HotWife in Vegas and The Bet

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HotWife in Vegas and The BetAfter a stiff drink in our resort room and some convincing, Ellen finally agreed to remove her panties and go without any undergarments. We headed down to the club with her wearing nothing but a slim fitting, black dress that went to above her knee, her sparkled champagne colored heels, a black lace choker and nothing else. Her 5′ 2 inch 110 lb body looked amazing in the dress, the tight cut accentuating her bubbly ass and the heels highlighting her toned legs. A pair of small but perky tits were barely contained and it showed much more cleavage than she was used to. Her fair skin was striking against the black dress, and the red lipstick blazed on her full lips in the middle of her pretty, heart-shaped face that was framed by her long, auburn hair that fell over her shoulders in loose curls. She looked delicate and innocent, but sexy at the same time. She may have been over 40, but she could easily pass for 10 years younger.”Honey, I’m scared,” she started to worry, “I’m feeling so exposed, and I don’t know if I can do this. Are you sure nothing bad will happen? And you’ll let me stop things if I want to?””Babydoll, I won’t let anything bad happen, and if you want out, just remember the safe word is “eclipse,” and if you use it, we stop and I break things up. It’s a great plan. You’ll get to do as much as you want to and worst case maybe one guy gets a little peak of you. Best case, you get to humiliate a cute guy for your own pleasure” I assured her with a grin. “You only live once, so why not take advantage? C’mon, I’m pretty much guaranteeing you a chance to watch a guy stroke himself for your entertainment, and I know you want to see that. You’ve admitted it””OK” she replied with a nervous smile. “Besides, I doubt anyone will show interest in me anyway.””Hahahaa! Baby, you look so hot, somebody will show interest, it’s just a matter if it’s somebody you’ll want to watch. Trust me, the plan will work.”We headed to the casino bar and we split up as planned, with her seated near the dance floor and me at the bar. I brought her a drink, and she winced as she sipped it, noting that the bar tender made it very strong. This was a good thing, since she was a total lightweight, and also got very wild and uninhibited after just a few drinks. It was a tall table and I can see she was being VERY careful about keeping her legs crossed so she don’t give the place a show. I headed over to the other end of the bar to sip my drink and observe. After just a couple of minutes, the first guy approached her, only to be gently rejected. “I guess he didn’t meet her standards” I mumbled to myself. Then she got up and walk a few steps to the bar to bring some pretzels back to the table. Then two men approached her, both looking to be in their early to mid 30’s. Young, but not too young. One was white, a little bit “plain white guy”, but still good looking and in good shape; about five-ten, slender, but not overly muscled with slightly shaggy brown hair. The other was just a bit shorter and looked to be a slightly darker complexion. He was also fit, but a bit more built and his tan jaw was framed with a neatly trimmed beard. I can tell he’s the one Ellen had the most interest in; the first guy got a quick check out, the tan one kept her attention. It was amusing, because he probably could have passed for my younger brother. At least her tastes were consistent.The tanned one must have sensed her attraction, and he spoke first. “Is it OK if we buy you a drink? It looks like you’re almost empty.” She noticed a very slight hint of Italian in his voice.She mustered up her courage “We?” she responded with a slight giggle, “Is it a team effort to impress me?”The other one replied “Sort of. We figure if all else fails we’ll play good cop, bad cop and you’ll like at least one of us.” Ellen smiled back authentically and they were both sold on her as soon as they saw it.”Well, I guess the only thing better than a cute guy offering me a drink is two cute guys.””Great!” He replies “I’m Greg and this is Mario. What are you drinking? Is that a margarita?””It is” she confirmed, “but I have to tell you, I’m married and my husband will be along any minute.” You can see the disappointment wash over their faces.Before they could protest you continue “BUT…We’re here in Vegas for a reason. