Incestia [7]

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Incestia [7]
i****tia, where everything that is agreeable is also legal.



Part 7


Avan met with his nieces and reminded them of their pledge. While the younger sister Cambria nodded, he was surprised that Verity had no intention of following his plan.

He pleaded, “But, you promised you would help.”

“I’ll help but not your way because your plan because sucks!”

“Then, how—”

“Shut up and follow me.”

Verity had delicate features and she had once been very polite, but lately, she had become quite a hellion. She had emancipated herself, sold her virginity to an i****tian heathen, banked an incredible sum of money from it, and fucked the priest at her sisters wedding to her father. Wealth had given her control of the family so when she commanded that he follow her, he did what she said.

She led him to the back patio where her father Yuri was stretched in a lounger by the pool.

“Daddy!” the girl said. “It’s time you know why your brother never married.”

“Well…I…I think it’s because…he just never found the right—”

Verity laughed. “You’re so fucking clueless. The reason he never found the right girl is because he’s not looking for girls.”

“Well…yes…” her father stuttered, “I suppose he hasn’t had much time for that since he’s been helping us.”

“No daddy!” she hissed. “He’s n-e-v-e-r looked for girls. Know why? Because your brother is into cocksuckers.”

“I…that’s hard to belie—Avan is that true?”

While Avan searched for the bravado to answer, Verity knelt beside her father and brought her face close to his.

Her tone eased a bit as she said, “Daddy, uncle Avan has wanted to fuck Caci in the mouth for years. It’s all he thinks about. You got Cambria. You fucked her. You knocked her up. You married her. I’m getting what I want—weird sex and more money than any of you could ever make. Avan helped us all so now he’s going to fuck Caci’s mouth and they are going to live in that far back bedroom so we don’t have to hear them all day and night.”

“But I can’t…just agree to…to let my brother fuck my son.”

“Why not? You fucked your son’s mouth.”

“But that was after you and Cambria inebriated me and seduced me.”

“Don’t lie! You yourself said you figured things out the second time you did it and yet, you did it four more times anyway.”

“But, I had to. It was the only way out of Kassan. Anyway, maybe Caci doesn’t want to do it with Avan.”

“That’s a fucking joke,” Verity derided. “Your son is a cocksucker. You fucked his mouth and that ugly judge fucked his mouth and that proves he’ll suck any dick you put in front of him. There’s no arguing. You are going to give my cocksucking little brother to my perverted, mouthfucking uncle and you’re going to bless them to mouth-hump themselves to oblivion if they want!”

She sent Avan to fetch the boy and when they returned, she nudged her father. “Go on. Tell him!”

“Son,” Yuri started, his face wrinkled with affliction, “Your uncle and I have talked about your cravings for cock and we agree that it is better you do that here at home and not out in the streets. Your uncle Avan has volunteered to…to let you suck his cock as much as you want, that is, if you want.”

The boy’s face lit with uncustomary surprise. “Really?”

“Yes Caci,” Verity said. “Your uncle will let you suck his dick. You like getting your mouth fucked and he likes cocksuckers so maybe that doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven but it does sound like one made in i****tia.”

Avan smiled at the boy.

“But, there’s one exception,” Verity said. “Uncle Avan, you won’t get your dick in my little brother’s mouth until I own the deed to your house.”


“You deed your house to me, I sell it, and we split the money. You and Caci can stay rent-free and you can fuck my little brother’s face all day and night.”

“Verity, I can’t just sign over—”

“You want Caci don’t you?” the girl interrupted.

It’s illegal bahis siteleri crazy what some people will do when years of midnight fantasies dance into the light of probable reality. And so it was with Avan Volka. He had dreamed and imagined and jacked-off so much to thoughts of getting his dick in that boy’s pretty mouth that he didn’t argue. Instead, he went to the offices of Omar Topete, the family attorney, and by sundown the next day, he brought the deed to Verity.

Her smile was a mixture of satisfaction and triumph.

“W…When do I…you know…”

The girl looked at him and her head went side-to-side. “Look at you! You’ve got it bad, don’t you? You just can’t wait to get that hard-on into my brother’s mouth. Well, your dreams are about to come true. He’s with daddy and Cambria in the game room.”

Avan joined them but he felt awkward. How does one act when they are panting to fuck a family member but they don’t want it to seem urgent? He sat with them and engaged in conversation while also looking for a way to bridge their discussion to his quest for Caci.

After several minutes, he started, “So…uhhhh…I gave the deed to my house to Verity.”

The others nodded but weren’t moved to talk about it.

