Massage While Sunbathing by Hutter James

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Massage While Sunbathing by Hutter JamesTrue Story, i****t, Male / Older Female, MasturbationIntroduction:Best to read Football Physical then Dry My Back as way of introductionI spent the summer when I was twenty at home in Eastern Washington working six days a week in the feed and grain store in town. We lived outside of town on land that was farmed, but my mother leased it out to other farmers. She just enjoyed being way out in the country. Now Eastern Washington has very cold, windy winters and hot, dry summers. My job always saw me sweaty, dusty, grimey, and hot by mid-afternoon at quitting time. This day was no exeption.When I got home I parked my old pickup in the back yard and headed up the back steps into the house. As you came in our back door there was a very short little hallway that led into the kitchen. Off of that little hallway before you came into the kitchen was what we called the mud room. It had the washer and dryer, a big double laundry sink, some shelves, and a simple shower. The shower was just a base on the floor with a drain and sides that extended up about ten inches, and old fashioned shower head fed by two faucets and pipe that were visible hanging on the wall, and a translucent shower curtain hanging from a square made of pipe hung on the ceiling. The mud room’s purpose was to let you clean the crud off of yourself before tracking it all thru the house.I generally peeled off my dusty clothes and left them in by the washer before going into the house. Some days if I was particularly hot, I’d shower in the mud room when I came in and then just walk naked downstairs to my room in the finished basement. We were very casual about nudity in our house. At most, my older sisters would wear an an oversized sleep shirt when they were lounging around. We had no air conditioning back then and about the only concession I made to clothes in the house, in the summer anyway, was to pull on an old pair of gym shorts I had from high school days. It was a running joke in the house that the shorts, which were short and loose fitting did little to conceal anything since I wore them without benefit of underwear. So when I lounged around with my legs propped up on a chair, footstool, or whatever, the loose fitting legs of the shorts usually gaped open, exposing most everything to anyone interested in looking. But nobody really cared about it in our house. Nudity was just accepted as a normal thing.When it was really hot it was fairly common for me to find Mom working naked or wearing only her panties as she worked around the house. Our house sat far off of the road and we had no neighbors within sight, so it didn’t really matter. Mom was a well built woman and though her body had thickened a bit with the years, she retained a very female shape with large breasts that hung down a good bit and large hips. She still had a waistline, larger than when she was young, but still there none the less. It was common for me to come home on hot days to see her vacuuming, sweeping, or doing other housework with her breasts swaying to and fro as she worked. When she was pushing and pulling the upright vacuum back and forth on the rugs it was particularly interesting to see how her breasts swung around with the exertion of her right arm and upper body. We usually had several fans on in the house and she would sometimes stand in front of one of them holding her breasts up so the air could blow underneath them and cool her off some. When I was younger I sometimes masturbated to mental images of Mom and those breasts swinging as she worked.When I came in this hot afternoon, I kicked off my work boots, peeled off my dusty jeans, shirt, boxers, and undershirt and dropped them by the washer on the floor. Turning on the shower I adjusted in just enough hot water to knock the chill out of the shower spray, then stepped in, closing the shower curtain behind me. I had just finished soaping up my hair and scrubbing my face when I heard Mom calling “That you, Hut?” I rinsed the lather off of my head and face and turned to see her standing naked in the doorway of the mudroom watching me.Now she could clearly see me thru the shower curtain, so I don’t know why she asked, but I answered “Yeah Mom, it’s me.”As I was lathering up my washcloth she remained in the doorway and asked me how my day was. I told her that it was hot and dusty and then asked her if it was hot here at home.She just said “Lord, yes it was plenty hot enough for me.”As I scrubbed my body I saw her still standing there watching me, which didn’t bother me, but I said “Did you say something, Mom?”She said “Oh no, I didn’t say anything. I was just admiring what a nice looking young man you’ve grown into, Hut. You don’t mind me staring at you, do you?”I said “No, stare away, Mom.”As I finished rinsing off, I turned off the water and pulled open the shower curtain. Mom reached up on the shelf, pulled down a towel and handed it to me. I stepped out of the shower base onto the mat on the floor and began to dry my hair. Then I stopped and told Mom “I think I’ll go out and air dry in the back yard. There’s a little bit of an afternoon breeze starting up.” With that I headed for the back door with my towel over my shoulder.I heard Mom behind me say “That sounds like a real good idea” followed by the shower being