Masturbated often while watching cousin have sex t

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Masturbated often while watching cousin have sex tLast week I hooked up with a guy I met on Craigs List. He is a heavy masturbator and so always looking for someone to j/o with. He has a several regular buddies he masturbates with throughout the week when he gets tired of masturbating solo and c2c.So stroked each other’s cock on and off and masturbated together while we talked. One of the things we talked about was our earliest experiences. His story grabbed me and made my erection so hard that I have to share at least the situation he found himself in and how he coped.He is 45, divorced, white, average height and build, small belly, light hair. He looked respectable, well groomed, and carried himself like a professional. If you passed him in the street or office, you would never suspect he has a shaved, pierced cock and is heavy into masturbation. Of course, isn’t that usually the case with everyone these days. It’s always the conservative, innocent looking types you discover have a S&M dungeon, or cock ring and swinger lifestyle, or at least a closet housing a porn and sex toys collection. The story he told me seemed true or it would have involved him getting all the pussy, not some third cousin removed. I’ll transition to first person, me, as I get into the story to make it easier to write and read. So when I say “me” I mean him.In a nutshell, his distant cousin, a highschool senior, came to live with him when he was in middle school because his mom, single mom, worked very late into the evenings. So he and his cousin had the place largely to themselves during the day until around 8 or 9pm. His cousin used his situation to have lots of sex during lunch and after school. His cousin made a deal so he would not tell his mom. He could watch them and masturbate whenever his cousin has sex. The arrangement evolved and they began masturbating together and each other when his cousin was not having sex.He was raised by a single mom in an apartment just a block from the middle school he attended. She was a nurse and worked hard to pay the bills so she wouldn’t return home until night on most days. She was worried about my being alone and unattended so much and so she managed to arrange a distant cousin Ron to live with us during the week. This was great for Ron since his parents lived in another school district but wanted him to go to the better highschool next to our place. So he moved in and paid my mom some small amount of needed cash for that also. It was a win win.I was not much of a masturbator to start out. Also, I was a virgin and not very good with the girls. The former activity güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was about to rise dramatically. It was not soon after school began that I discovered Ron was popular with the girls. He was dating several girls and sometimes hooked up with a random chick here and there. It became obvious to me pretty soon that he had other plans for our place than scholastic. We had location, location, location, as they say, he also had freedom to use the place and he loved sex. It was a great combination. He was going to use our place for his love nest.First week was uneventful, came home did homework, Ron popped in and out but always made sure we had dinner and I was ok. He got comfortable with the situation and with me and started asking girls over the following week. He was polite though and asked me if it was ok and I said “Sure! Bring as many girls as you want. I’m cool with that.” I was hoping to score, after all, or at least see something, so what k** would not want that.The next day I came home from school and heard Ron and this girl going at it in his room. I crept around the hallway to discover his door wide open. I saw something alright. She was good looking and had breasts… I had never seen actual live breasts and these were nice ones! They were completely nude and going at it so I watched secretly until Ron pulled out and ejaculated his load onto her torso. I quietly dashed to my room to masturbate. That began to happen more and more and became an almost daily thing. I came home for lunch on occasion since our condo was so close. I walked in on him with another girl buck naked, giving him head in the middle of the living room. It was like a live porn show! She was an older woman, maybe in her 30s, a real MILF. Her tits were larger than the school chicks he screws, looser, large nipples, and they swung around while they did their thing. She made more noises also and was totally into it. I surprised them but they both smiled and she grabbed him to try to keep him moving. “You guys are awesome, don’t let me stop you.” And they did, while I quietly scuttled off to my room … and I masturbated. That same day, after school, I walked in on him getting his regular oral fix from his steady girlfriend. I apologized for walking in on them and demanded they keep going.” And they did, while I quietly scuttled off to my room … and I masturbated. So on, and so forth, while I quietly scuttled off to my room … and I masturbated, … and masturbated, … and masturbated. It was a pretty good arrangement if you ask me. I was too young still to be having güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sex but I could enjoy the next best thing.I eventually found a spot where