Last story for now!

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Last story for now!My Mrs Robinson.When I was eighteen I worked in a small village shop, which took orders from locals and I delivered them around the estates. One address particularly paid special interest in me. Just after my eighteenth birthday, I spoke to a woman in the shop one evening. She was the mother of Helena and Fiona Robinson, her name is Diana and she’s about thirty-six at the time, I couldn’t help it, I kept looking at her chest whilst she was talking to me, her tits were big and her blouse button was gaping open, allowing me to see the fleshy, tanned skin inside. They wobbled while she spoke, and I think she got off on me staring. Her smile when she noticed was unforgettable. Helena and Fiona were both pretty girls, but mostly I fooled around with Fiona for a bit, she gave me a couple of hand jobs and let me play with her hooters and I even fingered her pussy once, my first ever sexual experience, behind the village hall. Fiona knew I had quite a sizable dick for my age, about 7 or 8 inches and thick. I suppose I was lucky. Word must have gotten back to her sister and mother. Anyway the conversation stated that Diana wanted to be a new customer and could I deliver her groceries on a Saturday or even the Sunday. I took her list and prepared it the following morning and set about delivering the goods, it was cold that morning, but I still wore my shorts and t-shirt, I’m quite athletic looking and makes me appear older than I am, girls have no problem with talking to me. I get to Diana’s address, I can see her in the kitchen window as I approach, she’s wearing a pink nightie and her mousy brown hair is in curlers.I’m a bit apprehensive as I come to her front door, she opens up and she’s standing there, there I go again, staring at her chest, they’re bigger now and I can see more of them, my dick goes to half-mast in my shorts and she takes the box from me. She notices me as I notice her, then the tension is broken as Fiona comes past in her netball kit, she still isn’t talking to me after we broke up, because Helena wanted to see my dick, so I showed her, then she told on me.“Thanks Richard, see you tomorrow?” Diana said after the slam of the lounge door by Fiona. Tomorrow being Sunday, when the girls go to their Dad’s, as Diana and David are separated.“Okay Mrs R, see you then.” I replied, she gave me another list to prepare and I walked away pulling on my lazy boner, I needed to get home and jerk off, straight away. I get home and head to the bathroom, locked the door and reached for the baby lotion, I slipped a quantity on my helmet and worked it down the shaft, then jerked very quickly, thinking of Mrs R and that canyon of a cleavage, imagining my dick gliding between them, a couple of minutes later I was emptying my load down the toilet, six or seven creamy spurts hit the water, the smell of lotion, hitting my nose. I toss some paper down and flush it all away. Then I plan the rest of my day.Sunday arrives and I get the groceries ready in the shop. Then It’s over to Mrs R. I didn’t expect anything to happen, apart from delivering the shopping, why would she want me? I’m just a young lad, in her eyes. All the way over I found myself thinking only of Diana, focusing on keeping my cool when I get there. Finally, it’s Diana’s house, I have football shorts on today and a black t-shirt. Diana is fully dressed, she has a Denim shirt on and I can’t see her legs from the window though. Again, I approached cautiously and as she comes to the door to open it, now that I see her legs, she’s wearing jeans cut-offs, and they’re very high cut, the v shape of her vagina was very clear underneath, only the fabric hid the whole thing, she takes the box from me, and again my eyes are fixed on her shorts, no view up top today, so naturally they head south, and so did hers. My cock visibly aroused by the vision. I think she enjoys it and gets off on seeing me in that state.“My Richard, so the rumors are true? Would you come inside for a moment please? I need to discuss something with you.”“Well I’ve finished for the day, so yeah okay.” She turns around and the sight of her bum cheeks sear in to my eyes as they’re clearly showing from the bottom of her shorts. As she sways from side to side, each cheek exposes itself to me. I close the front door behind me and follow that voluptuous arse to the kitchen. “Sit down there then, I’ll get the kettle on.” Diana suggested, and I sat on the bar stool by a breakfast counter, Diana is busy collecting the ingredients for our cuppa, she opens the fridge door and bends over to get the milk, even though I take my coffee black, the view from here was unbelievable, her ass cheeks squeezed out and her pussy pressed against the material. She’s torturing me, my boner got so hard that the nylon on my shorts represented a tent. Diana stood up and walked to the kettle, she turned to look at me and it was clear, what she did had the desired effect. She was pleased with herself. She turned back and finished making the coffee.