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LindaLinda Where are you going?” repeated Tim firmly.“Out!” said Linda sharply. “I’m going to a play at the Livingston Theater. The Palo Players. You’ve probably never heard of them.”Tim studied his wife and she met his gaze firmly. “Why are you being so uppity?” he asked. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He looked at his watch. “You can go out. It’ll be dark when you get back. What time’s it over?”“Ten-thirty,” Linda, answered her irritation growing. She started to open the door.“Who are you going with?” he demanded.“I’m going alone!”“Linda, you’ve never done this before.” His face was red and he was sputtering. She’d never seen him like that and it frightened her.“Yes, that’s too bad, isn’t it?” Linda didn’t wait for a reply. She got into the car and drove off, not looking back.She stopped for gas and continued on to the theater.Her seat was in the rear of the orchestra. It was not the most expensive seat, but then it was far from the cheapest. Here she could see, without being seen… much. This was all too new for her; she was not terribly sure of herself.Many couples arrived at the last minute. There was a general drone of voices as they were seated. They were still nodding and smiling and waving to friends when the house lights went down, and the curtain went up. A hush fell over the theater.Linda wasn’t familiar with the play. But it hardly mattered after the first player made his entrance. He played the wayward husband, and Linda, after studying her program and learning that he was a visiting actor from Chicago, concluded that he was one of the most attractive men she’d ever seen. By the time the first act was over, she’d fallen madly in love with him, and wondered how she could manage to meet him.No wondering. She was determined to go to his dressing room after the play was over. She wasn’t quite sure how that was done. But she certainly didn’t want to be one of a crowd at the stage door as he slipped out. He would never even notice her then.She thought she might be able to use some subtle persuasion backstage with him, maybe of an erotic nature, without appearing too bold.“Francesco,” she whispered to herself, as she studied her program, squinting in the dim light.The woman next to her looked at her sharply, and Linda realized she must have spoken aloud. She quickly closed her mouth and fixed her eyes on the play.She actually watched only Frankie, as he was called in the program. He was born of Italian parents, the program indicated, but his stage name was Frankie… Frankie Antonelli. He’d done summer stock in half a dozen cities and was part of a repertory company in Chicago.When the play ended, Linda asked someone who looked like a stagehand where Mr. Antonelli was. He looked curiously at her and nodded to a door. “Up the four stain, second room on the left.”Linda felt the man’s eyes on her as she skipped up the stairs. She meant it to be a light-hearted action, but nearly tripped on the top step.At his door, she paused, inhaled deeply and knocked. She heard voices inside.“Came in,” someone called.Linda opened the door.Inside was a small gathering, mostly unfamiliar faces. Linda was embarrassed. She blushed and nearly stammered as five or six pairs of eyes, including Frankie Antonelli’s, turned to her. She caught her breath.The three women present merely grunted and looked away. Linda sensed the intrusion of a pretty woman — herself — on their territory. The men smiled tolerantly. One was Mr. Hartman, the teacher and company director, whom she knew. He always smiled pleasantly in church, but now merely looked sharply at her. This was evidently his domain and one he was surprised to find her in.Linda was relieved where Frankie himself came up to her. “Yes, my dear,” he said pleasantly, extending his hand.“You-you were terrific,” smiled Linda. “I just wanted to tell you.” She was trying not to have an anxiety attack in his dressing room, and decided quickly to make a firm exit before she did.“Thank you, thank you, how nice of you to come and tell me!” He held her hand and escorted her over to the small group. They were sipping drinks and watching her curiously.“May I have the pleasure of introducing…” he stopped.“Linda. Linda Carney,” smiled Linda. She looked around at everyone, careful to make brief eye contact with each one. The men, even Mr. Hartman, smiled pleasantly. The women just nodded. They did not want to displease Mr. Antonelli, Linda concluded.At least one or two of them were making a play for him, she was convinced. She was nervous and excited. It had been so long since she’d been in a scene like this.Eight or nine years, to be exact, since before her marriage. How strange it seemed again. Awkward. But exciting!