Jean Comes Out 1

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Jean Comes Out 1Second segment of Jean Comes outPeter and PaulThe years passed rapidly. Babies, boys to near young men in a flash.Herbie’s twin boys, Peter and Paul were nearly identical. Paul had brown hair, Peter red, Paul was more business like, Peter more the player. Paul was a miniature HS and Peter a mini Herbie. They knew that they were an accidental pregnancy, but they were loved and wanted. They were closer to Jean. She was always there, as Herbie sometimes worked 2 jobs supporting them. HS who they called Papa spoiled them also. He was always the “stand in” for their activities. Finding him in their home at any hour wasn’t unusual, until they grew to understand that HS was fucking Jean.They had seen them wrestling. Seen her constantly sitting on HS’s lap. Seen her often laying her head in his lap. Things changed when Peter noticed that every time Jean got off his lap, HS’s cock was out? Also that every time they wrestled, Jean wore a dress or skirt. It was always caught between them rolled back and she didn’t wear panties? At the time, they both had seen her nude. Not having reached puberty, she was just naked to them. Yet Peter noticed that her cunt hair was soaked in something white. Her cunt lips were slightly open and she had a chlorine like scent, when HS was around. It was a few more years before they figured things out. When they did, they also knew that they had to have her also. Their chance came when Herbie went to assist HS during a 2 day trade show, out of state. That day was a perfect late summer day. Warm, bright with a refreshing breeze. Jean and the boys had ate, being early morning, she wore an old, faded sleep gown. Under it, only a pair of full sized Granny panties. They had joked with her calling her “Granny” telling her they could see her “bloomers”. She swatted Peter on his head saying, “don’t look”. It was then she noticed that something was different about the twins. She was standing in glass door, just checking conditions when she noticed their reflection on the door. It occurred that they were actually looking “through” her. She reached behind to scratch her back. Each scratch lifted the hem of her gown. She knew she wasn’t exposing anything, but their heads bounced with the lift of her gown. She smirked to herself think that they had seen her a million times but now they were actually “looking” and checking her out. Jean returned to their kitchen and started washing dishes. The boy usually left; but not this time. Setting a shiny metal bowl in the drying tray, she could see behind her. They were avidly watching her, whispering between themselves. She washed another metal bowl and accidentally dropped it. Bending to pick it up, she watched them in it’s reflection. She knew her whole pantie covered ass was showing. Their heads lowered following her ass until she stood. “Oh fuck she thought, they have hit puberty and I’m pussy”!Herbie had warned her to be more “careful” around them. He told her that when a boy hits puberty, pussy is pussy. They eat, sleep, live to get it and all pussy is fair game. She told him that what he was saying is that they will fuck her. He replied, “yes”. She asked, what was she to do? Herbie told her to do whatever she thought best. Jean finished the dishes and left the kitchen. Laughing to say, “going to shower this Granny away. I can’t believe y’all talked about my Granny panties”.Walking into their family room, she found Peter there alone. He had showered and changed into a “wife beater” shirt and baggy, loose leg nylon shorts. He told her that Paul had left with their neighbor James and would be back in an hour. Jean wore a multicolored “tent” dress, a pull over that just hung loosely. It was one she had modified. It hung to only mid karaman escort thigh. If she sat she exposed her cunt, if she wasn’t very careful, any bend at all, showed her ass. It was actually a “play dress” modified for HS. It was convenient and it’s colors hid wetness and cum. The panties she wore were special also. They were High Cut, one size larger than she wore, which left the leg openings gaped loose. A cock slid into the gap easily.Standing before him, she grabbed his shoulders and shook him saying, “k**, I ain’t no Damned Granny”. Laughing, Peter grabbed her shoulders saying, “I ain’t no k**”. They pushed and pulled laughing hard. Peter was watching her tit’s swinging and bouncing. His cock crept down his leg. He gave her twist causing her to flop on the couch beside him. Her dress flew back as her leg fell against the backrest leaving her thighs opened. He glanced down to see her panties twisted and stretching a leg opening wide. The bottom third of her hairy cunt was in full view.He hesitated for several seconds, then crawled over her saying, “wrestle? You can’t beat me”. She was pushing against him, twisting beneath him, her cunt rubbing against covered cock. The tussle uncovered his cock, the leg of his shorts stretched above it’s shaft, his balls lay in the gap between her