“Err, Mrs R, I don’t take milk, thanks!” I said, she brought the coffees over and placed them on the counter.“You could have said that, while I was bent over there?” She grinned and crossed her legs over, covering her groove from my gaze. “Now then, I have a proposition for you Richard, you stay away from my girls okay? If you can do that, then I will give myself to you, I know you are a young man, but you’ll appreciate all of this and it will enhance your sexual experiences for the future. Can you stay away from my girls? I can’t have them fighting over you, that’s just bad.”“Of course, Mrs R, I can do that.” She gulps down her coffee and those green eyes are staring into mine.“So today, I’m going to touch you, without you touching me, I will make you come, only with my hands, nothing else. Drink your coffee and we’ll begin.” She ordered. I did just what she asked, finished my coffee and waited for her to make a move. Diana stood up and came close to me, she smelled great all lemony and sweet. Her hands lifted my t-shirt over my head and pulled the material tight around my arms and tied it to the back bar stool, keeping my hands from wandering. She sighed as she looked at my muscular pecs. She runs her hands down my six pack. They feel great as she touches me. Next she moves in front of me and crouches down, but her legs are together, obstructing my vision towards her fanny, her fingers grab the material of my shorts and she pulls on them slowly down my legs, my cock flips back and up is it comes right out before her eyes, her left hand circles my shaft, finger and thumb circle the glands on my engorged cock head, and her right hand pulls my shorts off completely. She studied my cock, gazing at it and gently stroking up and down, her hand feels so soft compared to mine when I do it. Her right hand cups my balls and circles them, making me even harder, she examines my big boner, like a Doctor studying a wound, she either has small hands or my dick is twice the width in length.“That’s very big Richard, very big!” Impressed with it all. She closes her fist tightly around my rigid cock shaft, and jerks me off, it feels so good, the blood warms to her stroking and I feel incredibly hard now, she strokes evenly and gently, enjoying my reaction to her getting me off. I counted almost sixty strokes, one hand then the next, whipping me up in a frenzy. “Good stamina, that’s going to come in handy later on.” She added, the word come from her lips made my balls stir, her jerking more intentional now, forcing my cream up, I held it down for as long as I could, until she angles my dick straight towards her chest and that was too much to bear, her eager hand pulling and tugging with determination. It’s been at least fifteen minutes by now, normally I’m over within two by myself. Then that sensation of wanting to come materialized. “Give me your come then boy?” She said and that is exactly what happened, her hand jerked so fast that my semen splattered out all over her blue denim shirt, one, two, three, four, five, six, and then a dribble, her shirt was a mess. Her jerking became more of a caress, my sensitive penis getting smaller and softer. Then she takes her hands away, and stares at her blouse. “That’s going straight in the wash, thank you Richard, come by next Sunday, where I will please you by mouth, and you can touch my tits.” She strips the shirt off in front of me and slings it into the washing machine. “Well, go on then. Off you go?” She’s stood with her hands on her hips, her big tanned boobs in that bikini bra, looking so hot. Those shorts barely containing her womanhood.I dress myself as she leaves the kitchen, çankırı escort and I don’t see her again that day, and have to see myself out. I get home and have to jerk again, thinking of those words she was saying whilst jerking me, I came quickly again, and that was all until the next Sunday.During the week I thought of her, but never once, I started to pine for her, but I left my dick alone all week, knowing she would release me from my angst and bring me off on Sunday. I never experienced a blow job before, but I borrowed a DVD from my friend and it was of Kendra Lust, ‘Super Milf’ it said on the plain white label, on Thursday I took time to watch. Her expert mouth working on a boy, her daughter was dating, she’s easily pleasing him as she deep throats him, in the kitchen, and eventually he comes on her tits, all I was interested in was her sucking him, I have an enormous hard on, but managed to not jerk. That took about five minutes, then I turned the DVD off and continued thinking about Mrs R. The weekend came round quickly enough, I had a swim on Saturday and a cold shower, still daydreaming about Sunday. I played football in the afternoon with my friends to relieve a bit of frustration, and then I went to bed early, so I could get up for work. The