????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly’s Sexual Healing

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????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly’s Sexual HealingHey gang! I’ve head about this amazing site so thought I’d share an amazing experience I’ve had with the gorgeous ????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly slut.After a couple of tours in Iraq (I’m a US marine) I returned to my hometown Detroit in a complete state of physical exhaustion. The docs told me about a new military hospital that was trying a brand new experimental procedure which was already having amazing results on ex-servicemen patients suffering my condition, so I signed up…I was put in a private, single ward and put immediately on the program that consisted of a series of injections of a new d**g that gives you back that energy and vitality you’ve lost. The only drawback is that it increases your libido several times by what is normal and you have to drain your balls completely every day and when you cum you cum in absolute buckets! No shit! Believe me!Because of the condition, some of us guys just don’t have the energy to do this for themselves and I was told about a bizarre ‘volunteer’ program and some chicks out there even signed up for it! Even some really hot fucking celebrities! WOW!I was given a list of celebrity names (or “cum-sluts” as they were referred to in the program). When I was in the Middle East I really developed a thing for Arabic women and, as fate would have it, the cable TV hook-up was showing a news program from TV-Dubai… and I saw her. Fuck, she was beautiful. I just pointed to the TV screen & told the doc I want her!They found out her name was ????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly but told me her name was not on the program as a volunteer. But I had to have her. I wanted her so fucking bad. My whole body ached for her. So the doc said he would see what he could do.After a few calls he came in and told me her employer liked all their employees to do some community volunteer work and thought a military hospital would be perfect for her. She wasn’t told what type of “work” it would be but I guess she’ll find out when she gets here, eh? Haha!The next day a nurse shook me to wake me up and said she had someone to meet me. My eyes adjusted to the light and there she was! ????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly! Right there standing in front of me! Dudes, you think she looks hot on the TV, you should see Escort Bayan her in person; the golden skin, big brown eyes, long black hair, those lips, those beautiful tits, that sexy killer body. Holy fuck!The nurse said she’s leave us to get acquainted so I patted the bed inviting her to sit on it. I asked her if she knew what she had volunteered for. She looked down, nodding, not looking too happy to be there. I asked her to tell me what she was there to be.”I don’t want to say it,” she said.”Please, honey. It won’t feel so bad once you’ve said it. I promise.”After some hesitation, and looking down and ashamed she said what I wanted to hear that sexy accent of hers say: “Cumslut.”Hearing her say that word made my cock stand straight up. On seeing this her eyes widened and she started to get up. I had my hand on her leg and kept her down saying, “It’s OK, baby. He just wants you to see how much he likes you.”I took her hand and slid it under the sheets to my cock and wrapped her fingers around my aching cock. Her first reaction was to try and jerk her hand away but I managed to calm her down telling her everything will be OK.I pulled down the bedsheets and when she saw the enormous size of my cock (another side-effect of the d**g) her eyes widened in shock and disbelief. I liked seeing her like this and suggested she used her other hand to cup my balls. just seeing her beautifully manicured hands with those slender fingers and long red nails was intense enough. Actually feeling it was out of fucking site!I felt the biggest load of my fucking life brewing in my balls. I decided one of us is going to a serious hosing and wear the stuff and it ain’t gonna be me! I slide my hand up her side to her shoulder and laid her down across my belly, facing my cock. I was going to cum! Jilnar sensed what was going to happen too and tried to get up – no fucking chance bitch! And then it happened. Fucking buckets and buckets of the stuff firing thick hot jets of semen like a fucking fire hose! No shit, I could actually hear the spurts hitting and splattering all over her face and clothes.After it was over, I let her up and thanked her like the gent that I am. Her hands, face, hair and clothes were completely covered in the Bayan escort fucking stuff! She looked like she’d been fucking swimming in cum! She left the room quickly without saying a word.The next day I was horny again. The nurse asked me if there was any celebrity I wanted and I said I want Jilnar again. She said she’s call the hotel and see if she left yet. Success! She found out that she managed to catch her just as she was about to go o the airport.Within an hour the gorgeous Arabic slut was back in my room again; looking even sexier (and more pissed off) than she was yesterday. Haha.At least this time she didn’t put up the same resistance and, within a couple of minutes of her arrival, her beautiful warm loving hands were stroking and caressing my cock and balls. My load was brewing again and I knew it was going to be another massive one. I guided her down onto me again but this time I had an extra little surprise for her…This time I slid my hand to the back of her head and guided it toward my waiting cock. She shook her head and tried to pull away but I pushed her down and, as if it was a reflex action, her mouth opened at the last instant allowing me to thrust upwards into her hot, wet, sucking mouth. I’ll never forget the moment I first felt her tongue flicker along my shaft. Her sexy mouth was too much and I had to cum. I had to cum hard! Even harder than last time!She tried to jerk her head away but I had her and oh fuck did I give it to her.I just yelled, “Ooooooh Jilnarrrrrr!!! Jilnarrrrr!!! Jiln-ARGHHH!!! FFFUUUUUCK!!!”The end of my cock was so far inside her incredible mouth that the whole lot just blasted straight down her sexy, silky Arabic throat in spite of her muffled squeal of protest. It felt sooo fucking good!I told her not to go home because I’ll want her back here tomorrow. After some hesitation and silent protest, she conceded. She was mine…The next day, while she was massaging my cock, she was standing and leaning over me so I decided to let my hand have a little wander – up her skirt! I found my way to her panties and slipped my thumb against her pussy and my index finger against her butt-hole. She was trying to say no and tell me to stop (her mouth was full of my big hard cock) Escort but the dirty lying bitch was parting her legs to allow me even greater access to her goodies and she was getting very wet down there.I said to her, “Honey, I want your pussy. I need your pussy!”She gasped and gave me a shocked look but shook her ass, allowing her panties to fall and kicked them off with her high heeled shoe. I helped her onto the bed and balanced her as she used her hand to guide my cock into her. Ooooooh!!! The feeling and sensations of going into her set shockwaves through my whole body. Without any encouragement or instruction, she mounted me and started riding me like I was a bucking bronco! I slapped her sweet little heart-shaped ass a few times – hard! Then I grabbed her firm buttocks with both hands, squeezing them while yelling, “Come on, baby! Fuck me!! Make Daddy cum!! You dirty little cum-slut!! You nasty fucking whore!! FUCK ME, BITCH!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!”And her face… The sheer ecstasy and joy on her face. She had a huge beaming smile and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone look so happy and blissful!When it was time to unload into her, I reached up to pull her down onto me. She put her hands on my chest to stop me but I knocked them away and let her fall onto me. As if by some kind of instinct, her open mouth fell onto mine and our tongues immediately found each other and danced and caressed each other as we both moaned and I shot another few buck fulls deep into her and she squirted her own exotic juices all over my cock and balls.We spend the next hour just kissing, holding each other and staring into each others eyes.When it was finally time for her to leave, I stroked a lock of hair from her eye & said, “Sweetie, tomorrow I’m want your hot little ass!” She smiled and sheepishly nodded.As she was getting dressing, I instructed her to mop up all her and my cum from my cock and balls – with her panties! When she wiped them all clean I instructed her to put the soiled cum-soaked panties back on – which she did! She then turned back and gave me one of her irresistible shy demure smiles as she left. She really is an amazing woman…I spent the whole of the rest of the day looking forward to having her laying on the bed on her belly, squealing and biting the pillow as my insatiable cock ploughs her sweet, tight, little Arabic ass and blasted yet another massive load of hot creamy cum deep inside her bowels.Oh sweet Jilnar, your hot little body is going to be so full of my cum, you sexy fucking slut!Adios amigos,Tex

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