Life’s Little Curves Ch. 04

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Hello readers,

Like I said before I have a lot going on between school and competition, so it will be awhile before the next chapter comes up. I have started at least. I hope you all enjoy.




Even though her alarm wasn’t blaring in her ear, Neveah couldn’t make herself stay asleep. All the emotions from the past few days were weighing down heavily on her making sleep almost impossible. Neveah shifted in Vince’s arms and he didn’t even stir. She slowly unwrapped his arm from around her waist, and quietly slipped out of the bed as to not make any noises. She quickly changed and grabbed her running shoes. Her best running times were usually before it was too hot, and she wanted to beat her goal of thirty minutes.

The gravel layered trail was a three mile trek. There was one point when it took Neveah almost an hour to run the whole trail and make her way back home. She would get so tired from all the slight hills that she would have to stop and walk till she caught her breath. Now that she had conditioned her body, she was running the course in 30, almost 31, minutes.

Neveah loved running on the trail. Both sides of the track were shaded by large palm trees that towered several feet above her head. She ran, forming a steady pace toward her time goal, while bumping to the beat of Ne-Yo. It was too beautiful of a morning. The sun was rising up over the edge of the houses and trees, an occasional rabbit scampered along in the bushes, and there were no dogs barking at her as she ran along. It was just Neveah. If she had been an artist this would be the scene she painted.

By the time she was coming around the corner to their home her wrist watch alerted her that it had been twenty-seven minutes. She ran the last couple of hundred yards with all her might. She could feel her heart thumping in her in her chest as her feet pounded on the pavement. She honestly felt as if her heart would burst up out of her chest.

Coming up to the porch starting to cheer, she had finally beat twenty-nine minutes. Sure she was close to dying on the steps of their condo, but this truly was a monumental moment in Neveah’s process of getting healthy. Neveah wasn’t sure if the burn she felt from working out or the satisfaction that came from finally beating her time was better. Whatever it was, it made the feeling of satisfaction and triumph just ooze out of her.


Vince reached out his arm feeling the empty spot where Neveah should have been. His eyes shot open with fear. ‘Where was she?’ ‘Was she still mad about the way things had ended last night?’ Vince had thought their conversation would have eased her mind some.

Looking around the room, he could see all her stuff was still in the room. It wasn’t like she packed she went off somewhere. It was after fights like the one they had the night before, that he thought one day she would pack up and leave him. These thoughts that haunted him were weird considering the way their conversation had gone the previous night before. She was afraid of losing him forever. He would have never thought she felt that way. She never expressed feeling like that before.

“Well enough dawdling,” he told himself as he crawled from beneath the warm comforter.

Since she left their bed, he would have to go out and find her. Vince went to his dresser and pulled out a pair of comfortable basketball shorts along with a black wife beater. Neveah was nowhere to be found in the house. Despite being the intelligent woman that she was, Neveah left both her cell phone and her house keys. Her phone was on the kitchen counter, and her keys hanging on the hook by the front door. For her being such a smart woman, Vince didn’t how she could leave her cell phone. As if accidents never happen. After working in ER for the last few years she should know that better than most, with all the stories she would tell him.

Knowing she had went on a run, Vince decide he would go out and make sure she was okay, maybe even do a core workout with her. Opening the garage he could hear feet pacing across the porch, she must have already came back. He slowly came around the corner not wanting to startle her.

“Hey, babe. How was your run?”

She turned to him a smile spread across her face, “I beat my record time. I’m tired as hell, but I’m so happy,” she was moving around with all this giddy energy.

“Well, I came outside just to make sure that you were okay. You had left your phone and keys on the counter–“

“Oh I’m sorry. Did you try to call or text me? Usually you don’t wake up till after I get back from my run and do core, so I never have to worry about you. I don’t like carrying too much stuff; I usually just have my iPod and my headphones, and that’s it.”

As much as Vince wanted to get mad, he couldn’t. With his new occupation, he couldn’t have her walking around without her phone, or leaving the front door unlocked.