morning came and I dressed in a green t-shirt and tan cargo shorts, didn’t put any boxers on underneath, I felt like surprising Diana, the look on her face, when she unzips me later. I get to the shop and pack the shopping into the van, I leave on time at 6:30, it wouldn’t take long to get round to Mrs R’s house.As I get there, I have butterflies in my stomach, maybe of anticipating Diana and what she’s wearing, but she isn’t at the kitchen window, much to my disappointment, so I carry the box to her door, put it down on the ground, saddened I started to turn away and leave, until the garage door opened automatically, and there is Diana stood in the door wearing a gray boiler suit, nothing attractive today, but she still looks well presented, her hair is down and on her feet she’s wearing flip-flops, her painted toes showing.“Morning Richard, why do you look sad? I promised you what I would do, but first you will need to help me paint this box for my garden. Your hard work will be rewarded.” She hands me a wide paint brush and we step into the garage, then the door comes down at the press of a switch, shutting us in from the street.“I’ll do anything you want Mrs R.” I wasn’t going to sulk, not if it meant my sexual desires are met.She levered the green paint tin lid off and the smell is heavy, and we set about working on the square box, she smelled lovely again today, this time a distinct scent of coconuts, it was hard to concentrate being so close without touching her, but we got about halfway through painting, then she spoke again.“Let’s rest for a minute shall we? I’ll get a cold drink.” She leaves for a minute or two and returns with two tins of soda and hands me one, we snap open the lids at the same time, and almost instantly she pulled the zipper down on her jumpsuit, I looked on her as that deep cleavage revealed itself to me, sexy melons tanned to perfection, no nipples yet though, that was all she did except her big boobs heaving as she drinks down the whole can, the skin looks so soft and inviting, irresistible. My cock stiffens and I cheer up a little, I love her teasing me. “Okay, enough staring, let’s finish this and then we can play.” She returns to the box and begins to paint again only this time her boobs are clearly visible while she bends to paint. Her brush strokes make her wobble and the top opens a little more, those delicious titties underneath, are bare just like I was under my shorts. My dick stretched forward against my fly, as once again I’m looking instead of painting. I compose myself and in another hour we finished the box.“Let’s leave that to dry, now we can play a little.” Finally down to business. She stands up and so do I, she moves close in about a foot away, next she pulls the zipper completely down, slips her shoulders off and the top half falls to her waist. Finally what I’ve always wanted, to see her naked breasts on display for me. I can see the top of her fanny, but only the top of her pubic hair, she’s short cut but with a mousy, velvety covering. “You’re not here for that, you’ve got ten minutes with your hands on my 44DD’s and then I’ll relieve you with my mouth, Deal?”“Absolutely, awesome yeah, it’s a deal.” She takes hold of my hands and lifts them towards those big round globes, I take the right tit in both my hands and massage her softly, it feels so good to hold them at last, I wasn’t going to waste it. She’s looking in my eyes while her hands guide me with her own movements, circular caressing, she closes my fingers around her cherry nipples and I pull gently, she’s enjoying the attention and I get bolder with her and more confident. Her glistening body and the smell of coconut was turning me on so much, ten minutes were over. My dick was hard and ready for her promise. She left her tits out for me to see, but zipped the zipper up so they were pressed together. “Okay, I’m not going to touch you, so please take down your shorts?” Diana demanded.I undid the button and opened the waistband, then lowered the zipper slowly teasing her back, and here it is, my dick hard and ready for service by her mouth. She kneels down in front of me, looking down at her intrigued me, my memory goes back to Thursday and Kendra, on her knees in her kitchen momentarily, the similarity was odd, except I was in a garage, and I can smell coconut and wet paint. Diana licked the tip of me cock first as I held it for her to taste, she kept her hands behind her back, her tongue circled my helmet and while the tip tantalizes my sensitive knot, again the warm feeling of blood filling my shaft, I felt huge this morning. Her mouth sucked my glands and moistened them so she could go further down the shaft. Then most of the way in, her tongue flicks around the head as she goes back and forth between her cheeks. I’m getting sucked off, but with nothing to compare it with, but it felt great, plus I never fucked before either, but hopefully, she’ll like this and allow me to do more. My stamina is good but I hadn’t jerked off all week. Her mouth was sucking deep and long, lips touching my pubes and back again, forty strokes I counted, and then that familiar feeling, her sexy green eyes gaze into mine as her mouth dances up and down, so she goes faster and faster whipping my cream for me, my balls harden as she knows I’m ready, getting a blow job by an experienced woman feels fantastic, I’m soaking with saliva then the tingle as the semen starts to churn.