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ivy league ch 2″Umm… well,” he hesitated only for a moment because he had his side of the story already figured out. He realized it would come to this, so he had a plan in mind. “Your son insisted that he come to the concert with us, even though we warned him to follow your rules. On the way to the concert he got pulled over for speeding. The cop searched your car and found his d**gs.””My son doesn’t do d**gs! He said those were yours!” she exclaimed.”Sorry, but he’s just trying to lay the blame on someone else,” he replied smugly.”How dare you accuse my son of being a liar,” she said angrily.”Didn’t your son tell you he was going to our school’s basketball game, instead of truthfully telling you he was going to the concert? I’d say he’s a liar,” he said, which only made her more angry because he did have a point.”Well that wasn’t his stuff,” she said less convincingly”Well it wasn’t mine or Ben’s. Maybe it’s yours? It was in your car after all. You’re just trying to lay the blame on me to save your own ass,” he replied. This caused the housewife to gasp. One of her big fears was that she would be accused for the d**gs. Her reputation as a mother would surely be ruined.”It certainly was not mine, young man!” she said defiantly.”Look, I like Danny and you a lot,” he said changing to a more compassionate tone. “How about instead of arguing over the phone, you come over to my house and we figure something out. There has to be some kind of story we can come up with to diffuse this whole situation. My mom is staying with her boyfriend this weekend, so I’m here alone.”Even though Becca despised this 18 year-old boy, he had a point. They needed to come up with a solution, and arguing over the phone was not going to get anywhere. She just wanted this whole thing to go away as quick as possible.”OK, fine,” she said in a defeated tone. “I’m coming over right now.”Mike hung up his cell phone and pumped his fists in the air. He couldn’t believe his luck that the MILF of his dreams was coming over out of desperation. He knew how much stock Danny’s parents put into his future, and he felt like he was holding the cards. He was going to try and use this to his advantage.Becca slipped on her sandals and headed upstairs to tell her son she had to go run a few errands. She definitely didn’t want to alarm him that she was going over to Mike’s to sort out this mess. She told him to watch over his brother and sister, who were still sleeping.Mike’s house was a short drive for Becca. He lived in a small duplex with his mom. He had older siblings not living at home, and his father was living on the other side of the country.Becca knocked her little hand on the door. Mike opened it and blatantly looked her body up and down. She couldn’t look him in the eyes.”My, you look ravishing,” he said escorting her in. “Step into my office.”He led her to his bedroom. She immediately noticed pictures of nude magazine models all over his walls. He also had some rather foul and vulgar posters too. His room was unkempt and had an awkward stench.”Have a seat,” he said politely, pointing her to a faded-orange sofa in his room, opposite of the bed.”Your mother allows you to have these kinds of pictures on your walls?” she asked disgustedly, while flattening down her dress and taking a seat.”I’m 18 years-old, I can do what I please,” he said. “Do you like them?”She ignored his question and went straight to the point.”So what are we going to do about this mess? Danny claims the d**gs are yours,” she said. She was surprised when Mike sat down next to her on the couch and put his arm up behind her. She scooted as far over as she could while crossing her legs away from him.”As the facts stand, they’re your d**gs or Danny’s d**gs. They’re not mine,” he said. “But I’m willing to take the fall because Danny has such a bright future, and getting kicked out of our school would be disastrous for your family and him.”Becca was shocked. This is exactly what she wanted – Mike to confess.”Well… wow… I must say that I appreciate it. But aren’t you concerned about getting kicked out of school?””I’m close to graduating, and my uncle is the dean,” he said eyeing the hot blonde’s legs that were exposed without hose on. “How the hell else do you think I got into this school in the first place? I have connections, and I can use them to my advantage.”Becca did indeed remember hearing that his uncle was Dean Brantly. “So… you are going to confess that they are your d**gs? I have the officer’s phone number if you want to call right now and tell him you are coming down there.””I can do that, but it’s going to cost you,” he said reaching down with his hand and placing it on her thigh, right at the bottom of her dress, which was riding several inches up above her knees.”Cost me what?” she asked while pushing his hand off her thigh.”C’mon Mrs. Palmer, you don’t really expect me to take the heat for türkçe