Milkmaid For My Father-in-law

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Milkmaid For My Father-in-lawMilkmaid For My Father-In-LawAs my six month old son Eric nursed, I felt wetness between my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I was so horny. My husband Jon is wonderful but he is reluctant to resume our sexual activities, even though the doctor said it was okay. Now, Jon was using the excuse of not wanting to make noise while his Dad is visiting us. Being frustrated, I even kept my snatch shaved after the delivery because Jon used to love the way it felt on his face.My breast felt hard as I tucked it back in my nightgown after the early morning feeding. Producing more milk than the little guy needed I had to relieve myself by expressing or any means I could find. Of course one of the advantages of getting pregnant is my 36 B tits have blossomed.(Meanwhile)I woke up with a hard-on. At my age that was a nice surprise. The other thing that comes at my age is the need to piss in the middle of the night. Standing over the toilet I shook off the last droplets of pee. My cock was still hard as I stroked it thinking of my dear wife who had died two years before. There have been with a few women since but they were short lived…. I’m so horny. Shoving my stiff dick back in my pajama pants I opened the door to return to my room.“Oh ..I’m…I’m sorry.. Dad?”“No… it’s my fault honey.. I’m sorry.. Didn’t see you.”I literally ran into my father-in-law in the dark hall. We both reached out to steady ourselves. My hand fell on his surprisingly hard cock and his hand grabbed my full breast. Standing still, neither of us removed our hand. In fact I began to tighten my grip pulling back and forth. Al felt the wetness of my leaking breast through the gown. He pulled and milked my erect nipple between his thumb and index finger and licked the excess. Our bodies pressed together. We kissed. Tongues urgently searching the others mouth. I tasted myself on his tongue. The timing was right, or perhaps wrong, for two needy people to come together.“Oh Dad you’re so hard… and thick,” I said as canlı bahis I continued to stroke his shaft.“Your tit is so full and hard.. Are you leaking?”“Yes… well… I’m lactating… I need…” My father-in-law’s lips circled my thick nipple. Al began tasting the sweet nectar through my thin nightgown. His sucking felt so good, my pussy was burning with desire. Holding his cock, I led him to his room. Guiding him, I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled down his pajama bottoms. The wonderful pinkish-brown wand I had stroked, glistened in the soft light of the room. Removing my full breast from the gown I squirted my milk on his magnificent manhood. Al freed my other tit. His fingertips glided over the swollen mound as I kissed the purple head of his cock, tasting the mix of my milk and his pre-cum. I licked the underside of his shaft while I cupped his heavy balls, intermittently tightening and losing my touch. Nibbling the side of his shaft back to the meaty head he cried out. “Oh.. Yes Karen.. Uhhh. yes Oh your lips… your tongue… move it around the head…under …Oh my god my..… Uhhhaaa take me in your mouth… Uhhh…Ohhh… yes swirl that tantalizing tongue… Ohhhh… yes suck… it… Suck your Daddy’s cock… Ohhh .. Fuck me with your mouth…Ohhh…”Keeping my lips on the knob I pushed his dick between my milk soaked boobs, continuing to lick and suck his shaft. Momentarily lifting my head I whispered, “Cum in my mouth Daddy… cum in your little girl’s mouth… Pleassssseee..”Taking him back between my lips, I felt his cock jump, expand and explode! My mouth was suddenly filled with a burst of fluid and then another and another. His cock continued to quiver and shoot hot sticky cum into my mouth. I swallowed.. My pussy tingled.“Oh Dad… that was just what I needed…,” I said, cum dripping from my chin.“Me too baby… you’ll never know how much I needed that… You are a wonderful cock-sucker. My son is a lucky guy.”“That’s just it Dad we haven’t had sex since before the baby was born…. I’m so very horny.”“Well young bonus veren siteler lady.. Just lay back and let your old father-in-law pleasure you.”