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Magic DickMAGIC DICKI watched as she entered the bar. She wore a little black dress, hemline mid-thigh. Probably in her mid-thirties: she sported perky small breasts and a trim figure. Raven black hair and porcelain skin. She was petite so had to struggle a bit getting onto the bar stool. I enjoyed the brief view of skin above her thigh-highs.I smiled at her and she smiled back. With one look we both knew what the other wanted, and it wasn’t each other. She was definitely a Coyote, in pursuit of young, hard-bodied, six-packed men with lots of stamina. I was in pursuit of GILF’s.We struck up a conversation. Pretty much had to. We were the only patrons and the TV behind the bar was broken. The bartender was at the far end of the bar watching a soccer match on a tiny old TV.Both of us agreed we’d cut the conversation short if a “person of interest” should enter the bar. There was an empty bar stool between us.I couldn’t stand holding my latest adventure to myself. “Want to hear a story?”Coyote chuckled, “Sure, why not? This place is as dead as a door nail.”“You probably won’t believe this but here goes.”“I was walking the beach near my home and stumbled over a bottle. Picked it up for a closer look. It had a squat bottom and long neck, and a hinged top. I dusted off the sand, rubbing it to get a better look when suddenly the top popped open followed by a jet of what looked like steam. Suddenly with a sound that could only be described as ‘POIT!’ A genie appeared before me!“But here’s the killer: she looked like Barbara Eden.”“Seriously?” Coyote laughed.“That’s what I said. Genie went on to explain her appearance was for me, and that I wouldn’t like what she really looked like. I was already on guard, knowing from tales and bar jokes that genies are a wily bunch and will twist your wishes into nightmares. You know the old joke about a guy wishing to be hung like a bull and poof he’s a bull in a pasture!‘But I was not gonna be outfoxed. Especially by a genie that looks like Barbara Eden! So I told her I would give her three wishes but I would write them down with full specifications to make sure there was NO misunderstandings.”“So what did you wish for?” Coyote was getting into this story.“A Magic Dick, Magic Touch, and Magic Finance.”“Interesting. And just what do each of these wishes give you exactly?” Coyote had spun on her stool so she could face me. Marie Osmond came to mind when she smiled.“Well…it’s complicated. Kinda. If I described the specifications it would probably sound like me reading you the instruction set for the Intel Core i7 CPU. Perhaps the best way to describe these ‘powers” would be to tell you about the first time I used them. If you have the time or patience for this.‘I don’t normally kiss and tell, but you wouldn’t know who I’ll talk about and I’m pretty sure we’re not even from the same city. And it would certainly make it easier to understand. I must warn you that the story is a bit graphic that some might feel inappropriate.” I smiled.“I don’t think that would be a problem for me,” she winked.“Right, so here we go! You don’t need to work too hard to know what a Magic Dick might be. I decided I needed a GILF as a partner to fully check out my new powers, so I decided to go to a target-rich environment: the local Modern Mega Mart.”Coyote guffawed. “Really? A grocery store? Are you k**ding me?”“Certainly not! It’s a great place to go. Eventually everyone goes there. All a guy has to do is identify a target and play the old ‘I don’t know what to do’ trick. It’s the equivalent to the broken wing act. Works every time on lovely matrons who are dedicated to nurturing.‘So I cruised the produce aisles in search of the perfect partner, and there she was! She was silver blond, more like silver threads among the gold. Nice broad hips. I’d say she was about five and a half feet tall. She was wearing a light semi-transparent blouse that revealed a full white bra underneath. She was in a yellow cotton skirt that ended mid-thigh. Her breasts were full and round and high, not saggy at all. Either she was still perky or she was wearing a very good bra.”“Good bra,” muttered Coyote.“Whatever. I decided to use my favorite line. I was standing in front of the avocados. I picked one up, looked her in the eye and said, ‘How do you know if these are good or not?’ She smiled and told me how. Something about the stem and blah blah blah. So I put a couple in my cart and rolled closer to her. I was in front of the cantaloupes. I looked at her breasts and the melons, picked two that appeared closest in size to her. ‘Are these good?’‘She laughed and said, ‘They need to be mature. They should be firm and not mushy.’”