My Assignment – Part 4

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My Assignment – Part 4verwijderdverwijderdverwijderdverwijderdlet’s get back to the story from the point I had left in the last part. It was almost 3 pm now and I was accompanied with Ramesh Sir, Suresh Sir, Anil Sir and Trevor. I was in my normal black bra with black & grey panty waiting for my next command. I could see Ramesh Sir and Suresh Sir both were tired and needed some sleep. So right after the enjoyed their lunch, they left for their respective room to take an afternoon nap.So I was left with Anil Sir and Trevor in the room alone. Right after Ramesh Sir and Suresh Sir left, Anil Sir locked the and dragged to towards the bed where Trevor was sitting. He asked Trevor if he was in mood for a game and Trevor after a couple of denials agreed for it. It was a simple game where they would blind fold and hand cuff my hands and legs. After that they would perform a one task on me (eg. make me give them a blow job or make me lick their ass hole) and I need to identify who it was from Trevor and Anil Sir. If I guess the right one, I survive without punishment. If I guess the wrong Master, I will be punished there and there. No mercy.So it was typically meant to trouble me as we can know from the rules itself. Trevor called Jules before the game to know about her where about and once he was done with the call the game was started.Anil Sir asked me to tie my hair after which they handcuffed my hands behind my waist and locked my legs as well. The first task was licking arm pit, the first arm pit was pretty sweaty but at the same time was clean with lesser hair. The second one was dry yet smelled bad and had longer hair then the first guy. Since I had been with Anil Sir I knew he have hairy body and I guessed the second guy to be Anil Sir and I was right in the first round. I escaped my punishment which I am sure would have disappointed Trevor for sure.The next round was pretty difficult. It was balls licking round. Each of them made me lick their balls one by one. It was pretty difficult since both had really less hair around their dicks and they did not allowed me to taste their cork at all. I guessed the right way even though I made a random guess and this time too I got saved over the punishment.Once the second round was over, they were discussing the third round when I was randomly kicked in my belly by one of them. It clearly showed some frustration since I somehow managed to skip punishment for the first two rounds and they were definitely building up their anger. The third round was decided and it was licking their nipples. Well I understood that they are being smart about the drills and they were trying to make it as hard as they could for me.As I started licking, I was sure which guy I was licking. Anil Sir has a hairy chest from the center and Trevor has very less hair on his entire body. This time too I guessed it right and now it was three times that I got saved from punishment.Without wasting the time they started with the fourth round in an attempt make my life miserable. The fourth round was, they would lick my nipples together i.e. one guy on one nipple and I need to tell who is licking which nipple. Now this seemed impossible to decide which guy was licking which nipple and in the fourth round I finally made a mistake they were waiting for. Now since I guessed wrong, my punishment was to torture me with electro shock devices that Ramesh Sir had in his bondage tool box.As Anil Sir asked Trevor to wait until he gets the whole of bondage tool box from Ramesh Sir, there was a knock on the door. Before I could realize anything, one of them held my hair from one hand and my arm from his other hand and literally dragged me behind the partition. After which the door was opened and I had no clue who was there on the door.In couple of minutes my blind fold was taken off and I saw Anil Sir uniting my hands and legs. Once I was set free, Anil Sir asked me to wear the clothes they have kept on the bed and get ready since we all were going out to beaches. I breathe a sigh of relief and stretched a little since I was tied up for a long time. When I entered the room, everyone was present there, my three Masters and the foreigner couple. It was a full house and all 10 eyes staring on me.I quietly walked up to the bed and picked my clothes. As I started walking towards the bathroom to change my clothes, Suresh Sir stopped me and asked me to change the clothes there and there itself. Anil Sir asked me to come in center first. I felt embarrassed to change my clothes among five people but I didn’t actually have enough choice.I stood in the center and unhooked my bra from behind while everyone started at me with twinkly eyes. I slowly removed my bra straps from both my hands and slide my bra on the floor. As I reached Anil Sir to take the t-shirt that they had picked for me to wear, he asked me to remove my panties as well and then only they would give me clothes to wear. I wanted this to get over as quickly as I could since I am feeling very embarrassed standing nude between five people whose only target was to make my life miserable. I quietly started bending and sliding my panty towards the floor.I noticed, as I was bending down, all 10 eyes were moving down with my body. As my panty touched the ground, I stepped out of them and again approached Anil Sir for my clothes. He threw the t-shirt behind me and asked me to pick it. I exactly knew what he was doing. He purposefully threw it behind so that I would turn and while I bend over to pick it, they would enjoy the heavenly sight at my glory holes.By now I was also feeling comfortable between them. I too played along with them and very slowly bent down to reach my t-shirt, holding my body as I was fully bent. “Kerasotes” said Trevor. I had no clue of what it meant but the word was very catchy to remember.Once I picked the t-shirt, I saw Jules standing up and catching me by my hand. She spoke something in Russian language to Trevor and pulled me towards the bed room partion. For this Trevor explained my Masters in English that Jules would like to have some private moment with me and they could plan beach sometime else. By now Jules had pulled me behind the bedroom partition and we stood near the washbasin. Trevor continued to explain my Master, to which they all agreed and headed out of the room in next couple of minutes.While they were leaving the room, Jules already had pulled