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kate mondayI woke up at six , I was alone, I walked down to my room Kate’s door was shutI got dressed and went to make a cup of tea, I walked through the lounge, sally was still laying there on her stomach, her blanket was half on the floor her dress was half way up revealing her bum, her knickers half between her cheeks, she was sound asleepI made some tea and looked out the window,it was pouring with rain just what I needed on my paper round,I finished my tea and went to put my cup in the sink, there was a bowl of water laying at the bottom was the carrot that had caused me so much pain, I left my cup on the side, my head was thumping due to the alcoholi had drank the night before On my round I was asking my self , why had I let happen all the things from Sunday night It wasn’t fear , I had enjoyed most of it except the cane and the carrot.My other concern was the stuff Kate had on her computerof me , I realisedhow vulnerable I had left my selfI finished my round I was soaked, typically as I road into our street the rain stoppedI went in the back door, Kate was at the table in a dressing gownHi Kate I have got to get changed and have a shower or I will be late, No sit down she said kKate I will be late!Don’t worry I will phone the school, and say your not well, you can spend the day with sally and meYea but I startedChristine I am not asking I hesitatedin my response,thinking this is when I need to make my stand , tell the bitch no!Yes mistress came out of my mouth, She smiled did you enjoy last night Yes I repliedWhat was your favorite bit?When you sucked me and then making me cum ,Yes I enjoyed that to I made it as well she saidI know I saw you fingering your self in the mirrorShe stood up and reached into the pocket of her dressing gown , it fell open showing her pubic hair She took her fags and lighter out , then came over to me and straddled my wet legs, she sat down her arms went around my neckAnd teasingly kissed my lips, are you going to be good today edremit escort baby, I tried to kiss her back , but she lent back smiling,are you she said in a sweet innocent girly voiceYes Kate, I repliedWe sat like that nipping each others lips , I pulled her dressing gown away from her breasts, Her nipples was erect, I reached to squeeze one ,She grabbing my hand said oh no baby you have to earn that privilege first gigglingShe stood up and opened the kitchen door and stood there smoking, go and have a shower you will catch coldI had my shower got dressed and came downstairs it was 8.50 sally was sitting up with a cup of tea talking to Kate, she looked wrecked,morning sally she groaned hi chrissHave you phoned the school yet KateNo I will do that at 9.30 let everyone get in, What would you like to do to day ChristineI took the hint I would like you to dress me up mistress Kate laughed good answerOK undress I took my clothes off my cock already hard , turn round , Kate’s fingers stroked my bum , you have a nice bruise Chris, Sally moved next to Kate and laughed and said you have a few ones reallybad thoughI turned to face them,Me and sal have decided we want to watch you and Paul ,I don’t think he will I saidNo we want you to tell him we are out and take him to my room , I will leave the computer ,I don’t know I replied,Christine Kate sighed I’m not asking I’m telling youYes mistressGood girl Sally suck his cockSally had just taken the cup of tea from her lips but immediately obeyed,grabbed my cock and swallowed itThe heat from the tea was still in her mouth, and her tongue slowly rolling round my shaft, had me in ecstasy,only a few seconds passed,i could feel my orgasam welling up, OK stop Kate said, sally pulled back, Hmmm we are going to have fun today sally said,It was 09.15 Chris go to my room Yes Kate are you phoning the school Yes at 09.30 In Kate’s room she told me to sit on the bed, sally had gone for a showerKate when to her computer and took a cable escort edremit from it and connected it to a digital camera,she clicked the mouse a window opened , small i cons started filling the screen, she stood up with the hand cuffs hold you arms out, I obeyed as the cuffs clicked doubts filled my head if I had made the right choice,She picked up the phone as she did it rangHelloOh hello Mrs peters I was just going to call you.Mrs peters was the head masters p.a / teacher and wasn’t a lady you messed withOne morning we had assembly at school, it was a bright sunny day, Paul and I was sitting at the front on the floor the teachers all sittingon chairs on a raised platformMrs peters was sitting directly in front of me about ten foot away.She was a black lady 5ft 10 and slim, she always dressed in skirts and blousesand high heels, she was very prim and propperThis morning she was wearing a white blouse, and a short navy skirt with flowers printed on it ,The headmaster was speaking , Mrs peters crossed her legs as she did I saw a glimpseof a pair of yellow knickersThe headmaster went on then said Mrs peters will give you the information, Mrs peter uncrossed her legs and opened them reaching down for a fileI nudged Paul for a couple of seconds my eyes was fixed on her black thighs and the mound of her fanny pushing against the material of her knickers, my cock was trying to erect but was stuck down by my pants and trousers , did you see that Paul I whispered,yes he repliedShe stood up and spoke to the school for a few minutes,the head then took over, as she sat down I could see her knickers again she was placing the file back in a bag , her legs opened a little more, the gusset of her knickers stretching I could see the outline of her labia through the yellow material, and a few black pubic hairs escaping from the sides, I looked up she was looking at me straight in the eyes.Christopher stand up she bellowedAs I stood up my cock erect pressing the front edremit escort bayan of my trousers out stuck, Mrs peter eyes looking straight at the bulge in my crotch,I pushed my hand into my pocket fast and freed my stuck penis all in her viewTake your hand out of your pocket boy, what did the head just say Blushing I don’t know Mrs peters , I could hear other pupils laughingPat attention she yelled at me, and report to my office after schoolwhen I went to the office I knocked ,Come I heard her voiceI entered you wanted to see me Mrs peters I said meaklyyes ChristopherI went to sit downStand up I stood ridged,what was you doing this morning during assembly,that you missed what the head was saying.I don’t know Mrs petersWell think back boy and tell meI was thinking of football Mrs petersSo your a liar as well are you boy,No miss I repliedwhere was you looking when I called you she questioned and tell the truth boy or you will be in more troubleI was looking up your skirt Mrs peters ! I’m sorryOh your sorry are you? Yes necrosis petersHow dare you do something like that , are you a pervert or something,do you do this oftenNo Mrs peters my face blushingYour a dirty little boy, what are your parents going to sayI burst into tears please don’t tellShe sat thinking for a momenther voice softeneda little OK Christopher, here is what I will do , she pulleda file out of her draw, you have been a good puplil sinceyou have been here , I don’t think I should expel you, but you will be punishedPlease don’t tell my parents Mrs petersShe stood up and went to the door and locked it,Drop your trousers she barked II undid my belt and lowered my trousersStand straight she barkShe stared at my white under pants , she walked round me then sat looking at my crotchHow does it feel Christopher me looking at your underwearuI feel embarrassed Mrs peters That’s how I felt she barkedBend over the deskI obeyedShe yanked my pants down and hi me six times with a rulerThe pain was intenseright pull your trousers up don’t let me see you in here again.yes Mrs peters sorry I leftHe’s not well Kate saidYes I home all day I will take care of himYes Mrs peters I will send them in tomorrow with himYes bring them to your officeOK bye tbc

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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