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Magic Panties Ch.06 (sissy story) by noflon – FinaThis story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. If any differences occur between continuity, accept the one you like better as truth, and enjoy!Here’s the last recap for you loyal readers out there (I apologize for the delay, life got hard, unfortunately, not the fun kind), Got your cocks out? Good, because let me tell you, this one’s gonna be a ride! Two weeks ago, I went on vacation from work, got stood up on a date, and the following day a package arrived at my apartment containing a pair of black panties with a pink heart. From there, I was compelled to suck dick, take it up the ass, and then my body started to shift to a woman’s body, well except for my cock, the only masculine thing left. I met another girl in a similar situation who helped me through the hardest change, then the other night, I had a three some with a woman and her boyfriend. But alas, this vacations almost over, and work looms ahead.It’s now 6am in the morning, and Roy Barker is dead, in his place is Rachel, and I have work. I have to return to Roy’s job, Roy’s life, but I’m no longer him. I’m not the quiet submissive lanky man that used to be pushed around by corporate America, I was a woman, mostly, and I was a sexy b**st that only craved to please. How am I to return to the dull life, and more importantly, what’re my coworkers going to think?My phone rang then, 6am and someone was calling me. “Hello?” I answered, questioning who would want to call me at such a time.”Roy, it’s Gary, listen, I know you’ve had a long vacation, so let me make today a little easier, sleep in a bit, come in at ten instead of eight.”I tried to muster as masculine of a voice as I could, “Okay, Gary. I appreciate the time.””Don’t worry about it, when you get in, just head up to my office, I want to talk to you about what you’ve missed at the office.””Thanks sir, I will see you around ten then.”I hung up and looked up at the ceiling. There was no way I was going to hide this body, double D tits are not easily hidden, nor do I want them to be. I’m proud of these breasts. I tried to fall back to sleep, but my penis was hard and stiff. I reached my hand down into my panties and released my morning wood. It stood straight up high, I rolled my hand over its seven inches as its pleasure rolled through my body. What is it about morning wood that feels so amazing? I moaned as I climaxed and then licked up the cum. I had not only grown accustomed to its taste, but I craved it.I got up and decided to use my morning to figure out what I was going to do. I figure worst case scenario, I would be let go from my job and be a laughing stock, but I could get a new job and no one would know of my previous life, maybe if I’m lucky, no one will remember me and I could just say I’m new. Over breakfast, I figured I would go in, dressed as sexy as I could be, and maybe I could get myself a promotion for sucking enough cock.I was stressing myself out over this. I took a long hot shower, letting the water roll off my back and down my slender legs. Body hair still didn’t grow anywhere but the heart shape pubes. I felt the smooth skin and remembered the few women I had the fortune of fucking when I was a guy. Maybe I could find myself a beautiful lesbian woman, and we could run off to an island. I could bury my face deep inside her muff and lick her clit for hours as she grinds her crotch into my face and moans and purrs. My penis was stiff again. I relieved it quickly this time and began to get dressed.I slipped on a pair of dark stockings and attached it to the garter belt. I put a grey business skirt on, short of course, I have to show off these legs. A black bra under a white blouse, making sure to leave a few of the top buttons left open to reveal my ample cleavage. I put my hair up in a bun and wore a pair of fake glasses to complete the look. I was so generically sexy, but I loved it. A pair of hills completely the ensemble and I left for work, not sure where the time went.The office looked the same as usual, the bland cold grey and beige walls and potted plants that should just be fake. I walked past the desk, attracting views from coworkers left and right. I caught women’s jealous eyes, and means naughty eyes. I pictured all the men undressing me, and fantasizing about my abundant bosom bouncing in their face as they fucked me. They had no idea of what was between my legs, but at this point, I did not care.I knocked on Gary’s door and heard him call me in.”Hello Gary.” I said.He looked up at me, eyed me up and down, “Do I know you, miss?”I stuttered a little, çukurova escort “Its-Its Roy, Gary.” Gary was a tall