thigh and leg opening. His cock stretched past laying on her panties, almost to her waist band. She was still laughing and hunching upward as if to throw him off. She dropped her pelvis, his cock dropped with her. As his cock head slid down her panties, she hunched upward again, as it got close to her cunt hole keeping him out. Jean said, “careful, Peter”. She felt his cock throb, then dropped down again. This time she stopped as the head touched her wet cunt hole and didn’t move.Peters hips shot forward. Jeans warm wetness engulfed him. In 3 seconds he said, “did I”. She cut him off saying, “yes”. She felt him lifting of her. She wrapped her thighs around him as he was saying, “sorry”. She was looking in his young eyes and replied, “why”? He couldn’t answer, his breath was caught as his cock erupted. His balls spat a wad and he grunted. Grunt after grunt after grunt, until he was loudly groaning while throwing his last slow dribble. He eased his weight down on her. Jean was kissing his side cheek, whispering, “it’s alright. You didn’t do anything that I didn’t want also”. He lifted his head as if to say something, no words came out. As he peered into her eyes, his cock surged and squirted again, one shot. His mouth trembled as he squirted another shot. Jean said, “Get it out. Shoot that cum. Baby boy, I have you”. Peter fired his thinning cum, 3 more times before he laid back on her. He heard her say, “Better”?Minutes later, they sat side by side. She told him not to tell Paul, he would come to her in his own way and time. She added that Paul was also so competitive that he needed to think, he got to her first. Peter agreed and told her that they had figured out that she was fucking HS. She told him, it’s OK but neither of them should ever tell Herbie or HS. If that happened, she would tell them. He replied, Ok. She gave him a hug saying, “let me clean up before Paul comes back”. He told her that Paul loves to see her in her tight denim skirt. “Panties”, she asked? “The yellow ones with the lace waist band, he can see right through them” he replied.Jean quickly showered, dressed in a strapless tube top with the skirt and panties. She laid her plans for Paul’s seduction as they awaited his return. He was running late and Peter had gotten horny again. Jean noticed his rising cock. Once again she laid back on the couch, pulling her pantie crotch to the side she said, “Come on, you just need to cum inside escort karaman me. Peter was inside her in seconds. She told him to slow his breathing and stroke slow. In only 3 strokes, he was done. He raised up and as he sat back, and said, “wow”!Paul finally came home. He saw Jean and gave Peter a thumbs up. Peter told him that he was way behind and needed to catch up. Tine passed, they both peeped Jean. Peter swore that he almost saw into her pussy seam, but the panties kept it closed. Evening was falling, getting hungry, Jean ordered Pizza. She sat folding tables up, 2 at the couch, one at the over sized chair for herself. The one for herself jammed and set slanted. She squatted down with her skirt riding up, exposing her lower ass cheeks. The pale yellow panties drew tight, seeming to fade away to only leg bands. Her compressed cunt hair showed through, a dark shadow just peeping between her legs.Paul nudged Peter saying, “Dude, I’m going to get that”. The Pizza arrived as they sat and ate the boys peered under Jeans skirt. She was sitting on the edge of her seat, knees open, ankle crossed. Paul whispered again saying, “I’m going to eat that too”. Peter replied, “yeah, me too. We saw it in the movies”. They laughed so hard they had to stop chewing. Jean said, “ what’s so funny? Don’t tell me you’re making Granny jokes again”? Paul said, “you? certainly not. We were laughing about about eating” and in a low whisper he added, “you”.They finished eating. The boys were watching a cable event Jean wasn’t interested. She sat reading a book. After several minutes, she turned threw her legs over the arm of her seat. Her skirt had slid back almost to her pantie line. The boys were nudging legs. Needing more light, she stretched her arm behind her and turned on a lamp. More of her side ass cheek came into view. She was really into reading and 15 minutes later, She raised her legs, placed her feet against the arm and propped her book against her legs. They could plainly see the underside of both legs, with q dark patch of cunt mound between them.Jean read a while longer, then swung her legs off the seat saying, “boys I think I’m going to have a drink and don’t tell Herbie”. Paul was quick to answer that she should. She made her way to the liquor cabinet, searched the top shelves. Squatted down again showing her ass and digging out bottles. Not finding the one she wanted, she got on her knees, reached in deep with her complete ass now showing and took 30 seconds before she said, “Gotcha” and gleefully laughed. The boys were leaned in her direction and had taken it all in. She returned to sit the bottle on her tray and left to get her a glass. Paul quickly read the