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Home From CollegeMike and Valerie Dickson sat on their couch eagerly awaiting the arrival of their guest. “I hope he hasn’t changed too much. I know he is grown up now, but I really hate the thoughts of him outgrowing our relationship.”Mike put his hand on her knee and squeezed it reassuringly and smiled at his wife. “I’m sure he is still the same k** you’ve come to know and love”. He made a few final adjustments to his expensive video equipment. “Don’t worry, honey.”“Hmm”, she smiled, and turned her face up to kiss him. “ I hope so.”The anxious couple was expecting a visit from Their eighteen year old neighbor, Steven, who had started college in a town a few hours away. They had known him since was eleven years old when his family moved in down the block. And quite the “relationship” they did have with the young man. To put it bluntly, Valerie had been blowing the boy since he was sixteen years old. And quite frequently. All with the avid approval of her loving husband. He was all for the idea of his sexy wife sucking off this young stud as often as she liked. As long as the horny man got to watch and video the action.Their acquaintance began simply enough. When Steven was around twelve years old, he, as most boys that age wanted to earn some extra money. His parents were the responsible type, and suggested that he go around the neighborhood and ask people if they would like to have any yard work done; raking, cutting grass, clean up; the usual type of thing that a boy that age could handle. As luck would have it, The Dicksons, who lived just a block and a half away decided to give him a chance, and the arrangement worked out perfectly. Mike was a hard, busy worker and was more than glad to delegate some of his more menial household chores to an able and eager young enterpreneur, giving him more time to enjoy his time off at home with more enjoyable endeavors. Like fucking his horny wife!One particularly hot summer afternoon in his sixteenth year, Steven had finished cutting and trimming the lawn. When he came to the door to collect his pay, Valerie answered the door wearing only a skimpy bikini. She was astonished at the sight of the boy exhausted and dripping with sweat and immediately pulled him in to the cool air conditioned comfort of the house. She felt awful about having the poor boy laboring in her yard to the point of imminent heat exhaustion.She had been wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes and a halter top earlier, and the young man found it difficult to pay attention to his work while she puttered around the yard dressed that way. She was busy working around the garden, bending over, picking up things, pulling weeds, all the while seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was driving a young man crazy with lust. She had been busy tending to her work until, taking a short break to wipe the sweat from her brow and bending backwards to straighten out her stiffening back muscles, she happened to glance over at Steven, who quickly looked away from her. She realized then what was going on, and she could see a rather large bulge in the front of his shorts, which he was trying his best, however unsuccessfully, to conceal behind the lawn mower handle! “Oh my gosh, how sweet is that!”, she thought, truly flattered by the thoughts of a boy this young being so turned on by the sight of her body. She knew it was wrong to be such a tease, but the perpetually horny woman continued the fun, turning her back to him and bending far over from the waist, pretending to be involved with some minor detail in the flower bed, becoming more and more horny knowing that she was being so keenly watched.He kept stealing glances at her when he could, wondering what she looked like with no clothes on at all! His youthful hard on was pounding beneath the fabric of his shorts and he was using the material as best as he could to stroke his cock as he walked behind the mower, watching her delicious looking round ass bend over as she worked. His horny mind was drinking the sight into his memory to be used later in the day as the subject of his jerking off fantasy.Valerie was becoming more and more horny knowing that a pair of lustful eyes were burning holes in her luscious body, and she could feel her own secretions oozing from her fuck slot making her crotch feel all slippery and sloppy whenever she walked.She suddenly had a deliciously wicked idea. She would go inside and change into her sexy new thong bikini and come back outside again and explain to Steven that what she had on was just too hot on a day like this. He might, she thought, just blow a load right in his pants!As soon as she entered the house and took off her clothes, she just couldn’t help but begin massaging her aching, swollen clit for just a minute. She was amazed at how wet she had become. Sliding two fingers into her pussy with her fiery clit sliding between them, she fantasized about what his young cock must look like. She could tell it was rather large, but who knew how large. Being restrained by his pants, it was impossible to tell.Having finally changed into her skimpy thong bikini and on her way toward the back door, she noticed that her laptop computer was sitting open on the coffee table. Still horny as fuck, and knowing that it was full of home videos of her and her husband fucking and sucking. She couldn’t resist the urge, and sat down for just a few minutes to watch some of their more sexy scenes. She was especially fond of sucking cock, and concentrated mostly on watching scenes of her husband’s thick, hard prick in her mouth. She considered herself a blow job expert, and nothing excited her more than making a throbbing cock become more and more stimulated until it finally shot it’s creamy load either in her hungry mouth, which she greedily swallowed down, or blasting across her ecstatic face. The few minutes she intended on watching, turned into an extended period, and fingering herself as she watched had made her clit hotter than a fire cracker. Right in the middle of an especially hot scene in which she was gagging and drooling all over Mike’s veiny shaft, trying to stuff as much as she could down her throat, she was surprised by a sudden knock on the door. “Oh my gosh! Steven! She had completely forgotten about the boy toiling away on her yard, and quickly closed the cover on the computer and jumped up to open the door.Before her was the pitiful sight of the teen, soaked and bathed in sweat. “Oh my goodness!”, she exclaimed. “I had no idea it had gotten so hot out there! Are you okay?”“I’m alright”, the boy said, “just really hot.”’You’re goddam right you’re hot, you little fucker!’, the horned up housewife thought to herself.She immediately brought him a glass of cool water and directed him toward the bathroom saying, “I want you to strip down and leave all your clothes outside the door. Take yourself a cool shower, as cold as you can stand it, and I’ll wash these soaking wet clothes.” I’ll bring you a robe to wear until your clothes are done. With that, she gently pushed him into the bathroom and closed the door. “I’ll be right back with that robe. The towels and washcloths are in the closet in there.”Steven did as he was told, peeling the sweat soaked clothes off and placed them on the floor just outside the door. Even though he was awfully hot, the first thing he noticed was the lovely woman’s skimpy little bikini,and it was the only thing on his mind as she led him down the hallway, her shapely, tight ass swaying with every step. His oversized cock was semi erect as he pulled his underwear off and, being a normal sixteen year old, gave it a few strokes now that it was free, thinking about the sight he had just seen. He had been admiring her body ever since he got there that morning, and the head of his aching, unattended cock was slimy with pre cum from watching the skimpily dressed woman parading around in front of him all morning. He stepped into the shower and let the cool water wash over him, appreciating the feeling.Valerie felt truly awful about the young man working himself into such a state, and intended to make it up to him. She put his clothes in the washer and started the cycle, then went into the bedroom to change back into her shorts and top.“Steven”, she called through the bathroom door as she was zipping up her shorts, “I’m going to go up to Angelo’s and get us a pizza for after you get done in there, okay? The robe is hanging on the doorknob out here. You just relax on the couch until I get back, okay honey?”“That sounds great, but really, you don’t have to do that”, he answered.“Oh, it’s the least I can do. You’ve worked so hard today. I’ll be back in a little bit.”Steven finished his shower and toweled off. He found the robe outside the bathroom door and slipped it on. Walking into the living room, he sat down on the couch and relaxed in the glow of a fresh shower and air conditioned comfort. He sat quietly with his head resting on the back of the couch. The room was very quiet, but he could hear a faint noise coming from somewhere. It was Valerie’s voice…but she wasn’t really talking. He lifted his head curiously and and cocked his ear trying to listen for the source of the sound. He zeroed in on the closed laptop lying on the coffee table. Lifting the lid, his heart almost lept out of his chest at the sight of a video of Veronica with a big prick in her mouth. He quickly closed the lid and tried to catch his breath.“Holy shit!” he whispered, unable to immediately comprehend what he had seen. She was sucking a cock, but was that really his gorgeous neighbor?His heart pounding, and looking around to make sure he was all alone in the room, he carefully opened the computer again and verified what he had first thought. It was definitely Valerie. His head was swimming as he watched intently at the object of his lust merrily sucking away on the throbbing hard on. The camera was set up at a height about even with Mike’s cock and balls, his legs were splayed apart, affording a view of his full package as well as a full view of Valerie’s torso and head.Valerie, meanwhile gripped the steering wheel with white knuckles and her free hand covering her mouth. A horrified expression was on her face as she searched her soul trying to remember if she had at least closed the video program when she jumped up to open the door for Steven. If she hadn’t closed the program, the video would play in a continuous loop.Her her heart sank when she came to the horrible conclusion that the video was still running.“Oh shit”, she whispered, mortified at the thought that a teenage boy might see her in such a lewd situation. She pounded the steering wheel and reprimanded herself. You stupid idiot!”, she said, scolding herself. “You better hope to God he doesn’t open that lid!” Tears started welling up in her eyes. “He’s just a sixteen year old k**”.She continued on her errand and thought of what she would say to Steven if she found that he had watched the video. She stopped at the pizzeria and picked up her order, barely acknowledging the cashier’s “Thank you. Come again” as she turned and bumped into the door frame on her way out. She was feeling a little bit sick to her stomach. “Well, whats done is done”, she finally concluded. She resolved that she would simply have to go back home with their pizza and face the music if he had indeed opened the lap top.Steven was now thoroughly enjoying himself with his robe wide open, slowly stroking his huge drooling prick while watching the lovely Valerie’s lewd performance. In the video scene, she was lying naked on her right side across her husband’s stomach. Her left tit was exposed to the camera, but her right was pressed against his stomach. The scene started out with her beginning to suck his flaccid cock, which soon grew to full hardness within the first couple of minutes. She was using only her mouth and looking at the camera occasionally. She said nothing, but was slurping loudly and smacking her lips, moaning. Her eyes rolled back in her head occasionally, signalling that she had just coaxed a thick wad of pre cum from the thick, veiny cock. She began using her tongue, which emerged from between her lips and the cock to massage the shaft. This, combined with long, deep strokes which occasionally made her gag was making the man’s cock more and more excited, and his legs began to twitch uncontrollably. Finally, after several minutes of this treatment, he began showing signs of an approaching orgasm. She kept up her assault, a mixture of spit and cock seepage sliding down the ecstatic prick’s shaft. Never for a moment did she let up on her task, slurping wetly and grunting and moaning her approval of what was happening in her sucking mouth. She was obviously enjoying making his cock react to her oral assault, and she was seemingly on a mission, intent upon getting her thick reward. Gradually his balls began tightening up and he whispered “Aww fuck”. Looking sexily into the camera, she anticipated her treat as she sucked even more intently. He whispered again, “Gonna cum”.