HIS P.E.T. 12

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HIS P.E.T. 12


“I want your honest response.”

Sharon and Raul were lying in their bed, her left leg d****d across his, her left arm across his chest, and her head in the notch of his shoulder. She completed the statement with a kiss to his body from the corner of her mouth, still easing back from her orgasm.

“Okay.” She still hesitated for longer than a moment, but he patiently waited. They had become very close over the years of being in the same household and now very intimate. As he stroked the arm over his chest, then down her naked side to her hip, he still marveled that their relationship had bloomed as it had. At the beginning, he would have considered such a suggestion ridiculous. They had come from very different worlds with seemingly very different expectations from life. He as a Cuban immigrant; she a white, middle-class widow. But apparently not. They had both found themselves in the same situation: in need of a job and the desire to be allowed to dedicate themselves simply and completely in that job, and in a way a means to escape. Both sought, knowingly or not, a situation to lose themselves and withdraw into a tightly protected environment. Stumbling into the employment of Hein Koningh at his Miami estate, an international businessman with global responsibilities and pressures seeking his own retreat, became a crucible for how starkly different people can evolve into a tightly cohesive organism of efficiency and support.

“Do you have any regrets?”

Her question, when it came, was almost predictable and he softly chuckled. “Yes … sure …” She raised her head to look at him and he smiled. “I regret that Cuba hasn’t been to more World Cups.”

She playfully slapped his chest and resettled her head to his shoulder. “You can be such a tease. You know what I mean. About us. This is an awkward situation for anyone to form a meaningful relationship … living in such close proximity and reliance. We took the big step, but …”

He stroked her hair, moving some strands from her face. “I’m not having any second doubts, Sharon. So, unless you are …”

She raised up and turned quickly, half of her upper body on his chest, so she could look him in the eyes. “No! Not at all. It’s just … you make me feel so happy and wanted and loved. I hope you feel the same way. To feel this way, again, …”

He put a finger to her lips and smiled. “I know … I feel it, too.”

Her hand slid down his body. “I’ve never been so bold before, Raul, but …” She looked up at him, “Do I satisfy you?” She touched his limp cock. “Because I want to very much.”

He pulled her up his body to kiss and hug her. “You are an unbelievable woman. Never, ever, question that.” He searched her eyes, “Is this about Laura? Is this about having a naked goddess running around here? You’re not worried about a comparison …” She shrugged. “Don’t. Laura is a stunning woman, yes. Confidentially, the three of us men have talked over beers during watching soccer matches and Hein has confided he still can’t believe she is here.” He smiled at her and hugged her closer. “I moved in with you for the reasons I stated before, Sharon. Nothing changed or will. I love you; you love me. We make each other happy. Besides, having that sex machine around here has certainly stimulated our sexual attitude.”

She wiggled into him, “Hmmmm … it certainly has.” She looked up pensively, “Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be with her? Honestly.”

He smiled and he could feel her hand over his firming cock. “Sure … but not in a one-on-one sort of way where we sneak off together.”

“By joining in their group activities, then.”

“With all this going on around here, haven’t you wondered what it would be like to be with Hein or Chris?” She shyly nodded. “They are probably somewhere right now together. They aren’t shy about using the main house, are they?”

“No, they aren’t. If we wanted to … if you really wanted to … how would we …?”

“We could just walk in naked.”

She shook her head violently. “NO … no, I couldn’t do that without knowing they wanted me.”

“I could talk with one of them …”

She shook her head, again. “That just makes it awkward for them. What else could they say?”

She looked up and he knew she had something in that mind of hers. She told him and he leaped out of bed, put on shorts and a t-shirt and slipped out of the bedroom. He returned in minutes with a big, conspiratorial smile on his face and reported they were in the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri living room. She walked naked to him and stripped him out of his clothes, took his hand in hers and led him back out the door.

* * * * *

I got up from the sofa and looked down at the two of them. Hein, Chris and I had another of our threesome evenings, which were beginning to seem like a regular occurrence for us. I certainly wasn’t complaining. I love the attention of both of them and my body loves the attention their combined cocks, hands, and lips gave me. Hein and I had our opportunity for quieter, slower, more intimate loving in our bed. It truly was the situation I always dreamed of: two dogs, two men, being safe and secure in the activities, a professional life that challenged me, and people who care for and about me.

I stretched my arms high above me as I looked at them, their eyes traveling over my naked body stretched and exposed to them. Whether their cum was visible on my pussy lips or not, we all knew it was there. It was into the evening, but not late, yet. I asked them if they would like another drink. They agreed as long as I was going to. I nodded and turned to the bottle, but I deviated to the wall of windows, which was a habit of mine in this house. Naked and all this expanse of glass, what else would a blossoming exhibitionist be expected to do?

I glanced down to the yard at the back of the house and stopped when I thought I detected something out of place. Again, with the security at the gate, the distance from the city, the security system along the property lines, and the dogs, I didn’t think it might be an intruder. But, that acceptance made the idea of something or someone being down there that much more intriguing. I cupped my hands to the window and peered down.