“Oh… Dad… yes… oh your tongue.. mmmm… my pussy… yes… yes lick my cunt.. Ahhaa Oooooh my clit.. Yes my clit.. OooOoo. Your fingers…. ooOOOo.. god Dad. I’m cummm.. I’m Cumming…. Oh Daddy…”“Karen, your pussy is so wet.. So tight… so sweet.““Dad… I want to feel that big cock in me…. Oh fuck me Dad… fuck your naughty daughter-in-law… I want to be your slut…Yes slide it in…. Uhh Ahhha… Al… Al.. fuck your little girl…. Oh Daddy… deeper… yes… yes… oh god.. oh god…..oh god….. Ooohhhh yes… yes…. Fuck me hard… pound my pussy… Oh Daddy… Daddy.. Daddy…. DA…. DEEE!”“Oh baby.. You’re so tight…. Did I hurt you?”“No.. no.. Al… it was wonderful….. a fantastic fuck and cum… But I better get back before Jon wakes up.”(The next morning)“Good morning Al…. coffee?”“Sounds good… Jon left for work?”Nodding Karen said, “and the baby is asleep… Cream or should I say milk?”“Sure… Oh my god … you’re. . . You’re squirting….in my coffee… Oh what beautiful milk jugs…Big dark nipples. . . Can I drink right from of the container?” He said with a laugh and engulfed her thick nipple with his lips.“Oh Dad.. Last night was so wonderful…. Mmmm you nurse Mommy’s boob sooo good. I… I … I can feel your sucking down in my pussy….”Wiping the residue of her juice from his chin Al said, “Did you know there is a fetish of adult breastfeeding. Up until last night I thought it was a weird thing… but now… I see… it’s fantastic!”“Well Daddy I enjoy it too and as long as there is some left over after Eric feeds… you’re welcome to it. Frankly it’s one of the most erotic things I’ve experienced…. But I would love for you to shove that big cock of yours up my ass…. I haven’t had a good butt-fuck in years.”I pulled my robe up to my waist and bent over the kitchen table. Al knelt behind me.“Oh yeah.. Oohh Daddy… yes lick my butt.. Uha… yes.. Yes up my crack… Oh… you found deneme bonusu my rosebud… Ohhh.”“Mmmm and a tight, little sweet hole it is…. Hand me that Almond oil on the table.”“Oh Daddy… yes slide your finger.. Uha.. Fingers in….. Oh… yes my clit too…”Standing up Al said, “Ready for Daddy’s reamer?”“Oh yes.. Oh yes ram your rod up my ass… Uha.. Ohhh …. Oh YES! Fuck me Daddy.. Fuck your baby girl’s ass… Fuck my butt… Oh fuck me in the ass….Oh.”“God your asshole is so tight… I can feel the rings tighten on my cock….”“Yes.. Yes.. Slap those big hairy balls against my cunt… Ohh…”“I’m cumming baby..”“Yes I.. Oh.. Your hot cum filled my ass…I‘m cum… Cumming tooo.” Al pulled out with a popping sound. The mix of his jiz and my juices ran down my leg.“Hay honey…I forgot my…. What the shit is going on here?. . .Dad?”“Son…. It’s all my fault… I. . .”“No Jon it’s me. . . I have been so horny and you wouldn’t touch me… and last night… your Dad and me.”“Last night?”“Damn Jon I need to be held… I need to be touched… I need to be fucked… I need to be loved. . .and you keep making excuses……. Except now I see from the bulge in your pants…”“Here… bitch.. Suck my cock… you want a fuck.. I’ll give you a fuck…No don‘t leave Dad.. You should have some more of this too…. Bend over… I‘m gona fuck you from behind while you suck Dad‘s cock till it gets hard …”Jon slapped my ass till it stung. “There… that’s for being a bad girl.” He slid his cock into my cunt wile I pulled the head of Al’s dick into my mouth, moving my tongue back and forth…… I felt his cock expand as I sucked….. He was ready and Jon’s knees quivered as he slammed forward and filled my love cave with his sticky lotion. Seconds later my husband’s father shot his wade against the back of my throat. Fucking both of them at the same time was so hot…. I had a super climax.“Jon… I want you to taste this,” I said as I turned offering my heaving breast to his lips.. Al took the other in his mouth. He stroked my bald pussy sliding his fingers into my cum dripping, sopping cunt while Jon rubbed and patted my pink butt cheeks.*****Eric is my priority and I make sure he gets his fill…. But there always seems to be some left for my two baby-big-boys and each time they have enough meat and sauce to satisfy me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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