I Made It Home, Finally

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I Made It Home, FinallyI Made It Home, Finally. By; Cindylynn34 01/07/18Transgender, young/old, Mexican dick, mind control, love, humor.This story may rock you. It may shock you. And if it makes you spew off a nice creamy one, well, that’s just too dammed bad for you!I am from Houston Texas but right now I am standing by my white 2011 mustang, hood up, trying to figure out what’s wrong. Normally I would have used interstate 10 to get back to Houston but hearing of a major wreck on my radio, I used back roads and farm roads, determined to get back home and back to my normal self before my work week starts tomorrow morning. (Monday.)My name is Gary Allen Brandon but Brandi is what you will know me as. Three of my closest girl friends and myself just spent a wonderful weekend together in Lake Charles La. We drank and had many thrills at the casinos. Complementing each other on our looks, outfits, heels, Etc.. Even daring each other to bare more thigh or cleavage, so any male or female could see. I feel so much more myself when there are 3 or 4 of us together. It’s like we really are women. Sexy women! We got asked to dance by men but most times, politely refusing and dancing amongst ourselves. It is very hard turning down the sexier men sometimes. (Sexy men!! EEWWWWwwww. I did not just think that, surely.) I love, have always loved seeing and being around sexy women. NOT men. It’s hard to explain really.I am 31 years of age and most people would agree that I don’t look a day past 31. I am five foot five and stay around 125 pounds. My hair is wavy and just a shade or two darker than strawberry blonde, thanks to my shoulder length wig. I have green eyes and freckles. My measurements are 36 27 37 and my expensive boobs make me 36D.I have been known to grab a boob or the ass cheek of one of my girl friends and vise versa, even some lite kissing now and again but nothing beyond that for me. I have been celibate for seven years and actually did not have all that much sex before I quit completely. I do masturbate my little boy penis pretty much daily, sometimes 3 times a day.Sunday morning, back in my hotel bed, having just awoke from a good seven hour sleep, I reminisce about our fun times. How hot we all looked, the smells we gave off to one another, Etc.. I get an over-whelming urge when I gaze over at my average man clothes laying close by my girly garments. I pull my D boobs off, then my nightie and wig, and head to the restroom for a shower and inspection of my dainty body. My whole being is quivering from the unforgivable idea that races in my head. Once I have touched up my legs with a razor, I finish my shower and get to the sink and use a different razor to shave my face and chest area. Once totally done, I stare at those green eyes. Who is this person? You know you aren’t really Brandi. You had your great times with Pam, Wendy and Karla but it’s over now. You will be ruining it if you do what I know you are planning.I give a go to hell look into the mirror… I start applying lotion to my legs and such. Minutes later I start applying new make-up to my horrified self.. “Shut up!” I say, as my body starts seeing things my way. My hips swaying as I leave the mirror and sashay to my wardrobe. It takes me no time to find my mid thigh length, burgundy dress. It plunges in the front, showing lots of cleavage. I do have some natural cleavage and as long as I place my life-like boobies in my dress properly, any man or woman can enjoy mine without spotting my silicone puppies. All seven of my wigs are the same color as the one I just put back on. Some are shorter, and or a different style.Checking out of my room at 1 p m was probably quite amusing to anyone seeing it. For me, it was terribly awkward. This same Pakistani woman that checked me in as a man Friday evening was trying to understand why I was dressed as a girl. She even called out a man, or her husband to look me over, while speaking in Indian. Once I showed my license yet again to him, they gave me my cash deposit.Once behind the wheel and on my way down 10 west I started feeling more normal. More accepting of this stunt. I had good tunes playing, I even went thru Wendy’s drive-thru for a k**dy burger.Not long after passing the state line into Texas I herd of the wreck ahead. I thought of going on to Beaumont and using old highway 90 to get me back but I realized that will be the same route so many others will use because of the same reason. Then I remembered that farm road. I took it to Marriceville, then headed west to Vidor, then up to Silsbee. I chose FM 92 from there. I guess I traveled twenty miles on that road when my ride started surging and acting like the