“Guys! Come here.”

They were at my side, more curious than anything, everyone being as confident in the security as we could be. I suppose they were expecting to find a wandering deer or other a****l.

Hein was to my left and looked out, but then cupped his hands to the glass, too. “What … oh … my …”

Chris was more to the point, “Damn! Look at those two!”

Below us, naked on the grass was Sharon and Raul in the missionary position. They had been so careful in the past, despite our knowing full well since they move into the same bedroom suite.

Still watching, I said, “It’s a sign.”

Chris said matter-of-factly, “A sign? I don’t know about that, but it is something I never thought I would see from Sharon.”

Hein pulled away and looked at me. “A sign … what do you mean by a sign? A sign of what?”

“They want to join us! I’ll bet anything that’s it, they just didn’t know how to let us know.” They looked skeptical. Maybe I didn’t blame them because they knew them when they weren’t partners and when Sharon was the tight, disciplined matriarch of the house. I turned for the hallway, “Come on.”

“Wait!” Hein was not convinced. “Where are you going?”

“Down there.”

“NO! They’ll be embarrassed, no …”

I went back to them and took their hands and pulled them with me. The three of us naked and my intention was to take them outside where Sharon and Raul were. “Trust me. We’re going to join them.”

Raul was the first to notice us standing in a line between them and the house. Sharon’s eyes were closed as he plowed into her. It wasn’t until he stopped his motion, though, that her eyes opened and she followed his eyes behind her. She tilted her head back and found us, but her eyes moved to me. She smiled and raised a hand to give me/us an inverted wave. I smiled back her. I motioned with my head to them and she nodded.

I knelt beside her head and covered her mouth with mine, then I moved to Raul to kiss him as he renewed his motion of driving his cock into her. It was awkward, trying to kiss someone while he was in the midst of fucking the woman I revered. I glanced down and found Chris kissing her breast and sucking the nipple. Hein was next to her head, kissing her mouth and eyes. I saw his lips moving as they brushed next to the side of her head. When their eyes connected, again, I saw her lips form, ‘Thank you’. Her eyes were glistening and her arm pulled his mouth back to hers.

Not much more happened that night, but it was a magnificent night for the house. One of our most magnificent, in fact.

* * * * *

Hein stood toward the end of dinner and refilled everyone’s wine glass, then took his place standing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri at his chair at the head of the table. He had our attention.

“I need to go back to the US and I was hoping you would join me. I was thinking about four weeks this time, which will make it worthwhile for everyone. I need about two weeks in various offices and locations, but then I was thinking we could take the yacht down into the islands of the Caribbean.” He was smiling, and in return, he was greeted with enthusiastic nods from all of us. Then, he raised his glass out toward us, “A toast to the four of you.” He indicated with his glass to each one of us. “To the four best people anyone could possibly have at their side. Thank you. Each one of you.” We all took a sip from our glasses. He was still standing and looking pensively into his glass. I glanced around the table at the others. Chris shrugged as it remained quiet.

I looked up at him, “Hein? Are you okay?”

He seemed to be jolted back to the present from wherever he might have gone. He smiled at me, “Yes … No … I am more than okay. I am wonderful. I was lost in the realization, I guess. It has been something I have been thinking about … how wonderful I feel these days. Do you know what I decided the reason for it was?” We watched him, waited for him. I don’t think anyone dared to break his thinking and expression of it. “You. Each of you.” He chuckled. He took his seat and chuckled, again. “Look at us … how did we become what we are? I bought the mansion in Miami and needed someone to run the house. What did I know? Sharon has been mothering me ever since. For Miami Beach, the estate was extensive, so I hired someone to keep it looking presentable. Raul created a sanctuary where I could escape and be at peace. And, Chris … what was it? Six guys?”

“There were only four, Hein.”

“I thought I would walk from the office to the restaurant. It was a little late and the downtown was at that transition time, shifting from the business crowd to evening crowd. I don’t know where those six guys came from and I sure as hell didn’t know where you came from. In maybe a minute, those six were on the sidewalk, against a building or against the curb.”

“There were only four, Hein.”

“It would have been good enough to just be able to hire such a talented man. Instead, I got my best friend.” I saw him wink at Chris and smile. “I’m sitting here counting and I think there might have been eight guys.”

Chris shook his head and laughed. He made like he was going to get up, “If this is the way this is going, I may need a stronger drink.”

Hein waved him down. “Relax …” He turned to me. His eyes studied me and I blushed. I know I did. But, this was different. It wasn’t my exposure to him that he was taking advantage of. It was as if he was looking through my eyes into my soul. “You … Laura … PET. What are the words I have for you?”

I dropped my eyes to the glass in my hands. I stole glances to the other three at the table. “Nothing.” I said it with an awkward smile and downcast eyes, almost a murmur, though I could see the others heard it. I knew because they all turned to Hein for his response.

