My 3 Sisters & one Cousin

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My 3 Sisters & one Cousin
I came home from school to find my 28yr old sister Tara had moved back home after separating with her husband which meant the bedrooms had been changed around to make room for her, l was put into the small room while Tara and my younger sister Sally were sharing my old bedroom, luckily my middle sister Claire was at university. Tara was a plump girl she didn’t have large tits but always wore baggy tops so when she leant forward it was easy for me to get a lovely view of her tits and the short skirts meant l could always see her knickers when she bent over, Tara had puffy pussy lips.
It was a Friday afternoon when my parents took off in their caravan with my younger sister Sally for a long weekend. That evening l was laying on my bed in just a pair of boxers listening to music when my door opened, Tara came in only wearing a bra and high knickers (not sexy) but l could clearly see the impression of her pussy, she asked to use the big mirror on my wardrobe, seeing my sister in just bra and knickers got my cock hard, she posed in front of the mirror, l innocently remark ‘you haven’t got a willy’ she looked over at me and told me not to be stupid, she was a girl, Tara always saw me as her baby brother so l played the innocent young boy even though l was nearly 16. I asked ‘how do you wee’, Tara not sure if l was serious gave me a strange stare, l could see by the look on her face she wasn’t sure whether to explain the difference between male and female or not, but instead told me to ask my teacher, she dressed then went out for a drink with her friends.
When she was out l went to the bathroom to have a wank into a pair of her knickers then once l had shot my thick load over them l put the knickers back in the wash basket and went to my bedroom not realising Tara was now home and stood on the landing her eyes fixed on my cock which was still quite thick and hard, l had forgotten all about being naked as it didn’t bother me anyway, l simply said ‘your back early’ and went to my room to carry on listening to music. I was lying on my bed naked when Tara came into my room wearing a gown, she stood in front of the mirror opened her gown and began looking at herself then enquired if the underwear she was wearing suited her, but l could see she was using the mirror to look at me stretched out on the bed. My sister sat on the edge of the bed, l asked if she had a good night before she began telling how her night went Tara told me l should cover myself, l played dumb and said she was jealous because she doesn’t have a willy, so can’t wee, which made her laugh then explained that girls have vaginas which l already knew because l had sex education in the 4th year and l had put my finger into Debbie Hollis’s pussy, the more my sister explained in detail the harder my cock became, l began to imagine her touching my cock and told Tara to show me her vagina because l didn’t believe her, my sister made me promise not to tell anyone, stood up took down her knickers then sat back on my bed and opened her legs there was some hair covering her hole, it was the very first pussy l had seen in real life, l reached out and ran my finger between her lips then asked her to pull it apart, Tara spread her pussy lips, my cock became rock hard, l pointed at my shaft and said ‘look what your vagina has done’ then told Tara she could touch me because she let me touch her vagina. My sister took hold of my hard shaft, her hand was so warm l let out ‘mmm that’s nice’ Tara quickly let go so l told her to do it again because l liked it, her hand grasped my shaft once more and slowly slid downwards exposing the head of my cock, my sister did it again and again when the next thing l know l’m shooting my spunk with so much force it goes over her bra, belly with some on her leg and the remains dribble from the head of my cock onto her hand, l apologised, Tara sat looking at me then blurted out ‘fuck, lm covered’ so l said sorry again, she told me not to apologise because she was impressed by the amount l shot. My sister took 2 of my fingers and placed them at the top of her pussy, she put one of her fingers into her hole and together we gently slid our fingers up and down, Tara began making soft low moans then ordered me to go faster, next she was sliding herself onto my fingers then gave a loud whimper and fell beside me with her eyes shut, l looked at her, her eyes opened, she smiled and pressed her mouth to mine her tongue flicked around my mouth, l could taste the wine she had been drinking earlier. We both composed ourselves and after a little snogging Tara went back to her room.
