Kylie in concert, or corset ( adapted by xmouse)

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Kylie in concert, or corset ( adapted by xmouse)

Kylie Ann Minogue, born 28 May 1968, is an Australian pop singer-songwriter and occasional actress. She rose to prominence in the late 1980s through her role in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours, before commencing her career as a recording artist in 1987. Signed to a contract by British songwriters and producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman in 1988, she achieved a string of hit records throughout the world. Her popularity waned during the early 1990s, leading her to part company from Stock, Aitken & Waterman in 1992. During the mid to late 90s, Minogue distanced herself from her earlier work and attempted to establish herself as a credible and independent performer and songwriter. Her projects were widely publicized, but her albums failed to attract a substantial audience and resulted in the lowest sales of her career at the time. She returned to popularity as a pop artist in 2000, and became well-known for her elaborate music videos and expensively mounted stage shows.

Kylie in concert, or corset ( adapted by xmouse)
Walking swiftly down a corridor, he thought how while this was a bit of a physical job sometimes, working for Kylie Minogue was a good place to be. Well, not all good. It was a pleasure and a torture for him. He adored Kylie, and he had fun with her during work, she was a lovely lady, but he would love so much more from her. It was a strictly look-but-don’t-touch affair. She often flirted with him, though he was sure anything he could solidly define as flirting was just playful by her and there was nothing more behind it, unlike his own desires.

He wouldn’t be dealing with it for much longer though. Like the job, he felt both relieved and saddened to be leaving her services, but he had a new job lined up and in the industry he simply had to take the next step up. It was his last day today, and he was just taking her a bottle of water she’d asked for. She gave her winning smile as he entered her room, extending her hand to receive the water.

“Thanks darling,” she said cutely, taking it from him. He smiled back, hoping he wasn’t blushing at all. She was dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, just getting ready to leave. Kylie opened the water and took a good drink, then flipped through her bag momentarily.

“Can you play fetch?” she said to him with a giggle.

“Sure I can, that’s my job,” he said with a laugh, catching her beautiful eyes.

“Good. Could you just go and get my diary, I think I left it in the dressing room I was using earlier, remember?” she said, cocking a fiercely sexy eyebrow.

“Of course, I’ll go take a look,” he said, hoping he sounded calm and cool as he turned and left her room again. Kylie giggled, marvelling at how cute he was. It was a shame to lose him, but he had to work his way up and she couldn’t have him forever. But she’d left a surprise for him, and just hoped it’d work out how she’d planned.

Once away from her door, he jogged down the corridors to where she’d been situated earlier in the day. He opened the door and flicked the light switch. After the fluorescent flickered to life, he scanned the room, and spotted a notebook lying on the counter. He figured it was her diary and walked into the room and over to where it lay. He caught site of writing on the left page of the open book and something glinting in the light as he approached and slowed, stopping just by the counter. The writing was a handwritten note by Kylie and on the other page lay a silver key. His heart skipped a beat and he reached out to pick up the key, his fingers feeling slightly sweaty as he did. He looked at it for a moment, then reached out with his other hand and carefully picked up her diary. Knowing he shouldn’t be reading it made him read fast, and he quickly read her writing.

“My cute little assistant is leaving today, which is a shame because he’s so good. I’ve seen the way he looks at me, it’s great fun flirting and teasing him. Just a quick shake of my arse can get him up, since I’ve seen the way he has to stand after I tease him although it doesn’t hide it. It’d be nice of him to give me one with that thing so I could see what he has in store for me. I wonder if he’ll take a shot now he’s leaving? I could do with a good hard fuck right now as well. Damn just thinking like this makes my pussy tingle, I better stop before I get too wet…”

Underneath was an address and signed off “Love Kylie x” as usual. His heart raced, breathing heavy as he tried to take it in. His cock was semi-hard now, her saucy entry turning him on with ease. He couldn’t believe it. There was surely no way she thought about him that way, it was surely just a joke since it was his last day with her. He realised he was still holding the key, and looked at it again. There was no way to be sure if this was genuine or not, but he couldn’t risk passing it up. He quickly flipped through the rest of the diary, and found it empty. She had evidently left this deliberately for him, so it only took a moments though. He tore the page from the diary, with her hot little fantasy and the address on. He folded the key inside it and stuffed it into his pocket, then folded the diary shut and headed for the door.

He flipped the lights off and closed the door, hurrying back to her dressing room. He entered, and she turned to him with another winning smile of hers.

“Thanks,” she said softly, taking the diary from him and tucking it into her bag.

“So what’s up?” she said, looking at him with a glance as she zipped her bag shut.

“…What do you mean…?” he asked after a pause and momentary panic.

“Well you look a little flushed is all,” she said with a slight giggle.

“Um…well…I ran…you know…” he stuttered, trying to control his breathing.

“Sure, so you find everything you need?” she asked, looking him square in the eyes with a determined, wanton glint to her eye. He was lost in her stare for a moment before he responded.

“Um yeah, no problem,” he said, trying to act casual.

“So everything’s cool then? We’re all set?” she said, a definite edge to her voice that he didn’t usually hear. For a moment he dared think it may be true, that she really did want him.

“Umm sure,” he said, not quite sure what she was expecting.

“Good. Maybe we should get together later or something, since you’re leaving we could have a drink, you know, a send off,” she purred, looking sexily at him from under her eyebrows.

“Yeah…uhh…that’d be nice,” he mumbled, unsure what to say.

“Just nice? Thanks!” she said, mock insulted with a giggle. He laughed at her humour, one of the things he loved about the delectable Australian. He followed her out of the building to the car park, and he saw her car parked nearby as she turned to him.

“Drop by my place later and we’ll have those drinks,” she said. She leaned forwards and gave him a peck on the cheek, then turned and walked away. He held himself together, refraining from jumping up with a raised fist of triumph. He just smiled broadly as he watched her walk away, admiring her gorgeous arse in her tight jeans. Kylie looked back with a smile and gave him a wink, wiggling her fingers in a sexy little wave to him just before she got to her car. He smiled back and gave a slight wave of his hand in return, then headed to find his own car. Not quite so flash, but not bad for his earnings. He saw her blacked out saloon drive away past him as he got in, and couldn’t stop his mind from racing with possibilities. He started up and headed back to his flat, pondering all the endless fantasies he could not keep from his hopeful mind.

A few hours later, after having eaten some dinner and taken a shower, he was ready to go out. He sprayed on some Lynx body spray, hoping the Lynx Effect would ring true, though it was blind hope. He wasn’t sure if Kylie was standing him up as a prank on his last day, but he couldn’t take the chance that it wasn’t. If she really was offering him a shot, he wasn’t gonna risk missing out. He took a breath, grabbed his keys, the diary page and her key and headed out. He jogged down the stairs to his flat block and to the car park, and got into his car again. Taking another quick read of the note to make sure he got the right place, he started up and headed off.

It only took him about half an hour to reach the address, which was a little out of the way. He pulled up at the address and saw a car in the drive. It was a small cottage sort of place, and there were lights on. He switched off his car and stepped out, locking it and walking slowly up to the door, unsure what to expect. He approached the door, and took the key from his pocket, looking at it for a moment along with her sexy thoughts before stuffing them back in his pocket. He took a deep breath and stepped up, then gave a knock at the door. Straining to hear for any movement inside, he waited with his heart in his throat, unsure what he was going to do whichever way it went. There was the thud of feet down the corridor, and he started mentally preparing himself to apologise to the innocent owner. There was the click and turn of the lock, and then it opened wide and bathed him in light from the hallway.

“Well good evening!” Kylie said brightly, smiling warmly at him. He stared, hardly daring to believe she was there. She had a long red silk gown on that dragged on the floor round her feet. He realised he was staring and better return her pleasant greeting.

“Um hey,” he said, not wanting to risk insulting her by suggesting she’d stand him up.

“I gave you a key for a reason you know,” she said with a sly smile, stepping aside and waving her hand to invite him inside.

“I…uhh…didn’t want to be rude,” he mumbled as he stepped inside.

“That’s a shame,” she said quietly as she closed the door behind them and locked it with a definite click. He glanced at her and saw her give a sly little smile as she breezed past him as he slipped his shoes off to lead him into the cottage. Walking behind her he took in how she was looking. She was taller than her barefoot self, suggesting she had high heels on under the gown though he couldn’t imagine why. And she also seemed to be walking a little stiffly, very upright which seemed a little out of place. He followed her as she walked into her front room, noting when she glanced back that she was wearing bright red lipstick, and after a quick check bright red nail varnish. Her hair was looking good and she looked really dolled up, as if she was just getting ready to go out.

“This is a nice little place you’ve got here,” he said, making idle conversation to prevent any awkward silence.

“Thanks, it’s nice to be out of the way. Nice and…private,” she murmured softly, looking back and cocking her eyebrow ever so slightly and suggestively. She led him into the front room, softly wiggling her hips as she did so, and he couldn’t keep his eyes from her fantastic arse. Undefined through the robe, but his imagination filled in what he couldn’t see and caused his cock to twitch slightly.

“Is this a like, leaving party or something?” he asked tentatively, genuinely unsure what was going on here.

“Sort of, I certainly got you a present,” she said, looking at him with a smile.

“Really?” he asked, slightly taken aback but also elated.

“Yeah. Do you want to open it now?” she purred, looking at him from under her fiercely sexy eyebrows, ever so slightly licking her full red pout.

“Yeah I’d love to!” he exclaimed, his adrenaline rushing now with the excitement. His heart rate was increasing rapidly as she sashayed away from him and turned round, biting her lip sexily.

“Close your eyes,” she said simply, with a slight commanding tone to her voice. His heart skipped a beat as he closed his eyes.

“No peeking,” she teased with a sexy little giggle. He tried to keep his breathing steady as he heard the soft rustle of material and the sound of her feet shuffling on the floor. He heard a swish of air and felt the warm, soft gown hit him. It dropped into his shaking hands as his heart gave a lurch, his mouth going dry at the mere thought of what might await him.

“Open your eyes,” she said in a smooth, enticing tone. He was almost too nervous to open his eyes. His hands squeezed her robe tightly as he snapped his eyes open to see what she had for him. His already racing heart stepped up another gear and his eyes almost bulged out of his head. A ragged gasp escaped him as his jaw literally dropped open. His hands almost tore the silk gown he held as he tensed with the adrenaline rush.

Kylie stood before him in a tight black and red leather overbust corset. It was a beautiful creation, mostly black with strips of bright red leather running straight up it at points round her slender body. Her already slim waist was laced tightly in, reducing it by at least 4″ and giving her a super hour-glass figure. Her firm breasts were pushed tightly up, squeezing them high and making them look fantastic. His eyes travelled down her body, eyeing her prominent breasts, the black and red leather squeezing her figure so perfectly as it travelled to her now tiny waist before it flared out into her hips, which were now very clearly defined. There were two visible garters on each of her legs, running from the bottom of the gorgeous leather creation over her perfect, smooth thighs where they clipped to her stockings, framing her naked pussy, which exposed a little boy penisshaped clitoris. Lace topped black stockings were hooked to her garters and encased her magnificent pins, running down her lovely legs to a pair of very high black stiletto heels.

“Whatcha think? Am I a present you will accept, or do you want a refund?” she quipped, wiggling her tongue sexily. He snapped back to reality and looked at her, seeing her smiling naughtily at him, but couldn’t stop his gaze falling back to the incredible black and red leather corset, eyeing her waist, so tightly pulled in and then down to her naked penis pussy which looked hot and willing.

“Hold on a sex, I mean sec,” she said with a knowing smirk and then turned from him, stepping round on the floor, sexily rubbing her thighs together as she turned to face away from him. He let out a groan involuntarily as she showed her back, revealing it as a double laced corset. The seamed stockings were attached to a further two garters per leg, bringing the total to four on each leg. Her arse looked absolutely stunning, tight and full, leading up into the red and black leather. Her back was straight, every inch of her body squeezed in. Two columns of laces ran up her back, the gold rings were in strips of red leather on either side of the gap which contrasted against the black beautifully, and strong bright red lace ran through the loops to tighten the corset. The pieces of the corset weren’t completely together, meaning it could be tightened still further if she wanted.

“I didn’t pull it too tight to start with,” she said, as if reading his mind. He was still unable to answer, staring at her, trying to take everything in and simply being unable to form coherent speech at the same time. She pulled her legs together and bent slowly over, keep herself straight as she did so, her flexibility evident. Kylie’s succulent arse was on full display for him, and her bulging penis pussy was peeking between her toned thighs. She slowly wiggled from side to side, the leather of her corset creaking in a fashion that only added to the tension. Kylie wiggled and shook her hips at him provocatively, looking back with an alluring smile. He still was unable to move from the spot, completely unsure how best to proceed as she slowly stood back up and turned to face him again. She spread her legs and put her hands on her defined hips, standing in a power stance with a determined look on her face.

“So whatcha think?” she said again in an imposing tone, her breathing sounding slightly heavier than it had been. He tried to speak, but only mumbled and murmured unclearly. He hadn’t noticed because he’d been so captivated by the Australian beauty, but his cock was now absolutely rock hard in his jeans. Kylie smiled at the effect her corseted body was having on him, and glanced down at the huge bulge in his denims.

“That’s all the answer I need,” she purred sexily, approaching him slowly. Kylie sashayed towards him on her tall stilettos, slowly and powerfully wiggling her prominent hips and crotch as she did. Kylie reached out and took his trembling hands, placing them on her tiny waist. His cock twitched as his hands lay on the leather, feeling her own hands sliding onto his waist as she pulled in close to him.

“This is what you wanted isn’t it?” Kylie whispered, looking up at him with a pout. She felt him squeeze her slightly and felt a familiar thrill rush through her. It was the same sensation and excitement she’d felt when she’d put the corset on earlier. A rush had gone through her body when she’d laced herself into the beautiful leather garment, the favourite of all her corsets. Kylie didn’t wear it much, but it was fully worn in and perfectly contoured to her lovely form. Drawing the laces in tightly, she’d tingled and felt herselfwetten as her waist had been squeezed in tightly and her breasts shoved upwards. After finishing with the corset, rolling on her stockings and heels had done nothing to diminish her arousal. She’d managed to resist squeezing her boyish penis and taking herself to an orgasm, so now she was feeling the same sensations with him holding her she was even hornier than before.

“You can’t tell but my nipples are rock hard,” she whispered huskily into his ear, before dragging her tongue over it and off his ear lobe. She reached down and took hold of his hands once more, then pushed them down over the warm leather against the flare of her curvy, defined hips.

“I won’t be able to get away if you hold me like this from behind you know…” she purred cutely. They were close together, and he looked down at her and down her tight corset at her perky tits. Kylie looked up at him innocently, giving him puppy dog eyes that just melted any tiny thoughts of hesitating.

“This is what you want isn’t it?” she said, looking up at him with the innocent look and pout, before flicking an eyebrow and licking her full red lips with a sly smile. There was a moment between them and he slid his hands down over the leather to her incredible rear, holding his hands on the firm, toned cheeks over the garters. Her soft, feminine hands went with his, resting sensually on the backs of his far larger hands. Still fighting the nerves, he couldn’t bring himself to take the step. Kylie smiled knowingly and squeezed his hands with her own, which was all it needed for him to give her magnificent bum a full squeeze. She let a groan escape her mouth as the warm sensation spread through her, which made his heart skip a beat, her eyes fluttering a little. Being so horny, it only took the tiniest thing to take her closer right now.

“Let’s get started,” she whispered, looking at him with a knowing smile and staring him straight in the eyes. He just nodded to her, and watched in awe as she slowly lowered herself to her knees before him. He just stared down, barely able to believe that Kylie Minogue was on her knees in front of him. Her slender fingers slid over the crotch of his jeans, rubbing him firmly on the bulge of his rock hard cock. With a naughty giggle, she dragged the zipper down, and undid the button with a quick flick of her wrist. His jeans went loose, and Kylie took hold of them and pulled them down to his knees, his cock springing up in his boxers, tenting them out in front of him. Kylie inhaled and her eyes widened as she saw his large cock through his shorts. She grasped his cock swiftly through his underwear, giving him a squeeze that made him grunt in pleasure.

“Oh this looks very interesting…” she said, looking up with a sexy little wink. Her fingers hooked into the elastic of his shorts, lifted them forwards and pulled them down to join his jeans, letting his cock spring free.

“Oh yes,” she breathed softly, mesmerised by his hard shaft. He felt her warm breath on his cock and balls and shuddered slightly. His hips twitched slightly as she took hold of his rock hard, making her giggle as she started to gently stroke him. Kylie smiled up at him as she slid her hand up and down his length, rubbing her soft palm and fingers up and down his full 8″ member.