me towards her and was passionately smooching me. I could hear Anil Sir addressing that the room was empty now and we both could just move on the bed, and then immediately I heard the room’s door was slammed shut. I was sure Jules hadn’t heard anything and she was continuously biting my lips and stuffing her tongue in mine.She was an aggressive kisser and we both enjoyed a sensual kiss for more then 9-10 min. after she realized the room was empty, she again held my hand and pulled me towards the bed. As we reached the bed, she pushed my over the bed and she went towards the room’s door to lock it. She then quickly got on the bed and got rid of her lanky shirt and tightly fitting jeans. In no time she was in her fancy pink-white transparent bra and panties with frill all over her bra. It was an amazing set of lingerie and I was quite impressed with her choice of innerwear.While I was complimenting her undergarments, she got laid on the bed and asked me to get give her a nice lap dance. She instantly switched on some music from her phone which was in her jeans and slapped my butts to start the show. I stood right above her boobs and moved my body in a lustful manner. I am a pretty decent performer when it comes to dance, since being Guajarati meant I need to know how to dance. As I moved my lower body on the music, Jules had her hands all over my thighs and ass.I felt my height was giving her troubles to access more intimate parts of my body. I am 5’6” and she was around 5’2”. I then got on my knees and then started swinging my boobs near her face. Now I was entirely accessible to her and I could see her enjoy even more. She was enjoying the little moments we were having and unlike other guys on my trip, she wasn’t only looking for me to kiss her and lick her body parts, she herself was pulling me over her and smooching me or biting my neck, ears, nipples. She was much more involved in exploring my body. After about 20 min, she stopped the music and asked me to lick her cunt over her panties.I then swiftly slided towards her cunt and she opened her divine legs. I hadn’t had much exp of lesbian play in past and I had been with a couple of elderly ladies while I was in Mumbai. I first pressed my poky nose on her cunt.While not most of the men know but here is a little time when it comes to oral sex on a female. The girl always love when her male partner is pressing his nose on the pussy lips, smelling the sweet smell of her pussy juice and at the same time moving his tongue inside her pussy. That’s the perfect oral started for a women and I exactly knew what I had to do on Jules.I kept pressing my nose in my panties while I moved my tongue on her cunt. She breadth a sigh of passion and I exactly knew what she wanted next. I used my fingers to and tried inserting it inside her pussy over her panty. This doesn’t completely satisfy a women but it gets her juices flowing for further foreplay. She held my hair and was pressing my face into her pussy and also closed her thighs from the sides to press my head even harder. She was fully blown away by my work on her pussy and I could clearly make that out by her mmoaannn which was getting louder and louder.As I was realizing that she was getting some juices flowing, I started pulling her panties and started to actually lick inside of her pussy lips. She dint mind me getting access to her pussy directly and I continued my tongue flickering. I knew it was just about time that she would release her eggs. My tongue flickering was gaining speed and in couple of minutes, I was blessed with her pussy juices.As soon as she released her juices, she held my nose and pressed her thighs on my face. I understood her gesture and aggressively started licking her juices. I was literally fucking her release in my mouth while she was still moaning in pleasure.As I was about to finish cleaning her cunt she moved her thighs and released my face in between her thighs. She then quickly held my hair and pulled me towards her face and passionately kissed me all over my neck and shoulders. I felt her warm saliva over my neck and her teeth over my shoulders. She then released me and appreciated my work over her cunt.We both were lying on the bed next to each other and she was playing with my lips and tongue by inserting her finger in my mouth. She was really being playful and was laughing and teasing me by her figures. It continued for a while now and before I could realize it was already 5 pm. Jules asked me to pick her clothes from the floor which I did immediately. She asked me to dress in the t-shirt and shorts that I was suppose to wear earlier for the beach but she also ordered me to be braless. I followed her orders and got dressed to her convenience. She was dressed up too and asked me to follow her out of the room.As we walked out I was my three Masters sitting by the pool and enjoying their drinks as usual. Jules without talking much just waked passed the swimming pool, into her k**’s room. I quietly came to my proud owners and sat in front of them on the grass while they were seated on the pool side recliners.Anil Sir was quite happy with my personal session with Jules. We all knew he fascinated about Jules in his mind but somehow controlled his emotions while she was with them. It was looking a dull and boring Saturday evening for me just before I heard that all five of my owners had planned for a pub tonight. I wondered why Anil Sir allowed making a group plan since I was supposed to be at his personal service after 10. But later that night I came to know that it was Jules who wanted to go clubbing and that’s why Anil Sir allowed a group plan. But still it wasn’t more than 5:30 pm now and we had a lot of hours to kill frankly.Right then Anil Sir told Suresh Sir and Ramesh Sir about the game he and Trevor were playing in the afternoon. Suresh Sir got exited for it and all four of us moved towards my room on the ground floor for a group session. I felt finally the three master would use me together, which they hadn’t done till now on the trip. Before we started, Anil Sir made me get the liquor bottles from Ramesh Sir’s room. Once I returned, the doors were locked and curtains were closed. Suresh Sir handcuffed my hands and legs, and later blind folded me. The rules remained same but the only change was there were 3 people who I had to guess so it was going to be a quite difficult for me to guess everyone rightly.The three Master discussed some drills initially and now they