“Mm hmm!!”, she moaned on his cock, which suddenly began twitching. The faceless man began panting and moaning as he began pumping wave after creamy wave of cum directly into her mouth. She stopped stroking with her lips and held the spasming cock head between her lips. Her eyes rolled back in her head as if she was having her own orgasm as the jizzing prick continued hosing her mouth, and she began to let some of the hot cream slide from between her lips which ran thickly down his shaft like lava from an erupting from a fleshy volcano while she audibly gulped down a good bit of the thick load. Finally satisfied that she had sucked out every last drop, she drew the cock head from her mouth, smiling. A thick strand of cum stretched from her tongue to the cock, and she let a huge wad slide from her tongue and lips to fall, sliding down the shaft. Finally she giggled softly and kissed the steaming cum hole and got up. End of scene. Then beginning of scene.Steven was totally enthralled watching his seemingly sweet natured neighbor’s alter ego being a total cock craving whore, and his mouth hung open in disbelief, gaping stupidly as he watched over and over. He had always wanted a girl to suck him off, and it was his go to subject when he sat down to jerk off to porn videos on the internet. He was far too shy around females, though, to ever imagine anything like that happening to him. His huge prick was still in his hand, and he massaged and slowly stroked it as he concentrated on the scene, watching it over and over. He was in a real gooning session, teetering himself just on the edge of shooting his load. He barely noticed at first, but he felt a movement on the couch cushion next to him. He almost absent mindedly looked over and sitting next to him, totally naked sat the lady in the scene!She had slipped in the door several minutes earlier, scared to death at what she might find. At first her heart sank when she discovered that the boy was indeed watching her dirty video. She realized she was still undetected, and not wanting to scare him out of his wits, she stealthily tip toed her way up to the couch. His back was to her, and as she got closer and closer, she could tell that he was playing with himself. That figures, she thought. He’s a typically horny teenaged boy! Finally close enough to see over the back of the couch, she almost gasped aloud at the sight of his youthful prick. Her finger tips flew up to her mouth and she inaudibly mouthed the words “Oh my GAWD!His thundering man/boy prick stood rock hard up from his loins, she guessed at least nine or ten inches in length. Much thicker and more sinewy than her husband’s fine cock, her dismay began to change to lust. She couldn’t help herself, being a naturally horny woman, she figured that she must do what she must do. Sure, he was still a young man, but his sex tackle proved to be ready for more adult endeavors. She continued watching his manual manipulations as she undressed herself. Thick, clear globs of pre cum oozed from the slit in the bulbous head as he squeezed and massaged himself, his thick goo was sliding down his purple prick head and dripped in stringy waves over his knuckles and into his groin. She licked her lips, longing to scoop that sweet cock nectar onto her tongue and feel it slide to the back of her tongue and slip down her throat.Valerie became more and more turned on, and by the time she was totally naked, she had resolved that she was going to suck this k**’s monster cock one way or another. She figured the best approach was the direct approach. She doubted that it would take much persuasion to talk him into letting her have her way.She slowly and quietly made her way around the edge of the couch and very carefully eased herself down beside him, crossing her legs. When he turned his head and saw her, he was almost in a daze. He was surprised alright, but he was at a loss for words. All he could think to do was say “Hi.”“Hi”, she softly answered back smiling. “I see you found my video. What do you think of it?”“It’s… it’s fucking awesome!” He had stopped stroking when she sat down, and he noticed that she was naked.“You don’t have to stop what you’re doing, it’s okay. I’m glad you’re enjoying it”, she said, reaching up to squeeze her nipples. “I’m guessing that you’re a big fan of blow jobs?”, she said, nodding toward the computer screen.“Yeah, blow jobs are my favorite.”“Ohhh… so you have a girlfriend who likes to suck your cock for you?”“No. I’ve never been with a girl that way before.”“I see”, said Valerie. “You like to watch the girls on the videos sucking off guys then, right?”“Uh huh”. Steven was once again staring at the computer screen. He was a little lost in his awkwardness, but not to the point that he was losing his hard on. He still continued stroking himself. Pre cum continued to ooze from his piss slit, and the increasingly horny woman watched his cock, fascinated at the sight of such a verile young cock. She remembered her high school days and how the boys she was with could seemingly stay hard even right after blowing their wad and were soon able and anxious to go again. She was sure this k** was no different.“Mm hmm.” She shifted in her seat and began fondling her clit while she watched him stroke his meat. Her taste buds were aching to feel the musky sweet pre cum on her tongue. She bit her lip and asked her next daring question: “Um… Steven…”He turned his gaze to her.“Could I… would you mind if I stroked your cock for you?” He could see a strange look on her face, like she really wanted to do it.“Yeah! I’d really like that!” He couldn’t believe that the beautiful woman actually wanted to stroke his cock for him. She reached over and wrapped her free hand around his throbbing prick and examined how it felt to her touch. The meaty prick felt very hot in her hand. Her slender finger tips were far from touching, it was so thick. It was super hard, yet the skin felt so soft. It was wet and slippery from the constant leaking of cock slime, which she was dying to taste. She moaned her approval out loud.He watched mesmerized at the sight of her feminine little hand around his boner.“What a very very nice penis you have”, she exclaimed excitedly, testing it’s hardness as she squeezed. “I think this is the biggest cock I have ever seen!”“It’s pretty big, huh?”, he smiled.“It is awesome. Hooaaahh, she laughingly moaned. This is…you have a third arm in your pants, mister!”, she exclaimed. Valerie was truly overcome with admiration for this monster. To hold a cock of this magnitude in her hand was making her heart thump wildly. Her pussy was beginning to thump with with lust at the feel of a young monster cock in her hand. She would normally play with a nipple while she was getting worked up, but she didn’t want to lose her concentration, and besides, she was still using her free hand to massage her clit She had a much better idea. This k** has probably never even felt a breast before, so why shouldn’t she be his first?“I want you to play with my titty while I stroke you, okay? Could you do that for me?” she breathed.Steven wordlessly obliged and awkwardly put his hand on her breast and squeezed. “Like this?”“I like to have my nipples played with. It really turns me on.”He was mesmerized by the feel of her soft breast in his hand, and he marveled at how soft and pliable it felt. Much better than he had imagined. He began playing with her nipple, squeezing and rolling it between his thumb and finger.“Yeah”, she sighed, “That’s perfect. Keep doing it just like that… It’s turning my ass on.”His body replied to her compliment by sending another dollop of clear slime up his shaft and supplied her hand with some more stroking lubricant, and her pussy in return secreted a nice wave of creamy cunt sauce. She wiggled in her seat and slid her middle finger into her fuck hole and retrieved some for her own clit stroking lubricant.“So tell me, honey… what part of my video do you like the most?”, she softly asked as she slowly stroked his magnificent large, thick cock.“Umm… it’s all really hot”, he answered, his voice trembling, “…but I… I especially like the way you show your tongue wrapping around his cock and licking it while you suck on it. I think that looks really hot. And it looks like it makes him feel really good.”“Yeah? You like how that looks? Yeah. And you’re right. It feels especially good for him. I like how that move makes his cock leak extra pre cum. I lap it up like a kitten laps up cream.”“Really? You like how that stuff tastes?” He couldn’t imagine how a girl could be turned on by cock slime. He always figured they thought slimy stuff was gross.“Fuck yeah!”, she emphasized, furrowing her brow. “Pre cum is so yummy! Knowing a guy is turned on by my mouth so much gets me sooo hot. I like the feel of getting it super hard. Making it crazy hard! And then when his cum starts to shoot all in my mouth…well that makes me cum! ”The horny woman’s sexy words caused his loins to react and a huge glob of the stuff bubbled up from his cock tip and started sliding down over her fingers.“Holy fuck! Look at that shit!”, she cried. “Can I taste it?” She didn’t wait for an answer. She was sure what the answer would be. Unable to wait any longer, she bent down to suck the delicious slime from his drooling prick head. Steven’s eyes flew open wide as he watched her squeeze his shaft and draw her hand up, forcing the rest of the giant slime load out of his gaping cum hole and into her mouth. Rolling it around on her tongue, her eyes closed in a dreamy trance. Such a volume of delicious slime rolling around in her mouth was overwelming. She manipulated it on her nimble tongue, rolling it all around her mouth, savoring the smooth texture. Moaning her approval of it’s taste, she winked at him as she swallowed the salty wad, smacking her lips. “Aahhhh… so delicious. I told you I love the stuff.”The young stud had never felt so turned on in his life, and a strange look changed his face to an ecstatic orgasmic mask and he moaned, “Cumming. Uhhhh!”She let go of her dripping pussy and expertly held the root of his vibrating, humming prick while she deftly stroked and twisted her nimble hand around the slimy top three inches of his rock hard fucker.“You gonna cum for me, baby? Yeah… cum for me!”, She panted .A steaming rope of thick cum answered her question mid sentence as it arced high into the air. A seemingly never ending volume of pearl colored jizm that finally landed with an audible splat on the other side of the couch onto the hardwood floor, immediately followed by another that shot straight into the air, landing partially on her head, leaving a thick, white trail of stringy jizz dripping from her hair.“Ooooohhhh my GAWD!! Look at that!”, the incredulous cum slut howled. Instinctively, she quickly clamped her lips around his spewing prick head, unwilling to waste another pulsing wad on thin air. Still stroking the spasming shaft, she sucked and drank multiple volleys of the virgin’s teenaged hot cum, gulping them down as quickly as they shot straight into the back of her throat. The boy’s hips bucked and jerked involuntarily. Moaning loudly, he watched the unbelievable act being performed on him, and the intensity of his orgasm almost made him black out.She was in cum drinker’s heaven, but it was just too much. Hot cock lava bubbled and squirted from the corners of her mouth. She pulled her mouth from the spurting hose, gasping and sputtering loudly, and took more of his load across her tongue, in her hair, and on her ecstatic face.“Holy fuck!”, she panted, immediately locking her dripping lips around the erupting hose again. Sucking out the remainder of his squirting load into her mouth and finally satisfied that she had stroked out every last drop, she pulled her mouth from the spent cock. Wiping a thick glob of jizz from her eye and squinting at him, she began to giggle. “Oh jeez! You are something else. I’ve never seen a load like that in my life!” Shimmering strings of jizz criss crossed her face and swung crazily from her chin and jaws.Steven lifted his head from the back of the couch. “I don’t think I’ve ever shot a load like that in my life”,he moaned, inspecting her frosted face. “You really do love cum, don’t you?”“I told you. Your cum tastes sooo good, by the way. So sexy and hot”, she said, licking more of the stringy stuff that stretched between her fingers. “Mm. Yummy”, she commented, smacking her lips as she swallowed. “Love it.”She got up and retrieved a towel from the bathroom and gave them both a quick clean up.Sitting back down on the couch, she curled up against him, and cuddled up under his arm. Noticing that his huge cock meat was still semi hard, she curled her fingers around it again and whispered into his neck as she caressed his meaty tube, “I want some more of that, baby. Can I just suck you off this time? Just like in the video, maybe?”Steven couldn’t believe his ears. His cock immediately jumped and thickened in her hand, refilling with blood, and he was soon just as hard as before. She smiled to herself, knowing that a young man could soon regroup and start all over again.“That’s what I thought”, she giggled. “You just lay back and relax. Watch the video and enjoy.”She laid over across his lap and assumed the same position she was in on the computer screen. The scene was only a couple of minutes in as she took his huge prick meat into her mouth and began to mimic her movements on the screen.Juicy spurts of pre cum were already sliding across her tongue after just a few seconds. She knew he wouldn’t last very long at all, so she gave it her very best. Copying what she was doing on the video screen, she fucked her face deeply and curled her wet lapper around his cock, swirling and licking as her lips wetly slid up and down his shaft. Feeling his veiny contours and prick sinew inside her mouth as she slurped his pole was making her pussy tingle with a new intensity. This was the effect that sucking a horny prick had on her, and it only urged her on to strive for cock sucking perfection.Steven’s deep breathing began to turn to panting. “Whoa…,That feels so good!”, he moaned. Little jets of preliminary jizm were squirting from his bloated cock head. “Fuck fuck uhhh fuck! His hips began to quiver and involuntarily pump into her face.With his vibrating cock muffling her words, she sputtered, “cum for me baby, hose my fuckin’ mouth!”, and never missing a beat, continued her cum hungry assault.His thundering prick suddenly grew super hard in her mouth, and she new she would now have her reward.