How I Fell In Love Ch. 05

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This is chapter five of How I fell in love. Please read the earlier chapters before reading this.

I am also aware that this one has lot of loop holes that I intend to fix in the next chapter.

All feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you for reading!


I rubbed my eyes lazily as I walked out of the bedroom in need of water to quench my parched throat.

It was Sunday. Lazy Sunday!

As I came to the living room, I saw Aiden was not on the couch. I looked around. He had definitely not fallen on the floor. I looked in the kitchen.

My heart started beating a little louder. Panic rose, my thirst forgotten. I knocked on Mrs. D’s door. When after 5 seconds she didn’t answer, I turned the knob and it opened with no resistance.

The room was empty. And my mind couldn’t keep up with the million questions. Was this all a dream? Was I not in a relationship with my best friend? Was my best friend just a sweet, regular guy and not a sadist? Was my mind playing a big trick, pulling a real number on me?

In my state of sub consciousness, the sound of the latch being undone cut through the idle air. I got my mind back. A sweaty, musky Aiden in nothing more than a over washed tank top and a pair of shorts looked at me, breathing with effort.

“Good Morning.” He said in a rush.

“Where were you?” I asked, my tone reflecting my fears and then some.

“I was sleepless. I went for a jog. What’s wrong?”

He dropped the keys on the bowl besides the small shelf and sauntered towards me. Was he seducing me?

“What’s wrong?” he asked, cupping my face in his hands, forcing me to convey through my eyes everything I was feeling.

I didn’t like being exposed like this. He was the cause of my anxiousness! And for some reason I didn’t want him to know that. My fear was of losing him… he mustn’t know this…

“I just woke up to am empty house. So, I just got scared.” I forced a grin.

“Ok. Well, Mom had to work. Hospitals don’t rest on Sundays. So its just you and I.”

He smiled sweetly and then started stripping.

“And you are joining me in the shower.”

His smug smile was charming but my mind raced. I fought my thoughts and almost lost them as Aiden’s chest was revealed, glistening with sweat. Next was his shorts, which took nothing more than a tug to fall down. He was wearing nothing underneath. Here he was stark naked and me still in my clothes.

He stood unashamed of his body in front of me. Of course, he had no reason not to be comfortable. My best friend naked… shy guy wasn’t he?

“Do you need me to undress you?”

His voice was heavy now, and I pried my eyes away from his cock, which I hadn’t realised I had been staring at.

“No. You can use the shower first. I can make us some coffee and sandwich in the meanwhile.”

The sentence was meant to be assertive. In a dominating tone. A tone of reason. But to my ears, it sounded a weak, very weak negotiation. A losing argument. And if I felt that, there was no reason he wouldn’t feel it too.

“Really?” his sarcastic question was loaded with the dominance my assertion had lacked. And with a short lived look of primal want in his face, I started taking off my clothes.

We were naked in his living room where I had memories of little games we played when we were kids. Oh god! Who would have thought that so many years later, same spot, there would be a completely new game.

“Sore?” he asked as he ran a finger along the length of my arm. My mind raced as I nodded my head in a ‘no.’

“Looks like I have to work harder then.”

He winked!

Holy shit! Aiden had never winked in his entire life! What the fuck! Was everything he did felt sexy or was it just me?

He came close and in anticipation of a kiss, I closed my eyes.

Instead he whispered, “Go to the bathroom. Start the shower. I will join you in a moment.”

Thankful that he had told me to move, I willed myself to not stand still anymore and learned to walk again as I walked naked through the house and did as he asked.

After a minute under the shower alone, I had regained myself fully. I had so many questions and I wanted to talk to Aiden so badly about everything. I also needed time to adjust to the fact that I feared losing Aiden. And yet somehow-

Aiden dropped our clothes in the basket next to the shower. Joining me, unabashedly, he grabbed me by the waist. His grin which seemed to be growing, was getting to me as he asked.

“How are you?”

The tryst of last night, of a shirtless Aiden undressing me, blindfolding me, gagging me, forcing me not to come, came to my mind. I clenched. I also gasped.

“Is there anything you didn’t like?” he asked reading me like a open novel. My face, eyes were no more under my control I guessed.

“Gag!” I said almost breathless, almost fearing that he would gag me right then.