“You might be correct, my dear. I’m nearly at a loss for the words.” The table was completely quiet. I stole another glance at the others and was surprised by what I found. All, even Chris, had big grins on their faces, twinkles in their eyes. When I looked back, I found his hand sliding across the table to me. I shifted my glass to my left hand and gave him my right. His hand slid over mine and my eyes came up to meet his. “I spent my life attaining power and control over businesses and industries. I dedicated myself to it. But, I wasn’t really happy.” He looked at Sharon.

“You weren’t, Hein. I tried telling you …”

He smiled at her. “Yes, you did … my surrogate mother … I didn’t want to think about it, but you were right. Of course, you were.” He looked down the table to Chris. “So, I came up with a fantasy. A woman strong and knowledgeable enough to stand up to me, argue with me, if I needed it. A woman confident enough to whisper advice to me at a critical moment. But … I wanted more. A woman who was a sexual woman. A woman who was sexual because it was sex. A woman not afraid to cross boundaries of experience, to take a challenge and satisfy it … in every sense of the word.” He looked back into my eyes but spoke not to me. Odd. “What did güvenilir bahis şirketleri I say about this fantasy woman?”

Chris answered without hesitation, “Impossible. She didn’t exist. You’d never find her.”

“I would never find you … yet, here you are. But, you are not my fantasy woman.” I cocked an eyebrow at him as if challenging that. “You are more than my fantasy, Laura. Much more. I … I …” He glanced at the others and stopped. There was more. I knew there was. Instead, he shifted to the table and re-raised his glass, “I need you all, every one of you. I hope I never give you cause to want to leave.”

It became awkwardly quiet, again. Nobody knew how to follow that. But, leave it to Chris to find a way. “Okay, enough of the syrupy, emotional stuff. Sharon, Raul, and I have been wondering what is in these wrapped packages since they arrived earlier today.”

Hein laughed, got up and arranged the four items wrapped in heavy, brown paper. They were oddly shaped, all were about two feet by a foot and a half and comparatively thin. He made a small cut in the front of each, looked inside, and distributed each to one of us. He wanted them opened by Chris, Raul, Sharon, and finally me. As I held mine in my lap, I could tell it was a framed picture and assumed the others were, too.

The first was a beautiful framed photo of the back of the house at full night darkness with the interior light ablaze throughout. The photographer caught the expanse of the house, but also the lit landscape outside. The next was closer and focused on only the house. There was someone standing at the wall of glass in the living room. As the picture was passed around the table, they all looked at it and then at me with a smile. It was close enough that it was clear that I was in the grasp of a man who was leaning on the glass, my legs wrapped around his waist, my face over his right shoulder and my mouth opened in a gasp. My mouth dropped open as I looked at. It wasn’t clear who the man was, but I suspected it was Chris. The third picture was even closer and it was obvious what I was doing. The man and I were silhouettes in the window, but we were both shown from the side. I was on my knees with my face in his crotch, only a small portion of his cock shown between him and my mouth.

I looked up at Hein, then glanced around the table. I held the last picture and I pulled the wrapping away from it with a bit of trepidation. As I suspected, it was even more blatant. It was a close-up from below. Clearly, the photographer was still outside and at ground level, but the details were clear and void of the silhouette effect of backlighting. I gazed at it with much less shock despite it blatant image after the progressive display of the previous images, which was obviously Hein’s intent. In this picture, I was pressed up against the window, my eyes shut and my mouth gaping open, and my entire face displaying a moment of exquisite pleasure. The man behind me, pressing into me, was hidden by my head but it was obvious that we were fucking, my hands and breasts pressed into the glass.

I looked up at him as I handed the picture to Sharon across the table. “How …?”

“Do you remember that night?” I nodded. There were many nights when we enjoyed ourselves in one of the lit rooms of the house and there were times when I insisted on being near the window for the erotic, exhibitionistic effect, but this one time it was Hein who insisted that we stay at the window. “Remember when I told you to keep your eyes closed?” I nodded, again. He had been quite insistent and it seemed odd at the time. Now I understood. “Remember … as I fucked into you, your eyes must have slit open just a bit because you uttered ‘lightning’.”

I remembered vividly that night, now. I had fucked and sucked both of them in front of that window. My god … he must have had a photographer outside recording the entire thing to capture these images. As if he were reading my thoughts, or perhaps the look on my face, “There are a lot more images we can enjoy together, later.”

He explained how Sharon had captured us in the window before with her phone when she and Raul were sufficiently stimulated to become voyeurs one night. I looked over at Sharon and Raul. Sharon was blushing but was enjoying the look on my face. Hein took that idea and arranged for a photographer to be waiting. He shared that the photographer was curious how he could be so sure that it would happen and that I would be willing to be so exposed in front of the window.

He turned to looked at me with a big smile. “I simply told him he didn’t know my Laura.”

He said he would have them hung around the house, but the two most obvious ones would be hung in our bedroom suite.

* * CHAPTER 13: MIAMI will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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