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.””Oh really?” Mario replied “and what are you planning on happening in Vegas?””That depends” she told him “Maybe nothing…or maybe a whole lot. You still wanna buy me a drink, gentlemen?”They glanced at each other and grinned. “I’ll go get that drink, I guess” Greg announced withe a shrug “Dude, stand guard. We don’t want this one to getaway or let somebody steal her away.”No way she’s getting out of my sight. What’s your name, lovely lady?””Ellen” she replied. Just then she remembered that she was supposed to give a fake name, but after the stiff drink, she didn’t really care anymore.”Of course” she answered, as he pulled a chair up right next to you.Mario leaned in close to speak into her ear, and she noticed he smelled really nice and even had fresh breath. “The husband thing isn’t a surprise, you know” he began, “there’s no way a woman with your pretty face and nice body could be here alone.”Ellen started to answer, and realized the alcohol had hit her a bit because she leaned into him more than she meant to, nearly touching her mouth to his ear and cheek. “How are two handsome guys like you both single?”She realized he was sneaking a peak down the front of her dress as he talked. “Actually, I just ended a long-term relationship, that’s why I came. I’m kind of celebrating a new start, doing something wild, I guess. And Greg is kind of a ladies man. He likes to date, but isn’t really interested in dedicated relationships. We’re on the prowl I guess” he finished with a laugh. “So, what are you and your very lucky husband here for? Why are you here?””Mmm…” Ellen replied “I’ve never been a party girl or very adventurous, and I want to walk on the wild side for a change” she said while raising her eyebrows. That elicited a big grin. “my husband always says he would do anything for my pleasure, so we’ll see if he means it, because you’re both cute” With that, she blushed a bit, not believing she was telling a stranger this.”What’s this about pleasure?” Greg asked as he returned with the drink, a smile across his face. Ellen realized he was actually cuter than he had seemed at first.”The hoping to be “hotwife” was just saying she basically has a hall pass…and we’re both cute.””No shit?” Greg sputters. “Sexy thing like you, with a hall pass? This is gonna be a great trip after all!””Slow down there, bro.” I interrupted, walking up after her drink was provided, just as planned. “nothing in this world is free, especially my darling wife.” I stroked a finger under her chin and give her a wink and smile. She looked so pretty, it was no wonder it didn’t take long to find ourselves a player…well, two players…for our game.I could see their sudden apprehension as I continued “Easy guys. I told her she could have her fun tonight, and I’m going to let her, but we have some conditions I guess you’d say.” We quickly introduce ourselves and shook hands.With a confused look Mario asked “Do “conditions” mean we will be paying money for her? I mean, she’s worth it of course, but that’s not really what we…””No, dude. No money, this is all for fun.””I’m not a prostitute!” she defended yourself. The anger was only semi-sincere.Mario looked to her with alarm “no, no, no that’s not what I meant. I’m just confused.” He looked to her almost pleading to her with his big brown eyes “PLEASE tell me I didn’t just blow this whole thing.She found him so cute, the fact was nothing he could do would ruin it, but she strung him along a bit “Well, we’ll see.””OK guys, before I lay out the rules, and we decide if there’s a winner…or no winner…or you both win (that draws a smiles from both of them), tell us…what do you like about her? Are you both REALLY into her?”Greg began “oh yeah, I don’t know about him but she’s awesome. She has beautiful face and judging from how that dress fits, a nice body. Her smile could light up the strip.””Same here” Mario continued, “Not only does she have beautiful eyes and a dynamite smile, when she got up I was blown away by that JLo class botty. I can only imagine how glorious she looks out of that dress. Hey, are you sure this is OK?””Well,” I answered, “we haven’t agreed on bahis siteleri canlı anything yet, but to me, she is the sexiest woman I have ever known and in a way I feel guilty keeping her to myself, and she deserves the chance to experience whatever lusty desires she has. She’s like my own little pornstar, and she deserves to show herself off and enjoy somebody new. I want her to be pleasured however she desires.”Greg answered “Well, I don’t know about him, but your gorgeous, and I would love to be part of your wild side trip to Vegas.””Damn straight” Mario chimed in. “So pretty lady…what’s your answer?””Yeah” I continued, “are these guys worth it?”Ellen sized them up. Realizing they are both looking her up and down and almost drooling. She also noticed Mario had quite a bulge already building in his jeans. She was loving the feeling of power she had.”Yes, Honey. I like them both. I think you should give them the challenge.””Challenge?” they questioned in perfect harmony.”Yeah guys…a bit of a wager. If you really want her, then you’ll take a bit of a risk. Right?”They exchanged a glance and nodded in unison. “Fair enough, let’s hear the challenge.””You sure baby? ” I asked a last time”Yes.” She replied. I was a little caught off guard by