I’am the Birthday Gift Gay

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I’am the Birthday Gift Gay
Sometimes things happen for a reason, other times life is just fucked up and shit. Everyone knows I have the biggest cock in all of Trashville. Playing football with the boys isn’t a great way to keep secrets like that. Too many people get to see your assets. All the trashy sluts then get to find out, and they want to jump on your cock because it feels good. And yes it feels wonderful to me too. I love having my cock buried deep inside some horny slut. However it has its bad side. In the end I just get treated like a pieces of cock meat, for any horny slut who loves big cocks, to use, and to get off on.

And so my story starts when I want to see my friend Mike recently. Nothing weird or anything like that, I dropped by his place and he wasn’t home. The woman next door leant over her fence and told me he’d gone away for few days. Mike’s always saying how nice she is to him. I’ve not had much to do with her, and chat over the fence a couple of times, when Mike and I were outside drinking by his pool.

Her house is massive. Mike’s done alright for himself, he lives in a ‘good neighbourhood’. His house definitely isn’t one of the best places in the area but a single bloke only needs a small place. His neighbours on the other hand have some very big homes. Extravagant spring to mind, when I think about the house of the woman next door.

Well after she told me Mike was away, I see her struggling with carrying stuff so I asked her if she was okay. Then she said no and asked if I’d help her carry some heavy stuff because her bathroom was being renovated and she’d just had a delivery. Silly me, just a helpful guy, I carried her stuff inside into the bathroom and then she offered me a drink. It was a hot day and I wasn’t in the mood to being impolite so I said yes. She gave me some home made g****fruit punch, and wow it had some punch because I passed out almost immediately. Next thing I know after drinking it, I wake up three hours later tied up to some massive iron bed. Well, of course, I wasn’t happy about it.

“Fuck, what’s going on? I started yelling out.

Next thing I know this woman who’s given me the d**g to make me sleep enters the room and smiles at me.

“You shouldn’t be doing this, it’s k**napping you know,” I screamed at her.

“Oh dear someone is having a little hissy fit aren’t they? You’ve already spent hours asleep on my bed. Plenty of photos showing you snoring away like you live here,” she teased.

I could hear her doorbell ring, and then it opened. Obviously someone polite enough to ring the doorbell but well known enough to her to let themselves in the house. She moved back slowly away from me and went over to her bedroom doorway. She looked downstairs at whoever had come in.

” I’m upstairs,” she yelled down.

“What are you doing up there,” I heard a mans voice downstairs ask her.

“It’s your birthday and I have a surprise for you, come on up and help yourself, it’s waiting for you on the bed,”

“Let me know if you have any trouble unwrapping it and I’ll help you,” she laughed.

Then she picked up the dirty panties lying on the floor. She then scrunched them up and shoved them in my mouth. As I watched her, she moved over to her bedside cabinet. She reached inside her bedside cabinet and pulled out a 38 pistol.

Waving it in my general direction, she said to me, “r****ts get shot and die in this state. I’m sure my best friend;’s husband, the police chief, would be delighted to see a scumbag r****t like you, who’s broken into my home, shot and killed in self defence by a well respected woman like myself. It’d be just a straightforward case you know.”

What could I do. She was right. The police chief was well known for liking that local people were sorting out the criminal problems by solving them, themselves. And, what’s the chances someone would believe I’d ended up in her bed because she d**gged me?

“I like what I see. He’s got a large cock.

Upon entering I see a heap of objects sitting on the nightstand. He walks past me and lifts the first one up; a pink collar with an attached leash. He calmly walks forward and places it around my neck and then holds it firmly as he leans in to kiss me fiercely. I begin to moan as his tongue explores my mouth, and kaçak bahis he pulls me close with his other hand. I can feel his erection through his trousers and I begin to get hard, all while he fondles my ass. Suddenly he gives my ass a little smack and pulls his head away.

“Mmm, you taste sweet my little bitch. How’s about you see what I have in store for you?” I nod quickly.

I’m almost trembling with anticipation as he looks over at the rest of the items on the nighstand. I glance and take them in: a pair of pink furry handcuffs; a length of rope; a set of leg bars; a ball gag; a reasonably sized dildo shaped like large beads that gets wider at the base; and a set of anal beads and a giant bottle of lube with a pump.

My mind is racing thinking of all the things he wants to do to me, things he can do to me, things I want him to do to me.

“Good enough to eat. Now get down on your knees for me,” he replies. Then he reaches for the leg bars and kneels down to put them on me. I put my hands out to balance as he does this as the feeling is new to me. I’m relishing the feeling of restraint, how they fully incapacitate me legs and feet when I suddenly feel something sliding along my ass crack.