businessman, about fifty years old, his hair salt and peppered.His mouth dropped, “Roy? Must have been some vacation.” He said, still in shock.”Yeah, it’s been a crazy two weeks.””I can tell that.” He sat in silence for awhile, I could see him shuffle in his seat, and knew that something was growing in his pants. “Are you completely?””I still have the manly bits, if that’s what you’re hinting at.”He seemed a little bummed but not discouraged. “What brought upon such a change?””I don’t know, I found a pair of panties, and soon after I was turned into this.””Well,” He thought for a moment, “We are an equal opportunity employer, Roy-“”Rachel” I corrected”Rachel, so we can’t fire you for personal changes, your job is, well your job.””I’m glad to hear that, I was worried.” I leaned forward a little, revealing more cleavage for his view.”I-I could not fire you for personal choices, but some people might ask questions, ya know?”I smiled a little, “Well, maybe there’s another position you’d rather see me in.” “Oh, I can think of many.”I stood up and walked over and sat in front of him on his desk. He placed one of his hands on my legs, and moved it up and down, gently rubbing. I purred at his touch. Now, I was horny too. I moved off the desk and sat in his lap, wrapping my hands around his head and started to gently kiss his neck. His one arm wrapped around my waist, as his other moved to cup one of my breast. He massaged it gently at first, but soon was putting more strength into it. I began to move my kisses closer to his mouth until we locked lips. His tongue swirled in mine.We parted kisses, and I slid onto my knees, and began to unfasten his belt buckle. I could feel his stiff cock underneath the grey business suit. It begged to be freed. I reached in and pulled it out. It was stiff as a board, but the skin was soft as I started to work my hand up and down the thick shaft. It must have only been about seven and a half inches, not much bigger than mine, but it was thicker, that’s for sure. I kissed the head, and worked my tongue up the shaft. As I was about to stick the entire thing in my mouth, his phone range.”Drat” he said, “Hold on one sec, hun, I have to take this.”I felt disappointed at the turn of events. Here I was getting all worked up and excited, and it has to halt.He spoke to the other person, “Alright, I’ll be done in a minute. You know, you’re timing his horrible, I just got one of my employees back from vacation and we were just catching up.”He hung up the phone and stood up, fixing his pants, “I’m sorry, Rachel but we’ll have to postpone this. I’ll be back in fifteen.””You better be,” I purred, “you’ve got me excited.” He hurried out of the office, and I sat there on a floor for a few minutes rubbing my cock through my skirt. “When did I become such a pervert” I asked myself, but then I remembered the panties and smiled.I got off the floor and sat in his big leather chair and spun around once or twice in it, before deciding to be naughty and look around his office. I opened the drawers in his desk, besides some papers, pens, and folders, I found a flask, took a swig of the scotch inside, found a box of cigars with the metal casing, and thought of naughty things I could do with it. Then I opened the bottom drawer, inside were a bunch of files, and one with a green label with a white clover on it.I paused for a second and remembered Michelle. Her panties were green with a white clover on them. I took out the file and read. It was detailing Michelle before the change, where she got stood up on a date, and the next morning she received her pair of panties, and then there for photos of her, hidden photos taken of her from all over her house and out and about. The pictures went all the way until she met me, then they stopped the same time Michelle disappeared from my life.There were several more files, and I finally came to another one. Black label, pink heart.”Roy Barker, social outcast, little to no friends, family far away. Perfect candidate for MP 2.3.”It detailed my change, including encounters that I don’t remember. It seems I had been a busy girl those first few days before my encounter with Mark in the schoolgirl outfit. Including Gary. I put the folder away and now I knew he was behind this. Hidden cameras in my house, using me without my permission, but the question of why bogged my mind.I heard someone coming closer to the office and I made sure to clean up my mess quickly, and sat behind the desk in the chair, my legs resting up on the desk. Gary walked in and keşan escort smiled at me. “Hello Rachel, I apologize for that, now where were we?”I smiled, rolled the chair out from behind the desk and spread my legs, “I do believe that you were about to suck