I lay in bed going over what had happened at the same time gently stroking my cock, 15 or 20 minutes later my shaft was hard and ready to shoot another sticky load, so l plucked up courage to go to my sister Tara’s room and get into her bed. She didn’t realise l was lying behind her even though l lifted her nightie and pressed my hard cock against her bum, Tara backed onto me causing my cock to slip between her bum cheeks. My sister spun around letting out ‘what you doing’ l kissed one of her tits and informed her, l was hard and want to do it again, she gave a grin and told me l was a randy little devil, we began kissing l felt her hand take hold of my cock l let out a low moan of pleasure as she slid her hand down my stiff shaft, my sister whispered she’ll tell me when to shoot my load this time. Tara kissed her way down to my cock then l felt her warm breath on the tip of my cock as my sister took me into her wet mouth, she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri will never know how difficult it was for me not to open my floodgates and fill her mouth with my steaming hot sticky cum, but l held back. She worked her soft lips back up to mine then whispered ‘don’t cum in me’ and rolled onto her back, l got between her legs and with Tara’s help she got the head of my cock to part her pussy lips and the rest l just did instinctively pushing my hips downwards, her oh so hot hole swallowed my cock then when l was fully inside my sister she gave a low gasp and let out ‘oh god’, l began easing my cock a little way out of her moist pussy working up to deep fast thrusting, each time l drove my shaft into her, my sister would gulp in mouthfuls of air and as she exhaled would order l fuck her harder. I could feel my balls begin to tighten with a tingling running along my shaft, Tara must have felt my pre-cum dribbling inside her, l was at the point of withdrawing my cock from my sister’s fantastic warm wet pussy when she wrapped her legs around me and yelled ‘cum now! cum now!’, l gave a deep thrust of my cock inwards and held it there, my balls exploded sending load after load of thick creamy spunk inside my sister, she tightened the grip of her legs around me, l gave a hard push of my cock into her cum swallowing pussy, Tara cried ‘ahh, ahh, don’t stop, ahh yeah, ahh yeah’ and slowly we both came down to earth hot sweaty and fucked. My sister gave me a kiss and told me to go back to my own bed then when l was standing beside her bed, she leant over to give my cock a quick suck, when my sister had finished sucking l was told to stay in bed for the rest of the night. I slept well that night but was woken in the morning by Tara wanking and sucking my cock this time she didn’t want me filling her warm pussy but wanted my spunk over her tits which l didn’t mind because to shoot cum in or over her was fantastic.
Now that me and my sister Tara had our first fuck, she would sneak into my bed at night although my sister would let me fill her warm moist pussy on some occasions she preferred l shot my sticky load over her face, tits, pussy or bum, when we got into a 69 then my sister would hold my cock to the back of her throat and gulp down all l shot from my cock. One weekend while our parents were away Tara wanted me to try fucking her while she peed, she got onto all fours in the bathroom and l positioned myself behind her, Tara slowly began to pee then l was ordered to put my cock into the trickling pussy, l couldn’t get the angle right so we next tried my sister on her back and this time as she began to pee l would force my cock into her pussy, all was going well till Tara started a full flow her belly began to swell as l fucked her but the pressure became that strong my cock popped out like a cork in a bottle after that we didn’t bother.
There was a cousins wedding coming up and all the family were invited so my middle sister Claire came home from university for 6 days which meant she would share with Tara and my younger sister Sally was to share my room and it was me on the camp bed, it also meant l was unable to fuck my sister Tara. I was in my room when my sister Sally came in wearing a long cotton nightie ready for bed, l didn’t really take much notice of her but when she fell asleep on top of the quilt her nightie was almost up around her waist showing her smooth soft pussy with a covering of light blonde hair. I waited till everyone was asleep then quietly move the camp bed close to Sally’s bed so l could reach over and play with my sister, l could get a finger into her pussy right up to my second knuckle, l became more daring and started licking her inviting hole sliding my tongue between her pussy lips, all of a sudden Sally rolled over onto her belly to reveal her white soft round bum, l couldn’t help myself and stripped naked then lowered myself carefully onto her back with my cock resting on her bum sandwiched between us, l slowly began rubbing myself up and down against her, the excitement started my pre-cum dribbling from the tip of my cock increasing the sensation which became too much, l shot my creamy hot load over my sister’s lower back and bum cheeks, when my balls were empty l gently lifted myself off and grabbed a handful of tissues to wipe the spunk from my sister’s back and bum when she rolled onto her back, l wasn’t about to turn her over anyway l had emptied my spunk filled balls so went to sleep happy and contented.
The next night l was more confident and more prepared for using my sister Sally, l had taken some Vaseline from Tara’s dresser. Once Sally had fallen asleep l removed her nightie then gave her warm smooth pussy a tongue licking before pushing a good amount of Vaseline into her hole so it would make finger fucking her easier, l tried to get my finger further up inside her but she began to wriggle, now l had opened her smooth hole l got between her legs and parted her lips with the head of my cock then slowly eased my shaft into her, Sally began to shuffle about, so l had to take my cock from her pussy. My sister looked good enough to eat under me so l kissed her then worked my lips down to her pussy to fuck her with my tongue, it got to the point l had to shoot my boiling spunk so gently rolled her onto her belly lowered myself onto her back then like the night before began rubbing myself against her with my cock sandwiched on her bum, Sally got a good covering of spunk, l didn’t bother to clean her up before casino firmalari returning to my own bed.