how sure she sounded. “OK, then. Here it goes. First off, I’m in the room with her the WHOLE time. No matter what, and I’m free to do whatever. Rest assured, I’m straight as an arrow and you guys are nothing more than props in the show for me. She’s the one who gives a shit about you, OK?”Greg seemed unfazed and nodded. Mario, paused and responds “That’s fine, I wouldn’t leave her alone either. No problem.””OK, here it is. She enjoys the idea seeing guys masturbate, but I’m the only one she’s seen.” “It’s true, he’s the only man I’ve been with.” This seemed to thrill them even more.”But I’m guessing you guys want more than to just jerkoff in front off her, right.”Mario replied first “Definitely. The more I look at her, the more I want see her in nothing but those sexy high heels and I want to get my hands on that ass, in a big way””Me too” Greg said with conviction “I want as much as I can get from her.””OK well are you willing to make a wager?” I offered as they both nodded excitedly.”Her are the terms; she brought 2 pairs of underwear to Vegas to wear under that dress. A red G string, and black G string. You each get a guess as to what she has on under that dress. We’ll go to the room and see if either or both of you right. If you both win, she’ll strip down and masturbate for you. If you’re both there at the same time, she’ll cum twice, or she’ll cum once for each of you in private. If either or both of you lose, you have to jerk yourself of for her until you cum. If only one of you wins, then the loser has to cum for her and then leave the room while the winner watches her cum. If you both lose, she wants you both to cum for her in the same room. Before we reveal the answer, I’m going to lock your phones and wallets in our safe as collateral to make sure you live up to your end. Oh, I’m free to take pictures and video of her. So if you guys happen into the shot, that’s a risk you take.Mario hesitates a bit “that’s risky.””I’m not worth it?” Ellen asked as she rubbed her foot up his leg and touched him mid-thigh. As soon as she touched him, he moaned a bit.She continued “I’ll tell you what, if one of you wins I’ll stroke the winner. If you both win, I’ll flip a coin and I’ll stroke the winner. Is that OK, honey?””I told you baby…anything you want. Your pleasure will make me happy” as I reinforced the claim with a kiss.”That’s’ a deal” Greg proclaimed.”Hell yeah…it’s worth it to hopefully feel her hand on my dick.”After exchanging handshakes, they handed me their wallets and phones. “OK, you only get one answer each – what is underneath the dress.Greg picked first “I say the black G string”Mario picked next “red G String.”We smiled at one another. My heart was racing and I could see her nipples starting to harden under your dress.”To the room, and we’ll settle up.”A quick elevator ride upstairs was spiced up be Ellen slinking along to the music the whole ride. Watching her move her hips was poetry in motion. We entered the room and I pointed to one of the King sized beds. “Sit and lets settle up” I instructed as I locked the items in the safe.Mario nervously spoke “OK, moment of truth. Is it the red or black?””You both lose” I told them barely containing laughter. They look stunned.”I’m not wearing underwear at all.” Ellen informed them, and their jaws hit the ground.”Oh, bullshit!” Greg proclaimed, You’re k**ding me! Bullshit!” He almost jumped when she grabbed his hand. Then his eyes bulged out when he realized she was guiding it up her dress. Now MY jaw almost hit the ground. She let his fingers brush ever so slightly against her completely shaved lips as she trembled and noticed the bulge in his pants. Ellen removed his hand and stood up in front of Mario, then took his right hand and moved it across her bare ass and up to her hip, proving there was no fabric. His bulge looked huge. His eyes bugged out when she gently squeezed it and told him “take it out for me. Don’t be sore losers.” She leaned in and whispered to him “I promise, you’ll be happy you did.””OK,” Greg answered defiantly while opening the fly of his black slacks, “Is this what you want to see?” He pulled out his cock, which Ellen could see was already getting hard before he even began to stroke himself. His cock was about the same size as mine, but circumcised. She also realize that it was the first cock she’d ever seen in person besides mine, and without realizing what she was doing, she ran her tongue over her lips, nearly drooling. Greg leaned back on the bed, but his gaze was piercing right through Ellen’s eyes. She was so engrossed she almost jumped out of her skin when I pressed up against you from behind, grabbing her hips to press her ass against me. I was starting to think she was not going to just watch.On the other bed, Mario glanced at his friend and shook his head “un-fucking-believable. I can’t believe this shit.” Ellen suddenly reached over, undo