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LUSTI had just returned home from my visit to Shinora’s place. I thought about how my aunt turned me on, how she would caress and nurture me and make me feel so good. I hated to leave her, but vacation time was over and it was time for me to resume my duties as the crowned prince of Fantasia Prime. At the front door, my mother, Ethera Severus, waited for me. I placed my bags by the door and looked up at her. She was wearing a sexy pink lingerie with a g-string barely covering her pussy, though she stood in a way that showed off her thick, lean thighs, but prevented me from seeing her pussy. She then came to give me a hug. I thought it was because she hadn’t seen me in a while, but there was more to this hug. While we hugged, I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and wiggle it’s way around my tongue; I then felt my clothes dissolve away, melt away in a kind of magical erotic heat generated by an erotic spell she’d cast. Consequently, my dick slid into her pussy, even though there was no real action on my part or hers. It just happened. I softly pumped her juicy, hot, semi-tight pussy, then in a fit of lustful passion, I grabbed her thick, fat ass and rammed my dick continuously in her pussy, grunting and moaning with each powerful thrust of lust and passion I’d only experienced with Shinora.”Roar! Roar! Oh, mommy! You’re so hot and juicy. Tight, too! Gimme that pussy, baby!!” I shouted, being turned on and entranced with each thrust, with each second. She gripped my body tightly with an erotic embrace as she began to grind her pussy on my dick as I pounded that luscious, voluptuous, gorgeous pussy into submission. My mind began to haze, my eyes sank back into my head, even physical sensations began to subside. The next thing that I remembered, after seemingly an eternity of banging my mom’s pussy was her gripping my ass and pressing me hard against her as a powerful stream Konak Escort of jizz shot from my dick, right into her tight hole. So much came out that when I did take it out, jizz flowed from her pussy like a fountain, which she rubbed sensuously on her thighs.”Now jizz my ass!” Ethera said, turning around and bending over to give me the best view of her thick, fat, voluptuous, gorgeous ass.My dick had returned to its placid state, but got hard again after viewing my mom’s hot ass. I placed my hands on her ass and slowly stuck my dick inside her very tight, hot, furnace-like asshole. It was tight that I could barely get it in, but my initial jizz squirt helped lubricate it so I could softly pump her.Ethera fell back so that she was sitting on my thick, long cock, then she began to bounce softly, then with more intensity as I tightly gripped her fat ass and rubbed it vigorously. She rose up until only the head of my dick was in her ass, then she came down on it with her full weight, straddled it, grinded on it, gyrated on it, then she rose up again, slowly, sensuously, allowing her hot, creamy ass juices to coat my dick, before coming down hard on it again. The sensation could only be described as out of this world, as powerful bursts of euphoria shot through my entire body with each anal thrust. It was more than a good or a great sensation. A furnace-like asshole that is very tight and very juicy surrounded by a 40 inch sexy, hot rump slamming down on my cock was the best feeling I ever had. Not even Shinora made me feel like this. My mom stood up, but before I could rest, she gripped my cock hard with her right hand, gently stroking it up and down and rubbing the very tip of it with her smooth palm. She did this for quite a while; stroking and rubbing the tip. I felt a strong euphoria in my ass, a sure sign of impending ejaculation.”Mom! Kuşadası Escort I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” I shouted, thrusting on her palm as she continued to rub my cock. She then stroked it softly again.”That’s the idea, son,” she said, sticking it back into her tight pussy, and her thighs spread apart and meeting the back of her lower legs, placed her full weight on my dick. There was nothing I could do to hold in my load. My dick was overcome with such intense euphoria and watching my mom’s thick thighs undulate and grind pushed me over the edge. I instantly felt the strong flow of hot jizz shower the inner walls of her vaginal cavity before she hunched forward to passionately, seductively, sensuously meet my lips with her big, luscious, delicious lips. We continued to kiss ever more fervently as she grinded my cock even harder, alternating between her pussy and ass, even as I continued to squirt, though in small bursts, inside her.”This is only the beginning,” Ethera said. She put back on her lingerie, wiping her cum-soaked thighs with them, then returned upstairs. “That was the best sex of my life,” I said. “Even better than Shinora.””I know it was, hun. I know it was.” Ethera returned to her room to rest. I left my bags by the door and returned to my room to also rest. In the middle of the night, I was awoken by a strong aroma of perfume. It was unlike any fragrance. It was sweet, tantalizing, enticing. It was more than just a pleasant smell. It was an aroma that had a purpose. I reached over my bed post to turn on my lampshade. “Mom? What are you doing here?” I asked. I noticed she was drenched in a hot, luscious oil. I could feel the heat coming off her body. It wasn’t like heat in a temperate sense, but more of a lustful, erotic one. The fragrance that tickled my nose was that oil she was covered Foça Escort in.”You and I are going to have more fun together. My sister had you for two weeks, and now it is my turn to have some fun,” Ethera said, climbing onto my bed with me. I moved to the side to give her room, then I placed my arm around her shoulder in a sensuous manner. She smiled sweetly as she lay beside me.My mom moved closer to the center of the bed as I positioned myself over her. She partially pulled down my pajamas (I wasn’t wearing underwear) and she then spread her legs as wide as she could on my king sized bed. I then slowly came down on top of her, allowing my dick to find its own way into her pussy, which was much looser and easier to penetrate. It still very hot and luscious. I laid on top of her, grinding into her pussy, harder, more intense with each moment. She wrapped her big, thick legs around me and started to straddle me even as my thrusts became more intense.My mom reached over to turn off the light; the oils she was covered in gave off a faint luminescent glow, allowing me to watch every expression of lust and desire on her face as we made sweet love that very night, all night. No matter how hard I pounded my mom’s pussy, no matter how hard my dick got, no matter how much my mom gyrated and grinded my dick, I endured through the night. The urge to cum was kept at bay. It wasn’t until I took my dick out of her pussy early that morning, did I shower the entire front part of her body with a massive load of jizz, so much so that I strained as the pressure of it coming out threatened to make my dick explode. My mom stood by my bed, and I in front of her, using my dick as a jizz hose, showering her down. She even turned to bend over so some would get on her ass and back.”Oh, baby! That was awesome!” my mom said, giving me another hot kiss on the lips.The sun began to peek through the bright red curtains covering the window, signaling that morning had truly arrived. My mom smiled sensuously, putting her lingerie back on, then leaving my room. I sat on the bed, stroking my cock, calling my mother’s name, “Ethera! Ethera!” She was one woman I’d never get enough of, just like Shinora.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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