I Seduce Daddy To Be His Daughter – Wife

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I Seduce Daddy To Be His Daughter – WifeI often sit close to him, but that evening when I snuggled close to him, daddy said, “Rose, darling, I don’t think you should sit close enough to touch tonight.”“Why daddy? Don’t you like it when I sit close to you?”“Yes darling, I do. And that’s why you shouldn’t do it any more.”“But…”“Don’t ‘but’ me, Rosamund. You saw and felt what happened when I got home and we kissed.”“Yes, I did. I liked it. Didn’t you?”“Hell yes, I liked it. I liked it too damned much. Rose, darling, I’m your father. We simply can’t do what I wanted to do there in the kitchen.”“Oh daddy. It’s not anything bad. You love me, and I love you. Why can’t we show one another how much we care?”“Honey, what you’re suggesting is i****t. It is against the law. If anyone found out, I’d probably be sent to jail, and you would have a reputation so bad that you couldn’t live in this town, maybe not even in this state any more.”“Daddy, no one would have to know. No one would see us, and neither of us would tell any one.” “Rosamund, no!”I didn’t argue with him any more. We were both still nervous, so I knew he still felt comfortable around me as long as we didn’t touch one another. I wasn’t interested in any of the programs on that night, so daddy turned on a program about fly fishing in Colorado and was soon engrossed in it. I forced myself to watch and asked daddy a couple of questions about fly fishing to make him think I was interested.About a half hour into the program, I lay down on the couch and put my head on daddy’s thigh. I had my back to him. I expected him to tell me to sit up, but he didn’t. He was so wrapped up in the program that I don’t think he really noticed what I was doing.For kaçak iddaa a long time, I just lay there without moving. Then, I put my right hand up under my head so that it was between me and daddy’s thigh, palm down. I began moving my fingers, just kind of flexing them at first, but then stretching them out and pulling them back again so that I was massaging daddy’s inner thigh.I didn’t know if that would turn daddy on or not… It worked. Daddy’s breathing began to change. Not much, but enough that I could hear the difference.I moved my head. It had been only on his right thigh. Now it was cradled between his legs. I also move back a little so that I could feel his belly against the back of my head. Again, I just lay there a while doing nothing. I wanted daddy to think I’d just moved to get more comfortable. My right hand was still between daddy’s legs. I began to stroke his thigh again. His breathing quickened again. Something else quickened too. I felt his cock stiffen and rise up to poke into my hair next to my left ear. Good, I told myself.. Don’t scare daddy. As daddy’s program ended, I felt him reach for the remote. I was afraid he was going to turn the TV off and go to his room to bed. I had to act fast. I rolled over, turning first face down on his thigh. As I continued to turn, I captured the head of daddy’s cock in my mouth and took it in as deep as I could without choking. I imagine how much cock I could put in my mouth before hitting my gag reflex. When daddy felt my hot rosy lips close around his cock head he jumped so violently that he almost dumped me on the floor. I held on, however, and kept his cock in my mouth. In fact, I sank it in even deeper.Daddy collapsed back kaçak bahis onto the couch. The sensation of having his cock sucked must have been so powerful that he could no longer fight against his need for sexual release.I smiled inwardly and began bobbing my mouth up and down on daddy’s penis while sucking to make what he was feeling even more stimulating. Even though he had jacked off in the shower only a couple of hours earlier, daddy was unable to hold back his orgasm very long. He filled my mouth with his come.Daddys cum was a little salty, but it had a fresh, almost fruity taste to it. It was delicious. I swallowed it – all of it.When daddy finished coming, I sat up and kissed him. I wanted him to smell and taste himself as we let our tongues dance together.Daddy’s hands were all over me, on my breasts, between my pussy lips, across my butt. I loved it. My nipples were so swollen that they hurt. My pussy was flowing like a river.“Daddy, suck my titties, please. I need your hot mouth on them.”He didn’t have to be told twice.We stayed on the couch for about another five minutes. By then I knew daddy was mine.“Daddy, take me to bed.”He grabbed the TV remote and turned the set off. He then picked me up and carried me to his bedroom.When we got to his bed, daddy put me down on it and lay down beside me. I rolled on top of him and began another torrid, open mouthed, deep kiss. I made sure my hard nippled tits were tight against daddy’s chest, and reached down between us to stroke his cock. It had softened after he had come in my mouth, but I soon had it on its way back to a full erection.Daddy pulled his mouth from mine and began kissing his way down my body. He sucked both nipples güvenilir bahis for a while and then continued south. When he got to my mons, he buried his nose in my pubic hair and rooted around for a bit and then continued further down until his nose was in my slit brushing my erect clitoris.That touch set of the first of so many orgasms that I had that night that I lost count of them before I had the last one.Daddy seemed to love the taste and smell of my pussy. I can’t even begin to describe the sensations he gave me as he licked and sucked my inner lips and clit, and plunged his tongue deep into my sopping wet cunt.I couldn’t wait any longer. “Daddy, daddy,” I wailed. “Put it in me. Do it to me now.”All thoughts of i****t were lost to both of us. Daddy got between my wide spread legs and placed the tip of his cock at my opening. I wrapped my legs around his waist, grabbed his ass, and pulled him into me. His cock was Big: It filled me, stretched me, and sent me into nirvana.We rocked and fucked, and thrust, and moaned and kissed, and; God, there’s no way to describe all that we did. Our bodies and our souls were locked together in an embrace as old as man and woman. We were in bliss with one another.Daddy cried like a baby after we climaxed together and separated. The feeling of guilt was just too much for him. I cradled him in my arms, his head against my breasts and rubbed his back until at last he fell asleep.I slept that night in daddy’s bed, pressed close to him.The next morning, daddy still felt guilty, but I told him he shouldn’t feel bad about what we had done. It was I who had initiated what we had done, so if either of us were to feel bad, it should be I.It took a few more times of seducing daddy, but now he accepts what we are doing. We don’t have a marriage certificate, and no church would bless our union, but I’m now daddy’s wife-daughter, and we are happy together.I’m on the pill right now, but someday…

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