were ready to go. The first round canlı bahis was identifying them by licking their spit off the floor. Now this was almost impossible to judge who was who since there no noticeable difference in a person is’s spit. I messed up the round badly and I was ready for the punishment on the first round itself. My punishment was, I would lie on the floor with my hands and legs tied as it is and one of the three Master would walk over my belly.Now this surely sounds pretty straight forward and easy to d but believe me, the second one of them placed his feet over my belly, and I almost tore a tissue of my stomach. It was free kingly painful for me and I immediately rolled over my belly in pain and on the other hand there was clapping and cheering for the person who did the belly walk. They dint let me absorb the pain for long and I was pulled by my arm and made to sit on my knees. The second round was about to begin. This time I was supposed to be slapped my each one of them one by one, and I was asked to identify who slapped me first and the second and then third. Now this was brutal. In the drill itself they planned to punish me by getting to slap me. I was asked to sit straight.The first slapper held my chin and swish; there was a hard slap on my left cheek. I stumbled a little over my knees but I was quickly held by my hair by the second slapper and before I could get on my knees properly, swish, and that was the second slap and this time I literally fell on to my right side.Now I am sure you can imagine how painful it was to fall on your right after getting slapped with hands and legs tied behind. I dint care to pick myself up because I knew someone would definitely pick me in his way and that’s what exactly happened. I was picked by the third slapper and I wasn’t on my knees for long because as the third slap came I was back on the floor with my face dashing right on the cold floor. They had an amazing laugh about it and I could hear them laughing and abusing me as I was trying to get on my knees and I wasn’t able to, since I had my legs and hands tied behind.I was asked to tell them the order of the slapper. I was still on the floor and I mumbled the order as “Anil Sir, Suresh Sir and Ramesh Sir.” Well it was wrong again and I made a complete goof up. I mean I was said I was wrong; now who know what the right order was. They were the contestants of the game and they were the judges too, so I absolutely had no clue. So now it was again the time to get punished.As they were discussing my punishment, Anil Sir informed the whole group that Trevor and Jules were expecting me for my double penetration punishment which I earned today afternoon. It was turning out to be the punishment day for me. Ramesh Sir caught my hair and announced that he will help me dress up for the night.He dragged me behind the partition where he first untied my hands and legs and later stuck his tongue right in my mouth. He was an aggressive bitter and he was doing exactly that. He pulled my tongue out of my mouth with his teeth and kept rolling his tongue all over mine. It really felt odd to be. It continued for almost 5-7 min. After that, he pulled his tongue out of my mouth and asked me to just wear the bath robe and proceed to Jules room ASAP.I started searching for my bathrobe and finally after a couple of minutes found it below the bed. I quickly wore it and asked for permission to leave. Soon I left the room and walked towards Jules room. As I approached their room, it was 15 minutes passed 6 pm and I knew it would be a long session since there was a lot of time for dinner. I reached the room and knocked twice on the door for permission and I heard Jules granting me permission.I opened the door quietly and entered the room and noticed, Trevor was already nude with a chastity toy on his dick. (A chastity toy is kind of a metal structure in which male submissor puts his dick and it was locked by his dominant. It is basically to stop the slave from using his dick for any kind of productive purpose and it has a small space for the slave to pee.) He was on his knees licking Jules feet while Jules was in her bathrobe, reclined over the bed with lights very dim and fruity air freshener all around the room. Well I was not at all surprised to see Trevor being a slave to Jules since it was quite easy to understand their relation when we meet them in public.Jules is extremely dominating in every aspects of life and being with someone like Jules is quite difficult for sure. She asked me to get rid of my clothes at the door itself and lock the door behind me. I followed her instruction very carefully and took all my clothes out. As I was asked to come closer, Trevor lost his focus and started staring at me instead of licking Jules feet. Jules noticed that instantly and she slapped him with her feet in no time. He got back to his work and I approached Jules. I knew she was impressed with my work when I help her reach her climax and I wanted to be in her good book ever after. I greeted her well and sat on my knees for her next command.She placed her hand over my hair and with her gesture asked Trevor to slide towards her face. While on his way up, he untied Jules bath robe and Jules herself sat on the bed to get rid of the only piece of cloth she was wearing. Now after almost 3 days of my adventure trip, I was nude with more than one person in the same room.Before I could express my happiness, I observed Jules and Trevor were involved into a passionate make out session and I was just sitting there on the cold floor. I could listen to their giggling and moaning for another 15 minutes before I was ordered by Jules to get on the bed. I was eagerly waiting for my turn and as I got on the bed, Trevor was asked to get of the bed.Though that was disappointing, but I got the chance to make out with Jules completely nude at it was extremely pleasing. We kept on playing with each other’s boobs while lip locking each other and sharing each other’s saliva. Though Jules was the aggressive on among us, she was quite good in oral sex as well. She asked me to get inside the blanket with her and boy o boy it felt so cozy inside. She was niggling over my neck and pressing her knee in my pussy region, it felt absolutely amazing.We made out for over 20 minutes when I realized Trevor was on his knees on the floor waiting for Jules to approach him. After some more time passed, I asked Jules if she would like to get Trevor to join us on the bed, to which she