Holiday in France Wifes Story Part 2 Dad gets some

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Holiday in France Wifes Story Part 2 Dad gets someThe trip to the farmhouse in the Loire Valley was surprisingly quick, just as well as the car had leather seats and no air-conditioning.A short fat women, met them at the front door, handed over the keys and after explaining the contents of the fridge and cupboards, left. The men charged with getting the bags to the rooms while the girls inspected the bedrooms came across what the Mother thought was a problem. The room that Madge and the Wife were to occupy has a very small double bed, not 2 singles as expected. Too late, said the dad, we have the bedroll, it will sort itself out, with this heat I’ll be sleeping in the pool, and on that note, I’m going to try it out and left it at that.The rest of the first day, Madge and her Mum cleaned pots and made dinner, making a list of things to buy the next day at the supermarket. The k**s and their dad swam and sat by the pool. Wine flowed for the adults at dinner; the k**s got half a glass to try (very English). The girls outside while the boys cleared up, her Mum fell asleep on one of the loungers, Madge disappeared to get another bottle leaving the wife by the pool in the still cool air, Joined by her brother, they stole the rest of their mums drink and shared it. While sitting talking quietly not to wake their mother, they became aware of how long Madge had been getting a drink. The wife got up and said she was going to the toilet and left the poolside. Getting to the kitchen window, the wife looked in to see, her father with his shorts around his ankles and Madge on her knees with her father cock in her mouth, wanking his hard-on like she had instructed her to do to her brother football buddies.She could see clearly her father’s cock held by the thumb and finger, in Madge’s mouth, the ball sack hanging low from a forest of hair swinging as the cock was pulled hard by the expert hand of Madge. The wife transfixed by the view felt the now familiar feeling in her own pussy of heat and moisture at the site of Madge swallowing her father’s cock and choking as he pushed his thick cock into Madge’s willing mouth. Watching she fingered herself and her cunt moisten as Madge worked her father’s cock. Not sure what to do, wanting to watch further to see her father climax and spunk on Madge, but concerned her time away would alert her brother or mother decided to go back. The problem was she needed a piss, bushes close to the pool afforded cover as she squatted and started to piss on the grass, through a gap in the bushes she could see her brother sitting on the lounger her mother had fallen asleep on, squatting she could not see clearly, but her brother was touching her mother and moving her dress, whether her mother knew of it or was still asleep she couldn’t tell, but a sudden cough in the distance made her brother move back to his own lounger. Madge came into view with another bottle, joined shortly after by her father who asked what time the k**s planned to go illegal bahis siteleri to bed and shook his wife into life. the k**s complained but after 10 mins walked to the house, when inside the wife asked her brother what he was doing on mums lounger, “just looking at her” he said “What” said the wife, “her bush is thicker than Madges just to let you know” he said, “Well” the wife said “I have something to tell you Madge was sucking dads cock in the kitchen”, “Fuck Me” said her brother “lucky bastard you not going to tell mum are you”, “No but I am going to talk to Madge when she comes to bed” said his sister.“I guess I’m not getting any tonight”, brother said “No wank thinking of your mothers hairy bush you perv”,said the wife “give me a kiss sis” !! said her brother as she left him in the hallway.Entering the stifling hot bedroom she opened the window and stripped, laying on top of the bed, she didn’t hear anybody come in, but was aware of her pussy being touched, opening her eyes to the moonlit room, an outline clearly standing over her, tits hanging in front of her inviting her to suckle on a nipple, the fingers separating her pussy lips forcing their way in to her cunt hole, the wife reacted with sucking harder on the nipple in her mouth and reaching under the belly to cunt, the public hair matted, a slender finger poked at the mature cunt still tight, both brought to climax, nothing said the adult walked away saying nothing closing the door behind her, the wife drifted off to sleep. The brother came into her room as the sun was coming up, waking his sister and asking if she got a visit in the night, because he did. Madge must have needed more cock because the person sucked him dry. The wife admitted she did have a nice encounter, and the k**s speculated that Madge must have been feeling really horny to do the whole family.The next morning was the start of the routine, Dad went into town fresh bread / pastries, breakfast. Madge and mum in town in the morning, After lunch with wine by the pool mum and madge topless, the brother trying to hide his hardon, the wife trying to convince her mum to let her go topless. Dad asleep. Swim when too hot.Evenings were different only because of the different food and who cooked it. Their Dad would cook the meat on the BBQ and the girls things in the oven and prepare the rest salads bread etc.When their Mum fell asleep after a few drinks, Madge and her dad slipped away, if Mum didn’t fall asleep, Dad drank and took Mum to bed, leaving Madge and the k**s to play. The highlight for the brother was getting a doubleheader blowjob from Madge and his sister. Towards the end of the holiday, mum asleep on the lounger, Madge and her dad disappeared the k**s decided to follow them into the house, this night they went upstairs to the small double room and the k**s watched as their aunt sucked their dad cock into hardness and then laid on the bed, spread her legs, exposing her cunt and spreading her fat pussy risksiz bahis veren siteler lips. Telling their father to fuck her senseless, her father pushed the big purple head of his cock into Madge’s cunt and pounded the aunt hard, his bollocks slapping against her arse. The daughter watching her father felt heat from her cunt growing and fingered her cunt, she saw her brothers hard on close to her face being wanked furiously, as he came over her face and hair, the stupid boy made a sound and before the k**s could escape the father had opened the door, his hard cock pointing directly at his k**s wet from Madge’s cunt juice, the aunt still laying on the bed open legs, cunt pink and swollen from the pounding.