He chuckled.

“I think you loved the gag!” he whispered.

Oh! Did I? Oh no! I did. Somehow the gag had me scared özbek escort and aroused.

“Why were you scared this morning?”

He asked on a little serious note.

“I was just- Um – it was. I just woke up, I don’t know I got scared.”

“Hmm.” He left me to grab the soap from the nearby shelf.

He started soaping his hands and then gently soaped my shoulder. Almost massaging it.

“Amy, what is it that you are not telling me?” he asked as he ventured lower massaging and kneading my breasts as he went lower.

I moaned. Did I want Aiden to know that I had a fear? An insecurity.

“I- I – I have a question.” I got it out somehow.

“Yes.” He asked.

“Why did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Deny me, last night”

“Well, its a dominance thing. I control you. And one of the ways of controlling you is to control your orgasms.”

He looked at me as he massaged my belly.

“Amy, last night what I did, – its- well , normally orgasm denial plays don’t last a night. They go for days, weeks, even months!”

The horror on my face was unmatched. Feeling what I felt last night – I could barely handle it for few hours, how could anyone handle it for days!

“Stop looking so terrified.” He said hardly containing his amusement at my horror.

“So, why did you let me come?” I asked, very serious and curious to know.

“Because I love you.” He said. His smile now faded. He was not touching me anymore. There was atleast a good 1 foot distance between us.

“Do you love me because of what we…” I couldn’t daresay BDSM acts.

“No.” He was now furious. The look on his face was one of disgust. He was angry. I thought he would beat me or something or yell at me. Within a millisecond, he took a deep breath and then said.

“You know what, why don’t you finish up in here and I will take a shower later.”

He calmness shook me more. Had he said the same sentence in an angry, high toned voice, I would have grabbed his arm and stopped him. Made him talk to me and calm him down for real. This fake calmness, the tone of control when obviously he had lost his momentum, had me at a total loss. He took his towel, and walked out of the bathroom.

In all my life I had known Aiden there had only been a handful of times Aiden had got beyond furious. All of those times, it was about his dad leaving him. I had hardly confronted him once on that topic and that set his blood boiling. In an attempt to calm down, he had spent the entire day in our workshop, hopelessly fixing broken machines.

And now for the first time, the topic of our relation had sent him into this state. I replayed the conversation in my mind as drops of water washed me anew. Of course, he had expected I would say the three words back! But I didn’t want to say it if I didn’t mean it. He knew I wouldn’t say it. Then why, why did he get so angry!

Finishing my shower, I dressed in a baggy tee shirt and a pair of shorts that came to my knees. I combed my hair and while doing so I saw Aiden going for a bath. He didn’t look at me. Before I opened my mouth to say anything, he had disappeared.

I took a breath, fixed my hair and went straight to the kitchen. Aiden had not slept, gone for a jog, had a shitty morning with me, a proper breakfast would definitely help.

When I saw that Aiden had already prepared coffee, pancakes and sandwiches, my heart melted. Aiden!

Fifteen minutes later, we were having the most silent meal of our lives. Aiden was the guy who was normally quiet. But so far his quietness had never made me uncomfortable. This was the first time I was sitting in front of him with a constant tingle in my neck begging to make everything alright.

I looked at him. He was wearing a black tee shirt which had a V neck exposing a little of his skin, and below were the cargo pants I had gifted him once. He sat, completely focussed on his plate. He ate bite after bite, without ever looking up. He wasn’t slouching, but definitely sulking a little.

Unable to take the silence anymore I started talking, “Aiden. Stop this!”

My tone was slow, measured but a command no less. He stopped eating and I swallowed.

Slowly, he looked at me. My breathing went up as he continued to stare at me. His eyes were now dark. He was angry and not at all pleased.

With the same exquisite slowness he started eating again, looking down.

After having a breakfast I could never forget, I sat in the living room with my books, while he sat in his room with his books.

We studied for atleast four hours. I revelled. Thankful to God that there was something that gave me an escape from reality. Like I could concentrate on something and get engrossed in it, that I could leave behind everything else.

My concentration on solving a particular problem was broken when Aiden approached me. He had a book on his hand and a pencil in another and he sat cross legged next to me.

Did this mean he had forgotten if not forgiven?