the top button on his jeans and pulled the button fly wide open with one strong tug. All three of us are stunned, as she ordered him “No show me your cock. I want to see you get nice and hard, just like he is.” As she said that, she actually squeezed the top of Greg’s bare thigh not far from where his hand was working the shaft of his cock and he grunted approvingly, picking up his pace. With the other hand she squeezed her own breast. That last bit gave Mario the courage to proceed, and he pulled it out. He wasn’t circumcised either, and he was also bigger. He quickly got himself hard and Ellen could tell he was at least an inch or two longer than Greg and thicker.Seeing her so into them had me just as hard as they were, and I was persistently grinding on her from behind and began pawing over her body. “Calm down, honey,” she protested, “I want to enjoy them, If you’re that worked up, sit in the chair over there and stroke yourself too, so I can watch all 3 of you cum.” She give me a deep kiss and squeezed my cock for encouragement and whispered “besides, I think I’m going to help our new friends out and I KNOW you want a good view of that.”My heart started to race faster as I nearly fell over trying to get to the chair. Immediately I had my cock in my left hand and the camera in my right.Ellen walked over to Greg and told him “stop for a second and take off all your clothes. I want you to be totally naked.””Why should I?” he protested.She reach into her dress to caress her breasts, nearly pulling it out completely “please, it will make me happy if you do.”His eyes bugged out and he tore his clothes off before laying back down and getting back to work. Ellen noticed Mario taking his clothes off as well.”Good boy, Mario. You deserve a reward for not needing to be told.” With that, she gently cupped his balls.”OH FUUUUCK!” he moaned, as she noticed his cock looked hard as steel. “Oh come’on!” Greg complained, nearly in tears it seemed.”Don’t worry, I’ll get to you, I promise,” she respond, as she began to take over stroking Mario’s cock. Her small hands looked even tinier on his engorged cock, almost like she was stroking a tall beer can. He was so big she almost didn’t know what to do with him. I kept taking pictures of it all.”You like that baby?” she asked with a wicked grin, “Huh, you sick bastard?” and I nodded casino oyna nervously. “then you’re gonna love this”Without taking her eyes off me, she bent over and took the head of Mario’s huge cock in her pretty, full lips and ran your tongue over it. He let out a long groan and grabbed at her ass, not only getting an handful of your dress, but some of her bare skin as well.I weakly smiled as my wife worked on the tip of a strangers dick with her mouth while stroking his shaft. He’s was too big for her to get more than the tip in her mouth, but he didn’t seem to care. All the while Greg could now see up the back of her dress, as she bent over his friend who was also massaging her ass and hiking the dress up bit by bit. I could tell she was lifting her rear up even higher than she needed to. She wanted him to see everything, and he was loving every second of it. Since he didn’t seem to take the hint, she spread your legs apart, a much more obvious invitation. He still didn’t get it, so she pulled the dress WAY up over her hips and spread herself.”Dude,” I managed to sputter to Greg, “if you don’t get off your ass and starting eating her, you can leave and I’ll do it.”He looked at her from behind, and nearly stuttered as he said “Yeah? Is that OK?” She take Mario’s cock out of her mouth long enough to answer “Yes, and you better lick me REAL good!”Quickly Greg was on his knees behind Ellen, and gently placed a hand on each thigh, and slowly ran his tongue along her pussy lips, applying just enough pressure for her juices to REALLY start flowing. He was lapping her up so good that she had a hard time concentrating on the cock in her mouth. She gently moaned in pleasure, and the vibration in her mouth must have felt good, because somehow Mario seemed to get even harder. I struggled to get good pictures and stroke myself at the same time because I was shaking with adrenaline, watching my beautiful, loving princess of a wife let loose the inner slut that had always been a secret to me. She looked so amazing bent over Mario, working on his cock while Greg gently pushed his tongue between her pussy lips from behind.”Damn, she tastes so fucking good!” her new lover proclaimed. She was so wet that the light glistened off her smooth pussy lips as he took another taste. “Dude, switch. I want her to suck on me, and you have to taste this pussy.” Greg basically picked Ellen up and placed her on her back on the other bed in the room as Mario’s cock slipped out of her grip. Then he knelt over her and positioned his dick right in her face. Since it wasn’t quite as thick, she could take more