“So…I brought a few things with me…to move into that back bedroom like Verity said. I guess…I guess…you know…me and Caci are staying there from now on. At least, that’s what Verity said.”

Yuri nodded.

Cambria looked worried. “Daddy, you’re not actually going to let them stay together are you? You don’t know what uncle Avan wants to do.”

“Yes Cambria, I know. Verity told me and she says I have no choice. I’ve come to terms with it and she’s probably right about it being the best thing for Caci.”

“So, you’re just going to let him move in and screw my brother’s mouth?”

“It’s out of my hands, sweety.”

Avan said, “Cambria, I know it must sound odd to you, but then, is it really any more strange than you marrying your father?”

“I don’t know.” The girl seemed pensive for a moment. “I guess not, I mean, since you can’t get my brother pregnant like daddy did me. He can’t, can he daddy?”

Yuri laughed. “I don’t think we have to worry about that.”

The girl brought her pretty face to him and began kissing him on the mouth and as they began to lose themselves to their unending urges, Avan moved to Caci’s side and put his arm around the boy.

“We have your father’s permission, Caci.” He drew the boy’s hand to his cotton-covered hard-on. “Would you like to suck on that?”

His hips reacted to the boy’s touch and he ran his fingers through Caci’s long, golden locks. Then, he pulled the boy to his feet and led him to the darkened back bedroom.

“I’ve waited a long time,” he said. “Let’s take it slow and make it memorable.”

He put his hands on top of Caci’s shoulders and was delighted with how smoothly and willingly the boy went to his knees. Avan put his trembling hands on the zipper of his pants.

“Do you want to see it? Do you want to see my penis?”

The boy’s eyes brimmed with electricity and he nodded and Avan slowly pulled the zipper down and tugged until his full erection bounced before the boy’s face.

Caci looked at it for several seconds until Avan said, “It’s okay. You can touch it if you want.”

The boy’s small, slender fingers touched his uncle’s seven-plus inch boner and after a short time, he brought his face closer.

Just when Avan thought he would feel those lush lips wrap around his erection, the boy began kissing…kissing his uncle’s penis…kissing his uncle’s erection; kissing the tip and the head and down the sides and back up to the top. His lips were soft and his warm breath sent shivers through Avan’s being.

He nudged the boy’s head back and said, “It’s time, Caci. Will you…Will you let me…Will you let me put my penis in your mouth?”

With the light of a full moon beginning to breach the window, Avan canlı bahis siteleri could see the boy’s eager nod. He put his hands on the boy’s head and he looked at Caci’s pretty face and he pushed his hips forward a little and then a little more.

His cock was an inch away. He had waited so long! And now, it was going to happen. After years of lusting for the boy, he was finally going to penetrate his pretty, young nephew!

He pushed forward another inch and—gawwwd—he felt those sweet, soft lips! He pushed more and felt the boy’s soft portal spread. Soon, the full head of his cock was in! He was doing it! Like those hundreds of fantasies only this time, it was real! He was actually putting his penis in Caci Volka’s mouth!

He eased in slowly, very slowly; a half-inch deeper each time. A sigh burst from his core as he reached the end of the boy’s mouth and the beginning of his love canal.

Avan began to slowly fuck, pushing in, holding for a few seconds, then pulling back, then repeating. For several minutes, his shaft moved in the boy’s mouth and he marveled with the boy’s beauty and how the golden twinkle of the boy’s hair shone the moonlight.

When he could take no more, he turned and sat on the bed and said, “Caci, I know cocksuckers have a need to suck so you can suck on it for a while. Just go slowly.”

The boy went to him and knelt and with a delicate hand, brought his uncle’s erection to his face. He pushed his lips over Avan’s cock and he began to very slowly move his head. He closed his eyes and felt every ridge and nuance of the hard cock and the joy of sucking on it with passion and lust.

It didn’t concern him in the least that it was his uncle nor the matter that in his former homeland, what they were doing was considered an act of sodomy. He had a hard cock in his mouth and he was going to suck on it for as long as his uncle permitted.

Avan gasped. He had never felt such a mouth. So warm. So succulent. He fell to his back and couldn’t help but whisper to the boy that he was the very best cocksucker in all of i****tia.

Caci was ignited with even greater passion as he kept sliding his warm, wet, willing mouth and his tongue flickered like a hundred snakes. He never stopped and he never changed pace. He just kept sucking while intermittently cooing with pleasure.

Avan was lost in lust and had no idea how long they were joined like that. What he did know was that he couldn’t take much more and he didn’t want to cum from being sucked. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to fuck Caci. He wanted to fuck Caci in the mouth.

He raised up and nudged the boy away.

