Mandy (Part 5)

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Mandy (Part 5)While the girls took a shower he ‘tidied’ a little, occasionally listening at the bathroom door as they soaped and played with each others bodies. Once they were finished he had one himself, returning to the bedroom in a towel and stopping dead again.Once more they were wearing the ‘costumes’, but this time they’d swapped and Mandy was the ‘Nurse’ while Karen had donned her high-boots and jacket, her ‘awkwardness’ seemingly gone. She was sat on the bed, the coat was zipped up, but he could tell she was wearing no knickers.”Take that silly towel off!” grinned Mandy beside her. “And sit down here…”She patted the space on the bed between them. A little self-consciously he dropped the towel to the floor, Karen moving to sit with her back against the headboard in order to give him more room. He sat on the bed, Mandy kissing him before sliding herself back and drawing his cock in her mouth once more.Karen sat watching as he became fully hard again, his head on the bed and his eyes watching her. She sat with her arms around her ‘drawn-up’ knees, and in this position he could just glimpse her pussy through her gorgeous, high-booted legs. As if by ‘accident’ her knees parted slightly, and as her opening became visible he moved a little for an even clearer view, and her legs parted more as if in response.With no attempt at pretence he gazed at her pussy while she watched Mandy suck him and didn’t catch his eye. Her legs parted wider, and taking the chance that this was his ‘invite’ he stretched out his hand, his fingers starting to brush her thigh. There was no response so he lightly caressed it, slowly moving towards her vagina. He found her lips and traced her ‘outline’; she was already moist, clitoris enlarged. Still there was no reaction, and gently he eased a finger inside her.Somewhat expressionlessly she turned her head to eye him and he decided to venture a smile. After a brief moment she returned it slightly, and emboldened he beckoned her to him. Slowly she lent forward until their lips met, first kissing then lightly brushing their tongues, while Mandy smiled encouragingly up as she sucked him…Karen suddenly lifted herself from him, moving up and onto her knees, then reached behind to remove her hair-band. She pulled it off and her hair fell free, watching him and fully aware of the effect she was having. She lent forward slightly and slowly pulled down the zip of her jacket, her breasts ’emerging’ then falling free as she did so. He took in her body as she knelt before him: the tops of her boots and the ‘brown’, perfect thighs; the lovely vagina that he hoped to soon taste; the large, ‘hanging’ breasts with the ripe, erect nipples and her very pretty, sexy face.She sank forward to lean over him and their lips met again, and then their wriggling tongues. After a short time she moved further forward until one of her breasts was right over his mouth. His tongue flicked around it, then began gently sucking it, his hands moving up to clasp her bare hips. She took off the jacket and he sucked at her nipples, his hands caressing her shoulders and back.One of hers began making light circles on his stomach, Mandy reaching a hand up in order to join her. After a short time she took hold of Karen’s hand, placing it gently but firmly Escort on the stem of his penis. She carried on sucking while Karen held him for her, while his fingers reached beneath her to caress her flat stomach. They moved further down, finding her clitoris and starting to play with it…Karen began to manipulate him, lightly at first but gradually faster and harder. He intensified both his efforts, sucking and fingering, and she began ‘wanking’ him harder as Mandy still sucked. Wanting to ‘taste’ her he suddenly whispered, “Sit on my face…” in her ear. She moved to oblige him, twisting around, her hand still grasping his rock-solid penis. His tongue met her clit and she gave a slight groan, before delving inside her and tasting her avidly. Pausing for a moment, Mandy french-kissed her, while parting her ‘lips’ his tongue probed her deeply.With Karen’s face barely inches from the tip of his penis, Mandy eased slightly back and eyed her enquiringly. After a brief hesitation Karen slid forward and her tongue gave his tip a very light ‘flick’. She did it again, Mandy grinning at her encouragingly, and growing bolder