got really paranoid. She took that as an insult and all my hard work had gone to waste. She asked me to her of the bed immediately. I follow her words as she looked fuming. She stated that I wanted to get intimate to Trevor more than what I wanted to get intimate with her. I tried to explain that she was wrong but she did not listen.She asked me to lie flat on the cold floor on my back with my hands over my head. She asked Trevor to sit on my face and get his ass hole licked by my delicate tongue. He did not waste a minute and got over my face with his ass cheeks spread and he initially sat perfectly on my nose, and later I asked him to slide little down so that I could lick his anal hole. While I was made busy with the rimming part, Jules sat on the bed and played with my pussy lips with her feet fingers.She continuously flickered my pussy lips, occasionally inserting her foot thumb inside and sliding it to and fro. She had perfectly shaped nails which were making my life difficult as she entered her thumb inside; her nail would scratch the inside of my pussy and give me burning sensation. Trevor was enduring his rimming session which I could clearly make out by his giggling talks with his wife. The worse thing was he had all his weight on my face and my neck was getting crumbled by his body weight. The nightmare continued for another 15 min before Jules asked Trevor to release me.As soon as Trevor got off me, Jules held my face and asked me to behave myself since she was the only mistress in the room ruling two raw slaves. She asked me to quickly wash my mouth and join her in the bed again as I had learnt my lesson. I quickly got up from the floor and ran towards the basin to clean my mouth. While I returned, Jules was already in bed with Trevor but this time she invited me as well and asked Trevor to make space for me in the center. I slide right between them and both of them started smooching me passionately. It was all three of us enjoying the play now. It initially started with smooching and it continued to fingering and sucking each other’s nipples. But they clearly made me their priority since I was the new girl in their couple and I was really being focused upon.After a while. The situation got intense. While Trevor was licking my pussy lips, I was offered to lick Jules pussy and thus it became a chain. We all three were playing with each other’s body so well that we couldn’t realize that we had spent last 45 minutes just orally pleasuring each other. While Jules still hadn’t removed Trevor’s chastity, I was freely licking his balls which were hanging useless while Jules was all over my pussy.Jules was quite a great pussy licker and I was enjoying every bit of her tongue on my pussy region. After a while, Jules got off the bed to reach out to her toys while I was still busy with Trevor’s balls. While I realized that Jules left the bed, I did not realize when she returned, and as I was busy, she instantly inserted a pretty good size dildo in my pussy in one shot. I instantly jumped in pain while Jules was still trying to insert it deeper. Trevor held me by my neck and slammed me back into the bed forcefully sitting on my breast and forcing his balls in my mouth. Seeing Trevor really trying hard to control my upper portion of the body, Jules handed his the key to his chastity from the side table and got back to her work. I finally felt that the demon was out of his cage and now it’s time for some real action.As soon as Trevor got his dick out, it was quite small in size since the chastity restrained it to grow huge but now it was open and ready to destroy pussies. Trevor slapped my face twice to make me open my mouth while he got on his knees and pushed his semi erect dick right down my throat.Once his dick was in my mouth, he stated pushing it deeper inside my mouth and Jules was already busy with the dildo and my pussy. Trevor was forcing his dick with full power inside my mouth and his body weight was now starting to slam by delicate body. On top of this he held my nose and closed my nostrils in order to make me open my mouth wider to grasp oxygen. This brutal suffering of mine was continued for next 12-15 min in the exact same way.Once Jules got tired she pulled her dildo out and asked Trevor to let me loose. Before Trevor could get over my face, Jules was already getting ready to punish me with the double penetration drill since she was wearing the dildo over her waist. The dildo wasn’t that huge to be honest but I was sure that I was about to cry in pain.By the time I was watching Jules getting ready; Trevor pulled me down from my legs and instantly pulled my legs over my face to get a good and easy access to my anal hole. He wasted no time and started to lick the hole as well as figure it to make the hole soft and ready for an anal session. After Jules got ready with her dildo on her waist, she pulled a pack of condom as well and passed two of them to Trevor. While Trevor got busy into wearing condoms on his fully grown dick, Jules carried her husband’s work and kept fingering my anal hole.Now once Trevor was ready, it was time for my punishment. Trevor got laid just besides me on the bed and asked Jules to release me so that I could sit with his dick in my pussy. I already was worried about the kind of pain I was about to go through while enduring their punishment of double penetration. I like a good slut hopped on the bed and got on my knees initially and slowly slid Trevor’s Cork in my pussy hole.He held me by my arms and pulled me all over him. In a couple of minutes I was sleeping over his chest while his cork was trashing my pussy. Slowly slowly he gathered some pace and he was all in control of my pussy now.He had quite a long cork to be honest s he did not had to push it deeper to make me satisfied. His dick was cruising in m pussy while from behind I realized Jules was applying lubricant inside my ass hole. In a couple of minutes I realized she was ready and her dildo suddenly starting looking very huge for my cute little ass. She held me by my waist and tried pushing her dildo inside in one shot but that was unsuccessful. She then planned to rub the dildo for a few minutes on my ass hole and then again slowly started pushing it inside my ass. I was getting extreme pain in my anal since I was not much experienced with double penetration. But Jules wasn’t ready to give it up and she was pushing her dildo bahis siteleri inside me with great force.While Trevor already had his