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In the city – Enjoying the pleasure of a Big Ass -I am a white male and I live in New York City, the big city. I had subscribed to several dating web sites. For me, because I travel a lot, having access to these sites is a blessing. On one of the normal sites, I was contacted by a lady. Come to find out, after some emails, that she lived close to me in the same neighborhood. It seemed she wanted to meet someone close, did not matter to me. So we met for drinks and a bite to eat after several failed attempts to meet up. She was 4 years older than me, being real, she sort of looked it a bit, she could have made herself look younger for sure. It did not bother me, but she was slipping into the older lady look of sorts. We were both young, I was late 30’s and she early 40’s. She was not confident in herself I think or protective.She was a very nice women and we always had a nice time. On the third date, while we were walking home, she invited me up to her place. When she took off her coat and she went into the kitchen to get us both a glass of wine. I got to notice her body from afar. Her face was a nice, white clear complexion had long blondish hair that did already have some gray in it but it was nice. She had an apple figure where she was a bit smaller up top and had wider hips as ass. As I was looking at her, I noticed she had some nice sized tits and she had a big plump ass. Not a sloppy ass and a nice big PAWG ass, one with form, with nice cheeks. I really like that in a women. Well, this was the first time in her apartment so she was a bit shy and I was not going to push anything too much and it was late. So she showed me her place and her dog and we hung out for a hour or so. We did kiss, she was a good kisser. Then I left to go home.I could tell she wanted more, all though she acted lady like and such, I could tell it had been a while since she had a man and been touched. That sort of made me excited. I was excited to see her butt if that was possible. For butt loving men, it was a nice ass. Big and meaty, but she had smaller hips and she was not fat, she was not skinny, but not fat. I kept thinking what it would look like to stand behind her and spread it apart nice and wide.So we decided to see each other again a few days later. We went to a dinner, talked and hung out. When we walked home she said do you want to come up for a bit. I do need to get to work early tomorrow but you can come up for a drink. I said, “Sure, that would be nice”. So I went up. When we got to her place, she said she wanted to take her business clothes off. I said go ahead. When she came back, she went to the kitchen to fetch us a glass of wine. I noticed she was waring sweatpants. These pants hugged her butt nicely and I could see more of her butt cheeks. As she was pouring in the kitchen, I thought wow, that is a nice “big Ole ass”. I knew that I was excited to explore here thighs and play around with her body for sure if given the chance.She came back to the couch and we drank the wine and talked. After a bit, she kissed me and I could tell she had some passion in her rounds of kissing. We kissed a bit and then I grabbed her breast. She let out a nice little moan. One could tell she was not going to push away. So we continued to kiss and I touched her breast, now her nipples were getting hard through the bra. I kissed her neck and she moved her hand down my chest. By now, I was getting a bit excited and hard. Next, she took off her shirt and removed her bra. She had nice full breast and perky nipples. I grabbed each one of them and she again moaned. I then leaned down and flicked my tongue around her nipples and sucked around the areoles. She started moaning more and seemed to really like it. I noticed that as I licked her right breast she got little goose bumps on areoles and I found that very hot. She also started rubbing my chest. Then she said, “if I have my shirt off you need to take of yours.”. So I did and she again started rubbing my chest and moving her hands to my abdomen. All of this making me very hard. Then she got up and she said, “let me get more comfortable here”. She then moved to the end of the couch and laid down and invited me to lay on top of her. We started kissing again, rubbing our bodies together. I was also grabbing her tits. By now, she started moving her leg, in those sweetpaints up my leg to my crotch. I had a raging hard on and it was obvious it was there. She kept moving her leg on it and feeling it with her leg. I think she was very excited to feel it and I think she liked the size, something she could feel. So you could tell she was very excited and hot. However, she said, wow this is moving so nicely but I do have to get up very early so do you mind it we stop there. I said, ok I understand. I did not see Kathy for a week or so after that but we stayed in touch and reminisced about that nice time together. The next time we met, on a Friday, she wanted to take me to a nice Mediterranean place with fresh seafood and good wine. We met there and had a very nice dinner and we drank a nice bottle of wine. I could tell she had a nice buzz. When we left, I could tell, in addition to being buzzed, she was a bit nervous. It was just in what she was saying and how she said it. I was calm and relaxed. As the cab came up the her place she said, “you want to come up for a night cap”. I said “sure, I could use another drink”. We were both dressed up as