bottle, 110% Pure Kentucky Moon Shine. He beat on Peters leg whispering “that will knock her out”! What he didn’t know was only the bottle cork had scent. Inside was only cheap, weak wine. It was a gag gift. Peter knew Jean’s plan was in full stage.Jean had poured a drink, took a sip, coughed twice, saying it was stronger than she remembered. She finished the first shot quickly. She poured another. Sipped it slowly, with a far away look in her eyes. Paul whispered that she was getting drunk. Jean was sitting with her thighs spread wide, sipping as in a daze. Paul slid off the couch, sat on the floor and turned his head in her direction. He tugged on Peters leg urging him to slid down. He did.They both sat looking into her pantie crotch. Paul whispered, “I’m going to get that tonight, I hope you’re ready for it”. They chatted about their view when suddenly Jean’s hand came down and scratched her inner thigh. Paul hissed! Her thighs had spread wider allowing her hand in, the leg opening of her pantie slid over and caught in her cunt karaman escort bayan hair. Her hand went away. They sat viewing one side of her hairy labia. Paul said loudly to her, “how are you feeling”? Jean slurred, “great”! They both laughed as Paul whispered, “drunk”. Five minutes later she said, “gotta pee”. They watched as she struggled to her feet, made it to the hall bathroom. She raised her skirt, held on to the door knob, pulled her panties off, stepped out of them. Leaving them on floor, she went in closing the door. Paul and Peter were giving hand slaps before Paul ran over and collected her panties. They heard the commode flush as they stood outside the door. Paul helped her into her bedroom, laying her on the bed as Peter slid her skirt up. She was on her side. Lower leg straight, upper forward with her knee drawn up toward her chest. Her cunt in full view from behind.Peter and Paul took a minute to view her thoroughly. Peter told Paul if they were going to do this they had to agree to tell her tomorrow. Paul replied that they would and he felt she might be shocked but she loved them above all. Paul said, “me first” as he stripped nude and straddled her leg. His cock was so hard it slapped back against his stomach. He had to force it down to point it at her cunt. He touched her with his cock steadily drooling cum. He sunk it’s full length in her and grunted, “ah, ah, ah, ah, ah” and pulled his cum coated cock out saying, “now you”. Peter slid in her soaked hole and stopped. It took a minute for his cum to rise but then he chanted, “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” and d**g his dripping cock back out. Paul was back in her in seconds. He waited a minute and moaned, “um, um, um, um, umpffff”. He pulled out slowly this time, sucking air loudly. Paul got into position, he looked down at her cunt. It was covered in cum appearing like whipped cream. They had shot so much cum inside her that it was bubbling out on it’s own pressure. He pushed his cock against the wad and separating her cunt lips, it spurted. He sunk in again. His cock immediately sprayed into the gel he felt around him. He let go one long stream, moaning. He sat back saying, “break, gotta break”.Jean was laying and listening. They were saying how good her cunt was, what she felt like inside, giving her compliments she hadn’t heard spoken. She was having mixed feeling. Them wanting her warmed her heart but being filled by them was almost narcotic. Their cum was like an exotic d**g injection. Her cunt fed on it, giving her a euphoric high. It’s mass inside her felt like a warm gel. Folding in on itself, growing in mass until it found itself too large and oozed out of her. She heard them say, “lets turn her on her back”.Laying flat, they spread her thighs. Paul said, “we really filled her”. Peter went out, came back with a warm, wet hand towel and cleaned her up. They sat looking, opening and examining her closely. Paul said, “it’s pretty, a real one is so much better to see”. Peter was saying he was amazed of how they could have come out of her. Paul moved Peter over, dropped his head into her cunt and licked her tentatively. He then dropped his tongue into her slit and lapped deep into her. He lapped his way back up touching her clitoris and oils flooded her groove. He lapped her oils, then moved away saying, “you have to taste that, especially her slick oils”. Peter moved in, lapped deep, circled her clitoris and she came with a soft groan. Both boys froze, then Peter said, “I think she came”. He cupped his tongue, dug up some fluids, leaned back to say, “taste that”! Paul did and for minutes they talked about her sweet taste and how they planned to continue eating her. If they had looked at Jean, they would have seen her blushing.They fucked Jean repeatedly, in every position they could with her supposedly passed out. At 4am they lapped her cunt making sure they cleaned her. They undressed her and rag washed her body, redressed her and covered her up. They went to bed exhausted. .

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