dick inside me already, my ass hole had no space at all to hole two dicks together. Jules wasn’t ready to give up and finally she could see some success. Once the dildo’s mushroom head was inside my ass, I lost my patience and shouted in extreme pain. Well frankly I was literally I tears and I couldn’t stop shouting. Trevor held my mouth with his hands but it wasn’t that effective. I started begging them to stop trying Double penetration, but Jules wasn’t ready to give it up. She started stroking the mushroom head of the dildo inside my ass while Trevor too started stroking his dick inside my pussy.After a couple of minutes I felt that one of my pussy or ass hole would start bleeding and that would create even more problems for the rest of my Master’s. After waiting for more couple of minutes, I got a little serious and firmly asked Jules to get go her dildo from my ass. She initially did not react to it but when my pitch got louder, she too stopped her forceful behavior on my and got away from me.Looking at this, Trevor started stroking again and he I knew that he would cum anytime now. Jules removed her dildo and came near my face to offer her pussy to lick. I was quite open to having sex and giving an oral job to another person. Trevor was gaining pace and he was moaning in pleasure. It was time for his release and though he was wearing two condoms, I could feel his cum gushing out of his dick inside his condom. He pushed me away from his once he slowed his pace down after Cumming and got over his and slept besides him on my back. Jules held my mouth and spat her saliva in my mouth which I pleasingly took in my mouth directly and swallowed it without any problem. Later we both realized Trevor has is upper condom torn and his other condom full of his cum.He got on me and instantly pulled his condom off his dick and held my face between his thighs. Jules supported him and initially held my face straight and then moved towards my eyes and pulled my eye lid and held it pretty tight. I exactly knew what was coming but I wasn’t ready at all. Before I could oppose to their act, Trevor removed his condom and dripped his cum right inside my eye.Well I know it sounds wired but you will get thousands of videos where the female model is made to take cum directly in her eye. It gives burning sensation and as soon as his cum dripped inside my eye, I started shivering in pain as the chicken does when their neck is cut. My face was held so tightly that I had no way out of this and I was jumping in pain and burning sensation. I could clearly hear both of them laughing on my misery and sorrow.As soon as Trevor was done with his brutality, they released me and I ran towards the basin to clean my eye first. It took me 10 minutes to completely clean off my eyes. Once I was done I returned to the bed, but before that I asked Jules if I could take some ice from the refrigerator. She allowed me to go on and I took some cubes and sat on the ground applying it on my ass hole region. While Trevor and Jules were still in bed making out I was on the floor. It was almost 8:30 by now as it showed in the watch. I lay on the floor itself after a day of punishment and still we were supposed to visit club tonight. No one could tell what was waiting for me next.I was with Jules and Trevor in their room. They tried double penetration with me which wasn’t a success but I was still in pretty bad shape. By the time they finished it was almost close to 9 pm. While Jules are Trevor was still making out of bed, Jules asked me to leave by making a hand gesture towards the door. I quietly wore my bathrobe and left the room. It was pretty quiet at the resort. My anal hole was in quite a bad shape. I walked past the swimming pool towards my Master’s room. I checked the ground floor cottages and both were empty, so I walked to the upper cottages and saw them having a drink in Ramesh Sir Room. I quietly knocked the room to ask for their permission to get in and they asked me to get inside. As I entered Suresh Sir asked me to take a shower quickly so that we all could leave for clubbing. I left the room without thinking twice and went straight to my cottage to take a shower and get dressed.I was quite tired and was hungry as hell. As I entered the room, I could see an oversized white shirt on the bed with some jet black bra and panty. I nodded my head in disgrace since I understood it was my outfit for the night and I have tried already. But since I had no time to waste so I quickly got into the shower and took a quick shower. I massage my anal hole gently since it was hurting me quite a bit.As I got out of the shower, I quickly got changed into my outfit for the night. I wore the black bra and panty. I wore the oversized shirt which was till my upper thighs. I quickly found a slim belt to match my outfit. I looked quite pretty since my shirt was able to show a good part of my legs. Once I was ready, I quickly left the room locking it on my way out. I reached the upper cottage and I could see all three Master on their way towards the car. I quickly ran towards them and greeted them all with my eye at the floor. Anil Sir quickly took the clip of my hair and asked me to keep my hair open. He also reminded me that I wasn’t allowed to wear any footwear since Ramesh Sir had ordered to be barefooted until he asked to wear.I quickly accepted my mistake and took my chapels off right at the corner, but it was quite late and Ramesh Sir had already noticed my wrongdoings. As I slipped my chapels and came back near Anil Sir, Ramesh Sir quickly took 3 steps towards me. I had my face facing downwards at his shoes. He took 2 more steps towards me and stood right on my feet. For a couple of seconds, I got black. Couldn’t feel anything at all. But as the 2 second passed, a sense of pain gushed to my brain and I could feel that bad now. He opened two of my top buttons of the shirt. Took 2 steps back and walked towards the car. As soon as he left, Anil Sir helps my shirt and dragged me inside the car’s back seat.I noticed it wasn’t the same Mercedes we had traveled Goa in. It was a much compact Honda Brio. I then realized Anil Sir had asked his driver to get this small and compact car for traveling in Goa. Suresh Sir was driving and all 4 of us were inside the car and we were good to go. We were traveling towards the Baga Beach from Anjuna. We were supposed to visit the club called Mambo. Anil Sir was already busy kissing and licking whatever part of skin he could