Mom & Daughter Go to the Beach

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Mom & Daughter Go to the BeachChapter 1Mom and I walked along the beach and we admired the glow of the moon as the warm summer air gently carried the ocean smell into our nostrils. This was the end of our first day at the beach.It was our first real vacation since my dad had walked out on my mom and me. I was alright with him being gone since when he was around he mostly drank and fought with mom. Now it was just my mom and me her f******n year old daughter. We never had much money but mom managed to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.This vacation was a gift from my granddad for my Mom’s 36th birthday. He rented us a small condo unit on the outer banks in a sleepily little resort area. It was perfect for us.”I think we should be headed back now.” Mom said”Ok. Let’s cut through the dunes. It should be a little quicker.” I saidWe headed up a path but just we started to round a corner we heard a groan.”That’s it baby keep sucking! Fuck that feels great!” A man’s voice said as we heard another fainter sound that reminded me of someone sucking on a lollipop.As we stepped around the corner we saw a man standing there with his eyes closed and his face pointed towards the sky. He was naked and there was a girl kneeling in front of him. I saw she had her lips wrapped on his cock and was pumping it with her mouth.My mom just stood there and watched with her mouth open. This was first time I had actually ever seen a cock and I had certainly never seen anyone sucking one. I am certain that my mouth was open too.The girl was moaning and the guy was groaning as her head moved back and forth. I looked at my mom and she just kept watching and did not move. I felt my pussy start to tingle like when cute guy talked to me or when I woke up from a dream sometimes.”Just a little more baby! I need to cum! Suck it baby!” The guy said The girl increased the speed with which she pumped the cock. Suddenly he pulled the cock from her mouth and stroked it with his hand. I saw something fly out of his cock while he groaned. The stuff hit the girl in the face and on her chest.”Give me that cum Brian! Shoot it for me! That’s it! Look at it shoot! That is so fucking hot!” The girl saidI felt my mom take my hand and pull me back towards the beach. We disappeared without the two lovers ever knowing we had seen their sex act. We walked quietly back to our condo unit but I could sense there was tension in my mom.Chapter 2When we got back to the condo we were both very quiet which is unusual for us. I put a movie in the DVD player and fixed some popcorn.”I think I could use a glass of wine.” My mom said as she opened a bottle and filled a glass. “I’m going set out on the deck for a while. Is that ok with you?” She added”Sure mom, I’m going to watch this movie so I’ll be fine.” I repliedAs the movie played I was lost in my thoughts as to what I had seen. I had heard of blow jobs and cocks but it was like a unicorn to me. People could say they were real but I had never seen one. Thinking about it began to make me wonder what it would be like to give one. I was also amazed at how big the guy’s cock was. Did that thing really fit inside a girl’s vagina? I could not imagine that it would fit in mine! Suddenly I noticed just how warm and wet my pussy was. Even more I could not believe how fast my heart was beating and my breathing was harder. I had rubbed my pussy sometimes and that was exactly how I felt without even touching myself.Mom came back in to refill her glass and stopped to look at me as she prepared to go back outside.”Are you feeling ok?” She asked”I’m fine.” I replied with just a little embarrassment in my voiceAfter güvenilir bahis she left the room I lowered my hand down to my pussy and was shocked at how wet I was. As I ran my finger up and down the lips I hit my clit and felt like a jolt of electricity had gone through me. I started rubbing a little faster and my pussy felt so good! My mind formed a vision that there was a cock in front of my face. I could feel the saliva flood my mouth as I waited to take the cock in my mouth. I could feel my mouth open and I stuck two fingers in and sucked them in and out. My orgasm hit me and my ass lifted off the couch as I ground my pussy against my hand. I heard myself moan as I continued to cum even harder. My orgasm was starting to ease and as I opened my eyes I saw my mom standing there.Chapter 3″I guess we should have a talk.” My mom said with a slight slur to her normal voiceI sat up on the couch and felt my face turn red. My mom had just seen me fingering my pussy. I was sure that I was in big trouble. Mom walked over and sat next to me.”I’m sorry mommy! I didn’t…” I started to say but she held her hand up telling me to be quiet.”It’s ok Shelby! What you did is perfectly natural. In fact, I was doing the same thing out on the deck.” She said as she looked