“Oh, yes I think I’m ready!” I say and instantly she goes even faster, ten more strokes and finally I couldn’t hold out and came, she moves her head away and points it at her chest. Again one, two, three, four heaving pulses of spunk flew at here, two globs each on either tit. Making a mess of her overalls.“Well done Richard, you’ve made hard work of that, and look at the mess, lucky for me, there’s a machine in here.” See liked to tell me off for making a mess, I felt naughty. I pull my shorts up and she zips down her boiler suit and strips off completely, now I see her pussy for the first time ever, my heart races, but it’s just a glimpse though, it’s neat and her outer lips are plump and close together. Her bum looks fantastic and the view of her from behind was exciting, as she walks away from me. In the machine goes the suit and she grabs a towel from the bench and binds it round her body, hiding it all away from me. She’s standing away from me leaning on the bench.“You can go now Richard, next Saturday, come by perhaps you can work on making me come, you deserve it, so formulate a plan on how you do that? I like surprises.”“I’ll look forward to it.” I reply, eager to find out how.“You know your way out, so bye for now.” She didn’t elaborate, so I flick the switch on the wall to open the garage and I leave, soon after the door is lowered again, I don’t see her again for another week.The week passes slowly this week, and I’m pining again, don’t get a hint of her at work whatsoever. I still have the DVD at home so I should study it. After work, I get home and head up to my room, click on the DVD player to watch again. The boy strips off Kendra in her kitchen, her big natural tits get exposed and he enjoys them with his mouth, she’s moaning after about five minutes of this, then he kisses down her body, and slides down her panties, teasing me with her bald pussy, the boy licks her slit, darts his tongue in and finds her clit escort çankırı pretty fast, his fingers head into her pussy and he’s gliding back and forth with his hand whilst licking her and she’s calling and sighing while he does this. Ten minutes pass as the boy satisfies her with his mouth and fingers, then I switch off the DVD, saving the fucking for later. My cock is enormous after seeing Kendra’s soaking snatch, but I resist jerking off until I’ve seen Diana again.The weekend arrives and I’m sitting behind Fiona and Helena on the bus, I overhear them saying that they’re going away, with their Dad for the whole week. Couldn’t help but smile, because on Saturday I’ll be diving deep into their Mom’s pussy. I went shopping on the Friday and bought some more shorts, and shirts. Getting paid from work, gets me some retail therapy. Again I finished the day off and went to bed early, dreaming of my time with Diana.I’m up early and dress in my new clothes, sort the shopping at work and begin to drive over. I’m really keen today, five minutes and I’m at Diana’s house. She’s not in the kitchen, and the garage door is up and David’s car is there. I feel a little disappointed, then see him come out with Diana, Helene and Fiona, he loads them in the car, cases and boxes also. Diana is wearing a pale blue cardigan, and an extremely short skirt. My desire nearly blew my cover as I waited behind the bushes, until Diana pecked David on the cheek and he wound up the window and backed out for their holiday. Phew! They’re gone, and didn’t see me hovering. The car drives fully out of sight and I start to walk to the door, and it opens. There she is, standing there, absolutely stunning, my eyes notice the cardigan is the only thing on top that she’s wearing, because I can see her gorgeous bare tits clearly underneath. “Like what you see, eh?” She says. Knowing that it was on purpose.“What have you got planned for us today?” I reply, nodding my head to her question. She turns away from me to lead us into the garden, the orange skirt is so short, and I can’t see a pantie line, her bum is clearly naked too. I’m getting so teased today and it’s incredible. As we get into the garden there is a ladder, leaning against the garage.“I am going to clear this gutter of leaves, can you hold the ladder? No touching me until I’m ready or the deal is off, got it?” She reveals, very strict with the no touching, I get the drill now, hard work leads to a terrific reward. “Let’s start then!” And straight away she’s climbing the ladder, and I hold it steady, she gets half way and I can’t quite see anything yet. Her legs are shiny and smell of almonds today, my favorite smell ever. I certainly hope I can use more of it on her later, as I plan to massage her, all in my head.