I breathe in, savouring the feeling of his finger sliding slowly along from my tailbone to my perineum and back again. On the third pass he hovers round my anus, circling it like water going down the drain, sending little ripples of anticipation down my spine before just holding his finger against it. I try to lean back on to it to increase the pressure but he smacks my ass with the other hand. I give a yelp of surprise as he reprimands me.

“Ah, ah, ah, good things come to those who wait. Now put your hands out.” I lean back up and do as I’m told as he snaps the handcuffs round my wrists. He moves round in front of me, grabs me by the back of the head and starts to rub his crotch in my face.

“Mmm,” he growls at me, “we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight.” I’m struggling against the bulge in his trousers but I still can’t contain either the smile on my face or the stand to attention of my own cock.

“Unzip me” he says, releasing the hold on the back of my head. I take a second to settle my balance and then reach forward to undo his belt. As I slowly unzip him he lets out a long groan of excitement. I slide his trousers down to his ankles and he promptly steps out of them. As he does this I am staring at his crotch, his penis straining against the boxer shorts he is wearing. I reach forward and start to rub it through the cloth, wanting to make the moment last. He is still making pleased noises so then I move my head forward to rub my face against his bulge, breathing on it through the cloth and then licking it while rubbing my fingertips up and down the inside of the tops of his legs.

At last I can wait no longer and slowly reach up to pull down the shorts. I gently pull them out towards me and down, and gasp as his cock springs up to greet me. Its 8 inches long, circumcised, and quite thick, with an untrimmed bush at the end and hair growing about halfway along the shaft. I can see the big vein throbbing all along its length, right up to its shiny bell end.

“Don’t be shy,” he says and I come to, realizing that I have been staring at it.

I lean in and kiss the top of the head, tasting the salty pre-cum that I have teased out of it. My hands move up and slide along his balls, fondling, caressing, and stroking them with my fingertips. I open wide and begin to lightly lick the head, breathing out as I do so. He lets out a moan of satisfaction, and I continue doing this a couple more times before wrapping my hand around the base of his cock and closing my mouth around the tip. I’m swirling my tongue around it while stroking and I can tell he likes it by the way that he starts bucking his crotch at me, trying to get me to take it deeper in my mouth. I mustn’t be going fast enough for him at this point because suddenly he grabs my head and shoves his cock into my mouth as far as he can.

I choke on it, suddenly unable to breath with my gag reflex going crazy and I’m trying to push him away, trying to get air, panicking before suddenly he releases me and I feel him push me by the head so I topple bahis siteleri to the floor.

“Obviously you need a little helping hand in receiving me” he states as he uncuffs my hands. I straighten up and suddenly he grabs my hands and quickly cuffs them behind my back. He then comes round the front before I can even grasp the gravity of the situation, leans down and spits full in my face.

“Don’t disappoint me now you little whore, you were doing so well!” and suddenly there is the cock again, staring me full in the face before being thrust into my mouth and down my throat. I can feel his spit dripping down my face but I’m not particularly conscious of it except in the most detached way as all my concentration is on the fact that I am fully gagging now, and my mouth is getting wetter by the second in my bodies feeble attempts to lubricate and ease my throatfucking.

He passes the leash of my collar between his legs so the chain comes out the back and yanks it as he thrusts. His rhythm is constant, slow but powerful, and I can hear him grunt in exertion every time he thrusts. I feel myself drooling, unable to swallow and the humiliation begins to build as I realize I am kneeling there being skullfucked by this man, completely at his mercy, with little pink accessories, tights and spit marking me out as the little degraded bitch I am. I’m also not surprised to find that I love this, and my cock is pumping with blood, it feels like it is bigger than ever, almost as big as the meat rod I am currently choking on.

I feel like I’ve been here for days when he suddenly gasps and starts to moan repeatedly. I feel the jerk building throughout his body, from the way his back is beginning to arch, from the leash getting more and more taught as his arm tries to straighten, from the tightening in his balls as they rest on my chin, but especially from the rapid stiffening of his member in my mouth. I’m waiting for the explosion in my mouth, anticipating the salty thick taste of it, when suddenly he pulls back and pushes me to the floor.

I’m lying on my back confused and then he is squatting over me and his spunk is falling all over my chest and face as he moans long and hard. I lie there, covered in spit and cum and wait until he composes himself, biting my lip, trying not to cum from the thought of how I have been used. Then he begins to slowly lick all over my chest, gobbling cum and spit, teasing my nipples with his tongue, moving steadily upwards. I’m rigid with anticipation at what he’s doing, waiting to see where it leads as he reaches my face and looks me in the eye. “Open wide,” he garbles with a mouth full of cum but I’m half expecting it and my mouth is already open, my tongue out as far as it goes as he drips the contents of his mouth into mine. When it is all gone he leans over me and starts licking my lips and tells me not to swallow, as if there were a possibility of me doing that. He begins to lick the rest of my face, cleaning up the last of cum and then deposits it in my mouth before straightening me up and kissing me fully, still with my mouthful of mess.