find on mine, while Ramesh Sir brought up an important topic. He said that Trevor had given a fantastic idea of booking a villa and spending the rest of the vacation there instead of the hotel. He pointed out that it would give them 100% privacy which they were not getting at the hotel, plus with me slaving to them, they did not worry about cleaning and keeping the villa neat and tidy. While Anil Sir was trying to tear my bra while pressing my right breast as hard as he came, he noticed I was concentrating more on the talk on the front seat rather than what he was doing in the back seat. He quickly got annoyed and announced that not to declare or talk about plans in front of me since I get distracted and so not do my service well.Once Anil Sir was over speaking, he pushed me away from him in a very angry way. I hadn’t seen him that angry. Ramesh Sir asked Suresh Sir to quickly stop the car so that he can change the seats with Anil Sir which they did in the next 2 min. As Ramesh Sir came behind, he was all abusive and not in the mood to enjoy. He grabbed me by my hair and slapped me twice with great force. He then caught me by my shirt collar and asked me to get back on the seat and bend over the back seat so that he and Anil Sir could see my ass. He pulled my shirt up to make my panty visible. In one go he pulled my under wear down from my ass and kept his right hands elbow on my back so that I can stay still.He asked Anil Sir to hit my ass checks with anything he could find on the dashboard. For a min, Anil Sir browsed for something useful. At the end, he found a leather folder in which they had kept their car documents. He started hitting me mercilessly while Ramesh Sir held me still with his strength and Suresh Sir driving the car as well as abusing me for my misbehaviors with Anil Sir. After about 15 min of no mercy, my ass cheeks had turned red as I could sense the pain on it. Ramesh Sir pulled my back with my hair and asked me to sit still. We were almost there. After all the beating, Anil Sir again got busy fingering me from the front seat. Since I was wearing just an oversized shirt, it was quite open and they could easily slip pass my under ware to gain access to my holes. As we reached the club, it was a beautiful one-sided road with people all over the road. Suresh Sir managed to drive quite near to the beach.Anil Sir was still fingering with no sense of shame since the windows were untrained and people could easily see what was going inside the car, though not many people thought, someone would be fingering a girl so openly. As we reached the parking area, there were 2 guys running behind the car to take money for the pay and park service. While one of them was assisting Suresh Sir on the reverse parking, the other guy noticed what was going on inside and he got quite interested. Anil Sir saw that and smiled at him while still pushing his finger deeper. He had absolutely no shame doing what he does inside the room to me, outside while people enjoy what he was doing. Once Suresh Sir was about to finish the parking, Anil Sir took his hand out, dressed my panty as it would be and asked me to cover it up. His hands weren’t that wet. The parking guy rushed towards Anil Sir to open his gate first. As Anil Sir got out, he took out a 500 rs note, took keys from Suresh Sir and gave it to the parking guy. He asked me to come to him, he held me by the waist with pride and asked the parking guy to park the car someplace isolated.And asked him to be here with the keys until we returned. The guy nodded to whatever he told him and we walked towards Club Mambo. Not it’s been quite a long time so I do not exactly remember which club it was. But I do remember there were 2 clubs adjutants to each other. One was Cafe Mambo and other was Titos. I do not remember which one we got in but I do remember he got inside the club playing Bollywood music.We paid for couple entry and 2 stag entries since I was the only girl between 3 guys. As we moved inside I could see things were wired. At the club, there were 2 sections. One was on the ground floor and the other one was climbing a circular stair and getting on the top on a metal sheet-like structure. At the ground, you had a bar. On the top, there was something like a dance floor. But to gain entry you need a girl with you so that a proportion of girls and boys are maintained. At the ground, near the bar, there were all guys with stag entry and no girls. Ramesh Sir and Suresh Sir took place at the bar with Anil Sir took me on the top to dance. As we moved up, there wasn’t much place to dance since it was quite crowded. Anil Sir dragged me towards the less crowded area and started dancing and moving. I wasn’t feeling well so I could not dance with much interest.While dancing, he would hold me, hug me, kiss me on the neck, pull me by the hair, smooch me. Occasionally hold my ass cheeks for a min or so, play with them openly without a second thought of others watching. No, imagine a guy around his 50’s doing this with a girl in her teen, people where noticing quite well. But yes I would accept Goan crowed so not care about anything and they kept smiling and enjoying what Anil Sir was doing. After a while even Anil Sir noticed people enjoying his openness with me in public. It gave him more strength. He started holding my neck with one hand and head with other, forcing his tongue in my mouth. People near us including females starting cheering him for his behavior towards me and he went on and on and on. Now his ass touching became more regular and he started with rubbing his hands on my thighs as well.After a while of his crazy adventure, I could see both Trevor and Jules joining us. Anil Sir hugged Trevor while Jules hugged me and kissed my ear on her way back. Trevor then turned towards me, hugged me tight and while on his way out, he forced his lips on mine and smooched me openly. Not after long, even Suresh Sir and Ramesh Sir joined us on the top.God knows how they got allowed up without a female. Suresh Sir gave me his atm card and asked me to get drinks for all 5 of them which I did exactly as asked. They stay up there for quite a while during which I was just standing in a corner after all 5 were together. I too enjoyed some alone time which wasn’t for long since other men around canlı bahis me were trying to do what Anil Sir was doing with me. After some serious issues, I complained to Suresh Sir who then immediately asked our group to head towards the