“I think you’ve got something for me,” she said with a smile, continuing to massage him. He smiled back at her lovely, flirtatious manner and watched in wonder as she pouted her full red lips and leaned forwards to plant a warm kiss on the head of his stiff cock. He gave a groan as she slid her tongue across the underside of his head and onto the shaft, curling the tip and dragging it up the underside of his cock and off the tip. She jerked him softly again and then held his cock up and planted soft, wet kisses all down the underside of his shaft to his balls. He breathed heavily as she kissed onto his balls, softly pecking and sucking at them before sliding her tongue onto them.
Kylie gave a soft moan, making his balls tingle before she licked over them back to his cock. Her skilled tongue glided up his shaft, wrapping round it slightly as she worked her way back up, moving her hand to the base of his cock so she could lick all the way to the top and off the head. She dragged her tongue off the underside of his head painfully slowly, making his cock jump slightly as she jerked the base of it. She placed her lips against his head and pushed down onto his cock, her lips sliding tightly over his purple helmet and wrapping round the shaft just below. She sucked softly at him, rubbing him with her tongue as she just nudged him with her front teeth, enough to add an interesting sensation.

“Mmm Kylie…” he mumbled with a groan of pleasure, fighting the urge to hold her head. She enjoyed knowing he was enjoying her ministrations, and sucked harder as she slipped off his head with an audible noise. Kylie jerked him firmly up and down a couple of times and then slid her mouth back over him, taking more of him in. Her velvet warmth surrounded him as she pushed around half of him into her mouth, her bright red lips hotly wrapped round his thick cock. She sucked harder than she had on his head and rubbed his cock into the hollows of her cheeks. Kylie used both cheeks on him, attacking the other side of his cock with her tongue when she did. Slipping his cock back onto her tongue, she started humming and bobbing steadily on half of his hardon, lapping at him with her tongue as she sucked consistently at him as she moved.

She bobbed steadily, picking up a little more speed as she pushed down to take more of his cock into her mouth, taking 5″ of his length so that she was tapping the back of her throat with his head on every stroke. He groaned, his fingers gripping the cuffs of his shirt as she sucked him off, loving how her blonde hair shook slightly as she worked at him. Kylie smiled round his cock, then started nipping ever so gently with her teeth again, all the way up the top part of his cock. She sucked at his bulbous head, kneading it with her tongue firmly and then pushed down onto him again. He felt her throat relax and the sensation of his cock sliding deeper into her than it had before, and then felt her nose nudge his pubic hair. He looked down as Kylie jiggled her head slightly on him, his full 8″ length in her mouth. She giggled round his cock, sending vibrations through him that sent a tingle up his spine before she slipped back off him, sucking sensuously back up his slick cock.

“Wow Kylie…” he gasped, sweat already misting his forehead.

“I’ve barely begun,” she whispered sexily, glancing up at him before slipped him back between her scarlet pout. Kylie slid all the way down on his cock again, pressing herself right against him. She started sucking hard, making him gasp at her sudden change in pressure as she started to draw slowly back, nibbling her way teasingly back up his shaft towards his bulging head. She placed a slightly firmer nip just under his head, making his hips lurch just before she started tongued the underside of the tip vigorously. Kylie picked up her pace, moving quite rapidly on his cock, stopping deepthroating for now and taking around half his cock fast, her tongue wrapping round him as much as she could along with slight nudges of her teeth. He groaned, his hands balling up as he fought the urge to take hold of her head.

Kylie read his body language and reached up. She continued sucking him as enthusiastically, taking 5″ of him into her mouth now as she bobbed her head fast, sucking hard at him. She took hold of his hands and pulled them forwards, placing them on the sides of her head. He didn’t need any more encouragement and firmly took hold, his fingers meshing with her loose blonde hair. Smiling to herself, Kylie slid her hands and took hold of his hips to steady herself and focussed on the stiff cock in her mouth. After another few bobs she pulled back to just the head, nibbling, kissing and licking at it, making him groan. She felt his grasp on her head tighten a little after a playful nip at the tip of his hardon, and happily slid herself back down onto him. Her hot, wet mouth was heaven on his cock, and he felt his entire length enveloped again as she pushed back down. Kylie’s throat bulged as the head of his cock sunk deeply into her talented mouth.

Kylie went for it and started to build up a fast rhythm on him, deep throating every single time. For a minute or so she got gradually faster, sucking hard up his entire 8″ and getting her tongue just right so it stroked the underside of his cock. Once she was satisfied with herself, she unleashed what she had. Suddenly taking it to another level, she started slamming her head up and down on his cock with a ferocious pace, practically fucking her face on his cock. His hands followed and supported her head, but she was in full control. His eyes were closed and he was groaning and grunt as she took his cock from her lips all the way into her throat and back on every bounce. She gripped his hips tightly to hold herself up as she vigorously sucked him off.

“Oh god Kylie!” he gasped, his fingers twisting her hair as his body tingled with sensation. She continued taking him deep and hard, feeling him pulling her head a little more than he had been. Kylie drove down particularly hard and she felt him buck and then hold her head down. She pulled back against him, breaking his grip on her and feeling a surge of excitement through her tightly held body. Her teeth raked up his shaft as hard as she dared without hurting him, a look of pure a****l lust on Kylie’s face as she withdrew from him and then slammed herself back down his cock, taking him close to his climax. She sucked as hard as she possibly could, her soft cheeks hollowing from the force she was creating on his cock as she took all 8″ of him rapidly into her hot throat and mouth. Kylie felt his balls tighten against her chin as she slammed down against his groin, and him pushing into her mouth, and she’d sucked more than enough cocks to know he was going to cum. She pulled her head off him, out of his hands and let go of his hips. Before he could protest, she clamped her fingers round the base of his cock, leaving it waving enticingly before her lips.

“So where would you like to…unload?” she purred in her sexy Australian accent, smiling at him devilishly with a cock of her fiercely sexy eyebrow.

“Uhh…umm I..err…” he stammered, looking down at her, his hair sticking to his sweating forehead slightly as he looked down in slight shock at her brazen attitude.

“Well I swallow, or you can come on my face if you like…” Kylie purred, looking up at him saucily with a lick of her bright red lips, matching the bright red fingernails on the hand wrapped round the base of his eager cock.

“Oh god yes,” he rasped, trying to hump her warm, soft hand as she held him. Kylie smiled at him, assuming he meant he wanted to give her a cumshot.

“Thank you. I need a facial anyway,” she said looking up at him, sticking her tongue out at him as she smiled sexily.

“Hold on as long as you can,” she purred, giving him a wink as her hand slid fully round his cock and started stroking him. She gripped him firmly and started to masturbate his cock furiously, mainly working up near his bulbous head. Kylie tilted her head back and opened her mouth, extending her tongue fully just in front of his cock as she jerked it vigorously, waiting for him to shoot on her pretty face. He felt the tingle in his balls, the start of his climax. As she’d requested, he tensed to hold of his orgasm, no mean feat when the hot Australian was jerking his cock hard. Kylie breathing fast in anticipation as she tugged on his 8″ cock, keeping him expertly aimed at her face.

Unable to hold back any longer he gave a loud grunt, and his hips bucked, his cock jerking powerfully in Kylie’s hand as the first spurt of cum launched from him. Kylie gasped as the hot sticky fluid landed on the right side of her face, hitting across her cheek, eye and forehead. She’d pulled her eye closed just in time, looking from her left eye to guide his spurting cock. Another shot hit her nose and top lip, plenty landing in her open mouth. Her breathing was heavy and loud as she wanked him off furiously, her hand a blur, which pulled his cock different directions. Another spurt landed across the soft warm skin of her left cheek, and then a weaker spurt on her tongue and chin. Kylie saw him slowing and aimed him over her eager mouth, changing her motion to milk him from base to tip to get all he had to offer, squeezing the last of his cum into her mouth.

She pulled herself onto him, taking him into her mouth with the cum on her tongue and sucked hard, cleaning him off before she released him. He staggered back as a few drips fell from her chin onto the beautiful leather corset and the tops of her prominent breasts, sliding into the impressive cleavage slightly. He leaned against the sofa as Kylie knelt gasping, both her eyes closed now. After her breathing slowed, she tentatively opened her eyes, looking up wards to see the cum clinging to her eyelash with a giggle.

“Better clean up huh?” Kylie said with a sly smile and a cheeky poke of her tongue, which she ran thoroughly over her lips. Sliding it onto her chin she lapped up all the cum it could get at, rolling it back into her mouth with a satisfied moan. He watched in awe as she wiped the cum from her left cheek, then the remainder from her chin and nose and sucked her finger clean, then did the same to her right side, carefully wiping the cum from her eyelid then her forehead and cheek before sucking the salty fluid into her mouth. His breath caught slightly as he saw her swallow and her eyelids flutter and a soft moan of pleasure.

She looked down at the drops of cum that’d fallen onto her breasts and corset, and then up at him with a sexy smile. He smiled back at her as he kicked his jeans and shorts off, wrestling his shirt off hastily.

“Good thing leather doesn’t stain huh?” she said with a humoured tone as she slid her finger over the top of her corset to wipe it off, then on her firm breasts to collect what remained. She raised her finger to her mouth, then very whorishly extended her talented tongue and licked his cum from him whilst staring up into his eyes with a passion he’d never seen in her before.

“This is a smudge proof lipstick that actually works,” she said with a girly giggle as she stood up. She turned away from him and slowly bend over, laying her hands flat on the floor to stretch her legs back out fully after having been knelt down. It offered him a wonderful view, her stocking encased legs, her amazing arse between the garters and her hot, swollen pussy with a rock hard small penis showing between her toned thighs. With Kylie around he’d only gone semi hard in the first place, but now with her sexily cleaning up and now bending over in front of him, his cock was hard as rock. Kylie stood up and turned back to face him, taking a sexy step towards him on her stiletto heels.

“What do you want to do?” she asked simply, looking him square in the eyes. He held her gaze for a moment, before glancing down at her naked pussy.

“Oh you want that do you?” Kylie said with a slightly mocking tone, wiggling her hips a little. He looked back up at caught her gaze again, seeing her give the tiniest flick of her fierce eyebrow. He couldn’t resist looking down again to her sweet pussy, the lips already swollen and wet under a thin strip of hair.

“Do you even know what you’re looking at?” she asked him almost cryptically.

“Is there something I’ve missed?” he asked with a smirk.

“Why don’t you take a closer look?” she said, cocking her head with a sexy sideways smile. He smiled back and slowly knelt down in front of her tiny form, unable to stop staring at her tiny waist as he lowered himself. Following it down, he eyed her sexy garters and lace topped black stockings before fixing his gaze on her gorgeous snatch. His eyes widened as he saw how she’d shaved herself. Her lips were completely clean-shaven, and there was a thin strip of hair carefully shaved into an arrow shape pointing down to the now fully erect little penis.

“Like what I’ve done with the place?” Kylie quipped with a giggle, wiggling slightly in front of him. He couldn’t help but laugh at her joke as he slid his hands up her smooth stockings, his fingers deftly tracing her garters up to the bottom of her red and black leather corset where it flared out over her curvy hips. He took hold of her hips and stared at her beautiful pussy, seeing how the pink inner lips were already protruding slightly, her hard clitpenis peeking out from under the swollen lips.

“I thought you were gonna take a closer look?” Kylie asked huskily, brushing her hand through his hair and slightly pulling his head towards her, making it very clear what she wanted. He let her pull him in to her groin, and planted a soft wet kiss straight on the bulging lips of her pussy. She mumbled softly in pleasure as he ran his tongue up and down her wet slit, the tip sliding in very slightly as her teased her inner lips out. He dragged the flat of his tongue up her swollen lips, then pushed the tip over her shaft and rapidly sucking her penis. Kylie moaned in pleasure as he licked at her, and then fumbled her hand down to her juicy pussy past his face. He leaned back slightly and was about to ask why when he saw her lewdly spread her pussy for him, pushing her swollen outer lips open with two fingers. Her little penis was poking out completely from under the lips, throbbing invitingly above her engorged pink inner lips.

“Suck them,” Kylie breathed, her heart pounding in her tightly encased chest. He didn’t need asking twice and leaned in again, extending his tongue. Rapidly flicking his tongue, he assaulted her soft inner lips. She groaned as his powerful tongue lapped and massaged her inner lips, slipping up to rub her clitpenis before sliding back down her soft ruffled lips, drawing them to his mouth as he latched himself onto her. Kylie’s groans increased to a squeal as he took hold of her inner lips and her legs trembled slightly. She had to focus on her balance for a moment as he started sucking hard at her, wasting no time with her as she held herself for him. He pushed his tongue between the petals of her pussy and slid his lips over the outside of them and sucked even harder, making her lean forwards and gasp in pleasure.

“Ohhhgooood…” Kylie whined in pleasure as she pressed herself forwards against his eager mouth. He responded by pushing his tongue as deep as he could into her hot pussy, tasting her sweet juices as he stepped up and sucked at her with everything he had. She let out another squeal, and he pulled back and ever so gently nibbled both her lips with his teeth and lips, going top to bottom and then back up again, feeling her hips shifting urgently in his hands. He lightly tugged at both of her lips in turn, stretching them out a little, eliciting a moan from Kylie each time, before he slipped his tongue back into her and sucked her delicate inner lips back into his mouth again, sucking for all he was worth. Kylie wriggled and writhed in his grasp, moaning and gasping as he sucked her hard.

“Enough, enough!” Kylie panted, reaching down to push him away from her. He reluctantly slipped from her pussy and sat back on his heels, letting go of her gorgeous hips as he looked at his handiwork. Kylie looked down and gave a giggle, her inner lips now heavily engorged and swollen from his sucking and sticking out a long way from her pussy. She’d never let a man suck her pussy so intimately before, and was amazed at how great it’d felt.

“That’s a good close look you had there,” Kylie said, smiling down at him. He looked up and smiled back, then returned his gaze to her pussy as she slid her fingers away. He plump outer lips mostly closed, though not fully since she was so desperately horny by now. Her inner lips were sticking out a good half-inch now from her pussy, and Kylie brushed her fingers over them with a giggle.

“Well that’s new, kudos,” Kylie said with a smile and cock of her eyebrow as she turned away from him. He stood up as she sashayed across the room, wiggling her bum provocatively as she reached the table. She turned back to him and hopped up onto the edge of the wooden tabletop, moving stiffly due to the tight leather corset restricting her bending and twisting. After shuffling around a little she laid back down on the table, her bum just on the edge and her gorgeous stocking clad legs hanging down towards the floor. He stared for a moment, just taking in the scene. Kylie looked up at him, craning her neck from her limited movement position. She gave a suggestive smirk and flick of her eyebrow as she raised one of her legs and waved her stiletto heel at him saucily. It was all that was needed to spur him into action, and he briskly walked across the room to her, trying to run, as he knew he’d make a fool of himself somehow.

“Hope you’re not gonna start slacking on me,” Kylie teased, sticking her tongue out cheekily.

“Not a chance,” he said with a smile as he reached her. She raised her other leg and offered her perfect pins to him, spreading herself for him. He slid his arms round her upper calf muscles, just below her knees and bent her legs, holding one under each arm as he pulled into position, his rock hard 8″ cock standing proud above her juicy pussy. She held her left leg up for him for a moment as he reached down to bend his stiff cock down slightly to position himself at her hot entrance. He nudged and teased at her soft protruding inner lips for just a moment, then saw the determined pout on her face and pushed forwards decisively, the head of his cock slipping into the liquid heat of her dripping wet pussy. Kylie gave a soft moan to match his own as the bulbous head of his stiffy entered her, feeling his strong arm take hold of her toned leg again, holding her so her legs were bent up under his arms to allow him plenty of leverage on her sexy form.

“More,” Kylie breathed, almost to herself as he pressed forwards, sliding around 3″ of his thick shaft into her tight, slick pussy, feeling her muscles contract strongly on him as she pulsed in pleasure. His hands moved to her chest, letting her legs hang loosely which levered her hips a little higher from the table. He gave a squeeze of her firm breasts, feeling the tightly contained mounds through the tight leather before he took hold of the top edge of her corset and pushed himself all the way into her. Kylie groaned loudly as all 8″ of his wonderfully hard cock slipped into her juicy haven, her swollen inner lips wrapping round his impaling shaft as he plunged into her tight pussy.

“Oh yes,” he mumbled as her tight pussy clenched and squeezed at him with her tensing. He held for a moment, just enjoying the velvet heat of her body wrapped round his cock before he slid his hands over the soft red and black leather to her waist. He slipped his hands round her waist, his fingers almost able to touch since she’d laced herself in tightly, and took a firm hold of her. Kylie felt a little thrill run through her as he took hold of her tiny middle, making her smile sexily as she felt him start to steadily thrust. She squeezed his hips slightly with her powerful thighs as he built a solid rhythm, pushing all 8″ of his rock hard cock in and out of her juicy cunt, pulling back so the bulbous head threatened to pop out of her before he pushed back in so he pressed against her swollen lips.

“Mmmm you don’t waste anything do you,” Kylie purred to him as she held onto the sides of table. He just smiled back at her, gripping her slightly tighter as he increased his pace a fraction, slipping in and out of her tight pussy, pushing soft moans from her. His hands slid from her tiny waist down to her thighs, running his fingers over her sexy black garters and onto the tops of her lacy stockings. He slid his hands round, squeezing her thighs and what he could reach of her tight arse, before playing with her garters a little, twisting them in his fingers as he continued to thrust. Kylie raised her legs again and slid them up round his waist. He continued to play with all eight of her garters,slapping them against her thighs as he pumped into her. He started to fondle her tight, firm bum more since her raised legs offered him more to explore, and Kylie certainly didn’t mind him doing so.
“So do you like my outfit?” Kylie asked canlı bahis with a little nonchalant smile, knowing full well he did.

