My Aunt Lisa

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My Aunt LisaIt was a snowy February afternoon in 1990; I was in 7th grade. When I got home my aunt and mom were talking. My aunt Lisa was crying. I said “hi” and quickly went to my room. I later found out that my uncle had taken off with his secretary. I played dumb, but I knew what it meant. My aunt and cousin would come over often and talk with my mom as things progressed. I had to keep my cousin occupied which was a pain, but I knew I had my duty to keep things as normal as possible.As time went on my uncle didn’t seem to care about anything anymore. We didn’t see him after March. My aunt got his business, the cars, the house and just about everything else my uncle owned. Still, my aunt Lisa was very sad. She was 37 at the time, and I thought she had always been pretty. She was my mom’s youngest sister, but didn’t look anything like my mom. Mom was fairer but my aunt had olive skin and dark hair. Still, you could tell they were sisters. When my aunt was younger she was a model. That is where my uncle found her and from what I understood, they were happy with each other. I told my aunt that I thought my uncle was stupid for leaving such a pretty lady. My aunt smiled when I said that, but she started to cry anyway. She gave me a hug and I told her I didn’t mean for her to cry. She told me she wasn’t crying because she was sad. I was 13 at the time, so I had no idea what that meant.My mom and aunt were together the next few months as the court case went through and my aunt tried to get her life back on line. Dad let mom and aunt Lisa do whatever they needed to do together. Dad and I would watch my cousin, making sure she made it to her school and wasn’t alone while her mom and my mom were off doing things. When all was said and done, my aunt decided to move to a new state. She chose Texas for some reason and though I was sad that I wouldn’t get to see my aunt, I was glad I wouldn’t have to watch my cousin anymore.My aunt would travel on the latter part of the week and look at homes during the day then talk to mom at night. Most of the time, late into the night. One of the nights I had to get up to pee and mom was in the kitchen talking to my aunt on the phone. I was tired and blurry eyed, but I heard mom mention my name. That made me stop. As long as I can remember, mom would brag about me whenever she could. I was wondering what she was telling her sister about me now? I got closer to the kitchen and listened. Mom was giggling a little. I had no idea what my aunt was saying but I could hear mom.”He’s getting to be a man.” I heard mom say, followed by. “Yes. Yes. I saw him just the other day.” That was followed by a giggle. “Bigger than I remember seeing it before.” That was followed by more giggles, then; “Yes. I know. In the shower. Not much that I could see.”I was tired and had no idea what mom was talking about, other than I was growing. Big whoop. I went back to the bathroom and then went back to bed. The next morning mom came running in my room and told me to get up! I was going to be late for school. She was grabbing my clothes and shoving me to the shower. I opened the bathroom door, and mom followed, telling me to hurry. She wanted my dirty pjs and just stood there. I was still in that panicked, yet still not awake state. I was trying to hurry and pulled off my pajamas and then my undies. I had a morning hard-on, but my mind wasn’t working like it should. I turned around completely nude and gave my pjs and undies to mom. She took them, then looked at me and told me to hurry, she’d get my breakfast. I turned and got in the shower and she left.Once the water hit my face I was woke up. I looked down at my hard cock, which I usually jacked in my morning shower. It was hard, sticking up at a steep angle. Then it dawned on me. My mom had seen me naked, with a hard-on. I thought I was going to die. That more or less killed my boner. I got out dried off, dressed and went to the kitchen. I was a little sheepish, not wanting to look mom in the eye. I ate as fast as I could and tried to get out the door. Mom yelled to me to stop. I stopped. She came up and told me to give her a kiss just like she did every day before I left. She didn’t seem phased that she saw her 13 year old son naked with a hardon. She just seemed to be regular mom. Maybe she didn’t even see it, I hoped. I took off for school, feeling a little better about the situation.That night I was up late doing homework when the phone rang. Mom told me it was aunt Lisa and started talking. She had found a home and wanted mom to come see if she liked it. Mom was only too eager to go. I listened to them talk until I finished my homework and headed off to bed. Once I was ready for bed I remembered my book and homework on the table. Mom didn’t like my homework all over the place, and I was usually good about it but, I had forgot. I started down the hall when I heard my name again, followed by mom giggling. Dad was asleep and I think mom that that I was too. Just the same, she had lowered her voice.”Yes. Did I ever. I had no idea.” Mom said on the phone. I had to get closer, so I got on my knees to listen to what they were talking about. I was trying to control my breathing so I could hear. Mom was looking out the window in the kitchen as she talked. “I had no idea. I don’t really know. No… no… I