me in the eyes and smiled a reassuring smile.”What we saw tonight must have turned us both on. I know it did me! I should have talked to you about it but I was just too sexually stimulated to do anything but try to get some relief.” Mom said”You rubbed your pussy too!” I said with a little shock in my voice as I discovered my mom was a sexual person too.”Shelby it has been a long time since I have had sex. My only relief is my fingers and my toys. When I saw that couple tonight I was really turned on! I should have walked away but I could not help myself to stay and watch. I’m afraid that I was not a very good mother tonight since I exposed you to…””It’s ok mom! I’m glad I got to see what they were doing! I have heard about cocks and blow jobs but now I know what they are really like!”Mom looked me carefully in the eyes and stroked my blonde hair in a motherly way.”I guess my little girl is growing up!””Thanks mom! I love you!””Shelby, I want us to have an open relationship when it comes to sex. I want you to know that you can come to me any time and talk with me about anything. Is that ok?””Yes mom. I would like that! I have always thought of you as a friend as well as my mom.””Good! So do you have any questions about what you saw tonight?””Mom is it fun to give a blow job?” I asked”You were fantasizing about it when you were fingering your pussy? Right?” She asked but then continued “You really are my daughter! I love sucking cock and it can be big turn on!” Mom said as her face lit up”How old were you when you sucked the first time?” I askedMom was quiet for moment as if reliving a special time. Then she said “I was fifteen and yes I liked it right away! When we saw that girl tonight I wanted to take her place so bad. As I said I love sucking cock!””Do all guys have cocks as big as that guy did tonight?””He was rather large. I think that is what made me stop and look. He might have been more than 10 inches! Most men are more like 6 or 7 inches but some are bigger and some smaller.” Mom said”I can’t imagine that thing actually fitting in my pussy. Do you think he can actually get it in a girl?””Shelby your pussy actually can handle that just fine. When women have a baby think how much they have to stretch so even a large cock can fit. The big thing is to make sure your pussy is well lubricated. Usually you will be just fine with türkçe bahis your own juices but there are lubes that can be used.””My pussy did get really wet thinking about it!” I giggled and mom did too”You weren’t the only one! It has been too long since I have been with a man!” Mom laughed”Why is that mommy?””Well I wasn’t sure how you would handle me dating. Besides I really don’t want to be in a relationship. Your dad has soured me on men. What I really need is just an occasional fuck!” She joked”Mom, I hear that guys really just want sex so why don’t you just find a guy and do it?” I asked seriously”I guess I didn’t want you to think I was a slut. How would you feel if there were different men coming and spending the night with me?””Now that I know how you feel I would be ok with it.” I said”Really?” Mom looked at me again”Mom you should find a guy here at the beach and have sex! Nobody knows you here so it would just be a fling!” I said and smiledChapter 4The next morning we got ready to go the beach. I was wearing my sexy little yellow bikini which fit my petite body just right. Even my little A cup tits looked nice with my slender frame.Mom looked really hot in her red one peace. Her sandy blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail. I thought mom had a smoking body. She was about 5′ 7″ with real curvy hips and a nice butt. Her tits were perfect D cup and very firm.”The guys are going really check you out in that Mom! I hope I look like you some day. Maybe I would find a boyfriend then.” I laughed”Well I think I better watch not just the boys around you but every man on the beach as well. You look like a walking wet dream. You do know that most guys love sexy young teen girls?” She smiled”Thanks mom but you’re the one looking for a cock today.” I grinned”Alright let’s go to the beach and see if we can make some guys horny.” She giggledWhen we got to the beach we looked around and saw a few other people settling in for a day of sunning, swimming and people watching. Mom spread out her towel and we put lotion in each other. I then noticed another group a short distance away. There were four guys and one girl. I caught my breath when I recognized her as the girl from the prior night. Sure enough not far away was the guy she had sucked off. I gave my mom a gentle shove and pointed to the group down the beach from us. Mom at first did not understand but then she saw the guy. She got big smile.”Well Mr. Big Dick is on the beach!” She whispered to me.Just few minutes later a Frisbee came and landed next to us. The same guy came running up and started to pick it up.”Excuse me. Didn’t mean disturb