“I love it,” he said with a slight groan as she squeezed the full length of his cock. Kylie wrapped her legs together behind his back, the back of her stiletto heels pressing into his back as she pulled him to her. He sped up a little, still humping her with the full length of his cock as he fucked her harder, pressing in solidly every time he went all the way in. Her breathing was more rapid now, more than he thought it would be from a healthy lady like her. He watched somewhat mesmerised as her chest rose and fell, almost in time with the thrusts of his thick cock into her hot pussy. Looking down at her pussy, he inhaled slightly as the sight. Kylie’s full outer lips were stretched open round his manhood and her pink, swollen inner lips were wrapped delightfully round his shaft, her penis completely on display just above begging for some action.

“Corsets can make it harder to breathe sometimes, especially when you’re doing things like this,” Kylie commented with a smile, running her tongue over her upper lip.

“You want me to slow down?” he asked, genuinely thinking she may want to take it off to continue so she could breathe properly.

“Quite the opposite, why do you think I’m wearing it?” she said, looking up at him devilishly with a soft growl. He smiled back and gave her arse a good hard squeeze, making her mouth a silent ‘ooh’ before his hands found their way back to her tiny leather waist. Kylie pulled her legs from round his back and pulled her knees almost up to her body so that he was reaching between them to her waist. He couldn’t resist the draw of her black stocking encased legs so released her waist and put his arms round her knees, his hands on her thighs just above her knees, holding her tighter as he started to fuck her harder, pumping around 6″ of his cock into her, still making sure to thrust deep every time her bumped against the bottom of her soft thighs and tight arse.

“Harder,” Kylie gasped, her bright red fingernails trying to dig their way into the tabletop. Without even thinking, he let go of her knees and reached for her ankles. Kylie didn’t fight as he pulled her legs out straight, holding her wide open with her stilettos pointing towards the ceiling. She gave a moan as he stepped up the pace, pumping her harder, his groin slapping against her arse as her juicy pussy swallowed up his cock. He used the leverage of her legs to thrust all 8″ of his cock in and out of her, driving in hard so that his cock head nudged against her unyielding cervix deep inside her tight body, somewhere under the deliciously tight corset. His hands held her ankles tightly, almost lifting her from the table as he pulled her legs out, forgetting how light she was, though his hard cock impaling her would keep her down anyway.

Kylie gasped for breath loudly, her body writhing in pleasure on the table, her corset creaking slightly as she wriggled around in it, held firmly by the heavy duty double stitching she’d ordered with it. Kylie reached down and rubbed her boy sized penis, having no trouble finding her throbbing, rock hard love toy between her wide open lips, held apart by the substantial cock thrusting deeply into one of her most intimate places. Without warning he pulled her legs over his shoulders, her heels clacking together behind his head. She gasped as plunged into her hard, his cock sliding deep into her tight pussy with ease. Her cervix, which he’d bumped so many times, didn’t hold him back this time and his large bulbous head popped through into her womb, sending a flush of sensation through the diminutive Australian.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” Kylie gasped, almost inaudible through her ragged breathing. His arms took a strong grip round her thighs as he held them up over his shoulders, loving the sensual feel of her stockings on his sweaty shoulders. Holding her tight he started pumping with all he had, slamming around half his cock in and out of her vigorously. Kylie was moaning and gasping as he pounded her, the head of his cock popping in and out of her cervix with every hard thrust into her body. She could feel her orgasm getting close, the power building in her lower tummy as he slammed his thick cock in and out of her. Her pussy was tightening on him as she drew closer, and this in turn helped bring him towards his climax as he pumped her for all he was worth. Due to the corset and her exertion in the energetic fuck she was engaged in with him, Kylie was unable to breathe fully and was starting to feel light-headed from mild oxygen starvation. Her vision was a little funny and she was flushed, gasping desperately for breath as she thrust herself against his impaling cock.

“Oh god Kylie!” he grunted, very close to his orgasm. Kylie mumbled something incoherent through her fast, ragged breathing as he held her tight and pounded hard in and out of her. Kylie could feel his urgency and the pulsing of his thick cock deep inside her juicy pussy and knew he was about to cum. She was dead right, as with a loud grunt and a thrust into her so hard she slid up the table several inches, his cock head slammed through her cervix and she felt the heat of his thick cum spurt into her soft womb. Her orgasm hit her strongly, and in a way she’d never felt before because of her lack of oxygen. The sensation rushed through her tiny body, making her tense fully, her body arching off the table as much as it could within the tight leather corset, it giving a creak as she strained against it. She opened her mouth to cry but not a sound emerged for a moment, then it was like a gate had opened and she cried out in pleasure, her body spasming and her hot, tight pussy squeezing and milking at his spurting cock.

Kylie felt him starting to give a few more thrusts and a slight dizzy feeling, then passed out. He gave a few final thrusts, then slumped spent against the back of her legs. He took a minute to get his breath, and then looked at the u*********s Minogue. He slipped out of her, slowly letting her legs hang down before quickly checking her breathing was ok. Aside from being rapid still she was alright, so he carefully lifted her off the table and onto the floor to let her regain consciousness before sitting down on the sofa to fully regain his breath. After a couple of minutes she came to, mumbling something as she sat up. She focussed on him and gave a smile, stretching herself.

“My orgasm was incredible, thanks,” Kylie said, flashing him another sexy smile as she clambered to her feet, having a little trouble due to her stiffly held body and stiletto heels. She reached as high as she could, stretching herself out properly.

“Yeah that was great,” he said somewhat idly as he stood up with her, admiring her freshly fucked look in the corset.

“I think it’s time to tighten me,” Kylie said almost commandingly, whirling on her sharp heel to face him. His eyes widened for a moment as he almost got the wrong end of the stick, then he smiled at her at the thought of squeezing her waist even smaller than it already was. Kylie didn’t say anything else, and turned away from him before sinking slowly to her knees. She dropped forwards onto all fours and then lowered her chest onto the floor before letting her stockined knees slide a little so her pert little arse was pushed up in the air invitingly for him. He moved over to her and knelt down behind her, his eyes taking in the double laced arrangement of her corset, seeing there was around an inch gap between each sets of loops, another two inches total waist size down from where she was now. He was pondering how best to mount her, figuring that straddling her arse was the best way to get leverage on her, when she almost read his mind.

“In between,” she murmured simply, giving a slight glance backwards. He got what she meant and dropped his right leg between her smooth, perfect thighs, admiring her arrangement of garters. Before he could do anything else, Kylie pushed herself backwards and ground her soaked pussy over his thigh, resettling herself in her position so that her bulging horny pussy was resting on his leg. After a moment to take in the feeling of her juicy snatch sitting on him, the slick heat on his skin, he settled his left knee fully and reached forwards to the lacing on her corset.

“Have you ever laced a corset before?” Kylie purred, wiggling herself a little on him.

“Never,” he replied honestly, his fingers just holding the laces to the left side.

“Right then, undo both first, just the knot,” Kylie directed. He untied the tight knots and her corset slid apart a little.

“Right, pull me tight on both, , make sure the laces run all the way down so it pulls together right,” she said, before holding her breath. He went for the left lace, and pulled it tightly. He could see it not pulling in fully higher up, so using his fingers he helped the laces through the loops so she was pulled tightly together the full length of the gorgeous corset. Not rushing but not wanting to try her patience, he moved to the right lace and did the same thing. Kylie felt a thrill rush through her body again, loving the squeeze on her waist as she was drawn in even tighter and grinding herself against his leg to pressure her hard penis. She took a shallow breath, and continued.

“Excellent,” she breathed, “now pull me as tight as you possibly can and lace me in. Don’t skimp on the knots, else I’ll slip them if I’m under any…strain,” she said with a smile he could hear in her voice.

“Are you su…” he started.

“As tight as you possibly can,” she repeated firmly, squeezing his thigh with her own. Not needing any further instruction, he took the left laces, and after a deep breath, hauled on them hard. Kylie’s body jerked slightly with the force and she gave a grunt as she was squeezed a fraction more by the corset. He pulled on her tightly, giving all her had to pull the leather pieces of the corset together. Once they touched, he tightly knotted the laces, giving them a quick tug to make sure it would hold ok, which it did.

“One down,” Kylie giggled, still taking shallow breaths to make his job a little easier.

“Hold on,” he said, and started pulling the right lace in as hard as he could. Kylie gasped loudly as the leather squeezed her already tiny waist, feeling the final wring of the corset taking her beyond her limit. He pulled tightly, feeling her writhe and mumble under him as the leather heaved shut, her skin now hidden from view under the hot black and red leather, her juices running down the side of his thigh now. Giving one final tug, he had her fully in and he tightly knotted the strong bright red lacing, again tugging it to check it was holding, his cock absolutely rock hard and bouncing with his movements.

“There,” he said with a smile, running his hands down the sides of her corset and putting his hands around his waist, making a clear display of touching his fingertips together around her middle. Kylie looked back and gave a giggle, before rolling her hips and grinding her pussy hard against him for a moment, her eyelids fluttering as a small wave of pre-orgasmic pleasure spread through her. He leaned back and saw her gorgeous rear presented to him garters stretching slightly with her position so they were closely drawn over her tightly arse. Without a thought, he drew back his hand and laid a firm slap on her, the spank giving a satisfying noise where it connected with her full cheeks.

“Mmm save that hand,” Kylie said sexily as she slid off his leg, her juices leaving a trail down to his knee as she moved forwards and stood up, arching her back so her famous bum was shown off to him, looking amazing with the increased shape from the tight corset and the garters. He stared for a moment then stood up with her, eyeing her now even more accentuated hourglass figure. Kylie took a long deep breath through her nose, letting it out in a soft sigh with a smile as she looked at him.

“That’s better,” she purred with a lick of her bright red pout.

“Looks great,” he said with a smile, unable to stop looking at her, keening eyeing her tight arse when she gave him an opportunity.

“Mmm me or just my ass?” she said with a deliberate twang. He looked up at her with a smile, not caring he’d been caught.

“Bet you really wanna fuck it,” she said huskily, glancing hotly over her shoulder at him.

“I uhm…” he said, but she cut him off and continued.

“Would you take me softly, gently, a sweet loving session for my hot arse? Perhaps you’ll be firm but gentle, enough to give me a sore walk but not treat me too roughly?” she said, leaving the question hanging in the air for a moment as she turned to face his dumbstruck form.

“Since you’ve surely been dying to fuck me in the ass for ages, and since this will be your only chance, I’d imagine you wanna fuck my tight ass raw,” Kylie said huskily, raising an eyebrow to him.

“So what’s it gonna be cowboy?” she said with a smile and little waggle of her tongue.

“I can do the last one,” he said quietly, almost a whisper. A naughty grin spread across Kylie’s face and she walked over to a side unit. She pulled the draw out and reached inside, then as she teasingly turned back, brushing the draw shut with her hand as she held up a tube of KY jelly towards him.

“You’ll need this if you’re gonna fuck me hard in the arse,” Kylie said, waving it slightly at him. He stepped forwards and reached out to take it from her, pausing as she smiled like a temptress. With a quick whip of her wrist, she slung it across the room out of sight, a quiet thud the only evidence it was still around.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any. So I guess you’ll have to do me dry,” she said as she smiled devilishly at him, giving a suggestive wink. After a moment’s contemplation, he returned her smile and watched with anticipation as she wiggled and slowly sunk to the floor, crouching down. Kylie turned on her heels, pivoting easily before dropping forwards onto her knees again, looking round at him invitingly as she let herself fall onto her arms to assume a doggy style position. In a moment she heard him behind her and felt his hands taking a grip on her tiny leather waist, holding her firmly and pulling back against the flare of her curvy, prominent hips.

“I wanna come even harder this time, so you’d better get me gasping in more ways than one,” Kylie said with a glance back to him through dangling strands of her blonde hair.

“I’ll do my best,” he said, giving her a smile.

“You always do,” she said with a smirk. His heart thumped insistently in his chest as he held her solidly and lined up to penetrate the petite Aussie goddess.

“What are you doing?” she asked, looking back at him. He stared back at her, wondering if he’d got confused somewhere though couldn’t imagine how.

“Aren’t you going to spank me?”

“Spank you?” he asked, his eyes lighting up as he tried to keep the elated, hopeful tone from his voice.

“Yeah spank me. I always get beaten up before I take it in the ass. The harder I’m spanked, the harder I’m about to get my arse fucked,” she said with a naughty smile. He smiled back at the prospect of getting to spank her gorgeous rear as he dropped back onto his knees, leaning back to admire her fantastic bum.

“Come on then, show me what’s coming,” she purred with a giggle. He raised his hand and laid a good solid slap on her, the firm flesh not giving a hint of jiggle as his hand connected with a satisfying sound. Kylie mocked an “ooh” sound as she looked back at him, watching as he drew his arm back to land another slap on her behind. He gave her another spank, loving the feel of her garters under his hand as he smacked her on the arse.

“I wanna get fucked harder than that!” Kylie said, furrowing her brow at him slightly. He knew by now she meant what she said, so he wasted no time in increasing his power. He pulled back and lay a hard slap down, a loud sound ringing round the room and Kylie giving a little grunt. He took that as a positive sign and did it again, another good spank hitting home on her legendary cheeks. Kylie moaned, wiggling her hips.

“That’s more like it,” she whispered, her breathing already increasing. He smiled and keeping a good steady rhythm, laid down another half dozen of the same strength swats to her perfect arse in the next minute, Kylie grunting softly at each one.

“Faster,” she breathed, pushing back against his hand as it rested on her pert bum. He did as she asked, doubling his pace and laying another series of the hard spanks on her arse, his hand making a healthy slap sound where it connected with her flesh between the tight black garters. Kylie groaned in pleasure as she was spanked, circling her bum slightly under his hard swats.

“More,” she groaned, closing her eyes lowering her head, breathing deeply. He saw her bum already starting to pink from the blows, but didn’t argue with her. Taking a deep breath, he started to spank her even faster, the blows reigning down on her tight, clenching arse. She grunted and gasped as he spanking her vigorously, her back arching as a little jolt of pleasure shot through her tiny body. He stopped a for a moment, his arm tired from the spanking, and he just needed to rest a moment to let the blood get back to it.

“Just gotta rest for a moment,” he said, resting his hand on her tight, warm arse.

“Hope you don’t slack of like this on me when you start slamming that cock up my arse,” Kylie said a little testily, wanting him to get back to smacking her bum.

“Not a chance,” he said defiantly, raising his hand again. In a rush of adrenaline, wanting to prove his point, he turned his hand and laid a firm little spank on the back of her bulging pussy with his fingers. Kylie gasped loudly and threw her head back, arching in her corset as best she could, her hips bucking slightly away from him. Satisfied he’d made his point, he raised his arm and recommenced spanking her amazing arse, his hand slapping down pretty hard on the firm cheeks. Kylie’s groans increased to deep primal grunts as his spanks landed continually and powerfully in a rapid rhythm. Kylie felt the stinging radiating from her perky bum through her body, every blow by his skilled hand making her penis throb.

“Come on! Spank me!” she cried, pushing her arse back against his pounding hand, desperate for more. He gave her all he had, laying his spanks as hard and fast as he could on her tortured cheeks, the slaps coming several times a second as his hand connected with the worlds greatest arse rapidly. The delectable Aussie grunted and groaned loudly, writhing in her super tight corset as he beat on her rear. With a particularly hard spank, her continual groan spiked into a squeal, one of the suspenders springing off the stocking on her right leg, though it didn’t slip due to its tightness and the three others it still had. Kylie’s little clitpenis felt like it was going to explode it was so hard, her body rocking from every spank her administered to her tight rear. Finally she could take no more, her slick pussy juices now running down the inside of her thighs to her sexy black stockings.

“Come on, come on! Fuck me! Take my ass!” Kylie squealed, looking back at him with needy lust-filled eyes. He grabbed her lovely, curvy, accentuated hips and pulled into place behind her, eyeing the bright red glow from her thoroughly spanked arse. He reached down and positioned his ragingly hard cock at her tight backhole, his bulbous head seeming huge compared to her tight anus. He pressed forwards against her, knowing it’d be tight because she was unlubed, and added some pressure. Kylie’s back arched again and she stifled a moan as her sphincter was pushed open by his swollen organ, which was gonna be a painful insertion despite her relaxed state. He took hold of her tiny waist, gripping her warm body tightly as he pushed forwards, feeling her muscles relax and open as he pushed into her arse, the large head of his 8″ cock popping into her sharply, making Kylie yelp in pain as a little jolt of it shot through her.
“Kylie…” he said, about to ask if she was ok but she cut him off, knowing what he’d ask.

“Don’t stop,” she gasped, her eyes squeezed shut as she hung her head down. He held her waist, pulling her back against him with her hips as he pushed forwards with his own, sinking around half his length into her. Kylie took a ragged breath, evident to him she was in pain as her tight, dry arsehole was forced open round his impaling cock. He was sure she couldn’t take the hard fuck they’d been building to, and paused for a moment to let her accustom herself to his shaft. Holding her waist tightly, he drew back to his head and then pushed steadily in again, again only slipping around half his cock into her thrillingly tight ass. He felt her sphincter ripple and squeeze at him as Kylie felt it out, her sensitive hole feeling the heat of his impaling tool. Pulling back again, he started a slow rhythm of short thrusts, taking it easy on her.

