How I got my Nickname Bull

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How I got my Nickname Bull
My friends call me Bull. Its an odd nickname and this is the story of how an otherwise average guy comes to gain both what became a title and an unusual reputation.

I was born into an average middle class family in the early 1960s. My father passed away from an early heart attack when I was 4 years old. My mother, a saintly woman, did the best she could too raise us on a bank teller’s salary. For the most part my c***dhood was happy and without unusual events except one.

When I was entering puberty my mother sat me down to give me the “bird’s-and-the-bees” talk. It was vague and awkward for both of us and I was already aware of most of the activities that these birds and bees engaged in. I can’t remember what she said to me except one statement she made just before this little talk ended. I didn’t understand it at the time but now it all makes sense.

She said, “Honey you were born with something special. Think of it as a gift from your Daddy, he had the gift too. You have been endowed with something that many will desire. It will give you power and pleasure, just be careful and don’t let it rule your life.”

At the time I no idea what she was talking about and I was so uncomfortable that I said, “OK mom, can I go outside now and play catch?”

I continued to grow up and entered high school. My physical development was about the same as the other boys. I played football and made varsity in my second year. I was about 5’11” tall and weighed 165 lbs. after one of the first early season practices I was talking with some of my team mates about “bulking-up,” putting on size and muscle. We stripped out of our gear and headed for the showers. As we walked naked toward the shower one of my buddies made a comment that brought my attention to my “gift.”

My buddy said, “Man there sure is one area where you don’t need to bulk-up. You have a pair of balls like a championship bull!”

The rest of the guys looked at my genitals and chuckled. I took it good-naturedly and laughed as well. Of course being teens they never let the comment go and the result was I was stuck with the nickname, “Bull.”

That locker room experience also made me aware of the size of my so-called “package.” I began to take furtive glances at other boys and I noticed that I was larger. By my senior year in high school my cock was five inches long flaccid and nine inches erect, with a substantial girth, and my balls were each the size of a large plum. Another “gift” I had was that I came in copious multiple spurts of thick white semen. I often awoke to find my boxers and bed completely soaked from my frequent nocturnal emissions.

I was a somewhat shy k** and even though I dated in high school I never got beyond second base. It was the 70s and I lived in a small midwestern town so the girls didn’t really “put-out.” My sexual awakening did however come in my senior year with my neighbor, Mrs. Bower.

Anita Bower lived across the street and she and her husband were friends of my family. They had always lived across the street and had known my father. Mr. Bower was your typical guy’s guy, offer you a beer, played golf at the club, and drove a caddy. Mrs. Bower was anything but typical. She was in her late forties or very early fifties when we got to know each other well. She was from Belgium and had a very sexy accent. Mrs. Bower had blonde hair that she wore in a shaggy mane with the long bangs that was the style of women of that time. She was not too tall and had large breasts that were made more prominent by the pointy bra and girdle she wore. She had a nice round full ass and very curvy legs. The more I looked at Mrs. Bower the more I realized that her assets far outweighed the majority of those possessed by the girls in school I lusted after. Just thinking about Mrs. Bower gave me an instant hard-on which to my pleasure I would relieve almost every morning in the shower.

The Bower’s did quiet well, and had always had a yard service. But the summer of my senior year they hired me to mow the lawn and do general yard work. Mrs. Bower said this would help me earn money for college. I started as soon as the grass began its annual summer onslaught of growth. Weekly I would walk across the street, let my self into the Bower’s garage, get the mower and start cutting grass. And almost every time I started mowing Mrs. Bower would come out to do some yard illegal bahis siteleri work herself. She was usually dressed in short shorts, a short tennis skirt, or my favorite a pair of short blue jean cutoffs and her bikini top. After I was done mowing she would always invite me up to the patio for a drink. She would always have ice tea and I would always say yes to the beer she would offer me.

As the summer grew hotter, Mrs. Bower grew more tan and sexy, and my lust was almost beyond control. One hot June afternoon Anita, that’s what she had me call her, and I were having our post-mow drink. As usual she was having an ice tea and I was having a beer. Anita had been sun bathing and was wearing a white two-piece swimsuit and platform cork soled sandals. She looked so sexy I could barely keep my eyes off her tanned body. Her skin shimmered with a layer of tanning oil and perspiration, her breasts overflowed the top of her suit, and when she walked into the house to get our drinks I could see the whiteness of her butt cheeks as her suit had hiked up her ass. She walked with a sexy sway and all this visual stimulation made my member quickly rise to attention. When she was in the house I shifted the goods around, as best I could, to make my arousal less obvious.

As we sat on the patio and chatted it was apparently noticeable that my eyes would stray to Mrs. Bowers ample breasts. She seemed to be enjoying the attention and as we chatted she removed an ice cube from her tea. She took the ice cube and slowly started moving it along her neck. Her head back she gave a little moan of pleasure.