“UUHhhhnhh”, he groaned loudly as a fresh hot geyser of delicious boy batter filled her ambitious ümraniye escort mouth once again, washing over her tongue, spraying the roof of her mouth and gushing forcefully straight down her gullet. There was too much for her to swallow, and the remaining volume sprayed from her lips and cascaded down his spasming cock shaft. Volley after volley continued to wash into her cheeks,and she found herself having her own orgasm simultaneous with his. No need to touch her burning clit. This how sucking a load out of a man’s cock made her react.Wrapping her fingers around his girthy prick, she coaxed the remainder of his sweet load into her mouth, gulping it down greedily. Finally with a contented sigh she withdrew the huge truncheon from her lips with a popping sound, satisfied that both his and her own orgasms had concluded.“That”, she spoke against the tip of his temporarily spent cock, “was an amazing load of cum.” Licking the precious fluid from her lips, she surveyed the mess they had made. Globs of jizm were still lazily sliding down between his ball sack and thigh, and a huge pool had formed in his ass crack.She smiled at her accomplishment. Steven’s arms were sprawled out at his sides, and he looked at her with a dazed grin. “That was fucking awesome! Thank you.”“Oh…No…thank you! The pleasure was just as much mine as it was yours, believe me.”, turning her face up toward his. “I’m afraid we’ve made quite a mess here. I better get a couple towels and clean all this up. You just stay right here.” She hopped up from her cock sucking position and started toward the bathroom. Steven watched admiringly as her shapely ass swayed back and forth while she walked away. She looked back and smiled at her admirer.Twenty minutes had elapsed since their suck session. They had cleaned up and were sitting on the couch. Valerie was showing Steven more of their sexy video scenes on the laptop as they ate pizza and drank soda.“I like this one”, Valerie said, clicking the icon. In this scene, she and Mike were in a sixty nine position, once again with the camera positioned head on, level with his sex gear and her head. She began by lifting his semi hard cock into her mouth. Sucking just the first few inches, she soon had a mouth full of fully erect prick meat. She was having her pussy eaten simultaneously, and she paused her sucking momentarily from time to time to enjoy the waves of pleasure coursing through her increasingly juicy clit.“Here comes the hot part”, she leaned over and whispered to Steven.Having Mike’s fat prick good and greased up with a mixture of saliva and pre cum, she slowly began sliding his entire length down her throat, pausing at the bottom of the stroke, she looked at the camera and winked.“Sixty nine is the best position for deep throating a cock”, she commented.The scene continued with her slowly and passionately throat fucking his entire prick, pausing at the top of the stroke to lick and suck the head for a few seconds before once again lowering lowering her head on his spit streaked shaft.“He makes me cum right here. Watch”.She held his cock in her throat and suddenly started convulsing silently, her airway completely clogged with his thick shaft. Finally, running out of breath, she popped his prick out of her throat, gasping and sputtering to ride out her cum tidal wave before resuming her deep throat mission.“Geeeezzz!” Steven moaned. With a slice of pizza in his hands, he stared fascinated at the scene. She watched his drooping meat as it began to refill with blood once again. Each beat of his pounding heart was visible in his expanding cock, and She bit her lower lip, watching as his young prick reached full hard on status. His once again thick prick was at full attention, pulsing and bobbing as he sat transfixed on the hot scene. While she watched, his cock head expanded as his prick sinew pulsed strongly, producing a fresh wad of thick preliminary jizz from his purple prick head.Valerie was once again overcome with cock lust as she observed the boy’s reaction. “Lemme have that”. She reached over and scooped his cock sauce onto her pizza, leaned back and took the extra flavored bite of into her mouth.“Thats so fucking hot!”, he commented, watching her casually chew and swallow her bite of pizza. His prick bounced around off his belly, leaving wet dots of pre cum everywhere it landed.“Oh my gosh that’s good!”, she giggled, grabbing his seeping cock once again. She held it around the base of the head and using her thumb, wiped up another drop of the slimy ooze and brought it back to her mouth leaving a shimmering string stretching across the space. She fit her lips around her thumb and sucked the clear glob into her mouth. “Mmmmm. Your stuff tastes so good”, she said smacking her lips. “I can’t get enough of your yummy pre cumI … I want to suck you off again, Steven, but … ummm…” She lowered her head and looked down into her lap, and then raised her eyes to look into his. “I want to wait until Mike gets home… is that okay?”“…Mike? You mean Mike your husband?” Steven was astonished. He had just been assuming that his horny neighbor was into cheating on her husband.“Yes… I mean Mike my husband”, she said mockingly,then giggled. He knows what I’m up to and he approves. The big pervert!”“Listen, this is the way it is”, she continued. “I have this thing for sucking dick and drinking cum. I have to have it. I’ve always been that way, and when we got married, it was understood that I would need to have more cum than he can supply. I love my husband with all my heart and I don’t want to fuck anyone but him. I just have to suck cock. See?”The young man nodded.“Haven’t you been wondering why I haven’t fucked you?”“Mmmm… not really. I just loved what you did with your mouth”, he shrugged.“Well that’s good, because that’s all I want from you. You shoot a nice thick huge load. More than I’ve ever seen… and pretty fucking tasty too, for sure. I’ll tell you what. Would you like to let me suck you off on a regular basis?”“Fuck yeah!”, exclaimed Steven, sitting bolt upright at the offer.“Here’s the deal”, she said, shifting in her seat to explain. “Mike and I have this website we started to make some extra money. It’s all about my cock sucking obsession. So far it’s only been me and Mike in the videos. That’s why we have all these videos on our computer. We make them and upload them to the website, and guys pay to see them.“It’s a pay site?”“Yep! And we make a pretty good living at it, too! If you’ll allow us to video me sucking your cock, we’ll share some of the profit with you. Of course, we’ll never show your face, just mine. Just like in our videos. See, our fans have been begging to see me suck some different cock, and we have thought about it, but we just haven’t found anyone that meets up to what we’re looking for. But you…and this big jizz fountain of yours… well, in my opinion, the fans will go nuts!”Chapter 2Valerie was slightly concerned about introducing their new future porn star to her husband. Not that she was worried about him being upset about her finding a new cock to suck. No doubt he would be extremely enthused about watching his cute little wife sucking and handling a cock of this magnitude, plus the added bonus of seeing her deluged with the massive amount of jizz that he produced would excite him to no end. Her only concern was with his age and the fact that this was the same k** that did their yard work. So she devised a plan.With Steven listening in, she made a phone call to Mike at work.“Hello, honey.”“Hey babe, how’s your day going?“Oh, my day has been very nice. Very interesting, I have to say.”“Oh really? What’s going on?”“Well, I’ve run across a guy today that I think may be a very interesting part of the website.“Ahhh… I see”, he said, his voice suddenly sounding very interested.She looked over at Steven and gave him a reassuring smile and a wink.“Tell me more”, he inquired, his voice showing some excitement. “What’s this guy got going on?”“What he’s got going on is about a… Hmmm… I’m guessing maybe at least an eleven inch cock, maybe more, really thick and veiny. Just like we’ve been looking for.“Whoa! Really? Eleven inches, huh?” Mike squeezed his own expanding cock as he imagined her lips stretched around a big fat hard on.“Uh huh”, she breathed, her hand once again stroking the meaty prick. “And wait til you see him shoot. It’s like a fucking geyser! Endless amounts of yummy pre cum, too.There was silence on the other end of the line for a few seconds. “Holy fuck, babe”, he said breathlessly. “I gotta meet this guy!”“Well he’ll be here when you get home”. She knowingly looked at Steven and mouthed the words “I told you so!”, squeezing his shaft, she placed a kiss on the wet piss hole. “What time will you be home, honey?”“I’ll drop what I’m doing right now, and I’ll be there in about a half an hour. Is he there right now?”“Yes he is.”“Well, just don’t let him cum until I get there, you hear me?”“I won’t”, she laughed. “I can’t wait for you to meet him!”“Me neither! I’ll see you soon, babe. Bye bye.”“’Bye.” She smiled at the young man as she hung up the phone. “Does that make you more at ease? I told you he’d be okay with it.”“Yeah, he sounds like he’s up for the idea alright.”“Believe me, he’ll be ‘up’ for it!”, she giggled. “He’ll love it! Now”, she said, cocking her head, “we gotta get you ready.”She stood up from the couch and placed her finger on her chin as she thought. Finally after a few seconds, her finger pointed straight up in the air and then she waggled it at him, saying, “I have just the thing. We don’t want him to know who you are right off the bat, right? So we’ll build the suspense.”Steven nodded his head somewhat bewildered and replied, “Uh huh.”Valerie disappeared into the bedroom and returned shortly with a piece of cloth in her hand. “Here. Let’s try this on you.”, she said as she unfurled the object.It was a black silk mask that was made to cover the entire head. It had holes for the eyes as well as one for the mouth. “We use this sometimes for our videos. “Let’s try it on. Don’t worry, it’s clean.”She slipped it over his head and positioned it carefully. “How’s that feel? Okay?”“Yeah”, he nodded “It’s okay.”“Good. Are you still nervous?”“No… well… maybe a little bit”, he confessed. He knew Mike, but this was a whole new situation. “It just feels a little weird. Being naked in front of a guy and having him watch me being sucked off by his wife, you know?”“I’m sure it does feel very weird for you. I’ll take care of it, though”, she said curling up on the sofa beside him once again. Her naked tit rested on his arm, and the feeling was beginning to arouse him once again. He raised his arm and put it around her waist as she bent over and began tonguing his expanding cock.“I’ll keep you fluffed up until he gets here. Get used to the feel of that hood on your head. I want you to be nice and hard when Mike first walks in. Just no cumming. I want to show him how I can make you shoot your load.”“Alright, I won’t cum until you say.”With that, she lowered her head, taking the spongy prick head into her watering mouth and fit her lips, collaring his sinewy shaft around the sensitive part, just below the head. Her slender fingers curled around the pulsing shaft about half way up the stalk and began slowly stroking as her nimble tongue sucked and swished around the bulbous purple head. Soon her mouth was once again filled with pounding hard prick meat, and his delicious pre cum nectar once again began to leak sluggishly onto her tongue, and she moaned as it spread across her hungry lapper.“Ah, yeah”, she whispered around his leaking cock head, and continued her sensuous cock sucking. Some of the slimy spit and fluid mixture ran lazily down the veiny contours of his rock hard shaft and she let it slip beneath her fingers to be used as as slippery stroking lubricant. She was losing herself in her task and began sliding the shuddering prick deep into her mouth and dragging her lips back up to the tip, slowly face fucking herself in a steady rhythm. Steven was losing himself in the feeling, but remembering he was not supposed to cum, eventually had to grab hold of her hand. “You’re getting close to making me want to cum”, he panted.