of it in her mouth. Greg began to gently pump his hips, slowly fucking her face. She stared up at his face, thinking how she didn’t even know him, but still had her mouth stuffed with him. He looked down at her, stroked your face and hair and smiled, “You’re so pretty, I almost feel guilty about what we’re doing to you…almost.” Ellen’s train of though was broken a bit as she felt Mario spread her thighs and lowered his face into her pussy for his first taste of her. He was much more firm with his tongue, and he penetrated her with it. He reached up and pinched her thick, erect erect nipples, causing her to buck her hips up into his face. While he probed your pussy with his tongue, she could feel one finger begin to wander to her asshole. She immediately thought “no,” but she couldn’t help but relax as he massaged her tight asshole with his finger. So much of her juices had dripped down to her ass that it was naturally lubed and the finger pushed in with surprisingly little effort. “Look at you” I teased. “You don’t even know these guys and you’re sucking one of them off and the other is fingering your ass while he licks you clean. Look at me!” I demanded. Ellen look over with pure pleasure in her eyes…she didn’t stop working on Greg’s cock with her mouth when she did. “I think these guys want to fuck you. Right guys?” They both eagerly agreed “yeah.” She hesitantly nodded her head. “Don’t play that meek shit with me, Honey.” I told her, ‘I’m your husband. Look me in my eyes and TELL ME what you want. I want to hear you say it.” Ellen moved Greg’s cock out of her mouth and glared at me more passionately and fiercely spat out “I want you to sit there and watch these guys fuck me good and after I get every drop of their cum, you’re gonna get down on your hands and knees, kiss my toes and BEG me to let you have their seconds, you motherfucker.”She suddenly took control “Greg, lie down on the other bed. You’re the lucky one who gets to go first.” He nearly jumped off of her and moved to the other bed flat on his back, still stroking his dick. His eyes bugged out in anticipation. She pointed to Mario and ordered him, “Come over here too, so I can reach you. I promise going second won’t be a bad thing.” He answered “Anything you say.” She quickly slipped the dress off, and my wife stood there in just a pair of heels and a choker, surrounded by 3 men dying to have at her body.Ellen straddled Greg and grabbed his erection and began rubbing it on her swollen pussy. He moaned in a combination of pleasure and suffering. “God. PLEASE put me inside you!” As my wife gently began to push him inside her, she stared me in the eye. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her passionately. I felt her tense up as he penetrated her, and then felt her relax, and I knew she had another man inside her for the first time. “I love you baby” I whispered gently. “I love you to, thank you for letting me have this, I feel so hot and sexy and it’s sooo fun.” I smiled and offered “Anytime you want. Now enjoy your new boy toys.” With that she smiled and focused back on Greg, who was enjoying being in her tight warm pussy.Ellen begin working her hips, grinding away on his cock as he massaged her ass and hips. Mario stroked himself with one hand and rubbed her left tit with the other, gently pinching the nipple. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and her pussy was soaking wet as she slid herself up and down Greg’s rigid dick.”Fuck! You’re so fucking tight! It’s like a fist squeezing me…what the fuck?””You like it, huh?” she asked playfully, “Have you had anyone tighter?” she asked as she gave him a couple of extra hard thrusts of her hips.”No, never” he weakly responded, almost whimpering from the pounding she was giving him. “you’re fucking amazing!”She reach over to Mario and gave his balls a gentle squeeze, which drew an approving grunt. She noticed his cock looked HUGE. It seemed even bigger than before. She gently slipped her fingers over it and told him “You might be too big for my pussy, but I’ll still suck you, OK?”He was not happy at that “BULLSHIT! I want what he gets!” He plead to me “C’mon man! That’s not fair!””I promise I’ll suck you” she responded “I’ll swallow every drop. Greg is almost hurting me and you’re even bigger.” She turned to me and pleaded “I just can’t, honey.” I felt like the judge hotwife court.”You can take him baby. You’ll loosen up after a bit. It will only hurt to start.””I want to, but I just don’t know if I can.”Mario assured you “I promise I’ll be as gentle as possible.””Well, OK I guess,” she replied.She turned her attention back to Greg again, who was eagerly bucking his hips up to make sure she kept on working him. “Is it OK if I touch my pussy to make myself cum? You have to promise you won’t cum inside me.”He nodded his approval and she leaned back a bit to start working her fingers over her