“Hand me that brush please?” She asks, which I stoop to grab and pass it up to her, as she’s leaning I’m looking up and can see her knockers showing off to me, big nipples enticing me to stare, I rub my cock in my new shorts. “No Touching!” she yells, so I let go and hold the ladder, she climbs up further to meet the gutter, and goodness me if I didn’t nearly come straight away, I’m looking up at her pussy, she’s not even hiding it, I study her as she sways there trying to clear the leaves. Her pussy lips open up to show me a bit of hole, while her legs press together and then apart, her hole opens up more. “Getting a good look up inside me are you?” Suddenly embarrassing me for a minute.“Sorry Mrs R, but you’re right there.” She turns around holding the bucket of leaves and the brush, and slowly climbs back down the ladder two rungs, her pussy is now four inches from my eyes. “Have a closer look then, and take this over there to the burner?” She sat on the rung of the ladder and spread her legs open, the pubic hair had grown since I last saw, she’s getting turned on by my gaze, as the scent has changed to almonds and aroused pussy. “Enough looking, Burner please?” Again I felt naughty, as she tells me off and points to the tin bin at the bottom of the garden. “Sc**** the leaves into the bin and strike the matches to set it alight.”I walk to the bin and dump the leaves in, looking back over at Diana who’s waving her legs open and shut, waiting for me to come back. Her sexy pussy winking at me, I light the matches provided and set the leaves on fire and replace the lid. Job finished she beckons me over to her with a wag of her finger, still doing that thing with her legs. My dick is very hard right now, and I’m pissed off I can’t get it out today, but it’s Diana’s turn to be pleased. I return to her, standing in front of her, her legs are clamped shut.“Will we be okay out here? Won’t somebody see?” I inquire, worried about the neighbors.“This is my safe area, this is where I sunbathe, the house this way is too far back to see, the cornfield is at the bottom of the garden and too far away, and on that side there’s an eight foot wall stopping the street from seeing us.” She explains, and I immediately relax.“Well if you’re sure, how do you want me to begin?”“I require stimulation, so unbutton my cardigan, slowly and leave it on?”I follow her instructions, and reach out for the top button, my hands shake and the first button easily opens, then the next and the next and the final button, then I open the whole cardigan and expose her tits to me, I stop to look at them, and admire how erect her nipples are.“Want to suck on them, maybe a little?” She pulls my face toward her chest and I push out my tongue, I lick up and down first on the left nipple, then from side to side, flick it and then circle it a couple of times, following the lead of the boy and Kendra on that DVD. Then I suck the whole nipple in and squeeze her breast with my hands, I caress the other and have the right nipple between my fingers, tugging and twisting it more erect, I swap over and do the exact same thing with her right breast, she’s just enjoying me suckling her.“That’s really good Richard, you’re getting me going now, aren’t you?” She pushes one hand down and between her legs, for the first time I feel her fanny, and she’s soaking wet. My foreplay is working. “Have you every licked a vadge before?” I shook my head no, and she pushed me back a little, lifted her legs up onto my shoulders, giving me direct sight at her separated pussy lips, my fingers probe her hole, just following what I watched before, one finger, then two and finally three, slipped up there, sliding in and out slowly, then she leaned me over with her ankles and I aim a kiss on her clit. Chewing it and licking becoming more confident, I lick up her slit and down, I taste all of her flowing down in my mouth, my saliva greasing everything, loosening it all up. “You are a quick study, can you feel me tightening?” I do feel it and I pull me fingers away and just lick and suck the lips for minutes, then her knees close around my head, and she pushes up, my lips and nose go deep into her and she’s moaning now, the fluid is so intense, then she’s oohing and ah-hing as the first orgasm happens, it felt like hours but in real time, it’s probably fifteen minutes had gone by. “I need another one like that, but more intense?” She gets off the ladder and lays down on her back, the sun lounger cradles her in, apart from her wide apart legs. “Come down here?” I crawl on my hands and knees towards her begging snatch. I look at her open cardigan, those large melons make my dick enormous from all this. I rub her boobs some more and go to town on her fanny once again, licking up and down, still kneading her chest, I flip my tongue left to right, parting her pussy lips and hover on her clit for some time. I lick in small circles another trick from the DVD, Diana is sighing already. “Fingers please fingers, I need to feel them?” She begs me, so I obey, three fingers right in and I flash them in and out of her, licking her clit with more vigor, then she closed her thighs on my hand and I feel a gush of hot liquid hit my arm, and she’s more verbal now.