you ladies but my friends seem to be little careless.” He said with a smile while looking at my mom’s titsHe threw the Frisbee back and jogged away. Only a couple of minutes later the Frisbee landed at my feet. The same guy ran up again. I handed him the Frisbee with a smile.”Sorry once again!” He said and once again ogled my mom and then me. “Maybe you would like to play too?” He asked while looking at me”Ok! I’m not very good” I said and joined them as they tossed the disk back and forth. They all introduced themselves. Brian was Mr. Big Dick and he was 17. Lisa was the girl and she was fifteen. Keith was Lisa’s older brother and Brian’s friend. Keith was 18. Josh was Lisa other brother and he had just turned 14. The older man with them was their Dad, Robert. They were on vacation and Robert was divorced from the k**’s mother and he had them for the summer.As we played and talked together I would notice that Brian would check my mom out. After a while Robert got up and introduced himself to my güvenilir bahis siteleri mom. They seemed to be having good conversation and Robert fixed them some drinks from time to time.We all started playing in the surf and after a while I noticed that Mom and Robert were nowhere to be seen. I really needed to pee so I excused myself and headed for the condo. When I opened the door I heard a moan coming from down the hall in the bedroom. I walked as I continued to hear moaning that I recognized as my mom. The bedroom door was open and my mom was on her back with legs spread and Robert had his face buried in her snatch.”YES! Eat my pussy! I need to cum so bad! Make cum and I will do anything!” My mom screamedI watched as Robert used one hand to pull on her nipple and the other fingered her hole. He was sucking on her clit and mom was grabbing the sheets on the bed so hard her fingers were turning white. Suddenly Robert pulled back and shifted his hand. Mom’s eyes flew wide open with her mouth. Her hips jerked so hard I thought the bed would break.”OOOOHHH MY GOD!!!! Fuck…. Fuck…fuck…” Were the words that poured from her mouth along the other moaning sounds of pleasure. Robert again licked her open hole and tongued her clit while his hand jerked below her butt. Suddenly her body went totally limp. Robert kissed his way up her body. I could see him kissing her neck and ear.”So do I eat pussy well?” He asked”Fuck yes! I have never cum like that before. I thought I was going to lose it when you put your finger in my ass!” Mom saidMy mom then lowered her head to Robert’ stomach as he lay on his back I saw his cock for the first time. It was bigger than Brian’s from the night before! Not only was it longer but it was thick! My mom stroked it and then licked the tip.”Mmm! Tasty! I love a big dick and you have a whooper!” She said as she wrapped her lips and started pumping on his cock.She could barely get half of it in her mouth so she pumped with her hand and her mouth. I could hear the wet slurping sounds as she started fingering her clit.”Fuck Barb you suck great but I want stick this cock in your pussy! I want it now!” He said as he lifted Mom up and positioned her so that she was squatting over that huge cock. She grabbed the shaft and pointed at her dripping hole. I heard a long moan come from her throat as she impaled herself on the penis!I watched as the cock slowly moved over half way in then mom lifted up and pushed hard as over two thirds entered her. I could hear her breathing hard as she rocked back and forth as he went deeper and deeper. Then he held her hips as he started pumping harder and harder into her. I was fascinated remembering that mom said pussy could stretch to take a big cock. As mom leaned forward and start to pull up I could see pussy lips clinging to his monster cock.”Damn that is one fine hot pussy!” Robert moaned”Your cock is fantastic but I really need to be fucked hard!” Mom said as she got off and put her butt up in the air. Robert got behind her and slid his whole cock deep. Mom moaned louder as he began to pound his cock in and out if her pussy. Mom could no longer say anything that I could understand but I knew she was loving the fucking she was getting.”Take it! Take it you cock slut!” Robert shouted as he pounded her faster. Mom just continued to moan and breathe harder. I could see Robert was straining as he fucked her deep and hard.”Cumming!” Was all he said as he spurted sperm into her pussy. I could see some of it drip out as they kept fucking. They then collapsed and I decided it was time to leave.To be continued…..(A word from the author. This story is a creation of only my perverted mind. If you enjoyed the story show your appreciation with a thumb up or a comment. Please visit my profile to sample other tales from my perverted mind. I am always looking for new ideas so message me with any thoughts.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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