beaches. In no time, we got out of the club and walked towards the beach with wasn’t even 2 min away. We walked a while for a decent looking shack and 5 of them occupied a table. I knew the drill so I quickly approached the waiter nearby and asked him not to take orders since ill be personally taking the orders and serving them food as I had been doing all through the trip. All of the reordered drinks with some starters.I, as usual, took the order, placed it with another waiter and asked him to keep all the food on the other table which then I reserved to the 5 of them. It all looked super wired but that was what I have been asked to do and I was just following it.It was an hour past midnight. I was standing outside of the group. I had been asked to eat the leftover which I did happily since I was hungry to the core. Luckily there was enough food for me to eat peacefully. After I was done, I was standing near Suresh Sir Chair. Trevor made a hand gesture and called me near him. As I approached him, he asked me to go and search where our car was parked. As he said that, Jules gave him an eye to which he replied in the Russian language. They conversed for a split second for which I waited. Suddenly Trevor spanked my thighs with his bare hands in angry, asking me to do as he had asked. I followed his order and started walking towards the parking. Now it wasn’t a rocket since that why he asked me to locate the car, so I was kinda sleepy and tired. As I walked almost 150 meters, I located the car and saw a guy sitting with all the keys to the vehicle. I walked back to the table but before I could reach it, Trevor already had seen me approaching so he gets up and started walking towards me while the other 4 hooted for him as if he was a warrior going into a battle.We quickly walked towards the car and took the keys from the guy. He generously tipped the guy and asked to stand away as well as look for any problems it may arise. Of course, it wasn’t anything these parking guys hadn’t seen before. He assured full safety and asked to move on. Trevor asked me to untie my belt and slip my under ware outside the car itself for no further trouble. It was almost 1:30 am and though Goa is a night city, the car was parked remotely with no people close by what so ever. So I too followed his orders quickly in order to get it done quickly. While I was getting ready, he got on the front seat and started the car and the air condition. Later I got on the back seat and he followed me in.He was wearing pajama bottoms so he quickly got his b**st out. A well shaped, long and clean dick out. I was fucked by him and his wife not that long back. He asked me to warm him up with blowjob which I started with quickly. I am a hardcore oral lover so I had no issues getting his dick in shape for a nice fuck. After about 15 min, he was ready. He passed me a pack of condoms from his pocket. I took out placed on his dick and with my lips, rolled it down his cork. He asked me to come at the center. He turned his back to the front seats and started unbuttoning my shirt. As he finished, I was practically nude with just the bra on me. He asked me to lubricate my pussy with spit and kept stroking his dick which I followed his orders. In a min, he was ready for the fuck.He hugged me first and the directed his dick towards my pussy. On the second attempt, he had his cork inside my pussy stocking gently, in and out and in and out. I felt he was quite tried for this as well but wanted to do his because of his lust. He kept smooching me hard while stroking. I was moaning in pleasure, my self. In about 10 min he was done with pussy fuck. He was not pushing hard. He was enjoying gently stocking his dick in and out. After a while, he took his dick out and asked me around to turn and lubricate my ass hole with my spit. Seeing him is a good mood, I took my chance and asked to avoid anal since it was still paining because of the double penetration punishment I got earlier that evening. He told me the exactly following works, “Not my concern, get up, turn around and start lubricating. Once my condom is off, my dick is going right inside you no matter what’s its condition. ” I still remember his words. I had no choice but to do as he asked.Once his condoms were off, he hit my wrist with his hand in order to notify me that his dick was read and it’s going in, no matter I am lubricated well enough or not. I felt I kinda made him angry by saying no for anal. After a couple of smooth shots, he started getting aggressive and he started getting wild. He held my hair and started pushing as deeper as he could. It gave me immense pain. Initially, I was only moaning in pleasure but not after every second it started hurting me more and more. So my moaning started turning into painful shouting and eventually it ended by me screaming him pain.As my voice started getting higher, he spanked my head with a lot of speed. He placed his hand on my mouth while using the other hand to slap me if needed. His continuous stroking started getting unbearable and after about 3-4 min of unbearable pain, I felt hot liquid released inside me in my ass. I understood as he slowed down. I felt a relief since his stroking was getting unbearable. He pulled his dick put in a stroke. I quickly turned around and it was the time cleans his mess. I quickly got in position and started licking his dick and cleaning, eating the cum around the area. It took me not more than 5 min to complete my work. After I was done, he pulled his dick inside the pants and closed his eyes in relief and satisfaction.He patted my face twice and opened the door to leave.He asked me to stay exactly as I am for another 15 min and is no one out of the other 3 Masters came in, then to dress up and meet them at their table. Saying that he left the car closing the door behind and I sat there with relief. I too closed my eyes for relaxation. After no more than 10 min, the right side door of the car opened. I too opened my eyes to welcome whoever was the next in line. It was Suresh Sir. For those how had forgotten, Suresh Sir was my main Master since I was in signed contract with him and he was only using his power of sharing me with his friends. So technically he was my Owner. He got in the car and closed the door. I expected a session with him since he hadn’t used me in person for the full of the Goa trip. He placed his hand on my pussy, softly caressing it and said that he was extremely happy with my performance till date