“Who are you? What do you do, my dear?” asked Frankie politely. One hand rested casually on her waist and the other held out a drink. “You’re pretty enough to be an actress. Are you?”“Oh, no,” said Linda, blushing. “That’s very nice of you, but I’m…” She looked at Mr. Hartman who knew she was married, and said, “I’m just a housewife, I’m afraid.” She accepted the drink.“Nothing wrong with that, is there?” Frankie’s chivalrous manner disappeared for a moment. His stage manner was dropping. He was betraying his roots, Linda thought. That gave her more confidence.She smiled up at him, though he was not much taller than she was, and began a conversation. As she talked, she studied him, his dark hair paying at the temples, his sideburns, his handsome features, and his strong arms. He was very at ease with himself and that made her at ease.He asked nothing about her husband, and for that she was grateful. Surely he had noticed her ring.She found him looking at her body, but discreetly. He didn’t make a point of studying her tits or ass with wide eyes and open mouth as some men did. That was nice to notice but not make canlı bahis a point of noticing.When he turned to refill her glass, her eyes dropped slightly to his crotch. His pants were tight. She could tell from the large outline there that he was well-hung.Flashes of hot and cold went up and down her body. She found him very attractive. She only hoped there would be some discreet way of handling the situation. She didn’t know where it all would lead. She only knew that she wanted him that very night!Her gaze dropped to the floor. Mr. Hartman, tall, slender, and sharp-eyed, had been staring at her, as if reading her thoughts. Even though he was involved in theater work, he was still a religious man. She cringed inwardly and smiled outwardly.“We better be going,” said Mr. Hartman to no one in particular.“Not so soon?” said Frankie, returning with Linda’s refilled glass. He said to her then, softly so no one would hear, “You’ll stay and finish this with me, won’t you?” His gaze met hers warmly and she nodded.The others gradually made their way toward the door. The women kept darting curious glances in her direction.“Are you coming?” one of them said.“I believe not. I think later,” she answered evenly, “as soon as I finish this.” She held up her drink and stared the woman down. Inwardly she was snickering and thinking, Well, Linda, you have more guts than you thought.There were handshakes and good-byes and finally the dressing room door closed behind the departing group.Frankie turned, held his drink up, and said, “Here’s lookin’ at you, k**.” He sipped his drink slowly, staring at her. Then he smiled.Linda recalled the line from somewhere, but she couldn’t place it. She just pretended a familiarity with it. “That’s sweet,” she said, cocking her head sexily to one side.Suddenly she was getting nervous. There they were alone. She looked at her watch. It was ten-forty-five. She’d never been out this late without Tim. She wanted to run out, jump in the car and drive home. But she stood rooted to the spot.“You look like a frightened deer,” Frankie said. But he was smiling gently. “I think I understand you,” he added.“You do?” Linda said. She wanted to jump into his arms and fall into bed, in that order. I better do it fast, she thought, or I will rim away.Frankie took her hand just then, removed the glass from her other hand and took her in his arms.Suddenly she felt his mouth on hers, and her own melted into it. She felt his strong arms around her and waist. It was the first man in her arms, other than her husband, in eight years.Frankie was short, but broad-shouldered. He was older, probably forty. He was sweeter and more tender than in. At the same time, she discovered a she kissed him, he was much more sexual than her husband. It excited her terribly.Their mouths and tongues dueled passionately, openly. There was no pretense, just desire. Linda let go. She couldn’t help herself. She was dizzy from suppressed passion, from the drink, from the bright lights, from the confusion of the evening, and from being in a strange man’s arms. She was dazed over having achieved what she set out to do.She felt Frankie’s hand grope her crotch automatically. She didn’t mind.Should she feel for his stiff dick? She longed to. But she didn’t want to be too forward with him. Silly, she said to herself, you’ve been married eight years. She hunted down his leg for his hard cock, till her fingers rested there. She squeezed it and the stage was set.Pinkie pulled her over to the couch. He sat her down and brushed her hair back over her shoulders, away from her face. “You’re very beautiful,” he said, breathing hard. He kissed her again. “I hope you know that. And I’m not just feeding you a line. Strange that you should come here, just when I was beginning to feel so lonely.”