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Measuring My Cum – pt7I decided to have a quick shower, put on a fresh pair of boxer’s under my gown, and then went downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen, still wearing her tight shorts and low cut top. She served up the plates and we both took them into our dining room. Mom had already set the table. I was surprised to see a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses there. Mom normally only drank alcohol on special occasions or social events and had rarely allowed me to drink at home, although I did drink if I went out with friends.”Wine?” I said questioningly, as we sat down.”It will help to relax you,” said mom, without looking at me. “Just think of it as part of the medicinal process of helping you to cum. A glass or two is fine,” she added. “And it will help to relax me too. There are two people involved in this after all Jacob, you should not forget that.”I became silent for a moment, thinking about what she had just said, as we ate.I took a sip of the wine. It was good, and immediately had a relaxing effect on me. My eyes wandered to mom’s cleavage, which was clearly showing.I felt I should say something about her last remark. “I really do appreciate all your help, mom,” I said.”Thank you for saying so Jacob, but I’m sure most mothers try to help their son’s as much as they can.””I know, but… um… you’re really helping so much… in err… you know… stimulating me.””What has to be done, has to be done,” mom replied. “But, one thing Jacob, although I didn’t say anything at the time, you did try to rub yourself on my pussy through my shorts earlier. Remember, you may never penetrate me.”I felt a rush of disappointment go through me.”But,” continued mom, “We can do other things.”My cock stirred.”Err, like what mom?” I asked, questioningly.”Well, you say, and I’ll tell you if we can. But not just now. Let’s finish eating and talk about something else.”We carried on our meal and talked about usual day-to-day things. As I drank more of the wine I became more and more relaxed, and I thought mom did too.When we finished I’d only had the one glass and mom the same. She said, “We’ll have some more wine later if you like. I feel like a bit of a rest now. I’m going up to my room, but I’ll call you when I’m ready. Tell me, what colour underwear do you like?”I blushed.”Well, err… I’ve never been asked that question before, mom, but I guess if you ask me what I used to like to look at in magazines, it would be black. But I like other colours too.””I’m glad you said black,” replied mom, “As most of the lingerie I bought was that colour. I’ll let you know when I’m ready. Your turn for clearing up after dinner and the washing up I think!” And with that, she got up and walked out of the room, leaving me sitting alone at the dining table. I still couldn’t keep my eyes off mom’s glorious full ass cheeks in her shorts as she walked out.I sat for a moment trying to take it all in. This all still felt a bit like a dream.I cleared things up, tidied and washed the dishes in the kitchen, and then decided to chill out in the living room, by listening to some music. Recently, I’d got into jazz type stuff, so I stuck on a Norah Jones CD, and laid back on the 3-seater sofa with my legs up, eyes closed, listening to her wonderful tones.I managed to get to the end of the CD and was about to put another on, when I heard mom call down to me. “I’m coming down Jacob. Take the wine and two glasses into the living room. We’ll have our next session there. Oh, and draw the curtains, please.”I did as she asked, getting the wine bottle and glasses from the kitchen, and placing them on our glass coffee table which was in front of the 3-seater sofa. Then, I pulled the curtains closed. It might help you to know the layout of our living room. It was quite good sized, about 18 feet wide by 25 feet in length, with a plush light beige carpet, 3 piece cream coloured sofa, comprising two large single sofa chairs and one extra large 3-seater, a fire place in the centre of the wall than ran the length of the room, and a white rug in front of it. We also had some bits of furniture like a hi-fi cabinet, bookcases, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri various lampshades and the glass coffee table I had put the wine bottle on. No TV of course, as mom only let me have that in my room. We had bay windows at one end of the room and wide glass patio doors at the other, leading to the garden. It was all quite spacious and open plan. I had drawn the curtains at both the windows and the patio doors, just in case we had any nosy neighbours, although luckily we were not very overlooked at the garden side.I poured some wine into both glasses, sat down on one of the single sofa chairs, which was positioned in part of the room from where you could see the door as someone came in, as well as the entire length of the room towards the patio doors, and waited.After a couple of minutes, I heard mom coming down the stairs. My heart was beating fast.Finally, mom came in, and walked straight to the centre of the room and stood on the rug in front of the fireplace, holding the semen beaker in one hand.Fuck, what a sight!I had only ever seen photos or movies of women wearing what she had on, and to see it in real life, and that it was my mom, was incredible, and my dick immediately responded.She was wearing a black, full cup lace fabric bra, a black thong, hold up stockings with lace trims and black stiletto heels. Fuck me! My jaw just dropped at the sight, and my eyes