Innocent Farm Life 3

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Double Penetration

I have had some days to think about the incredible pleasure I felt the other day from Rocky licking my vagina, It felt so, good, but every time I think about it, I feel remorseful, like I shouldn’t even be thinking about something like this, my mom has always been adamant about being careful with my vagina, but she has never told me I could get this kind of feeling out of massaging it.

I have tried a couple of times to touch my vagina to feel that again, but I always end up feeling extremely anxious and stop, in part because I am afraid about what mom would say and in part because I feel like it’s something I really shouldn’t be doing.

Whatever tho, today is the first day of gym for Ashley and mom, so they will be going with my dad off to the city and I will get to be alone again with Rocky.


“Welp, Is everyone ready?”, my dad said out loud while holding the front door open.

“Wait! I’m coming.” Ashley rushed down the stairs to meet him by the door, mom arrived shortly after.

Having double-checked their bags for everything, they left for the car, I was waiting just inside.

“Bye Sam!” Ashley shouted just before entering the car.

“Bye Ashley!” I happily said right back.

And so they left, the car disappearing in the distance.

After that I did some chores, laundry, cleaned our room, etc. And then, I went to lay down on the couch to use my phone for a while, Rocky followed me everywhere.

While I was laying there on the couch, Rocky was intently looking at me, I had my typical summer clothes on, at that moment, I felt kind of playful and started to move apart my legs to see what he would do, he instantly jerked his head sideways, struggling to interpret what that meant.

I, I don’t know what got over me, but I started to feel hot again, my pulse raising, even my vagina was starting to get wet just as the last time, it was as if my body was screaming to feel that way again.

I kind of gave in and removed my shorts to see what Rocky would do, he must have smelled it or something, because he rushed between my legs to sniff my crotch.

“Oh my god Rocky your nose is cold!” He was absolutely hypnotized by my crotch.

“Okay, okay that’s enough playing” I said as he started licking my thighs, I was somewhat closing my legs but something inside of me wanted to give in, so I left a little opening where he could still reach for it, he wasn’t slowing down at all, instead frustratingly licking at my thighs, hoping to get a taste of my leaking vagina.

“Holy… you really want it, eh? I mean… I really shouldn’t, but I can’t resist anymore, here let me move Rocky” bursa eskort and I adjusted myself to sit on the couch, lowering my body enough so that he could easily reach my vagina with his tongue, Rocky went for it as soon as I left him.

“Ooooooh boy that’s the spot, easy, easy!” He launched his head against my crotch, furiously larping at my vagina.

Each touch of his tongue felt like heaven, and the hotter I felt, the wetter I got, and the faster he licked my fluids, as if wanting to leave nothing to waste, it must have been a good 5 minutes of pure bliss before I could feel my body give in, I felt it coming.

“Aaaaaaaah!”, I felt it again, all of my muscles contracting, my body shivering, wave after wave of pleasure hit me indiscriminately, it took me a long while to finally regain my senses and raise my head again.

“Holy shit Rocky, that was amazing, oh lord… oh, oh no.” I was struggling to regain my senses as I got to see it again, clear as day, there was that huge shaft between Rocky’s legs, he was sitting down, and I could see it pulsating constantly, he looked at me as if pleading.

“Look what we have here again, so it really wasn’t venom huh, do you mind if I take a look at it boy?” I asked while getting up.

Last time, It was clear that my hand hurt him, but my mouth helped him immensely, so it must be because it is delicate to touch dry things, I then remembered something I saw the other day in the garage.

“Oh, I know what you need!”, I rushed to the garage and after searching for a while, I found it.

A huge jug of water based lubricant, suitable for use on delicate skins, said in the can, I saw my dad and mom sometimes take it when going to look after the sheep, but I don’t know what they used it for, however it felt like the perfect thing for our problem.

I grabbed it and brought it to the living room, where Rocky was laying down, however, last time got really messy, so I decided to bring it outside to the porch.

“C’mon, Rocky, come with me!” I said happily, Rocky jumped up and followed me outside.

I laid the can on the floor and took a look at Rocky, which was sitting just by me, his red shaft was now very small, barely showing a cm [½ inch], that didn’t discourage me, as I had just seen it minutes ago, and it was huge, so there had to be a way to get it out.

I poured a bit of the lube over my hands to get them wet and then sat just beside Rocky, he got excited and got up from the floor, the little shaft hid completely inside of him.