we both Escort Bayan met after work. Once we got in, she said you do not mind if I change. I said, “No get comfortable”. She changed into another pair of sweatpaints this time. As she again was in the kitchen, I looked at her ass. The pants this time did not really show her ass but I knew it was there underneath. She came back and we sat of the couch. I could tell she was a bit nervous. After a week or so to think through things, I figured it had been a long time since she had seen a man’s cock or had sex. Personally, for me, I like very big orgasms and do not like rushed sex. When I was younger I would rush. However, with older women, not sure why, I love to savor the moments and enjoy the nice foreplay. I have found over the years that older women in general are more comfortable with theirselves and know what they like. So there is more to sex than just rushing to an orgasm. Getting back, so I decided that I was going to extend things out and have more foreplay and sexy conversation as we sat and drank wine. Being candid, many times during the week I jack off to get a release but this week I did not as I hoped I might enjoy the sex with Kathy instead. So we sat with the wine in hand on the couch. I turned to her and said, “that I really enjoyed last time. You are a great kisser and have very tender lips.”. She also replied, “I was a great kisser”. I also said, “you smelled great Kathy.” She said to me, “can I tell your something”. I said, “yes, of course”. She said you are also very cute and look younger than your age. I thanked her and just tried to shrug off the comment not trying to inflate my ego. She said, “you do not mind that I am older than you”. I said, “of course not. I like older women”. She said, “O really, how so?” I said, “they seemed to be more relaxed and more confident in what they want and more expressive”. I told her, “that is why I did not want to date younger women because usually too much drama and they are trying to find them selfs”. She said, “Good, I was worried that I was too old or no the right body type for you.” I said, “Not at all, we get along great, and I have admired your body from afar a time or two”. She said, “O really now, that is funny”. When she said that, I noticed that her right nipple in her shirt was poking through a bit so she was exicted. She said, “Yes, we have had nice dinners and some good laughs, it has been fun”. Then she looked away, then she said almost flirting a bit or with a strong voice, “So what about my body do you like?” I also noticed as she said this, she looked at my crotch as she glanced up to my face, so I knew she wanted to play around. Well I said you have a pretty face Kathy and your body is attractive as you could tell from when we made out last time. Then she said,”Are you a breast or butt man?” I said back, pretty quickly, “I am butt man”. She said,”Good, I was worried about that.” I said, “You have a very nice butt Kathy and I have looked at it a couple of times”. She said, “You have? Your bad boy aren’t you?” I smiled back at her. At that moment, she moved in for a nice kiss and put her tongue in my mouth and we had a nice french kiss.Once we were done kissing, she said, “Do you want to stay over tonight? Do you have anything to do early in the morning?”. I said, “No, I can stay over.”. Then she leaned back and bit to sit on the couch, and said, “I have to be honest with you. I am new to this dating site and you are the first guy that I have taken home like this.” I said,”Really, ok. Is there a problem with that?”. She said,”O no, not at all, she said this is exciting and fun. Been a while since I have been with a man. Was getting tired of hearing my girl friends stories”. So I figured this was my opportunity to ask some questions. Getting her to tell me more about her sex life or desires I knew would get me excited more and get her possible hot. I said, “So I bet you have some pinned up sexual frustrations then?” sort of jokingly. She said, “O yes!!” with a smile of sorts. She then asked me, “Why are you not out with all these young hot girls in the city on a Friday and here with me?”. I said, “O come on, what kind of question is that”. She said, “Based on what I felt the other night there are a lot of women that would like to get some of that”. I said, “Some of what?”. Then she put her hand on my abdomen. Kathy said, “You know what I am talking about”. She slowly moved her hand down my stomach to the top of my belt. Then she moved her hands over my pants and to my cock. She noticed it was very hard and running a bit down my leg. She said, “O yeah, very nice” touching it very soft and slow. Then she removed her hand and said, “Do you mind if I make you more comfortable?” I said, “Please do”. Right then she noticed the curtains were open so she got up to close them. When she came back, she said, “Where was I. HMMM, O , yeah.” She grabbed my belt buckle and treaded the leather back through the loop, opening the belt then she went for the snap on my pants. Once that was open, she went for the zipper and then she opened up my pants. She said, “Is this ok, been awhile for me”. I just nodded. She reached her hand inside and slowly rubbed over my underwear. She found the base of my cock and slowly went down the shaft of the whole thing down the left side of my thigh. She was very quite not saying a word. Once she Bayan escort got to the head, she rubbed her fingers in a circle and I sucked in a breath of air, it felt great. Next, she went to