“Oh its so hot today Mathew (my given name), your shirt is all sweaty, why don’t you take it off.” She said as she seductively moved the ice cube down her neck to her chest.

I did as she requested and as I sat back bare-chested she took the ice cube and sucked on it, her eyes never leaving mine as she gave a little purr. Then taking the ice cube from her lips, she ran it between her breasts and gave a little giggle.

Standing up she walked over to me. On her platform sandals her crotch was at my eye level. I could see a few blond hairs poking out from her suit and her labia were well outlined by the shear white fabric. At this point with no shirt on I could do nothing to hide the massive swell of my cock in my gym shorts. Anita took the ice cube and began rubbing it slowly over my chest. With a wicked grin she worked the ice cube over my chest and to a nipple. She took the cube and moved it around my nipple in a circular motion, my arousal was unbearable.

She said to me. “You know Mathew I have noticed the way you look at me, and I like it. It makes me feel desired and hot. I think that if you can keep this a secret we could have some fun together. I think we could become very, very good friends.”

With that she dropped the ice cube leaned over and kissed me. As her wet tongue snaked its way into my mouth her hand moved down my chest and squeezed my cock and balls. It took all my concentration not to shoot my load then and there.

Anita whispered her hand still on my package, “I am going to have fun with this, now let’s go inside.”

Anita started walking into the house. As she swayed her ass seductively she look over her shoulder, released the clasp of her top and let it fall to the ground. “Are you coming?” she said.

In somewhat of a hyper sexual stupor I stood up. My erection was now poking out the bottom of my shorts and I followed her into the house. When we were inside she turned. Her hands were cupping her breasts. I vividly remember my first sight of them. They where full, soft pillows of flesh, her deep tan lines made them even more beautiful. Her white un-tanned mounds were capped with large pink areola and erect thimble size nipples. She gently squeezed them together as I stood open-mouthed in lust and admiration.

“You like my boobies?” she said in her sexy accent.

“Ye… ye… yess, ve… very much!” I stuttered.

“Then come and lick them and get my pussy all hot baby.” Anita said with a sexy pout.

I wasted no time and started to lick around her areola as she held them out to me like ripe fruit. Sensing my inexperience she instructed me as to how she liked it. Telling me to lick in a circular motion around the nipple and to then take as much of the breast in my mouth without biting and suck. As I “learned on the job” perabet güvenilir mi her breathing increased and she encouraged me to suck her swollen nipples hard. Anita reached and pushed down my shorts. She took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it.

Upon liberating my hard-on Anita mumble something in astonished German and then said to me, “my, my Mathew but you have such a beautiful cock, its so big and I know you will be fucking me oh so good with it.”

We kissed as my hands explored Mrs. Bowers body and she stroked my cock. She then interrupted our grope and make-out session to lead me into her bedroom. She literally led me by holding onto my cock as I waddle awkwardly down the hall my shorts around my ankles. Once in the bedroom she released my tool and told me to take off all my clothes. Stepping back she seductively turned her back to me and bent over. Her full ass pointing at me she slid her bathing suit down over her ass and down to her ankles. It was a glorious sight, her blond pussy lips peeking out between her cheeks. She then stood up and stepped gracefully out of her bottoms and stood on her platforms legs straight and shoulder width apart.

She shook her mane of hair and said “mmmm my boy you have a great body and your cock and balls are magnificent! Sit on the bed and let Anita give you a nice blow job baby.”

I did as I was told and Anita crawled on all fours toward me. As I sat on the edge of her king size bed my erect cock was pointing up at a 45 degree angle, my big balls pushed up around the base. She took my shaft and began to lick from the base up to the tip. After thoroughly covering the shaft she slowly stroked it up and down as she looked into my eyes with lust. She gave my member a tight squeeze and to her surprise a copious flow of clear pre-cum flowed from the slit. Hungrily she lapped at the pre-cum and took my cock head into her mouth. She loudly sucked and slurped on the head as she stroked my shaft with both hands.

Gently squeezing my balls and rhythmically stroking my shaft she looked at me and said, “your mother told me that you had a ‘gift’ but I never imagined it would be this wonderful! I love your pre-cum baby it’s so good.”

With that she continued to lick the slick fluid from my cock head. She would put the entire mushroom head of my dick into her mouth and give it a “slurpie” sounding suck. She would then pull back and admire it as she gave it several good hard pumps with both hands.

After several minutes af sucking and pumping she said, “Now I want you to cum for Anita. Can you do that for me baby, can you give me a big load in my mouth and on my tits?”

I knodded my head in the affirmative. My heart was racing and I could feel my big balls tightening. Anita increased the pace of her stroking and she had my entire cock head and as much of the shaft as she could handle in her mouth. She was making satisfied humming sounds and her drool and my pre-cum was running down the shaft of my cock.

