Lady in blue.

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Lady in blue.The bar is quite bright, not like the dark clubs I’m used to frequenting. I prefer a more subdued atmosphere; this feels slightly wrong, like leaving the cinema and realising that it’s still daytime. Still, I’m determined to have a good time as my girlfriend is away and I’ve finally got time to hang out with friends. No one to watch over me, I’m free to enjoy myself.We head over to the bar to get some drinks, only to find it’s four deep with students. I offer to go and find somewhere to sit while they wait. I head to the only remaining seat, a sofa in the corner. As I sit down my phone buzzes in my pocket, it’s my girlfriend phoning to check up on me, I decide that it’s too loud to bother trying to answer, or at least that’s how I justify ignoring her. I finally look around the room and notice that sat opposite is a group of attractive women. They’re busy chatting and completely oblivious to me. One in particular draws my eye, she’s wearing a short skirt and her long legs are covered with blue pantyhose. Her legs are crossed, one of them she keeps bouncing forward pushing her skirt up and almost revealing her panties. I’m completely mesmerised and don’t even realise I’m staring until I look up and find that she’s looking over at me. I quickly look away slightly embarrassed, but when I look back she’s got a wry smile on her face. As she stares at me she uncrosses her legs and leaves them apart, almost daring me to look away from her eyes, as if to say I know what you want. I can’t resist looking down, but right at that moment my friend Adam stands in front of me as they return from the bar.“Here you go mate, best I could do” he says, handing me a bottle of larger. “not great I know.. you’re not even listening to me are you?”.“What? Look you’re stood in the way, sit down” canlı bahis şirketleri I say, finally looking at him.“Aren’t you meant to be attached?” he says, looking where I’m staring again “not sure Amy would be pleased if she knew you were busy ogling women”.By the time I look back at the girl she is busy talking to her friends again, her legs much to my annoyance are crossed again, her leg bouncing away u*********sly. I decide Adam is right I should probably pay attention to my friends. We spend the next few hours drinking and catching up and I try to forget about the girl in blue pantyhose. However, every time it’s my turn to get drinks I wander passed the sofa, and almost every time I find the girl looking back at me smiling in that knowing way. Much later, when I’ve had way too many drinks, only two of us remain sat on our sofa talking. My friend asks if I want to share a taxi, I glance up and notice the girl is still sat across from me. I tell my friend that I’m going to walk home, and wait for him to leave. I’ve no intention of going home alone tonight, the alcohol has made me reckless, and I decide finally to make a move. I’m surprised when, before I can stand up she wanders over and sits on the arm of my sofa.“I’m going to save you the small talk.” she says. “You’ve been staring at me the whole night, it’s pretty obvious that you want me.” While I just stare back she continues “My apartment is just around the corner, I’d love for you to come back and fuck me.”I’m slightly dumfounded, that’s exactly what I want to do, it’s just not supposed to go this way.We leave, her friends laughing, probably at my facial expression more than anything. As we walk to her apartment she takes my hand and places it on her thigh. Despite the alcohol I’m instantly turned on, canlı kaçak iddaa and make a futile effort to stop my erection showing. She notices the bulge in my trousers, smiles, and then cups it giving it a strong squeeze. I can’t resist sliding my hand up towards her pussy, even through the pantyhose I can tell that she’s not wearing any knickers. I’m not sure why, but this turns me on even more, and I can feel my penis throbbing in her grip.We make it to her apartment and stumble into the lounge. She unbuttons my trousers and pulls my pants down, my penis bobbing up, leaking precum. She starts sucking whilst pulling my balls down, the mixture of pleasure and pain is unbelievable. Whilst sucking she pulls my shirt over my head, and I realise that I’m completely naked whilst she’s still dressed. She gives one last suck and then takes her lips from around my penis, which is now visibly throbbing. She guides me into the bedroom, pulling me along by my penis. While I like a woman to be in control I’m desperate to go down on her. I throw her onto the bed and push her legs apart, lifting them over my shoulders. I can see a damp patch covering the crotch of her pantyhose. I can’t get them off fast enough, so I just rip a hole, revealing her glistening pussy. I place my tongue against her lips, breathing in her scent. I slowly start sliding my tongue over her lips, every now and then brushing against her clit. She starts to moan and writhe, I pull her closer so that my face is buried in her pussy, my gums against her clit and my tongue sliding into her. My chin is covered in her juices, and her pussy starts to spasm. I hold my tongue hard against her engorged clit and then lift it off, teasing her. She pushes her pussy onto my face, and I can feel everything through my mouth. canlı kaçak bahis I increase my pace of licking whilst holding her legs down and apart. I can feel her start to shudder with and orgasm, I keep bringing her close but the stopping at the last minute, taking her closer each time. When she finally comes, she squirts her juice into my mouth. I insert a finger feeling her contractions as I keep circling her clit with my tongue.When she recovers she sits up a kisses me whilst holding my sodden penis with her hand. I pull her top over her head and take her bra off, rubbing her pert nipples. She has other ideas, she rolls over onto all fours and lies down with her pussy in the air. The sight of her pantyhose clad legs and gaping pussy is unbearable, I want to be deep inside her. I pull her to the edge of the bed and thrust inside, enjoying the liquid sensation of her warm pussy leaking juice down my legs. I stay still for a second savouring the sensation but then can’t resist the a****l urge to fuck hard and fast. I start thrusting away and lean forward and let her small breasts slide against my hands, letting her nipples grow hard with the friction. She cups my balls underneath massaging them as I thrust. After a few more strokes I can feel myself about to come, but I don’t try to stop myself, instead I thrust faster and faster until I explode inside her, my balls rising inside her hands.I pull my penis out, watching my seed drip out of her pussy, and roll onto my back. But she’s not finished with me yet she lies in a 69 position and takes my penis in her mouth. At first the sensation of her tongue is too much but quickly she has me hard again. I hold her down so that she can only keep sucking as I start licking her pussy again. I can’t see anything, everything is now just sensation. The sucking sensation seems to envelope my whole body, the smell of her pussy and our juices fill my nose. We tease each other for an age, until I have a whole body orgasm filling her mouth with squirt after squirt of cum, I can feel her orgasm at the same time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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