“What do you think you’re doing back there?” Kylie asked impatiently, looking back at him with a cocked eyebrow and pout.

“You were in pain, I wanted to give you a break,” he said, still slowly pushing in and out of her forbidden, squeezing hole.

“I told you to take me! I’m dry, it was always gonna hurt some, but that’s kinda a thrill for me. So stop fucking around back there and fuck me!” Kylie said huskily, squeezing him tightly.

“Fuck you? This must be torture then…” he said with a smirk as he slowly pushed in and out, pulling back so the bulging back edge of his head threatened to pull out of her, making her grab him tightly with her ring.

“Come on…” Kylie whined, looking back with a mock upset look before giving a naughty giggle.

“Mmm I might,” he said with a smile as he continued the slow, short strokes into her incredible arse.

“Please, I need it,” Kylie said, begging slightly with a hint of a blush in her cheeks.

“Need what?” he taunted, pulling back so his head was just starting to slip out of her arse, giving her all the threat she needed.

“Cock! Your cock!” she yelled, looking at him desperately over her shoulder. He smiled at her, releasing her waist and leaning back on his heels, only just connected to her.

“Wait what are yo….” Kylie squealed, being cut off by a hard spank on her arse, his hand landing with a loud slap on her sore arse. She grunted loudly from it, feeling him grab her waist roughly. Kylie barely had time to draw half a breath when he slammed forwards, driving as deep as he possibly could into her delectable rear. Kylie screamed out as pain lurched through her body, her stomach jumping as she felt him drive all 8″ of his cock deeply into her hot, forbidden haven. She clenched on him, her penis giving warning throbs to indicate she’d just got a step closer to an orgasm.

“I was…wondering…where the rest was,” Kylie said between breaths, feeling his hands strongly holding her already squeezed waist.

“Well it doesn’t matter where it was,” he said, sliding back out of her all the way once more.

“Because now it’s right here!” he grunted, slamming his cock into her again, his balls slapping against her dripping pussy. There was no pain for Kylie this time, her experienced arse had his girth and she felt the familiar, strangely pleasant sensation of anal sex spread through her loins. She felt him hold her tiny leather waist tightly and start to pump her, wasting no time. He stroked his full length into her as fast as he could, which could only go so fast since his 8″ cock took time to ram in and out of her tight arse. His bulbous head bumped against the inside of sphincter every time he pulled back, giving her a unique sensation before she felt him fill her completely again as his thick cock pushed all the way back into her famed rear.

“Faster,” Kylie said simply, wiggling her arse on his cock as she gave him a squeeze with her talented muscles. He couldn’t thrust faster as he was, so after giving her another deep thrust he started using about 6″ of his cock, thrusting it faster into her hugging ring. Kylie groaned, her body shivering as he started to drive his cock in and out of her forbidden hole more rapidly, his bulbous head probing and stimulating areas that she rarely managed to hit with her toys. He gave a particularly hard thrust, pushing a groan from her quivering body. She was starting to feel the corset now, her breathing more rapid than it usually was at this point during an anal session.

“Harder,” Kylie breathed, grinding back against him as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to keep it under control since she’d passed out first time around. He made his thrusts more powerful, pulling back against the flair of her curvy hips. Kylie grunted as each of his fast, stronger strokes pumped 6″ of his rock hard manhood deep into her backdoor, sending waves of pleasure through her tiny body. Sweat beaded on her brow and she could feel it inside the skin-tight corset as he pressed against her smooth body.

“My hair…” Kylie said, cutting herself off with a deep inhalation of air.

“What?” he said, looking round slightly towards her face as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her tight arsehole at the same pace, not missing a beat.

“Pull my hair,” Kylie whispered huskily, looking back at him slightly, their eyes meeting even though she was only peering out the corner of hers. He gave a hard thrust, imagining the suggestion, making Kylie cry out in pleasure and drop her head. He removed his hands from her hot waist towards her hair as he watched her body heave from her deep breaths. His fingers slid into her long blonde hair, twisting into the soft strands as he took hold of her. Deciding not to hold anything back, since she’d pretty clearly asked for this, he yanked back hard, pulling her head back. She gave a yelp of pain and surprise as her head was pulled tightly back, her body barely able to arch due to the corset holding her stiffly. He held her head back, her body tight as he pumped her a little more vigorously, Kylie fighting the urge to rear up from the floor.

He let go of her hair, holding her with his left hand. With a sharp tug he pulled his cock out of her arse, her pulsing sphincter clamping her hole shut. Before she could look round or question him, a harsh slap stung her right cheek, pressing the garters hard into her arse, making her grunt throatily. He didn’t let up, swinging the back of his hand across to hit her across the left cheek in a stinging backhand making her elicit another deep, raspy grunt. He didn’t stop there, swinging back with his open hard to land another sharp swat on her already red right cheek, making her give a low growl in response. She took another loud breath before his backhand connected stingingly with her sore left cheek, the backs of his fingers pressing into the firm skin. Her low, lusty grunt increased to a high pitched squeal as her gave her hair a quick tug to remind her he had hold of it.

With his right hand he grabbed he straining cock and pushed it back between her firm, stinging cheeks. Yanking back sharply on her hair he rammed his cock back into her, forcing her relaxed but closed hole open with his swollen head. Kylie yelped loudly as pain shot through her, mixing with the pleasurable feeling as he filled her deeply again, feeling the heat of his hardon in her. He picked back up to the rhythm he’d had moments before, thrusting just over half his desperately hard length into her wanton ass.

“Harder,” Kylie gasped, ramming herself back to meet his every stroke now. He grabbed her waist again and started pumping her hard. He thrust as hard and fast as he could, driving in and out in short strokes, rapidly stimulating her deepest, most intimate areas. Kylie was gasping hard, her face and neck flushed and shining with sweat from the exertions. She grunted and moaned continually as she was taken closer to her imminent orgasm, her pussy giving little twitches and surges as he pounded on her tight arse. Gasping desperately for air, she let her arms drop so she rested on her chest and the side of her face, her hand fumbling hastily over the corset to find her dripping pussy. Her talented fingers found her rock hard clitpenis between her slick lips, the motions of her fingers oh-so familiar.

“Deeper,” she gasped as her fingers started to dance over her love button, rubbing round the stiff nub and then sliding over it, the contours of her skin enough to send hip-bucking sensations through her. He yanked back against her hips, his hands almost slipping on the leather as he pounded on her with everything he had, plunging into her depths. He was breathing heavily, sweat making it hard to hold her tight enough to pump her but he wasn’t going to let her go. Kylie gasped and groaned as he fucked her as deep and hard as he could in the arse, her tight ring grabbing and squeezing at him as he rubbed her penis furiously, her orgasm on the brink. She felt it overtaking her and held on as long as she could, rubbing her throbbing clitpenis hard as his cock slammed in and out of her.

“Oh god, oh god, oh g….” Kylie trailed off, squealing loudly. Her whole body tensed, her sphincter grabbing him tightly before she spasmed violently with a silent scream, her eyes wide. Her boyish hard penisclit feverly shooting a thick hot stream of pure pearly white love juice. She slumped down on the floor on her chest, having passed out again because of her orgasm and the corset, her hand dropping from her penis to the floor. Her tiny body convulsed and shook with orgasm, her hips bucking against him as her tight pussy squirted onto the floor from the strength of her climax. He felt her hot, sweet juices wet his leg slightly as she squirted and smiled to himself as her body went limp, still on her knees because her body was fully supported by the corset. He kept pumping into the u*********s Aussie sexbomb, his hands sliding to her full arse, his hands kneading her firm cheeks, his fingers twanging the garters, swinging the one that’d sprung loose earlier when she’d been spanked. Her squeezing arse had taken him close, so he just pumped her hard and deep for another couple of minutes till he hit his peak.

“Oh god…” he groaned, burying himself fully into Kylie’s awesome ass. He let go with a shudder, grunting loudly as he came deep inside her hot rear. He gave a couple of short strokes as his climax faded and then slumped tiredly down over her back. Breathing heavily, he got some oxygen and then checked Kylie again, listening to her, and was greeted by heavy breathing from her aswell as he body struggled to catch up. With a smirk he pulled himself up and pulled his semi-hard cock from her arse and slumped down beside her on the floor. Kylie was still held up but the corset, so she stayed on her knees, arse high, her hole gaping wide. After a few more breaths, he took in the gorgeous sight beholding him. Kylie, the beautiful yet kinky superstar in her corset, stockings and heels, slumped u*********s from a vigorous anal session next to him. Thinking such thoughts, he felt his cock give a twitch, swelling slightly. He could see why he’d be able to get it up again so soon with her next to him, but was still surprised.

Kylie murmured as she started to come to, still breathing heavily and struggling to open her eyes. He slid round on the floor behind her and gave her arse a firm squeeze, making her mumble something dreamily. He quickly grabbed her waist and mounted her again, his cock sliding easily to full depth in her loose anus, her sphincter not putting up any resistance. Kylie’s eyes snapped open, blinking rapidly as she took a big, loud breath, feeling his cock slipped into her rear. He pulled back and gave her a powerful thrust, driving deeply into her so she knew well and truly she was getting done in the ass again. He pulled back and slipped out of her, his renewed hardon bouncing upwards as it was released from her tight arsehole. Kylie dropped onto the floor on her front and rolled over, looking up to see his rock solid cock standing to attention for her. Kylie eyed him for a moment, staring at his cock as it bobbed with each heartbeat.

“Oh go on then,” Kylie said with a giggle, nodding towards the sofa. He smiled at her and stood up, extending a hand down to her. She smiled at him and took his hand, letting him easily pull her light weight up from the floor to stand her on her killer heels. He held her hand as she wobbled a little unsteadily on the 6″ stilettos, evidently still a tad dizzy from her orgasm induced blackout. After making sure she was alright, he stepped over to the sofa and dropped down, his cock bouncing back against his stomach as she sashayed over to him. With a devilish smile she sunk to her knees, shuffling forwards a little between his legs as she reached for his cock. Before he had time to blink, Kylie dived in on him, her hot mouth enveloping his cock as she slid his full length straight down her throat. He groaned and pushed up a little, feeling her suckle at him softly as she did Ass-to-Mouth quite readily, her tongue lapping at him dirtily.

“Mmm Kylie…” he groaned as she slid back up, holding just the head of his swollen organ in her mouth. She sucked hard, her tongue teasing and pressing at him as he cheeks hollowed. He took hold of her head, guiding her somewhat as she drove back down his cock, taking him into her throat again with ease. Wasting no time, the hot Aussie started furiously bobbing up and down, her lips wrapped tightly around him to seal so she could suck hard, her tongue working every possible angle she could. She pulled back to his head again and her dainty hand slid round his cock. Massaging with her lips, the tip of just tongue teased just under the head of his cock as she jerked the base of his cock, bumping her hand against her bright red pout.

“Oh god,” he grunted, already feeling the familiar sensations again as Kylie sucked him like no girl before. Feeling his urgency, Kylie gave him a good squeeze then let go, pushing her mouth back down to take half his cock as she started a rapid rhythm, sucking hard at him as her now free hand moved to his balls. His hips shifted on the sofa as she started to gently squeeze and massage his sack, her head almost bouncing up and down on his cock she was making such a job of sucking him off. There was no way to resist his climax, and grabbed her head just to make the point although he was sure she would know already. Kylie sucked harder than ever and gave two fast deep throats of him to take him over the edge.

She pulled back so just the head of his large cock was in her mouth as he peaked, his salty load shooting onto her waiting tongue. Kylie groaned in pleasure as his hot, tangy semen ejaculated onto her skilful tongue, relishing the flavour. She felt around four soft spurts into her mouth and her hand instantly went to his shaft, squeezing and massaging very deliberately to milk every last drop from him. After a few tugs at him, Kylie slurped loudly off his bulbous purple head. He watched her bright red lips slip off the end of his softening cock and sealed as she pulled away from him, letting his cock drop loose. Sitting back on her heels, Kylie blatantly rolled his cum around her mouth for a moment before swallowing strongly. His breath caught slightly as her eyes closed, a shudder running through her as a smile crossed her ruby lips.

She took a breath, then opened her eyes and stared at him with a smile. Without a word, she got up from the floor and slid herself onto his lap, sitting a little stiffly from the corset. Kylie slipped her arms round him and cuddled him to her, his head resting on her firm breasts, held tight by the corset, in an almost nurturing fashion.

“I knew you’d be worth the gamble. If I’d known you’d be that good I’d have done it sooner,” Kylie breathed, kissing him on the forehead. After a few moments just sitting, she slid to the floor and stood up, urging him to follow.

“So new jobs, new prospects huh?” Kylie said, making conversation.

“Yeah. Sorry I have to leave you. We can swap details or something, stay in touch if you want?” he said hopefully, really not wanting to leave her services now.

“Why don’t you stay the night, we can swap details tomorrow…after swapping other things first…” Kylie purred, looking him in the eye saucily. She held his gaze enticingly for a moment, then turned to walk towards her bedroom.

“Sounds a good plan to me,” he said, trying not to sound too hasty. Kylie looked back with a giggle as she reached back to start unlacing the hot, binding corset….

Schoolgirl Surprise

After leaving Kylie’s services as an assistant, she had given him one hell of a leaving do. His fantasies had come true in incredible fashion, with Kylie giving him one hell of a night in a blisteringly hot leather corset. He wasn’t sure exactly where things were going with her overall, but they got together when they could between work at her cosy little cabin where she thoroughly rocked his world. What she saw in him he had no idea, just some fun he figured, but he wasn’t going to question her on the matter.

“I’m free this evening,” Kylie’s sexy Australian tones purred into the voice, almost making his mobile phone tremble in his hand. She had just phoned him, he was off shift and just chilling at his new place hoping she might be available, but Kylie was a busy lady so he just had to wait till she was free before he could slide between her soft, powerful thighs.

“What time you want me to come over?” he said, glancing to the clock.

“How fast can your car go?” she said, and he could hear the smile in her voice.

“And why should I go so fast huh?” he said, playing with her a little though he never pushed his luck.

“I’ve got a treat for you,” she whispered, the tension clear in her voice. His eyes lit up as she said it, and he wasn’t going to ask any more.

“I’m on my way,” he said, jumping up and searching frantically for his keys.

“Hurry, I’m sooo horny,” Kylie whined, giving a soft moan before hanging up on him. His swelling cock gave a twitch at that, and he had to try and keep himself controlled so he could walk properly.

Around half an hour of furious driving later, he pulled up outside her house with a little squeal of protest from the hot tyres as he anchored it. Hurriedly shutting the door, he flicked the door locks and jogged to her front door, hoping he wasn’t too eager. He tapped on the door, and in a moment there was a small shadow and she pulled the door open, his eyes catching sight of her wearing the same sexy long robe she had been the first time she’d given him a treat. He only had a moment to take it before she threw herself at him, throwing her arms round his neck, legs round his waist and diving in for a steamy passionate kiss. Returning her exuberant kiss, he stepped into her cabin with her and kicked the door shut with his foot, balancing precariously with the tiny Aussie.

“Gotta be careful with me, if you break me you’ll regret it,” she said with a smirk as she broke the kiss, commenting of course on his balancing on one foot with her.

“I think you want to be broken,” he said, wiggling his tongue at her. She just gave a giggle as he carried her into the front room and dropped onto the sofa with her on his lap.

“You’re sort of right you know,” she said, squeezing him. Her robe flowed down over him, but he could feel the heat from her naked thighs against his jeans. He looked at her questioningly, in between another quick kiss.

“Right, tonight there’s no holding back, I want everything you have,” she said in a serious tone, looking him in the eyes.

“Everything I have?” he asked, still unsure where she was going.

“Yes, everything. Every little dirty thought, fantasy or desire locked inside. I know you’ve got them,” she whispered, nibbling lightly on his earlobe.

“What do you mean?” he said. It seemed obvious but he had to be sure.

“Anything you ever wanted to do to me. Like dominate me, pin me down and roughly take my ass,” she breathed, grinding herself against him slightly, “Anything like that, just let it out, give me what you’ve got,” she whispered, dragging her tongue from his ear down his jaw line back to another soft kiss.

“You want me to do anything I want, that could be a bit much,” he said, wanting to make sure he was sure she meant what she was saying.

“I’m ready for you, I want anything you can give me. Don’t hold back, got it? If you ever wanted to slap me around like a little slut, now’s the time,” she said, almost demanding his compliance.

“Ok Kylie, if that’s what you want,” he said, his hands stroking her sides slowly.

“You’ll want it, I need it,” she purred with a smirk as she slid off him onto the floor, pulling him to his feet.

“Now go and wait for me in the dining room,” she said, pointing towards the door. He smiled at her, his mind racing at the possibilities as he headed to the dining room. Walking in he noticed she had laminate flooring, the only room of the house with it as he closed the door and sat on the edge of the table to wait for her, and whatever she had planned.

