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It’s just for fun…I remember in high school taking Photography class. It was an easy A and the teacher was pretty cool. We learned how to develop our own photos in the school darkroom and we were encouraged to go out and shoot “Artistic” photos, some of which would appear in the High School yearbook. Well, I, for one, wanted to shoot some “Artistic” nudes! There was this girl in the class, Doreen, and we were kinda pals, sitting next to each other in class and making fun of some of the other students pathetic efforts at photography.So, one day, I ran into Doreen after school and we walked about half of the way to my house and I pitched the idea of shooting some “Artistic Nudes” like the ones that appeared in Photography Magazine. You know, not racy at all but nudes nonetheless. Doreen rolled her eyes. She had my number right away. “Oh yeah Jeff” She shot back, “And pretty soon my artistic body will be plastered all over campus. I told her we would develop the pictures together and she could have them if she wanted. I just wanted to try my hand at nude photography and she was the woman I wanted to use as my model.Doreen said she would have to think about it but, when we arrived at the corner of her street, she leaned up and briefly kissed me on the mouth! Wow! I wasn’t expecting that! I wasn’t dating anyone at the time and hadn’t really considered Doreen as any kind of love interest but I sure started to right about then. I watched as she walked away and down the street. Her shapely legs and ass beckoned to me as she sauntered along the sidewalk.On Monday Doreen was anticipating me asking her about the nude photo shoot and , after class, I again spoke to her about my plan. “My folks are going to Reno this weekend and I’ll have the house to myself,” I told her. “We can shoot out by the pool and under the orange trees. No one can see into our yard so, it’ll be private. We can develop the pictures at the darkroom when It’s your reserved time.””Listen Jeff, I am willing to pose for you but not naked.” She said evenly. “I mean, that’s too much. I’ve never…never done anything like that and we don’t even know each other that well. I would be uncomfortable with…”I didn’t give her a chance to finish her thought. Instead, after looking around briefly, I put my arm around her and pulled her to me mashing her sizable tits into my chest. I kissed Doreen’s sweet lips and stuck my tongue right into her mouth which caused her to burst out laughing.”Whoa! Slow down tiger!” She said collecting herself. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t pose, but I need to keep my panties on. You can take pictures of my, you know, boobs and my legs and stuff but not the other place.” Of course “The Other Place” was what I really wanted to see but I was willing to take anything at that point. This was 1965 and panties at that time were all waist high and not really all that sexy but I couldn’t really blame Doreen for not wanting to just take off all her clothes and spread her legs for the camera. It just wasn’t done back then. Even Playboy never showed pussy.So Saturday morning Doreen appeared at my front door! Thirty minutes late but I was thrilled that we were really going to do this. I had plenty of film and Doreen was looking good! She wore a dark blue sweater and a gray skirt. I assumed her panties were white but I was going to see for myself pretty soon!We started out in the living room where I shot several photos of Doreen laying back on the sofa. Doreen has reddish blonde hair, medium length and good sized tits. She was nervous at first and, finally, I went over and sat next to her in an effort to get her to relax. I joked around with her a bit and then kissed her. She was very receptive of that maneuver and soon we were frenching up a storm. “Listen Doreen, would it make you feel any better if I got undressed?” It was just a shot in the dark but I figured it was worth a try.A small smile crossed her face and she didn’t speak but just nodded her head up and down. I quickly jumped up and pulled off my tee shirt and Levis and then paraded around like some kind of body building adonis, flexing my meager biceps and managing to elicit a few chuckles from Doreen. Then, I knelt down in front of her with my camera and asked her quietly to open her legs a bit.She didn’t immediately move but, eventually she complied with my request, giving me my first look at her teenaged panties. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Just a glimpse of white between her legs but still pretty sexy. I shot two pictures of Doreen showing her panties and then I asked her to remove her sweater. She kind of gritted her teeth but, knowing she’d agreed to this, she reluctantly pulled her sweater up and then off. She wore a white bra underneath. I shot a few shots of her bra encased tits and my cock began to harden at the expected sight of her barely clad body!I moved up right next to her and began to fiddle with the straps of her bra and, being so close to her, I stole another kiss…and then another. Doreen and I were soon embracing and I began to whisper into her ear: “Let’s get your bra off now…please?” I didn’t wait for an answer, I just moved my hands behind her and attempted to unsnap her bra strap. It was harder than I thought it would be! Finally Doreen laughed and reached behind her and undid the clasp. I eagerly pulled off her bra and gasped when I saw her beautiful young tits in all their glory! Honestly, there’snothing quite like the sight of nice firm eighteen year old tits…right in your face. I wanted to suck Doreen’s delicate pink nipples but I knew this wasn’t part of the plan for the day.So I moved to the camera and began to shoot some Peek-a-book shots of Doreen smiling and trying, not too hard, to keep her nipples from my eyes. At one point, I was standing right in front of her when she apparently noticed my now fully