The next afternoon everyone was out except for me and my middle sister Claire, l was downstairs when Claire appeared and went into the kitchen wearing just knickers and a T-shirt, her knickers were very skimpy, l got into position to get a good view of her going back upstairs, as soon as her back was to me l was wanking, boy did she get me hard. When l heard her bedroom door close l ran to my room and began wanking bringing myself to near cumin then stopped, l would imagine what Claire’s pussy looked like and had to find out, gently knocking on her door l got no answer so slowly opened the door she was laying on the bed with her eyes closed wearing headphones. Sliding out of my shorts and pants l crept into the room and laid on top of her, off came her knickers before she started to really struggle, luckily all of my sisters are short and not to strong l could easily part Claire’s legs with my knee, as she struggled Claire was asking, what did l think l was doing, my cock was a little way up her pussy, l thrust downwards forcing my cock all the way inside my sister then as l began fucking her, her wriggling and struggling got less and less till she lay still under me, Claire began lifting her hips to meet my downward thrusts when l began fucking her faster she let out low whimpers and saying ‘no!’ then in the next breath moaning ‘yess, ah yes’, l slowed the fucking of Claire, she dug her finger nails into my back telling me ‘faster, go faster’ so increasing my thrusting her moans became loud, l didn’t tell her she was about to be filled with a nice thick sticky load of my steaming hot spunk but just rammed my shaft hard into her wet warm hole, Claire lifted her legs into the air as if she knew what was about to happen, l opened the gate to my balls so my spunk could flood her womb then run into her fallopian tubes, l kept my shaft wedged in her pussy till we had both recovered then looked at my sister, she ordered l get off her and never talk of what happened to anyone. Looking back as l left the room Claire was cleaning her dribbling spunk filled pussy, she looked up and l grinned, my sister declared l should wipe that smile off my face because it wasn’t funny what l did, l kept smiling and left. We did fuck one more time before she went back to university, Tara was out for the night so that meant Claire was on her own, l had just had a play with my sister Sally but needed to get my cock inside a nice warm pussy so sneaked into Claire’s bed forced her onto her belly lifted her nightie up and spread her legs with my knee, Once she realised what l wanted Claire didn’t struggle at all. I lifted her hips so her bum was raised and found my sister’s pussy hole to slide my shaft into her oh so warm hole then began fucking her like mad, Claire was pushing herself onto me as l slammed my cock into her pussy, she and l where both close to climaxing, Claire had the opportunity to slide herself of my shaft as the first sticky load of spunk shot from my cock filling her inside but she held herself impaled on my cock as another of my loads flooded her inside, l gripped my sister’s hips and shot one last thick creamy sticky load, then gave little jerks of my cock into her cum filled womb, when l released my hold on her hips she fell forward. I left my sister Claire face down panting with spunk dribbling from between her pussy lips, by the time l got up the next morning she had gone back to university, we didn’t really speak to each other after that night and we have never spoken of fucking each other.
On the day of the wedding, we arrived early at the hotel and all us youngsters were put on the top floor, my room had a door which was connected to the next room, l was sorting out my clothes when it opened and my cousin Debbie poked her head into the room, she was a year younger than me, Debbie was a good looking but a real geek. We all had orders to change then meet at reception to get on the coach that took us all to the church then back for the speeches and finely the party. I spent the night dancing and chatting with my younger sister Sally, l was letting her drink some of my lager because l had plans of getting her in my room to give her a proper fucking no rubbing myself against her bum, but it didn’t work quite as l planned, Sally knocked my drink over me so l went to get changed, when in my room l thought l would have a quick wank into a pair of my cousin Debbie’s knickers, went into her room and found a nice silky lace fronted pair and began wanking myself off with them, l was getting a good rhythm going when l heard someone at the main door, l didn’t have time to get back through the dividing door so dashed into the bathroom. It was my uncle Martin, Debbie’s father carrying her in his arms, she was out of it due to drinking too much, l watched from the bathroom as he placed her on the bed then undressed her got his cock out and lay between the legs of his daughter and began fucking her, when he finished my uncle Martin got up put his cock away and left. My first reaction was to get out of the room but as l passed Debbie, l could clearly see her father’s spunk coming from her pussy lips, so l went to my room stripped came back to take my turn fucking cousin Debbie, her dripping hole was so wet, warm and sticky but my cock felt good buried inside her, all the time l was fucking her she didn’t move or wake so it meant l could practice giving love-bites which l did on her tits before güvenilir casino dumping a good load of hot creamy cum inside her to mix with the fresh load Debbie’s father pumped inside her. I got from between Debbie’s legs and stood beside the bed looking down at her, she was a mess, l went back to my room to put on some clothes then returned to Debbie’s room and pissed between her legs so she would wake thinking she had wet herself, l then went back to my sister Sally waiting for me at the party.