Kylie smiled to herself as he left, loving the power she was able to exert over him, though she knew he was getting as much from her as she was from him. She heard the door shut at the other end of the hall, and shrugged off her robe. Turning to the mirror, she checked herself to make sure she was all how she wanted, before spending a couple of minutes to sort her hair to look the part. She stood back and smiled, knowing she would make his jaw drop bahis siteleri when he saw her, and turned to the hall. Slowly walking down it the hall, she got herself in character as she slid the bolts across on the door and then walked to the dining room door. Extending her hand, cuff sliding down he slim arm as she did, she knocked softly on the door and heard him moving across to open it. He gasped, his mouth dropping open in surprise as he opened the door, taking in her appearance, every tiny little detail with his widened eyes.

Kylie stood before him, holding an innocent expression. Her hair was up in pigtails, her face with quite a heavy layer of make-up, wearing a thin white blouse that was tied off under her chest to show off her toned stomach and also letting him clearly see she was braless since her nipples were already a little visible. She had a tiny grey pleated skirt on, knee high white socks over tan fully fashioned nylons hooked on whitegarters just visible under her skirt and black leather schoolgirl shoes. He was totally speechless, just barely able to take in Kylie looking like a tarty little schoolgirl.

“I’ve been sent to be punished. They said I was a naughty little slut,” she said, giving him a puppy dog look. He shook himself from his trance, looking her up and down before showing her in and closing the door.

“You certainly look like a slut to me, look at the length of your skirt,” he said with a point of his nearly quivering finger.

“Yeah, I have it nice and short, means the boys can fuck me much more easily. They just have to bend me over…” she purred, her tongue flittering over her lips.

“Then I think you need a serious spanking, gonna have to punish you for being such a slut,” he said, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Oh do I have to?” she whined with a pleading, teasing face, “my ass takes such a pounding as it is, can’t I just give you a blowjob instead?” she cooed, giving an innocent face and slowly licking her lips.

“That wouldn’t be very proper would it, you’re sposed to be getting punished for being a slut, not encouraged,” he said, trying to sounds authoritative though not really succeeding.

“You’re not really saying no though,” Kylie said, running her fingers over the visible bulge in his trousers and looking up into his eyes with a sly smile. With a wiggle of her tongue, she sunk to her knees and started undoing his fly.

“Miss Minogue, that’s not really appropriate. I need to spank you, to teach your little ass a lesson,” he said, his breathing already increasing.

“You’d love to spank my tight little ass, I can tell. Tell you what, if you can bring yourself to stop me sucking on your hot, hard cock, you can give me that spanking,” Kylie growled sexily as she freed his rigid erection. He couldn’t utter any complaints as her warm slender fingers slipped round the base of his cock, unable to reach all the way round as she bobbed the 8″ member in front of her waiting mouth. He groaned quietly as she planted a kiss on the tip of his head with her beautifully soft, bright red lips. She pursed her lips as she dragged off his cock, then slipped his bulbous head into the hot confines of her needy mouth. She moaned hotly as she pushed down to take a couple of inches of his shaft into her mouth, his head pushing back towards her talented throat, taking in the vibrations of her mumbles and moans of pleasure.

“See, much better than spanking me wouldn’t you say?” she said, pulling off his cock for a moment. Kylie stroked him firmly before sliding back onto him, pushing half his thick 8″ cock into her mouth as she took hold of his hips. Her tongue aggressively attacked the underside of his shaft, her cheeks hollowing a little as she stepped up the strength of her sucking a little more, hearing him inhale sharply. She gave a little smile round his impaling cock, her hands giving his hips a gentle but meaningful squeeze as she bobbed her head steadily on his stiff cock.

“I think you’ll still need a spanking, just for being suck, I mean such a slut,” he mumbled, his eyes closed as she worked at him.

“I think I will yes,” she murmured around him, giving a little nip just below his head with her teeth. His hips bucked and his hands clenched into fist at his sides as she sucked a little harder, pouting fully and fluttering her tongue on his cock. She reached up blindly, her eyes closed as she felated him, and fumbled for his hands. Her warm fingers slid into his clenched fists, guiding his hands to the sides of her head and onto her sexy little pigtails. Without a second thought his hands gripped her hair, and satisfiedly she slid her hands back onto his hips and continued to suck him off, steadily bobbing on around 5″ of his cock now, her tongue sliding and dragging up the sides. His hands just guided her as she sucked on him, not taking any kind of lead with her and simply enjoying her fantastic oral skills.

“Mmm come on, you know I’m a slut,” she mumbled. After a moment, she pushed all the way down on him, driving his thick 8″ cock deep into her throat, holding for a moment before pulling back.

“You don’t have to wait for me to do things like that, you have the power in your hands,” she said slightly muffled by her actions.

“You’d love for me to do that wouldn’t you, give you some throat action,” he said, tugging her pigtails slightly, sending a shiver of anticipation through her tiny body.

“Sure would, I love sucking cock,” she growled as she let him loose for a moment before he guided her eager mouth back onto his shaft. She sucking him for a few more bobs, nipping with her teeth as she went up and down.

“Come on, give it to me, all you want,” she said to get him going. He took a breath and tightened his grip in her soft blonde hair, then pulled her head down swiftly on him, driving his cock deeply into her throat. Kylie breathed out sharply through her nose, shuddering slightly in pleasure as he roughly took her. To keep him well on this track, she stepped up her sucking efforts, her cheeks hollowing deeply as her tongue went to work with every little trick she knew. He gave her a few thrusts into her mouth, then slowed again, leaving Kylie feeling empty and incomplete again. She slipped herself off him and looked up with her sweat glistening face.

“Come on, treat me like the slut I am. Face fuck me, come on, you’ve got my pigtails to use!” she said urgently, looking at him with a passion in her eyes. After what felt like an age, their shared gaze broke and Kylie shut her eyes and slid her soft, talented mouth back onto his rock hard cock. He took hold of her pigtails and wasted no time in forcing his cock all the way back down her throat, her nose pressing into his pubic hair. Kylie felt him hold there, and it felt like his cock belonged there in her mouth before he pulled back again. Her heart was pumping strongly and her breathing a little more ragged as he held her schoolgirl hair and thrust his large cock powerfully in and out of her wanton mouth, driving in and out of her throat.

“Harder,” the Aussie popstar mumbled lustily through his cock as he pushed in and out of her throat. His hands tightened in her hair and he picked up the pace, almost tripping her gag reflex as his cock drove down her throat suddenly. She controlled it and sucked hard, her eyes watering slightly as he bounced her head using her hair. Her lips slurped noisily at his cock as he grunted and groaned from her talents, her tongue still doing as much as it could to his cock. Kylie’s body was alive from pleasure as she was used, her head being roughly thrust back and forth on his full 8″. She felt the burn as her pigtails were wrenched a little harder and he shoved with even more vigour, his bulbous head pumping swiftly into her throat as she gasped and breathed raggedly through her nose. Kylie mumbled and pushed back against his grasp, twisting her head slightly. He let her slide off his cock and looked down as she took a large gasp of air, then looked up at him sweetly.

“I’m getting kinda outta line here don’t you think?” she said looking sexily out from under her fierce eyebrows.

“You are, but I can’t reach your tight little arse right now,” he said, smiling at her.

“I know,” she said, smiling at him and licking her full lips. He hesitated, an unsure expression on his face at crossing another line. Kylie saw his inner battle, and ran her hands up his thighs slowly.

“Mm come on. You know you’re gonna come all over my face in a minute, don’t you think it’d be nice if it was a little flushed when you did?” she purred sexily, wiggling her skilled tongue at him.

“You’re already a bit flushed,” he said with a smirk.

“That’s because I’m a little slut. I mean properly flushed, the way I know you secretly want me to be,” she said huskily, giving him a look her could feel. He released her pigtails, and Kylie settled herself comfortably on her knees, looking up expectantly to him. He took a deep breath, and then slapped her lightly across the left cheek.

“Ooh yeah, come on, do it harder, give me a proper slap for being such a slut,” she cooed, looking at him wide eyed in excitement. He brushed a hair back from her sweaty brow and then raised his hand again, before taking the plunge and slapping her across the face with his right hand, her head turning slightly as a resounding slap sound almost echoed with its importance. Kylie let out a ragged moan, her eyes squeezing shut as she shuddered.

“Oh god I nearly came from that,” she gasped, looking back up at him with a pre-orgasmic look on her face. He paused again, seeing her cheek showing a little pinker already.

“Come on, give me some more, don’t you dare stop now,” she said insistently, looking him in the eyes as her chest heaved from her breathing. He slapped her again, hearing her gasp, cutting into his mind like a knife. He slapped her cheek again, now glowing a soft pink, contrasting to her pale right cheek bar her pleasured flush. Kylie looked back up at him again, a smile on her face as she ran her tongue across her teeth. Brushing a hair back from her face again, she gave a little murmur of contentment, and giving him an opportunity. Before she could blink he backhanded her swiftly across her right cheek, knocking her head over slightly and drawing a grunt of surprise and pleasure from her.

“I haven’t been treated properly like this for a long time,” she moaned as his hands found her cute pigtails again, guiding her mouth towards his stiff cock, harder then ever. Kylie opened wide and he thrust himself deeply into her willing mouth, pushing his cock all the way into her throat. She moaned loudly, the vibrations spreading delightfully through his cock as he pulled her down till his balls rested against her chin. She felt him pull her hair harder than ever as he started thrusting as fast as he could in and out of her mouth, his tight balls hitting her chin as she breathed heavily through her nose, the warm air spreading over his groin. Her bright red lips wrapped tightly round his shaft as he buried it all the way into her, her tongue lapping and flicking at him as skilfully as she could given the situation. She felt her pussy tingling with pleasure at being used as a cheap slut, something she couldn’t deny she loved.

“Oh god Kylie, you little slut, open wide,” he gasped, suddenly releasing her pigtails and pushing her head off his cock so she rocked back on her heels. Kylie knew exactly what he was gonna do to her as she took a gasp for air. She squeezed her eyes shut and got ready for the hot, thick load to hit her face.

“Yeah come on, come all over my face,” she begged, spurring him on as she heard a slight sound as he grabbed his cock and started jerking himself rapidly to bring on his imminent climax.

“Come on, treat you little slut just like she deserves!” she moaned, waggling her tongue. Her sexy talk combined with everything else was more than enough, and he orgasmed hard with a grunt. His hot load mostly missed her mouth, shooting all over the rest of her face. Kylie gasped and breathed deeply as his cock spurted over her pretty little face, streaking her forehead, cheeks, one of her eyes, her nose and then a couple of final ones over her lips and chin. They were both breathing heavily, Kylie still knelt before him with come all over her face, looking up at him with her one open eye. A soft smile of sheer bliss was on her cute red lips as she ran her tongue over them to lap up any come that was on them. She leaned forwards and slipped her mouth over his cock, fumbling her hand onto him, sucking and milking every last drop into her hungry mouth.

“Just what I deserved,” she mumbled as she reached down. She rubbed her hot pussy through her short grey skirt, giving a ragged sigh of pleasure. Kylie rubbed herself for a couple more moments and then eased herself up, standing up and stretching, taking a few steps to walk off the burning need for an orgasm to hold it at bay for a little longer. After a couple of steps, she turned to face him, her tiny slutty skirt flying up a little and revealing her sexy little white panties. Without saying a word, she raised her hand to her come covered face and dragged her finger through it. She held her finger out in front of her, letting the come slide down her digit and threaten to drip to the floor, before leaning forwards and sticking her tongue out. Noisily, she whorishly tongued the come from her finger, slurping at it before swallowing visibly and giving a shudder of pleasure. Kylie did this till all the come had been cleaned from her face, then sucked her fingers as if she’d just eaten a delicate meal, pouting her ruby lips delightfully.

“Mm I’ve been very bad now haven’t I?” she cooed with an innocent face, a subtle smile still hinting at her intentions.

“Yes you have,” he said, a little more breathlessly than he might like.

“So naughty,” she huskily whispered as she turned, flicking her hips so he skirt again lifted and offered a glimpse of her white panties clinging tightly to her awesome arse. He eyed her gorgeous form as she looked back sexily over her shoulder at him.

“I really need that hard spanking now,” she purred.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna punish you for being a slut, teach that tight little ass of yours a proper lesson,” he said, stepping forwards towards her.

“You’ll need to spank me properly, the kind so hard that there’s hand prints left on my tight little ass,” she murmured giving him a twitch of her sexy eyebrow. He reached out and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back and making her gasp.

“Don’t worry, your ass is gonna get the pounding it deserves,” he said with a smile. Kylie just gave him one of her smiles as he guided her over to the table, turning her to face it. He pushed her down and she bent obediently over the table, her tiny skirt retreating and pulling up so that almost her whole arse was exposed. He eyed her amazing arse clad in its tiny white panties and reached down, stroking her stunning rear before lifting her tiny skirt and folding it up over her back to give him full access to her inviting bum.
“Come on, don’t hold back,” she whispered as he raised her skirt. He smirked at her and slid his hand over her arse before grabbing her panties. Kylie gave a yelp of surprise as with a sharp jerk he ripped her cute little knickers off, her hips yanked backwards a bit by the force. He threw them down on the table in front of her, a smile crossing her lips as her torn underwear landed on the tabletop. She felt the cool air over her hot, sensitive pussy and firm arse, and awaited the inevitable. Kylie didn’t have to wait long, gasping as a solid slap connected with her arse. He didn’t play around, giving her soft spanks as he had last time, he got straight on with it to give her the spanking he knew she wanted.

“Oh yeah, spank your naughty little schoolgirl,” she moaned as she wiggled under him, her nipples pressing hard against the cold table through her thin shirt. Another spank connected with a delightful slap to her firm rear, making her cock throb.

“Why are you getting this spanking then huh?” he asked as he held her down with his other hand on the small of her back. Kylie grunted as another decent spank hit her pert arse, the cheeks already pinking slightly from the spanks she’d so eagerly awaited.

“Because I’m a little slut,” she breathed, writhing under his strong hand.

“And why is it you’re a little slut?” he said, rubbing her bum gently.

“Because I can’t say no to a cock,” she gasped, bucking her hips as he connected with another slap, slightly harder now so a tingle crept up her spine. She clenched as he pinched her tight cheeks, a twinge of pain shooting into her tiny form from his sharp grip.

“And why is that?” he said, rubbing her before administering another sharp swat to her perfect rear, making her pussy drip.

“Because I’m a whore, I can’t help myself, I have to have it!” she gasped as he stroked the back of her bulging pussy.

“And what are you now?” he said, spanking her hard again, making her clench as the hardest spank yet connected with her famed bum.

“Your slut!” she yelped, pushing her arse up, desperately seeking another slap.

“And what will you do?” he said, dragging a teasing fingertip up the back of her slit, dipping in slightly.

“Anything, anything!” she begged hastily, so painfully close to her first orgasm.

“Good, but just in case you have any other ideas…” he said, raising his hand. Kylie inhaled, then moaned throatily as his hand once again landed on her delectable rear. Another landed swiftly behind it, breaking the barrier. She shuddered, her knees nearly buckling as she let out a squeal of ecstasy and climaxed. Her hips bucked against the edge of the table and her bright red fingernails did their best to dig into the wooden tabletop. He laid another hard spank on her now pink ass as she quivered through her strong orgasm, her pussy juices running down the insides of her perfect thighs.

“Slut,” he said with a smile, stroking her soft lower back teasingly. Kylie looked round at him breathlessly with a sleazy half smile. She flicked her eyebrow and gave a slight nod of her head, indicating she wasn’t done yet. He gave a little smirk back and then smacked her hard on the arse again, watching the look of sadomasochistic pleasure that crossed her face as she gave a deep grunt. He was standing fully to attention again now, and looked down at her slightly reddening ass in his hand, giving it a firm squeeze. Delicious as a ripe fruit, he drew his hand back and spanked her stiffly again, making her groan deeply and squeeze her powerful thighs together.

“Sluts don’t keep their legs together,” he said firmly, pushing his foot between her ankles and pushing her feet apart. Kylie’s legs opened again, revealing her wet bulging pussy, the swollen lips begging to be fucked.

“That’s better,” he said with a smile as he spanked her hard again, hearing her give a little yelp as he struck. Her legs twitched again, so he reached down and planted a sharp little slap with his fingers on the back of her hot pussy, making her gasp sharply.

“Keep the legs open, just like you normally do you little tart,” he whispered in her ear. He heard a scr****g sound as her bright red fingernails dragged on the table as he planted another hard slap on her, feeling her delightfully soft ass under his hand as he spanked her. He didn’t give her a break, and started to really give it to her. Kylie grunted loudly and throatily with each swat to her perfect arse, her body rocking as he gave her the spanking she needed. Her pussy was desperate for some proper action now, her cock rock hard again from the spanking. She yelled out as he gave her a few really hard spanks, leaving her ass fully reddened with a defined handprint on her left cheek. After a pause to let the tingle spread over her rear, he gave her one final hard slap, making her squeal in pain, which turned to a groan of pleasure.