“Ooh, ah-ah, ooh ah-ah, ha-ha ooooooh!” It sounded great me bringing her off like that, her pelvis was heaving up and down, my fingers still inside her, good thing there’s a towel under her, to catch the mess, I end the foreplay and kiss her thighs, and it was over. She puts her cardigan together and and sits upright and straightens her skirt, closing her legs, she’s sweaty but still has the scent of almonds, she hands me the towel to clean her juices off, but I save my hand for when I’m home later, I need relief and this would help as a reminder. “Right, that was very satisfying Richard, I’ve made you come twice, and now you’ve done the same for me. çankırı escort bayan Come by tomorrow, after work, there’s more chores for you to do?” She stands up and escorts me out up the garden gully to the front of the house. “I know you haven’t fucked anyone before, and It would be my honor, to end that for you. Same time tomorrow then?” She flashed her fanny one more time, and ushered me away to go home. I wondered how she would’ve responded if I hadn’t made her orgasm, thank god for Kendra and her randy toyboy. I get home for my customary jerk, sniffing my fingers, which didn’t take long nor did I need lotion, I came fast and made a real mess. With only a twenty four hour turn around, I was excited, when tomorrow gets here I will become a man.Boy I’m so excited, the moment has arrived and I’m going to lose my virginity, from a woman twice my age. I find it hard to concentrate on anything else, also I knew we won’t be at it right away, hard work will be involved. I get the list prepared, Monday there’s less to deliver. 7:15 I arrive at Diana’s house, bringing her shopping. “Yoo-hoo! I’m up here.” Diana is leaning out of the landing window, she’s wearing a white t-shirt, her hair is down again, and a mild amount of make up on. “Come through the back and find me up here, I need your help for a bit?” She instructs. I go inside from the lounge and up the staircase, she’s hanging curtains up in the window, on her legs are black jogging bottoms, figure huggingly tight. She’s angled up a bit so I can make out the shape of her pussy underneath. I have on swimming shorts and a pale green shirt, that buttons up. The mesh material of my shorts, wrestles with my hardening cock as I’m looking. She smells of almonds again, I’m already turned on.“Grab that chair and help me hang this. Please?” She asks really nicely. I instantly get up there and help her. It takes a minute to do between us.“Done here, right my room needs to be swapped around, this will only take an hour.” I’m hoping this is where the chores end and the fun begins. “Before we start, take this pill? After an hour you will become stiff as a broom handle but the herbal remedy, will help your stamina and you’ll be able to hold your seed for up to three hours, being a virgin you’ll come too fast, I want us to enjoy this together, so please I insist, do this and you’ll thank me later?” I chew on the blue pill without hesitation and we begin to arrange her room around. Moving a bedside cabinet, turning the bed to face a mirrored wardrobe, opening the window to air it out, she changes the sheets and quilt on the bed. It’s only been half an hour and my dick stiffens to half mast. Diana notices as we throw the quilt down between us on the bed. She makes me shine the mirrored wardrobe with a cloth and she vacuums the carpet, another hour and I’ve a fully fledged boner. “There, we’re done, looks good doesn’t it? All this is for us.” She falls sideways on the bed and lands in the middle, her body judders as she lands. “Join me here?” She coaxes. So I slide alongside her. Her mouth kisses mine, darting her tongue in, no talking just kissing, it’s really passionate, and the pill starts to have more of an effect, the tip of my dick touches her knee, and she reaches up my shorts leg and her fingers find me quick enough. Her slender fingers slide up and down my cock shaft while the other hand pulls the knotted elastic on my waist. My hands lift her shirt up past her tits and expose them, and I start to suck her nipples and my other hand heads down to her ass, I make circular strokes around and then clamp the palm of my hand between her thighs. My shorts are coming down and the airy room makes me harden some more. I push my other hand into her jogging bottoms and feel her moist pussy with my fingers. My shirt is unbuttoned and off my body, so too is hers. My shorts are quickly disposed of and so are her joggers, and now we are totally naked. “Sixty-nine, know what that is?”“Sort of, top and tail, you suck me and I suck you?”