turned on. Down the back steps and into the yard I walked, went to the side of the house and grabbed two loungers, one for me and one for Mom, set them up with the back down flat, laid my towel on one of them, then laid down on my stomach, tucking my penis down toward my feet underneath me. I heard the screen door open and slam shut, turned my face toward it and saw Mom coming down the steps, wet hair hanging down and a towel in her hand. She asked “You don’t mind if I come out, too, do you?”I replied “No, Mom. Why should I?”She said “Oh, no reason, I guess.”With our house so far back from the road and no neighbors within sight, our backyard was actually very private. My sisters, mother, and I had often laid out in the sun together naked back there. Mom laid down on her back on the lounger I’d set out for her. Her breasts sagged as much off the sides of her chest as any other direction when she laid on her back like that. She said “Hut, I forgot the baby oil. Can you go get it?”I asked “Where is it?”She said “There’s a bottle on the shelf in the mud room.” Now baby oil was almost a magic elixer to Mom. She used it to moisturize her skin, as suntan lotion, and I have no idea what else.I said “Sure, Mom” as I pushed myself up off of the lounger. As I did, I felt my penis and heat loosened testicals swing down away from my body and saw Mom watching me. I walked past her to the house and returned with her magic oil.She asked “Would you mind doing my back?”I said “No, of course not” and she got up off the lounger, turned around, and lowered herself down on her stomach. As she did, those breasts hung well away from her body then after she laid down she raised up her shoulders to arrange them comfortably underneath her.Her face was turned toward me and I went to the side of her lounger, drizzled some oil on her back, bent over, and began to rub it around. She turned her face up toward me as far as she could and said “You’re supposed to rub it in, Hut, not just push it around.” She looked at me bent over to reach down to her and said “You’ll ruin your back bending like that. Just sit on my legs”. I put my right leg across to straddle the lounger then carefully sat down on her upper thighs.I asked “Is that OK?”She said “Sure. Now the oil, please Hut.”I said “OK, OK” and drizzled a pretty good amount on her back up between her shoulder blades and rubbed it around. Once I had it spread around fairly well I leaned way forward and began at her shoulders with a pretty firm massage. I had previously massaged her neck and shoulders many times, so I knew what she liked, but none of those times had included me naked sitting on her legs. While she had been naked sometimes, our previous sessions were always with her sitting or standing in front of me. As I massaged the oil in on her neck and shoulders I felt my penis engorging. It was basically laying right in her butt crack pointing up her back. Damn, she’d have to be feeling that.I worked my way down her back massaging it and her sides as I went. As I did her sides I felt my finger tips running over the sides of her squashed breasts where they bulged out from under her. When I realized that, I spent extra time massaging her sides as I felt my penis get as hard as it could. I scooted down her legs to continue on the small of her back, then scooted a little further so I would have to lean further forward. I added more oil to her lower back and began to massage it in and when I leaned the furthest I could feel my penis rubbing on her thighs just above her knees. When I got to her butt I drizzled more oil back and forth across her cheeks before beginning to massage it in. With the amount of oil I’d layed across her some of it began to run down her crack so I made sure to chase in down with my fingertips. Each cheek got a deep massage with me kneading them like a big wad of bread dough until I was ready to move on to her thighs.I began on her left thigh with oil drizzled up and down its length then both hands, shaping themselves around her thigh as I massaged it from top to bottom. After massaging down to her knee I returned to the top to get the sides of her thigh better. I made sure to let my fingertips lightly run over the area where her thigh melded with her butt numerous times. Then I did the same with her right thigh.For her calves, I stood up and moved to the foot of the lounger where I stooped down and gave each one a good massage then stood up and said “OK, all done. How was that?”She just said “Give me a minute.” I moved over and sat down on the side of my lounger facing her. The low lounger put me in a position almost like stooping down with my knees high and, with it still in a raging erection my penis was standing straight up near my abdomen between my spread out thighs. After a few moments, her head turned on the lounger facing me, she opened her eyes and said “That was wonderful. I feel like I can’t move.” I saw her eyes looking me up and down, pausing at my obvious erection each time they swept me. I turned and laid back down on my back on my lounger and closed my eyes in the afternoon sun and light breeze. I felt my erection fading and was almost asleep when I heard Mom say “Let me moisturize your back. You men never even make an attempt at taking care of your skin.” I began to protest but Mom cut me off with a simple “Turn over”. I knew it was futile to try to disagree so I got up off the lounger, turned