pussy feverishly. On queue, Mario and I both attached a mouth to a nipple and start licking and pinching while Greg rubbed her ass cheeks, reach past her asshole to touch the bundle of nerves between her ass and pussy. Ellen had never felt more stimulated in her life, having three men covering her with sex crazed passion. She sped up her hips and fingers and let out a moan so loud it’s almost startled us. The orgasm hit her like a truck and she almost felt faint form its power. Ellen convulsed for a few moments as it finished rolling through her and then she fell forward onto Greg, struggling to get her breath. As she did, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed their faces together, pressing his lips to hers and probing her tongue with his. It felt totally intimate to Ellen, even though another man and her husband were touching her while it happened.”It felt so good cumming on your cock. It was the best orgasm ever.” She gently told him. She felt a pang of guilt, since I was there too.I assured her “I’m so happy for you canlı casino siteleri baby. God, I enjoyed seeing you pleasured like that. Greg, give Mario his turn…maybe a spit roast?” They both nodded with smiles, but Ellen look puzzled. I explained “Baby, you get on all fours, Mario will fuck you doggy and Greg will kneel in front of you so you can suck him at the same time. And if it works right, just as Mario pulls out to cum on your ass, Greg will give you…a mouthful.””Honey, I’m starting to feel…dirty. Like just nasty,” she halfheartedly protested with a grin, as the 3 of them got in position.”It feels good right?” I asked. She nodded. “Of course it does.””Then just go with it. Enjoy the pleasure. I sure am enjoying the view, and I’m going to enjoy having you after,” and then I give you a kiss to reassure you “I love you, and I love what you’re doing.”She smiled “I love you too. Thank you.”While Greg kept himself hard, Mario moved into position behind her. She pushed your ass up into the air, opening herself as wide as she could. Greg had his cock right in her face, but at the moment her full attention was on Mario’s big and thick cock that he was about to try and squeeze into her somehow. She could feel the swollen head of his member rubbing her wet lips.”Yeah baby, her it comes” he told her as he began pushing the head between her lips. He stretched her more than she’d ever felt.”Oh god, please…go slow…fuck,” she plead. Greg comforted her while his friend broke her in, “Shhh…it’s OK” he told her while gently touching your cheek, “He’s almost in there.” At that moment, Mario shoved himself all the way from just the tip to full length. “OH FUCK!” she grunted as she dug her nails into Greg’s thighs and buried her face in his crotch, trying to accept the pain. Ellen had never felt so full. “Don’t move yet! Please!””Yeah baby” Mario offered, “just relax and get used to it before I start working you. Damn, bro, you’re right. She’s so tight I’m not sure I’ll be able to move anyway!” Even though he wasn’t pumping her yet, Ellen could swear he was flexing his cock somehow, making it pulsate in her stretched pussy. She finally noticed her face was pressed up against Greg’s cock and balls. She could smell herself on the shaft of his cock as she put it in her mouth. We both realized that she actually had 2 cocks in you at once, and that idea was driving us both of us wild. I took a couple of more pictures and a few moments of video, capturing her in all her slutty, sexy, gorgeous glory. Then I focused on enjoying the show and stroking my cock, which was so hard it hurt.Greg caressed her face gently with his hands while she began to work his dick with her lips and tongue. She loved the taste of him so much, she’ was sucking him harder than she ever sucked me. I felt jealous, but at the same time I loved watching her pure lust for his cock. Her pussy loosened up enough so that Mario could comfortably start stroking away at her pussy. She was so wet, juices dripped from her onto the bed. Mario started to pick up his pace and lengthen his strokes. He pulled most of himself out of her, then med forward so that his balls made a loud smacking sound as they slapped against her pussy, which was swollen and glistening wet. She started sucking Greg even harder. I’d never seen her bob her head and suck like that. And the whole time she kept looking from his eyes to mine.She paused briefly to taunt me “you like this, you bastard? You’ve made your wife a whore. Are you happy? Huh? I’m gonna try every cock I can get now, and you can’t stop me!””Good!” I told her as I leaned a little closer “I’ll let 1,000 guys line up and have their way with you. It will just make me enjoy finishing you more.””Well then I still have 998 to go after I finish these two” she replied, and then she go back to sucking Greg, only now she was stroking him at the same time. She stared right into my eyes