He abruptly stopped and Kylie felt him grab her hips, his feet bumping hers. She looked up to see what he was doing, but had her question answered when she felt his rock hard cock push straight up into her dripping pussy, pushing balls deep in her. Kylie groaned deeply, her whole body shuddering as her horny cunt was stretched fully around his thick 8″ cock.

“Oh you love that don’t you, love the cock don’t you, you little whore,” he growled, squeezing her hips as he pulled back and gave her a good hard thrust. Kylie grunted dirtily, then looked back at him with a sly smile.

“And you don’t mind. You love your little sluts tight pussy, don’t you?” she said, squeezing him with her muscles, her velvet soft pussy grabbing him hard.

“Yeah I do, which is why I have you over a table with your slutty little skirt up,” he said with a smile.

“Don’t let me down,” she said with a grin, running her tongue over her teeth. He just smiled back as he gripped her curvy hips firmly and started to thrust in and out of her wet snatch, pushing around half his cock in and out of her quite rapidly, putting plenty of power behind the strokes into her clasping pussy. Kylie was groaning with every stroke into her tiny body, squeezing him methodically with her well-trained muscles to give him all she could as her hips rocked back against him. He grunted sporadically as he pumped his stiff cock in and out of her delicious pussy, loving how tight she was.

“What are you?” he said, breathing heavily as he stroked in and out of her, his hands squeezing the flare of her sexy hips.

“Your slut,” Kylie gasped, her nipples feeling like they’d leave marks on the table they were so hard. He smiled, catching the glint in her eye as she glanced back at him ever so slightly. Pulling back, his bulbous head threatened to slip from her, making her swollen lips bulge out. Kylie was just starting to protest when he drove back into her, sliding his cock all the way to the hilt. She gorgeous Aussie arched her back as she took his thick 8″ cock all the way into her, making her whole body alive with pleasure. She felt his grip on her hips tighten and knew he was gonna give her the fucking she wanted and needed.

“Oh yeah come on!” Kylie urged, wiggling her hips and shoving back to meet him as he started to fuck her properly. Her head dropped as she let out a ragged moan of pleasure as he pulled back again and thrust into her, the heavy table creaking as he started to pump his full length into her hot hole. Kylie heard him grunt as she gave him a squeeze with her muscles, grunting loudly herself as he picked up speed. Her nails scratched at the table as he thrust vigorously in and out of her, driving every inch he had into her. Her bum tingled, still sore from her spanking and now getting bumped by his hips with every thrust, it offered a sensation she felt so rarely.

“Oh you little tart,” he breathed, his hands sliding up to her waist.

“I thought, you were, sposed to be, punishing me,” Kylie gasped through breaths as he pumped on her, looking back at him as his fingers slipped up her warm soft sides, toying with the edge of her tied off shirt.

“Do you want another spanking?” he said, sliding his hand back to her perfect, reddened arse as he continued to fuck her hard, their bodies rocking in unison.

“I think I might need it,” she whispered after a pause, biting her bright red lip with an innocent expression. They held each others gaze for a moment, both still humping strongly without a break before Kylie let a sly smile play across her sweet lips.

“Do you think you could take it?” he whispered back, pinching her tender rear and making her jump.

“Baby I can take anything you want,” she purred, running her tongue over her full lips. He stared at her for a moment, then gave her a sharp little spank, making her clench and squeal in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he continued to fuck her.

“Don’t tempt me,” he murmured, smirking at her. She winked sexily at him and turned away. He focussed on fucking her again, and started pumping harder, slamming into her hot little body so that the table shook with every one. Kylie inhaled sharply at the increase of speed and reached out, stretching to take hold of the far edge of the table to hold herself down to let him take her, her shirt retreating a little more and revealing her smooth back. She groaned loudly in pleasure, pushing herself back against him as much as she could to take all he could give her. Her pigtails lay down over her shoulders, shaking with her movement as they fucked, and were all too tempting to him. He released her waist and reached up for her hair, his hands close before she looked round, her face flushed and sweaty, questioning the sudden decrease in leverage he had on her hot little form.

“Eyes forwards,” he snapped. Her eyes widened and she snapped her head back round, shivering slightly in excitement. She felt him take hold of her sexy pigtails and pulled teasingly against him. Kylie instantly felt the slight sting in her head and he pulled back on her hair and used them for leverage, picking back up to even more powerful thrusts than he had been prior to letting go of her waist. She moaned sluttily as he took a solid hold, pulling her head back and pumping hard into her tight cunt, his balls bumping her every time.

“Oh god!” Kylie cried, her eyes squeezing tightly shut as her sensations overwhelmed her body, goose pimples spreading across her skin. He grit his teeth and fucked her hard, ramming his full length rapidly in and out of her, pulling back on her hair so her back arched. Kylie had a determined look on her glistening face, taking deep breaths as she was confronted with a mix of pain and pleasure. Her body was tense, her feet struggling to stay gripped to the floor in her little shiny black plastic schoolgirl shoes. Suddenly he pulled out, his thick cock yanking out of her hot wet pussy and leaving her open and gasping.

“What the…” Kylie started, looking round. Before she could go any further, he grabbed her hips and rolled her over, sweeping her feet off the floor. She gave a squeal of surprise, smiling as he rolled her over, sliding her back up the table so her sweet arse was just resting on the edge of the table. He grabbed her luscious hips and slipped straight back into her, his cock easily going balls deep in her dripping wet pussy. Kylie groaned with a smile, looking down at his impaling cock as she started to raise her legs up. He gave her a sideways smile and started pumping her hard again, driving in and out of her sweet pussy, which he now noticed was completely bald, her sexy little arrow shaved off. The sweet Aussie pop queen gave a shudder and her legs dropped loosely from the fucking, hanging down over the edge of the table and lifting her hips a little more.

“God Kylie…” he mumbled as he thrust into her, making her smile up at him from her position lying on the table.

“Come on, fuck your little slut!” she said eagerly, egging him on.

“I wanna see those tits of yours,” he said, eyeing her humble mounds through her tight white shirt, her nipples standing to full attention. He just started to move when Kylie thrust her hips up and grabbed his hands.

“Don’t you dare let me go,” she hissed, looking him straight in the eye. He was too taken aback to tell her she was out of line, and watched as she took her soft hands from his up to her shirt. He kept pumping into her as she took hold of her thin shirt and then tore it open in a sharp motion, exposing her perky breasts, nipples tightly screwed up from her arousal. She heard him give a groan as her firm tits were revealed, moving with her heavy breathing from their hard fucking.

“Just don’t forget about them,” Kylie said with a wink and a waggle of her tongue. He smiled at her, eyeing her full red lips as she pouted at him, blowing him a kiss as they fucked.

“I thought you didn’t want me to let you go,” he said with a flick of his eyebrow and a smile.

“Well, not to open my top, to play with what’s underneath is quite a different matter,” she purred with another of her special smiles. He smiled slyly and gripped her sexy waist firmly as he pumped himself vigorously in and out of her sweet cunt, just taking a moment to let her hang before moving. He gave her a particularly hard thrust, his cock breaking through her cervix sharply and making her yelp in surprise, her body arching as he released her slim waist. His hands slid onto her firm breasts, enclosing and squeezing well as he continued to pump into her. Kylie moaned, a smile playing across her lips as she looked down to see his hands fondling her breasts. He groped and felt every inch of her pert breasts, loving how they felt in his hands, the hard nipples poking into his palms.

“Do you need any glass cut?” Kylie said with a girly giggle, giving a little twitch of her eyebrows and flutter of her eyelashes. He laughed at her joke, his fingers dragging up the mounds of her breasts to her nipples. Kylie’s eyes squeezed shut and she inhaled deeply, her hips shifting urgently under him on the edge of the table. He drew his fingers to her rock hard nipples, absolutely solid because she was so horny, and teased round her tightened aureole. Her red fingernails raked at the tabletop as she tried to hold on as she was energetically fucked, about to begin pleading with him to play with her nipples properly when he pinched them lightly, sending waves of feeling through her body and making her throbbing cock let her know it was there.

“You love this don’t you, you little tramp,” he sneered, releasing her nipples and swatting both her breasts with spanks from his fingers that made her jump. She couldn’t reply, simply letting out a long groan of pleasure as he continued and lay more light slaps on her breasts. He didn’t put much force in, and just gave lots of sharp little swats to her humble breasts, making the soft skin pinken slightly as Kylie writhed in pleasure on his cock. Without warning, he suddenly pinched her nipples hard, squeezing the little nubs tightly between his thumbs and fingers.

Kylie screamed in pain, despite the fact she was absolutely loving it, borderline delirious, it still hurt enough to make her scream. She drew breath, looking up at him in time for him to grab her throat, pumping her hard, ramming his cock in and out of her hard, his bulbous head popping in and out of her cervix. Her eyes widened in a mixture of surprise, arousal and fear as he tightened his grip, choking her as they fucked. She felt a rush go through her body, similar to the one she experienced when she had her corset tightened, the excitement of the squeeze on her body similar to the squeeze on her delicate neck. He wasn’t really choking her fully, just enough to restrict her breath a little, something she needed plenty of with the way he was fucking her.

“You slut!” he snapped, slamming into her delectable hips, her legs dangling limp and weak over the edge of the table as he sexed her up.

“Uhhh…” Kylie moaned, unable to form a coherent sentence due to the sensations overwhelming her body. Instead she raised her sweaty hands from the tabletop to her chest, her fingers seeking out the rock hard nipples. She rubbed them for a second and then squeezed them tightly and twisted, her body arching off the table, eyes squeezing shut as she gasped deeply for breath due to his grip on her neck. He gave a wry smile and loosened his grip, seeing her shudder as she took a deep breath and oxygen flooded her system again. She blinked for a moment, her body rocking with the motions of their humping, now almost secondary to the pair of them. Kylie looked up into his eyes with a kinky glint to her eyes as he released her throat, sliding his hands off her smooth skin.

The sultry Aussie’s eyes dropped to his hands, following them for a moment before she lunged forwards and playfully tried to bite him, dropping back to the table with a sexy grin as she continued to tweak and turn her stiff pink nipples. There was a pause when time seemed to stand still, both of them caught in a moment, which was abruptly ended as he slapped her stiffly across the face. Kylie gasped in surprise and pleasure, her hands dropping from her nipples to the tabletop again as she ground her hips against him. She looked back up at him lustily, a smile of anticipation on her lips as she stared him down hotly. He swatted his hand back the other way, backhanding her across her right cheek and snapping her head over to the side with another guttural grunt of pleasure from Kylie.

“You little slut, love being mistreated don’t you?” he sneered, smirking down at her gorgeous wriggling body. Kylie could only moan an attempted response, her body shaking on the brink of orgasm. He smiled wryly as he reached up and grabbed both of her stiff nipples, pinching hard and twisting them tightly, feeling her response before she could barely do so herself. Her body arched off the table tightly with a loud squeal, a mixture of pleasure and pain, and then spasmed, her powerful thighs squeezing his hips as her sweet pussy grabbed and clutched at his impaling manhood. Her squeal turned into a long low moan of pleasure as her body quivered and shook through her intense orgasm, her body flushing from satisfaction. Her pussy was practically overflowing with juices, her the hot fluids running over her bald lips and his cock and down to her tight ass and the table.

“God what a whore,” he said with a smile as she came hard, her legs twitching and kicking gently off the table behind him. Kylie sighed contentedly and went limp on the table, breathing deeply to catch up as he slowly pushed in and out of her, holding off his now much nearer climax. She was still on her own little cloud somewhere post-orgasm, and not doing what she should be doing in her role as a slutty schoolgirl. He leaned forwards and slapped her across the face again, not that hard but enough to give her a sting and bring her back to earth. Kylie snapped back to reality and looked around, quickly taking in her situation again, which was very much confirmed as he pushed deeply into her, his thick 8″ cock popping through her tightened cervix again and making her moan softly in pleasure.

“You sure know how to punish a slut,” Kylie purred sexily, licking her lips which now contrasted with her pink face.

“You’re not done yet,” he murmured with a smile, starting to build up his rhythm again.

“I sure hope not,” she giggled, deliberately squeezing him as he plunged to full depth in her hot little body again. He grabbed her curvy hips once more and started pumping her hard, thrusting into her with renewed vigour. They both groaned and grunted as he fucked her hard, giving her everything he had to get towards his climax.

“Mmmm yeah, come on, fuck me!” Kylie urged, meeting every urgent thrust with her hips. He got till he felt his orgasm on the brink, then pulled swiftly out of her hot snatch, the hot Aussie looking down confused as he reached up. She didn’t even have time to utter a word before he seized her pigtails in his hands and pulled, turning her on the table. She squealed in pain as he dragged her round on the table by her hair, her body sliding easily over the smooth surface so he had her the opposite way round, her head hanging off the side of the table and dropping back. Kylie realised exactly what he had in mind, obediently opening her mouth and not a moment too soon. He thrust his cock into her waiting mouth, pushing all the way down her throat so his balls pressed against her nose and upper lip.
Kylie gave a muffled protest through his thick shaft as he gave a grunt and came hard, his thick come spurting straight down her throat. She groaned in pleasure as he shot his load down her throat, swallowing it fast, her muscles massaging his bulbous head in the process. His hips bucked as she sucked and swallowed, his cock shooting several more spurts down her throat as his fingers wandered to her heaving chest. He took hold of her nipples and started toying and tweaking them, gently pinching and twisting the hard points as Kylie swallowed the last of his load, her hums of gratification matching his own sighs of fulfilment.

They stayed still for a moment, then Kylie felt the need to get up and struggled against him. He gave a smirk and held her down for a moment longer, before pinching her nipples tightly, making her moan deeply even through her discomfort, before releasing her. He let her go and slid his softening cock out of her mouth, the sexy pop star automatically sucking him clean with her bright red lips as he pulled out of her talented mouth. Kylie pulled herself up on the table, looking back at him as she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. He just smirked at her as they took a breather, both needing a couple of minutes to rest and recoup before inevitably continuing.

“I don’t think you punished me enough,” Kylie said, looking at him with a sweet smile as she sat on the edge of the table. He eyed her, sitting with her legs crossed, her cute black shoes and knee high white socks leading into her smooth, nyloned thighs, her hot clitcock pussy still on display as her skirt was rolled up round her stomach, and her perky breasts just hanging freely with their rock hard nipples begging for attention.

“And how’s that?” he said, stepping towards her, seeing her breathing increase in anticipation.

“Because you spanked me but you did a poor job,” she said simply. He reached out and slapped her across her right cheek with a stinging backhand, not that hard but enough that she knew he was well and truly in charge.

“All you did was get me even more horny!” she cried, snapping her head back up to look at him with a saucy smile. He slapped her swiftly again, making her gasp and squeeze her crossed thighs together.

“And that’s all you’re doing now!” she goaded, looking up and cheekily poking her tongue out through her enticing red lips as she gave a little flick of her unique eyebrow. He gave her a stiff slap, her left cheek already noticeably reddened from all his right handed slaps to her soft skin as his hand connected once again with the pop babe, making her reel with a loud grunt and support herself on her arm from the force. She looked back up at him with heavy breaths through her clenched teeth and a thirst for more. They shared a moment, then she hopped off the table, her skirt dropping back down to almost cover her pussy and tight arse, unable to fully since it’d been shoved up rather roughly during their fucking. Kylie scampered across the room with clacking from her shoes, making a beeline for something.

He looked curiously to see what it was, his eyes widening slightly as she turned back to him holding a cane. His gaze travelled as she scampered back towards him across the laminate floor, her pert tits and tiny skirt bouncing teasingly. Kylie held it out to him, her fingers idly stroking the wood before he took it, eyeing it for a moment before looking back to her. She stood waiting, a lust clear in her expression. He was lost in her eyes for a moment, then she stepped up and stretched to his face, licking softly up his cheek, dragging the tip of her tongue before pulling away.

“Give it to me hard,” she whispered huskily, giving him a sexy look that no man could deny. He held her look for a moment, then raised his hand and caught her with a surprise slap. Not that hard, but she wasn’t ready and was caught off guard, making her stagger a little. Before she could protest, he grabbed her slender form and pulled her over the end of the table again, pushing her down on the wooden top and hiking her skirt up to reveal her tender rear. Kylie mumbled something as she was taken, wiggling her hips and ass enticingly at him. She didn’t need to wait long, as the cane started being patted gently against her already spanked arse.

“Come on!” she begged, instantly realising her so called mistake. There was a light swish and the wooden cane landed across her arse with a soft thwack. Kylie gasped in pain, having only been caned a couple of times in her life and after such a spanking it was really letting her know about it.

“Begging for the cane? What does that make you?” he said, rubbing her with the cane, every ridge and contour being felt by her soon to be even redder bum. Kylie didn’t answer, merely biting her lips as she awaited the sting of her famous arse taking another strike from the cane. She almost reconsidered her decision as the cane swished through the air and connected with her delectable rear again, the wood sending a sting deeply through her firm, sore bum and making her yelp.

“I said what does that make you?” he said more firmly, threateningly rubbing her with the cane.

“A slut!” she gasped, looking back kinkily. He gave her another swat, making her clench and groan in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Damn right, you’re even enjoying this,” he said, lowering his other hand between her thighs and rubbing over her dripping wet pussy. He whipped his hand away and laid another firm cane swat on her famed bum, not even jiggling as the cane connected. Another deep guttural groan came from Kylie, her hips shuffling a little on the edge of the table in need. He caned her again, still staying on the main cheeks of her bum, seeing the soft skin redden more as she was punished.