“Lonely for a woman?” Linda asked. “Being on the road is rather lonely.”“Yes,” nodded Frankie. “Ate you sure it’s all right?” He pointed to her wedding ring.“Oh, yes,” she said. She felt absolutely no guilt, strangely enough. And no pity for Tim. She knew she was getting what she long deserved! Sex and a lot of it. If she couldn’t get it in one place, she was going to get it in another!“Just so he won’t come tearing in here, looking for you,” said Frankie.“He won’t,” said Linda firmly. “I don’t even want him any more.”“Okay,” said Frankie. “I won’t ask.” His mouth fell upon hers again and his tongue swiftly penetrated her lips, exploring her mouth. His lips were so soft. He covered her mouth with kisses.One hand went up to her breast and began kneading it. Linda groaned softly in her throat. It felt so good. She massaged his thigh and then his crotch. Suddenly she yearned to unzip his fly. She bent quickly. It was not easy. His pants were very light.Finally she got the zipper down and reached into his tight yellow shorts. She felt for the massive meat. It was wonderful, holding the nearly erect cock.“Ohhhhh,” Frankie groaned, as she massaged it gently. It was soon as hard as a rock.Linda longed to take his dick into her mouth, but Frankie was already unbuttoning her blouse and plunging his hand inside her bra.“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, feeling her large and ample tit in the hand of this skillful lover. He squeezed her nipple, pinched it lightly, rubbed it, pulled it, and sent Linda into ecstasy. He did the same to the other nipple. He touched her firm tits all over, until they were bunting out of her blouse.He helped her out of her blouse and bra. There she stood, nude to the waist, before her favorite actor.“Lady, how beautiful!” he crooned in his best stage voice.She grinned. He proceeded to kiss her tits, fondling them gently in his large, olive-skinned hands, passing them this way and that, squeezing them, and them expressing his deepest desire.Linda threw back her head and laughed. This Frankie was different perabet giriş from her Tim. He was up-front and yet he did not offend her.“Yes, you can fuck my breasts,” she said, pursing her lips sexily and pushing her tits together.He planted a long kiss on the lips of her up-turned face, and then on her breasts. He licked them all over. He made them very wet and the nipples very sensitive.“Fuck my tits, oh, fuck my tits!” she cried.Frankie pulled his pants all the way down and stepped out of them. He removed his shirt. Then he took off his yellow shorts. He stood nude before her.“Lie down,” he commanded her. She lay back on the couch, just touching the sides of her breasts with the palms of her hands. He mounted her belly and moved forward till his huge erect cock was over her chest. He inserted it in the canyon formed by her tits. “Ohhh, how sweet, how lovely,” he crooned.His voice was so loud, she placed a finger over her lips and looked up at him pleadingly.“There’s no one here but the night watchman,” said Frankie. “It’s okay.”Linda nodded and was soon lost in the sensuous spectacle of seeing her breasts plowed by his prick. Back, forth, in, out, his thick muscle sawed. She held her tits tightly together, and each time his cockhead neared her mouth, her tongue darted out like a snake’s and flitted over the pee slit.“Mmmmmmm, do that some more,” Frankie said. He positioned his dick tantalizingly before her lips, anxious that she make the first move.She was happy to do so. She worked her way down till her lips were within a fraction of an inch of his thick cock. Then she lifted her head and, propping herself on one arm and with her left hand at the back of her head, she moved forward to take the cockhead in her mouth.It tasted delicious. It felt so thick and firm and hot between her lips. She licked all over the cockhead. She licked under it. With her tongue she pried the sensitive puckered area beneath where it joined the shaft of the cock.“Ohhhhhhh, what a lovely sight to watch you eat me, Linda!” said Frankie. “I love feeling your wet mouth on my cock. Oh, do it some more! Take it all the way in. Would you?” He said it gently. He asked. He didn’t demand. She liked that. Yes, she would. Of course, she would. There was nothing she wanted more than to take his long, thick stick into her warm, succulent mouth and down her deep throat.She opened her mouth wide and the cock slid all the way in, and all the way down. She didn’t even gag. She left her mouth halfway open, so Frankie was free to fuck her throat. It felt so good, the cockhead right in her throat. He fucked her throat for a few minutes.