my pants and pulled them down further. She could clearly now see the bulge showing in my underwear with my pants now down past me knees. Then she went to the wasteband of my underwear and she pulled them down. My cock was now exposed in full display in front of Kathy. Without looking up, she said, “Very nice”, and as if talking to herself, said, “now that is a nice cock”. She grabbed it with her hands and stood it up straight and admired it. Then she postioned herself, scooting down further on the couch cushion. Then without little hesitation, went down and put the head of my cock in her wet mouth. After about 15 seconds, she then took her tongue and then licked all around my head. I sort of gasped, as it felt so good. Then Kathy proceeded to lick down the shaft of my cock all the way to the base. She did not need much direction. Then she went back and took more of my head into her mouth. It could feel it in her warm wet mouth. I was so hard by now and it felt amazing. Then Kathy, sort of looked toward the curtains again, the ones she had just closed as if to double check. Then she lifted up and said I want to get more comfortable.Next, Kathy had pulled my underwear and pants off and was now on her knees between my legs. I was thinking, wow this is hot and sexy. My mind telling me, just let her do her thing. So she again stood my cock straight up and then took about half of it into her mouth. I was in ecstasy, it felt so good. Part of it was because her soft lips were sucking my cock, the rest was because she seemed genuinely interested in sucking and pleasuring my cock. As she sucked and played with my hard cock in her mouth, with her hands just touching my balls. I noticed she was on her knees, both together, with her butt sticking out. I found this even more hot. You could clearly see that her ass, although still in the sweatpants, was really exposed and pronounced in her current kneeling position. As she was sucking my cock pretty aggressively now, I said, “I like the way your butt is positioned like that. She said, “Really, I said most definitely”. By now, Kathy was stroking the base of my cock but sucking the top part of my cock. I knew I was going to cum soon if this continued. I said, “Kathy can I make a request and I hope it does not sound weird.”. She said, “Sure, what is it?”. I said do you mind getting on the sofa chair over there with your butt stuck out like you were on the floor and let me undress you?” She said, “That is not weird at all”. She got up, put her knees on the chair and put her hands on the top of the chair and arched her back sort of to ensure her ass was good an pronouced. I thought to myself, this is so hot and sexy.She was still wearing the sweatpants, so I started rubbing her thighs and sticking my hands on her nice big butt cheeks outside of the pants. She said, “You are a butt man!! That feels good.” I played with her butt, pinching her cheeks, and spread her out a bit. Next, I said, “I am going to remove these pants.”. So I went to her waistband and I slowly pulled down the sweatpants leaving the panties on for now. My heart was totally pounding now. She had nice creamy skin and nice wide hips. She was wearing normal white cotten panties, no thong. Once I got the pants down below her knees and then got her to scoot so I could take them off, the first thing I noticed was a very big wet spot in her white cotton panties near her pussy. I thought to myself “O Boy, if she has not been laid in while she might have a very wet pussy and that is what was showing so far, it was an amazing sight. Now with her sweatpants off, I continued to rub her upper thighs below her panties, then the sides of her hips, and then the side of her ass. Feeling that smooth skin. She was still bent over and quite comfortable. I stood up and leaned over and said “You have a great ass Kathy. Are you having a good time?” She said, “Very good in a lower very turned on tone.” I bent back down on my knees as her ass and wet spot were right in front of me. I looked to the left and right of her pussy pantie lines to see if she was hairy and I could see a little blondish brown hair poking through. Then I smelt where she was so wet to see if I could smell her pussy. It was the distinctive smell of excited wet pussy and it smelt very good. I then raised up and again rubbed her ass, squeezing her butt cheeks, and used my thumbs to the right and left of her wet spot to spread her out a bit and maybe release more of the wetness she had. Then I moved back up to her waistband and started to very slowly pull her panties down. Her panties were hugging her ass pretty tight. I started to see the crack line of her ass, then half her ass, then I had her panties half way down her leg. I looked up, I saw her full moon ass, creamy white skin, I could see her nice plump pussy lips with the white sticky wetness still entangled in her nice fine pubic hair. I thought to myself this looks SOOO yummy. So I worked to pull her panties fully off her legs and off her knees. Then I went back to lightly rubbing her ass all over. She said, “This feels so good.” I stood back up and leaned over her grabbing her breast and kissing her back. I told her, “This is very erotic Escort and my cock is rock hard.” Then I went back to my knees with her hanging pussy lips, her wetness, right in my face. Then I slowly rubbed both of her cheeks, my heart was pounding in my chest, very hard now. Then I spread her butt cheeks apart as I had such a strong