His Sexpot S i s Chapter 1

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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 1″Shawn Addison, you’re a perverted bastard and I won’t do it, not even for you.Haven’t you any respect for me at all?” Shawn closed the bathroom door and leanedup against it as he studied his sister’s angry face. She stood inches away from himwith her balled fists on her hips waiting for him to say something.”You wouldn’t dare ask any other girl to do it,” she flared. “It’s unnatural, Shawn.””Shut up, Jodi. You’re as perverted as I am, my dear, sweet, innocent sister. Andyou’ll do it because you promised me anything I wanted.” He unbuckled his trousersand let them drop. Very slowly he inched down his underpants and saw her eyesswoop between his legs.”You’ll be sorry, Shawn,” she whispered and gulped as she watched his huge cockspring to life, a magnificent prick fully eight inches long with a tortuous, bulbous cockhead. It swung like a scythe as he moved over to the bath and bent over. Now withhis back to her he was pulling his bum cheeks open wide.”Shave me, Jodi, down and around my balls so when I take you I can feel everyvelvet inch of your body up against me.”She moved toward him in a trance and absently picked up the electric shaver thatwould shear the golden hairs off his spunk-filled balls. She dropped down onto herknees and her eyes fixed on his pendulous balls. They were big, she told herself, toobig for a teenager. But so was his cock. There was nothing small about him.”Take a good look, Jodi. We have the whole house to ourselves and we won’t bedisturbed.”She shook her head as she came out of her trance. He was right. They were alonewith their parents off on vacation. She thumbed the switch on the shaver and itbuzzed to life as she lightly brushed it up between his bum cheeks. Bending herhead .slightly she blew a cloud of fine golden hairs from between his spread buttocksand with a giggle gave them a playful smack.”Ouch! That hurt. Stop it. Remember, It s your birthday in a few weeks,” he remindedher.She started to tingle all over as she thought about their bargain of giving themselvesto each other as absolute slaves as birthday presents. Then he’d be at her feetobeying her every will as she had to now.He turned his head and looked over his shoulder at her, his eyes shiningmischievously as a hundred lurid pictures skipped through his head of the things hewould make her do.Jodi had short brown hair with blonde tips styled as an urchin cut. She was mediumbuild with a round cheeky face. Her nose was wide and ran within an inch of hersulky mouth. Her pouting lips were always moist and slightly apart like she washolding her breath. Right now she was naked and her small, tight titties were erectwith her dark nipples extended. Her stomach was fiat and without an ounce of fatrising only a little around her love mound that she kept shaved. Without a vee of hairher puffy cunt hole showed Escort like a rosebud about to burst into bloom. She arched herback and returned his searching look, enjoying being admired and wanted. Shecould almost read his mind and she smiled to herself. Maybe he was right and shewas as perverted as he was. In fact she would probably invent a few of the gamesthey would play to celebrate his birthday. Damn him, he was so good looking, whatgirl wouldn’t want to go to bed with him?He had an untidy mop of sandy hair and piercing blue eyes. His mouth laughed allthe time. Now he was standing up and turning around and mechanically she whiskedthe buzzing shaver around his balls and circled his cock stem. His prick stood curvedand glistening with bath oil and it jerked spasmodically as if it wanted to rear up evenlarger.”It’s beautiful,” she whispered and caught her breath wishing she hadn’t said it. Withher free hand she reached and her fingers danced from his cock head to his nowhairlessballs. It was like she had waited all of her young life for today, and it wastheirs and theirs alone.”Suck it,” he invited with a low choking growl wanting to see his cock slowlydisappear between her wet lips down her throat. He imagined he could feel her smallwhite teeth nibbling and biting his quivering pole. He moaned in anticipation as hestared unashamed into her enormous blue eyes.”Not yet, darling. Let’s go into my bedroom.” Her eyes teased him. “There’ssomething I want you to do. I’m sure you’ll like it.””What?” He was cautious now.”Come on.” She grabbed at his throbbing dong and had him from the bathroom.Letting go of him she skipped across the hall to her room.Meekly, he followed her thinking of all the things he would love to do to her deliciousround, tight bottom and thinking of the time he had seen their mother spanking itwhen she had been naughty. He had watched through the crack of her door as herbottom flushed pink, then angry red and she had squirmed across her mother’s knee.How she had hollered and bawled for her to stop. Strangely, it had excited him andhe had had to rush into his room to relieve himself.Going into her bedroom he felt guilty, for like their parents room it was out of bounds.He looked around at the frilly curtain billowing at the open window and at the forgetme-knot wallpaper. His feet were buried in the thick wool carpet as he went andstood at the end of her single bed – catching sight of himself in the full-length mirrorattached to the wardrobe door. For a split second he stood stock still, seeing himselfnow as she saw him. His hands started to move down to cover his thrashingweapon, then stopped. He didn’t have to cover himself this time.She was searching through a chest of drawers and she let out a cry of delight andlooked over at him with an impish grin.”Now what are you up to?” he asked Escort Bayan going over to her. His hand dropped to strokeher curved bottom and he