Late Night Movies (chapter 10)

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Late Night Movies (chapter 10)I peered around the brick wall and my eyes nearly exploded when I saw the three of them, naked as they day they were born. Mommy was now on her ass, her pale cheeks on the cold dirt and her hands and knees muddy from the crawl up there. Chris knelt beside her, one of his hands running along the inside of Mommy’s thighs while the other tugged slowly on his extremely hard dick. Daddy stood just above mommy, stroking his cock inches from her face. She panted, her eyes looking drowsy with lust. He looked at me as I rounded the corner and smiled. I thought I heard a twig snapping toward the North but Daddy quickly distracted me.“C’mere Bud.” He said, still stroking his own thing. It swelled bigger than I had ever seen it before, the veins along the shaft bulging out as he squeezed the base. I obeyed and closed in on the three of them, stopping just a couple feet in front of Mommy. “You can show ‘im Bud.” He said, looking down at my br other. “You can show him your mother’s pussy.” Chris smiled and moved in closer, spreading Mommy’s legs wide.“C’mere!” Chris said excited and I didn’t hesitate. I dropped to my hands and knees between Mommy’s legs. Chris ran his fingers along her hair and she shivered slightly but parted her legs wide showing me her hole. I couldn’t stop looking at the wet slit for several seconds. Chris now spread it with both of his hands and her hole kept opening and closing, so wet that the goo made bridges between the opening walls of her cunt. He ran the tip of his finger over the top of the slit then pointed out the little nubbin between her lips. “That’s her clit. Some girls have tiny ones but Mom’s gets really big as you rub and suck it.”Mom looked down at him smiling and blushing a bit. She took a sharp breath and held it as Chris put his face down there. I could hear him making suckling noises, Mommy looked up and moaned slightly and when he came back up her clit was nearly twice the size. He flicked it gently with his finger and she convulsed as if it tickled. Daddy squeezed his cock harshly and stroked it up to the end, a single drop of clear fluid dripped down onto mommy’s shoulder and she started reaching for it with her tongue, panting till she had licked it all clean.“What is that stuff? Is it like Pee?” I asked and Daddy smiled.“No Bud, THAT is called ‘precum’. It’s what comes out before canlı bahis şirketleri a man cums. Cum is the thick white stuff that comes out when a man has an orgasm.” He said. “It’s what the man makes to make a baby. When a man cums inside a woman she can get pregnant.”“Ohhhh.” Was all I said, starting to understand more. “Does it… does it taste really good?” I asked sincerely.“Some people think it does. Some people don’t really like it.” Daddy said.“I LOVE it!” Mommy said enthusiastically. She started clutching her big breast, lifting it up and squeezing it. She paid little attention to how dirty she was making her pale flesh and her nipple got very hard and perky. Dad reached down and squeezed the other one.“And these lovely things, these are her Tits. When a slut has a baby they fill with milk and that’s how they feed the baby. They’re also very fun to squeeze and feel. These are her nipples.” Daddy said while pinching it slightly, mommy gasped. “Mommy is very sensitive here.”“Does milk still come out?” I asked.“No Bud, not anymore. It only happens when a slut is pregnant or has had a baby recently.” Daddy answered. He stood up straight and took a drink of his beer. I definitely heard something crackle just on the other side of the fort. I started to worry someone would find us or a bear had come down from the hills. I noticed Daddy’s head turning in that direction, he must’ve heard it too but he didn’t pay much mind. He looked back down at Mommy and told her to get on her knees. She obeyed and knelt before the three of us, dirt and twigs clinging to her asscheeks.Daddy reached down and wiped the earth off her ass and set his beer down beside them. He parted her ass with both hands and I saw both mommy’s holes opening and closing. “This is her asshole Bud.” He said, spreading it more. “It’s not JUST for shittin’. Mommy likes to have things put it in too. It feels good to her.”“Can boys put things inside their butts too?” I asked and almost immediately had wished I hadn’t. My embarrassment was clear in my blushing face. My br other looked as if he was going to laugh but he didn’t. “I mean…” I tried to back out of the question but I had already asked.