and I could tell what she was doing; she was trying to make him cum in her mouth. All the while her ass was raised almost impossibly high up so that Mario could drill her as deep as possible. I noticed he was rubbing her ass with a moistened finger. She half heartedly hummed “no” while still sucking Greg.”Go ahead dude, she’s full of shit, she likes it.”She gave me a dirty look briefly before her eyes got wide as Mario’s thumb slipped up inside her ass…and he had big hands. His thumb was like having a small cock up her ass, and he was working it in and out while he fucked her. Her ass loosened up quickly, and she didn’t notice him squirting some anal lube I had conveniently left next to the bed onto her asshole. She noticed when he stopped pumping her pussy and slid out.She felt him pressing his cock head on her now loose and wet asshole. To my surprise and pleasure, she reached back with a hand and helped open herself. His head pushed through her sphincter, and his long cock filled her ass deeper than it’s ever been filled. I was amazed she didn’t stop sucking on Greg the whole time. As Mario started fucking her ass as hard as he was fucking her pussy, she realized both guys are in rhythm with each other.”God baby,” I whimpered, “I love she so much. You are so sexy to me, I’ve never been this turned on in my life.””I love you too,” she respond quickly. “Get ready, it’s going to be your turn in just a minute”And with that she got back to sucking and stroking. The only thing louder than her slurping and Greg’s moaning was the slapping of Mario against her big ass as he neared blowing his load in her. Their moans grew and grew. Mario felt so huge in her ass and he was reaming her so hard Ellen was almost numb. With a sudden shout, he rammed himself even deeper somehow.”UGHHHHHH!!” he groaned, and she feel the load shoot up through her ass, filling her with what seems like a gallon of hot cum.A moment later, Greg held Ellen’s head in both hands gently and spasmed as he shot the first stream down her throat, causing her to gag slightly. She swallowed the first shot, but more kept cumming as he pulled out of her mouth, leaving strings of cum on her tongue, which she was dirty enough to show me by sticking out her tongue. I loved seeing some of his thick white cum in her mouth. She swallowed, and notice she have even more on her tits. Mario pulled his softening cock out of her ass and she turned herself so that her ass was facing me.”OK baby…you were a good boy, and let me enjoy me boy toys. Now here’s your reward. They filled my mouth and ass, come and fill my pussy.”I was on her so fast, I almost knocked her on her face. I thrusted into her and she grunted against how rough it was. I immediately began ramming myself in and out of her as hard as I could while I grabbed two handfuls of her luscious ass.”Fuck yeah! Give it to her!” Mario cheered.Ellen was so wet there was hardly any friction, but I was so ready to cum, I didn’t need much.”Come on baby!” she urged me, “Show me how much you enjoyed watching me get fucked by two strangers! I made myself a whore for you! Now fill my pussy, goddamn you!”With that my pace got even faster, and I moved my left hand from her ass to her tit and squeezed her nipple hard. With my right hand I pulled back on her hair, craning her neck with the choker d****d across it. The sound of my balls hitting her sounded like somebody slapping a side of beef. I had never been so sexually charged in my whole life. Watching my pretty little woman being a wanton whore for two total strangers had made me into an a****l of pure lust, and all I wanted was to let my cock burst deep inside her. The most amazing thing was that even after being reamed by two guys, one of which was larger than me, her amazing little pussy still squeezed me so tight that it almost hurt. So much blood was rushing to my cock, I actually felt light headed.”Are you my wife, or are you a fucking slutty whore?” I asked as the climax grew in my balls.”I’m both! Now show me how much you like being married to a dirty slut!!” was the answer.With one final push I thrust myself as deep into her as I could and yelled. “OOOOOH YEAAAAAHHH!!” as I gushed the hugest load into her I had ever unleashed. It kept going for what seemed like an eternity, pumping more and more into her as she cooed with pleasure. It was sp intense, I felt my teeth throbbing. It finally subsided and I let her go and slid her off of my cock, and she fell limp on the bed.The three of us looked down on Ellen’s petite little body, glistening with sweat and with cum leaking from her pussy and ass. She rolled over and looked up at us quietly spoke “Wow, that was amazing,” she began, running her hands gently over her own curves, “So, maybe we can rest for a few minutes and go for round two?” she playfully asked with a wicked smile.

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