my cock.” I lifted my skirt to reveal the bulge in my panties.He chuckled, “My dear, I do believe it was the other way around.””Nope.” I said, licking my lips, “My clitty needs a lick, and it’s looking at you.”He moved over to me and kneeled down, “That’s a good boy, give me a lick.” This guy was getting nothing from me, and I had overheard one day that one of the girls that worked here said he was into being dominated. He pulled out my erect cock from behind the magic panties, for I had worn them today.”Those are nice panties,” he said as he pulled out my cock.”Thanks, they’re my… favorite pair.” I said, “Now stop chatting and suck my dick, you little cocksucker.”He dove in, wrapping his lips around my cock, I could feel his tongue work over my erect member, and I began to moan. I could get use to this dominating thing, I thought. He bobbed his head up and down, driving my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, I could feel it hitting the back of his throat, but he didn’t gag.”You’re good at this.”He hummed an acknowledgement never removing my cock from his mouth. He finally pulled off, licked up and down my shaft, pleasing my member. He twirled his tongue over my head, and then dove back in. I could feel his tongue rubbing my shaft as he moved up and down, finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer, I began to shoot loads and loads of cum into his mouth, and he swallowed every ounce of it.He stood up and fixed his tie quietly. He seemed almost ashamed of himself.”You seemed to enjoy that.” I said as I got out of his chair and adjusted my outfit.He looked over to me, and then started to undo his belt, “It’s my turn now, you’re going to finish what you started.””Not yet,” I said putting hand over his lips, “Why don’t you come over to my place tonight after work, and I’ll give you all the satisfaction you want,” I started to walk out, “Anyway, they’ll start to ask questions out there if I don’t leave here soon.” He stood there in silence as I left. I left the office building and went back to my house. I had too many emotions in me right now. I knew the person who had done this to me, and I was angry that this happened. But I enjoyed who I was now. I was confident, sexy, and could have any mate I wanted.I wanted to try to reach out to Michelle, tell her all about it, but there was a feeling that she already knew. That that may have been the reason she left, she helped me and she could get more, or get free, or I don’t know. I was confused and looking for an outlet. I couldn’t relax, I sat in my recliner just trying to figure out what I was going to do.Then it hit me. I smiled. This was going to be a very exciting night. I went up to my closet and took off the office regalia I had on. I found myself one of my sexiest lingerie corsets: black with red strings and frills and a matching pair of panties.I left the store quickly and met with a few older acquaintances for some help with my revenge. I got home, stripped to jus the corset and panties, and noticed that he should be here soon if he was leaving directly from work. I found a bottle of red wine and dropped a pill I had gotten off a friend into his glass. I filled the chalice and watched the pill fizz away right before a knock on the door.I ran to the door and put on a giddy demeanor. Behind it was Gary, still in his suit and painted with a grin that he was going to have a fun night. “Gary! It’s such a pleasure to see you, I hope you don’t mind that I’m not dressed yet.””My dear,” he stuttered, “It-it’s not a problem at all, you look gorgeous.””As do you, you horny old man.” I showed him into my apartment and handed him his wine.”I see you spared no expense at romancing your boss.” He spoke before drinking from the wine.I let out a devious smile, “Why, I don’t think you know what kind of night your in for.”He took another sip, then looked up at me curiously.”Take another drink, and take a seat on the couch.”He did as commanded. I already noticed that his actions were starting to slow. “I’m feeling very tired my dear, maybe some coffee to perk me up.””I think I know just the thing,” I whispered before he passed out.Gary woke up, he had no idea how much time had passed. He tried to move his arms, but they were handcuffed to the bed. He looked down and saw all his clothes were gone, all that was on him was a pair of black panties with a pink heart.”Isn’t it kinky?” I said from the doorway, wearing just aksu escort a robe.”Get-get these panties off me!””Why, don’t you think it’s sexy to wear a girls panties?” I said, playing dumb.””Just not this pair!””Afraid of becoming a girl?””No-no, wait.” Realization struck him. “You know.””I snooped around your office, I’m sorry I’m such a naughty