around, and laid back down on my stomach, kaçak bahis supporting myself with my arms as I got centered on the lounger. I could feel my heat distended testicals and my only partially engorged penis hanging down as I lowered myself, and after I was down flat, I reached under my abdomen and arranged my penis so it was under me pointing down at my feet.I put my head down facing Mom on her lounger and said “There, OK?”She said “Yes, that’s fine” as she pushed herself up from the lounger, her breasts swinging well away from her chest as she got up. Oh damn, I could feel my penis engorging again. She picked up the baby oil bottle and sat down on my legs about mid-thigh. I felt the oil being dribbled on my back up between my shoulder blades. It felt cool as it landed on me. I felt her spread the oil around before beginning a firm massage on my neck and shoulders. As she leaned way over, I felt her breasts touching my back and moving around on it. I think I was almost fully engorged and my penis was straining to be set free from where it was trapped pointing at my feet by the lounger but I just laid still as Mom worked my back. Her hands were strong and her fingertips reached around to massage up and down on the sides of my rib cage. Other than my penis I was beginning to feel very relaxed. She worked her way down my back to my butt where, with what felt like a lot of oil, she gave each cheek as good or better massage thans I’d given hers. Her fingertips lightly chased oil down my crack as far as they could go.I felt her move to sit down lower on my legs and then oil being drizzled on the back of my left thigh. She began massaging it with both hands, kneading the muscles with a very firm action. As her fingertips ran down the inside of my thigh I felt them brush my testicals and penis where they lay trapped by my legs and the lounger. It seemed like the touch was almost accidental but then it progressed into what must have been very intentional. She moved to my right thigh and it got the same treatment except there was no tentative nature to the way her fingertips brushed my testicals and penis. It felt very intentional from the outset. She got up off my legs and I felt her oil and massage both calves with the same kneading grip. “There, that’s better,” she said. I opened my eyes and she was sitting on the side of her lounger facing me and like when I sat on mine, she was almost in a squatting position with her knees high, her breasts practically laying on the tops of her thighs, and her knees apart giving a full view of everything she had. She turned and laid back lengthwise on her lounger, arranged her breasts as they sagged slightly off the sides of her chest and closed her eyes. After the massage I felt like I couldn’t move and I just laid there with my eyes mostly closed. My relaxed reverie was broken when I heard her say “Can you hand me the oil? I need to do my front.” I opened my eyes and saw Mom, still on her back with her face turned toward me.I mumbled “Where is it?”She answered “I left it down by the foot of your lounger.”I said “OK” but continued to lay there for a few moments before pushing myself up off the lounger and standing up. My penis was now semi-erect, standing straight out from my body about parallel to the ground, and I could feel that my testicals were very loose and swinging freely. Mom gave me that once over again as I turned to the foot of my lounger, picked up the oil bottle and turned back to her with it. Putting it in her outstretched hand I said “Here ya’ go” and then sat back down on the side of my lounger facing her. She drizzled a little oil up high on her chest and began to spread it around with one hand.She stopped, looked at me and asked “Would you mind, Hut?” as she reached out with the oil bottle toward me.Without much thought, I said “I guess so and took the bottle from her as I stood up. Setting the bottle down on the side of her lounger leaning into her, I bent over and began to rub the oil in.Looking up at me, Mom said “What did I tell you about bending over like that?” So I straightened up, straddled her lounger, and sat down gently on her thighs.”Is that OK, Mom, I mean my weight on your legs like that?” I asked.”Yeah, it’s no problem for me” She replied. I leaned forward, added some oil, and began to massage her shoulders and upper chest. Looking down, I saw that my penis was basically lying in her bush. Finishing with her shoulders and upper chest left me in a bit of a quandary – do I manhandle my mother’s breasts? I decided “no”, drizzled some oil on her lower chest and abdomen and began to work the oil in. Her eyes popped open and she said “Don’t be skipping my tits, Hut. They need the oil, too.” Mom, raised on a farm, always called them tits, shortened from teats. I mean, you never heard a dairy farmer refer to his milkers’ “breasts”, they were teats. I don’t ever recall hearing mom refer to them as “breasts”, they were always just “tits”. I hesitated and began to say “Mom” but she cut me off with “For heaven’s sake, Hut, you’re just moisturizing my skin”. I drizzled some oil on her right tit and tentatively began to rub it around. Mom chastised “You’ve got to actually touch them to massage the oil in, Hut. It’s a good thing you’re not a dairy man, you’d never manage to get the machines hooked up with that kind of squeamishness. They’re just tits, Hut, and you’re just moisturizing them”.So I