“Oh… yeah… sorry”, she breathed, pulling her mouth from his seeping prick. “You just taste so good in my mouth. Squeeze my titty like you did before, okay?”, she breathed onto his shiny cock head. Steven happily obliged, closing his hand around her firm breast, he tweaked the nipple between his index and fuck finger. “Yeah, that’s it”, she moaned, feeding his towering prick back into her mouth for another taste. “I’ll try to just keep him on the edge until Mike gets here”, she thought, intoxicated by the feel of the mighty cock meat in her warm, sucking mouth.Mike finally pulled into the driveway, doing his best not to drive recklessly on his way home. He had become more and more excited during his drive home at the prospect of watching his lovely wife sucking a gigantic cock right in front of him. He had taken his cock out while driving and was fantasizing about the vision of his beautiful, sweet wife with her mouth and cheeks wildly distorted, crazily stretched around a fat prick. He was hoping that the fantasy scene in his head was not too far off. He quickly stuffed his rampaging prick back into his pants and exited the car, quickly walking toward the door.Slowly turning the door handle, he quietly opened the door and tip toed into the living room. His still booming prick twitched as he turned the corner, and he stopped dead in his tracks. In front of him was his naked wife sprawled across the lap of an equally naked man. They had not seen him come in. They were both too preoccupied to notice. He was instantly turned on by the sight of his lovely wife’s lips stretched around a magnificently huge truncheon, hungrily sucking on the kind of cock that you hardly ever see even in the porn videos. The fantasy he had formed in his head during his drive home was somewhat paled in comparison to what he was actually witnessing. He immediately pulled his pants off and stroked his own raging hard on as he inched slowly toward the comfortably reclined couple performing their lewd act. Her eyes were closed, a mask of sheer cock sucking ecstasy and contentment on her face.The anonymous benefactor of the wanton woman’s wonderful oral skills was equally oblivious to the presence of their appreciative audience. The stranger was scooted way down on the sofa, his legs splayed wide apart, and his hips thrust high up to receive the full benefit of her oral talents. His head was laid back against the back of the sofa. His left forearm rested across his eyes and his right hand manipulating the erect nipple of his wife’s breast, which he knew she was especially fond of. Mike marveled at how skillfully she could bring a man’s cock to the brink of ecstasy like this, and hold it there for as long as she desired.He himself was a great fan of her cock sucking talents and would spend many an evening with his straining, leaking prick lodged tightly in her sucking mouth, as if the two were hopelessly locked together as one. She had the skill to maintain him in this blissful state, just letting his humming fuck pole hover on the edge of orgasm, buried deep in her warm mouth, ecstatically, in this way, she could enjoy her juicy treat for as long as she wanted, stopping when she could sense that the vibrating cock signaled her tongue that it was about to explode. Then she would hold perfectly still until the wave subsided, and then resume her sexy oral caresses, usually with a new batch of hot, slick prick slime lubricating her entire mouth. He could see that that was exactly what she was doing with this fine specimen. Her wet lips slid slowly up and down the magnificently huge, thick, vein covered phallus. Her entire wet mouth was grotesquely distorted as her mouth filled with prick meat at the base of her down stroke, even to the point of moving her nose out of place. He was trilled at the sight. He could hear her gulping every few seconds, and grunt, catching her breath after the heavy swallow. He remembered her telling him of how much pre cum this guy produced, and he couldn’t help but be a little envious of what this guy had to offer. Eventually he could see the gigantic prick begin to twitch, signaling an eminent orgasm. She slid her mouth from his cock, revealing a majestic purple head pulsating and expanding. Valerie lazily opened her eyes for a moment to observe her new toy and saw Mike kneeling in front of her, stroking his own swollen, dripping cock, a look of pure lust on his face. They smiled excitedly at each other, and she silently mouthed to her husband, “Look at this huge fucking cock! I’m so excited!”Mike silently answered, “Fucking awesome, babe!”, shaking his head.“Look at this”, she silently exclaimed, squeezing the prick stalk up from the base, a steady stream of slimy goo ran from the huge prick’s piss hole and ran down the shaft, over her fingers. Not wanting to waste any, she gazed into her husband’s incredulous eyes as she once again took the mighty cock back into her mouth and gulped down the remainder of the thick pre ejaculate, her eyes rolled back in her head, then once again focused on his eyes. “Mmmmmm”, she moaned aloud, gulping and smacking her lips.“Fucking… WOW!!”, he silently wailed.Steven momentarily awoke from his gooning stupor and opened his eyes to see that he and Valerie had a very enthusiastic audience looking on. In his current state of mind, he couldn’t have cared less if his own parents had been watching. Mike noticed that he had been discovered and offered a greeting. “Heeyyy, buddy. How’s it going?” He noticed the hood, but didn’t think to wonder why he was wearing it. It didn’t matter at the moment. “Looks like you’re enjoying my wife’s mouth an awful lot. Quite the little cock sucker, isn’t she?Valerie had resumed sucking on the rampant monster and had it buried as deep as she could in her tight throat as she tongued and sucked and slurped on it noisily, grunting and huffing with each long stroke.“Uuuuuhhhh…”, was all the reply he offered between gasping breaths.“Fuuuck, baby, you got this son of a bitch right where you want him, don’t you?She dislodged the throbbing hot meat pole from her gullet and removed it from her mouth with a loud pop. Coughing and clearing the fuck slime from her throat, she panted, “This fucking guy is amazing”, she sputtered against his shining cock head. “He gives my so much pre cum. I love it.” Her eyes narrowed lustfully as she coaxed another creamy dollop onto her outstretched tongue and waggled it around, showing it to him before letting it slide back into her throat. “And wait til you see him cum! His loads are incredible!”“I’d love to see that. Whenever you’re ready, baby.” Mike watched mesmerized stroking his aching cock as she doubled down on her efforts. She was using her finest, sexiest skills now mostly for her adoring husband’s visual benefit. Her slime covered tongue appeared and disappeared as it visibly lapped at the super hard veiny sinew of the meaty pole as she stroked it with her lips. The outline of the straining prick was visible through her tightly fitted cheeks as she mouth fucked it. Drool and cock slime mixture leaked from her sucking mouth and over her knuckles as her little hand stroked up and down the slick shaft. He took note of how her fingers barely reached half way around it. She slid the overheated meat from her mouth panting, “Are you ready to cum for me now, baby?”“Uh huh”“Why don’t you stand up for me. I want you to shoot all over my face.”Obediently, he rose to his feet. Kneeling in front of him, she resumed her sex show for her enthralled husband. She was now on a mission. Taking long strokes deep in her mouth, she matched the pace with her right hand slipping up and down the greasy shaft while her left hand held the thick root at the base. The slow, steady rhythm was having the desired effect. Soon, Steven’s hips began pumping in time with her stroking mouth. A thick, clinging stream of slime attached to her chin swung and undulated as it plopped its other end to her tit, and ran down her smooth belly. She looked over at her husband and winked, seeing that he was fully enjoying her magnificent performance.Sensing that his climax was at hand, she pushed his pulsing cock as deep as she could into her throat, and stroked the underside with her experienced tongue until she felt in her gullet the ballooning cock head suddenly grow super hard. Quickly popping her drooling mouth off his prick, she leaned back and stroked the vibrating shaft, aiming the drooling piss hole at her outstretched tongue. His hips and legs began quivering at the onset of his powerful orgasm, and his shaking voice moaned, “Yyyeeaaaahhhh…” as he looked down and saw the cum starved woman awaiting her creamy reward. The sight took him over the edge and he felt the ecstatic sensation of his load shooting past his winking urethra.Her moaning breath was suddenly cut short by a forceful, long rope of thick sperm that rocketed straight into the back of her throat and trailed off onto her cheek.“Ooooowaahhhh!”, she sputtered, “Oh my GAWD!!”. The next spume landed along side her nose and continued slapping up her face, displacing her hair and finally flopping onto the floor behind her.Mike was beside himself with lust, stroking his own straining prick hovering on the edge of cumming while he watched his loving wife’s pretty face being quickly covered by a pearly mask of spunk. “”Holy….”, he whispered, seeing another stream of jizm arc into the air and landing with a wet splat on her tongue. “…fuuuck!”By the time Steven’s orgasm began to flag, Valerie’s face was completely covered by a slimy, shimmering coat of thick spooge. It ran down, hanging from her cheeks and chin, swaying from side to side as she continued stroking the failing truncheon. She placed the purple head back into her mouth and sucked out the remaining dregs, swallowing hungrily. She would have swallowed much more of the load, but she wanted to give Mike the full benefit of the sheer volume of cum that this guy could produce.Steven finally stumbled back onto the sofa, and left her blindly groping for her husband. “I want more!”, she whined in her husband’s direction. “More cum!”Mike was there immediately, guiding his insanely hard prick into her starving mouth. He had not cum in the past few days, and he had intended on fucking his horny wife this evening, but the present situation put those plans right out of his head. The feel of her warm, sucking mouth gliding along the length of his cock, and her strong slithering tongue whipping all around his strained head soon had him teetering on the edge. With his hands on either side of her head, he began fucking her mouth. The horny Valerie loved being treated like a whore this way, and she responded by squeezing her tit with one hand and fingering her hard clit with the other. She couldn’t remember the last time his girthy prick felt this rock hard in her mouth, but she loved the fact that he was so turned on by watching her suck off a strange cock. Her eyes were still plastered shut, but she could feel that his pulsating prick was about to unload.Mike started stroking his cock while she noisily sucked and slurped. She was pulling him over the edge, and he followed so willingly. Suddenly his body tensed up and he trembled, shouting “Gaaaaaah” as his first massive geyser filled her mouth.Valerie moaned loudly when she received the first volley, and she immediately swallowed it with an audible gulp. Her mouth was refilled time and again and her own tremendous orgasm began making her twitch and convulse. She was in a euphoric cum drinking heaven. Nine good healthy loads eventually filled her mouth and belly before his orgasm began to subside, but she held him tight in her mouth until every delicious drop was drained and her own orgasm ended with a shudder.Gasping, she removed her mouth from him and he retrieved a towel for her. She wiped the cum from her eyes and squinted up at her sheepish looking husband and began to giggle. “That was quite a load you gave me there. It was so awesome!” “Nothing like the one you took on your face, babe. Look at you!” She was still quite a mess, but for now she left it there. She liked the feel of it still dripping from her chin. “And you!”, he said, addressing the masked man still laying back on the sofa, “You’re the man!”“He’s been giving me loads like this all morning, honey”. “Really. I assumed he’d been saving up for a while”.“Nope, he delivers like this every time”.“Outstanding! I guess she’s given you the proposition? About our website?The mystery man shook his head.“Okay, well, what’s with the hood, then?” Mike cocked his head trying to figure out the mystery.“Well, honey”, she said sitting down next to her guest. “You know this guy. For a few years, actually.” Reaching for the top of the hood, she slowly pulled it off revealing her little secret. Mike didn’t recognize the face at first. He just didn’t connect the face with the cock. He studied the sheepish expression for a moment, then his eyes flew open wide. “…Steven?”“Hi, Mike.” The young man didn’t know what to expect next.Valerie stepped in and explained the entire afternoon to her husband. The hot day outside, the shower, her trip to the pizza parlor, the laptop. “And…well, once I saw what he was packing, I couldn’t help myself. You know me”, she said soothingly. “Are you mad?”“No, baby, I’m not mad at you. You just did what you would do, considering the circumstances. And you knew how I would react to watching you sucking a cock like this one”, he laughed. We’ll work around the age thing, don’t worry.And so began the horny couple’s relationship with the over endowed, hyperspermic young stud. A few prosperous years passed. Needless to say, Mike was very enthusiastic and more than willing to feed his pretty wife’s insatiable oral fixation with their young neighbor’s seemingly endless supply of seepage and spooge. The growing number of fans were thrilled with the new supply of cock sucking videos starring the new super stud,and nobody ever complained about the well endowed new stranger’s need for anonymity. Everyone was getting what they wanted, and their home “business” continued growing.But alas, young men do mature, and Steven naturally wanted to expand his horizons, and announced one day that he wanted to enroll in college. The understanding couple encouraged him, and he promised that he would be back for a visit as soon as he had a break, and they would get together for a new video session.Time passed, and soon enough, they were eagerly anticipating his presence once again. Chapter 3Valerie was extremely anxious to wrap her lips around Steven’s huge, dripping prick once again, and Mike knew that he would reap the benefits of having his pretty wife worked into a sexual frenzy. He was a true voyeur who liked nothing better than to watch his eager wife’s mouth pleasuring that hard throbbing cock until it finally blew it’s unbelievably huge load all over her face, tongue and mouth.“Has he been taking his supplements?” Mike inquired, raising his eyebrows. ‘I can’t wait to see if they work as well as they promised!” “He told me he hasn’t missed a day”, she smiled back, with a sly smile. They had had a shipment of four herbal supplements sent to Steven several weeks ago that were said to increase the amount of a man’s pre cum and semen substantially. Not that the young man needed any help in that area, but Valerie was turned on by the idea of a huge amount of jizz being shot out of his young cock. He already bostancı escort shot a huge amount of cum. More than enough to fill her mouth as well as cover her face, but the thoughts of even more of the slippery delicious fluid made the greedy woman’s mouth water and pussy ache just at the prospect of having more than usual.