erect penis striving to escape my jockey shorts. “Hmmm! What’s this?” She asked as she softly fondled my cock through my underpants.”That’s your new friend.” I told her. “He’d like to get to know you better!”Now it was time for Doreen to remove her skirt and she really didn’t require too much persuasion to undo the zipper and slide out of her skirt. Now Doreen was dressed only in her waist high schoolgirl panties. I took a long leisurely look at my model now. Doreen Simpson, almost naked. A gold cross hanging around her neck by a gold chain, her gorgeous tits each pointing a different direction and just her white panties covering her sweet young pussy. Yes, I took a lot of pictures of Doreen in different poses and even managed to get her to kneel on the sofa so I could shoot her ass from the rear. Boy! She did a great job of filling out those panties!Finally I set the camera down and approached her. I took Doreen into my arms and began to kiss her again, fully expecting a romantic interlude to take place now. We were both wearing very little and she seemed to welcome my advances all along. The incredible feel of her soft warm body pressing against mine energized me and I reached for the waistband of her panties, hoping to pull them down.”Not my panties!” She moaned, “You promised I wouldn’t have to take off my panties!””I, I know but…” She didn’t give me a chance to finish.”Listen, we agreed that you could photograph me in my panties and this is as far as I’m willing to go. I’m a nice girl Jeff, I can’t just let you strip me all naked!”Of course I was disappointed but not ready to give up yet. “Well, could we ‘Modify’ your panties a bit?” I asked.”What do you mean?” “Well, it would be highly erotic and artistic if we were to cut the waistband off a couple of inches so more of your beautiful body would show. You’re so pretty Doreen! i’ve never seen such a beautiful girl as you!” Yes, I was laying it on thick but sometimes flattery will get you somewhere.She never really said yes, but the next thing I knew I had a pair of scissors and was cutting a good three inches all around Doreen’s waist. When I’d finished she was dramatically exposed! Not only did her panties not cover as much as they had before but, without the elastic waistband they were going to fall off the minute she stood up!”Gee whiz Jeff,” She began, “I don’t know…” But I was up and camera ready and convinced Doreen to pose on the sofa with her legs open and her seriously compromised panties barely covering her pussy. Some of her golden pubic hair was showing now and I approached her in an attempt to open her legs even further. I placed both palms on the inner portion of Doreen’s thighs and gently prodded them apart. I could now smell her feminine scent as she was becoming aroused by the whole incident.I focused the camera a shot two very close in photos youwin güvenilir mi of Doreen’s barely covered pussy. I then pulled up on what was left of her panties and managed to bring the little division she had there into view.”Oh please Jeff!” She wailed, “Don’t make me show my pussy!””You don’t have to honey!” I reassured her. “I just want to take sexy photos. The whole point is they’re supposed to be erotic and provoke a reaction!””Well,” Doreen pointed to my now unmistakable hard on, “I seem to be getting a reaction!”Sometimes in this life, you have to go for it and, at that point, I did. I set down the camera and climbed onto the sofa right on top of Doreen. I gathered her in my arms and kissed her for all I was worth, reaching down for the skimpy panties and softly touching them.”C’mon Doreen,” I begged, “Let me take off your panties…just for a minute. Please?””No! Not my panties! I can’t let you take off my panties! I’m a nice girl!”Well, we continued kissing and I kept trying to slip my fingers into Doreen’s panties but she wouldn’t let me. Then, I decided to try a different approach. I told hold of her hand and brought it to my crotch and then slipped it into my undershorts. Doreen just said “Oh” and then grasped my penis in her hand. My cock jumped at the feel of her soft warm hand and she giggled at my reaction.”Just rub it a little Doreen.” I asked, “You don’t have to take off your panties honey.”Still stroking my prick Doreen responded, “I don’t? I don’t have to take off my panties for you Jeff? Cause then my pussy would be all bare and you could do whatever you wanted with me, you know””But, we’re friends aren’t we Doreen? I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want me too. I know you’re a nice girl and you aren’t quite ready to show me your pussy but…but, could we just do something?””Like what?” Doreen answered. As she spoke, she began to tug my underpants down my legs. I adjusted my position to allow her to take my undershorts off leaving me naked.”Could I, could I just rub my penis on your panties just a little bit, and then we’ll stop.” Well I’d said it and, having just pulled off my final garment, it would be awkward for Doreen to say no now.”Well, okay but just for a minute.” She finally agreed.Doreen then laid back on the sofa cushions and spread her legs well apart in an unmistakeable sexual invitation. Her skimpy panties offered little protection but I got another crazy idea.”Could I just modify your panties a bit more first Doreen?” I moved up over her and began to touch her nipples with my fully erect cock as I waited for her response.”No jeff,” She said, let’s just try it like we are now first.” That didn’t really sound like a “No” but I eagerly moved up between her widespread legs and delicately touched my steaming cockhead to Doreen’s waiting panties and then slid it up on down her pussylips.”Oh don’t take off my panties!” Doreen needlessly begged, “Oh please don’t take off my panties! They’re all I have to cover up my little pussy! Not my panties, please don’t take off my panties!”I grunted as I heard her lewd request and then stabbed my cockhead right to the quick