put some oil in one palm and rubbed my hands together over her right tit so that both my hands were oily as hell and reached for it. I put my left hand under where it sagged off the side of her chest and began lifing it up, grasping the other side with my right hand to let them slide the length of her tit before it dropped free of my oily hands. As I moved my hands around to different positions around her tit to lift it was obvious that I needed more oil, so I reoiled my hands and continued the lift, slide, and drop routine and was really beginning to enjoy it. I couldn’t believe that I was basically playing with my Mom’s almost spectacular breasts. As I continued on her right tit I felt that her nipple had gotten hard so I began to use my fingertips to trap and slow her aereola as it slipped thru my hands. She had large aereola – probably about three inches across and as I practiced the technique I was able to gently squeeze her nipple for a long instance as it slid thru my fingers. My penis was now fully erect and standing just above her bush. When I leaned forward it would briefly dip into her bush and sometime touch her thru the hair. She had to have felt it. After one last pull I rearranged her right tit on her chest and was about to move to her left one when I thought of something. I put a little more oil in my right palm, lifted her right tit with my left hand and rubbed my palm in a circular motion on the aereola, feeling her hard nipple rolling around under my palm. I finished off with my fingertips on her aereola, starting spread wide on the edges of it then lightly closing on her nipple before pulling and squeezing it gently as it slipped thru my fingertips. Satisfied, I carefully laid her tit down on her chest and moved to her left tit. It got basically the same treatment except that in its case the nipple was already hard so I was able to trap and slow it as it slid thru my fingertips right from the beginning.Done with both breasts, I moved down below them. To get under her tits, I had to lift one with one hand and massage with the other. After a few moments of that Mom said “Here” and pulled both tits up her chest like she did when she cooled herself in front of a fan. I massaged her lower chest and abdomen and as I moved away from her tits she laid them back down and put her arms back down at her sides. After I massaged her upper abdomen I oiled both hands real well and went back up to do her sides. Leaning forward I could feel my penis pressed into her bush as I reached under her armpits with each hand and rubbed firmly down to her hips until my hands hit the inside of my thighs on either side of her. As I went by her tits each time, my thumbs on top of her chest and the inside of my wrists slid over the sides of them, lifting and pushing them momentarily. I repeated this movement for several minutes before stopping and scooting further down her legs to just above her knees.I drizzled oil around her bush and began to massage it in, skirting around her bush until I began to move into the area where her thighs met her hips. More oil on my hands and I kneaded that area on each side simultaneously for a while then stopped and scooted down her legs further so I could do her thighs. Starting with her right thigh I drizzled plenty of oil up and down its length and began to work it both hands. Encircling it at the top with my two hands I squeezed gently and let my hands ride the oil down to her knee. After doing this a number of times with my thumbs overlapping on the top of her thigh, I separated my hands so that they were on the sides of her thigh. On my first stroke this way, my right hand brushed up against hair as I grasped the top of her thigh on the inside while my left hand was up about even with her hip. I pulled down to her knee and then repeated several times. On each successive stroke, I let my right hand innocently venture a little further up until it was brushing up against the lips of her pussy before pulling my hands to her knees. As I did this over and over I felt her thigh muscle tense and relax with each stroke. When I stopped, I put my right finger tips in the crease of skin where her inner thigh met her body and gently worked the oil into it from back to front. I then gave her left thigh the same treatment except made no pretense of innocently brushing into her hair and lips between her legs. I just let my finger tips brush them from the onset and for the entire time I worked on the thigh.As I stood up off her legs Mom opened her eyes, looked at me, and said “That was nice.” There was no way she could have missed my raging erection as I moved to the foot of her lounger to work on her lower legs. I stooped down at her feet, oiled my hands, and massaged first her right leg, then her left, then the tops of both feet. Standing back up I said “OK, all done” but then “Oh wait, forgot your arms”. So I moved up next to her right side, stooped down, and pulled her arm out to rest her forearm on my thighs. After I oiled my hands I began on her upper arm massaging it from shoulder to elbow. Each time I pulled on it her forearm would brush up against my erect penis standing up there between my thighs. I scooted closer to the lounger and then, with her elbow on my thighs, began to work on her forearm. I massaged her forearm thoroughly then her hand and bahis siteleri fingers. As I was working on her hand her elbow slid in on my