“I want you to keep your cell phone with you at all times, and when you Betturkey go on your jogs you are not to leave the house unlocked for any reason. Even if I’m at home doing whatever, or if you’re awake walking around the house I want the door locked. It’s just for your safety.”

Vince pulled her into his arms. Neveah wanted to push out of his arms, but she knew he needed her confirmation, so she stayed and just nodded her head. She let her head rested against his chest; her work out was starting to catch on to her.

“Okay, come do a core workout with me, and then I can go pass out on the couch,” she suggested since she really needed to finish her workout before her body cooled down and she started to get burned out.

“Sure,” Vince agreed as he reached for her hand and led her back into the garage.

Vince really didn’t want to talk about working out. There were so many other things he rather do with her besides lay out on the dusty garage door.




They did a core workout together, and by the time they had finished the regiment Neveah was to the point of wanting to pass out. She had ran so hard in her run today that she wanted to just be done.

Despite the constant refusal from Neveah, Vince scooped her up and carried her to the living room couch. Neveah was laid out trying to catch her breath from that harsh finisher routine Vince had came up with. She sat gasping on the couch as he unlaced her shoes and slid off her sock.

“You did such a good job out there. There were two or three times where I thought you might give up, but you kept up. I’m proud of you,” he said as his hands reached out to capture a foot.

He firmly gripped her ankle while rubbing over her insteps. Neveah had virtually no arches and after most strenuous activities, or whenever she had a long day she would have achy feet. She was constantly rubbing the soles of her feet with tennis balls to relieve the tension. She relaxed against the arm of the couch letting Vince help her relax.

“I love the way your hands feel,” she said as he switched feet she just sat and enjoyed his hands for the moment. “So do you have to head over to Tyler’s soon? If so, you should probably go on and take a shower and get dressed. I would hate for you to be late for your first day.”

She didn’t even attempt to keep the sarcasm out of her voice as she slowly pulled her legs out of hands and against her chest. Neveah was still conflicted on how to treat the situation.

“Actually, Tyler figured that you would be taking this hard, being that you tried so hard to keep me away from him all this time. So, he said I can have today off, unless there is some sort of emergency. We can have some time if you need to take this all in. We can just stay home or maybe even watch a movie.”

‘”No, I don’t feel like staying in today. I think we should go out and do something. We haven’t really been out besides Mark and Leanna’s barbeque.”

“Well if you’re feeling it, we could go to the park and have a nice picnic. I mean, that’s only if you want to.”

Neveah could hear how nervous he was in his voice. She smiled on the inside that he would get all bothered about her.

“I don’t see any reason we can’t do that. If you go make us lunch I can take a shower. We could be out of here in forty-five minutes.”

“That sounds great. I’ll go make us some snacks.”

His hands abandoned her feet as he headed to the kitchen to see what goodies he could scramble up for them.

Neveah walked up the stair, everything ached and hurt, but she knew the warm water of the shower would ease all her pain. After her shower she sat wrapped in her fluffy purple towel glancing around her closet for something to wear. Since she had lost weight, finding what to wear had become a daily challenge. All the clothes she had were too big and baggy, but they couldn’t afford for her to buy clothes that fit. Plus, if she ended up losing even more weight then she would need to buy more clothes.

Not having anything to wear was taking its toll on Neveah.

“Wait,” she thought to herself. “There is a sundress I could wear.”

Stina had recently gave her a red sundress just because she wanted her best friend to have something to wear. Grabbing the dress from the back of her side of the closet, Neveah slipped it on over her underclothes. Looking at herself in the full size mirror, her only thought was that the dress was almost too pretty to wear the park.

She pulled the straps up her shoulders and tied the black sash that was around her waist. Now she had to fix up her stubborn hair. She simply ran some mousse through her natural ringlets and finger combed her curls until all the tangles were out. Neveah didn’t even attempt to put any makeup on. She just applied a red tinted lip gloss to her full lips.