desire to see her ass hole and the full crack of her ass. She had a nice pink ass hole with a nice area of pink skin around her ass about the size of a big wrist watch face. It was very nice and fit her ass perfectly. Then I moved my thumbs down a bit so that I could spread her pussy more, as she was bent over. I could see the inner folds of her pussy lips and the slight white creamy wetness that was oozing slowly out of them. She had hair on the outer lips, she did not have a bush but she had hair on her pussy but it was just enough. Then I reached a bit under her to exposed more of her lips to me. By now I knew I wanted to suck some sweet pussy and was committed. So I spread her pussy some more to expose the area from her clit to the end of her pussy hole.With her pussy spread pretty wide open now. My first move was to flick my tongue on the outside of her inner lips, they were nice a light pink. Licking very slowly, at times taking her pussy lip between my own lips and running my tongue up them. She let out a very nice moan of pleasure, and said in a breath that sounded held or sucked in, “That…, feels great”. Then in one big lick, I licked from her clit to bottom of her cunt hole. I definitely tasted the sweet difference between the two areas. At the bottom of her hole, the sweetier area, I flicked my tongue in there to taste the sweet juices that collected and I was not disappointed. After doing this, Kathy arched her back even more, ensuring that her thighs were fully spread and that her pussy was in my face. I again, played with the sides of her inner lips pulling them into my mouth. Then I got up very close, with my hand, I spread her clit so that I could see it exposed, it stood out nicely. So then, I started licking her clit making small circles with my tounge. After about a couple of minutes, I sucked her whole clit into my mouth. This last act, drove her crazy, she was so hot and ready. I just happened to look at her ass hole and it was very dilated and pronounced as her ass was fully spread, as I was licking and sucking her pussy. Kathy then turned her head to me and said, “I want you now, I want to feel that cock of yours”.I was rock hard, with pre-cum oozing out of my cock. I said, “Kathy this is my favorite position, doggy style, and I am not sure I will last long if I fuck you like this.” She said. “I do not care, please fuck me now.” So I got up from my knees and I grabbed my cock and I rubbed it on the slightly open hole of her pussy, wanted to get my cock more wet. I rubbed it around on her pussy so she could feel the warmth. In my younger days, I would just plow my cock in her pussy and just work on cumming. As I got older, I liked to savor the feeling and I found playing around like this led to much bigger more satisfying orgasms. So I slow arched up on the top of my toes so that I could slowly slip it in. I could tell she was tight. She was right when she said might not have had a lot of sex. However, I loved the feeling and wanted to take it slow. As I got the head in, she said, “This feels so good and you are so warm inside.” I gradually, with each thrust, stuck more of my cock inside her and her moaning started to get more regular. It felt amazing, after not jacking off, the blow job, the licking of the pussy, and the initial excitement of a new lover, I was not going to last long I knew. So I started pumping her pussy more regularly but I was still not in 100% yet. The best feeling for me is when I get to bury it nice and deep inside, knowing her pussy has swolled my whole cock. The walls of her pussy were nice and tight but quite wet at the same time. I was seriously have to retain composure as not to blast my load with each thrust. I shook my head and said to collect myself and focus, and started to get a nice steady rhythm going again. Kathy seem to be in total heaven. She had this expression or demeanor with her body where she knew she was getting fucked and it was her desire to get fucked no mater how it was given to her. I was turned on by that, started to pump her a bit harder and give her some more cock. We had a good rhythm going for sure now as he big ass giggled more. I put my hands on her hips and watched her ass as it giggled more with each in an out stroke, her butt cheeks seperating with ech big push. Then I looked down at my cock and then I could not take it anymore. I noticed as I was fucking her, her pussy lips kept extending out about and inch or two just attached to my cock as I pulled it out and there was a white wet cream that was between on my cock. I thought, right then, this so hot and so GOOD…… At that moment, I stuck my whole cock inside her, going as deep as I could but still getting long strokes in and out as I wanted a full manly blast. It was like I lost consciousness during this last effort. I blasted a big, super, load inside Kathy. I was shaking and vibrating with each stroke. When I cam it felt like I had been pumping for five straight minutes, I was shaking and twitching with each new blast of cum from my cock. Although our first love making session together, we were beat tired and feel asleep. That was an amazing orgasm for me and I loved it so much. For an ass man like me, this was awesome, seeing a nice big ass, having nice romance and having an orgasm that I can remember over and over again.I would love to repeat it again some day.Thanks,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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