thigh until it was up against my penis like it was a bookend. I put her arm back beside her on the lounger then moved to her left side. I picked her arm up and laid her forearm on my thighs with it up against my penis from the start, then I repeated the massage I’d given her right arm before laying her arm down next to her body on the lounger. I stood up and began walking around her lounger to mine and said “There, now I’m done”.I sat down on the side of my lounger facing her, knees up high from the low height of the lounger, penis on full view standing up near my abdomen, and warmth distended testicals hanging down. Mom turned her face toward me as she opened her eyes and said “That was wonderful, Hut. Can I get you to do it again sometime?”I told her “I’ll do it pretty much as often as you’d like if you want to” as I turned and laid back on my lounger, my penis just up off of my abdomen as I laid down. I closed my eyes and tried to calm my arousal down some. I’d almost dozed off when I heard the crunch of tires on the gravel at the end of the house.I kind of jumped but Mom told me “That’s just your Aunt Jessie”.I heard the car door open and close then heard Jessie’s booming voice “I didn’t know y’all had gone native on me” as she walked toward us. Jessie was several years older than Mom and had gained more weight.Mom said “The heat got to us so we showered in the mud room then came out here to air dry and cool off in the breeze, Jessie. You’re welcome to join us if you’d like.”Jessie laughed “I don’t want scare the boy off of women, Liz. This old body of mine will scare him off women for life.”Mom replied “Nonsense. I raised Hut better than that and you know it. He accepts people for who they are not what they look like. Besides, I’ve got the baby oil here, too. You can give your skin a good treatment”.Jessie looked at Mom and said “From the looks of it you’ve been in the oil pretty good already”.Mom said “Yeah, that’s another benefit. Hut gave me a heck of a massage. I thought I was gonna’ melt thru the lounger by the time he was done. Maybe you can talk him into giving you one. What about it, Hut, would you?”I just said “Yeah, if she’d like me to”.Jessie answered “Well maybe you talked me into it. I’ll go shower off”.Mom replied “You know where the towels are but don’t dry off. The breeze feels great on wet skin.”Jessie had already turned and headed for the back steps. Mom looked over at me and asked “You don’t mind, do you, Hut?”I just said “No, it’s fine with me”.In a few minutes I heard the screen door open and slam shut then Jessie “Your towels aren’t big enough to cover all of me”.I looked over and she was right. She had the towel wrapped around her holding the ends together in front with one hand. The rest of the towel gaped open down her front. Mom said “Hut, get your Aunt a lounger”. I got up, walked over to the house where they were leaning up against the wall, pulled one out, walked back over, and set it up next to Mom’s lounger. I looked up at Aunt Jessie and on her way from the steps to the lounger she gave up on the towel and let one end of it go and then just held it her right hand. I hadn’t seen Aunt Jessie naked in a number of years – the last time was when I was about ninth grade and we were all skinny dipping down at the river. It was in the hottest part of summer and we’d go in the water which was pretty cold, then lie on the grass on the bank and dry in the sun until we were too hot and we went back in the water. In the intervening years she had gained weight, particularly after my uncle died. He and my father died within about ten months of each other – my uncle from a massive heart attack and Dad from a cerebral hemorrhage that killed him before he hit the floor. Each of them had adequate life insurance and employment benefits to leave their family comfortable after their death. While the weight Mom had gained over the years left her still with a nice female shape, Jessie’s weight hadn’t been so kind. She had developed a fairly pronounced belly and her breasts which had been large like Mom’s now were absolutely huge and pendulous, lying on her protuding belly and following its profile fully down to her navel. She had enormous aereolas – probably over four inches across – and large nipples which now were situated at the very bottom of her hanging breasts staring toward the ground. She had a slight pouch hanging down above her lower abdomen.She came over to the lounger and I took her towel and spread it out for her before she sat on the lounger and turned to lie on her back. When she laid back those breasts of hers sagged way off the sides of her chest to where they were literally hanging down fairly close to the lounger. She saw me looking at her and said “Pretty bad, huh?”I turned to head back to my lounger and said “No, not really. It’s just your shape.”When I got back to my lounger and was standing between it and Mom’s, Jessie looked me up and down, obviously noting my penis and testicals with their nice heat induced hang and said “Liz, you raised that boy to be as respectful as he is good looking”.Mom said “You know, when he was showering in the mud room I told him how good looking he’d grown to be”.Jessie said “Well you’re sure right there, Liz”. I had just sat down on the side of my lounger when Jessie said “Now boy, how ’bout that massage?” I think she called me “boy” much more often than by my name and had