she took an exploratory ‘suck’. Not finding it unpleasant she moved slightly deeper, his licking and fingering also spurring her on.With a big smile at Karen, Mandy slid herself up to him, mouthing, “It’s her first time!” almost inaudibly in his ear. If that was the truth, then she wasn’t making too bad a job of it, he considered, as Karen slowly ‘warmed’ to her task. He recalled his first ever ‘blowjob’ from another ‘novice’ at school: she hadn’t made half as good a go of it!Mandy moved in to concentrate on Karen’s bottom, easing a finger inside, sucking it, then frigging her with it. She added another, frigged for a time, then offered her fingers to him.He sucked them and Mandy tongued at her bottom, spreading the buttocks to probe deep inside. His tongue moved up to meet hers and they briefly ‘french-kissed’, before going to work on both of her holes…They tongued and fingered as Karen sucked and wanked him, before Mandy decided she wanted a ‘turn’. She eased Karen aside and substituted herself, and as he tongued her instead she in turn licked and fingered Karen again.They shifted positions to lay on their sides, Karen’s head on his thigh as she sucked him contentedly. They remained in their ‘triangle’- licking and sucking, sucking and wanking -him resisting the urge to move ‘above’ Karen in case she ‘complained’ or it spoiled things for them. Moving again, Mandy joined Karen in sucking and wanking him, showing her ‘tricks’ and how to ‘deep-throat’. They sucked him both individually and together, held him for each other, and ran their tongues up and down his shaft and flicked them all over his tip…Eventually Mandy breathed, “I want him to fuck me!”, and Karen nodded and moved aside.She sat down on his penis, Karen on her knees watching, and as they started to fuck she raised Mandy’s top, her breasts bouncing around for both of their pleasures. She then played with them before, at his bidding, moving to sit on his face once more. As his tongue probed inside her she moved in with her fingers, reaching in front of and behind Mandy, to play with her clitoris and finger her anus, as she heaved herself up and down on Escort Bayan his cock.He felt Mandy lift herself from him, then Karen’s hand put him back inside her. He then heard her whisper, “Go on, what’s the difference…?” and was a little surprised to feel Karen take him from Mandy and her mouth encircle him instead. She sucked him for a moment, then placed him back in Mandy’s vagina. Alternately they fucked, then Karen sucked, until deep inside Mandy he suddenly gasped, “I’m going to cum…!”She glanced at Karen questioningly but she shook her head determinedly, so Mandy stayed put and he spurted inside her, still slurping at Karen in his passion and pleasure…They gently rolled off of him, Mandy scooping the cum from her cunt and plopping it into her eager mouth.”You ARE a dirty bitch!” Karen told her, watching distastefully as she repeated the action several times.”Waste not, want not!” she grinned in response, sucking at her fingers and opening her mouth to show Karen the semen inside. She probed her vagina again before offering her fingers to Karen to suck, who shook her head in disdain. Mandy shrugged and sucked them herself, before leaning forward to draw the last dregs from his penis. “Might as well,” she said. “You don’t seem to want it…”Karen merely shook her head in resignation.Mandy sat back up and nudged her. “Shall we finish each other off, then?””Clean yourself up a bit more first,” she replied, reaching for a tissue to hand her…Mandy sat down on her face, and he watched as they brought themselves to an almost simultaneous, jaw-dropping orgasm. Karen seemed to forget, or ignore, the still slight presence of his semen, probing her friend deeply and lapping up her juices as she climaxed. They flopped down beside him, Mandy giving him a discreet smile and wink.After another shower they sent out for Pizza, and they stayed with him right into the evening, ‘lounging’ in his lounge and watching television. They had all ‘dressed’, but after some wine Mandy inquired if either of them objected to her removing her clothes, complaining that the night was so ‘hot’.Sitting up she removed her boob-tube, then stood up and pulled her shorts down her legs. With a grin she tossed them at Karen, before also removing her thong for some reason and flopping back beside them on the sofa. The ‘reason’ became apparent