“Oh god!” Kylie mumbled, her pussy leaking slightly.

“You love this don’t you?” he said, stroking her with the cane before administering another blow. The Aussie sexbomb shuddering and shuffled on her feet as her body fought the combining sensations of pain and pleasure as the sting surged through her diminutive form.

“Yes…” she whispered, biting her ruby lip as he stroked her with the cane again, bahis şirketleri “though you don’t know how to cane a schoolgirl,” she murmured, looking back with over her shoulder sweaty faced and a smirk. He just smirked at her, then raised the cane and let his hardest blow yet connect with her body, her thighs squeezing together as she squealed from the strike.

“Harder!” she gasped, her body shivering in pleasure. He did as she asked, laying another hard swat of the cane across her perfect bum, now sore and reddened as she bucked against the edge of the table, the sting of the cane spreading through her before subsiding.

“God you’re a tramp,” he said, stroking her from her knees to her lower back with the cane.

“I said harder!” Kylie demanded, looking back with a glare and a pout, almost stamping her foot. He looked at her for a moment, then turned slightly and slid the cane between her legs, rubbing the smooth wood over her swollen hairless pussy lips. Kylie’s eyes widened and she looked back in genuine fear as she felt the ridges teasing her protruding inner lips. As kinky as she was, she certainly wasn’t about to try having her pussy caned. Her arse was one thing, she relished a good bit of punishment on her rear now and then, but her pussy was something she wanted either attacked by mouth, one of her many toys or sliding blissfully up and down her lovers cock and nothing more. Her threateningly patted the cane against her bulging cunt, before sliding it across it so her lips split open along the smooth wood.

“If you don’t start being a good girl, I really will do it harder,” he said plainly, rubbing her dripping pussy with the cane to make his point.

“Ok sir,” she mumbled quietly, having been well and truly put in her place by him. He slid the cane away, only to have it replaced by his hand, which deftly found her throbbing boyish cock and gave her a wank, taking her closer to orgasm.

“You ok Kylie?” he asked softly, checking to make sure things were still how she wanted them.

“Yeah, keep going, give it to me,” she said huskily, looking back at him with need. He smiled at her and nodded, slipping his hand from her hot pussy and raising the cane again, giving her a hard swat to get going again. Her hips rolled and shook from it, her pleasure evident. Kylie moaned as the sensations flooded her body, so he gave her a fast series of hard strikes of the cane, laying them all over the main area of her arse. Her moans of pleasure gradually turned to squeals of pain as the blows rained down on her, her legs and bum clenching as the cane seared her cheeks. He stopped, letting her regain her senses properly and listened to her relieved sighs and murmurs as the pain dissipated.

“More,” she breathed, hanging her head down towards the table. He decided to change how she was feeling it all, and lifted the cane again. Kylie shrieked as the wood connected harshly with her lower back, leaving a visible red line on the smooth skin. She looked up in shock that he’d just hit her there, though eagerly awaiting the next blow, which came straight away. Kylie yelped as he caned her hard across the back of the legs, her powerful thighs shaking slightly from the crack as another red mark was dealt out onto her gorgeous body. He gave her another stiff blow, hitting her on the top of the arse where she was bent over, whacking her on a previously unused area of her desired rear.

“Oh god!” Kylie whimpered, her hips jerking and twitching. He raised the cane and laid three hard blows to finish her off, making her squeal in pain just as her orgasm broke onto her soul like a wave. She tensed up, then gave a spasm and a scream of ecstasy as she came, her legs shaking almost uncontrollably as her climax hit, her boyish penis clit squirted strongly over the edge of the table and onto the laminate flooring. He’d seen her cumming before, but it hadn’t been as much as this and it was quite impressive, making his cock twitch. He patted her on the bum somewhat soothingly as she came down from another orgasm, her breathing ragged and short, body glistening with perspiration.

“Can I have one more?” Kylie said, looking round at him with an almost pleading tone. Her juices were still running down the insides of her thighs, having barely finished leaking from her sweet pussy. He wasn’t sure about any more of the cane, she’d taken a solid beating to be frank and he didn’t want to hurt her.

“Go on, I know you want to. Just give my tight little ass one last go,” she purred, turning on the seductive charms and fluttering her eyelids. He decided to let her have it, unable to resist her, and raised the cane a final time. Kylie smiled and turned away, looking forwards as she dug her bright red nails into the table. There was a swish and then a crack as the cane hit her tortured rear again hard, eliciting an ear-splitting scream from the Aussie goddess, a pure emotion of the pain and pleasure she craved. Her head dropped to the table as she got control of her breathing again, unable to move from the spot standing as she got herself in check. He dropped the cane down on the table next to her, making her turn her head and eye it with a smile as she saw the tool that had left her with a stinging arse.

“I’m gonna be sore for days,” Kylie said standing up, reaching back to rub her bum as she stood, feeling the burn already.

“That’s for being a slut,” he said with a smile.

“You don’t seem to mind,” she quipped, licking her lips slowly and giving him a wink.

“Hope you save some energy, you have some cleaning up to do,” he said with a half smile. Kylie looked down to her juices on the floor, then back to him.

“How would you like me to do it?” she said, smiling sweetly at him, standing in a sexy position with one leg forwards.

“I think you already know how,” he said, waggling his tongue at her. Kylie’s eyes narrowed and she pouted, before stamping her foot.

“I’m not that much of a slut, you think I’m gonnaget down there and lick that up?” Kylie said moodily, crossing her arms and u*********sly pushing her naked breasts up.

“Yeah you damn well are, you little tramp, you know you want to do it anyway,” he said, glaring back at her, their eyes fighting an unseen battle of passion.

“Won’t,” Kylie said shortly, shaking her head. There was a pause as he took a deep breath and a silent prayer, then reached out and slapped her hard across the face, the hardest he’d ever slapped her. Kylie staggered and slumped down onto her knee, her shoes clattering on the laminate flooring. She breathed hard for a moment, then looked back up at him, her lower lip split and a little drip of blood sliding down her chin. She glared at him angrily but with a definite spark in her eyes, her tongue giving the slightest flick over her lips and her eyebrow twitching just enough. After a moment, she spoke again.

“One side of my face is bright red now, the other is only pink,” she said simply, turning her head slightly to show him. After another deep breath, he stretched, leaned forwards and backhanded her sharply across her right cheek. She let out a grunt as she was knocked over onto her arm, holding herself up having been prepared, giving an almost orgasmic shudder before turning to her juices on the floor. Kylie leaned over on all fours, flicking her pigtails back out the way before leaning down and dragging her tongue through her sweet juices, rolling her tongue back into her mouth and tasting fully with a soft mumble.

“You slap like a sissy anyway,” she muttered quietly before leaning down to continue lapping her juices up.

“What did you just say?” he said sternly, demanding to know. Kylie knelt up and turned to look at him again.

“I said you slap like a sissy,” Kylie said firmly, looking him straight in the eyes, basically daring him to do something to her. She got exactly what she wanted, feeling the sting as he slapped her hard across the face again, knocking her to the floor and making her wince slightly. She didn’t say anything else, and simply got back onto her knees and started licking at her juices once more, reaching back and starting to rub her pussy, her slender fingers dancing over her clitty penis and making her moan. He watched her sweet ass wiggle in front of him, her skirt just hanging down over it a fraction, then raised his foot. He pushed her tender arse sharply with his foot, making her yelp in pain and momentarily stop masturbating.

“What a slut,” he said with a smirk. Kylie looked back at him saucily as she licked her lips and blew him a kiss with a sexy wink, showing she was truly loving this. She turned away again as he knelt down behind her, flicking her tiny pleated grey skirt onto her back again and grabbing her hips. She giggled slightly as his rock hard cock bumping her rapidly fingering hand, quickly slipping her fingers up to push his cock up away from her bulging pussy before sinking three fingers back into her hot snatch with a groan. He positioned his cock against her tight arsehole, settling himself before driving forwards hard.

Kylie gave a squeal of pain as she was roughly penetrated, the force knocking her forwards into the puddle of her own juices. He wasted no time, taking a good grip on her hips and starting to thrust steadily in and out of her, giving her his full length each stroke. She moaned and grunted as he powerfully pumped on her rear, the initial pain fading away to leave the pleasurable feeling of anal sex. She groaned with a smile as she pushed back, reaching back to resume stroking her pussy, circling her throbbing penis with her fingertips.

“Oh god yes!” she gasped throatily as he gave her a harder thrust, picking up the pace into her unlubed arse.

“Love that don’t you?” he said, not expecting an answer. All he got was a grunt as she shoved back on him, gripping him with her talented sphincter as he fucked her in the ass. His hands slid round and squeezed her tender arse, feeling the firm cheeks and making her coo in slight discomfort at the groping of her thoroughly beaten rear. His grasp slid back upwards, over her hips and past her skimpy skirt, taking hold of her slim waist. She felt the pull back against the flare of her hips as he used her for leverage to start fucking her hard, not quite using his full length in his powerful strokes now, increasing the pace which tickled her in just the right way to buzz her penis.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” Kylie panted, gritting her teeth as her eyes squeezed closed, her body bouncing rhythmically back against his hips, sore bum bumping against him.

“I’ll give you harder you little bitch,” he hissed as he pumped her, releasing her waist with one hand and leaning back. Kylie only had to wonder for a moment before a stinging spank connected with her tender, bright red arse. She squealed loudly in pain, clenching on him and pulling away a little before he plunged back into her forbidden haven. He pumped her hard as she desperately jacked her female penis, pressing hard with her fingers on her hard nub.

“Oh god!” Kylie gasped as he pounded her arse, pushing as deep as he could with every thrust, his bulbous head stroking regions deep within her that was like someone indulging her soul itself. He groped her a little more as they fucked, squeezing her full cheeks before administering a couple more spanks to her on each glowing cheek, making her yelp in pain and groan as it mixed with her pleasure. Kylie had three fingers shoved right into her soaked pussy and her thumb strumming her hard penis madly, bucking and writhing as she was almost overwhelmed by sensations.

“Come on, come on!” Kylie whined in hornily, desperate for her climax now from her anal pounding. He laid another series of hard spanks on her gorgeous, glowing arse around his impaling cock, making her give little screams of pain that mixed with the pleasure of the anal sex and the feverish motions of her hand. He felt her tense up and knew she was on the verge of another orgasm, much like himself who couldn’t last forever with Kylie’s hot squeezing arsehole wrapped round his cock. Her hand was almost working in a blur, giving soft wet noises as he released her to grab hold of her sweet pigtails.

“Yes, pull them!” Kylie gasped, panting heavily as he pulled her head back sharply, her swollen pussy still being massaged desperately by her skilful hand.

“You couldn’t even stop me,” he breathed as her neck curled backwards, everything he had being pumped in and out of her sweet rear. His thrusts were hard as he could give her, his hips slapping against her spanked and caned arse which sent pain through her tiny, delectable form with every thrust to mix with the pleasure of penetration and masturbation. He felt his climax and gave her the deepest, hardest thrusts he could, knocking the breath out of her just before he drove in deep, holding her pigtails fiercely as he erupted within her.

“Oh god!” Kylie squealed, shoving back on him as hard as she could, his balls hitting her juicy pussy lips and fingers as she came. He held her tight as he unloaded his hot sperm, shooting it deep within her body as she shook and trembled with orgasm. He felt the warmth as her juices squirted again, some of it hitting his leg as she came all over the floor. She let out a scream of ecstasy as she squirted, her body bucking and writhing with his, unable to keep her hand on her dripping snatch. They both slowed to a stop, sweaty and tired from their most enjoyable exertions.

“Are you ok?” he said, still catching his breath and softly stroking her slender body.

“Well I didn’t break did it?” she purred, looking back at him with a dreamy smile before reaching up to wipe the blood from her lip. He smiled back and eased his softening cock out of her arse, gently stroking her treasured bum. She gave a little giggle as he stroked her, wiggling playfully as he stood up, eyeing her sexy body down on all fours.
“I made a mess,” Kylie said, looking back at him with one of her smiles, telling him exactly what she had in mind. Despite the fact they were both sated and tired, she insisted on lapping all of her juices up from the floor. She said later that she might aswell enjoy cleaning rather than make it a chore, which amused him slightly.

That evening, a couple hours after their passionate encounter, they were stretched out on Kylie’s soft leather sofa. Watching the TV, he sat up with Kylie lying along the sofa on her front, her head resting contentedly in his lap, face still lightly flushed from the slaps. Her arse was far too tender for her to be able to sit down, even on his lap, so this was the best way to relax.

“Guess I’ll have to be the cowgirl for a few days,” she quipped, suggesting the sexual position she aimed to adopt. He smiled and stroked her hair as she rested on him, not needing to reply. After a few more moments, Kylie looked up and took the remote from him, aiming it at the TV and clicking. She had all the channels you could ever want, and it only took a second for her to tap in what she wanted. A porn channel flicked up on the large screen, showing a sexy girl in a tight fitting police outfit with a male prisoner, toying with a pair of handcuffs and an eager look.

“One of my favourite channels,” Kylie murmured with a smile as she reached up, her fingers sliding onto his fly as he took in the scene. She inhaled sharply as she bumped her split lip, pouting for a moment before deftly unzipping him and reaching inside for his rapidly hardening cock…`re now officially my secret lover she whispered in his ear.
Kylie relaxed as she let her lover push her down onto her knees in front of him. Wearing thigh high black leather boots, a tiny black leather miniskirt, black seamed stockings, a tight boob-tube and a spiked collar, she was ready for her lover to have at her. It was a nasty fantasy of hers, to have a guy use her like his own little whore and give her a throatjob she’d never forget. She’d tentatively asked her lover, who’d happily accepted the challenge, already familiar with her deepthroating talents and relishing the idea to take it further and have full control over her, seemingly having some suppressed sexual aggression towards her, which she was intending to feel the full f***e of.

Kneeling before her lover, who was naked and erect for her, his big cock just inches from her pretty face, her lips bright red, eyes smokily done up with mascara, eye liner and shadow. Smiling up at him, Kylie extended her tongue and dragged it up the underside of him, signalling that she was ready to begin. He took hold of his impressive cock, something Kylie particularly liked about him, and then slapped it down firmly on her mouth and nose, bouncing it on her face, then switching to the side and cockslapping her cheek, doing the same to the other side of her face as she closed her eyes and felt a little rush of wetness to her exposed pussy.

“Open wide,” he commanded sternly, in a voice she’d never heard from him, making her shiver from excitement as she did so, waiting for him to insert his cock. She was taken aback however as he leaned down and spat on her face, making her recoil into his waiting hand, which he immediately used to guide her straight onto his cock, pushing his rock hard erection into her willing mouth. Her instincts took over and she began sucking, hearing him groan as she felt his saliva slide down her face, his hand in her hair to steady her as she got to work on him. Kylie knew how to suck a cock, and got to work giving her best possible blowjob, sucking just hard enough as her tongue started to wrap and stimulate him, bobbing her head up and down just over half his length as she got her rhythm going.

He just enjoyed her ministrations for a minute or so, then tightened his grip in her hair and pushed deeper, making it clear he was going to start giving what she’d asked for quite soon. Kylie had no problems taking a bit more, and was soon working faster and deeper, being more aggressive as she sucked his cock, just letting her teeth bump him slightly in just the right way to increase his pleasure. Sucking firmly, she worked her head back and forward on him, enjoying herself as she gave him head, loving his controlling hand in her hair. It was at that moment that he put that grasp to use, pulling her onto him as she went down on him and pressing his cock into her throat, pushing all the way till his balls were pressed against her chin. Kylie could take it though, she’d learnt to deepthroat as a teenager and had built up considerable skills since then, using them to her lovers pleasure quite regularly.

He held Kylie in place for a moment, just grinding to try and get any deeper as Kylie waited, before letting her back up. His hand however stayed in a very dominant position on her head, letting her know that that was the new standard for her to adhere to. Without hesitation, the Australian pop princess got to work again, going right down balls deep with each stroke, working her throat and tongue hard, pulling right back to work on the sensitive head of his cock as she did to give him the maximum pleasure. As she knelt before him, she wondered when he’d really go for it and give her a throatjob, though she was thoroughly enjoying sucking in him with him in total control. She loved the sensation of his thick head sliding deeply into her skilful throat, his balls pressing against her chin as she showed off what she could do, all the while sucking and tonguing expertly at him. He pressed her down hard again, rocking and trying to get deeper even though there was no way he could, something he’d never done to her before. Opening wide, she extended her tongue to lick at his balls, hearing him murmur in pleasure.

“Good little slut, you’re learning,” he commented, making Kylie feel rather stupidly proud of herself, pleased to bring compliments from her lover about her cocksucking. He didn’t slow down though, pulling back and then plunging right into her throat again, starting to take control fully now, holding her head and thrusting purposefully into her mouth, taking full advantage of her deepthroating ability now as she worked to keep up with him. She could tell he was getting ready to give her what she wanted, but when he did it still took her by surprise, mainly due to the manner it was done to her. Kylie was happily letting him plunder her throat, when after a particularly deep, long hold, he suddenly yanked himself out, making her gasp in the sudden emptiness of her mouth. Looking up, she was knocked sideways by a firm, stinging slap across her face, taking her breath away when he immediately grabbed her by the hair, wrenched her back into place as she yelped in pain and jammed her open mouth down on his thick cock.