We pass it back and forth between us while he strokes my cock gently, yet then feels how close I am and stops. He lean round and whispers in my ear.

“That was good for starters’ baby, now swallow your treat and we’ll bring you into the bedroom for the rest of the evenings activities.”

I reluctantly swallow the load, unwilling to part with it but eager to see what else is in store. As I do this he has walked round behind me and undone the leg restraints. He has me unsteadily stand up as he collects the rest of the toys and then walks me by the leash into the bedroom and who knows what fresh hell.

As I enter the bedroom he lags a little behind me in the living room and then follows through. He holds up a blindfold and ballgag to me and tells me to hold still. He steps around me and presses up against me as he lifts the gag over my head and fastens it in place. I can feel his cock dribbling the last vestiges of cum against my ass cheeks and between that and the fact that he is totally dominating me I let out a little moan. He smacks my as roughly.

“Quiet bitch! I haven’t even started yet but you are going to have something canlı bahis siteleri real to moan about shortly.”

He places the blindfold around my head and I can see nothing except a dim little slit of light at the bottom if I strain my eyes. He walks me over to the bed and tells me to lie down on all fours and I oblige promptly.

“Good girl, now place your hands down and legs out behind you, with your wrists between your legs.” I do as bid and then he tells me he is going to tie me in place.

He begins by taking out the leg spreader and placing it on me again and then unclasps one of the handcuffs and passes the chain around the bar to cuff me up again. I am completely restrained now and can barely move. Then I feel him spread my ass cheeks to slide his finger along my ass crack again. I begin to breathe deeply as he goes over the space repeatedly and then I feel him blow on my anus before a new feeling occurs. He is licking my ass!

I lie there unmoving as his tongue slides from the top to bottom and then hovers around my perineum before going back. I begin to lean back into him and he responds by pressing his mouth harder against me. I feel a hand move round to begin fondling my balls and then his tongue is probing my anus, forcing it open and the effect on me is mindblowing. I am moaning and slowly bucking my ass into his face as this goes on when he suddenly stops.

I feel him move away and then I feel a cool liquid being spread on my ass. He smacks my ass as I squirm to avoid it.

“Believe me darling you will be grateful for this in a moment!” A moment later I believe him as I feel him sending a thick finger in me all the way to the first knuckle. It doesn’t last long though before the real deal is presented as I feel him force what can only be a buttplug up my rear as no cock ever flared like that!

I feel each of the beads as they slide past my ring piece and at each one let out a little moan because he is not being overly gentle about it. Finally I feel the end of the plug being reached as my ring shrinks back to a reasonable level after sucking in the last of the toy. Then my man starts to turn the toy inside me, slowly back and forth and he feeling is fantastic, I can feel everything inside me being touched by this extension of him.

His other hand reaches to fondle my rock hard cock and begins to jerk me off, stopping every so often to massage my balls. I can feel myself beginning to cum, hoping I can keep lasting as then he might never stop and his movements are driving me wild and suddenly I’m spurting in his hand. He doesn’t stop jerking me and I seem to keep cumming forever.

As I am still recovering from his milking he pulls the buttplug out without warning. I scream through the gag as my ass tries and fails to return to a normal shape. I can hear him laughing at me, calling me a little whore and saying that I shouldn’t worry and that I’ll be filled again in a moment. He isn’t lying as a second later I can feel his cock violating me roughly, sliding in balls deep until I feel I am going to choke on him from behind and then pulling back until he almost falls out of my ass.

He ploughs me repeatedly and I am seriously grateful for the lube as I am already feeling worn and torn by his huge cock. I have to fit my breathing in correctly as it is getting hard to breathe between the ballgag and the fact that he is stealing my breath as he fucks me. I try to scream through my restraints and the darkness is heightening my other perceptions until all I can think about is him fucking me and wondering when it is going to stop, wanting it not to stop, wondering if my ass can go on.

His pace picks up and I know he is on the final straight and I try to push back against him as much as I can, wanting him to have the best orgasm ever in me and flood me full of his cum. At the last moment he grabs my ass and pulls me on to him as hard as he can and I feel him dripping into me as he spasms to completion.

At last he pulls out and my anus feels enormous as he leaves it, gaping wide for all to see. He leaves the room without another word to leave me in complete isolation and darkness with his cream filling my hole. As I lie there quivering at the thought of what has just happens I recoil in horror as the worst possible noise echoes throughout his flat; the doorbell rings again.

I’m upstairs,” she yelled down.

“It’s your birthday and I have a surprise for you, come on up and help yourself, it’s waiting for you on the bed,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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