“Good, let’s go?” She flips me on my back and straddles me, her ass facing me and gets in position. Her gentle mouth sinks down on my throbbing dick, back and forth, tongue working the shaft and my own tongue heads straight for her clit, fingers in the hole, just like before. Her blow job is deeper and more intense than before, I’m rigid and my balls are being stroked. I get more rhythm with my licking and she’s making noises again. Her pussy is open and my dick is rock solid.“Time for the main event, I think.” She says, and turns round to lie flat on the bed, she beckons me next to her again, so I face her and she then kisses me, her hand jerks my cock and she wipes the head along her wet slit. The sensation of it is wonderful. “I need to slip a condom on, no accidents. Okay?” There are two on her pillow and she reaches for one, opened the pack with her teeth and rolls the rubber down. She turns onto her back and I get over her, ready to enter. I grab one thigh and push it wide open, I hold the other leg and slide my knob into her, my red bulb disappears in to her as I go in easily, the leg I’m holding wraps around my ass, and I start to fuck, ten strokes in and I’m no longer a virgin and hadn’t come too early, like some lame Schmuck. I get more confidence with my thrusting, it gathers speed and she’s helping with her leg, by swinging me in and out of her, we’re still kissing too and my hands are busy with her breasts. I will always remember this moment, where we are just one function, huffing and puffing and sweating up, she’s getting looser and I’m hardening and staying that way.I’ve now fucked like that for at least an hour and now we’ve swapped positions, spooning from behind, I’m gliding like a pro up into Diana with long, slow strokes, feeling the tightening channel as she’s starts her first orgasm, her ass is banging back at me, my left hand is frothing her clit, she’s sighing and I’m loving it. I get her to kneel so I can doggy-style her. Now I can see why she’s moved the bed as I’m facing the mirror, she’s looking in the mirror at me, and I’m swaying into her, we’re loving it all. Two hours in and still haven’t come, Diana is on top now and gazing at her display. Up and down like a pogostick, her juices are running down her legs and trickling on to my balls. Her hand rubs the moisture in, almonds and my sweat and her pussy scent, getting up my nose, I am in blissful ecstasy. We’ve fucked for two and a half hours, she wasn’t k**ding about the pill. My dick is starting to get sore, the friction of the rubber chafing, her pussy seems to be drying out, so she slips the condom off me and sucks me off one more time, her saliva covers my shaft and the pain is easing, she jerks me softly as I kneel to lick her out. Her moans of desire are audible now and she’s lubricating again, her hole, is much more reactive and she slides the final condom down my dick.“Last go then, lets do it hard?” She says. Diana leans over the bed, allowing me access to her from behind. I slide up right to the hilt, then come back out and then one more time in, then slower, and deeper, then I build up to as fast as I can go, her hand reaches round and goes to town on her clit, rubbing in circles, the fluid is flowing again and I’m steaming in and out so fast.“Ooh, ah-ah, ooh ah-ah, ha-ha ooooooh!” She goes again, her orgasm arrives, but I carry on as it’s only once I’ve heard that, five minutes more and she does it again, longer and louder. My own come is starting to build up now. My thrusting in more urgent than before and she knew I was almost there. She breaks from fucking me and pulls off the condom, turns around and starts to suck me one final time. Deep and long, looking up at me again with those sexy eyes. My sighs are telling her I’m almost coming, so she stops sucking and furiously jerks me off, faster than ever before. Then I tingle and spray spunk everywhere, I can’t stop spraying it, on her tits, her stomach, her hair and her face, coating her completely. She’s so overjoyed with our marathon session. She doesn’t kick me out, or moan about the mess and we spoon for another hour.“For a young lad, you’re good at this, and I’m going to keep your around for the rest of the week, just keep bringing the shopping and we’ll see what happens.” She said as I kiss her goodbye for the day. No need for me to go back and jerk today. I slept all afternoon and did go back every day, only the pill she had on Monday was the last one, but hey an hour a day with this incredible woman is well worth it.That was seven years ago, unfortunately David and Diana reunited, so our sessions had to end a month after. But just last week, by a strange twist of fate, we bumped into each other, where we fucked for an hour in my car, just for old times sake.I owe everything I learned from her, she’s an incredible woman, even at the tender age of forty-three.The End.Hope you liked it?

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