“I…I don’t want to cum like this, Caci. I want to…I want to fuck you like your father did, side-by-side. Would you let me? Will you lay side-by-side with me and let me fuck you that way?”

Instead of a verbal response, the boy climbed on the bed and lay on his right side.

Avan went to the pretty boy and lay on his left side and, with one hand on his nephew’s head and the other guiding his stiff cock, he brought the two of them together.

It was as magical and mystical as before when he felt his hard cock begin to enter the boy and slowly slide to the opening of his throat. He knew that since the boy hadn’t been fucked in quite some time, it would take a minute or two to get that throat to open. But, Avan was a patient man and one who was greatly stimulated by that act of penetration.

He pushed and pushed again and—yes!—he could feel it! Caci’s throat was beginning to open. He trembled. This was it! The moment he had been waiting for! He held his nephew’s head a little tighter and he pushed his hips forward and his cock…his cock began to go in. The tightness of Caci’s entrance sent shivers of passion through him.

Then…the head of his cock went into his nephew’s throat and in the next two minutes, he buried his bone all of the way in until he could feel his balls against the boy’s bahis firmaları chin.

He gasped and shook and pet the boy’s head and told him again what a good cocksucker he was. He began moving. Slowly. Slow-fucking. Yes! Fucking! He was…He was actually doing it! Avan Volka was actually fucking Caci in the mouth!

And, not only was he fucking his nephew’s mouth, but he had the full approval of the boy’s father! He knew Avan was fucking his son’s mouth and he had actually agreed to it!

He began moving a little more, sliding his stiff erection deep into his nephew’s throat and back up about half way before pushing all of the way in again. After several minutes, he went a little faster and then slowed and then a little faster again and then slower. He wanted it to last. If he could, he would fuck the boy all night before finally finishing.

For anyone who had ever passed their home, they would think it a fashionable domicile with big, well-kept grounds and everything in order.

For anyone who had ever seen the family, they would describe the Volka’s appearances as attractive and very wholesome.

Yet, in a darkened back bedroom, a forty-something man was slowly having sexual intercourse in the mouth of his own nephew. They lay together and clung to each other and copulated with shameless carnality while the world passed by unaware.

In the shimmering light of a full moon, the man had entered his young nephew and buried his bone deep into the boy’s compliant and willing throat, joining the two together for a mating that would satisfy their mutual, perverse cravings.

And so they fucked. Neither knew how long the tryst lasted but as the bedding was becoming moist with Avan’s sweat, the man knew he could not last. He began fucking…yes, fucking. He was fucking Caci Volka in the mouth, deep in his throat. Caci’s arms were around his lower back, pulling his uncle’s undulating body tightly to him as if telling his uncle that he wanted it—all of it!

Avan’s actions became more aggressive and he thrust a little faster and with more force and the boy clung even tighter and he knew the boy not only wanted his dick, but he wanted his cum also.

The more he fucked the boy, the more his thoughts became vulgar. Cocksuckers always want jizz so since Caci was a cocksucker, then Avan was going to give it to him…deep and hard and plentiful! Eat it Caci! Eat my dick! Swallow my jizz! Hold still boy! Hold still! Uncle Avan is going to…he’s going to…

He cried out in long groan as he drove his dick all the way down the cocksucker’s throat and he…he…he began to cum! His cock jerked like a spring board as it blasted the boy’s innards with a huge and gooey mass of spunk followed by another and another and another. He held the boy’s head firmly in place so he couldn’t move while he shot nine times deep in the throat of his queer, cocksucking nephew. And, each blast was more satisfying than the one before.

He let out a long and extensive breath as his body went weak. Even so, his hands remained firmly on the boy’s head to prevent the boy from pulling away. He would withdraw his spent penis from the boy’s throat, but not yet. That mouth felt so good and it had brought him the pleasure of his life and he wanted to stay in the boy for a while longer.

When that time came and he pushed on Caci’s head to withdraw himself, the boy’s arms tightened and wouldn’t let him pull away.

For anyone who might be passing by the front of the home, they would have no idea that in a darkened back bedroom, a grown man lay with his young nephew, still joined together in the lingering essence of their depravity, a wickedness so recent that the man’s penis was still oozing sperm into the boy he had shamelessly inseminated.

Nor would they suspect that through the dark i****tian night, the man and the boy would join themselves together many times and cling to each other and copulate like breeding a****ls.

And for those who passed by in the early morning, none would have the slightest suspicion that while a grown man was just beginning to wake up, his young nephew had been softly nursing on his semi-erect penis for nearly an hour.


[part 8, follows—the final planned chapter]

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