fuel filter needs changing or my fuel canlı bahis pump is on its last leg.Now I get a flash warning: service transmission soon. That scares me plenty so I start slowing down, looking for a wide driveway or anything safe to stop at. After feeling a major thump or clank. My ride starts acting right and I speed up to forty and start climbing a hill as the road bends right and up.But it wasn’t meant to be. Suddenly I was only coasting forwards, no help what so ever from my drive train. I put it in neutral and barely keep creeping up hill. Now stopped and stranded at the very top.First thing I do is almost start crying. I will be seen, dressed like this by some ole greasy, tow truck driving, racist mechanic… White, no doubt. I pull the lever and hop out, trying to will the car back to normal.. And yes, I do know what every little thing is under this hood.My black heels jack me up to a height of five foot nine now and as I bend over the fender, my silky dress slips two inches higher up my silky thighs. I try to ignore the 18 wheelers traveling by, honking, and the “Hot fucking slut” comment some dude slurred out at me but kept on going. I have been tapping my cell frantically ever since I hopped out, needing to search for a rescue.I noticed earlier, the storm clouds building and even the radio had mentioned some major thunderstorms were due in this area by 5 pm and it’s like ten till right now.I tell myself to hop in the back real fast and change into my jeans, tennies and t-shirt but then I remember the make-up and my perfectly polished toe and finger nails I cannot hide so easily. Just when my phone turns a page and acting like I’m making some progress, It fails yet again.Then I hear tires crumpling and a quiet engine coast in behind me. “Hey lady…. Need some help?”I barely peek around my hood to look at him before I hide behind it.“That storm up there is circling back around, it’s going to get bad. Right here!!” He warns meI squeak out. “My cell won’t work… I have to get a tow, it’s not fixable from here.”“Lady I can get you to the mechanic in Fred, just up the road some. Cell phones never work around here. You would have been better off breaking down in Silsbee, everything is better in that big ole place.”I lean away from the car standing up right, getting my first true look at this guy. “I need a certified mechanic, my tranny is out.” My eyes bug out at him and I cover my mouth with fright. I am almost positive my voice sounded manly, plus girls shouldn’t know such things about cars…. And why on earth did I have to spew out the tranny thing… My God Brandi!!“would you be a sweetie and hop in here? Let this old man get you out of this dammed storm. Miguel is a fine mechanic and you will be back on the road in no time.”“Ok.” I twinkle to him, sounding more like Brandi. Within a minute I have grabbed my purse, rolled and locked up my ride.I make my way around to the passenger side of his older, but well kept Mazda pick up truck. I smile and slide into my seat. “Thank you so much.”“it is my honor miss. I am Diego Sanchez and I never get to rescue beauties like yourself lately. Just spending a short time with you will make my Sunday a great one. My whole week, actually.”“My gosh, thank you again… I’m called Brandi.” I smile and start relaxing, seeing no ill judgment on this man’s face. “You really are a life saver Diego… I was doomed back there For sure.”Minutes later it is raining hard now. I watch him watching the road. He is Latino and older, maybe sixty. He is big all over, big gut, huge arms and legs. He fills every inch of his side of the bench seat we share.His face is almost handsome but a few pock marks and a deep scare above his right eye keeps him from achieving that status. Listen to me critiquing this lovely soul who was kind enough to help me. I think he is quite handsome actually, now that I have given it more thought.“Buckle in for me Miss Brandi, it’s getting really hard to see the road.” We both take his advice and click it in. Two miles and ten minutes later we still have four more to go to reach this town called Fred. As we make our way down a hill and around a bend, I find myself worrying about work (being late) and worrying how Miguel will receive my Trans girl look. It’s not so much my looks, it’s my voice and the real fact I am a man. Maybe a pussy of a man but still.Then, without any warning, life as I once lived it, was no more.A huge pine tree fell across the road. Diego slammed on the breaks and swerved also but we still tapped a few of the weaker small limbs before coming to a halt. “Chupame la verga!! Hijoputa! That was way too close Miss Brandi!”I’m still in shock as he is shouting this to me. canlı bahis My right hand has a death grip on the oh shit handle, my