“We both laughed. That broke the ice and we spent the next 15 minutes sharing kaçak bahis and comparing k**s, grandk**s, where we lived etc. We found out we only lived a few miles from each other in the same subdivision. I decided to make my move, and started up Magic Dick.‘” On,” I thought. My commands would now be active. All I had to do is think them.‘” Magic Touch on,” I thought. Now anyone I touched would be brought under my spell.‘” Cock semi,” I thought. My dick engorged, to a half-erect state, creating an obvious bulge in my pants.‘I extended my right hand and introduced myself, ‘Rich Richards, most people call me Dick.’”She took my hand and said, “Pleased to meet you, I’m Martha but you can call me Marty”“As we were shaking hands I reached out with my left hand and wrapped my hand around her tricep, allowing the tips of my fingers to touch the tender skin on the inside of her arm. She would only feel a slight tingling sensation. She was now under the Magic Touch Spell.‘Several things happen under this spell. She will begin to feel flushed in the face. Her breasts will engorge. Her nipples will engorge to a rock-hard state and stay that way. Over the next few hours they will grow up to 50% larger. Her pussy will engorge, and she will flood her panties with her love-juice. Her juices will continue to flow for the duration. Her clit will stiffen. ‘All erogenous zones will connect directly to her clit. Touching any zone will have the same impact as if you touched her clit. This of course includes her nipples. As an added bonus, contact by my cock in her throat will also be felt directly by her clit.‘And finally, her state of arousal will synchronize with mine. And I fully control my state of arrousal on a scale from one to ten, where ten is orgasm and seven is the point of no return.‘Everything appeared to be working. She blushed. Her nipples bulged through her bra and blouse. You could tell she was a bit self-conscious about them. She blushed some more. She clamped her legs together and leaned against her cart. ‘Woo!’ she said, fanning her face. ‘I thought I was done with hot flashes!’‘It was time to close in and make the proposal. She looked at my crotch then quickly looked away. She blushed some more. ‘You wanna have sex with me today?’ I asked.‘Several expressions crossed her face. They ranged from embarrassed to shock to anger and then softened to pensive, then lust as she stared at my crotch. She was no longer embarrassed.‘Well…um…er.’ She looked away then back at me.‘You don’t have to decide now. Or ever for that matter. I just didn’t want to beat around the bush, hehe. Here’s my card. My cell number is there.’‘She read the card. ‘Richard Richards, MD? You’re a doctor?’‘I told her no, and that I’d explain later.‘At that we parted ways. She headed to the restroom probably to check on what the hell was up with her overactive vulva. I finished up and headed for my car.‘My cell went off as I started my car. It was her. ‘You’re on, said a husky bedroom voice.’‘Where are you?’‘Right behind you. I followed you to your car. I think that makes me a stalker.’ She laughed.‘Where to?’‘My place. Follow me,’ she said.’On the way over, I set Magic Dick to cum three times in this encounter. Maximum is eight. I also set MD’s cum volume to three teaspoons. The average male cums a half teaspoon. MD’s maximum is nine.‘It was only a matter of minutes before we were in her kitchen and the groceries put away. She turned from the pantry and put her arms around me. We kissed. Her lips quickly opened to receive my exploring tongue. Our tongues danced. She began breathing rapidly. She pulled me tightly to her, grinding her hips against me.‘She took me by the hand and dragged me to the master bedroom. We immediately threw a dozen throw pillows every which way off the king bed and threw all the covers off.‘We kissed again, this time exploring each other with our hands. She felt my dick through my pants, stroking it. I rubbed her back and felt her ample ass. I gently tweaked her nipples. She shuddered. I started unbuttoning her blouse until she stepped back and with one quick pull ripped open her blouse. Buttons popped everywhere. She took off the blouse and threw it in the corner. ‘I may regret that later,’ she chuckled.‘We happened to be standing in front of a mirror. I twirled her around so we could both watch as I unhooked her bra. I brushed the straps off her shoulders and the bra fell to the floor. Her breasts far exceeded my expectations. They barely sagged at all. Her nipples had grown and were still hard as a rock. I cupped her breasts, stroking her nipples with my thumbs. I kissed the nape of her neck. She shivered.