I shouldn’t be doing this!

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I shouldn’t be doing this!Tyler sat on a bar stool, side on to the counter with his heels hooked in the rests of the stool as they waited for drinks. Annie scanned the room, and once she was sure I was looking, gave me a sneering look and turned to face him, moving closer to so that his bent leg was now between her thighs. As she laughed at something he said, she almost carelessly shifted her position so that his raised knee pressed against her pussy. She turned her head towards me to check I had seen and very slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved her hips back and forth to the beat of the music, before downing her drink and dragging him back to the disco where they danced too closely as he cupped her ass cheeks in his large hands.She kept this charade up all evening until we leftOne thing with Annie, is that once she feels she has made me ‘pay’ for our disagreement, she returns to normal and as we drove she said,”Tyler has offered me some work.” I stayed silent, so she continued, “I was telling him how I’ve got nothing to do since Amy went away and he told me that he was looking for a ‘momsie’ type to model in his ‘Fashion Mistress’ magazine. Isn’t that amazing? He wants me to go for a screentest next week …and he says he’ll pay me $400 a day. Isn’t that fantastic.””He just wants to get inside your panties.” I said, stilled pissed from her earlier performance.”Of course he doesn’t. He was just being nice.” she replied.I couldn’t let it go, and when I should have shut up and let things rest, I didn’t and continued,”Let’s be honest. He just wants to fuck you and for all I know, you want him to. The way you were rubbing yourself on his knee tonight like some whore…”” And what if I did?” she shouted back at me. “I sometimes think that’s what you want to happen. I saw the way it was turning you on, staring at me, you pervert. You just couldn’t get enough of watching me with him, could you?!” and then she added, “Anyway, that’s the closest either of us is going to get to sex this weekend!”Monday morning I headed off to Boston and in the evening I got a call from Annie to say sorry for the way she’d carried on at the party and that I was not to worry about her working for Tyler. She was going to the studios on Friday for a first session and that she was looking forward to us ‘making up properly’ when I got home.I caught an earlier flight home on Friday and wasn’t surprised that Annie was out at 3.30 when I walked in the door. I knew she had been getting excited about doing this work and her ego had been boosted by being asked to model clothes. I had booked us a table for 7.30 at a local restaurant as a surprise and was really looking forward to her coming home. When she wasn’t back by 6, I put in a call to her mobile, but it went straight onto her message bank.”Hi Sweetie, it’s me. I’ve booked us a table out for 7.30. Call me when you get this, I can always change it for later. Love you.”By now I had begun to clockwatch and when 7.30 came and went I began to get concerned. Where was she? She always checked her phone messages regularly and should have got mine by now. I tried again – straight to message bank. Her phone must be switched off.I didn’t know what to do as the hours ticked by, 9 o’clock, 10, 11, midnight. I sat in bed waiting. At 3 in the morning I heard a car pull up and then drive off fast. I listened as footsteps slowly came up the stairs. The bedroom door opened and I gasped at what I saw. My beautiful wife stood there in what I can only describe as a micro dress – white, very short, plunging neckline and shoulder straps. She carried her shoes in one hand and her bra in the other. Her hair was all over, heavy mascara circled her eyes and bright red lipstick was smudged across her cheeks.She could barely walk as I jumped up and moved to her.”Oh my god! What’s happened?”She burst into tears and sobbed, “Steve, I’m so sorry! I never meant for this to happen. I love you so much and I never thought this would… that sivas escort they would… do this to me. And now I don’t know what to do.””I’m calling the police…the bastard…””No. No police.” Annie sounded panicky. “We can’t involve the police…it’s …complicated. I’ve got to tell you everything, then you’ll understand.”I sat on the end of the bed and motioned for my wife to sit next to me.”No I can’t, I can’t sit. I’ve got to stand. Let me speak. I must tell you everything.” Her voice caught as she took a breath. “I arranged to go to Tyler’s studios in Barrio for 9 this morning and when I got there I spent time with him and Jermain his photographer, as we did some make up on me and picked a few outfits for to model – mostly skirts, dresses and tops. The rest of the morning was taken with photographing me in different poses. Jermain took videos of me walking across the studio and told me they might use them for a ‘Fashion Mistress’ advertising campaign.All the time there were people coming and going as there were other shoots going on in the building and Jermain asked a few of the guys to help out with some of the set changes. At lunchtime, we grabbed a salad and Tyler poured a couple of glasses of wine, as he said, ‘to relax me after a demanding morning’. Well, one glass led to four and by the time we were ready to get going again, I was feeling pretty dizzy. It was then that Tyler said we would do the lingerie shots! I objected, but he can be very persuasive and after another wine I agreed to pose in bra, panties, stockings and six inch heels. Each time there was a change of outfit I had another glass of wine and the items got smaller, until in the end I was wearing a g-string and half-cup bra and was struggling to stay upright.Then Tyler hit me with it – ‘Lose the bra Annie.’ I began to say no, but he interrupted me. ‘I said lose it. C’mon, you’re hardly wearing anything anyway, so drop the bra. You look so sexy!’ I don’t know why, but I took it off. Then he said ‘Take the panties off as well.’ The drink had made me lose my inhibitions and I don’t know why, but the idea of being nude was a turn on. I removed the bra and panties and was now naked as they photographed and video’d me posing and walking around. I kept saying ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’, but both of them kept saying how good I looked and I guess I was enjoying the flattery when Tyler said he wanted pictures of me with Carl, one of Jermain’s assistants. I realised that this wasn’t what I’d expected and as I was going to escape to the bathroom to dress and leave, Carl came next to me. He was already naked from the waist up and had an amazing body, all muscles and black. He took a hold of my hands and guided them down his chest then to his jeans and asked me to help him strip. I was so drunk, I couldn’t help myself. Steve, I’m sorry. I pulled his boxers off and he was magnificent naked. Handsome, muscled and tall, he was amazing and his cock… his cock was so big and black and when he moved behind me he rubbed it between my ass cheeks and held my breasts, I was so turned on.”I had to interrupt and said, “What do you mean he rubbed it against you? You didn’t let him fuck you did you?”Annie looked down at her feet, her eyes dropped in shame “Steve, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Tyler said Carl was going to fuck me and I just nodded and let him. I should have said no and left, but I felt so dirty and had to have his big, black cock inside me… just once. I let Carl lay me down, I opened my legs for him and he just fucked me, there on the carpet.”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You just let him fuck you?! And you did nothing?””I had to. I had to have him and I let… no… I wanted him to fuck me. I made it easy for him. I wanted to know what it was like to have a big cock in me.””Did you come? I mean, did he come as well…did he come inside you?” my voice was urgent now. I had to know.”Yes. Yes I came. He was so powerful, so strong escort sivas and very big. He filled me completely and yes, I came three times. And he came in me! There were others now who had come in, maybe ten… twelve of them, watching and encouraging Carl to fuck me hard and he pushed himself fully in me as he ejaculated. It went on and on until he eventually got off me and they cheered him.When it was over, I got up and staggered to the bathroom and cleaned up as best I could. I was losing control and wanted to get out, so I put on my panties and my dress, that nice summery plaid one with the buttons down the front, grabbed my bra and walked out into the studio. Carl was still naked and I could hear him telling the others that I was ‘the best white pussy’ he’d had. I felt mixed up. I felt used, yet as I looked at Carl’s naked body and thought how I’d had my first black cock, I hesitated to leave.I turned towards the door and Tyler was there in front of me with a glass in his hand. ‘Here, drink this.’ he said. I just grabbed it and downed it in one. It was bourbon, neat, and it made me cough. He said ‘Where do think you’re going? The boys want to see more of you. Don’t you boys?’ and then they were all gathered around me. I couldn’t go anywhere.Two of them grabbed my arms and Tyler hooked his finger in the buttons of my dress and pulled it open, top to bottom. Before I could do anything, he reached forward, grabbed my panties and ripped them off.”I couldn’t believe what Annie, my wife of 20 years was saying. “Didn’t you even try to leave? To get away?” I asked, already knowing the answer.”I’m sorry Steve. I should have, but I didn’t. I was drunk. I’d just had the best fuck of my life and my hormones were driving me to do things I’d never normally do. They pulled my dress right off and I let them walk me to a big rug in the middle of the floor. I lay on my back and opened my legs to them and watched them as they stripped. Oh god, it was such a turn on to see all these muscular, naked black men looking at me, wanting me, getting aroused by me! Carl was hard again and I propped myself up on my elbows and watched his black cock go in and felt it stretch my cunt. It went in easier than the first time because I was still carrying his sperm inside from before and he began to fuck me with long, slow strokes. Two of them knelt on either side of my head and I sucked them until they came in my mouth. Another one had already jacked himself off and sprayed cum over my face and tits. As he did, I felt Carl’s cock harden, begin to twitch and then he emptied his balls in me for the second time. I climaxed again as his cum hit my uterus.As Carl got up, I remember saying, ‘No more now. Please no more. I’ve gotta leave.’ and I tried to stand.Then Tyler was there and told them to hold me on the rug. ‘You’re not going anywhere Annie. Not after you rubbed yourself against me last week. You didn’t think I would let it rest there did you? You see, I know your husband doesn’t like me and he’s not going to like me a lot more when he knows I’ve filled his wife’s little white pussy with my seed. We’re gonna give you so much thick black cock that you’re never gonna be satisfied with your man again.’ My eyes moved from his face and down his body. His cock was about 9 inches, like Carl’s, but it was thicker, twice as thick as yours Steve – I started to struggle. Tyler said, ‘Pull her legs back.’ Two of them pushed me onto the floor, put an arm behind each knee and pulled me backwards until I was almost back on my shoulders. My pussy was wide open and pointing towards Tyler. He was loving it as I struggled and then he was on his knees in front of me and pushing himself against my labia, parting and stretching them – forcing me to take him. I tried to keep him out, but he was so big and hard. I remember crying out as he entered me. He pushed himself right in until I felt him up against my cervix.He called me a little white whore and said that sivas escort bayan he was going to show me what it was like to have a ‘real man. Not some little white boy’.. I was impaled on his huge cock as he started moving it in and out of me I began to say to him, ‘I musn’t do this. Oh Fuck Tyler, you’re so big!’He came in me after five minutes and I felt the hot jets of his sperm shoot against the entrance to my womb and I gripped him with my cunt as he pulled out. I wanted to be filled and then I was – another one turned me onto my hands and knees and fucked me from behind as I sucked one of them off and then they began demanding their go with me. There were more of them than before, maybe twenty and the testosterone was flowing.The man fucking me came and another lay on the floor and told me to mount him and as I did, spunk ran out of me and down his cock, which was huge, eleven, twelve inches long and as thick as my ankle. I bit my lip as I lowered myself onto it and once it was buried in me he put his arms round my back and pulled me down, tight against him and then I felt a different pressure and screamed as a cock forced itself into my bottom. They were splitting me in two and they fucked me hard, stretching me as they forced more and more in.The one on top thrust hard and I felt him spunk in my anus. I relaxed a little as he shrank until I felt someone pull him away and another cock took his place. And then another and another, each bigger than the one before. A cock was pushed into my mouth and they were squeezing and pulling my tits as I came. I climaxed every time another cock took me and they just kept taking me – over and over again. I was working my hips backwards and forwards and pushing down onto whoevers cocks were in me at the time.I acted like a whore Steve. I actually begged them to keep fucking me. Every new cock, every fresh load of sperm made me want even more.Every one of them fucked my pussy and my ass, many of them more than once, until they couldn’t cum any more. Then they let me home. We can’t go to the police Steve because they filmed the whole thing and once they saw that I was not only cumming, but asking to be fucked more, the police would never believe I didn’t want it.”Show me.” I said. “Take off the dress and show me!”Without a word Annie pulled the little dress off over her head and I stared at her naked body. Her tits were red and had hickeys on them. Her pussy lips were red and swollen and her inner labia hung down from being dragged in and out by cocks much bigger than my own. Annie’s swollen clit stood out proudly from its hood and her face, body and hair were covered in what I knew could only be dried cum. She looked like a whore and smelled of sex.”Please Steve. I must take this out now.” Annie turned her back to me, bent forward slightly and with horror I saw the circular base of a black butt plug lodged between her buttocks. I reached out, took hold and slowly withdrew a big rubber device, two inches wide and six long from my wife’s ass. Copious volumes of cum began to escape down her inner thighs and dripped to the floor. “Tyler says I must keep using the plug and it will make it easier next time.”Her words were the final straw and I jumped up, full of lust filled rage. “You dirty slut!” I shouted. “You filthy cum filled whore. I’ll fucking show you!” I threw her face down on the bed and pulled her legs apart. Her anus, which had already been used by twenty men, had lost its puckered tightness and involuntarily relaxed allowing more cum to seep out. Dropping my shorts, I pushed my raging hard-on into her.”Oh yes Steve. Fuck me there. Fuck my ass. I’ll always want you to fuck my ass. Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh!” She grunted with every thrust.Her hole was loose and I realised that the cocks she’d had were much bigger than my thin six inches. As I thought of all those men, those big dicks, using my wife for their sexual pleasure, I came, adding my juices to theirs and collapsed on top of her.”Do you want me to go Steve? I’m so sorry.” She said with her voice muffled by the pillow.I said nothing, but helped her into the shower to wash the smell of sex off her, and then into bed. We would talk about it again in the morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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