“I am having mecidiyeköy escort trouble with this!” he declared never looking at me.

“Let me see.”

I took the book from his hand, touching him only briefly and started solving the problem he had solved halfway. I finished and the answer was correct. I smiled and looked at him.

He said a bland ‘thank you’ and was about to get up and leave when I did what I should have done when he was leaving me in the shower. I closed my fingers around his arm, tugging it gently.

Our eyes locked. It was a moment of – we have this thing in chemistry, whenever a reaction happens, it goes from high energy state to a low energy state. And in the middle of the process there is this transition- a peak in the energy- a make or break moment. Well, our eye locking was that moment. Anything could happen. I was messing with a guy who had high energy levels. He had not fully subsided from his anger, just recoiled a little.

I wanted to begin with a ‘sorry’ and ‘let it go’, but I saw this quick transformation in his eyes. He was not the sweet guy, who was just a little upset, that had approached me. He was the dark guy, shielding his anger from me and yet showing it at the same time.

“Sir.” I breathed. The word still testing its effects for whom it had been said.

No words could come after that. I had knowingly submitted to the side of me that he called. A little nervous and a little anxious about his response, I held my breath. He didn’t say anything, but only his pupils widened, there was a different spark in his eyes. A little twitch on his lips. A little flex on the muscle of his hand that I was holding. The small movements that would go unnoticed.

“I want to spank you,” he breathed and I let go off mine.

I could not say yes, nor could I say no. My mind was torn. I knew this would be worse.

“I want to hurt you,” he said now straddling me and holding my arms, my wrists.

His lips just crashed on mine. And in a flash, he was biting me rather than kissing. He tugged on my lips and bit both soft and hard. He tested using his teeth, just how much my lips could take. Chewing on me, I pulled out my tongue to graze over his teeth, his lips. To my shock, he bit on it too!

I squealed and cried out and he let me go.

“Amy, I want to do something really bad.” He said as he ran his nose along side mine.

My heart was in my mouth! Bad? How bad? How could he even say this and how could I be so aroused by just a simple admission?

I realised he was asking consent as well as arousing me.

“Safe word is ‘paprika.’ Do you want to play?”

Everything in me screamed! The way he had said that had made me aware that he was talking serious! He meant business. What if I don’t come out of this? Safe word? So far none of our plays had involved a safe word. Just the mention of it was enough to send chills down me, for me to know that what was in store was beyond my imagination.

His fingers forcibly held my cheeks, asking me again, enunciating each word, “do you?”

“Yes sir.” I gushed out in an exhale, as my body turned to gel, no longer mine.

Standing up, he pulled me. We walked into his room and his room was covered with books. Obviously he had tried hard to study and get his frustration out.

“What’s the safe word?” he asked, did he knew I had not paid attention?

“Paprika!” I said almost like a little kid who had miraculously remembered an answer during her exams.

“Good girl.” He breathed as he came close and undid the zipper on my shorts. It fell to my ankles without protest. “Remember that!” he said and he meant it.

He walked to the drawers and I saw him take out something. I would have never guessed in a million years, that he would take out a flogger.

“Scared?” he smirked, enjoying this.

Only then was I aware how erratic my breathing had become, just how big my eyes had popped at the sight of the flogger.

“You have teased me so long with those legs. It’s time they deserved a little something.”

The flogger touched my ankles and then made their way up to my underwear clad pussy. He was only gently touching me with it. My chest rose and fell with each breath, each passing second. I swallowed in anticipation.

The first kiss of the flogger came to my calves. I almost buckled at the sensation but didn’t fall. Another came at the same place. The unpredictability only fuelled the sensation. The flogger then hit my right thigh. Then my left.

He continued hitting me with the flogger, although he was light with it and then hooking the handle of the flogger to my panty, he pulled them down.

“Step out of those.” He commanded and I complied.

Going behind me, he lifted my tee a little bit to expose my butt. The flogger came harsh on it.

“Ow.” I moaned.

“We’ve had enough warm up.” He said breathing on my neck, making it impossible to register what he had said.

A string of hits came along my legs and ass. Relentlessly. I danced everytime azeri escort I heard the crack of the flogger and felt the skin tingle and pinch as I tried hard not to rub on those spots.

