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JennyI wrote this story a while ago and wanted to share it :)While I’m out at the store, Jenny, the girl who lives next door, comes over to see you. She comes over every now and then for girl talk which always end up with boys as the subject and you two have become close friends. She tells you she just turned 18 and her boyfriend’ birthday is next week. She says she has never let her boyfriend get past second base but for his present this year she wants to let him go all the way. She says she already started on the pill a few months ago to get ready for the special night. You tell her how excited you are for her.She asks you for a favor…”I am nervous Anita. I want to make sure everything is perfect that night. I have never had oral sex with a boy and I want to make sure he perfectly satisfied.”You ask her what you can do for her. She asks you to teach her some oral sex techniques she can use to make her boyfriend very happy. “Sure, come back here to the bedroom. I have an idea.” You say.You pull out some silk lingerie and hand her one. “Here, put this on to get in the mood.” You begin to change and watch her get undressed admiring her firm young body. She is short, a little bit chunky but her breasts have grown much larger over the past year and you tell her how beautiful she has become. She blushes, says thank you and tells you how hot you are looking in the silks you just put on.You tell her to lay on the bed while you pull out a dildo and bring it over to her. You lay next to her and let her hold it. “OK, first thing you need to do is get him hard. Take his cock and start licking and kissing it.” She starts licking the dildo. You find this so sexy and feel your pussy getting moist.“That’s great Jenny. Keep doing that. Now put the head into your mouth.” She does as told and starts to place it in her mouth. She pulls it out and hands it to you saying “Show me. I’m not quite sure I’m doing it right.” You türkçe bahis take it and start doing what you do best. You lick and suck it with passion. You look at Jenny and she has a smile on her face watching you. You both take turns with the dildo as she starts enjoying the lesson more and more.I arrive home and put the bags in the kitchen. I hear giggling coming from the bedroom and go to investigate. I walk in and see both of you on the bed laughing. Jenny is hiding something behind her back and is blushing. I say hi and tell you I am taking a shower. After I leave the room, Jenny says “That was close. I was afraid he was going to see what we were doing.” You laugh and say “He wouldn’t mind. Actually he would have liked it.”She says she is learning a lot but would like to make sure she got it right. You look at the bathroom door and say with an evil grin “Well Jenny, how would you like to see how much you’ve learned?” She says sure but how? You say “How would you like to practice on the real thing?” pointing to the bathroom door.You see her blush then says “WOW, I never thought of that. Are you sure?”“Yes, of course. If you are comfortable with that, you can practice all you want.” You see her nipples getting erect and you watch her start rubbing her pussy.“OK, lets do it” she says.I finish the shower and walk into the bedroom with my robe on. You two look at me and start giggling again. I start looking for clothes to put on and you say “Honey, can you help us with a project?”“Sure. What can I do for you ladies”“Come over here and sit down. I have to tell you something.”As I sit down, I feel your hand slip under my robe and grab my cock as you put you lips to my ear. “I need to borrow this for a little while.” You whisper. I ask when and you say “Right now. Lay down and be quiet. ”I lay down wondering what is going on. Jenny tells me you had been teaching her oral sex and she wants to see if she poker oyna can do it right. I smile and tell you both “Whatever I can do to help.”You say “Go ahead Jenny, have fun.”Jenny winks at you and places her hands on my legs. She moves the robe out of the way and starts to place gentile kisses on my cock. I feel my cock start growing as she continues kissing my cock and fondling my balls. I feel her warm breath as she begins to lick my shaft. Mmmmmmmm it feels so good.You sit next to her rubbing her back as you observe her. “That great Jenny, see it growing?”“Yes, I like that.” She replies. My cock continues to get harder as she licks up and down my shaft. She takes the head into her mouth and places her lips all the way around. She grips the base tightly with one hand as she begins to lick and suck my cock. Her other hand begins to finger herself. I tell her how beautiful she looks and she smiles.I can now see inside her silk clothing as she put her head down and see her breasts swinging. I reach underneath and place one of her erect nipples between my fingers. I roll it around and hear her moan.You watch as she seems to be enjoying herself licking and sucking me. You start rubbing your pussy as this is making you very wet. As watch her working over my cock you ask her if she knows what a 69 is.“Uh huh. May I?” she asks and you tell her to go ahead.She stands up and removes the silks. Her young body is glistening with sweat as she get back to the bed. She swings a leg over me and lowers her pussy. I lick her ass cheeks letting my tongue get closer to the edge of her pussy. Her mouth finds my cock again and she starts licking the head again. This drives my crazy but I continue to keep myself from erupting. Her juices are flowing and I see how turned on she is. Her pussy lips have opened up like a rose bud and her clit begins to expose itself.Her pussy barely has any hair on it as my tongue brushes bets10 lightly against it. She moans with a mouthful of me. I let my tongue find the edge of her pussy and let it slide inside her. She says “Oh my god!” and shakes as I feel a warm rush of sweet fluid cascade into my mouth. As she cums I grab her ass and pull her into my waiting mouth. Jenny convulses wildly as she grinds her pussy into my face. She pulls up when she’s finished and you lean over and give me a deep wet kiss.“Mmmmmm. Very tasty.” You say and she blushes again. “Thank you Anita. I didn’t know you liked that.”She winks at you as she takes me into her mouth again. She keeps trying to take me deeper every time. My tongue begins to explore her pussy, parting her lips with the tip of my tongue. As I my tongue explores her, she starts backing into my face in rhythm with my licking. I move my hips with her as she moves back and forth gently fucking her mouth on my cock.The pace quickens as she moans with every lick. I feel myself ready to explode. I find her clit, now swollen, and let my tongue clircle around it. My lips surround it while I tease the end with my tongue. She moans louder and louder as she reaches a second orgasm, drenching my face again. The sweet juices flow out her pussy as she starts to bob her head on my cock quicker and quicker. I place my hands on her head and tell her not to stop.As I approach orgasm, I put a finger inside her. She cums again as I explode. “I’m cumming! I say. Ahhhhh.”She pulls her lips off of my cock as I begin to shoot my cream all over her lips, chin and tits. She continues to jerk my cock, milking out all the cum inside.You move over and kiss her on the cheek. “That was beautiful Jenny. I give you an A+.” You begin to lick the spunk from her chin and she surprises you by giving you a deep erotic kiss. “I’ve always wanted to do that.” She says.“I didn’t know you liked girls too.” You say. She says her and her best friend had played around a few times and she always want you alone.I get up and tell her “Go ahead Jenny. Anita is all yours.”She smiles and places another kiss on your lips.To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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