how i got my start as a sissy

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how i got my start as a sissy.Growing up was tough . I spent a lot of my younger years trying to figure out if I was normal or not . Had many girl friends but still I had an attraction to cock . This all started at a very early age and abuse continued till upper ages from both sexes . I really started exploring my sexuality after I joined the army and got away from home . There I was used by other army high ranking men who knew what they were looking for . I had a command sgt. major for my first dom who took me out one night , Made me dress for him and then proceeded to **** me . I found that this turned me on deeply and he was so well endowed that his cock literally rocked me to hands free cum an orgasum . Tied up by him it was the first time I ever gave deep throat and it was forced . He pushed his cock balls deep down my throat an face fucked me till he came and when he did he made me roll that load around in my mouth an savior the texture of it an then swallow . Leaving me tied hands behind my back he rolled me over on my belly . shoved pillows under my waist until I was ass up an face down on his floor . This would be another first . He buried his face in my clean ass and sucked my lil hole till he was hard again . I had never felt such pleasure . He sucked my ass . my ball’s an my cock till he was hard again an by now he was telling me how naturally gapped I was from him sucking my lil sissy pussy . This would be yet another first . He shoved his cock balls deep on the first stroke with out regaurd for any pain it may cause but I was so wet from his spit an ass munching I took every inch of his 8 inch cock with out any effort . He began fucking my lil ass pussy till I was so aroused I was cumming yet again with out ever touching my lil sissy clit . He made me do ass to mouth many times over back an forth from my pussy to my mouth an back again . He fucked my pussy till he unloaded his second nut deep . He then made me suck it clean again and left me face down an ass up for about 2o mins before slamming his cock back in again . This went on for the entire day . He made me either swallow his cum or take it in my ass . By the time he was done with me I knew what I wanted . To be his lil cum slut and he made sure to buy sexy out fits for me to wear . I had the wigs and all by the time he was thru with me over the course of 2 years of being his sissy . There were several times where he invited other guys he had met while he was stationed at the amasya escort base . I can not forget the first time he made me pull a gang bang . He had me come over early that Saturday . I got dressed for him like I always do . cleaned out my pussy . put on my most sexy outfit . got my make up done . did my nails . put on my perfume . Something was different though . He pulled out a collar and locked it to my neck . then he locked it to the floor in his living room . Tied my hand behind my back . Blind folded me an said . I don’t know what you think is going to happen today but by the end of the day your gonna have cum just oozing out of your holes my lil cum dumpster . He walked out for a few then when h e returned I could hear the sound of other men . From what I gathered five of them and him . I remember thinking oh shit , whats going on . Suddenly there was a hand on my face an a voice saying whats up fuck face . your gonna be sucking my cock in a few then a light slap and he walked off . Another guy came over and told me I was to drink . He tilted my head up an gave me a few shots of bourbon an coke . This was repeated by all the guys . Soon I was feeling slightly drunk . I thought this was going to be one hella session . I’m gonna get filled up today and there’s nothing I can do . I better do what my daddy tells me an just enjoy it if I can . Soon the blind fold came off and it was time to start . By now the J,D was really making me relax and though there were six of them I was up for the challenge . They proceeded to lick me all over an this was awesome . My pussy and my clitty and my nipples and even kissing me deep . All of me was being touched . No holds bared . My daddy was standing over me saying good girl . Let my men have you the way you let me have you . Soon there was a cock in my mouth , then two . the rotation started and I was blowing them all hard .One guy , the smaller of all the cocks came almost right away . He dumped his load in my mouth an then made me swallow . The other guys asked him what he thought and he replied . It’s on . Lets fuck this lil sissy girl all day and that’s exactly what happened . This event started at 12:00 to 12:30 and went well into the night . They dumped their loads in both my holes on an off all day taking break’s at their discretion . At one point they sat back naked at a table playing cards while it was my job to crawl around on the floor blowing the winner of each game . This went on amasya escort bayan for some time and I was amaesed to see how many times they came while playing