don’t think so.” Then she giggled again and went silent as my aunt talked to her. Mom sat down and continued. “Yes. Totally bare.” Her voice went softer. “A boner.” Followed by some giggling. My heart sunk.Mom saw it and was now telling everyone about it. I was turning away and going back to bed and the last thing I heard was: “Maybe five inches or bigger. It’s like a man boner stuck on a boy.”Mom went to Texas to be with my aunt. And my aunt ended up buying a home some place outside of Houston. Mom told me she had a pool, with a nice big yard and a very nice home. I was happy for her. With my aunt selling almost half of her ex-husbands business, still gave her control and also a bunch of money, but mom would never say how much. My aunt left in mid-May to move in. She came back a few days later and got her daughter before the last week of school was out. Nothing was ever done that week anyway. I was kind of nervous around my aunt and mom when they were together, because all I could think about, was the conversation I had overheard. They didn’t act any different around me but, I acted different around them. I was both happy and sad to see my aunt go. She had changed. She seemed more happy and ataşehir escort different somehow.I was happy when summer rolled around. I loved the “no school” part and hanging out with my friends. I loved to sleep in, and in doing so, avoided mom in the mornings. Summer equaled freedom.Mom and aunt Lisa would still talk every night. I got up a few times to listen, but the conversation seemed to be nothing exciting and nothing about me. I stopped the eves dropping and the calls from aunt Lisa came less frequent. Mom seemed to busy herself with other things, mostly doing things with dad when he got home from work. I on the other had would leave in the morning to meet up with my friends and we would hang out most of the day. We would play pickup games at the park or swim at one of my friends pools. Our favorite time was when someone’s mom was gone that had a pool, and we would skinny dip. I think most of us stayed in the water just enjoying the feeling of being free. I think most of us had hard-ons, but I really couldn’t tell. I liked swimming anyway, nude or not. It just felt better naked. One of my friends got out to use the diving board. He wasn’t hard, but he wasn’t soft either. I looked at my friend and we laughed a little but, looked away from each other. We only had the opportunity to swim naked during the day twice, and three times after dark. When it was dark, we seemed to be braver. I got out with a hard-on and ran around the yard then dove back in the pool. I don’t think anyone saw me. Other guys were getting out and running around too.When July came around, mom asked me if I would mind going to aunt Lisa’s and help her move some things and help her in her yard. I didn’t want to go, but knew my aunt needed some help. I was told my cousin Hannah would be at camp for a week with some of the new friends she had made and my aunt would be all alone. I reluctantly agreed. But, the more I thought about it, the more excited I got. I would get to ride on a plane alone, I would get to see my aunt, who I thought was nice looking, and I would be away from home for a while. My aunt bought my ticket, and mom packed for me. All I had to do was get my clothes to the washer for her so I had clean clothes for my trip. I had a different experience when I packed for scout camp and packed a bunch of “dirty” clothes. Mom was furious about that.It was a warm July day when mom took me to the airport and went to the gate with me. On the CNN airport report, they were talking about how Iraq was moving troops to the border of Kuwait. I thought nothing about it. The flight was long and uncomfortable. I was hoping I would get to sit next to some hot lady or girl, but ended up sitting between two old guys. When I got off the plane, my aunt was waiting there at the gate. I almost didn’t recognize her. She had cut her hair so it was shorter than my mop top. She was tan and yelled to me as I got to the gate. She came up and hugged me, wrapping her arms around me so I couldn’t move. I just froze there until she let go. She had shorts on. Short shorts. I had to admit her legs looked great as did a few of the others guys that were looking at her. They had a nice shape to them. Her butt looked good in the shorts too, but I tried not to stare. We went down to the baggage claim and I got my bag and then went to the parking garage. When we got out of the airport, I was hit by so much heat and humidity that I could hardly breathe. I was sweating by the time we got to her car and my clothes seemed to stick to me.”You’ll get used to it.” My aunt Lisa laughed. I was just glad there was air conditioning in her car.We drove for a while as she talked and I listened. I kept looking at her legs out of the corner of my eyes. We drove to a nice looking area surrounded by trees with large homes that were nestled in between them. We drove up a few streets until my aunt pulled into a driveway and opened the garage. Her house looked awesome. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small. The grass needed cutting (oh joy I thought), but the rest of the landscaping looked okay. I got out of the car and even the garage was hot. It had to be at least 95 degrees with about 90% humidity. The air seemed heavy and moist to me. I got my bags and my aunt showed me to the guest room. It was nice. It was also time to eat. At 13, I was hungry most of the time. She asked if I wanted to eat or drink something. I told her I did. After I ate, she showed me around the house and her yard. She had a great looking pool. I wanted to jump in right then, even with my clothes on, but she just kept walking and talking as I followed. We went back inside and she showed me what we would be doing the next day. It mainly was moving furniture, which is why I was summoned to her home. She also wanted me to hang some blinds on the windows in back of the house and do some yard clean up. She apologized about having me do so much, but also promised that I would have some time to relax and have fun too.When it got dark, it was still hot. I went outside for a moment, then went right back in. Aunt Lisa laughed at that. She asked if there as something I wanted to do? I was actually very tired and just wanted to go to sleep. I unpacked, well not unpacked, but looked through my suitcase for my pjs. I found most everything, but couldn’t find my swimsuit. I thought I would look later as I wanted to swim some of the time here. I got ready for bed and was just climbing in the sheets when my aunt came in. She had a long t-shirt on and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. I could see her nipples making themselves known through the fabric.”I am glad you are here.” She told me. “It was getting lonely with Hannah gone. If you need anything just holler.” She turned and walked out shutting my door. I looked at the door, then fell asleep.The next morning my aunt woke me up. She was already dressed and ready to go. She had on old looking clothes with holes in them. She told me breakfast would be ready in a few minutes and to hurry. I showered and dressed. I ate and then we started working. I have no idea why women do this, but I was moving the same chair around the room for about an hour before the final resting place was found. Around 11 AM the gardeners started working on her lawn. I was happy they were in the heat and not me. Around noon it started to get really, really hot. My aunt’s air conditioner had stopped working, but we didn’t. She called the fix it guy who didn’t show up until about 4 p.m. to fix it. My aunt just kept giving me water göztepe escort and made me keep going. I was sweating. It had to have gotten up to around at least 90 inside, and the humidity in there too. My aunt was sweating, the sun was blazing through the west facing windows, I was sweating, my aunt was sweating, the fix it guy was sweating. I was not very happy, but tried to keep cheerful. This was torture. My aunt kept apologizing for the heat, but promised we would be done soon. About 5:30 that afternoon the fix it guy had the air conditioner running again. I was soaking wet. My aunt said there was one last thing. I had to put boxes up in the attic. I thought it was hot down on the main floor, but the attic had to be at least 130 degrees and dusty. I could feel the dirt cling to my body along with my shirt and shorts. When I climbed down, my aunt laughed at me. Dust had stuck to my skin giving me a mask and a coating on my arms and legs. I was hot and dirty.”Looks like you’re over heated a little.” She said.”I am.” I lied. “But, I’m okay. My aunt smiled.”We did a lot today. More than I could have done alone or with Hannah.” she said to me.”Can I use the pool?” I asked.”Why?” My aunt asked. “Can’t take the heat?”I didn’t know what to say. She smiled at me. “If you want.”I ran to my room and dumped out my suit case and rummaged through my clothes. My swim suit wasn’t there!”Anut Lisa?” I called out.”Be sure to wash the dirt off your arms and face before you go in the pool.” She yelled back.”Okay,” I yelled back in a panic.”And one more thing,” My aunt yelled to me from across the house. “No textiles in the pool.”What the heck was a textile? I had no idea.”What’s a textile?” I yelled back.”You can’t wear a swim suit,” she yelled, followed with what sounded like a laugh. I didn’t think I heard her right.”I can’t do what?” I asked.”You can’t have anything on in the pool,” My aunt yelled back to me. “It will mess up the filter.”I didn’t have a swim suit, and I wanted to swim. I thought for a moment. If my aunt didn’t see me, then it would be okay. I had swam nude before at my friends. It was no big deal. I peeled off my clothes and ran some water on my face and arms. I was still soaking with sweat and my balls looked like they were hanging down the floor from the heat. I was nervous and I shouldn’t have looked at myself in the mirror, because my cock started to get hard. “Great.” I thought. I opened the door a crack and listened. I couldn’t hear anything, so I decided to make a break for it. Stark naked I ran from my room, which was next to the garage and just down from the kitchen. My aunt was still on the other side of the house. I went as fast as I could to the kitchen, opened the door, shut it and taking a few steps, dove into the pool. The water almost shocked me. It wasn’t cold, but with the air so hot it felt cold. It felt great. My balls began to float as I stood up. I started to swim and enjoy myself for the first time since I had come here. I was sure my aunt would bring me a towel so I could cover myself when I got out. I had no worries. I loved swimming. Back and forth I