and asked me if I had any difficulties. I did not have any issues honestly and I was loving and enjoying every moment of the trip. Though I was extremely tired, I was enjoying my self. He then, in short, explained to me that tomorrow Trevor and Jules would be staying in the hotel with k**s while we 4 would be relocating to a row house next morning. It goes without saying that what was expected from me. From now on, I wasn’t only there for their sexual needs, I was also there for their domestic needs.I had experienced in this already so I was ready for it. He also told me that Jules and Trevor would be visiting us and when they had time. All 5 of them had already talked with 2 guys for the row house and they would be finalizing it tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon they would be shifting. He also informed me that all the other plans and schedules were canceled now and I would be getting need time sheet with details of at what time I’ll be serving which Master personally. At the end, he also mentioned that I call up home tomorrow morning and explain to my parents that the trip had become longer than expected. When he told me this, I literally got goosebumps. Soon after saying this, I could hear a knock on the window. It was Anil Sir. Suresh Sir stepped out of the car. They had a conversation for a while and the Suresh Sir left leaving only Anil Sir. Soon after Suresh Sir left, Anil Sir joined me on the back seat.He had his smile seeing my naked body. He without wasting a second started smooching. After about a couple of lip biting, saliva exchanging, teeth rubbing by the tongue, he left my face. I understood that he will not be leaving without a session. As I was just adjusting my bra since my boobs were half inside and half outside. Anil Sir opened the door of the car and whistled loudly. The parking boy came running as if he had a ghost behind him. I quickly covered myself with the shirt as much as I could as I never expected that Anil Sir would call that guy. He stood right outside the Anil’s Sir Window. Sir lowered the window and asked him to get on the front driver’s seat. He is all excited and laughing trying to be nice to Anil Sir. Anil Sir asked me to not be shy and he would only be waiting us do and will not participate in any way what so ever.I quickly got a thought that before the trip, Suresh Sir warned me that Anil Sir is a die heart fan of public humiliation and exhibition. I was blank as I saw him already r****g me with his eyes. As I was in shock, Anil Sir quickly pulled my shirt from the center exposing everything a girl has on the front. He started sucking my nipples while crushing the other boob with his hands. I was still not moving since I was embarrassed and ashamed to be completely nude in front of a total stranger. Thought it wasn’t my first time, but it was certainly the most embarrassing one. Anil Sir had no attention towards my mental state and he slowly moved towards my navel aiming for my pussy next. As I was sitting, the angle wasn’t wide enough to give access to Anil Sir to lick my pussy so he asked me to lay back and open my thighs. As I was in shock, I did not realize he had asked me to do something. He noticed that and tried to push my legs but he was sitting right next to me and he wasn’t able to do it. Sensing a chance, the parking guy immediately held my thighs and pulled me down a little. As he touched, I got in my sense and started pushing him away. I started shivering like a fish being brought to water. Anil Sir tried to control me but I wasn’t coming in his control. He got angry and held my neck and started pressing it hard so that I am unable to breadth. I stopped behaving like a c***d. Anil Sir without a second thought slapped me one hard.I got back to all my senses not. Anil Sir got angry with my behavior and asked me to first apologize to the parking guy. I did as asked to and Anil Sir by then had his dick out for a blowjob. I held his dick, stroked it a few times well and there it went inside my soft and sweet mouth for a blowjob. I started stroking it as well as licking the tip vigorously just like Anil Sir liked to enjoy. As I was doing that, I could feel a hand reaching to my left boob. In no time I understood who’s had that as buts I had no option rather than letting the parking guys do what he wants since I was already slapped once for misbehaviors to him. He was pressing and feeling my one boob quite well. He had this rough hand and he was rubbing his thumb on my nipples continuously. While he was enjoying his dream, to my benefit, Anil Sir was already sexually high and was on the verge of Cumming. As I felt the parking guy was moving his hand towards my navel, I got a splash of cum in my mouth. I got a push by force of cum and I shivered as his cum was all over the place. The parking guy saw that and he had already retracted his hands back. I felt relaxed about that and started licking around Anil Sir Dick to lick clean all the cum and make it neat and tidy. It almost took me 10 min to clean it all up, during which the parking guys were looking at my body and at the same time Anil Sir had his eyes closed in pleasure and satisfaction.After I was done I withdrew my head and Anil Sir opened his eye. He quickly asked the parking guy to leave. He himself got up and found he was sitting on my under ware. He picked it and threw it on my face and asked to just button up the shirt and sit on the front seat since rest everyone left in the other car. I followed his instruction, by now the parking guy was out, standing at Anil Sir Window for next order. I gently took Anil Sir’s semi-erect dick and got it back in his pants gently. Anil Sir got out of the car and took the front seat during which he had asked the parking guy to go. I too got on the front seat from inside the car itself. And we drove off to the hotel in Anjuna. As we reached no one was there in the public area. We moved on the upper cottages and we saw that lights of Ramesh Sir were already off. So Anil Sir asked me to sleep with him for the night. It was almost 2:30 am. I desperately needed sleep. As we got in the room, Anil Sir asked me to close all doors, windows, and curtains and asked to get naked completely and get on the bed. I did exactly as asked during which he himself got naked. We got inside the blanket and without further delay, we went out to sleep. Next Morning we were supposed to have a big big day for me.

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