature although initially I had pictured ending the night in bed with both of them. Maybe another time. We continued our way home, the snow driving into our faces at a relentless pace and as we approached our street I slipped and fell, but Craig broke my fall and swivelled me around with his muscular left arm. I was now on my knees staring directly at Craig’s crotch, which I could see had a bulge coming out through his jeans. I looked up seductively and Craig peered down looking embarrassed. “What will do about this?” I said out loud, and grabbed the bulging mass with my little right hand and I could immediately feel it getting bigger, with the snow driving into Craig’s face.I looked around, there was a cobbled lane to our right with the street lights out, and abandoned buildings on either side making it very dark. I knew there was an old opening to one of the buildings which would give us a shelter so I told Craig to get us down there and he happily did, and we went into the enclosed space which had escaped the snow and was even dry, a boarded up door the only part of the area not pitch black. I didn’t waste any time and grabbed Craig’s cock gain, but it was now softer and a quick fumble soon had it rock hard and ready for me. Craig bent down and kissed me, the taste of beer obvious from his tongue but I couldn’t care less and aggressively massaged his cock as we kissed. “Don’t be shy, touch me” I whispered, and Craig shoved his hand down my blouse and bra onto my hard nipples, his hands warm as he had ripped off his gloves seconds before.I moaned as his other large hand ripped my skirt up and grabbed my already moist pussy through my pants and he rubbed me even wetter as I wriggled my small hand through youwin giriş his jeans and boxer shorts onto his large warm cock.It felt big, probably 9 or 10 inches long at least with decent girth, and I realised I hadn’t touched a cock for several years, and certainly never one from a man forty one years my junior! I tried to rip his dick out of his clothes and Craig helped by eagerly wriggling his jeans and shorts to his ankles, and I felt about his strong legs and arse with my hands wanking his long cock softly as we continued to kiss. Craig moaned loudly at this, but a few seconds later he was yelling with pleasure as I put his young cock in my mouth using my lips to run down his shaft as my tongue flicked his warm meat. As he moaned with pleasure I went faster on his head and wanked him also, aware of how cold it was and wanting this over fairly quickly. I didn’t have long to wait, and a rather high pitched and muffled “I’m cumming” from Craig was let out, and I took as much of his length in as I could deep into the back of my throat and let him cum down inside me, filling my stomach, the salty warmth of his spunk welcome on this cold night. I licked his head after this, but that was too much for this 18 year old and he begged me to stop which I did eventually. I stood up and grabbed his hand putting it inside my soaking pants, and he soon had three fingers tightly inside me poking away furiously at my cunt. I grabbed onto his muscular body again as I reached a climax, and was being held up only by my right arm yanking down on his jacket as his large hand made me orgasm and I practically fell to the ground. He picked me up and we kissed intensely for five minutes or so, me thinking I was a teenager again and eventually I came to my senses as the cold swirled around the opening. “Back to mine” I said, and we shuffled back down the lane and onto the main road before facing the driving snow arm in arm and walking the short distance to my house, however our plans were to be denied and Craig’s Dad, Neil to me, was watching from the window as we approached. He came to the street to greet us in a worried state. “Thank God you are all right”, Neil said to his son and then continued “Thanks for getting him home Hilary, much appreciated”, unaware I had just swallowed about a gallon of his son’s cum a few minutes before. “It was a pleasure, anytime. See you Craig” I said smiling, a drop of cum sinking down my throat as I did so making me horny and wish I hadn’t dismissed Noel so quickly earlier as he could now be my back up. “Good night Hilary, thanks for the….erm…pints” Craig replied and his Dad rolled his eyes at me laughing and took his son into the warmth of their home.I went to bed alone again, but with the taste of my 18 year old Neighbours spunk in my mouth and the satisfaction of being frigged off by his shovel like hands fresh in my memory and my body still tingling from the feeling. All in all, it had been a good night in the snow.”

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