“Mmmmmm, nghnghngh,” grunted Frankie.“Oh, man, that feels so fantastic.”Then Linda grabbed his cock and pulled it halfway out. She began sucking on it like a lollipop. Then she pulled it all the way out and played on it with her lips.She gave it little kisses all over. She licked up and down the long staff, and down into the hairy balls, and up over the head and around it. She licked it all over. She memorized his cock. Every inch.She loved that cock. She knew already she would be a satisfied woman that night. She groaned silently, pleasurably, in anticipation. She closed her eyes, fingered Frankie’s balls, and let her tongue loll pleasantly all over that stiff stick of pleasure.She felt some pre-come fluid in her mouth. She swallowed it. She anticipated gallons of fluid, when he came. And she’d love it.Frankie was fingering her thighs. Her sleek, soft flesh felt wonderful under his soft, sensuous touch. Higher and higher his hand rode up her skirt.Finally it rested on her already moist, juicy cunt, separated from it only by her thin panties. Her breath began coming in short gasps. He felt all over her firm mound. She got hotter and wetter every second. Her thighs spread automatically.He lifted her skirt and saw her lovely thighs. She became more passionate just watching him watch her.He fingered the slight cleavage outlined in her panties. There was a faint aroma of pussy in the air. She was thick with juices and dripping. She wandered if he could smell it too.Finally he put a finger under the elastic of one panty leg. She closed her eyes, and felt his finger probe her pussy lips, first the outer lips and then the inner. Finally the finger entered her wet and throbbing cunt hole and she moaned loudly.“Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, I can’t stand it, oh, please, Frankie, please!” She gave his cockhead one last swab with her tongue and pushed him away and in the direction of her needy groin.Frankie began yanking at her skirt. He finally succeeded in puffing the zipper down and sliding the skirt over her hips. A quick tug brought her panties sliding over her thighs and down to her calves, exposing her lovely blond crotch. Frankie could only stare. He probed her hairy cunt gingerly, then cupped his hand over it. “So beautiful,” he moaned.“Ohhhhh,” Linda was moaning, her eyes closed. She shoved her torso down, her cunt lips taking the tip of his cock between them. She pushed her pelvis up, and the cock, half of it, slipped smoothly inside.“Oh, you feel wonderful,” whispered Frankie. He pushed his cock the rest of the way up her hot, wet cunt, not stopping until be was deep inside her.“Ohhhhh,” moaned Linda, her thighs working and pressing against his, her feet groping for a foothold. She pressed her hips and pelvis back as Frankie pulled out, or nearly so.Then back he came, pressing his hot, smoldering cock all the way up her again, thrusting harder this time. Together they began a slow, satisfying and undulating rhythm.The sofa seemed to rock back and forth, up and down. Linda’s eyes were closed most of the time. She was conscious of only pressing down, to get more and more of the wonderful, stiff staff up inside of her. Frankie, who was propped up on perabet güvenilir mi his hands, gradually eased his weight onto her. His mouth came to rest on her own, and his tongue flicked her mouth, while his cock fucked her wet pussy.His tongue played about her half-open mouth, tasting her sweet lips. Linda sucked on his tongue, sucked like a baby sucking a nipple.His hands massaged her full tits, rode over and under her arms and down her hips and belly. His finger probed between her pussy lips for her rosebud of a clit and, finding it, rubbed it first gently, then harder and harder, rubbing it into a frenzy as he continued to fuck her pussy hole.“Ohhhhh,” Linda was moaning, nearing her ecstasy. She thrust her hips up again and again, spread her thighs further and further apart, digging her heels into the side of tile bed. She thrust her pelvis up and down, up and down. She humped herself against his finger and his cock.Finally the great waves of orgasm began to rise in her pussy. At first just a pleasant itch, they grew and grew until finally she was calling out loudly, yelling, for more.