heeled feet are glued to the floor board at the highest point possible. My mind is still registering what we just went thru. “You are alright Miss Brandi. We got stopped in time…. See?” He tells me, as he shifts into reverse and slowly creeps backward.I feel huge relief by seeing this with my own eyes. “All is good young lady. You did real good helping protect us.”I look over at him, able to shyly smile at him, knowing I did absolutely nothing but hold on for dear life. I see him looking downward towards the long gear shifter between us. I follow his gaze, seeing my dainty left hand gripping his right thigh. After zooming in closer I realize I had, and still have a death grip on his fat hard bulge. I jerk away, my hand landing on the seat, just an inch from his leg. “My God!! Oh Diego! I am so sorry. I!…. I swear, I did not even know.” During me telling him this, my hand slithered back over once again and slowly stroked it back and forth 3 times, as if I was trying to make it feel better but it just kept getting more swollen. I pull it off once more but only an inch, keeping my hand on his thigh. “Please forgive me won’t you!?!? I cannot relate how bad I feel for this.”“No way Miss Brandi. I will not! Nothing to forgive at all. You didn’t offend me lady. I’m real happy we got out of that and having you give me comforting during the worst of it… Well, I’m extra….. Agradecita! My wife was the last beauty to do that…. It was more than three and a half years ago.”We are slowly moving along in the direction we came from. “Miss Brandy, I will take you to safety at my home. This weather is not slowing. Please cross your fingers we have a clear path.”He reached for my hand with his and caressed it for thirty seconds, then casually slid mine onto his bulge. I look there, hypnotized by how it looks and feels. After I look up making eye contact with him, I say. “Yes ok, maybe that is for the best.” He smiles cheerfully and starts using both hands on the wheel. I smile inwardly, feeling like his captured slut, gently petting his dick, enjoying the throbs I feel every other second…. Hoping he doesn’t beat me to death when he discovers I am no woman.**************The rain and thunder kept pummeling us but we did make it to his nice brick, ranch type home twenty minutes before eight p m. He impressed me yet again by insisting I stay put while he dashed off to the house to retrieve an umbrella.This whole scenario is overwhelming my mind, my being. If I were to tell any of my girls this was happening, they would strongly advise me to flee. But they would also be thrilled that I became confident enough to go out in public as my true Brandi self.Once inside his home, I was fortunate enough to only have wet heels and feet. This massive man (yes he is both fat and muscled) quickly had me on his couch in the living room, Drying my size six and a half heels. Then, caressing and fondling my calves as he dried my feet. While re-securing my heels back on me and attending to me, he admitted having a weakness for silky legs and feet. He even got a good peek between my thighs twice when I spread some, from his big hands sliding around. He wasn’t rough but he wasn’t gentle. His callused paws on my legs just felt so perfectly exotic. He was letting me know I was petite and pretty much the same exact size as Maria, his deceased wife.My whole being was changing rapidly, I felt so feminine with him. My tiny wienie was hard, my man nips were perked up too. But strangely, my fake breast nipples had grown more prominently thru my sheer dress. (Impossible? I can only tell you what I saw and felt.)I inquire for a restroom and he gestures towards a certain door down the hallway. Me, having hardly closed the door behind me, starts to realize I am in their master bed room. Seeing so many photos of Maria and him, I feel like I am intruding. The space is so elegant. So feminine, but more. I find the rest room and toilet, plopping down to pee, girl style. Some odd mood or epiphany ingulfs me…. I know where I am but some other entity seems to be compelling me to seek out hints of Maria. To take in my new surroundings and feel at ease here. I already like Diego more than I would care to admit. I find no signs of him laying up in here, it is much more like this space is a shrine of his pretty wife. I take a seat in her chair at the make-up station, touching up my lipstick in the mirror. “My my. Aren’t you quite the looker! You like it here in this strange house, in my room, don’t you? He has eyes for you Brandi. My pappy is sweet on you. You are meant to güvenilir bahis be here. He needs you and desires your company.” Maria sings out to me thru this mirror. I keep staring into it, seeing myself and pondering if I really did hear that coming