“I wish he’d hurry up and get here. I’m horny as fuck to suck off that big young dick!” Valerie moaned. Mike adjusted his jeans to accommodate his own expanding prick. The thoughts of watching his gorgeous wife once again wrap her mouth around Steven’s long, thick cock was giving him a big hard on. He had been saving himself for this occasion. The young man had been away at school for a full three months now, and it had been that long since he got to watch Valerie perform her little ‘show’ for him. He was plenty horny himself now and intended to give his wife a good, long fuck as a reward for her efforts. She would be good and ready for that, since Mike wasn’t sure he liked the idea of his wife fucking another man. Sucking cock was an entirely different matter. Steven was fine with getting just blow jobs. In fact, it was his favorite sex act anyway.Valerie noticed the growing bulge in his pants and licked her lips. “How about if I limber up my jaws on you until he gets here?” She stood up and opened her robe and shrugged it off her shoulders and onto the floor. Mike gasped at how sexy she looked. Even approaching middle age her tits were still firm and round and her nipples stood out straight ahead with rosy pink, soft areolas. She was not ashamed of her body and was completely naked. It would be a waste, she thought, to bother putting on lingerie or a sexy nightie. She was not conceited, but she was well aware of how her body made men react, and she was determined to make the best impression today.“Oh my, just look at you!” she half whispered. “How long has it been since you came?” She knew full well that it had been two weeks since they both agreed to remain celibate until this occasion. This had to be new record. They both loved fucking and it had not been easy for either of them to hold off for this long. She strolled over to her husband, her full hips naturally swaying back and forth with each step. She cupped her right breast in her palm and bent down for him to have a taste. He swirled his tongue all around her nipple and then closed his lips around her delicious areola and gently sucked, feeling it become erect from the stimulation. He moaned just from the sheer sexiness of her velvety tit in his mouth. He then switched to the other breast after a minute just to balance them out and make them match. He held her soft, full breast in his hand as he nursed. Valerie had very sensitive nipples and this wonderful titty sucking was beginning to make her pussy wet.“C’mon, let me suck your cock, baby”, she breathed. “I’m so hungry for it. Take it out and let me suck it til he gets here.” The sex deprived woman wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck and kissed his lips. Pulling back and seeing the look in his eyes, she placed her hand inside his pants and wrapped her hand around his expanding cock and began slowly stroking and massaging as she kissed him again open mouthed, sliding her tongue inside his mouth exploring until he returned the sentiment, snaking his own tongue between her lips. She began sucking on it as if were his cock, using her lips and tongue, demonstrating what she wanted to do. “You want me to suck your big prick like this, baby?”, She whispered sexily, her own groin beginning to ache at the thoughts.It was all he could do to resist, but he held his breath and whispered into her neck as he kissed and licked it, “We’ve waited this long. He’ll be here soon, baby, and besides, if you start sucking me, I might not be able to stop, and I’ll end up blowing my load.”“Oohhh”, she whined. “But I promise I won’t ma…” Suddenly there was a familiar knock on the door. “He’s here!”, she whispered excitedly. “I’ll get the door”, said Mike. “You’re bare ass naked, silly!”, as he grabbed her arm.“Oh yeah”, she giggled, hugging his neck. “Let him in!”She followed close behind Mike and stood behind the door as he opened it.“Steven! Come on in! It’s great to see you. How’s the college man?”, he smiled broadly. He grabbed the boy’s hand and pulled him inside as he shook it.“School is going okay”, he smiled shyly. “I miss home, but I’m getting adjusted okay.”Mike closed the door and watched the look on Steven’s face suddenly turn to surprise as he saw Valerie standing in front of him fully naked.“Boy, do I miss home!”Valerie threw her arms around him, genuinely glad to see her young neighbor, and hugged him tightly.“Steven!” she shrieked, “We miss you so much, honey! It’s so good to to have you home!”The young man stood there with his mouth open, unable to speak at first. Valerie looked down, having momentarily forgotten that she was standing there stark naked. The sexy woman regained her composure and struck a pose for him. “Well? Happy to see me?”, she smiled.“Holy fuck, Valerie!” He blurted out. “Happy is not the word!”Valerie looked into Steven’s face and asked very seriously, “How’s that stuff working? Those supplements? Have you been taking them regularly?”“Damn, those things are something else. Honestly, last time I jerked off,I hit myself in the face with my own cum blast! Whew!” “When’s the last time you came? I hope you’ve been saving up for me like I asked.”Steven lifted his hand to testify, “Three weeks ago, and believe me, it’s killing me. I’m so fucking horny and my dick leaks pre cum all over the place when I think about sex. I’ve really had to concentrate on my school work to keep my mind off of wanting to cum.”“Really?” Valerie exclaimed. “Oh, you poor baby. Let Valerie take care of that for you. Come here.” With that the sexy woman cozied up to Steven and kissed his neck , then whispered in his ear, “I have been so anxious to have you back here, honey. Thank you so much for holding off for me. I am dying to get that big cock of yours in my mouth. You like the way I suck your cock, don’t you?”, she sighed, running her hand across his cheek.“Uh huh”, was all he could manage to say. Valerie wanted to make the best of the situation. She was particularly horny this afternoon, and she knew that he must be beyond ready, too. She glanced over to Mike and gave him a sly wink as if to say, ‘watch this’. She wordlessly drew back from his neck and cupped his cheeks in her hands and looked lovingly into his eyes. Then she very slowly and softly kissed the boy on his lips. Then she kissed him again, this time a long passionate kiss. She wrapped her arms tenderly around his neck and he instinctively put his arms around her bare waist, exploring her naked body with his hands. His right hand eventually wandered down to Valerie’s ass and he pulled her close. “Mmmm”, she moaned as she felt his hard cock press against her belly.She snaked her nimble tongue into his mouth and found his, rolling it around. He returned the sentiment, and when he stuck his tongue in her mouth, she began to suck on it as if it were a cock. She kept a hard suction on it to prevent it’s withdrawl, and stroked it back and forth. His breathing was getting very heavy and he began groaning softly. She knew he was ready.Mike was ready with the video camera, and began recording as Valerie slowly slid down to her knees licking her lips as She undid his belt and unfastened his fly. She knelt before him with her hands on her thighs as she watched him hastily pull down his pants and underwear simultaneously. The delighted woman wasn’t prepared for the youth’s almost fully hard cock to spring out from his groin and fling a big stream of pre cum right onto her cheek.“Oh my goodness, Steven! Look at that, honey!” she said to her husband as she immediately mouthed his cock, licking and sucking the slippery fluid out of his still hardening cock. “Oh, you poor thing, I’ll never make you wait this long again.”“Sorry, I warned you”, Steven shrugged. “I make lots of pre cum on this stuff.“Fucking Hell!” Mike exclaimed, as Valerie continued to suck Steven’s big cock, pulling more and more of the creamy stuff out into her mouth. “Mmmfff”, she snorted as she continued milking his meat into her mouth, swallowing as much as she could but allowing a good amount to bubble from around her lips and slide down her chin. Valerie knew how Mike loved seeing her wet mouth drool over a cock. She was in a horny woman’s fantasy cock sucking paradise, and she loved showing off for her horny husband who had now shed his pants and was leisurely stroking his own thick, veiny cock. She finally pulled the shiny wet prick from her soaking mouth and a thick string of spit and cock slime trailed from her lips to the glowing prick head. She smiled saucily at Mike and then at the camera lens, moaning, “Ummmm. What do you think, guys?” She held the expanded cock by the root with her left hand and stroked and rubbed the bloated, still leaking head with her right palm. She cocked her head and looked sexily into the camera. “You like how this big cock looks in my mouth, don’t you?”Mike watched her suck the hard, meaty prick with a look of lustful fascination on his face as he massaged his own rampaging cock, already to the point of wanting to cum. He was edging himself, hanging just on the point of orgasm, but not allowing his drooling cock to shoot it’s load. “You look like such a sexy bitch sucking on a monster like that. Let me see how much you can swallow down your throat.”With those words, the over sexed boy moaned and shot a string of pre cum right onto her nose. “Aww… fuck!”, the sexually frenzied beauty muttered as she opened her mouth and fed the slimy cock to the back of her throat. “I’m not gonna last very long, I’m so fuckin’ horny”, Steven croaked, his knees trembling.“That’s okay, honey, I don’t expect you to last long. Besides, I need to have your load right now.” Valerie knew that at his age he could quickly recover and provide her with several healthy cum loads.She took a couple of long, luxurious strokes with her lips and tongue and then opened her throat taking a deep breath and in one fluid motion slid his entire length down her gullet.Mike dropped to his knees and marveled at his beautiful wife’s oral talents. She was fucking the long cock with her throat, pulling out about half way and sliding back down slowly and licking the boy’s balls with her slimy tongue before pulling out again. Her eyes began to water and her salty tears slid down her cheek mixing with the cock slime and slobbers bubbling from the corners of her mouth, running down her quivering chin and onto her creamy tits. She finally withdrew the soaking prick from her throat and coughed involuntarily, her throat clogged with slime.“Oh I love sucking this cock!”, she gasped, her teary eyes emotionally addressing her loving husband. “He has so much pre cum I can barely handle it. And there’s just as much now as when I first started!” She laid the shiny prick head on her tongue and jerked out another squirting string which she greedily swallowed down. “Mmmmmm, I love the taste of your pre cum!”The sight of this was too much for Steven, and he shakily moaned, “I’m gonna cum!”“You’re gonna cum for me, honey? Give it to me!”She understood that she couldn’t expect him to hold out for very long after a three week wait, so she slid his shuddering prick back into her mouth, and with a few more long deep strokes of her lips and tongue, he moaned and unleashed a torrent of jizm into the back of her throat so forceful that at least half of it shot directly down her throat. She squealed with delight, as the second geyser, just as forceful as the first was quickly swallowed down. She would have gladly gulped down his entire cum load, but she also wanted Mike and her admiring audience to get the full benefit of her cock sucking performance.She pulled his cock from her cum dripping mouth just in time for another jet to spew from his piss slit and land with an audible splat across her lovely face. She licked the underside of his purple cock head and stroked the jerking meat sword as volley after volley of pearly jizz covered her face, coated her tongue, shot up her nose, splattered across her hair and and errant rope or two flew clear over her head. She kept her eyes shut tight and sputtered, “OH MY GAWD!!” Steven’s cock continued to buck and spray volumes of cum seemingly endlessly on the horny woman’s face and she once again deep throated his raging prick and took the remainder of his load straight into her stomach as she licked and sucked and throat fucked the monstrous prick. She held his hips in both of her hands and he had hold of her hair on both sides of her head and fucked her skull. Steven’s face was a mask of lustful abandon and his knees quivered as he automatically thrust his hips in time with her strokes.After a seemingly long while, his stroking stopped and he buried his groin into her face and shot his last few remaining spurts into her full stomach. He withdrew almost stumbling backward from her throat and his slime covered cock cleared her lips, but stayed connected by a thick wad of sperm that finally broke and slapped down across Valerie’s chin and onto her soaking breasts and slid finally to its resting place in the puddle of cum in her lap.She regained her grasp on his now semi hard cock and wiping a glob of thick cum from her right eye, looked squinting at it. Still gasping for air mostly from excitement, she wobbled it back and forth and the last bit of stray cum oozed out and was waving in the air. She caught it with her tongue and swirling it around in her mouth savored and swallowed it down.“Ummm…yummy cummy!” She cleared her other eye of the coagulated jizm and looked at her husband through the camera lens, smiling. “How’d you like that?” she addressed her audience, laughing at what a messy spectacle she must look like.