“Yes they can.” Daddy said and I felt a bit of relief. “…if they’re a fag.” He added and Chris laughed when he said this. I looked down at the ground shamed for some unknown reason. canlı kaçak iddaa It wasn’t like I had ever done it. I was curious about it though, especially after feeling inside my own hole in the shower the other day. “Being a fagget isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Robbie.” Daddy must’ve sensed my shame or it was evident on my face. “Hey.” He said and I looked up at him, still stroking his cock. “It’s like we were saying before. Different people like different things. Some men like to be fucked in the ass or to suck on a cock and that’s okay.”“But… but I thought being a fag is bad.” I said sincerely.“It’s not at all.” Daddy said “It’s just not something that is shared openly often. But it can be VERY fun if that is something that you like.” I couldn’t believe I was hearing my Dad talking about this. Mommy listened, turning around on her knees and staring at each of our exposed pricks.“But Chris always called me one when he’s mad at me or something…” I said.Daddy chuckled. “Well he’s k**ding when he says that of course. And besides, he doesn’t have much room to talk heh heh.” Daddy said while smiling at Chris. Chris smiled and blushed then tried to focus on his hard cock, wringing a drip out of the end. “It’s good that you have questions because there is SOOOO much to learn. We couldn’t possibly cover it all in one day but I can think of a good place to start. Would you like to see your mom make us cum?” Daddy asked.“Uhhh… yes?” I said timidly. And as I said it both Chris and Daddy closed in on Mommy, shoving their hard tools in her face. She started breathing heavy and took one in each hand, pulling them closer together and rubbing their wet tips together. She licked at the goo between them before taking as much of Daddy’s cock into her mouth as she could fit. Daddy grabbed the back of her head and forced more in. She gagged slightly then came up for a deep breath, spitting all over it. Thick strands of spit ran down his cock and dripped onto her tits. She ran her tongue down his length, spreading it all over before taking his balls into her mouth one at a time. Chris stroked his own cock eagerly, slapping the side of her face with it. She turned her attention toward him and took her boys cock into her mouth, moaning in ecstasy. She pumped on his cock with her mouth vigorously, drool dripping from her chin.Chris started grunting canlı kaçak bahis a bit, then picking up a lot. His face contorted like he was trying to lift something extremely heavy. He backed up a step, mom’s lips smacking as his cock left her mouth and he yelled out, “Ohhho SHIT!” And his cock started to unleash strand after strand of cum. It splashed on mommy’s face, in her mouth, across her cheeks and the last streams falling on her tits. She gasped as each stream sprayed on her, looking up at her boy as she lapped up the last dribbles from his softening cock.Dad had sweat beading on his forehead as he stroked himself vigorously. He told my mom to open her mouth and she did just that, stretching out her tongue that still held ropes of Chris’s cum. Dad pressed the end of his dick onto her tongue and thick stream after thick stream came out, sticking to her tongue in a huge gob. Both of them stood over her catching their breath and chuckling to themselves. Dad patted Chris on the back and smiled at him then back at my cum-drenched mom. For a moment it seemed as if they had forgotten I was there watching. Simultaneously they seemed to regain themselves, my dad and brother turning toward me and Mom smiling at me, the cum on her face starting to run.“Does it? Does it taste good?” I asked bashfully. “Mmmmm oh god yes Robbie. Would you like to taste it?” She asked me. I didn’t know what to say. I looked at my dad and br other. I had no idea what to do. Would it be wrong to say yes? I DID want to badly. I was so curious to see what it tasted like. As I pondered silently a thick gob fell from her cheek onto her chest. “Mmmm c’mere honey. Gimme a kiss.” She said and held her arms out. I went up to her and she grabbed me, sitting me on her leg. I gave her a peck of a kiss. Strands of cum stuck to my lips and made a bridge between our lips and we both smiled and laughed. I licked my lips and got a small taste, it caught my tongue by surprise, almost stinging a bit. Like a tickling feeling as I licked it off of my lips. “Not like THAT honey.” She said with a smile. “You can give me a REAL kiss.” She said and opened her mouth, wrapping her lips around mine. It caught me by surprise when her tongue was parting my lips but I submitted and opened my mouth. She slathered the thick cum all over my tongue with her own till mine was equally coated. She removed her lips from mine and I passed the goo around inside my mouth. It was tangy, salty… the taste lingered even after I did my best to swallow it and clear my tongue of it.“Well?” Daddy asked, looking down at me. “What do ya think?”“I like it sir. I like it very much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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