“You know you have the nicest legs.” He said as he delivered more and more of the flogger. The sound it made as it cut through the air made me aware of what we were doing.

After what seemed like forever, he stopped. I had not counted how many times he hit me with it, but my legs were taking efforts to stand.

“Want to sit?” he asked and I could figure he was standing next to me, although I couldn’t ask my head to look up.

“Look at me, don’t look down!” he said and kissed my cheek. I looked at him.

For a moment I saw a little fear in his eyes. He was scared?

The moment lasted less than a micro second as he pulled my hair roughly and made me kneel.

Bending down, he lifted my tee and got it out of the way.

“Get my cock out!” he said seductively.

I didn’t waste a second as I undid the zipper on his pants and with a tug, got both his pants and underwear down to his ankles.

Stepping out of them, he grabbed his cock and squeezed it in front of me.

The smallest moan came from his mouth. “What are you waiting for!” he said, in a heavy voice.

I licked the tip.

It had been too long since I last did this. And I remembered I had not done a good job. I kept licking and licked the shaft as I went along.

“Enough of this licking!”

He grabbed my chin with one hand and pinched my nose with the other, forcibly opening my mouth and pushing his cock as far as it would go!

I closed my mouth around him and sucked, careful to keep my teeth away. I started bobbing my head as he now held the back of my head and my nose. It had hardly been a few seconds and I was breathless. I tapped on his thighs and he let me breathe.

Grabbing my head with both hands, he thrusted his hips as I bobbed and we established a rhythm. I wasn’t taking all of his cock, but was atleast sucking with all my might. I used a hand to jerk off the length I couldn’t cover and with my other hand, I snaked around his balls.

As soon as my hands touched his balls, he groaned, thrust his hips further and grew bigger in my mouth!

“Keep sucking me!” he said as he mindlessly enjoyed himself.

I was having a weird sort of power over him. I could feel it.

And just as the little power came my way, he took it.

“Oh!” he groaned and then pushed deeper as he pinched my nose again.

I expected his other hand at the back of my head, but he chocked my throat!

Completely at shock, I sucked deeper instead of letting go.

I moaned in protest, in order to let me breathe but I saw the sadist in glee. He was enjoying my state of helplessness. My breath was in his hands.

Feeling dizzy, I was closing my eyes as he let go and I fell in search of breath. I supported myself on my hands and was just about to resume my kneel as he spanked me.

“Stay on all fours.” He breathed and spanked again.

He had never spanked me this hard!

“Amy! This is called a spanking!” he explained as he delivered another.

I yelped.

“So far I had only patted your bum!” he continued as he gave another hard spank making me cry out.

“But now, I really want to show you what a real spanking is!”

And then came hits after hits on my bum, never on the same place twice and without a rhythm or pattern. Aiden was really strong and was exerting all his power, summoning all his strength on his hands.

I cried out after every spank. He went on and on. I didn’t count. I couldn’t count. My mind was going. I had nothing but sensations on every part of my body and particularly on my bum.

The room echoed with the spanks, my cry, my breathing and his. It was a cacophony that was spinning my mind and taking me places I didn’t know existed.

Once he stopped, my mind was lost. Devoid almost. I felt him lift me and lay me on his bed.

Spreading my numb legs, he exposed me to the cool air.

“Don’t move!”

He said and went to the drawers again as he came back with something that was well concealed in his hands.

He dropped things on my stomach. I looked at them! Small metal pieces… nipple clamps!

I didn’t know I could be further scared, until then! The cool metal laying on my stomach made me clench for some reason. I could see my nipples harden at the thought of them on it! What was happening!

He straddled me and took off his shirt. My eyes were locked on the small objects on my stomach. His hands reached for my nipples and he took them between his thumb and forefinger, pinching once, twice! Making me spasm!

He rolled the nubs between his fingers and I clenched tightly. He leaned and sucked on the right one and I closed my eyes. He bit before he released the nipple and then put a clamp over it making the bite last!

I squirmed beneath him! I was sensation everywhere! I tingled and felt and ache like never before!

He moved to my left nipple, sucking it. I put my hands on his head, wanting him to stay there forever! He chuckled on my breast and then bit once! I cried out and said, “again!”

My word shocked me! And it shocked him too! But he complied. He bit again! I let out the most primal of cried!

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