“That was fucking fantastic, baby! I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.” He was still stroking his dripping cock as he drank in the sight of his wife with a monster load of cream all over her. “Fucking fantastic!”, Mike chuckled. “Way to go, Steven!” He looked over at the young man who was still trying to regain his composure.Steven smiled sheepishly and gasped, “That was a record breaker. Are you okay, Valerie?”She giggled looking back at him with wads of sperm dangling and dripping from her glazed face, and laughed, “That was awesome!” She knew from past experience that the young man would recover shortly and be able and willing to supply her with even more of his delicious hot cream.“Gosh, this is so hot, baby.” she said to Mike, as he stopped recording.“Fucking right this is hot!”, Mike agreed, surveying her frosted face. “Why don’t you two go over and sit down for a while and catch up on things. I need to go and get a few things. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Valerie needed a break from being on her knees anyway. “Let’s go over to the sofa”, she smiled to Steven. “It’ll be more comfy over there. Are you doing okay?”“This is fucking awesome”, the young man said. “I’ve been needing my cock sucked like you wouldn’t believe!” Valerie wrapped her little hand around his bubbling, thick cock and led him across the room. “I miss your blow jobs more than anything since I’ve been gone.”“I can tell!” she exclaimed as she toweled off her pretty face. “I’ve missed sucking this big dick of yours, too. You’re so responsive to my mouth, and I just love how unloaded a bucket full on me.” Valerie skipped ahead of Steven and got up on her knees on the sofa turning her hips upward toward him. “You’re not the only one who’s wet around here, you know. Check it out.”Steven got down on his knees behind Valerie’s shapely ass and spread her pussy lips, marveling at how her pussy gets creamy from sucking his cock. The feminine musky aroma of her soaking wet cunt was beginning to drive the sex starved young man wild again and his cock once again started to swell as he marveled at the beautiful pussy that was open to his inspection, and he watched as a glistening string of her natural juice appeared from her fuck hole and flowed slowly down to her clit and hung there just begging to be lapped up. It was too much for him not to act. “Fuck”, he whispered as he stuck out his virgin tongue almost involuntarily and caught the swinging string of cunt slime on his lapper before it could fall uselessly onto the sofa cushion. He drew his slimy tongue back into his mouth and savored his first taste of delicious pussy juice. He knew he was a goner at that moment and was unable to stop himself. Steven again opened his mouth and fitting his lips and tongue around her dripping clitoris, gently sucked it into his mouth along with her delicious pussy nectar. He stayed on her swollen nubbin licking and sucking it in and out from between his lips.His young cock was now at full attention again, and resumed its steady seepage of slippery pre cum. He massaged the hot cock sauce into his cock head and slowly stroked himself as he enjoyed his sexy appetizer.Valerie held her breath with a look of dreamy passion on her face and finally exhaled, breathing “Ahhhh yeah baby, suck on my little clit for me.” Her clitoris was growing harder and popping like a fire cracker about to explode. Her legs began trembling involuntarily beneath her and her toes curled as the boy continued his oral assault on her steaming pussy. Two weeks of celibacy was having a profound effect on her.Steven let go of his pulsating prick and grabbing both of her ass cheeks, spread her beautiful pussy open wide and ate her out lustfully from her puckered ass hole, down to her rock hard clit, introducing the delicious new mix of flavors on his lapping tongue.“Unnhhh, you’re gonna make me cum, baby, unnhhh oohhh”, she whined between panting breaths. Having her pussy eaten had so far been a pleasure reserved only for Mike, but the boy was doing such a splendid job, and considering she hadn’t been pleasured for two weeks, all of her inhibitions had melted away, and the wanton woman was unable to say no to anything that was being done to her at this moment. Her hips were twitching with each stroke of his tongue, and the waves of pleasure were coming more frequent and more intense until at last these waves began to merge into one. Her eyes closed tightly and her small hands clutched the cushion tightly. The fuse in her clit fizzled down to the end, and her body began to contract into a long awaited orgasm.“Oh, don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop”, she squealed as her pussy muscles began to contract. She was now in a full blown clit orgasm and much to Steven’s surprise, she began squirting forceful streams of female cum. He adjusted his mouth slightly and caught the salty sex liquid in his mouth, gulping it down, never missing a beat with his tongue. She bit her knuckle and shuddering, groaned over and over as her cumming pussy contracted in wave after wave of ecstasy. Steven continued his assault on her spasming clit at the same time drinking her tangy orgasmic fluids.The intensity of her orgasm finally began to subside and Steven’s still lapping tongue began to make her twitch, signaling the end of her cumming. He dragged his tongue across her steaming hole and tried greedily to lap out any of the delicious remains of her juices.“Oh my God, Steven where did you ever learn to lick pussy so good?”, she panted, complimenting the proud boy.He reluctantly pulled his dripping lips from her steaming pussy. “I Dunno, It’s the first time I’ve ever done it…but I like it!”, he grinned through his sloppy wet face. “Pussy cream tastes awesome! I learned from watching Mike do it, I guess.”“Well, you’re a natural.”, she smiled back at him.Steven stood up wiping the stray delicious pussy juice into his mouth, licking his fingers, and studied her still on her hands and knees in front of him. She was looking over her shoulder smiling at him. He was still slowly stroking his now fully erect and spouting prick and taking a step forward, placed his meat in her ass crack and began stroking from her pink little butt hole downward across her pussy hole and stopping to rub her swollen clit with his cock head.She was still responsive and sucked in her breath sighing, “Mmmm, that’s nice”, closing her eyes, she laid her head on her arms and closed her eyes, her ass still high in the air, enjoying the feeling of the young man’s hard, slimy cock rubbing up and down along her pussy.After a few more moments, Mike came back into the room and stopped dead in his tracks From his angle, it looked like Steven was fucking his wife! His initial feeling of surprise and shock quickly turned to lust. He had always imagined that he would become extremely pissed at the sight of his cute little wife being fucked by another man, but he found himself feeling extremely turned on!“What’s going on in here?” he addressed the oblivious couple.They both snapped to attention at the sudden invasion of their lusty engagement. “OOH! Shit you scared me!” Valerie started. “I hope you don’t mind, baby, but I…I allowed Steven to eat my pussy. I just got carried away in the moment and couldn’t help myself”, she pouted. “Are you mad at me?”Mike could never be mad at her for that. He knew too well that when she was sexually excited, she couldn’t always control her mental faculties. “No, baby, I’m not pissed. Don’t worry…but…are you guys fucking?”“Oh…NO, Mike I’m not fucking your wife. I know that’s off limits. I’m just rubbing her clit with my cock. Honest. I would never…”Mike raised his hand and reassured Steven, “Okay, okay, I can see that now, don’t worry. It’s alright.” He looked down at his sheepish wife and asked, “How was it? Is he a good pussy licker?”Valerie felt a wave of relief sensing his attitude, and her face relaxed. He’s a natural pussy eater, baby. He said he learned from watching you! I loved it!“Well… our little man is growing up. Tell me, Steven, have you fucked a girl yet?”He young man sheepishly looked down and replied “No…not yet.” Mike and Valerie figured as much. They knew that he was painfully shy around girls and felt awkward in their presence. The horny couple were secretly glad of that. They hated to admit it, but they wanted him exclusively to themselves for as long as possible. If the girls only knew what he was packing, he would be very popular, they often told themselves.Mike looked at his wife and smiling, raised his eyebrows and furrowed his brow. She knew what he was thinking and her eyes flew open wide. Their silent conversation continued for a moment while Steven was still looking at the floor and they came to an unspoken decision.Mike placed his hand on The boy’s shoulder and their eyes met. The older man empathized with the young man. “Steven”, he said earnestly, “I feel for you, buddy. I used to be in your shoes. I was awkward with the women and never thought I’d be able to get any pussy.”“Now I know we have have an agreement that your relationship with Valerie is founded only on oral sex.” He glanced at Valerie to make sure she was okay with their idea. “And I am proud of you. You’ve honored that stipulation and have never tried anything. But I was wondering…we were wondering if you’d like Valerie to be your first?”Steven stared blankly at Mike and really was not comprehending. “First…what?”“Your first piece of ass, boy. Your first fuck.”It slowly sank in what Mike was offering him, and he looked astonishingly at the man. His mouth hung open and he swung his gaze over to the beautiful woman.She smiled and raised her eyebrows at him. “I’d love to be the woman who gets your cherry, honey.”“You would do that for me? No k**ding?” Steven was dumbfounded. He had always thought that Valerie was the most beautiful lady he knew. He knew that he was the luckiest k** on earth getting his cock sucked by such an angel. He would be the envy of all his friends… if he was allowed to tell them. He understood their agreement that nobody should know about their very special friendship. He would never take the chance of ruining what he had going on. “Well…yeah! If you’re sure you don’t mind.”“This is just a one time thing, honey.” Valerie assured him. It’s a very special occasion. You’re all grown up now.” “That’s right. We’ll just see how it goes.” Mike added, looking over toward his wife. “Keep doing what you were doing when I came into the room, Steven.”, he said, raising the camcorder to his eye and pressing the ‘record’ button.The young man resumed rubbing his still hard and dripping cock up and down along the length of Valerie’s ass crack and down along her pussy hole and still throbbing clit, dragging their mixture of their combined juices along with it. Mike bent down, catching the scene on the camera and watched fascinated at the sight of his beautiful wife’s wet, dripping pussy being stroked by an enormous young, veiny cock. Valerie was breathing heavily and moaned, “Baby, I can’t take this much longer. I need to be fucked now! Please!”Mike still watched the scene intently and said almost absent mindedly, “Well, what are you waiting for?”Steven looked at Mike not sure of what to do next when he suddenly felt Valerie’s little hand fold around his cock shaft as she reached between her legs. She directed his bloated prick head against her tight fuck hole and slowly backed into it. Both Steven and Mike watched in amazement as the head of his enormous cock slipped between the folds of her pussy lips and disappeared. Steven automatically push his hips forward and slowly fed his cock into her. He felt her tight outer muscle stretch and seemingly pull him in deeper and deeper. Her pussy tunnel was very tight, but thanks to the copious amounts of slippery fluids being supplied by both of them, his thick prick entered her quite easily.“Aaaahhhh…yessss”, Valerie hissed as her tight pussy canal was being stretched inch by inch by the thickest cock meat she had ever experienced. Her eyes remained closed, but her fingertips traced the underside of the veiny shaft as it continued sliding in her.“That feel good, baby?” Mike asked his lovely wife as he caressed her back with his free hand.“Mmmmm, yes, darling. I needed a cock inside me. And this one”, she sighed, “is wonderful!”. Valerie’s little pussy had never felt so stretched and full before. Steven’s massive prick was now buried to the hilt, just touching the edges of her uterus. He sighed, loving the feeling of a woman’s vagina encasing his cock.“What do you think, honey? Valerie asked the enraptured stud, looking at him over her shoulder. “How does my pussy feel?”