Lisa’s New Role Part IV

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A Loser and a WinnerAlex Hughes stepped off the Greyhound bus in front of the village hall. He gathered his green canvas duffel and his overflowing laundry bag as he looked at the clock atop the government building. It said 4:15. If he hurried, he could catch the end of the game.He ran down to the St. Thomas campus, three blocks away. He hadn’t seen her play all year, and didn’t want to miss the opportunity today. Three hours earlier he had completed his last final exam of the spring semester at Western Indiana, and immediately hopped on a bus for Wilkes Grove. His mother had been sending him newspaper articles about how well Colby had been doing. She led the conference in batting, and had become St. Thomas’ starting centerfielder. On the bus, Alex looked at the program his mother sent. He saw she had chosen number 33, his number when he was on the St, Thomas baseball team. She was listed at 5’6″. The picture of her with her brown hair braided and her green visor was cute. He loved her smile.Arriving at the field, Alex saw that it was the top of the seventh with two out. St. Thomas was leading by a run, and their rivals, Wilkes Grove Community had runners at first and third. He saw Colby out in centerfield, pushing down her visor to keep the falling sun out of her eyes. Her white jersey had “Eagles” emblazoned in green script lettering, although some of it was covered by a big dirt stain. The jersey was a little loose, to conceal the little extra weight she carried. Her green shorts dangled loosely over a pair of white sliding pants, and her white socks with the fake green stirrup were pulled up to her knees. Alex couldn’t take her eyes off of her.Startled by the ping of aluminum, Alex saw the ball floating towards centerfield, a little Texas Leaguer. Colby raced in, slid, and had the ball skip under her glove. By the time the leftfielder backed her up, two runs had scored. Colby got up with a scowl, and went back to her position in centerfield.The next batter struck out, and the St. Thomas girls ran to the bench. Colby didn’t even look up into the stands to notice Alex there to cheer her on. She barely paid attention to the game when the coach told her to grab a bat and get into the on deck circle. Two batters had singled, one struck out, and now she was due up next. She saw Courtney Phillips walk, and then she heard her name announced.”Now batting, number 33, Colby Hughes.”Digging in, she was ready to be the hero. The pitch came in, a drop ball, and Colby hacked. She knew she hacked. The ball was chopped to the pitcher who threw to the catcher to get the force out at home. The catcher then fired to first, barely nipping Colby. It was a double play and the game was over.She threw her batting helmet into the bench, and started to throw her gloves, visor, and bats into her equipment bag. She didn’t even listen to the coach and ran off the bench when the team was dismissed. Finding an elm tree, she threw her bag down and started to take off her cleats.”Hey, s*s. Rough game.””I don’t even want to talk about it.””Hey, its okay. You’ll get them next time.””You don’t get it, Alex. See that guy with the salt and pepper hair and the clipboard? He’s an assistant coach at Pacific State. He could’ve been scouting me, for a scholarship.”Alex didn’t even bother looking at the man with the clipboard. He was too engrossed looking at his sister, now shoeless. He loved the shape of her calves in the socks. The sliding pants clinging to her strong thighs and her shorts rode up her legs. “Well, you can always come to Western Indiana.””But, Pacific State, that’s one of the elite teams. They’re always in the Series. It’s a little different than Hillbilly College, or wherever you go.””I understand. But, really, it is not a hillbilly school. Its more of a redneck school. Anyway, do you have a hug for me?””That would explain your class rank being so high.”Colby fished some sandals out of her bag and threw them on the grass. She stood urfa escort up, stepping into them. She wrapped her arms around Alex and placed her head on his shoulder. Then, she felt a poke in her stomach. She pushed Alex away.”What the fuck!” she yelled as she pushed Alex away. Colby grabbed her equipment bag and ran to the parking lot. Alex, stunned, watched her get into her Ford Focus and drive away. He was too dumbstruck to move. Then, he felt a tap on his shoulder.”Hey Alex, when did you blow into town?”It was Courtney. She was the tall, blonde first baseman for the Eagles. She was listed at 5’9″, but she was taller than that. Alex could look directly into her crystal blue eyes.”Don’t worry about her, she always takes losses tough.””Yeah, but, it wasn’t,” Alex stammered. “You’re probably right.””Was she going to give you a ride home?””Yep. Looks like I am walking now.””Don’t be silly, Alex. I’ll give you a ride.””Thanks, Courtney.”They hopped into Courtney’s red Mustang, and she put the top down. “So, have you been working out? You look great!””No, I haven’t worked out since I quit baseball last year.””Really, it looks like you bulked up. Your biceps look great.””I am still at my playing weight, 185, but I have lost muscle.””I bet you still look good in baseball pants. Did you get your haircut too?””Yeah, without the baseball cap, the long hair didn’t work. It