“SHIT”, said the dad, “how long were you standing there”, “Not long” the brother tried to say. “Long enough” Madge said, “your daughter saw us first night as well I saw her looking through the kitchen window while I sucked you off”. “Jesus Madge and you let us continue, how the fuck are we going to sort this out,” said her dad sitting on the edge of the bed. They aren’t so innocence Madge said, look at your daughter’s hair and face, it’s dripping with cum from her brother cock, they have been fucking for a while, I’ve taken advantage and been fucked by your son, your daughters fingered me and sucked cum from my cunt. She can suck golf balls through a hosepipe your daughter said Madge, seen her suck and swallow like a pro. You should let her suck you off Stan said, Madge. Look at her tits Stan their as big as mine already.“Does my wife know about this”, said, father. She suspected for a long time said Madge, but not done anything until this holiday, while you have been fucking me, she’s been playing with k**s. In the dark, it’s amazing how similar we are, fingering her daughter and letting her son fuck her in the dark. The k**s looked at each; it wasn’t you said the brother, “No your father kept me busy. I missed this young cock though, look Stan its already getting stiff” as Madge’s hand reached out to touch the semi-hard cock still hanging from his open fly in his shorts. “Come and fuck your Aunt,” Madge said as she laid back down and opened her legs. As the boy moved around the father watched as his son knelt in front of Madge and poked his hard cock inside the cunt that his knob had been in 2 minutes ago. Grunting as the cock slide in until the boy’s flat belly was up against her clit Madge held on to the boy’s arse and rubbed her clit against his pubic bone, Transfixed by the site of madges cunt being slammed by his son, Madge’s fingers in his mouth tasting of her cunt. Madge said “Let your daughter finish you off Stan, you’ll enjoy it, she is really rather good”. Stan shook his head; “I insist Madge said and barked an order to my wife”.“On your knees and suck your father cock, show him how good you are”. Madge said Complying she dropped to knees she leant on his sweaty thighs opened them and reached for casino siteleri her fathers semi-hard cock, holding it between her fingers she wanked the cock and cupped his hanging ball sack, squeezing them gently, “Jesus Madge” said her Father, “I told you she was good”, madge said. The wife kissed her fathers cock which tasted of salty pre-cum and Madge’s cunt, stronger than she had tasted before, but moreish. The purple head on the long shaft growing stiffer as the wife ran her tongue up and down the shaft and over the mushroom head. Opening her mouth, she swallowed the head and ran her tongue around the slit tasting the pre-cum from his cock. “Fuck sis”, said her brother as Madge started to ride his young cock next to her father who had laid down beside his sister in law. Stan’s cock was hard in his daughters mouth, she forced her head down on his cock swallowing it all, her face pressed into his soft belly and pubic forest each time she pushed his cock down her throat, smelling of sweat and Madge’s cunt the daughter gripped the base of her fathers cock and wanked it hard, cupping his balls and pulling at them. Stan lifted his legs up exposing his arse, his daughter ran a finger down the sweaty crack of his arse, pushing against his hole, the daughter’s finger disappeared into him as his legs rested on her young shoulders .The father grunted and looking at his daughters face with his cock in her mouth, unloaded a stream of sticky white cum down her throat.Madge felt the cock inside her twitch as Stan’s son at the sight of his sister swallowing his father’s load shot a load into her moist wet hole. Both the k**s stepped back from the adults on the bed and kissed. Stans cock semi hard Madges hole open and swollen.Looking across at Stan Madge said “you know what you have to do Stan, Its almost a family tradition. My father fucked their mother and me until we moved out, my Mum cried at first as her drunk cunt of a husband deflowered us, but then helped out by making sure nobody got hurt”. “Too late to deflower her cunt Stan, take her arse she’s ready for that step,” said, Madge. “Aren’t you baby”, looking at the young girl standing naked cum dripping from her face again.“No,” said a voice at the door, her mother standing there, “I think this has gone far enough, not her arse hole Madge for God’s sake”. “Somebodies going to do it,” said Madge, “but not her Dad,” said the mother. “k**s leave the room please.”As the k**s left, walking past their mother, she closed the door, and a heated conversation started, as the lids went downstairs the cooling air on their naked bodies, they found bits of clothing and warned on the sofa. Bored the k**s fell asleep and woke up to the sound and smell of bacon cooking. The adults working through the daily routine as if nothing had happened Nothing was said about the events of last night, when the wife asked her mother, the mother said she couldn’t stop the events without creating a scene which would break up the family and that she didn’t want but wanted to make sure she was Ok and supported, Madge would still be around sometimes, and Dad’s not going anywhere, “so let’s try and be a normal family for a while”. She said, “and as your brothers full of cum, we should get you on the pill as soon as we get back”.

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