The sensation was too much and my orgasm let loose with incredible force. Anita gagged as my first large shot of jizz hit the back of her throat. She was a trooper as she continued to stroke my cock and keep her mouth on the head. As a second contraction shoot another wad of cum Anita squeezed my shaft hard and pushed down on the skin of my shaft. She lifted off my cock and a mouthful of cum ran down around my shaft and both her hands that were now squeezing my rod. This second shot hit her in the mouth and face and she squealed in delight. Her mouth returned to my cock head and I could feel her attach with a fierce suction as I shot for the third time. Anita was prepared and she kept her mouth clamped to my cock as the excess cum oozed out from the corners of her mouth.

I collapsed back onto the bed and Anita was between my legs her large tits pressing against the base of my cock and balls. Her mouth was obviously full and she waited a second until she was sure she had my attention and then she swallowed with a big “GULP!” Her face, neck and chest were covered in my cum and she ran her fingers seductively over her body collecting the sperm. She then rubbed it into her breasts and with tremendous sexual prowess licked her fingers clean.

“Oh Mathew, that was incredible. You are a cum machine baby.” She said stroking my semi-erect cock. “I am a cum slut baby, and I am tipobet going to take very good care of this big dick and balls of yours.”

She climbed on top of me. Her breasts pressed against me and she gave me a deep kiss. I could taste my own cum on her lips and tongue and it turned me on. As we kissed I squeezed her ass cheeks and she ground her pubic mound against me. She was on fire and my head was spinning with the events of the past hour and my lust for this mature woman.

“Mmmm baby that feels so good, I want your hands all over me.” Anita said as she rolled over onto her back. Taking my hand she placed it on her blond mound of pubic hair. “This is where I want you to touch me, rub my pussy baby, get me ready for that big fuck stick between your legs.”

As she instructed me, oh yes she was an excellent teacher, I rubbed her labia. She then told me to put two fingers into her pussy. She was very wet and my fingers entered easily. As my hand was slowly fucking her she pulled her labia back to reveal her swollen clit. It was glorious and to this day I have never scene another like it. It was like a very small penis, a firm round nub waiting for attention. It poked out pink and prominent between her full labia.

Anita said. “That’s my clit baby, lick it for me while you finger my pussy.”

Being the good student I did as I was told. She arched her back and moaned in pleasure as I licked and fingered her feminine charms. I found I quiet enjoyed the taste of pussy and all this oral action was bringing my cock back to life.

My boner did not go unnoticed by Mrs. Bower. She lifted my head from her pussy and holding me lovingly by the chin said, “can you do me one more favor baby and fuck me with that huge cock of yours… pretty please for your hot mama.”

No words needed to be exchanged. She straddled me in a squatting position over my now rock-hard erection. She grasped my shaft just below the head and rubbed it back and forth between her labia all the way to her clit. After repeating this motion several times my cock head was wet with her essence and again my pre-cum was flowing liberally.

With a deep moan, Anita began to lower herself onto my cock. She let out a deep moan as my bulbous cock head stretched her vagina. Her eyes closed as she balanced herself with the help of my hands. Slowly she gyrated her hips on my fat cock. Her breath came in short frequent gasps as she began to move in an up and down motion working in more of my thick penis.

Biting her bottom lip she had worked about 6″ of my dick into her pussy and now she let out a moan on every down-stroke of her ass. She had opened her eyes and both her hands were on my chest with her big tits squeezed between her arms. The sight of her, sweat forming on her brow and chest, mouth open, fucking me, was beautiful.

Anita was now sliding back and forth on about 8″ of my cock, increasing her pace when she said in a staccato voice, “oh baby… oh baby….. I love your fucking cock…. You fuck me soooo good… don’t ever stop fucking me!”

She had shifted to her knees and I was licking her breasts as she let a good 10″ of my shaft push into her and then she would pull off almost to the cock head and then thrust down again.

Her tempo was now frantic and she said, “I’m going to cum baby, cum inside me baby….CUM!”

That sent us both over the edge and I blew my load in her pussy. I could feel her vagina contracting around my cock as her abdominal muscles went into spasm. Her mouth was open and she uttered a deep “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” as she quaked in orgasm. My balls were withdrawing into my body as waves of my own orgasm flowed through my throbbing boner. I could feel our combined juices running down my cock and thighs. The sensation was the most intense I had ever experienced.

We stayed frozen in that position for what was at most 60 seconds put seemed like a good half hour. Anita finally opened her eyes and with a big smile on her face started laughing.

“Damn, Mathew that was amazing!” she said. “Now you have me hooked on that big cock of yours, and you will have to come and ‘mow my grass’ at least once a day.”

With my own ear-to-ear grin I said “Mrs. Bower I would be happy to ‘DO’ your lawn whenever you want.”

She rolled off me and my cock slid out of her followed by a stream of cum. Anita took her hand and with her index finger gave her still swollen clit a circular caress. She then brought her finger to her mouth and sucked on it.

We cuddled briefly and I had to get going as my mom would be expecting me for dinner. I continued to expand my sexual horizons with Anita and also a few of her friends… but that’s the next story.

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