looked like I had a mullet for no reason.””I miss those sandy locks.””Are you ready for college next year?””You bet, I can’t wait to get out of here. This year has been so trying. The guys here are so immature.”Alex barely listened to Courtney go on and on about whatever she was talking about. He was focused on fixing things with Colby, although he didn’t know how. He had always loved her, even having dreams about being intimate with her. His first wet dream was about her, but he was always able to contain it.Colby got to the house, crying. She ran up to her room, leaving her things in the car. She ran upstairs to her room and closed the door. She saw all the pictures of her and Alex. One had Alex standing behind her, helping her grip a bat, his crotch against her butt. She wondered how many times her brother used her to get himself off. She threw the picture on the floor. She sat on the floor with her back against the queen-sized bed, sobbing.Looking up, Colby saw her reflection in the mirrored sliding closet door. She hated her big thighs and her thick arms. She longed to have the looks of her teammate Courtney. To make up for it, she dedicated herself to becoming a softball star, hoping to get noticed. It did no good, as she still wasn’t asked to senior prom. Now, she wasn’t even sure of her softball abilities. And Alex, her biggest backer, had now become her biggest problem.Courtney pulled into the driveway, and placed her hand on Alex’s thigh, her fingernails lightly grazing his crotch. “Maybe we could go out while you’re in town.””We’ll see, Courtney.””Call me,” she winked and smiled at Alex as he got out of the car and grabbed his bags.Entering the house, he saw no sign of Colby. He went up and knocked on her door.”Go away,” she sobbed.”Colby, please.””Just leave me alone.”Alex started to walk away. In the hallway, he saw a portrait that he and Colby had gotten for their parents for their twentieth wedding anniversary. Colby was in front, and he looked over her shoulder. He remembered that pose, how Colby’s hair smelled like daffodils, and his body brushing against hers. He heard a loud gasp from Colby’s room followed by another sob.He couldn’t stop himself. He opened the door and walked into her bedroom.”Damn it, Alex. Please go.””Colby, I’m sorry. Can we please just talk about it?”Alex sat on the floor next to his sister, who was still in her dirty softball uniform.”What is there to talk about? I blew my chance at a college scholarship and my brother wants to fuck me. Boy, what a great day. On top of it, the prom is this weekend, and guess urfa escort bayan who doesn’t have a date?””High school guys are idiots.””So are college guys, apparently.””I can’t argue with that.”Alex searched for something to say to make her feel better. All he could do was sit, staring at Colby. Again, he found himself looking down at her thighs, her tight sliding pants, and her socks outlining her calf.”Alex, I trusted you. You were the one guy who liked me for exactly who I was. You didn’t care that I was a tomboy. You didn’t care that I always needed to lose twenty pounds. But, now I know that it wasn’t real. You just want to fuck me.””C’mon, that’s not true.””Yes it is, you want to fuck me. I felt it. God, I can’t get a date, but the one guy who is willing to have sex with my fat ass is my own brother.””Colby, I would never hurt you. I don’t know what happened this afternoon, but I don’t want to fuck you,” Alex said, unconvincingly.”Oh yeah, you don’t want to fuck me? Then what the hell is this?”Colby reached and grabbed her brother’s package. Through his khaki shorts she could feel his erection, which she noticed as he leered at her throughout the conversation.”Colby, my God…” was all that Alex could say. It was like a lightning bolt of electricity had transferred between the two. Colby rubbed Alex’s penis through his shorts. Alex looked into her deep green eyes, and saw an intense look of desire. Seizing the moment, he leaned over and kissed her. Just as their lips parted, Colby felt Alex’s tongue tickle hers. She pulled away and looked at her brother, her hand still massaging his steely cock.She moved her hand off of his penis and up his tee shirt, and started kissing him again, this time weaving her tongue into his hot mouth. Colby forced herself upon Alex, causing him to slide back onto the hardwood floor. Colby kept her chest pressed against his, and soon felt fingertips underneath her jersey, running up and down her spine.Alex kept up the light fingertip touching on her back, slowly pushing the jersey higher up her back until he could feel the heavy clasp of her sports bra. He tried to push the jersey further, but it was caught between their bodies. Colby got the hint and leaned up enough to pull it off of her. Alex took the opportunity to rip off his shirt, and then he pulled Colby back down, feeling her soft skin against his.He tried not to get frustrated in being unable to open the clasp of the sports bra. He was continually distracted by Colby sending shivers through his body as she ran her fingers through his hair and down the sides of his body. Eventually, he gave up and sent his hands in the opposite direction. The drawstring on her uniform shorts was pulled tight, and he had difficulty sneaking his fingers under the waistband, and even then he couldn’t get them under her sliding pants.Colby felt her brother’s poke for the second time, this time against her inner thighs. It wasn’t easy to feel through her uniform, but she did feel it. Kneeling over Alex, she undid the drawstring on her shorts and pushed them down to her knees. Alex caught her reflection in the mirror, and captivated by the outline of her butt in the tight, white sliding pants, and her breasts in her navy blue sports bra. Her figure looked perfectly sculpted, every curve was perfect.Alex undid his belt, and opened the button on his shorts. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Colby, who just exuded femininity, as he unzipped his fly, and pushed his shorts and boxers down to his knees. It felt good to have his penis free from its confines.Colby was the one who was now mesmerized, seeing her brother naked below her, with his penis fully erect. Alex guided her hand onto his dick, savoring the feeling of her soft hands on his hard organ. Her hand wrapped around the whole shaft, leaving only the head visible. She laid down on the floor next to Alex, him on his back, her on her side.Alex’s hand ran up his sister’s thigh, escort urfa over her crotch, until it found the elastic band of the sliding pants. He started to push them down, and felt her soft pubic hair. Colby stopped rubbing his penis as they came to the realization that Alex had pushed down her underwear as well as the sliding pants.Immediately, Colby jumped up, and onto her unmade bed. She threw a sheet over her body. This left Alex confused.”Everything okay?””Alex, it feels so good. I’m just not really comfortable with my body.””You’ve got a great body,” Alex said as he climbed into bed and under the sheet. Alex finished pushing the sliding pants and the underwear off of Colby’s hips, and down her legs. He started feeling her bushy pubic area again, noticing that she did not trim much. He liked how light and feathery it felt. Colby went back to stroking his penis, feeling the heat and the pulsations of blood flowing through. They resumed kissing, deeply.Putting his hand under her armpit, Alex rolled onto his back, bringing Colby on her knees over him. He slightly thrust his hips, allowing the head of his penis to rub the lips of her vagina. Colby shivered. Slowly, he repeated the motion, and Colby bent down further to allow his penis to rub further along her moistening slit.Alex again went to work on her sports bra, without much success.”Colby, can we get rid of this?”She didn’t say a word, but she reached behind and in a second had the clasp opened. Alex pulled the bra down her arms and threw it on the floor. Colby felt her nipples harden instantly, making her more aware of her nakedness. She leaned down and put her bare chest to his, initiating another kiss, and rubbing her vagina against his member.Alex’s hands traveled up and down Colby’s back and over her butt, the insides of his biceps feeling the side of her breasts. The sliding motion of their genitals quickened, their kisses became shorter as they both gasped for breath. Colby propped herself up on her hands, and her breasts hung below her, and her nipples grazed Alex’s chest with each thrust. They both could feel their genitals becoming soaked with their juices.Alex rolled Colby onto her back. He took a long look Colby lying below him in the nude. Seeing such a beautiful girl, one that he loved, he didn’t want to wait any longer. He positioned the head of his penis against her labia, and looked into her eyes.Colby smiled at Alex, stricken with lust for this masculine creature above her. He was caring and respectful. She loved Alex, and she trusted him. She grabbed the base of his cock, and guided it inside of her vagina.Alex pushed inside, and Colby bit her lip as her virginity was taken.”Are you okay, Colby?””Yes. Just go slow, okay.””Okay.””One more thing, I’m on the pill.”Colby’s vaginal walls were sore, but it started to feel better as Alex slowly slid his penis in and out of her. Every few thrusts he would hit her clitoris, and send tingles through her body. Alex lowered his body onto Colby’s and started to thrust slightly faster. He heard his sister moan a little with each advance. He felt her wrap her arms and legs around his butt, the cotton of her socks scratching on his skin. He looked over to the mirror, and saw the reflection of him making love to his sister.Being able to see himself fucking was too much to handle. He closed his eyes and groaned as he felt his dick spasm, and his cum rupture, as if a bomb had been detonated inside his balls.Colby was surprised to hear this load groan from her brother. She opened her eyes to see a strained look on his face, and then feel his penis twitch insider of her. He pushed further inside, until their pubis we pressed together. The semen felt hot as it poured inside of her, As Alex collapsed on top of her after his orgasm, she kissed his cheek.”I’m sorry, Colby.””Why? That was great.””I didn’t last very long. You had me so turned on,” he said, as he rolled onto his back next to her.”Don’t worry, Alex. We’ll have other opportunities.”Colby pulled the sheet over her body.”You mean that?””Yeah, especially if I go to Western Indiana.””But, I thought that was a hillbilly school,” Alex said mockingly.”Well, I did just fuck my brother.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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