I could watch them without being seen. It was around a corner and through a mirror mounted on the living room wall. They had to be in just the right location though. Once, they were, and I pulled out my cock and masturbated while I watched. It was amazing. After she left I walked over and complimented him. “Wow! You are such a stud.” I said. He agreed, and it made him glow with pride. But he could somehow could tell I just masturbated. “Did you shoot a good load this time?” he asked. I looked down and saw two lines my cum had made on my shirt. I had missed that. Also didn’t help that I forgot to zip my pants. So I had to confess that I had been masturbating whenever he was getting sex. He was cool with it though and said he totally understood. “You’re too young to screw and it wouldn’t be right anyway. But it’s good for you to masturbate, especially when you need to cum but don’t have a girl to help you. I’ve been there, believe me.” I responded “I’m not sure mom is going to be OK with this though. You fuck a lot.” I questioned. “I feel embarrassed walking in on you guys but I still need to use the place… but then I like watching.”He sat up and got a little nervous. “I tell you what, I won’t tell your mom you’re masturbating as long as you don’t tell her I’m having sex. Fair?” He had me there so I reluctantly agreed.He continued, “ I know how much you need to cum but you’re too young to be having sex, so what if I set up a chair in the closet and put a mirror up…. over there.” and he pointed. “You can get to in from your room without anyone seeing then I’ll make sure to have sex over there where you can see us.” We both laughed at the idea. “I’ll open up one of the door slats so you can see everything while you masturbate. No need to feel embarrassed or hold back anymore.” “I don’t mind being watched if it will help you out and besides, it’ll be fun.” I thought about it. I could feel an erection coming on and immediately knew I should say yes. “Ok. Maybe we can try it a few times just to see how it goes.” We both started rearranging furniture. So I would come home for lunch sometimes and after school. If he was having sex, which was most of the time, I would pass unnoticed, slip into my closet and bang one out. Then Ron and I would talk about it afterwards. The best shows were from a two older chicks he liked to screw. The one I already mentioned and another maybe just a little older. güvenilir bahis şirketleri They were both married but still liked to have sex so Ron obliged them all he could. Real MILFs. So they could only do lunchtime sessions. Ron said they would sometimes hook up in the evenings in her car, but that was unpredictable and usually on short notice.It was a great arrangement for both of us. He got to screw as much as he wanted, and we both benefited from it. Ron always asked me how I did and truly wanted to be sure I enjoyed myself. He gave me a fleshlight and used it on me to be sure I knew how. “Now you can feel what I feel while.” I confessed I had never felt anything so good to shove my cock in and out of and it made me ejaculate stronger than ever. He was real pleased with my response. I started masturbating heavy after he gave me that and he knew it. Before I realized it I was masturbating a lot, almost as much as he was screwing. On some days I was jacking off at noon, after school, and then sometimes I would need to masturbate to get to sleep just thinking about him.Later in the year, he had been dropped by his steady girlfriend and one of the MILFs cut off the relationship. He was hard up with no outlet. That’s when I walked in on him during lunch to catch him masturbating. I pretended like it was nothing because, in comparison, it was nothing next to what I had been seeing. He didn’t seem to mind at all though and kept going while I walked around and made lunch for us. It was my usual time to masturbate also though and I could already feel my erection. So I walked into the closet. He saw that and laughed. “No need to hide in the closet dude. I’ve seen it all already.” I walked over and sat on the couch next to him and we masturbated together. That’s my first mutual masturbation experience. After a few of those sessions we got comfortable with ourselves and we began stroking each other’s cocks instead of our own. His cock was much bigger, harder, and I could feel such strength in it while it ejaculated his cum out. I could understand why so many girls like to ride it. He confessed it was because he worked it hard, just like I’m doing, when he was my age. He assured me mine would be just as capable and strong if I kept it up.Eventually we were masturbating together daily. Whenever he screwed his girl, I would watch them and masturbate. Whenever he didn’t have a girl to screw, we masturbated together. After the school year ended, he left and I continued masturbating on my own. I started seeking out others to masturbate and those sessions always got me cumming hard. I dated a few girls and finally married and stopped masturbating as much. But I still like to mutual masturbate with guys when opportunity arises.Well, that’s it. That’s the story.Afterwards, I got stroked and coaxed his cock and made him cum a lot. His cock was indeed very strong and capable from all that workout he had given it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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