of her. Right into Doreen’s barely protected pussyhole. I managed to lodge most of the head into her soft cotton panties as she moaned in protest beneath me.”Jeff, don’t fuck me! You promised!” Meanwhile she reached down and took hold of my cock to prevent my from burying into her now well lubricated pussy.”Well then can I modify your panties some more?” I asked.I think Doreen was looking for any excuse to prevent my complete penetration of her vagina and so she nodded her head “Yes.””You’ll have to remove your panties for me to do this modification.” I told her. I knew Doreen wouldn’t do that in front of me so I pointed her to the bathroom just by the kitchen door. Doreen walked saucily into the bathroom and, moments later, handed out her already seriously compromised panties. I was using the scissors to remove even more fabric when Doreen called out from inside the bathroom, “Jeff, my pussy is bare! I’m all naked in here!” I could tell Doreen was getting a thrill out of teasing me and then the bathroom door opened just a crack so I could hand Doreen her panties.There was a slight delay while Doreen put her panties back on and then I heard her complain…”My goodness Jeff, why, there’s almost nothing left of perabet them!””I’m ready with my camera Doreen.” I answered. “Let’s get some sexy shots now. This is the whole point isn’t it?” And, in a way, it was. I wanted to shoot sexy photos and I had to get Doreen sexed up to accomplish this. She was as ready as she would ever be. I’d managed to cut off some of the leg bands leaving only about one inch of cotton fabric to cover her pussy. Doreen knew when she exited the bathroom how much of her virgin nudity she was going to have to show.I took her hand and gently led her to the sofa where I posed her with her legs well apart and only a tiny strip of white cloth covering her vaginal split. She looked away when I shot the picture but I made her look for the second shot. There she was, Doreen Simpson with virtually all of her pussy showing for my camera. Then, she shocked me. Doreen took the frayed legband of her panties and pulled it to one side completely exposing her pussy to me and my camera! Oh, it was soft and pink and glistening with moisture as she showed me all she had. Well, almost all she had. I then asked her to kneel as she had earlier and she moved to her knees on the cushions. Her gorgeous ass was now on display! I shot several photos of Doreen looking back at me with her fleshy ass cheeks exposed to the camera. I then approached her and began to pull down what was left of her panties so I could photograph her never before seen asshole!”No Jeff! Don’t take off my panties! You can…you can rub your cock on my panties back there but don’t take them off! It’s not nice for you to see me nude!”I moved up behind her and gently nudged Doreen’s legs a bit further apart. I then began to probe her anal crevice until I located the tiny dimple of her asshole. I lodged my cockhead right in there with just the flimsy fabric of Doreen’s panties preventing me from sodomizing her. I then reached down and softly caressed her pussy through her panties as I spoke.”I won’t take off your panties Doreen.” I told her, “I’m a gentleman and I respect your right as a woman to decide if and when you will have sex.”All the while I teased Doreen’s pussy and continued to apply pressure to her asshole.”Not back there Jeff!” She complained. “Don’t fuck my asshole! Please, don’t fuck me back there! Just rub my panties until you come! Don’t pull my panties off and fuck me in the asshole!”I tugged the crotch of her little white cotton panties to one side and then slid my cockhead up and down the lips of Doreen’s exposed pussy until it was good and lubricated. Then, I brought it up to her now exposed anus and touched it to the tiny puckered hole.”Oh, go slow Jeff! She begged, “I’m a virgin back there!”I began to push forward as I reassured her: “I won’t take off your panties Doreen! I won’t take them off. I won’t take dirty pictures of your bare pussy and asshole.” Meanwhile, I slid all of my overstimulated cock directly into Doreen’s vainly resisting asshole! All the way in! She continued to beg me to go slow but I couldn’t help myself. I began to bury every centimeter of my big cock right in her lewdly exposed asshole while hr fingers found her pussy. I could feel Doreen pleasuring herself as I fucked her in the asshole. She was moaning in pleasure now and I wish I could’ve lasted longer but all that panty teasing had me on the brink as soon as I achieved penetration.Sensing that the end was near, Doreen repeated that phrase that has stuck in my inner core fore the past fifty years: “Don’t take off my panties Jeff! Oh please! don’t pull down my panties and look at my bare pussy! I’m a nice girl Jeff!”My cock jerked at her lewd words and I began to come. I jerked my cock free of Doreen’s well fucked asshole and began to spit hot streams of sperm onto what was left of her panties as she continued to babble on: “Oh come on my panties Jeff! Aw that’s it! give me all you have…right on my panties!I was quick to comply and soon we were embracing on the sofa in the afterglow of a wild sexual union. I honestly hadn’t even heard of anal sex at that time…but I think Doreen had. I came to understand in the weeks that followed that she wasn’t exactly goody two shoes. When we developed the spicy photos in the darkroom together, one kiss led to another and soon I was fondling her panties and she was stroking my cock. No, we didn’t fuck in there with the rest of the class just on the other side of the door, but she managed to get me to come by jerking my cock while whispering in my ear “Not my panties Jeff…Don’t take off my panties, you can touch my panties but don’t go inside and feel up my little bare pussy! And don’t you dare touch my asshole!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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