were almost popping out of my head.As I sat speechless, with my prick now semi hard, mom seeing my reaction, did a twirl and showed me her back and ass. Her thong was thin and tight into her ass crack at the back — virtually all of her wonderful, full, fleshy white ass cheeks were showing! Finally, I just couldn’t hold myself back and said, “Mom, you… you look really… h-hot!”She turned back around to face me and said, placing one hand on her hip and striking a sexy pose, “Well that’s the whole point, isn’t it dear?”I gulped.”How’s your cock doing?” she asked, in a matter of fact way.”Err… I’m getting hard mom, but I’d just like to just watch you for a bit if that’s ok. You just look so fabulous.””Tell you what,” she said, bending down and taking a sip from the wine glass. “I’m going to walk for a while in front of you up and down the room, so you can have a better appreciation of how I look, and that should help to stimulate you more too.”And with that, mom turned and still directly in line with the way I was looking straight at her, walked sexily away from me, towards the patio doors, going about ten paces or so, almost like a catwalk model.Fuck! The sight of her sexy ass swinging in her thong, and the way the stockings made her legs look was incredibly hot. I had never realised how much in ‘real life’, as opposed to magazines or videos, a woman could look so good in sexy underwear, and be so arousing!Reaching the patio door, mom turned and then started walking back towards me, still swinging her hips as she went, and now letting me get a good look at her from the front. Her tits, although well covered in the bra, still swung a bit die to their size. Wow! What a sight!When she got to about two feet in front of my chair, which was the closest to me so far, she smiled, turned again and before walking away from me again bent forward slightly, showing me her full ass cheeks in all their glory. Fuck! That was it! I didn’t want to wait for her to do her walk again.My dick was straining in my boxer’s, and before mom could walk away from me again. I said, “I’m ready mom,” and stood up, almost throwing my gown off me and yanked my boxer shorts down.Mom turned to see me standing naked in front of her, my hard-on fully erect and ready for action.”Are you ready already?” said mom.”Well, err.. mom… you look really hot. I don’t think I’m quite ready to cum yet, but maybe some more stimulation would be good. Can I touch your ass?””Yes, you may,” she replied, “But let me get into a more comfortable position.”She walked over to the back of the other single sofa chair so she faced the rear of it, and placed her hands on the top of the back of the chair for support. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Then she bent forward slightly, and said, “Now, you may touch and kiss it.”I followed her and knelt down so that my face was directly in line with mom’s butt cheeks. Fuck! What a sight in her black thong! I kissed each cheek in turn. Mom smelled fresh and fragrant. She must have showered for me before coming down. I played with each buttock, squeezing each fully and deeply, intermingled with kissing and licking her flesh there. Then, I ran my tongue a little way into her butt crack, but because of the material of the thong, I could neither see nor touch with my tongue, her asshole or pussy.My hard on was raging now.”Can I slap your ass with my cock again mom?””You may, but not in my butt crack.”Mom bent over slightly more, as if to position her ass better for me, for what I wanted to do.Her ass looked so good! All I really wanted to do was pull her thong to one side and ram my hard dick into her sweet pussy, but that was completely off limits of course.I grabbed my hard on with my right hand and smacked her fleshy ass cheeks with it several times. My pre-cum was leaking out, and I rubbed the tip of my prick onto mom’s ass flesh, so that it went on her skin there. Fuck, that felt so good!Although my pre-cum was visible, for some reason, I still did not feel quite ready to cum proper. As this would be my fifth time of the day, it might take longer, I thought.”I’m really hard mom, but I don’t feel I can cum just yet. I think I need more stimulation,” I said.Mom turned around to face me and stroked my hard on a few times. Her hand on it felt exquisite.”Well, maybe I should take my bra off,” she said, and with that she put her hand behind her and unclasped it.Mom’s glorious, large boobs came into full view. She then knelt down in front of me, her back against the sofa chair for support and said, “Try fucking my tits, that might do it.”Fuck! Hearing her talk like that was a real turn on!Mom held up her tits for me, so that I could rub my cock between them.I grabbed my prick with my right hand again and started rubbing it between the beautiful milky flesh of her ample boobs. As she held them from me, her nipples pointed outwards and I could see they were erect and hard. For a moment, I rubbed my piss slit against each nipple in turn, and then went back to fucking her gorgeous mounds”Yes, Jacob, fuck, my boobies.”Fuck! Her words were such a turn on.I continued fucking mom’s glorious tits as she held them tight over my prick, so they squeezed my shaft as it slid between the flesh there towards her chin.I still didn’t feel like I was going cum, though.”Almost mom,” I said, “But not quite there yet.”Then she said, “Stop, and we’ll try something else.”My hard on was still raging, but I stopped fucking her boobs.Mom stood up and walked to the other side of the single sofa chair, picked up the semen beaker, which had