bahis this without getting anything in return?””What do you want in return?” she asked naively.”How about you start by taking your dress off?” He gave her a sly grin and reached his hand over to the zipper on the back of her dress. He began to tug it down.”You pig!” she exclaimed standing up, resisting the urge to slap him. “How dare you speak to me like that!”Mike let out a laugh. “Look Mrs. Palmer, I’m willing to keep this conversation between us, and whatever happens will be our secret.””Nothing is going to happen!” she said glaring at him while he remained seated. “I thought we could talk like adults and work something out, but since you are choosing to be immature I will just have to get the cops involved. I’m sure they can prove Danny is innocent.”She turned around and headed for the door. She didn’t realize he had unzipped her dress halfway down her back exposing her bra strap.”Stop,” he said. She paused at the door and turned around to face him, clearly upset as he continued. “You’re being too emotional. You need to stop and think what’s at stake here. I’m not out to hurt you, so take a deep breath and come sit back down so we can talk. I don’t think your realize the PR nightmare your son and family are going to have to deal with.””Ok fine,” she said taking a deep breath and walking back towards the couch to sit down. “I will stay here and talk to you, but don’t think I’m going to do anything of the sexual nature.”She sat down and again crossed her legs away from him. She sat as far away from him on the couch as possible, but he scooted towards her anyways. She was so disgusted by him that she couldn’t look him in the eyes. While she looked to the opposite side of the room, she noticed several old department store catalogues she used to pose in. They were spilled out on the nightstand next to his bed. Then she looked up and saw above the nightstand actual pictures of her cut out and taped to the wall. Most of the pictures were from a summer issue when she posed in various bikinis.”Mrs. Palmer, you have to remember that my uncle is the dean. Danny will surely be expelled for this. I know his dream is to go to an Ivy League school. You can kiss that goodbye. What will your two young k**s think of all of this? Surely they will hear that mommy had pot and cocaine found in her car.””You are such an asshole,” she said sadly. “I can’t believe you would take pleasure in seeing Danny’s future ruined.””I don’t take pleasure in it,” he said scooting even closer to her. He put his arm up behind her on the couch and put his other hand back on her thigh. This time he moved his hand up a few inches under the hem of her dress. “That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to make it all go away.””Don’t touch me,” she scolded while quickly removing his hand, but she didn’t get up this time.”I have been in love with you ever since I laid eyes on you, and I want to make love to you so bad,” he said. “Just think, this whole nightmare can go away painlessly, and nobody would ever know what happened.””In your dreams. Those catalogues next to your bed are the closest you will ever get to me,” she said looking away from him. She was trying to think of a way she could repay him, but her mind was drawing blanks. The teenager being so close to her on the couch was flustering her and she couldn’t think straight. Surprisingly she was a bit flattered that he hung up her modeling pictures, considering all of the other sexy women he had posted to his walls.”Don’t think that you can prove they are my d**gs, because they’re not, and by the time you get detectives involved the damage will already be done to your reputation,” he said in a convincing tone. Mike reached his hand back down, this time lightly pulling the hem of her dress up her thigh. His other hand moved back to the zipper and tugged it down further. “And your husband’s reputation will be tarnished. Isn’t he involved with a lot of charities? What about your church? I’m sure they would not be happy that you and your son are d**ggies.”Becca started to shed tears and instead of pushing his hand off her leg this time, she put her hands up to her face to sob. Mike pulled the dress up all the way to her panties, so that he could look down at the prize between her succulent thighs. Once he got the zipper all of the way down the back of her dress, he brought his hand down to his pants and opened them. His cock was so unbelievably hard that he had to get it out of his pants before it hurt him.”I can pay you money,” Becca said between her sobs, coming to grips with the current predicament. “I just want this to go away right now. Please, just turn yourself in.”Mike took her pleading as a victory and he knew he had her exactly where he hoped to have her.”I don’t want your money,” he said. “I already told you I want your dress on the güvenilir bahis siteleri floor.” She sobbed a couple more times, while he inspected her panty-covered crotch. She was