Downstairs Vince grabbed a pair of jeans and a random black t-shirt out of the dryer. He had packed all of Neveah’s favorite fruits and Betturkey Giriş made them a few sandwiches. He even went and grabbed them a blanket. Everything was all ready; he only waited on his lovely lady. He was excited that they were going out by themselves. The only time they really got to relax together was when they were in bed. And even in that there was some tension. Hearing the light steps on the stair, Vince rounded the corner to check out the scene.

His eyes hungrily ran over the form of his wife. She looked great dressed up in his favorite color, red. He had never seen this dress before. Wherever she had gotten it from, he sure was happy. The thigh-length sun dress fit snugly against her ample bust and flared out from there without hiding her new athletic frame.

All her assets were displayed beautifully and Vince wasn’t sure if he wanted to share the view with anyone else.

“You look really beautiful, Nene. That dress was made for you.” He decided to speak rather than sit there drooling over her.

“You think so? I think maybe it shows too much skin,” she asked as she gestured to her thighs and shoulders.

Vince just shook his head. His wife hardly ever showed her shoulders or toned legs. “No, you look absolutely perfect, and we’re leaving before you try to go change.” Vince grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him through the house.

They had gotten lucky today. There weren’t a lot of people at the park, which allowed them to get a really good spot under a big shady tree. Vince spread a big patched up blanket on the grass. Neveah lounged out while she waited for him to unpack their bags of goodies. Seeing a container of plump red grapes, Neveah reached her hands out for the container, but right away Vince snatched it away.

“Not yet,” he said as he set out everything else.

He motioned for her to come closer. After a slight hesitation, Neveah crawled across the blanket to sit right next to Vince. He leans up against the big tree trunk with all their food on the opposite side of his body from her, and out of reach. Neveah too leaned against the tree, their shoulders touching as she attempted relaxed. Vince opened the container of grapes, and pulled a few off the vine before he brought it to her mouth, but Neveah insisted on feeding herself rather than Vince doing the job.

“Please, Princess, do this one little thing for me,” he pleaded with her.

Her stubborn brown eyes challenged his soft green ones. Green won out, as Neveah was starving and couldn’t resist having a bite of her favorite fruit. They shared the grapes between each other, Vince feeding her. Then Vince pulled out a container of strawberries. He put the first berry to her lip, but instead of letting her eat it, he teased her, pulling it back every time she tried to bite into it. Neveah pulled on his wrist wanting just a bit of the berry.

“Please,” she said as her bottom lip was pouting in mock frustration.

“Please what, Princess?”

“Please oh mighty Vince. Feed me,” she giggled softly.

“I don’t think you beg good enough,” he said causing Neveah to furrow her brows.

Vince sighed dramatically as he took a big bite into the berry, strawberry juice running down his chin.

An idea sparked in his head.

“I will feed you, if you lick the juice off my chin.”

The way she bit at her lower lip as she pondered his offer was just too sexy for Vince to handle. He leaned in close despite the fact Neveah had never given an answer. She hesitated for a moment, but then her tongue was sticking out to lick the bottom of his smooth chin catching the drops of juice before they ran off. She moved to pull away, but Vince’s arms were around her waist, his lips lowering down to hers. She was pulled halfway into his lap, his hands groping her ass. She reached back behind her for his hands and moved them up her back where there was nothing extra for him to feel. Despite being uncomfortable with his roaming hands, his kisses were driving her crazy. His kisses felt like heaven on tap. It wasn’t long though before his hands wanted to explore again.

His hands roamed down her lower back to cup her ass and force her to fully straddle her lap. They must have been making quite a scene. Neveah didn’t want anyone to see their display. She had never been one to be super lovey dovey in public, even when they were younger.

“Vin-,” Neveah tried saying, but he pulled her lips back to his when she tried to speak.

Her hands pressed against his chest, but Vince took advantage of the space and let his kiss trail down to her neck, knowing how much she liked when he sucked on her neck. Even biting on her lip Neveah couldn’t stop the moan that left her lips. Vince chuckled in between his kisses. He could see behind her and there was absolutely no one watching them. All there was behind her was straight sand and Blue Ocean. In fact the park was behind them, and the tree, being as big as it was, would block them from view.