for as long as I could remember. I was always referred to by such things as “boy”, “that boy”, “the boy” and she meant no harm by it and I’d never taken any offense at it. It was just her ways. She was always a little rougher than Mom and seldom failed to say just what she was thinking at any point of time. You were almost never at a loss as to what was on her mind.I said “Sure, Jessie, coming right up” as I stood up, leaned over to pick up the oil bottle, and head around Mom’s lounger to Aunt Jessie’s.She said “Do my back first, boy” and she got up, tits swinging around as she got up then turned around and to lie on her stomach. As she lowered herself down, I swear those tits were on the lounger when she still had her arms nearly straight. After she lowered herself she raised up her shoulders to arrange her breasts and they ended up mostly on the lounger on each side of her chest in the scant space left after her body covered most of it. I was just getting ready to swing my leg across her to sit on her thighs when she said “C’mon boy, and I want to feel this massage of yours”.I sat down on the top of her thighs, reached out with the oil, and drizzled a fairly substantial amount up between her shoulder blades. As I leaned forward to begin massaging it in I felt my penis and testicals lying on the bottom of her butt right on her crack. I worked the oil into her shoulders with a very firm massage then moved to her upper back where I added more oil and did the same. Jessie said “Liz, you’re right. The boy is pretty good”. As I moved down her back, applying oil and massaging it in I included her sides by working them. As I massaged her sides toward the lounger there was no way to avoid my fingertips running on the sides of her tits, piled on the lounger on either side of her. When I was pulling upward on her sides up near her armpits, her left tit on the side toward Mom flopped off the side of the lounger to hang down. Jessie had her arms folded underneath her head and said “I don’t want to move, boy. Can you get that for me?” I looked over at Mom and she just smiled at me so I reached down, cupped the pendulous end of her tit in my left hand and lifted it to place it back on the lounger next to her.I continued by scooting down her legs some and drizzling oil on her sizeable butt. Kneading the oil in I made sure to massage her entire butt including her crack, her sides, and down each cheek to the crease where it met the back of her thigh. Sliding down a bit more on her legs I started on her left thigh. Lots of oil, lots of kneading from top to bottom with some light finger tips as deeply as I could between her thighs at the very top. I gave her right thigh the same treatment then stood up to go to the foot of the lounger. When I stood, my penis was semi-erect again, standing straight out from my body. Mom gave me her usual once over and smiled at me. I stooped down at the foot of the lounger and worked her calves over with lots of oil before standing up. I said “All done on this side, Aunt Jessie. Do you want to turn over?”She said “Liz, you were right. I don’t feel like I can move. I’ll wait a while to enjoy this before you do my front, boy”.I said “OK” and went to my recliner and laid down on my back. My erection had faded and I arranged my penis pointing down toward my feet hanging down on my testicals which which were still sagging quite a bit from the heat.Mom said “Hut, I owe you the rest of your massage. You ready?”I replied “You don’t have to, Mom”.As she stood up she just said “Nonsense, you deserve it as hard as you’ve been working”. She stepped over to my lounger with the oil bottle in her hand and swung her leg over me and sat down on my thighs. After drizzling oil on my upper chest she leaned forward and began to massage it in. She apparently wasn’t satisfied with her position and scooted up my thighs to very close to my hips. I had my arms up, head resting on my hands and was able to watch her. Her breasts brushed against me when she reached all the way up to my arm pits and massaged there and then swung back and forth as she worked my upper chest. I felt my penis engorging and she was sitting above where it was hanging down on my testicals. I felt it rising until it came into contact with her. She continued to massage my chest, those tits kept swinging back and forth in unison with the movements of her arms and shoulders, and my penis was becoming harder and pressing up against her more. She stopped massaging for a moment and rose up a little saying “Here, lets take of that”. When she rose up slightly my now unencumbered penis flopped upward onto my abdomen. Mom lowered herself and scooted further down my legs before drizzling a good bit of oil back and forth on my abdomen including across my penis. She leaned into her arms and began massaging it in all over my abdomen and sides of my hips. I glanced over at Aunt Jessie and she was still lying on her stomach with her face turned toward us watching. When Mom’s hands approached my penis she simple slid them under it to massage my abdomen but of course with each movement under it, my penis felt the back of her hand as it slid by. This just made it harder so that it stood canlı bahis up a littler further from my abdomen.I watched Mom as she put a pretty good amount of oil in her right palm then rubbed her two hands together dripping some on me. Then she grasped my penis in her right