“Take it all you cunt!” he snapped as his strong hands f***ed her right down to the hilt before she could resist, catching her off guard and tripping her gag reflex for the first time, making her body heave as he held her in place, ignoring her desperate attempts to pull off. In all the emotional chaos of that moment, Kylie knew one thing; her pussy was wetter than it’d ever been in her life, and she knew after this if he wasn’t up to fucking her, she’d need to get one of her big toys out to satisfy herself. Choking and straining round his cock, she was unable to fight him as he shoved her back off her knees, off balance and onto the edge of the bed, pinning her head down on the side of her silk sheets. He put a leg up onto the bed and pressed down hard into her throat, his balls pressed hard against her chin as he rocked a little to get every last millimetre into her throat despite her attempts to resist. Yanking out sharply, Kylie coughed and gagged hard as he stroked himself for a moment, before he firmly grabbed her hair and slapped his cock quickly on her cheek, making her squeeze her eyes shut tightly as he spat on her again.

“Don’t complain, just do it,” he ordered sternly as he pushed himself back into her mouth, using his bodyweight to push right into her throat again as she felt a tremble of excitement, her pussy almost fit to drip onto the carpet. She was more ready for it this time, using her deepthroating skills to take him, starting to work her tongue again as he got a bit of a rhythm going and used her throat, her hands digging hard into the carpet to brace herself against his fairly hard thrusts. Kylie didn’t need to do much for him, simply let him pound her throat as hard and fast as he liked, which she did, only he got a little too fast and deep, again tripping her gag reflex so as he pulled out she coughed up a thick mess of saliva round his big cock, her gagging preventing him pushing back in. Her eyes started to water, Kylie knowing her make-up was running down her face with it. He kindly gave a pause for her to cope, Kylie spitting and tilting her head to the side to let the thick fluid slide down the side of her face messily, towards her collar. She was starting to know what it was like to be the pornstar in the videos she watched as he paid her back with another slap across the face, making her gasp but leaving her no time to complain as he put his cock back into her mouth. All she knew was that she was more than happy to do it for free.

He let her suck a little this time, before slowly pushing himself to the hilt in her throat again, only this time he held it there, leaving her to deal with it and control herself. She breathed through her nose as she tried to be calm, holding back a couple of almost gags as she did, patiently and obediently waiting with his cock in her throat. It was when he pinched her nose that she started to panic, and within seconds she was gagging hard round his cock, hearing his groans at her spasming throat as she tried to push him off with her hands to no avail. With a sharp, deep thrust, he suddenly pulled out very quickly, setting her off harder than before, causing her to surge up from the bed as she retched, coughing as another thick, gooey load of saliva escaped her and slid down her chin, dripping onto her toned tummy and little leather miniskirt.

“Get up bitch,” he growled threateningly, Kylie feeling herself quiver as he did, quickly pulling herself to her feet, teetering on her high-heeled thigh high boots for a moment before he grabbed hold of her, pulling her into the air and then dumping her down quite roughly on the bed on her front. She gave a scream as he grabbed her hair and used it to pull her so her head was over the edge of the bed, yanking her head up and just letting his hard cock rub on her face. Kylie had to admit she was loving her lover being so rough and assertive; although she felt degraded and used, like a cheap hooker, she was also incredibly aroused, her pussy so wet she was pretty sure her fist would just slip up there if she gave it a go right now.

“Take it, fucking take it,” he snapped, losing himself to their roles now as he shoved his cock back into her mouth, plunging deeply in and catching Kylie a bit unaware again, making her gag as he levered it all the way down into her throat, reaching up to try and push him off her as he held her head and ground his cock balls deep in her throat. He let her push him off and pulled out as she coughed, making her choke on her breath as he slapped her briskly across the face.

“You don’t fight it, got it? Just suck me you cocksucking little tramp,” he growled, holding her by her soft blonde hair and staring into her eyes, Kylie able to see a dominate, empowered spark that she’d never seen before, and she immediately knew she was completely his, far beyond this throatjob if he carried on this way; she would simply submit.

“Yes sir,” she mumbled as she opened her mouth for him to slide back in, being given a moments respite as he just rocked strongly but more shallowly in her mouth, letting her suck and tongue at him. Hearing Kylie Minogue submit to him and call him sir was an immense turn on, and he wanted to relish that moment, as well as control himself in case he got too excited and finished with her too quickly. After a few moments lull however he resumed his deep fucking of her throat, tightening his grip on her head and forcing himself balls deep, right down till they pressed against her chin. Kylie was ready for it this time however and just relaxed and took him in, feeling him shudder as her throat let him all the way in, combined with her continued, diligent sucking and tonguing of his shaft as she lay on the bed.

“Grab your ankles,” he commanded firmly, and she moved to comply. Kylie knew exactly what he wanted her to do, and she wagered as much for the look of it as well as how it would remove her control. She knew precisely the position he wanted from her, a classic porno throatjob position, and given that was exactly what she had wanted to be subjected to, she was more than happy to perform. The pop princess used her fantastic flexibility to comfortably stretch back with her hands, letting her weight down fully onto her chest now as she brought her knees up, bending into position to grasp her smooth leather-clad ankles firmly, taking a good grip and settling into position, knowing her was loving the way she looked right now. She was also able to feel his increased vigour as he pumped harder into her throat, right down every time now, being quite rough with her though she made no complaint, or rather attempt.

All that emanated from the Australian pop star was the fast, wet sounds of her man plunging hard and fast into her throat, Kylie relaxed fully now and holding herself in position, looking up at him with her pretty eyes. He dignified her by looking down into them now and then, but spent most of his time ogling the way her body was bent on the bed in front of him, using her throat solely for his pleasure as she occasionally coughed or gagged, holding her firmly by her hair. He looked down at her and smiled, making her feel a little proud, but was then caught off guard as he sharply spat on her again, making her shudder before he slammed harder into her throat again, his balls smacking into her chin with every pump, making her struggle with his pace. He suddenly held full depth in her throat, making her gag reflex immediately overwhelm her, causing her to yank away from his grip and cough heavily, though she never disobeyed by letting go of her ankles. He gave her a moment to catch her breath, but took the opportunity to slap his cock over her pretty face again before he jammed it down her throat again, a thick mix of saliva running down her chin.

He resumed a pace more comfortable for her, wanting to instead just get a good rhythm going, still holding her in his powerful grip as he slid his cock from tip to balls on every stroke, Kylie quite enjoying not only how he was degrading her but the sensation of his smooth, thick cock gliding into her throat, so much deeper than she’d ever taken a cock before, even with her impressive deepthroating skills. He looked down at her tightly arched body below him, taking in her full lips wrapped round his cock, her fantastic ability, long blonde hair wrapped around his fingers. The smooth skin of her back was elegantly sexy, down to her incredible ass under the tiny skirt, tightly squeezed by her position before leading into her toned, firm legs wrapped in leather, held up by her dainty hands grasping her ankles, the sharp heels of her boots pointed up towards him as he fucked her mouth.

After enjoying her position for a few more moments, thoroughly jamming himself down her throat, he held himself in her throat, making her immediately tense up as she gagged, not ready to sustain his depth, where he then ground against her face a bit before he suddenly yanked himself out. She coughed hard, eyes watering and make-up running as she coughed another thick, gooey load of saliva onto the carpet by the bed, the biggest yet, as he grabbed hold of her slender shoulders. He easily flipped the pop princess onto her back, her long hair swinging down as her got her in place at the edge of the bed, her head tipped back over the side towards the floor, making her mouth and throat a straight line for him to bury his cock into.

“Come on baby, fuck me, fuck my throat,” Kylie gasped, barely believing what she was saying as she pleaded to be used by her man.

“Don’t worry, I will, and you’re gonna love it,” he grinned as he pushed his big cock back into her waiting mouth, grabbing her collar and sliding to full depth on the first stroke, Kylie well readied now and able to swallow him down perfectly. He quickly got a rhythm going, really going to town and fucking her face as she laid on the bed taking it, her hands grabbing handfuls of the sheets, legs and body tensing up as she battled to stay in place on the bed and swallow his impressive manhood. As he pumped into her throat, he reached down and yanked her tight boob-tube top up, letting her perky breasts pop out from it, her nipples stiff and waiting to be played with, which he obliged, hearing the Australian groan through his embedded cock as he pulled and twisted at her beautiful nipples. She gave a squeak as he gave a particularly hard pinch to them, arching from the bed and stopping her sucking for a moment, which she regretted as he just jammed himself through her resistance, making her choke.

She wrenched her head back off him and turned to the side to spit more onto the floor, feeling it run down her face as she turned back to suck him again, his cock driving into her throat again before she could barely get back in place. Kylie took it like a champ though and started sucking hard again, starting to work her head to meet his thrusts and get him full depth, attempting to get him to climax now. He was getting a fast pace up now, and she really couldn’t keep up, sucking and slurping noisily at his cock as she did her best to pleasure him whilst he slammed into her throat. She gagged again and started choking, but he didn’t let up this time, reaching down to hold her under her head to stop her pulling off as he continued to jam into her throat. She gave a strained sound and continued to gag and choke, her throat contracting to stop him getting into it as she tensed and heaved, her whole body tightening and spasming, heels digging into the bed as she kicked, as he continued mercilessly.

Kylie noisily spat up a load of thick saliva around him as he fucked her, her eyes streaming as it erupted around him, running warmly down her face, to her eyes and forehead, into her soft hair. He let her go and pulled out, where she immediately heaved again and spat yet more onto the floor, reaching up to wipe it from her face as he just stood waiting, his cock harder than she’d ever seen it before as he anticipated finishing her off with yet more throat fucking, exactly what she’d asked for.

“Fucking asshole, when I choke gimme a break!” she snapped, standing up to his abuse of her whilst at the same time lying back down to resume the position for him to continue that abuse. The thanks she received for her little outbursts was a very hard smack across the face, making her yelp in shock that he would do it, and also thoroughly remind her who was the boss and what her job was
“Shut up you little cunt. You wanted this, you wanted to do it like a pornstar, and you’re doing very well, so shut the fuck up and enjoy it,” he said loudly, pulling her head back into position by her spiky collar and forcing his cock back down her throat. She held down another retch from the off and got to work sucking again like she’d been told, working his cock as he thrust powerfully into her throat for a few moments before he held back, just the head in her skilful, sucking mouth.

“You do the work,” he commanded, and she quickly moved to comply, shifting on the bed a little to push up and bury his cock in her throat, her nose pressed into his balls. He just let her make the effort, and was happy with her performance as she started to go balls to tip on every stroke, engulfing his entire manhood every time and building quite a good speed up, far more than he expected her to be able to do, and she maintained a good suck and tongue assault on him as he enjoyed it.

“Yes you little slut, good,” he urged, just loving how she was working to please him as he reached down for her tiny black leather miniskirt, grabbing the hem and rolling it slowly up away from the top of her thigh-high leather boots, over her hips to reveal her sweetly shaven pussy, giving her time to notice what he was doing. Kylie made no complaint however, and even tried to lift her arse from the bed to let him expose her smooth cunt. He just ogled it for a moment and then reached down between her legs, making her stutter a little in her motion as his fingers slid over her stiff clitpenis and through her drenched pussy, soaking him in her juices.

“Fuck, you’re absolutely loving this aren’t you,” he said, a rhetorical question, but Kylie wanted to answer him, mumbling positively through his cock, knowing her affirmative response would turn him on more. His fingers dipped into her juicy, waiting vagina, making her roll her hips to try and get him deeper, but he just slid them out of her.

“Patience, I’ll stuff that tight cunt of yours later, and maybe somewhere else as well,” he said with a smile, making her feel a little surge of excitement that he wasn’t finished with her, even though she well knew they’d be fucking little rabbits after this, and that she’d leave her boots on. She worked extra hard on his cock until he grabbed her head and took over again, jamming down into her as he pulled her head up, Kylie just trying to sustain it as he pounded her before she choked again, not having any time to react as she powerfully gagged this time, another burst of thick fluid escaping round him as she choked noisily, sounding exactly like a porn star as it ran down over her face and into her hair again, some dripping off her cheeks onto the floor below as he continued, Kylie trying not to fight him. He pulled out just long enough to let her spit, not even turning her head now, just wanting to do her job, spitting it over her face and letting him straight back in to continue as it ran down her chin and neck towards her spiky collar.

He pumped into her again, but it was different now. She could tell he was close, his cock feeling a touch harder in her mouth, his thrusts a little shorter and more urgent, staying deep in her where her throat squeezed and clenched at him. He wasn’t done yet, she knew that, she knew exactly how he felt in her pussy when they were fucking and he had excellent stamina and would always get her to an orgasm first, she could never win that race it seemed. But he was being more aggressive with her now, if that were possible, and absolutely slamming her throat. He plunged in hard and then held himself there, catching her out and provoking a gag, before he suddenly started slamming her again as she started choking. She desperately tried to control herself as he brutally throat fucked her but it was only a matter of seconds before she broke, and it was different this time. Not just a gooey mess of saliva, she actually threw up, giving a loud choke and coughing up hard round his pumping cock, her body heaving awfully as she did, the thick mess spewing out round him and over her face, sliding in all directions over her smooth skin as he pulled out, himself surprised at what happened.

Kylie turned coughing to spit thickly onto the floor, feeling horribly embarrassed now and wanting to clean it off, but he gave her no such chance, pulling her head back down by her gothic collar and thrusting in again. He wanted to finish now, she could tell by how he was fucking her, and he wanted to try her like a porn star, and good porn stars didn’t quit when this happened. It was part of the job and they just kept going, so she made herself do the same, going back to working hard as he thrust, finding it strangely enjoyable as she got back to trying to please him. Another hard stab into her throat made her throw up again, that barrier broken now, her petite frame heaving as she gagged hard. He pulled out just in time for her to throw up, another thick burst erupting from her mouth and running down her cheeks and face, but now she didn’t turn, wanting to carry on like a good little whore.

Kylie was a right sight now, her dark make-up running all over her face, which was covered by a mixture of saliva and sick, her eyes squeezed shut as she opened wide with her tongue out to eagerly accept him again, which he happily did, and she knew he was going for the finish now, fucking her throat so hard and deep in short, fast thrusts. Knowing this, she resolved herself not to lose control and gag again, to instead just work him expertly to a fantastic climax and wrap this throat job up in style for the both of them. Her ministrations and his hard fucking of her throat, the hardest of the whole thing where she could really feel his raw power, was enough to bring him swiftly to climax and she felt him about to burst. He suddenly pulled out, surprising her as he always liked her to swallow and especially liked it when she did it during a deepthroat blowjob. He told her he loved the way she would just keep working him deepthroat when he was ready to pop and casually swallow his load without making any fuss, so for him to pull out now caught her off guard.

“Open wide,” he gasped as his hand grabbed his cock, Kylie seeing his balls tighten as he stroked himself hard and fast. She lifted her head up and opened wide, watching him bring himself to absolute bursting point before he pointed his cock down into her open mouth and exploded with a loud, long groan of ecstasy, emptying his balls in a massive load. Kylie felt spurt after spurt of his thick, hot come ejaculating into her mouth, over her soft tongue and running into her throat, pooling at the back of her mouth. She didn’t swallow and just maintained her position as he gave a shiver and groan of satisfaction as he squeezed the last drop from his cock and wiped it on the tip of her tongue, looking down at the gorgeous blonde popstar with her mouth full of come like a good porn star.

“Now swallow it,” he commanded, after a few seconds to take in the sight of Kylie Minogue in such a position. She obediently and happily closed her mouth and swallowed deeply, him watching her throat move under her spiked leather collar as she did. Kylie didn’t even need to be asked to open her mouth again to prove it, doing so and sticking her tongue out to show not a drop remained. She’d always swallowed, quite liking the taste and wanting to please her men, who were always very happy she swallowed without being asked.

“Good slut, very good. We’re done,” he breathed, stepping away from her and turning to sit on the end of the bed with a deep breath as Kylie just let her body go, her muscles giving up now, her head hanging back off the edge of the bed, long blonde hair dragging on the floor as she breathed heavily, feeling completely exhausted at her degrading but hugely arousing ordeal.

“Thank you, sir,” she breathed in return, completely limp over the side of the bed.

They just rested for a minute before he got a towel for Kylie, who gratefully cleaned herself up as he gazed over her naked body, perky tits and smooth pussy just waiting for him. It was enough to start him recovering, his cock starting to harden again at the sight and thought of what he could do with her. She finished cleaning herself up and looked over to him, seeing his recovery and feeling how horny she was, her pussy absolutely begging for him as she peeled her tiny, pointless boob-tube off.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” she asked with a smile, looking up at him as she pulled herself back onto the bed, digging her heels into the covers.

“As promised,” he said with a smile as he slid onto the bed with her, Kylie giving a giggle as she spread her thigh-high boot clad legs…

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