Linda and the Boys

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Linda and the BoysLinda had never wanted to allow strangers into her house. It was a necessity.Living in the Welsh countryside, many miles from any decent sized town made it difficult to make a decent living. And, with the big old house her rat of a husband had left her (after running off with the art student from Manchester); the obvious thing to do was to let out the rooms.There were no shortage of takers. Her home was in the middle of the Snowdonia national park and so attracted hikers, climbers and general outdoorsy types. She preferred it when the guests were young and female. They kept amongst themselves and generally weren’t there to get plastered. Normally they were nice sweet girls who, when they weren’t out hiking, were reading quietly in the garden.She disliked older guests, normally they wanted to talk mundane nonsense, often they would be full of real ale at 10 at night and would try it on with her.55 and men still desired her. Even if they were bearded and over 40 it was still good to know. She looked in the mirror and still saw a woman of 35. She was as trim as ever, not much grey had fastened itself onto her hair – just a few silvery streaks. Her skin was still good, her breasts sagged a little but yoga and being lucky enough to’ve not had to work for a living had kept her body youthful.The guests Linda really dreaded were the young men. The climbers and Para gliders. The groups of young men from universities. Being alone in the house with 4-5 of them for a whole weekend miles from anyone else was an awful thing.Firstly, it was scary what the wrong group of men could do to her. Rob? Assault? Murder? She couldn’t stop those ideas flooding through her mind, what could she do to stop them?Secondly, she adored young men. The look of them, the smell of them, the tight ripples of their stomachs, the light tan of ther smooth skin, their easy smiles and the light hair that lead from their navels down towards their groins like an arrow pointing the path to pleasure. She adored them, but only the ones that lived in her head, in her erotic novels and on her computer screen. She couldn’t bear thinking about real young men. Why would they want her? It would be improper.Nevertheless, as her only male contact in two years had been a couple of tedious dates and mediocre Aliağa Escort sex with a local forest ranger two years her senior, she couldn’t help feeling the twinge of desire when she saw the young men at her dining table. Nor could she help feeling breathless when she accidentally saw one bare chested.Nor could she help lying in bed dreaming of the boys sleeping a few doors away.That was what frightened her about them coming to stay.Which was why Linda was not looking forward to her son’s friend Steve Kaplan coming to stay with three of his climbing friends. They were preparing for an expedition to Nepal and her son had kindly recommended her place as the ideal base camp for training.She’d met Steve once before. Then he’d been a 17 year old who, when she’d been bringing her son up in Cardiff, had often come around to do his homework. She’d known then that he’d had a little passion for her, and he was even then a very good looking boy. She wanted very much to see him again, and that frightened her even more.Now 29, Steve was an even handsomer figure than she’d dreaded. he’d filled out a little and had the rugged, unshaven look that made her giddy, as well as the blue eyes and boyish brown hair she remembered fondly.His companions were no less impressive. Declan a dark Irishman with a roguish grin. Irwin, a 6’6 black Londoner and Sandy a stocky, muscled blue eyed boy. All were aged between 27 and 30. It was awful.The Friday they arrived passed well enough. She made the usual pleasantries and turned in early, listening to their voices down the stairs. Steve’s deep whisper, Irwin’s West Indian lilt, Deccan’s Irish bark and Sandy’s boyish giggle.She was very wet.She thought of Steve as she slipped a finger between her legs and gently brought herself to a guilty climax, thinking of Steve’s cock inside her. She slept well.Next day, they’d already left on an early climb when she awoke. More relief. A not in Steve’s handwriting told her they wouldn’t be back until 6 that evening.That news was a blessing, and so was the weather. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Linda, after a little painting and yoga felt the need to disrobe. She still had a few hours before they came back. Time and the perfect occasion to work on her all over tan.She Alsancak Escort lay in the garden, completely naked, on her back and covered her face, breasts, belly, and legs in lotion before basking in the rays. She drifted off.Sometime later, she was interrupted by the sound of boots on the gravel path leading to her home. She glanced at her watch next to her – still only 4? They were early. She jumped to her feet. She could see the unmistakable shape of Irwin as they came round a corner. She ran inside the house.Standing in the hall was Steve. He looked surprised, and couldn’t help but look over her naked body.”I’m sorry, we had to come back a bit earlier, Sandy turned over an ankle. I came ahead, you were asleep and I thought it best not to wake you.””I…I…””Quite alright. Sorry to uhhhh….””No, I’m…””Rather takes me back!””What do you mean?””Well, when I used to come around to do my homework. I used to watch you undress through a crack in the door. You knew I did!””I… I… no of course not!” But she knew it was true. She’d always known that dirty little Steve had watched her undressing. And she’d liked it. She’d loved thinking about him getting an erection watching her, then going home and masturbating over her.”Well, I have to say you’re still a gorgeous woman. You should get dressed before the others come.”She heard a sound behind her and quickly ran up the stairs, and pulled on underwear, a t-shirt and jeans over her body. She was breathless and incapable of rational thought.Half an hour later she began cooking them a meal and, unable to meet Steve’s gaze, made her excuses and left the room. She tried to read, but couldn’t stop her mind racing.She heard the sound of their voices downstairs and once more felt herself burning with desire. She needed a shower.It was as she left the bathroom, towels wrapped around her, that she saw Steve again. Standing at the top of the stairs, half blocking her path.”I embarrassed you didn’t I?” he said.”Embarrassed?””Yes, what I said earlier. But I want you to know I mean it. You’re gorgeous, a very attractive woman, Vie always thought so.””Th..Thanks you… you’re…””What would you do if I kissed you now?”Her hesitancy was all Steve needed, before Linda knew it she found Balçova Escort herself wrapped in his arms, inhaling his sweat and with his lips gently brushing hers. She returned his kiss and found herself taking his buttocks in her hands and squeezing, finding them firm inside their denim. She felt the warmth of his cock against her as, encouraged, he parted her lips and met her tongue with his.He slid his hands under the towels and picked her up by her ass, she wrapped her legs around his torso as the towels fell to the ground, leaving her naked with her long dark wet hair dripping over his shoulders. She felt her pussy, dripping with desire, rub against his muscled stomach as he carried her into her bedroom.He dropped her onto the bed and took her by one leg, flipping her onto her front as he stripped himself naked in a frenzy. Linda heard herself let out a primeval wail as she felt herself penetrated by her son’s best friend’s cock. the firmness and girth of it dazzled her as he pumped her hungrily, grunting with every hard stroke. She screamed with pleasure.Linda came quickly, her wails stretching into the night. She was dimly aware that the boys downstairs would surely have heard as she felt Steve pull his cock from her and push her onto her back. Smiling he stood over her, his cock still hot and very hard. Without thinking Linda slipped her mouth over his thick shaft and began greedily sucking it.She hadn’t heard them come in but suddenly she was aware of another pair of hands on her legs. She looked to her right just in time to see Irwin, naked about to slide his huge black cock into her sopping wet cunt. She spread her legs wide and winced as his huge length pushed into her. She sucked harder on Steve’s cock, running her down up and down it like a c***d’s lollipop as Irwin brutally pumped her.She became aware of the other two men, Sandy and Declan standing either side of the bed, both naked and cocks in hand.As Irwin, with a snarl filled her with his cum, she felt Steve fill her mouth with cum. As it spilled down her chin she groaned as she came for the second time.”You dirty slut” said Declan as he came, spilling his semen over her belly. As Irwin pulled out she felt Sandy’s warm fluid splash over her legs.The woman that had fucked those men was a different Linda. And that Linda stayed until the morning. It was the woman she’d always threatened to be, the goddess who drove young men crazy. It was with great pleasure that she waved them goodbye the next day, knowing that all four of their cocks had enjoyed her repeatedly in her mouth and pussy that past night.

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