What he didn’t know was that a big bouncing ball would come rolling pass them. Neveah used his temporary distraction as a chance to slide out of his lap. She picked up the large ball and glanced around looking for the child who lost their ball. Down from the jungle gym came two little three-year-olds; one was a boy, the other a girl. They looked as if they could be twins. They were both dressed in jean overalls; the girl wore a red shirt underneath hers while her brother wore a blue shirt. Both cuties ran toward the ball their brown curls shaking around their smiling faces. Neveah’s heart lurched with excitement as they ran up to her for the ball. When they asked for the ball they even said please. These two were the cutest things on the planet.

She walked back to Vince with a dopey smile on her face. They had talked about having kids several times in their relationship; with their financial situation it would be awhile before they could finally think about having a kid. Vince sighed as Neveah settled back into his side. It felt so comfortable having his arm wrapped around her body.

“I saw how happy you were seeing those babies. I don’t blame you though, they were freaking adorable,” he whispered wondering what was on her mind.

Instead of responding her body snuggled deeper into his arms, her head finding a resting place on his shoulder.

“I remember when were in high school and we use to sneak out the house to come out here and walk on the beach.”

Those were the days when everything had been simple for them.

“Of course I remember Grandma tanned my ass the few times she caught me. Knowing that I would see you the next day made it all worth it,” she laughed thinking about old times.

“Do you remember all those things we talked about? Do you remember how we talked about the future?” Vince asked her. “How we talked about starting a family and growing old together? Sure, we were just kids then, but everything we said we can finally make it a reality. “

“What do you mean everything will finally happen?”

“What I mean is that, even though you don’t agree about me working with Tyler it really is a great opportunity. I have everything all planned out. Every time I get paid we’ll put the part of the money into a saving account and the other part we’ll keep. Then we’ll be able to pay our bills every month, on time. We’ll save enough so that we’re okay for a few months, and then I’ll be out for good.”

“While that plan sounds like its foolproof, we don’t know how things are going to be in the future? What if things go-?”

Vince covered her lips with a finger. He didn’t want to hear her stress about the situation anymore; she would have gone crazy if he just let her think about all the what ifs.

“All I want you to do is worry about this walk we’re getting ready to go on.”

He leaned in to get a quick peck on her cheek. His lips lingered by her ear for a moment.

“So you go swing or find something to do while I load up all our things. Then we can take a little walk along the shoreline.”

“Okay,” she whispered standing up and smoothing the wrinkles out of her skirt. “Are you sure you don’t need any help?”

“I promise you I don’t. So get.”

He gave her pert behind a smack in the direction of the park. Vince grabbed all their things and sauntered past his swinging wife to the car. Since they would be far from the car, Vince made sure to grab his cell phone in case he needed to check the time.

“Actually what time was it?” he thought as reached for him pocket to check the time.

He had a text from Tyler. This one time he would ignore the text and if there were an issue he would explain that he just didn’t hear his phone on their date. Tyler had given him the day to settle things with Neveah, and knew they were going out tonight. Now it was time to get on with his date.


The feel of the sand felt great in her toes. Neveah had been swinging when Vince had walked off to the car, but he had took such an awful long time putting things back. So, she walked off to the beach without him.

It was such a breezy overcast day at the beach. People out of the area always assumed that a beach couldn’t be anything besides sunny, but if any resident of SoCal was asked, they could tell you differently.

Today was great for Neveah, she had beat her trail time, had a delicious lunch with her husband, and now they still have plenty of time left in the day to do things together.

She looked picture perfect. Her ringlets flowed in the wind, her skin was brown creamy perfection, and her legs in that dress seemed to stretch on forever and ever. Vince slowly tiptoed in the sand praying that she wouldn’t turn around. When he got close enough he reached out and pulled her body tight against him.

She screamed. her heart was racing in her chest, “What on earth were you thinking? You scared me,” she barely breathed out.

He smiled and wrapped himself tighter around her. “Did I now?”

Neveah could hear the smile in his voice.

“Despite you trying to scare me, I have had a wonderful time with you today,” she turned in his arms and rested her head on his chest.

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