Hummiliation Part #2 – Wetting her pants

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Hummiliation Part #2 – Wetting her pantsIt was the day of the match, I knew the boys are coming over to watch the final – I knew I wanted to make it a special day for myself, the boys and in particularly for my gorgeous slave from opposite my shop. She said herself, that she likes a little humiliation and therefore I was having plans to give her exactly that.At lunch time I texted her: “get a pair of white lycra yoga pants and a short tight fitted top! I meet you at Apt. 47, South Terrace, Dublin 2 – 7.30pm SHARP!Shortly as I send the message I got her short but exact reply: “YES MASTER”I replied that she should take a taxi, only wearing those clothes, white high heels and a Mac as an overcoat!And again I received her reply: “YES MASTER”Shortly thereafter I just saw her walking out of her store, as it looked going for some shopping! I got excited by the thought of what is going to happen later on.The door bell rings, I check my watch and there it is 7.28pm – “good girl” I think and walk over to open the door.As I open I find her staying in the hallway of the apartment complex, her hair tied up, wearing a long black PVC coat and shiny white high heels. Impatiently she tries to gain entrance as I hold her back, … “give me your coat please”. She swallows heavily, looking left and right of the hallway, as she undresses and hands me the coat. Still keeping her outside of the apartment I give her a good look over as she stays in front of me, wearing her white yoga pants and her belly top, waiting impatiently to be let in. “Good” I remark, and close the door, leaving her exposed in the hallway as I go and hang up her coat. 20 seconds later I open the door again, smile and ask her to step inside. She happily follows.I lead her into the kitchen and ask her to knee onto the kitchen floor. She does as I told her too replying “YES Master”. I open the cupboard Escort and get a pint glass, fill it up with water and tell her to drink up! Again she follows and finishes the glass, as soon as she hands it back to me I fill it up again and hand it back to her as she stares at me confused. “Drink up” I demand and she starts putting her glass to her lips. I grab her by her hair and pull it backwards, looking into her eyes, questioning her behavior. “Sorry, YES MASTER” she quickly replies and tries hard to drink the second pint glass. I persist that she finishes the glass and only take it back as she had finished it completely!I then walk up to a ladder and finish to put a hook onto the ceiling right above the television. As soon as I have tidied up everything the door rings again, her face freezes as she stares at me questioning what is going to happen now. I ask her to get up – as she stands in front of me I grab her yoga pants and pull them up hard, to create a very distinctive and visible camel-toe between her legs – then I tell her to open the door! The boys are delighted and smile all over their faces as I have told them that they are going to meet a very obedient good girl tonight. They introduce themselves kissing her on her cheek. I switch on the television and the guys take a seat on the couch. I order her to get some beers from the fridge and make the boys welcome. They smile and are seemingly exited about being served by my personal waitress.I ask her to stay next to the television with her hands behind her back so that the boys can get a good glimpse at the match and the beautiful camel-toe. Their eyes have immediately picked up on it and they thoroughly enjoy the double view.I walk into the bedroom and seconds later I return with a rope. I ask her to stretch out her hands, so that I can tie them up. She seemingly disturbed Escort Bayan looks into my eyes trying to find any answers what is going to happen next but I do not entertain any question from her. I slip the rope through a hook on the ceiling and pull on the robe, stretching her arms high into the air, so that she is fully stretched out in front of us, just enough to stand in her high heels. I step back and eye her up once more, walk over to her and pull again on her yoga pants, bringing again forward a clearly visible camel-toe. The boys cheer and toast to a good match. I sit down open myself a beer and start watching the match, glimpsing at her now and again with a big smile in her face.As we are 20 min into the match she starts suddenly to wriggle uncomfortable in her stretched position. I immediately notice that the 2 drowned pints must work by now and her bladder must be full now, urging her to go to the toilet. She realizes what I have in mind and starts muttering “no way, you are not going to do …” I jump up walk into the bedroom once more and come back with a gag-ball that I place into her mouth! She wrestles a little bit but let’s go as I pinch her nipple hard once. I tie the gag-ball behind her head and sit down again to watch the match. Her movements become more hectic by the minute and as soon as we have reached half time all the boys get up one after another going to the toilet and taking a seat once more again. Just my wiggling slave is holding the pain now that her bladder creates as the urge to release becomes more and more heavy.I place some big towels around the bottom where she stands, making it clear to her what her destiny has in for her right now. As the living room is fully tiled I don’t mind when it gets wet. The boys clearly enjoying a good game and the exciting thought maybe even cruel view to Bayan Escort see her camel-toe turn into a fountain and that right in front of them.She clearly struggles with the pain now, 20 min to the end of the game and her pain threshold seems to be not bearable anymore. Any moment I expect her to give way to her pride and release her water to the enjoyment of us all. The boys are barely watching the game now, their eyes are glued onto her camel-toe and her twisting legs that try to hold extra tight.15min to go and she mutters and fights with the pain as she does not want to piss into her pants in front of my 4 friends.I ask the boys: “who wants to feed her some beer” and everybody stands up immediately free willing to do the task. I undo her gag-ball and allow the guys to feed her some beer from their bottles. She refuses and shakes her head as she twists her body and tries to cross her legs frantically. I pull up her pants again and demand from her to drink every drop she is being offered by our guests. “YES MASTER” she replies and drinks from every bottle she is being offered.I place the gag-ball back into her mouth and we all sit down again in anticipation of the fireworks to start.Barely two minutes later a loud noise erupts from behind the gag-ball as her legs cramped and twisted frantically trying to prevent the unavoidable. All eyes are glued on her to see her facial expression as she overcomes her pride and lets go to be shamed of pissing into her pants in front of 5 guys. The white yoga pants shows bigger wearing water marks till she finally erupts in a gushing flood of water that stains her pants and runs down her legs. Her moans of relief are clearly to be heard and her body relaxes into the robe as she fully lets go of holding back. The flood of water comes crushing down onto the towels, soaking up most of it. I leave her hanging to relax as there are only 2 min left to play. As soon as it is finished I hush out the guys, say my good byes to them and receive their thanks for the excellent entertainment.Then I turn to my humiliated slave and take her from her robe …

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