When l returned Sally was dancing with a boy, which made me angry, when she came to the table l told my sister she wasn’t to dance with anyone but me, she gave me a strange stare then l got her to drink two vodkas before telling her she had to come to my room as l wanted to show her something. Once we were in the room l held Sally against the wall and tried to kiss her, she turned her head but l got my lips to hers then when my tongue was in her mouth she began to respond by putting her arms around me and slipping her tongue into my mouth, our kissing became more intense as l began to remove her top and lift my sister’s bra over her head, Sally’s tits were no more than a small handful. I sucked and flicked my tongue over her nipples, next l got my cock free and placed her hand around my shaft, Sally must have wanked a cock before as she needed no coaxing, l got a hand under her skirt to gently rub her warm virgin pussy through the material of her cotton knickers. Her dress fell to the floor, Sally helped me remove my shirt and trousers, l led her to the bed and ordered my sister to take off her knickers as l removed my pants, Sally nervously asked if we were going to have sex, l laid between her legs and answered ‘yes’ then kissed her, Sally innocently admitted she had never done it before, l told her to just relax then worked my mouth down to my sister’s warm soft pussy she tasted so sweet on my tongue l felt her hands on the back of my head so drove my tongue further into her sweet pussy, raising her legs l was able to get right inside her with my tongue, l wanted her as wet as possible because that night my cock was going fully inside my sister’s Sally’s tight virgin hole. After giving her a good wet tongue fucking, l got into position between her legs and guided the swollen head of my cock into her pussy entrance to feel her lips unfold over the head of my hard pole, l pushed downwards and released the hold l had on my shaft, it found its own way inside my sister. The girth of my shaft began to stretch Sally’s virgin pussy then l reached her hymen, l asked if she had any pain then gave a hard thrust downwards breaking through so my shaft was fully wedged inside my sister, we kissed before l started to fuck her, now her pussy was opened we got into a doggy which Sally found slightly uncomfortable she said my cock was much deeper inside her so got onto her back, l slid my shaft inside my sister’s warm moist tight pussy to fuck her hard, the faster my rhythm became the higher l raised her legs to get my cock right up inside her. I could tell she was close to orgasm because her moans and cries were becoming louder my balls tightened l thrust my shaft hard into her hole and began to empty the contents of my balls deep inside my sister Sally, Sally let out a gasp as my steaming hot spunk began to fill her womb. We stay locked together kissing for a while then laid side by side, l made Sally say she loved me and would do what l said then she had to promise she can never have a boyfriend because l would be the only boy who has sex with her after she agreed l let her go back to her own room as it was getting late.
In the morning l saw uncle Martin with his wife my aunt Lilly, l had to wonder if he fucked her as well the night before after fucking his daughter Debbie. Debbie was sat by the entrance not looking to good. My sister stepped from the lift with her bags and came over to me l whispered ‘l want to fuck you’, she laughed replying that my man seed was running out of her when she was in bed so had to put tissues between her legs, l told her she is going to get a lot more of my seed inside her then we loaded the car for the journey home.
Our first fuck at home was when she came home one afternoon and we were alone so began kissing which got my cock hard, l ordered my sister Sally to go to her room take her knickers off but keep her uniform on then lay on the bed with her legs open. I stripped and went into Sally’s room, she had done as l asked and looked ready for a good fucking, getting between her legs we kissed as l found her hole with my cock and slid inside her, l started fucking my sister hard and fast telling her she was my bitch and only my cock was ever going inside her. Talking to Sally as if she was a whore seemed to get me even more excited than l was, sliding my cock from her moist pussy l ordered her on all fours and got up behind her soft round bum and fucked Sally doggy, l was getting my shaft right up inside her she began to moan but at the same time wince as my cock was going so deep inside her but her wincing turned to cries of pleasure when she felt my steaming hot load of creamy spunk begin to fill her womb, Sally buried her head into the pillow to muffle her moans. I don’t think l had ever shot so much spunk once the flow started l felt like she was sucking every drop from my balls with her inner pussy muscles, Sally fell forward with me falling on top of her we were both well and truly fucked in every way.
Me and my sister Sally had many years fucking and still do even though lm married to Trudy who is a second cousin, we met at a family party but before we married l confessed to Sally and me being an item. At first Trudy would let me see Sally but when our parents passed away Sally moved in with me, Trudy and three k**s, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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