“Feels really nice.”, he exclaimed softly. “Holy fuck is that nice.” His cock head jerked and expanded involuntarily deep inside her, releasing a hot wad of pre cum deep inside her and it made her moan. He marveled at the new feeling of a warm pussy wrapped around his cock. He liked how warm and soft it felt and imagined he could stay just where he was for quite a while.Valerie wiggled her ass at him and giggled, “Okay, now that you’re inside me, honey, why don’t you start fucking me now?” She was enjoying this full feeling, but she was getting anxious for a little in and out action.Steven snapped out of his daze and realized what he was supposed to do. He began to slowly pull and push his hips, but at first her tiny pussy had such a grip that she was being pulled back and forth for the first several strokes. Finally her cunt muscles started to expand and stretch and grow accustomed to this new invader and slipping and sliding was beginning to occur. Little by little, their juices were lubricating things nicely, and some full fledged cock and pussy stroking action was happening. The ecstatic göztepe escort woman grunted and moaned with every deep thrust of his ballooned cock. She was thoroughly enjoying her long overdue fuck, especially with the feeling of a new, over sized prick filling her fuck hole with long, deep strokes. Steven placed his hands on Valerie’s shapely hips and began fucking like it was second nature. He looked down and watched in amazement how her soft, pink pussy lips were stretched around his cock. He drew it out until the head was just inside the opening, then as he pushed forward, he felt his cock enter her vaginal opening and her puckered little ass hole was forced upward to accommodate her welcomed intruder. He once again buried his cock to the hilt and fucked her with deep several deep strokes. As he withdrew his cock each time, her hungry pussy seemed to want to cling to his shaft, and he could see the contours of his prick meat through the thin membrane of her pussy opening as it was stretched backward, pulling slick streams of pussy juice and pre cum with it. Valerie rested her head on her crossed arms that rested on the back of the couch, and whimpered each time her cunt was once again filled to the brim with heavy, fat cock meat. His heavy breathing was beginning to change to panting and moaning before long, and Valerie knew that his climax was not far away. She was by no means wanting this fucking to end yet, but she pulled her pussy from his steaming cock. It exited her hot pussy hole with a squishy sounding ‘pop’. She took Steven by the hand. “Come here”, she said quickly, taking Steven by the hand and leading him into the bedroom with Mike following close behind, still recording. He was concentrating oh her fine, shapely ass as her hips swayed while she walked. She figured as much, and she turned her head and smiled for the camera.She directed Steven to lie down with his back propped up on pillows. She intended to mount his cock immediately and take a glorious ride, but when she saw the huge prick angling toward her covered with and steadily leaking it’s glistening slime, seemingly winking at her, her brow furrowed, half frowning. Her cock sucking instinct took over and she just had to have another taste.Valerie always loved the taste of her own sweet pussy juices, and what better way to enjoy it than sucking it off a nice hard cocksicle. She laid down on her side cuddled up against Steven and crooked her left leg over his thigh. Mike, of course was right there with the camcorder not wanting to miss a second of the action. Valerie looked into the camera as she folded her hand around the base of the massive prick standing before her. She bit her lip saucily and turned her attention on the glistening cock head as she drew her hand up, squeezing out an amazing stream of slimy pre cum. She watched as it slid half way down the veiny shaft and then gathered it up with her tongue and pulled it back to the bulbous head and closed her lips around it. She looked at the camera again, narrowing her eyes and voicing her pleasure. “Mmmmmmm…”, she moaned, swirling her tongue around swallowing the mix of slippery pre cum and her own pussy nectar audibly.“You like sucking that big cock, don’t you, baby?”, Mike asked.“Mmmm Hmmmm!”, she replied, raising her eyebrows and winking at the camera, not wanting to release the throbbing, spitting cock from her hungry mouth. She was putting on a fine performance for her fans… except it was not an act. She truly loved sucking cock and she knew she would refer to this video the next time Mike was out of town and she was left alone to entertain herself, and she knew Mike would have his own copy for his entertainment.She once again held the smoldering cock by the root and sucked merrily away at her leisure, taking it to the back of her throat and slowly dragging her clinging lips back up, collaring the bloated head inside her mouth and swallowing another wad of cock slime with each stroke. She huffed and moaned non stop, losing herself in her prick sucking euphoria.Steven had easy access to her ass and naturally began squeezing and fondling. He eventually found his way down to her steaming pussy and began exploring with his fingers her wet cunt hole and hard little clit. She appreciated and enjoyed the attention, and his manipulations made her hips gyrate slightly, motivating her in her lusty task. She then began visibly swirling her tongue around his cock at the top of each stroke, smacking and slurping loudly as her bubbling slobbers and his flowing cock juice ran freely down the thick shaft as she chased after it with her sucking lips on the down stroke, looking into the camera the whole time. Large bubbles of spit and cock juice formed in the corners of her mouth and slid down his shaft, flowed over her hand, down his full balls and ending up in a messy pool on the sheets at the bottom of his ass crack. Steven groaned his appreciation the entire time between his exclamations of “Awwww fuck…” and “Oooooh yeah…so good!”Mike also voiced his approval, not verbally, but almost involuntarily moaning and grunting at the sight of his sweet wife wantonly devouring such a monster cock right in front of his eyes as he tried to hold the camera steady while simultaneously stroking his own dripping meat. He didn’t need to coach her at all. She knew exactly what she was doing.Steven’s breathing was beginning to change to the telltale pace of impending orgasm. Valerie removed his cock from her mouth , kissing the leaking piss hole, smacking her lips and drew back, looking cross eyed at the towering wet cock as she continued to stroke it. “I want some more cum, but I still want you to fuck me.”, she gasped, looking up at Steven, trying to catch her breath. This was more of a demand than a request. She was in full blown horny cum slut mode and she was determined to have what she wanted. “”I can still fuck you”, he panted. Steven was willing to do whatever she said in his current state of mind. He was anxious to fuck her, but her wonderful horny mouth was driving him crazy and pulling him closer and closer to the point of no return. He was loving what she was doing with his cock.With that reassurance, her hand wrapped around the root of his prick, she waggled his rock hard meat at the camera, flinging pre jizz in every direction while she giggled, “Yummy yummy cummy! I’m gonna get to swallow another load of his hot cream, fellas!”“Don’t miss a drop, sweetie.” Mike encouraged her.With a look of determination on her face, she cleared her throat and licked her already drenched lips and lowered her mouth on his cock as deeply as she could and slowly closed her lips around his pulsing shaft. Using only her tongue and suction, she massaged his cock as it was lodged in the back of her throat. The length of her entire tongue swirled and stroked his sensitive prick and the feeling was thrilling him to the bottom of his toes.Steven was still at the brink of cumming when she began this new procedure, so it didn’t take more than a few strokes for Valerie to feel his cock head balloon up and become super hard in the back of her throat. She was hungry for his hot load, but she was still enjoying sucking cock, so she held absolutely still until his orgasm abated, and her mouth was suddenly awash with a huge blob of tangy sperm that leaked from his piss hole. Not a load yet, just a taste of what was to cum.Steven’s cock jerked along with the rest of his body as his torturer took her sweet time making him cum. She slid his spasming cock from her throat and sputtered, “Wow! That must’ve really felt good on your cock. I just got a huge glob of cum!”“What ever you were doing felt awesome!”, Steven croaked. “Keep doing that while I’m cumming, okay? That felt sooo fucking great”. He was involuntarily trembling from the intense feeling in his loins, and it made the wanton woman want him to feel the culmination of her oral efforts.“I will do exactly that, then… and I will let you cum this time”.Valerie once again encased his prick in her sucking mouth, his purple cock head lodged in the back of her throat, and began once again sucking, massaging and licking the meaty fucker with her strong, nimble tongue just as before, but with a passionate mission, humming and moaning, gulping his thick pre cum as fast as it would ooze out.“Yeah…just like that…just like that…mmmmm”.Mike had the picture framed perfectly. His wife’s pretty face stuffed with a jaw stretching fat hard on about to shoot off. “You gonna swallow his load, baby?”Valerie looked at the camera, a look of pure cock sucker lust in her eyes,and nodded her head, “yes” not wanting to interrupt her task.“I want to hear you gulp it all down.”Steven was once again approaching his orgasm, and closed his eyes and concentrated on the wonderful soft tongue pulling him to the point of no return. His trembling hips began to involuntarily hump her mouth and his breath began coming in short, jerky gasps. He let the feeling in his aching groin climb the stalk of his trembling prick and surround his cock head, no longer trying to hold off from cumming. His brains began to buzz and his eyes watering and ears ringing,he was lost totally in the feeling.Valerie once again felt the huge cock in her mouth become super hard as she heard heard a small cry from the young man and suddenly a forceful jet of creamy sperm shot directly down her her open throat and then another and another. She gulped hard with every shot and did her best to keep up with the deluge filling her stomach, but small streams of foaming, bubbling cum escaped her lips and ran down the few visible inches of pulsating, veiny cock shaft that remained outside of her mouth. Steven was weeping and moaning, in full orgasmic bliss as Valerie’s skilled tongue drew wave after wave of his slimy cream from his balls.Mike zoomed in momentarily on this spectacle of his wife’s slimy lips releasing small streams of fresh cum that were running down the sinewy, blue veined, undulating, jerking prick stalk. Though she was trying her best, the sheer volume of cum was just too much for her to swallow it all, and her mouth seemed to be hanging on for dear life, refusing to let go of her captor until she was finished drinking every possible drop of delectable cum from this meaty fountain.Finally, the slimy streams of hot jizz began to falter, but still she continued to swallow everything he could deliver. She held his cock deep in her mouth until she was satisfied that his orgasm was complete, then slowly drew the drained prick stalk from her gullet.When she finally, reluctantly cleared the subdued head from her lips, she showed Mike and his camera her tongue still floating in a large pool of cock slime, which she rolled around just for the effect, then with her mouth still wide open she let the wad drain down her throat to join the rest of the massive load in her stomach.“Holy fuck that was amazing, baby”, Mike said incredulously.“I know! It felt like he pumped a gallon of cum down my throat!”, Valerie gasped. “I think that load was just as big as your first one”, she said, smiling up at Steven, his eyes half open, still experiencing his post orgasmic daze.“Yeah”, Steven croaked, “It just kept cumming and cumming. Felt like it lasted an hour!”, he said weakly, wiping the tears from his eyes. Valerie pondered, frowning, upon the half limp but still impressively large penis she held in her hand.“I don’t know, baby, it doesn’t look very promising for that fucking you’ve been anticipating”, knowing that his words of doubt would just serve to encourage her to make it happen. She tenderly squeezed and lifted it up and down, weighing it with the palm off her hand. “I don’t know. I think it still feels promising to me”, adding, “Let’s see if I can’t resurrect this thing. Slide down here on the bed, honey. Flat on your back.”, she instructed the young man as she gracefully lifted herself from his torso. I need to have my pussy licked again”.Steven obediently complied, sliding himself lower on the bed as she propped his head up on a pillow. Standing over him, straddling his face, she slowly lowered her dripping wet pussy to within a few inches of his lips. Flexing her strong kegel muscles, she worked out a slimy, glistening drop of clear pussy lubricant from her fuck hole. Looking down between her legs, she expertly aimed the elongating string of nectar at Steven’s mouth, which he instinctually opened to accept eagerly. “Get it. Stick your tongue up my pussy and get it”, she cooed at him, lowering her trim pussy onto his outstretched tongue. “Yeah… that’s it. Stick your tongue up my pussy and scoop up all my fucking juice”, she moaned, lowering herself the last couple of inches onto his straining tongue.Steven’s fitted his lips around her slippery cunt opening and strained to get his tongue up into her delicious tasting pussy as far as he possibly could. To Valerie’s amazement, not only did he have a well endowed cock, but his tongue was amazingly thick and long as well!“Oh… Oh!… OOOoohhh”, she squealed, surprised at the sensation of a snake like tongue exploring and slithering up her excited fuck canal. “I love your tongue!…. Oohhh fuck!”, she sighed breathlessly, her eyes opening wide at what his amazing tongue was doing to her.“What’s going on, baby? What’s he doing?”, Mike inquired.