“Oh, please,” she begged him, panting. “Oh, honey, please, Frankie, oh, do it, oh, do it hard, oh, more, oh, please, oh, I’m commmiiinnnggg, OH, HONEY, OHHHHHH!”And her come took off, and she shook and shuddered from top to toe. “My God!” she yelled. “Oh, my God!”The juices spurted inside her cunt walls, great rivers of it. Her pussy lips were thick and swollen and sensitive. Her chest heaved. She closed her eyes.Frankie smiled down at her, having enjoyed watching his partner in the throes of orgasm. His stiff, thick prick was still inside her, halfway up her cunt. He had felt her cunt walls squeeze his prick tight, right at the height of her coming, and he nearly willed his own juices.But he managed to hold in tight. He wanted to make her come again. And maybe again. After all, they had all night. Or did they?He leaned down to kiss her warmly and wetly. “Oh, Frankie, you’re so good. You… just so good…” Linda panted. She pulled him down on top of her. She wanted him again.They fell silent and became aware only of their bodies, and the pleasure each was getting, each was giving.He rose up on his knees suddenly, pulling his cock out. Then he lifted her knees, one at a time, over his shoulders. It lifted her buttocks off the mattress. She had no leverage now. She was at his mercy. She smiled weakly up at him and groaned loudly with the pleasure of his first deep stroke. She pressed against him as best she could. He began stroking swiftly now.She could hardly catch her breath. It felt so sexy to be halfway up in the air like this and in a man’s control. He pumped in and out of her, in and out, until she grew delirious with pleasure. But he didn’t stop there. He thrust hard into her again and again and again. Her pussy dripped with juices. She was brimming over with her sweet liquid.“Oh, Frankie, Frankie, you feel so damn good,” she crooned. Her mouth was slack and half open. Her chin was up, her head thrown back, her eyes half closed.Suddenly he pulled out and lowered her hips gently to the couch. She looked puzzled. Her eyes opened wide and she looked at him.“What’s the matter?”“I want you to eat me,” he said. Without waiting for her to answer him, he walked on his knees up her body, straddling her on either side, till he reached her neck and shoulders.His cock protruded straight out and Linda was only too happy to suck on it. It looked delectable, pointing straight at her mouth. She grasped it with her hand and put her mouth over the knobby head. She moved her wet lips all over it. It tasted of her own cunt juices.“Like the flavor?” asked Frankie.“Mmmmmm,” Linda grunted. She did. She wondered if another woman’s cunt juices would taste as good. If so, a woman in bed with her wouldn’t be half bad, she thought.She licked his hot prick and his balls till he was sopping. Oh, they tasted so good. She would go to hell and back to be able to suck on a cock like that one again. He seemed an inch longer than Tim, and half an inch thicker.“You look lovely sucking on my cock like that,” Frankie said. He tousled her hair. “It feels so damn good.” Then he said no more and she continued to jerk and eat him off.Her face contorted with the large cock in her mouth. She palmed his balls and inched a finger into his asshole. He groaned deeply.She sucked on him now with all her might. She wanted to suck him dry. She wanted him to come in her mouth and pour all his cum down her waiting throat.She wanted to taste the sweetness of his cum. She wanted him to fuck her mouth till he was all sucked out. She wanted him to fill her mouth to the brim with his delicious gunk.She ate him feverishly. She sucked and drooled all over his hard sword. The only sound in the room was her sucking and an occasional grunt from him.“Oh, baby, suck me off, suck me dry!” he crooned. His balls slapped against her face and cheeks as she ate him right down to the root of his stem.“Come, oh, come, baby,” she called back to him, though her words were muffled in his groin.She could tell he was getting hotter and hotter, higher and higher. She was getting so excited herself that she was digging her teeth into his staff.“Ooooh, don’t do that,” he pleaded at one point, and at another, when her jaw slipped and her teeth nipped him lightly, he startled. “Ow, honey!”She kept pawing his balls with her one hand and thrusting a forefinger in and out of his anus with the other.She was getting worried about the late hour when all of a sudden he came. His whole body was shaking as he pumped his cum into her mouth.She felt his cream gush into her mouth, and she swallowed as fast as it came.For a split second she feared choking on it, there seemed so much. But she kept on swallowing. Finally she knew she could handle all of it. And what was left on his cockhead, dripping drop by drop from his flagging dick, she lapped up eagerly with the tip of her tongue.“Mmm, Frankie, you taste good,” she said. And with that she took a handful of her long blond hair and wiped off his stem with it.The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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