‘I unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. She güvenilir bahis was wearing a thong. ‘Why gramma, what a fine set of little old lady undies you have on,’ I said. I reached down and felt her crotch. Her thong was sopping wet. With one quick pull it was on the floor with her skirt, which she deftly dispatched with a kick.‘” Cock up,” I thought. Magic Dick quickly engorged, to its rock-hard state. It was set to its default size of about six inches by one and three quarters inches thick. That’s about a six-inch girth.‘Marty spun back around and ripped my shirt off over my head. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my fly skillfully as any experienced mom would know how. She squatted, taking my shorts and underwear to the floor. And there was Magic Dick, proudly at attention at thirty degree angle upward. I kicked my clothes away.‘She gently pecked the head of my dick with light kisses. Then she took the head of my dick in her mouth. Her tongue explored it. She took more of my dick. And more. Then gently in and out to about half my cock’s depth. She tried to go farther, but was having trouble getting it in.‘” Cock auto adjust,” I thought. My cock would slim down to make it easier to swallow.‘” Cum level 5,” I thought. Both of us began feeling more intense pleasure from whatever we were doing.‘She tried swallowing my whole cock again. This time she made it all the way to the base of Magic Dick. To her it would feel like I was stroking her clit. She moaned with pleasure after withdrawing. She kissed her way down to my balls, suddenly realizing that my balls were about fifty percent larger than their normal jumbo boiled egg-size. I’ve always had big balls, but I though fifty percent larger would be helpful not only in impressing the ladies, but in testosterone production to keep my needs afloat! She fondled and kissed my balls, licking them with pleasure.‘I pulled her to her feet and led her to the bed. Now it was my turn. ‘I want to taste you, Lover,’ I said. She lay on her back and opened her legs. I laid beside her, dr****g one leg over me to allow better access to her sweet pussy. Her inner lips were protruding at least an inch longer than her generous outside lips. I dipped my tongue inside her slit, running it up to her clit, swirling around her clit, and then down to her love-tunnel where I dipped in for more of her honey-sweet lube. I repeated the process, taking my time.‘” Cum level 7,” I thought. The point of no return. But not in our case. Up to me when to light up the rockets.‘My cock was throbbing with pleasure. ‘Sixty-nine?” She nodded eagerly. I straddled her head. She spread her legs wide, her pussy followed suit. As if to do push-ups, I placed my arms against the insides of her thighs to support her. I buried my face in her cunt. She grabbed MD and swallowed him. The pleasure was intense. We moaned and stroked over and over. I decided the first round would happen quickly as a sort of warm up.‘” Cum level 10,” I thought. ‘All hell broke loose. I felt hot cum racing from my prostate through my cock, spewing into her throat. As soon as my cum hit her throat she squirmed with pleasure. Every other pulse of my cock delivered yet another and another load of cum. Each load was a half teaspoon. A total of six loads filled her belly. Six times the total volume delivered by an average man. She clamped her legs behind my head, forcing my face into her cunt. I lapped and licked. I could feel her belly contracting in throws of ecstasy. I touched her ass and could feel it contracting as well. I also knew her uterus would be contracting convulsively, adding to the intensity.‘Eventually we slowed down and caught our breath. We were on our backs, head to toe. She massaged my balls. I ran the tips of my fingers up and down the insides of her thighs. Magic Dick of course still stood at attention, hard as a rock. ‘This bad boy wants some more action,” she said.‘” Cum level 3,” I thought. ‘I knelt between her open legs. I raised and opened her legs farther. I pressed MD’s head inside her. She stiffened. I stopped and backed out. ‘Hurt?’ I said. She nodded. ‘We can adjust.’ I smiled. She smiled back.‘” Cock auto adjust,” I thought. ‘Again, my cock slimmed enough to comfortably fit inside her. Gently I stroked my way slowly inside her until I was all the way in. MD grew longer, seeking her uterus. Soon it was there. I stroked gently for a while, lubing my dick and relaxing her vagina. As her vagina expanded, greedy MD grew in thickness, almost like a python constricts its prey. Soon, MD seemed to have found a good size for her so I commanded him to stop changing.‘Setting to cum level 7, I began stroking in türkçe bahis earnest. Marty moaned in delight. I rubbed and massaged her tits and nipples. I traced her clit with my thumbs from time to time. She couldn’t get enough of it. I decided to shift gears. ‘Doggy style?’ ‘’Yes!’ I pulled out and she flipped over, presenting to me. I briefly considered entering her pretty pink asshole, but decided not, since we didn’t have the necessary lube and protection available. I slipped MD inside her. In this position her buttocks prevented me from fully penetrating by about two inches. So I commanded MD to adjust. Soon we were in contact with Ms. Uterus and ready to play again.‘Setting to cum level 9 I began humping her harder and harder. MD was demanding more. Marty was screaming for more. The pleasure was almost unbearable. This is the state women hate being left in without getting to orgasm. Wasn’t gonna happen on my shift!‘” Cock cum NOW,” I thought. ‘Again I shot my load in her. I could feel my hot cum coursing through my dick. Pulse, pulse-squirt, repeat five more times. My hot cum magnified her orgasm. She was shouting something like wooh wooh wooh. Her vagina was gripping my cock in time with her contractions. I fucked her hard like, well like a doggie!‘Eventually, we slowed down and collapsed in a sweaty heap. I was laying on her back, half of my cock still inside her. I pulled out. MD was now about nine inches long and easily two and a quarter inches thick. Marty rolled over. I was on my knees, MD standing proud at attention, ready for the final round. She stared at MD eyes wide. ‘Wow! My how you’ve grown!’‘’The better to fuck you with, Gramma!’ I set cum level to 6. Immediately she spread her legs and said, ‘Hi sailor!’ I mounted her. Her vagina had stretched longer and easily took the nine incher. I mused briefly with the idea of going longer, since the maximum achievable is a foot. But I thought, better of it and not risk spoiling a good time.‘Setting cum level to 8, I grabbed her by the ankles and immediately shifted into high gear. I pulled almost all the way out, then slammed MD home. Her breasts jumped. Again I slowly pulled almost all the way out and slammed it home again. I continued doing this for at least five minutes.‘Setting cum level to 9 I began banging her. Slowly at first but increasing speed over the span of another five minutes. Eventually I was banging her hard as fast as I could.‘’NOW NOW GIVE IT TO ME NOW!’ She was almost yelping, begging us to cum.‘” Cock cum NOW,” I thought. ‘We thrashed and yelped. I pounded her hard. Hot cum once again raced through my mighty member. Hot cum hit her vagina searing pleasure deep inside her. Bombs and rockets do not begin to describe what we felt. Her vagina was gripping me like a hand. I pinched her nipples hard. She screamed for more. Pulsing pulsing hot cum over and over.‘Finally, I collapsed on top of her. MD still inside her. Her vagina still pulsing almost sucking MD. After we calmed down, I pulled out. Reluctantly.‘I presented MD to her. She dutifully licked him clean from tip to balls. My balls were completely soaked with our combined love juices. She mumbled something about Creme Brulee. I was puzzled but then remembered that my cum was supposed to taste like the lady’s favorite dessert to enhance the experience. Apparently Marty likes Creme Brulee.‘All good things must come to an end and this was no exception. I ordered MD to go to a semi-erection, and climbed out of bed. Retrieved a towel and tidied Marty up. Considerable bodily fluids had poured over her ass: I dabbed her pussy dry.‘I ordered MD flaccid and kissed her goodbye. After a long passionate kiss I laid one hand on her shoulder and thought, “ Magic Touch sleep”‘Immediately she spreadeagled on the bed and fell fast asleep. Her pussy was gaping from MD’s demands. According to specs, she would have the best sleep of her life for 45 minutes. When she woke, this experience would seem more like a fantastic dream than an actual event, except for the telltale wet sheets. I dressed and let myself out.”My eyes focused back to the bar. Coyote’s face was less than a foot from mine. Her hazel eyes as big as saucers. She had moved to the adjacent stool.“I want some of that!”“You’re a coyote. I’m an old dude. How do you know I didn’t just make this all up?”“Why take a chance? If it’s true I want everything to the max.”“You don’t know what you’re asking. I can cum up to twelve times and deliver up to three tablespoons of cum per orgasm. You’ll be swimming in my jizz! And you don’t even…”“Don’t care. Come with me big boy and I’ll show you a good time.”I laughed, and shrugged my shoulders. I had yet to describe MD’s prehensile capabilities. “What the hell, why not. Lets go.” I threw a hundred dollar bill on the bar, waved at the bartender and told him to keep the change.Coyote didn’t miss that. As we walked to the door she said, “Now tell me about the Magic Finance thingie…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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