girl.””I-you can’t! Don’t do this to me! How long have they been on? How long have I been out?””A few hours, I think, I lost track of time. Tell me, how would you like a hard dick up your ass?”He stuttered, “I don’t don’t fuck give me your hard cock!” He looked scared of what he shouted, “No no no, don’t do this.””I think it’s too late, old man.” I sat down next to him on the bed. “What do you want right now.””You to set me free so you can fuck my ass raw.””That’s a good sissy.””You like my cock?””I want to worship it.””So tell me, because you have to give me information before I can grant your wish.””I’ll tell you anything, mistress! Please just give me your cock.” He was begging now.”Why? Why did you do this to me?”He paused, “Science, and because I can’t help myself, I love turning men into woman, the transformation gets me so hard.””Harder than my cock makes you.””Not anymore mistress, I want to serve your cock.””What happened to Michelle?””She…she helped you, so I gave her the final piece.””Piece? Explain yourself sissy, or I won’t fuck you.””I-I make them help in the transition, then I give them a new pair of panties that finishes the transformation, they can become fully female.””Where’s my pair?””In the safe behind my office, the combination is 42-23-17-40.””My, my, you’re a good sissy.” I undid his handcuffs and discarded my robe, leaving me naked lying next to him.Like a good sissy, he sat up and instantly wrapped his mouth around my dick. I could feel his lips and tongue work their magic. He was going with much more fervor now, his head bobbing up and down much faster, and my dick sliding further down his throat with each thrust. Oh, he would be such a wonderful slut. When he had my dick lubed up with his saliva, he got up and bent forward, producing his ass for me. I pulled the cursed panties down and put my erect cock up against his tight asshole.”Ever been fucked before, slut?” I called.”No Mistress, I was always afraid!””Are you afraid now?””Yes Mistress! Very afraid!””But you want it?””I do! Please mistress, fuck me, fuck me like a good slut!”How could I say no? I pushed my head in, slowly. I could feel his tight ass quench around it, but he eventually eased and I was able to slide it in further. Slowly I pushed my shaft deeper and deeper until I was right up against him. “How does my cock feel slut?””It’s perfect mistress!”I began to thrust slowly. Pulling my cock almost out, then pushing it in. The suction and tightness made it so hard to contain myself, but I kept myself from filling him up, it wasn’t time yet. I started to thrust a bit harder, but he was still giving too much resistance. I pulled my cock all the way out from his ass.”Mistress, don’t stop!””I’m not finished yet, slave.” I pulled a bottle of lube off my night stand and applied it generously to my cock and his ass. I positioned myself again and this time my cock went in with no resistance. He yelped a bit of pain, but didn’t protest. He was going to make a nice slut. I started to thrust harder and harder now. He began to moan louder and louder, I couldn’t believe that such a strong boss could be reduced to such a sissy. He was loving it, and I was so turned on. I began to pull my cock all the way out, then slamming it back in. I wanted to destroy his ass. The anger that was withheld was coming out, as I thrust harder and harder, I could feel his muscles quench and tighten around my cock, and it just made me thrust harder. He couldn’t stand the pleasure and pain, he looked back and I saw tears.”Am I going to hard for you sissy?””Yes Mistress.””Well you were a naughty boy.””I was, but I want to be a good sissy.””Then take my cock and the pain that comes with it.”He accepted my command, but I couldn’t contain myself any longer, a few more good thrust and I felt his cock explode within his ass. I shot load after load into him, and as I pulled my cock out, the warm semen started to seep from his ass.”That was a good sissy. Now go run along home, and I never want to see you again.”Yes mistress, thank you.”He quickly put on his dress shirt and pants, and fled my home, still wearing the magic panties. I got dressed and put on something casual and drove back to my old job. In his office, I found the safe he spoke of and unlocked it. Inside was a pair of black panties with a pink heart, and a note. “You’ve received this because you helped another get through the transition. You’re reward is full femininity. Wear these, and you will be a complete woman.”Do I want this? Do I want to get rid of all that’s left of Roy? Is it time for Rachel to take over?I smiled and took the panties home. I think it was time to bury all that was left of Roy.The End

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