from her. “He has a great weakness for redheads, ask him about it. Treat him very well for me Brandi.” A bolt of lightening followed by two thunderous claps startles me back to reality and the fact that I have to go spend time with this man that has rescued me but is a threat to my safety at the same time.When I make it back to the living room, he isn’t there but I take a seat on the couch, like before. The lights have been blinking since that last thunder nailed us and just one more minute passes and power goes out, leaving me sitting and unable to see. “These will get us by just fine Miss Brandi. I have used them more than once for this.” He tells me as he travels to me from what I suspect was his kitchen. He is holding two lit up lanterns. He smiles to me as he sits down. “I do hope you liked the room you just visited, I would like for you to use it as yours tonight, as my guest.”“Oh I just couldn’t Diego. That is ya’ll’s room, your room. It’s such a beautiful bedroom too. I can easily use your guest room or whatever.”“I insist, lovely lady! I never stay in there. I visit it….. Clean it and things. I still miss her and cannot bring myself to change it from the way she kept it before she passed. It will give me happiness if you would grace it with your presence. I have had a very enjoyable day with you. I am sorry for your situation but I love having you around me. Maybe I shouldn’t confess this but my wife did accept this about me. You see, I have a real weakness for ladies with red hair. She found that out about me when we were still so young. She even has two red wigs in her room somewhere. She used to wear it to bed on some nights and we would pretend different fantasies. So, as you might now understand, I could not believe my good luck when I found you broke down and bent over that fender. You were like Maria, bent over and helpless, redheaded and all. My fantasy. She would be so proud I helped you but also happy I picked up a real redhead that I like. She made me promise her I would find a woman that I fancied and move on with my life. I have not been able to do that yet. I am not getting any younger, as you can well see, but she would be happy about you.”“My! That’s quite the story. I would enjoy taking that room tonight then. I promise I will tidy up and make it as if I never was there.” I tell him as he hands me a lantern. “Your wife was so lovely and ya’ll made great pictures being together. So much love in your faces. You’re not too old at all Diego. I enjoy your looks and manners, your gentle personality. Some woman will be so lucky when you find her.”“She will be lucky and aggressive, grabbing my pecker without any invite and playing with it.”I cover my mouth with one hand and look at him with surprised eyes. “Diego!! I never meant to do that! Please!”“You made my whole week Miss Brandi. You can grab it anytime you desire feeling it. Don’t start worrying though, I plan to send you on your way to bed. Any chance I can kiss you to tide me over until tomorrow?” My super terrified mind starts thinking fast as possible. One side is telling me, hell no, it’s so disgusting. (I have seen dudes kissing more times than I care to admit and it is, by far, the biggest turn off to me. It is a sight that I always want to un-see if I cannot exit the page before they start doing it, etc..) The other side of my mind is saying, hurry up! You will hurt him if you take too long answering. Next thing I know, I am scooting my booty over closer to him and aiming my face and lips upwards towards his. I close my eyes at the last second and I feel electric when my quivering lips meet his. I linger at least two seconds to see if it will be tongues but he is satisfied with lip to lip. “mmmmmmm Your are so lovely. Thank you for waiting on that road until I could find you. I am the luckiest man in this county tonight.” He almost purrs to me, staring into my eyes. “You rest up and dream sweet things lady… And if you need to find something nice to sleep in, feel free. Maria would love you putting her sexy clothes to good use.” I keep looking at him a few more seconds, then I move close and kiss his lips harder than before. “Thank you Diego, I believe I will take you up on that… Or her I guess. I am the lucky one. Luckiest girl in this state.”I hop up and strut down the hallway, definitely swaying my hips and butt extra for him. The reason for that last kiss was, he gave me permission to play in all of those clothes I spotted earlier plus the ones I have yet to see. But also I kissed him because I felt his charm. Because his scent drove me wild. Because I needed to feel his lips once more. I guess if I am being honest, it was for all the above.Not The End

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