hand and my testicals in her left. I jumped a little and she softly said “It’s OK, Hut, I’m just your mother” as she began a gentle squeezing and releasing massage with both hands. She moved her hand up and down the length of my penis alternately squeezing and releasing then finished with a few slow, stroking movements up and down it’s length. I glanced over at Jessie and she was still watching us. Finished with my penis and testicals she put oil on my right thigh as she moved down a bit on my legs then began to massage the length of it. She made sure work up in the crease where my thigh met my body and followed it down toward the back as far as she could before going back up toward the front. Each time she move her hands upward I felt them drag on that side of my testicals. She did the same thing with my left thigh before standing up and moving to the foot of the lounger and massaged both lower legs and my feet. Then she stood up and said “There, how’s that, Hut?” As she moved to her lounger and sat on the side of it again facing me and exposing herself fully in my direction.My erection was nowhere near fading when I mumbled “Just fine, Mom, just fine”.She said “You just wait till you shower. You won’t believe how soft and smooth your skin will be”.I said “Sure, Mom.”I laid there, closed my eyes, and tried to calm the state of arousal I was in. I succeeded to some extent, at least to the point that my penis laid down on my abdomen rather than standing away from it. I heard Aunt Jessie say “I’m ready for the rest of my massage, boy” and opened my eyes. Mom was lying on her back on her lounger and Jessie was pushing herself up off of her lounger to turn over onto her back. Those tits of hers were swinging all over the place until she laid back and they sagged off the sides of her chest. Aereolas and nipples were almost touching the lounger on each side. I got up, picked up the oil bottle and walked around to her lounger. When she was lying on her back, her protruding middle kind melted back and the little pouch almost disappeared.”OK” I said “here goes” as I gently sat down on her thighs. After I drizzled oil all over her upper chest I realized I needed to be higher up so I scooted up her thighs until I was very nearly at the top of them. I looked down and saw that my mostly flaccid penis was lying right in her large, auburn colored bush. I looked over at Mom and saw that she was looking at me sitting there. Surely she saw that my penis was lying in her older sister’s bush.Jessie opened her eyes, looking at me and asked “What’s the holdup, boy?”In answer I leaned forward and began to massage her shoulders and upper chest, giving them a full going over. As I leaned forward I could feel my penis partially trapped under my abdomen and rubbing around in her bush. Working her upper chest, I think I was delaying moving to her breasts. When I could delay no longer, I poured a fair amount of oil into my right palm and rubbed my hands together over her right breast so that both hands were very well oiled. I reached down with my left hand under her sagging right breast and lifted it to my other hand then with a hand on each side I let it slide through them until it flopped back down free of them. I repeated the action with my hands on each side then on the top and bottom getting all portions of her breast well oiled. I felt my penis engorging again. I continued on that right tit for several minutes and was able to catch her nipple, now very hard and standing out over a half inch from her aereola, in my oily fingertips to slow it as it slipped thru my grasp. Ready to move to her left breast, I poured some oil in my right palm the lifted her right tit one last time and held it up where I could rub my palm in circular motions on her aereola with her nipple rolling around under my palm, finishing with a fingertip massage of her nipple. On to her left tit I went to repeat the whole process. I looked down and saw that my penis was standing above her bush now. I glanced Mom’s way and saw that she was looking at it. I gave her left tit a good going over equal to what I’d given the right then leaned forward to push myself down her legs some. As I did, my penis was alternately banging on one thigh then the other. Jessie opened her eyes, raised her head and said “You mean to tell me this awful body does that to you, boy?” I just nodded then drizzled oil on her lower chest and abdomen and began to massage, making sure to get the creases well. When I moved my very oily fingertips on her skin up close to her breasts, they easily slid under them where they were laying on ther journey to hang off the sides of her chests. So there was no need to pick them up like there had been on Mom’s chest. Down lower on her abdomen I massaged all around her bush and on the sides of her hips. There was a fair amount of skin moving around as I did so but the ample amount of oil I’d applied kept it from being a problem.I scooted down her legs again, drizzled oil on her right thigh, then began a two-handed massage making sure to make repeated passes to get the sides done properly. On each pass I made sure let my fingertips brush her pussy lips as they went down between her legs. I did the same on her left thigh, then stood up and stooped down at the foot of her lounger. My penis was standing straight up between my thighs and I saw Mom watching me and it in particular. I massaged both lower