been on the coffee table, and sat down. I followed her and then stood with my hard on in front of her so it was level with her face, as she sat.”Jacob, as it looks like it’s getting harder for you to cum now, as we’ve done it so many times today. I’m going to try something else. I think it’s a good sign that its taking much longer for you now, so what I’m going to do is only to help you cum, remember.””Er…ok,” I said, not sure what she meant.”I’m going to stimulate your cock with my mouth. But before I do that, I should warn you that most men find it very arousing, and they can cum quite quickly, especially if they are not used to it, like you. But as it is taking you so long to cum now, I think it would be appropriate under the circumstances.I blushed, and my dick raged up at the thought of what she’d just said.”Um, ok mom… err… thanks.” Fuck! This was all still too good to be true!Mom, then still holding the semen beaker in one hand, beckoned me to come closer to her.With the tip of my cock about and inch from her mouth, she slowly moved towards it and engulfed the entire cock head with her mouth. The feeling was like nothing I had ever güvenilir bahis şirketleri felt before.Slowly, she took more and more of the shaft into her mouth, and started making slurping noises, as she let her saliva cover my cock, as she sucked on it, almost like it was a lollipop.Fuck!I put one hand on top of her head for support as she carried on sucking on me.Then she stopped her sucking action for a moment, and with the tip of her tongue started lapping at and licking my piss slit, and around my cock head.Fuck!Then, after a few moments, she stopped that, and went back to sucking my shaft, taking more and more of it into her mouth.The sensation of mom’s mouth and tongue on me was so wonderful that after just a few moments I felt the cum rise in my balls.”Ok, I’m gonna cum mom,” I said to warn her.She immediacy stopped sucking on me, positioned the semen beaker correctly and, started pumping me with her right hand. She did that just in time, as shortly, with the sensation of her hand over my shaft, I came in spurts as I grunted and shouted, “Ahhh! Uhhh!” Finally, as my cum waves subsided, I flopped down on the 3-seater sofa, my head slightly spinning.As I recovered, mom said, “Well, not so much this time. I think we may be getting to find out your limits for a day.”I looked over at the semen beaker and saw my cum was about half than normal. I sort of felt relieved, as it seemed to show my body did have a limit.”That was really good mom,” I said. “Your mouth really helped to stimulate me. It was very arousing.””It normally is for a man,” she replied. “I haven’t done that for ages. Not since your father left. He always used to like me doing it to him.”I blushed again, still felling a little embarrassed about the whole thing.This time, mom seemed to notice my blushing and said, “You do seem to go red sometimes when I talk about stimulating you Jacob. You must stop that. This is all for medical reasons, as we need to let Dr Taylor know just how must cum you are producing. You must be more relaxed with me.””Err… sure mom,” I said. “I’ll try. It’s just that… um… you know… talking to you and doing these things is sort of hard for me as it’s new, and not knowing if you’re ok with it.””Well, maybe we’ll have to work on that,” replied mom. “We’ll have to get you used talking more freely with me. We should practice””What do you mean?” I replied.”You may use crude language more with me Jacob. That may help to remove the embarrassment that you feel. Once you are comfortable in doing that with me in our sessions and as we build up to them, I’m sure you will also be able to cum better as it often helps a man to cum when talking like that, and feeling comfortable to talk like that with a woman. As an example, say you want to fuck my tits.”I blushed again. “There you’re doing it again,” said mom.”Sorry,” I replied. “I want to fuck your tits mom.””Good. Now say how you like my ass, but in a more crude way.”I thought for a moment and then said, feeling a bit more confident, “I love your fucking ass mom. It’s so juicy and fleshy, and I love to rub my hard cock all over it.” I felt a twitch of a movement in my cock, as I said those words, even though I had just cum.”Even better,” replied mom. “And do you like fucking mommy’s titties?””Yea,” I replied, almost straight away. “Your tits are so fucking hot I want to suck them and play with them and see them bounce up and down and fuck them.””Good young man. I see we are making progress. Now, tell me that you want to see my pussy.”Fuck! Mom had never mentioned that before and I blushed again.”Er…” I hesitated.”I didn’t say fuck my pussy, but you can see it if you like, as it may help you to cum more,” she added.I took a deep breath and said. “I want to see your hot pussy mom,” and then feeling braver, I added, “I want to see your cunt.””Good boy!” said mom out loud and looking pleased with me.Then taking the initiative, I said. “And I want see your hot asshole and lick it.””Excellent,” replied mom, much to my surprise that she had not raised an objection to this. My dick was moving now and mom saw it.”Good. I can see all this talk is having an effect on you Jacob. But I’m sure you’re some time away from cumming again. So let’s drink some more of this wine and I’ll stay semi naked like this in my lingerie until you are ready again.”I gulped and looking over at mom hard in the eyes, I thought I saw a sparkle there I had not seen in a long time.

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