“Hmmm, so it’s in here somewhere?” I started to fondle around the area with my lubed hands, I touched it a bit, and it felt bursa escort bayan like it was hidden in there, I got a bit curious about the testies too and couldn’t resist reaching for them to see how they felt, they were kind of big to be honest, I felt them both with one hand, they really felt like two big balls in there, I was gently cupping them, I knew little about them other than they were kind of a delicate spot, so I took care to not harm him there.

Not long after fondling his balls, they started to contract a bit momentarily, I took a look at the shaft and could see it emerge again, my attention turned to that instantly.

“There you are” I said in a playful tone.

I started to feel the shape of the tip with my left hand, and this seemed to work, as more and more of the red shaft was coming out, now it was easier to get a feel for it, using both of my hands to touch here and there, the tip was kind of cone-shaped with an opening, then a small valley, and it grew consistently until the back of the shaft, wanting to see more of it, I continued to massage around it.

However, It wasn’t quite working, I was touching around the shaft with both hands, but it wouldn’t grow anymore, at that moment, I stopped to think about that time I used my mouth on it, how I had to envelop the shaft entirely, and so I put my right hand in a sort of fist shape, but leaving a space in between, imitating a mouth or hole.

I then pressed my hand against the tip of his shaft and started pushing it down until I touched the base, then, I pulled it out while pressing on it, just as I did with my mouth, I couldn’t fully close it around his shaft, but it seemed to be working really well, it grew a lot more, now standing at about 20cm [8”] long.

It had gotten huge, bigger than my forearm, and there seemed to be even more hidden inside, as I was struggling to fit his shaft using only one hand, I started to use both, I would move them up and down the shaft, pressing it all along the way, Rocky was breathing heavily and then started to arc his back, pushing with his hips against my hands.

At that moment I just stopped moving them, instead taking care to remain in place against his vigorous thrusts, he was increasingly using more force and going faster, at this point it was that I got to see the final 5cm of his shaft emerge, it was some kind of knot, slightly larger than the shaft immediately after, however, I could swear it was growing.

“Oh my god, easy boy, ah fuck you are pushing so much”

His front paws kept searching for something to hold onto, like last time, but there was nothing, this didn’t görükle escort stop him from keeping his pace though, instead increasing it ever so slightly as time went on, occasionally a shot of white fluid would come out, reaching quite the distance if I’m being honest.

The force he was applying against my arms was huge, relentlessly thrusting, his shaft would go in, then out of my hands, in, out, in, out, at a staggering pace, it didn’t take long before I could now clearly appreciate the knot growing, now, as he kept pushing, my hands just couldn’t envelop the knot, instead having to part ways occasionally to let it past.

After a while his pace started to slow down, and I could already feel it coming, however, this time I got to appreciate something extraordinary, the knot started to grow, a lot, much wider than the rest of the shaft, and then it started.

“Oh lord, here it comes”

Rocky thrust his hips and a huge stream of white fluid came flowing outside, then another, and another one, he just kept shooting it out for a long while, the shaft sat at 25cm [10”] long, the girth barely allowed me to surround it with my hands, and the knot was just enormous.

He shot for a good 10minutes before he finally stopped, however, he just stood there, the shaft fully erect, in place just between my hands, he still applied some force even though I was at the end of the shaft now, it must have taken him a good 5 minutes for the shaft to start dying down.

All the while I got to admire the puddle he had made right in front of him, an incredible amount, which the last time went directly into my stomach.

The shaft having shrunk down, I felt like I could take my hands off, I felt exhausted from holding them there the entire time, however I felt good after helping Rocky out, It was only fair after the incredible pleasure he gave me just before, and now I knew a safe way to take care of his shaft.

I got up and did as last time, cleaning everything and throwing my clothes in the washing machine, as they were drenched, as I was doing this, after cooling down from everything, all the guilt and doubts came back in force, but this time I managed to reason them away.

I wasn’t hurting anybody, hell, I had never felt that good in my life, and I could see Rocky now sleeping like an angel, the only reason I thought what I was doing was wrong was because of my mom and her reactions to this kind of stuff, so she must have been hiding this for some reason, I just couldn’t understand why.

This only raised more questions, I was only starting to understand what was going on, how my vagina felt, the incredible pleasure at the end, Rocky’s shaft and the stream of white fluid he shot…

There was only one way to understand it all better, I had to keep doing it, I had to keep experimenting with both Rocky and myself, and I would make sure to have fun along the way.

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