cards an for that matter how many times they came all day . Each guy had to put out at least five loads . They did try to feed me but I had a belly full of cum an JD so I didn’t eat much . There was cum constantly dripping out my lil open pussy . The leash made sure I was always close to daddy and he made sure to pump all his cum in my pussy as well . To this day I still have not sucked cock or been fucked so many times nor been filled with so much cum . This was not the only time this happened . There were some times when only a couple of his friends would come by an every time I was filled with cum . forced to deep throat an swallow all of which I was really starting to enjoy . I was a true lil sissy cum slut an loving it . After getting out of the army I found my self looking around but unable to find any guys around that I could hook up with that were like me so I resorted back to women as I still needed sex . I was very femmie though so when I found an adult book store I did the next best thing an bought my first big dildo an used it many times over out in nature along the rivers . I would dress an go to places where I could lay out an catch some sun and fuck my lil pussy till I came and even then I still needed cum in my mouth an pussy an then it happened one day at my favorite play space . I was sunning down in an area of the river out on some rocks in an area where I thought I was alone . A guy , an quite cute at that was ridding some of the rapids and saw me playing with my self as he was passing by on the river . He didn’t say any thing and I never saw him go by . He parked his boat off to the shore and walked back up . He said nothing and by the time he got back up to me I was done fucking my pussy so I was laid out on the rock with my eyes closed sunning again . He stepped up on the rock with me an say’s oh damn … your a she male . . I looked at him quite surprised . he said sorry to bother you but I could not help but see you toying your pussy ….. hum ….. ass as I was passing by in my kayak so I was hoping I could help you out . I’ll be on my way as your provably not into a guy like me . I was still horny and with out though I replied , Would you like a good blow job . He stopped dead in his tracks . I don’t know . Never had a guy ,, a girl .. like you blow escort amasya me . I said try it . You might like it and if you don’t no harm no foul . He pulled out his cock . Average 7-12 thick and I thought I’d better make this worth his while as I really wanted that nut . It was not long before I had him on the brink and he stopped me . Turned out he did not want to cum just yet . He look at my dildo sitting next to me and it made him wonder what els I could do so he asked . Do you take all of that . I responded with a yes an that I was quite clean . I asked if he would like to fuck my lil sissy pussy and again he was not sure but took the chance . I blew him hard again and he slid it in and was surprised that I could take him so easy as well as how nice my lil pussy felt on his cock , he worked it and soon had me whimpering like a lil girl . And he worked it really well . I told him to let me know when he was ready to cum so I could stop an let him calm down so he could take his time . He did just that an truth was I did not want him to stop any time soon . Finally after about an hour he was ready and he came in my pussy hard . His response was exactly what I was looking for . Surprised how much he liked it an being single he asked if I ever go out with guys or go over their homes . I told him I was single and that I was looking for some one who could take care of my needs to which he volunteered quickly . at last I had found a guy who could take care of my sissy side . As things go it was not too much longer after that , That I found my first life style club where I could go to meet people like me and it was a good thing too . Not only were there guy’s who liked me but there were girls who were lesbian who were turned on by me . There were not many girls like me and the ones who were , were very manly looking where as I had a very thin body and femmie look , more like a woman . I also had a nice cock as well and this turned girls on more . A real chick with dick and the only thing I lacked was real tits . Sorry still have not gotten them yet . The illusion was still very real though and I had gotten good at make up an dressing like a girl so femmie looking that you really could not tell except for my throat bulge or the bulge in my pants if you were turning me on or I told you flat out . Suddenly I was a commodity and guys an girls at this club took advantage of me every chance they got some time taking me in the alley behind the place . Over time I became very porn naughty and it’s all these different expirences that have made me the sissy girl I am today . One hell of a porn nasty girl who fucks hard and love good aggressive anal sex an deep throating the biggest cocks I can find .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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