trying to find some kind of solution to grab on to, but couldn’t. This made her frustrated to the point where she caved in.”OK,” she mumbled. “I will do what you want, just make this nightmare go away. I love Danny and my family so much and I would sacrifice anything for them.”She wiped her eyes with her hands. She knew this young man has no compassion, and there was no sense in trying to fight him. She just wanted everything to go back to normal.”I’m not going to hurt you,” he said pulling his cock out of his pants. “Just remember you are helping your family, and I’m sure if you try not to think negatively about it, you will actually enjoy it.”After she wiped her eyes she realized his cock was out. “Oh my,” she said immediately looking away and putting her head back into her hands. He was right though – she just needed to be tough and get through this. Being upset wasn’t going to accomplish anything. Just try not to think about it, she thought.With that, she pulled her hands away from her face and stood up. She turned to face him and pulled the dress down over her arms. Because it hugged her body, she had to tug it down her hourglass figure, over her perky tits and over her c***d-bearing hips.”Oh God you are so hot!” Mike said as he slowly rubbed his cock while watching the mother of three pull her dress down. She bent forward to pull it down past her knees, and her big tits looked ready to flop out of the bra cups, only two feet in front of him. Once it hit the floor, she stepped out of it and stood patiently in front of the boy while his eyes roamed her entire body.”Take that bra off Mrs. Palmer and show me those tits I’ve waited so long to see,” he said. Some drool formed on the side of his mouth as he slowly jerked his cock.”Ugh, you disgust me!” she said not being able to look at him. She wanted this to get over as soon as possible, so she reached up and pulled each bra strap down off her shoulders, one after the other. Then she reached behind her back and unsnapped the bra.The bra fit her tits so comfortably that it was ejected after being unfastened. It immediately popped off her chest and her nipples sprang free. The bra fell down her arms and on to the floor.”Oh fuck!” Danny said as he got his first look at the mother’s tits he has jerked off about hundreds of times. Her pink nipples were considerably larger than he expected; the areolas the size of poker chips. Her tan lines caused a stark contrast between her sun-tanned body and her milky-white breasts, capped by beautiful pink nipples that perked up. There was only a hint of sag, and Mike certainly could tell that these puppies were real.Becca knew she put a lot of hard work into maintaining her body, so the result was a strong comfort level with it. Growing up, girls were always incredibly jealous of her hot body and large breasts, so she always felt good looking at her nude form in the mirror. Now, she naturally had a confident stance as she posed in front of this perverted teenager, and in the back of her mind she hoped he liked what he saw. Becca kept telling herself not to think about what she was doing, and any negative thought that crossed her mind, she reminded herself that she was helping her son’s future.”Very nice,” he barely said with his eyes as wide as saucers. His eyes trailed down her body from her breasts down to her panties. She noticed where he was now looking, so she figured what was coming next.”You know what’s next,” he said nodding towards her crotch. She hoped it wouldn’t have come to this, but she knew he wouldn’t stop without getting her completely naked. She again told herself she was doing this for her family and tried to put it behind her mind.Becca hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pushed them down her thighs. Her blonde bush was now exposed, and it appeared to be only lightly trimmed. He didn’t expect anything less from the conservative mother of three.Her panties hit the floor and she stepped out of them. She now stood naked a couple of feet in front of the perverted teenager, wearing only earrings, a necklace, and her diamond wedding ring.”Come over here and have a seat,” he said scooting over and patting the cushion next to him. She sat down and couldn’t help but look at his cock that he was stroking. His pants were down around his ankles. Mike was surprised how comfortable she was with her naked form. She was a natural beauty, he thought.He reached his hand up and cupped her cheek, pulling her face towards him as he moved in to kiss her. She was not enthusiastic, but she didn’t resist as he lewdly stuck his tongue in her mouth. They smacked lips together and their tongues intertwined. Becca figured she should just try güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to get this over as quick as possible, so she kissed him back.”mmmpphh,” Mike moaned into her mouth as he made out with the hot blonde wife. He reached down with both hands and started to fondle her big tits, which caused her to lie back on the couch. He was not being gentle, instead aggressively kneading her breasts and pulling on her nipples. He continued to attack her mouth with his tongue.Before long, Mike had moved his lips from her mouth to one of her nipples. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and filled it with her breast. He sucked on it greedily while his other hand fondled her other breast.He released a breast from his mouth while it made a plopping sound, so that he could flick her big nipple with his tongue. He then moved to her other breast and did the same thing, before sucking on it again. He sucked and licked them for several minutes.”Oh god,” he exclaimed pulling away from her. “I’m so hard I can’t take it anymore.”He stood up in front of her while she sat naked on the couch looking up at him. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it across the room, and then he stepped out of his pants and underwear that were down around his ankles, so that he was now naked too.”Come here,” he said standing straight in front of her with his hard cock pointed right at her. She knew that he had a bigger penis than her husband by just looking at it.Becca started to get up off the couch, but Mike put his hands down and grabbed the back of her head causing her to sit back down. He didn’t hesitate to guide her face to his throbbing prick.Realizing what he wanted, she quickly turned her head away, and his cock missed her mouth, instead stabbing her in the cheek. Although she had her eyes closed and her faced turned away, she remained seated right in front of him and allowed him to hold her head.Mike grabbed on to the base of his prick while his other hand continued to hold her head. This allowed him to rub his dick along her cheek. The sensation was incredible as he rubbed all over the soft skin of her face.”Oh fuck, Mrs. Palmer, that feels good,” he said still rubbing his cock on her cheek.”You’re a pig!” she sneered, but she still didn’t resist. He then rubbed the tip of his cock over her closed eyelids. Becca kept her eyes closed and tried not to think about what was happening. It was hard because he now put his balls up to her nose and mouth, slapping his dick on her forehead. The sweaty smell caused her to gasp and pull back.Mike’s cum was boiling and ready to explode, so he aimed his cock towards her mouth and pulled her head towards him. He pressed the tip to her closed lips. She opened her eyes and gave him a pleading look to stop, but he just grinned at her and rubbed his cock-head along her lips.”C’mon Mrs. Palmer, suck my cock, and then I will turn myself in,” he said. Tears formed in her eyes as she realized the adultery she was about to commit.To his surprise, she reached up with both hands and took hold of his pole. She opened her mouth and moved her head forward. The hot mom didn’t wait to start sucking on her son’s friend’s cock, hoping to get it over as soon as possible.”Ohhh, fuck,” Mike groaned as the woman of his dreams started sucking him off. He took his hand off her head and brushed her blonde bangs behind her ears so that he could witness her submission. She bobbed back and forth on his shaft while her small hands remained on the base of it. The diamond rock on her wedding band sparkled as she held a cock that didn’t belong to her husband.Becca rarely gave her husband blow jobs, but she certainly knew how to do it. Even though she was repulsed by sucking the teen’s cock, she blew him as she would her husband because she didn’t know how to do it otherwise. She just tried to think about something else as she committed the adultery.Mike had been so close to cumming before he had his cock in the wife’s mouth that it was no surprise he didn’t last long. Just as Becca was getting into a deep rhythm, taking as much into her mouth as she could, he grabbed the back of her head and let his cock explode in her mouth, forcing her to swallow.”Ahhhggggghhhh,” he groaned as the explosion began. Becca opened her eyes as she felt cum shoot into the back of her throat. She had never swallowed before in her life until now.”OOOhhhhh… God… shit…” the young man moaned as he emptied his balls into the hot mom’s mouth. Squirt after squirt fired into her throat as she swallowed for dear life. The sensation was the greatest thing he had ever experienced.”Oh yeah, take all that shit,” he moaned. The cock explosion was almost over when Becca finally gagged. He let go of her head and allowed her to remove his prick from her mouth. She gagged again and coughed, looking down at the floor. The last of his semen squirted onto her face until he was all out.”aaaahhhh… that was fucking amazing,” he said, reaching down to pick up her panties so that he could wipe his cock off. Becca sat back on the couch and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She then grabbed the panties from him and wiped her messy face.

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