Hotel weekend chapter 2

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Hotel weekend chapter 2Mya and Rudeolph straightened the room, unpacked and went out for a stroll , catching up on the events of the last few years when they were unable to communicate. Mid afternoon they returned to their rooms and dosed in each others arms until around 5pm, when they went down toe the public bar area, Mya just in T shirt and shorts, Rudeolph also wearing casual clothes. The bar area was a smallish room but like the bars of old it was mainly small cubicles designed for 4, they selected a cubicle in the far corner and then got a couple of drinks. The room was empty when they sat down, but it was not long before they heard all hell let loose in another cubicle, a couple where really going at it hammer and tongue, and was getting very heated.The male about 20ish was gettind red in the face and about to burst a bubble, the girl probably about 25, well built and wearing only a blouse and short skirt was sobbing. Mya and Rudeolph stepped in and before they realised it the guy was sat in a cubicle with Mya who was consoling him, Rudeolph had moved next to the girl and she was now sobbing on his shoulder. Without asking or wanting to know the cause, both Mya and Rudeolph had wanted to calm things down for no other reason they wanted a pleasnt evening.The Guy was calming down with his head on Mya’s shoulder when he took a firm hold of her breast , and as she did not react he pushed his luck and his hand was now feeling its way up her inner thigh, he was surprised when her legs opened further to allow him to carry on. At that’s point Mya was trying to unzip his trousers as she felt the manhood straining against the material. It was a matter of time before he had yozgat escort two fingers knuckle deep, and hid thumb caressing Mys’s clit, she in turn had a firm grip on his now free cock and was slowly pulling down so the foreskin became taught and the purple bedsnake peeped out . Her tits were responding to the guys mouth with was now suckling a very large erect nipple and she could feel the pulse of his cock pushing more and more in need of relief. She held his cock rigid after a downward thrust and then the shaking started and she found herself the target for a load of warm goo that splattered across her thighs, As he came the guy pushed his fingers hard into her waiting pussy and she gave them a very good wash as she herself climaxed.Whilst this was going on, something similar occurred in the next cubicle, Rudeolph had been strumming the ribbed area inside the girls cunt but instead of her tits he was kissing her fully on the lips, after she had soaked his fingers she leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth and lashed the tip with her tongue. Cradling his balls she slid her tongue up ad down the length and then surrounding the manhood thrust her mouth deep onto the member, squeezing his balls as she went. She continued to milk him by mouth until she had a mouthful and cream sliding down the chin and dropping onto the exposed tits. After each pair had tidies up it was the opportunity to returnt o the original partners and it seemed the other two had forgotton about the row and embraced each other like long lost friends. After another few drinks May and Rudeolph went to the restaurant and as they passed the cubicle they glanced at the couple, she was yozgat escort bayan now sat astride him facing the table as he was merrily fucking her arse. As her tits swung about under the hammering she was getting, she smiled at Rudeolph and then continued her ride.Dinner was uneventful however they did overhear the old lady on the next table ask the waiter if that lovely cleaner from Peurto Rico was working tonight. He replied that he thought she may be around later.That evening both Mya and Rudeolph were happy to engage in a straightforward missionary activity and after her cunt had been duly filled they fell asleep her holding his flaccid member and he with his hand on her clit.It was about 7.30 am when they awoke to hear a groaning noise from the next room, obviously somebody was really enjoying themselves. Rudeolph went to the adjoining door and fortunately the key was not in the lock. Looking through the keyhole he was amazed to see the cleaner, whom May and he had enjoyed yesterday, being impaled between two 6 foot guys. Even more interesting was the cleaner was impaled between the two guys and her feet had to be about 6 inches off the floor. One up her cunt was thrusting upwards whilst the other up her arse was doing down. It reminded Rudeolph of a fairground ride as they oscillated up and down with her held in the middle. She had her arms around the neck of the guy facing her and the guy behind was holding her very ample tits. Rudeolph signalled Mya to come and look, and as she knelt down Rudeolph was behind her, they had not botered with nightclothes so she had seen his penis react to the sight so was not surprised to feel it probing down her escort yozgat crack. She also felt horny so was not unduly bothered which hole it found as long as her itch was scratched.As Rudeolph pumped her, Mya saw the two guys fill the cleaners holes and it seemed they shot loads into her, once they had finished with her, it was as though she did not exist, they said nothing as she dressed and left. Within a few minutes three was a knock on the door and the cleaner entered. Seeing Mya on her knees and Rudeolph servicing her, the cleaner asked is she could be excused as she had already seen to the old lady and the couple next door, and she really did not feel able to give good service this morning.Mya looked at her and said that immediately that although she understood, she really did want some pussy and the cleaner could simply lie on the bed and Mya would be happy to lick her out. The cleaner was not aware that Mya had just seen her cunt getting filled and that was what she really wanted. Reluctantly, as she did not want to upset her bosses the cleaner undressed and proceeded to lie face up on the bed. All this time Rudeolph was still fucking Mya’s arse but he pulled out to allow her to satisfy her lust of the cleaner. Rudeolph sat and watched an expert lesbian production any west end sex club would have been proud of, The cleaner soon got a second and third wind and was soon thrusting her juicy wet pussy up to meet Mys’s delving tongue. Without realising it the clearner had now turned onto her knees and was sucking Mya’s clit when Rudeolph thrust his cock into her arse and continued pumping her as her had been doing to Mya, He could feel her muscles really sucking his cock and it was not long before her arse was filled once again. Time had passed and the cleaner had been in the room for over half an hour, when she got off the bed covered in anything and everything and she again just dressed and left.To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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