legs and then the top of her feet. Then I thought of her toes. The skin on the bottoms of her feet and around her heels and toes was real rough. I oiled up my hands real well then worked each toe on her right foot and around her heel. Then I did her left foot. Mom watched me do this and, when I was done, I stood up and said “All done”.Aunt Jessie said “Thank you, Hut. That was very nice. I may need that again sometime”.Mom looked at me and said in a teasing whiney voice “You didn’t do my feet like that”. So I stooped down and did hers, too, before going back to sit on my lounger.Mom began to get up saying “I need to go to the bathroom. Does anyone want a coke when I come back?” Both Jessie and I said yes and Mom headed toward the backdoor.I laid back on my lounger, penis still mostly erect and laying on my abdomen. Jessie said “Hut, I think I owe you a little something for that massage. You worked hard”.I said “Don’t worry about it” but she was already getting up off her lounger, tits flapping around as she did.She walked over to my lounger, picked up the bottle of oil, and said “Let me massage you some more. I don’t think your Mom gave you a fair trade”.Before I could say anything, she swung her leg over me and sat on my thighs. She leaned forward and drizzled oil on my chest. She leaned forward to massage my shoulders and her tits didn’t just brush my stomach – they were lying on it. She realized she wasn’t up high enough on me so scooted up further until she was on my hips. She leaned forward to massage my shoulders and those tits were dragging all around my abdomen and chest as she moved around. I came to realize that my fully erect penis was rubbing on her pubic bone, or rather her pubic bone was grinding into my penis. She had to be doing that on purpose because she had to feel it. She stayed put as she sat up a bit to massage a little lower on my chest and upper abdomen. When she did she was rubbin her pussy on my penis and I could feel that she was wet, real wet. As she rocked back and forth with the massage, her hips were rocking on me. Suddenly I realized that I was inside her. She had scooped me up without any outward movements. My eyes popped open in surprise and she just softly said “Don’t worry, little one, just relax”.I didn’t say anything but I watched her eyes as she rocked on me slowly, then faster, then slowly again. She was looking me right in the eyes the whole time until her eyes started to flutter some, then roll back partially as she shuddered and shook for a moment. She sighed and then moved forward slightly and my penis was out of her. She slipped down my legs added some oil to my lower abdomen and began massaging. She worked up and down on my abdomen and the sides of my hips. As she worked her way toward the middle of my abdomen her hands began to graze my fully erect penis on each side. She stopped for a moment and arranged her tits, which when she was leaned over just a little were laying on my abdomen, so that they were on either side of my penis. As she moved her shoulders back and forth slightly they d**g back and forth on my penis. While she did this she was using her hands to massage the sides of my chest. I heard the screen door open and slam shut then Mom saying “Here’s some Cokes. She looked at Jessie and me and said “You think Hut needed some more, Jessie?”Jessie just said “As good as my massage was, I thought he deserved a little more massage himself. He worked pretty hard on my old body.”Mom just laid down on her lounger with her face toward the sky and closed her eyes. Jessie continued to massage the sides of my chest, draggin her tits on my penis then removed her left hand from my chest and slipped it under her left tit and grasped my penis firmly. Her right tit was concealing this from Mom’s direction if she happened to open her eyes, turn her head, and look toward us. She began a very slow stroking movement with her left hand. Meanwhile she grasped my testicals in her right hand and began to alternately squeeze them gently then release. I felt myself climbing rapidly toward release and she must have felt it because just before I came she pushed her right tit over in front of my penis so that as I spurted my load it first hit her tit before running down onto my abdomen. When my penis stopped pulsating she rubbed the head of with her palm then withdrew her hand.She sat up and said “Liz, look what your boy did!” as she held her right tit up where the cum was visible on it.Mom looked over at my fading erection, the cum on my abdomen and Aunt Jessie’s tit and said “Not much different than when he did that right in front of me, the nurse, and the doctor during that physical about, what, five years ago?”Jessie said “You need to learn to curb that hair trigger of yours, boy, if you ever want to make your woman happy.”Mom and Aunt Jessie laughed as Jessie pulled the corner of the towel up to wipe the cum up off my abdomen. I noticed that she didn’t wipe off her tit, rather she took her right hand and rubbed it around on the aereola and the end of her tit.I just meekly said “Sorry”.Jessie answered “Oh don’t worry about it, boy. It’s nothin’ to be ashamed of. Based on how much you put out, though, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble breedin’ your woman when the time comes.”Mom looked at Aunt Jessie and me and then burst out laughing.

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