“Oh…my gawd, Michael. If I knew his tongue was like this, I would have been having him eat my pussy long ago. I mean….uunnhhhh… ohhh… his fucking tongue is incredible! Maybe… maybe I’m just super horned up, but…awww fuck… * gasp *…oh my god… he’s gonna make me cum!”With that, her eyes squeezed shut tight as she ground her spasming pussy into his face, and he took the cue to fuck his slithering tongue in and out of her cunt hole with long, lapping strokes. Pussy cum flowed from her spasming canal and she squeezed his tongue with every undulating contraction. Pussy cream ran into his mouth and he swallowed every mouth full with the same relish that she had for his squirting cock juice. The young man was brand new to eating pussy, but he enjoyed this new, previously unknown talent with a passion, and intended to get in all the practice he could from now on. Valerie opened her eyes mid orgasm, squealing, and saw that her fuck toy was once again at attention, oozing pre cum just as it had before. “Ohhh shiiiiit look at that!”, she wailed shakily, her hips and thighs quivering involuntarily, still in the throes of her orgasm. Then,from that perfect sixty nine angle, she slid her mouth over his cock again and swallowed the entire thing in one fluid motion. Her nose was buried in his ball sack, and she happily stayed like that, with a huge pole completely down her throat while she blissfully finished cumming on the long fuck lapper that was still stroking in and out of her steaming hole. Finally satiated, and in need of a breath of air, she drew the leaking slab of prick meat from her throat. Gasping and sputtering, her eyes narrowed with pure sexual lust, she lifted her ass from his face, his tongue still fluttering, not wanting to abandon it’s tight, cozy nest.“Now it’s time for you to fuck me”, Valerie hissed, still feeling the after effects of her wild orgasm. She spun around as if getting a cock inside her pussy was urgent… and it was. Straddling his loins with her knees on either side of his flanks, she wrapped her hand around his slimy prick and deftly guided it to the entrance of her soaking fuck hole. She made quick work of sliding down his prick stalk all the way to the end, His bulbous head nudging the far end of her sex canal.“Ahhhhh”, she sighed aloud, as if the huge meat entering her was squeezing the breath out of her to make room to accommodate it’s girth and length. “Yeah…. ummmmm. Fuck my tight little pussy, baby! Fuck me with that big fucking cock. I need to get fucked so bad!” Her temporarily dormant vagina was feeling stuffed like never before, and the stretching feeling was a welcome sensation, as if it were yawning, at the start of a busy day. She held him deep inside and squeezed and expanded all around the fresh new intruder, enjoying the thickness and length.She then began slowly sliding his full length in and out of her pink cunt, her hips undulating to seek the best penetration angle, which she found easily. She fell into a steady rhythm, and the horny young stud grabbed her ass cheeks and began humping up into her in the same smooth rhythmic fuck, matching her down stroke with his up stroke.“Gawd, that fat cock of your feels so good”, she sighed. The expanded cock head and sinewy, heavily veined was working like a natural french tickler, and rubbed along her G-spot with steady friction, augmenting her excitement and causing her to feel an imminent orgasm coming on whether or not she was ready.“Uunnhhh, uunnhhh, uunnhhh’, she cried with each stroke. “You’re gonna…make…me …cummm! Oh my gawd I’m gonna cummm! UwwaaAAAAHhh!!!”, she cried, her gripping fuck hole spasming around the hissing fucker that was attacking her feminine little cunt slot as it melted into the most delicious orgasm.“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she screamed, her fists gripping his young, muscular chest. She stroked and stroked for several moments until her cumming came to a shuddering, toe curling end. Steven was so enthralled in her pleasure that he had no thought of cumming himself. He was amazed at the pleasure he was giving her,and he wanted more. He found himself feeling things he’d never felt before.Taking control now, he gripped her around her narrow waist and flipped her off of him and spun her around easily and flopped her down on her back, cradling her in his arms. Valerie found it thrilling to be man handled like this, feeling like a vulnerable, willing female, and it took her breath away. He grunted like a cave man as he spread her legs wide apart and stuck his rampaging prick into her again.Resting his left elbow on the bed and his right arm still around her waist, he moved his hand down to the base of her back and pulled her into his cock with deep, lustful strokes, staring intensely into her eyes.“I love fucking you”, he grunted between breaths. “Do you like the way I fuck you?”“Oh my heavens yes!”, she said breathlessly. “You’re a fucking natural.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in to her for a very deep french kiss. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and mingled with his. Panting through her nostrils, the combination of his thrusting prick and the passion in his kiss was making her cum again. Her breath came in short gasps as she kept her mouth pressed against his, and she moaned into his throat as she melted into another climax.“Don’t stop fucking me. Keep fucking me, you goddamn bastard”, she hissed into his open mouth. “Unhhhh…”. Her moan was cut short as he slid his long tongue down her throat momentarily.“”Uhhhh…that fucking tongue of yours, she cried still muffled by his mouth. “Ummfff, I love your fucking tongue uggghh…as he strangled her with it once again, giving new life to her orgasm. Wave after wave of overdue sexual release was shaking her entire body to the core., and their mixture of sex juices leaked form around their union and flowed down across her ass hole.The wild young stallion was in a fucking frenzy now, and had no intention of stopping yet. He was in a groove, and knew from watching her husband fuck her, that she was very multi orgasmic and could cum six or eight times from non stop fucking, and that is exactly what he wanted her to do. Still in a state of awe at finally getting to fuck such a hot piece of ass as Valerie, he kept up his steady fucking pace, and induced wave after wave of ecstatic orgasms from his willing subject. She was a very vocal cummer and found it amusing that during her cimax she would call him all sorts of filthy names. It only spurred him on.Finally, after more orgasms than she was able to keep track of, the exhausted little cum slut’s body relaxed, and he slowed his pace to a nice slow fuck.“Wow! Those were such intense orgasms! I guess it’s been too long a wait for me, too. Your cock made me cum so good!” She tilted her smiling face at him and inquired, “You wanna cum inside my pussy, baby?”“Yeah…I’d love to cum inside you. You want me to keep fucking you like this?”“Wait a second”, she said, reaching above her head for a pillow. “Put this under my ass. It will let you in a little better. A better angle for fucking, okay?” “Alright”, he breathed, lifting her up from behind her knees, she slid the pillow under her ass and settled back down on it, his rock hard cock still engaged in her pussy.“Yeah, this is better, isn’t it?”, she said, looking up at him, resting her hands on his forearms. “You can fuck me real good like this.”“Yeah, this is better. Thanks. I like it.”Valerie thought she was through cumming for now, but this new angle definitely put a new kind of pressure on her aching G-spot, and being more immobilized like this, she felt even more at his mercy. He held himself up with his arms outstretched, and fucked her yielding pussy with deep, long strokes. She once again began to pant, signaling the onset of another orgasm, and he watched her face, once again fascinated at what he was causing in her.“Look at me while you’re cumming”, he panted.She fluttered her eyes open just as her orgasm was beginning to take her over, and the look on her face…in her eyes…was something that he’d never experienced before, and it pulled him to the brink of his own orgasm. Wordlessly, they looked expressively at each other, each being enthralled. He pulled himself up into the push up position and began plowing with long, powerful strokes into her smoldering hot cunt as her orgasm intensified, and she accepted the deep fucking wholeheartedly, her breath coming in short staccato pants. Still looking at his face, she saw his orgasm approach with a whole new appreciation. Up to this point, her face had been occupied in a different area.“You gonna come, baby? You gonna cream off inside my little pussy? I want you to shoot your hot load in me, you fucking son of a bitch, you bastard!”There was no need to reply. His expression changed into a mask of ecstasy, and his whole body stiffened, his prick buried to the hilt deep inside her hot, gripping, pulsating cunt. She felt his red hot jizz begin shooting with strong, flowing spurts out of his spasming, ballooning prick head straight into her womb. She continued witnessing the look of ecstatic release on his face as his intense first fucking cum inside a woman was occurring, and she felt amazed and honored that she was his very first. His climax ended with a shudder, with him slowly collapsing on her, only half conscious. She cradled him, her legs wrapped around him and his torso in her arms. Sighing, she was glowing in her satisfaction, bathed in her radiance.Turning her gaze toward her newly cuckolded husband, she wondered what he was thinking. He looked completely turned on, slowly stroking and squeezing his engorged hard on as he looked at the spent couple. A mask of lewd a****l lust replaced his normally easy going demeanor.Rolling the limp body of her young lover off of her, he semi-consciously collapsed onto the bed. Swinging herself to the edge of the bed, she placed one leg on the floor while the other bent knee was on the edge of the mattress. Bending over from the waist, she twisted her torso around and so she could see her husband’s reaction as she showed her gaping, stretched out cunt to him. Steven’s thick load oozed from her slimy fuck hole, stringing down onto the floor, and running down the smooth insides of her thigh.Mike rose from his lounged position on the easy chair and walked over to her, kneeling down to get a closer inspection.“Whaddya think, baby?”, Valerie inquired tentatively.“I think”, rising to his feet and grabbing his iron hard prick, “I’ve never been turned on like this in my life!”Aiming his booming cock at her pussy, he placed the head inside the opening and stirred it around for a moment, then suddenly buried it balls deep inside her in one fluid thrust of his pelvis, causing her to gasp.“Wow, babe, your cunt is so hot from being freshly fucked”, he half whispered to her.She was in a perfect position to be fucked this way, her one knee still up on the bed and her shapely ass up in the air. Holding her hips in his hands, his legs slightly bent at the knee, he slowly and deeply plowed his thick, throbbing prick in and out of her steaming snatch with low-slung strokes. Totally enjoying her fresh new fuck, she placed both feet on the floor. Straightening her legs and bringing them together, she stood on her tip-toes and tightened her leg and ass muscles, her delicious round butt cheeks still upturned to accept her husband’s steady prick strokes.She knew Mike was a leg man, and she did this mostly for his benefit. He bent over sideways and enjoyed the view of his wife’s hot legs for a few moments, never missing a beat in his fuck stroking. The sight of her tightened calf and thigh muscles was something that never failed to make his meat twitch, and in his current state of mind, it was driving him wild. Newly inspired by his wife’s sexy leg show, he began pounding his prick into her hungry, open cunt with new enthusiasm. Knocking her forward off balance, she was now laying belly down on the bed, her feet bouncing off the floor as Mike plowed her mercilessly from behind, grunting like an a****l.Feeling helpless and totally at the mercy of her fuck master, she felt like a totally different being was having his way with her. The thought of her loving husband being transformed into this brute made her begin creaming.“Oh my gawd, baby… fuck!… You’re gonna make me… you’re gonna make me cuuummmm!” She wailed in a staccato voice that jumped with each thrust. “Oooohhhhhh… Oohhh shit… I’m… I’m cuuummmiiinng!!”The contractions of her strong, spasming cunt muscles caused a chain reaction, milking his pent up load deep into her womb. His mighty prick began spewing hot cream, bathing her uterus as he held himself buried to the hilt for the first few strong blasts before resuming his long fuck strokes in and out of her helpless pussy.The cumming woman could feel the force of each of his overdue load ropes jetting against the deepest walls of her womb. She couldn’t remember the last time he had cum this hard, but then again, he had never deprived himself for this long of sexual relief. She had made sure of that. Again and again, his mighty prick muscle contractions sent hot streams of man goo into her depths. With her ass high in the air as it was, gravity did not allow the escape of his massive load, and she could feel it beginning to slosh around with each thrust.Finally drained and exhausted, Mike withdrew his still semi-hard cock from his wife’s reddened, well used cunt.“Holy fuck, baby, I don’t think you’ve ever shot a load like that in me before!”, she moaned, rising to her elbows.“I’ve never waited that long to cum!”, he stated breathlessly, rising to his feet. His glistening, half hard-on dripped with oozing fuck juices. Valerie’s eyes opened wide and she rose to a sitting position.“Gimme that”, she demanded. Mike stood before her, hips forward to accommodate her outstretched tongue. She swallowed his entire shaft with one long, smooth deepthroat movement, savoring the delicious batch of male and female cum as she drew her mouth slowly back to the head.“Mmmmm”, she moaned the entire time. “That feels so good in my mouth. So sexy tasting. Your fucking prick gets so warm from being inside me”, she groaned, smacking her lips.Mike smiled his approval and glanced over at Steven who looked on admiringly.Rising on shaking legs, Valerie stretched and took a couple of trembling steps. “I don’t think I’ll be able to walk right for a while”, she laughed, unsteadily making her way to the bathroom to ’empty out’.Mike chuckled as he watched her waddle away. “Damn I love her!”

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