pinched the soft flesh, slowly inching his fingers into thedark recess of her swell.”Look!” She held up a pair of black panties frilled with lace and a pair of blackstockings.He frowned, not understanding.She found a miniscule skirt in the drawer and giggled.”I don’t want you to dress,” he grumbled.”I’m not going to,” she laughed. “I want you to put them on, Shawn.””Me! But that’s silly.””No it’s not. Be a sport and dress, like a girl. It’ll be fun.””No,” he said flatly.”Why not? Some men wear girl’s clothes and like it.””I’m not like that,” he scowled.”How do you know if you haven’t tried it?””I just know, that’s all””Here, catch.” She tossed the black panties at him. “They’ll fit so snug around yourbottom. I must see them on you.”He crushed them in his hands and grinned crookedly at her. Why not humor her ifthat was what she wanted? He bent and put his foot through one leg and then theother and inched them up with some difficulty. They bit into his skin and he had tobend his cock down to cover it.”Now these.” She came close to him and knelt and eased his toes into the blackstockings and rolled them up his legs, over his quivering buttocks, lightly touching hiscock as she drew the caressing silk up to his waist.”The last thing is the skirt, Shawn.” She held it out to him.His fingers touched hers as he took the garment from her.”You look fantastic, Shawn.””You’re just saying that to urge me on.””No I’m not.” Her voice trembled. It did something to her, seeing him in herunderwear.He dragged the miniskirt up around his narrow hips and zipped it with the awfulfeeling that someone might come and catch him. He shrugged the feeling offbecause the nearest neighbor to their home was over a mile away. There were lotsof advantages having up in the hills away from everyone, he thought idly.”Turn around, Shawn. Mmmmmm-nice. Bend over.” She giggled. “All you need nowis a bra.””No,” he said firmly and started to unzip the skirt.”Don’t take it off,” she said sharply. “Not yet. It’s only a game.””But I feel silly.””Keep them on, for me, please,” she begged.The tight material around his hairless prick made him feel randy and he needed to becareful not to blow and cream in his sisters panties. What a waste that would bewhen her gaping quim, so moist and hungry for it, was only inches away.”Shawn,” she said, awfully slowly.”What?””Be honest. You like it, don’t you? I mean, your cock is still hard; I can see it bulgingto get out.””That’s because I’m thinking of you and looking at you, Jodi.””Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t matter.” She sat down on a stool and crossed her legsartfully. “How many times do you think you could fuck a girl in a day and a night,Shawn? I mean fuck Bayan Escort properly, blowing and everything?”He blushed crimson because of the way she came out with it, the way she waslooking at him.”Well, how many times is the most you’ve played with yourself and come in a dayand a night,” she asked coyly and uncrossed her legs. Her creamy thighs openedjust a little, promising so much.”I don’t play with myself,” he said hotly and in the mirror saw the filmy lace of thepanties showing through the stockings.”Course you do. Matter of fact,” she said softly, “I‘ve seen you do it. I’ve watched yourubbing up your cock and your spunk shooting out everywhere.””When?” he hollered.”Lots of times, silly. You hardly ever shut your bedroom door and I have to pass it togo to the toilet.””You’ve been spying on me,” he looked away from her and wondered what else shemight have seen.”It doesn’t matter does it? Anyway, you haven t answered my question.” Her thighsparted a little more and her hands fell into her lap as if to say that she had playedwith herself and it was all quite natural.”Well,” he hesitated.”Go on.”He thought for a minute. “I dunno. A whole day and a night? I guess, six, seventimes-why?””Isn’t it obvious?””No. What are you getting at, Jodi?””You idiot. I want to know how many times you can fuck me before your birthday isover with.” Her legs sprawled open showing her sticky hole with the love lips partedand fleshy, and urgently in need of a cock.”Jodi-you’re a whore,” he grinned and looked into the unwinking eye of her cuntwondering how many times he would be able to fuck it before the day was done with.”So I’m a whore.” She closed her legs. There was a note of finality in the way she didit. “You’d better take your girlie clothes off, Shawn;” she sniffed.”I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you that. I said it in a nice way of wanting to think ofyou hot and horny,” he mumbled as he undressed. “There’s not a girl” in the whole ofAdelaide as hot as you, as lovely and delicious,” he said to sooth her.She got up from the stool and went over to the bed and flung herself down on herback pretending she wasn’t listening to him. She squirmed around and lifted herknees and they framed him struggling to get the stockings off.”Are you angry with me?” He stood up and kicked the clothes away.”No.” Her legs were spread wide and she stared at his cock as a bead of glisteningspunk oozed from his soaring fuck stick. If only he knew how much she wanted thatthrobbing prick up her, the fool.He trooped over to her bed and stood looking down at her, knowing that she wantedhim to **** her with his eyes.”Do you want to fuck me, Shawn?”He nodded yes.”You call me a whore but you want to fuck me-your own sister,” she sniggered.”You’re nothing but a bastard, do you know that!””Please, Jodi.” His hand dosed around the stem of his cock and he started tomasturbate himself slowly.”Don’t do that,” she cried out. “It’s a waste.””But I thought … “”I don’t care what you thought. If you want to fuck me then get up on the bed and geton with it,” she screamed at him and her whole body trembled.

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