as the evening wore on and she consumed lots more wine: starting with rubbing her bare body against both of them, then placing their hands on her and encouraging them to ‘explore’ her, before concluding with asking if they “Had any strength left…?””Well we know you have!” replied Karen, raising her eyes at him. He merely smiled back in amusement.”Come on,” said Mandy. “While we’re all here…!””What about in a little while, after this finishes…?” he suggested, flashing Karen a look, who nodded in agreement.”Okay.” Mandy stood up and eyed them sexily. “I’m going to change, come in when you’re ready…” With a grin she strolled naked out to the bedroom…Ten minutes later there came a call. “Are you two ready yet…?””It finishes in a few minutes,” he called back. “Don’t be so impatient…!”They followed her to the bedroom to find her kneeling on the bed. She had donned her high-boots and the white, tiny ‘Nurse’s’ Bayan Escort skirt, but was wearing it so high as to reveal ‘everything’. Her breasts hung free from her unzipped jacket and they watched as she ‘posed’ for them in various positions…She finished by laying on her back and spreading her legs wide.”Use me!” she told them. “Suck me and fuck me and cum in my mouth…!”They didn’t have to be told twice! They both stripped; Karen retaining only her ‘top’, pulled up above her breasts, and used Mandy’s body for their pleasure. She sucked him while Karen tongued her vagina, then she added a dildo while Mandy fingered her own anus. They moved positions and she sucked him while kneeling, Karen licking her vagina and bottom, then she sat on her face while he used the dildo on Mandy, before moving around to ‘throat-fuck’ her wildly.Karen watched as her friend ‘swallowed’ his penis, then he moved to fuck Mandy’s vagina instead. Mandy dildo-fucked her own avid anus while Karen again sat down on her face, Mandy’s tongue probing HER bottom. She then sucked on the dildo while he fucked her anus, Karen fingering her clitoris and sucking her nipples, before the girls moved into the sixty-nine position.They licked and tongued while he fucked Mandy’s pussy, Karen occasionally taking him in her mouth. He fucked Mandy anally, tongued all their ‘holes’, and Karen even briefly sucked him ‘fresh’ from Mandy’s anus. Eventually Mandy climaxed, Karen licking her deeply, as he fucked Mandy’s mouth to the hilt.”Your turns now!” she told them. She whispered something in Karen’s ear but she shook her head uncertainly. “Go on,” he caught. “He won’t cum in you if you don’t want him to…”There was a slight pause. “Do you want to fuck me?” he was suddenly surprised to hear Karen ask.”Of course I do!” he assured her honestly. “But it’s up to you…””Okay, but do you mind not…?”Course not,” he replied easily.She lay back and opened her legs. He gently widened them a little more beforeslowly entering her and beginning to move in and out. Like Mandy she was wet, yet tight, just as he liked it!”What do you think?” her friend asked, laying beside her and watching with ‘interest’. She grinned up at him encouragingly.”I HAVE done it before!” Karen replied a little haughtily. “How many times?” Mandy smiled.”Twice!” she admitted with a grin of her own. “Including this time…”Mandy began to kiss her and fondle her breasts, but resisted the urge to join in with her tongue, and he was rather surprised to hear Karen gasp, “I’m going to cum…!” after barely a minute. She did, climaxing quietly with her hands on her hips. He pulled himself from her and wasting no time, Mandy moved in with her eager mouth. She lapped up her juices and then sucked him deeply, swallowing his orgasm before flopping down with Karen.The girls decided to stay for the night, one on each side of him and all cuddled together. He was not TOO surprised to be woken the next morning by Mandy sucking at him once more.”What about one more go before we leave…?” she whispered amorously. It turned out to be the most ‘adventurous’, and possibly their best, ‘session’ thus far; Karen allowing him to fuck her in various positions, and not even asking him not to ejaculate in her. She made no response to his customary ‘warning’, so therefore he took this as a ‘green light’ and did, emptying himself deep inside her. Mandy moved in to ‘clean’ them both with her tongue, bringing her to climax as she slurped her vagina, before Karen did likewise to her…

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