went. Stopping and relaxing at times, diving down to the bottom of the pool then coming up. It was great.I stopped swimming for a while and looked around. The backyard was surrounded by tall trees. It was nice in my aunt’s back yard. I was relaxing, looking around when movement caught my eye. My aunt was looking out the kitchen window. I think she was washing dishes or something. She would look up and smile at me. I was about 15 feet away from the kitchen window, but with the glare off the water, I was sure it was hard for my aunt to see me. But, she still seemed to be looking at me. I watched her and for some reason my cock started to grow again. I didn’t want to jack off. I was just hoping it would go down. I was trying to will my cock down when my aunt came out of her house. She was wiping her hands then rubbed one across her forehead.”How’s the water?” She asked.”Okay,” I said, my voice cracking.I swam away from her as she came and sat in a chair by the pool.”It is hot isn’t it?” She said looking up at the sky.”Are you ready to go get something to eat while the house cools down?” She asked. She stood up and came closer to the edge of the pool. She looked at me, then looked again.”Are you… naked?” She asked. I went numb. “You said…” She cut me off as she laughed. “I meant that as a joke.” She laughed some more. “I didn’t think you would take me seriously.”My cock was not going down. I felt humiliated, but my aunt didn’t seem to be mad at me.”I am so sorry.” She said while laughing. “I am… really.””It’s okay,” I said.She smiled at me. “So let’s get going.””But I’m…” She cut me off.”I used to change your diaper. I have already seen everything you have.”For some reason that got me even more excited. My aunt had seen me naked as a little k** many times, just not in the last seven years. Well, I thought, if she doesn’t care. I tried to will my cock down again, but it didn’t work. I swam to the stairs as she watched. I looked at her and gave her a half smile and then climbed out. My back was to her as I got out. Nude and dripping wet. I turned and she smiled at me as I covered my hard cock with my hands. I could feel the warm air on my balls so I knew they were exposed as I was trying to keep my hard-on from her sight. She looked me over as I stood there.”No need to be shy,” She told me. “I have seen others.” And laughed.I dropped my hands and she took a double take. That made me freeze in my tracks. She mumbled something I didn’t hear.”Well… she said, “I wasn’t expecting that!” I felt sheepish.”You are gorgeous!” She said with a smile. “If I knew you looked like that, I would have had you working naked all day!” She laughed a minute. “Stay there and don’t move.” She said as she went back in the house.A few minutes later she reappeared. She had a Polariod camera in her hand and a new box of film. She loaded it, and told me to stand there while laughing. She took a shot, pulled the film out and shook it, then put it on the table. She had me turn sideways, with my cock now totally hard and my balls hanging down in front of my legs, and told me to look at the camera. She shot another picture of me. This seemed to be fun for her and I started to enjoy the moment. She moved me to different places in the yard and took shots of me standing and sitting. My cock was hard as she took picture after picture of me.When she was out of film, she went over to the ümraniye escort table to look at the pictures she had taken of me. I had no idea I looked that good, or that my cock was that big. It really wasn’t that big, I was just a thin k**, and while it may have been over sized for my age, it looked big to me. My aunt was next to me looking at the pictures and then looking at me as I stood next to her.”How about Mexican?” She asked me.”Okay,” I replied.”Go shower and get dressed,” she said. I could feel her eyes on me as I went in her house.We drove to a place that had real authentic Mexican food. My aunt just kept looking at me as I ate. She didn’t eat too much at all. She picked at her food a little bit and drank her diet Coke.”It’s our secret,” she said.”What?” I asked. She smiled at me.”You being nude, and the pictures I took,” she whispered.”Okay,” I said not sure what to make of it.”I meant what I said.” My aunt leaned in closer to me. “You can go nude at my home anytime you want.”I almost choked. She smiled at me. My cock, having a mind of its own, shot up to a full erection.”Or some other places, too,” She said softly.”So when we get home, I can go naked?” I whispered. Aunt Lisa smiled at me.”If you want.””Can we go now?” I asked in a very eager voice. We got up and left.On the ride home, my cock was aching. I wanted to get nude again. It seemed to take so long to get to her house. We hit too many lights on the way that were red. I was happy and excited when we pulled into her garage. I ran inside, taking off my clothes as I went. I threw my clothes in the guest room, and came out stark naked. I thought I would feel embarrassed, but I wasn’t. I sat down nude in a kitchen chair. My cock touched my belly button when I leaned forward. My aunt just stared at me and smiled. The ringing of the phone brought us out of the trance.”Hello?” My aunt said. “Carol.” It was my mom. I started to get up but my aunt waved at me to sit there. Here it comes, I thought.Aunt Lisa laughed as she told mom about her day and that I was a big help. She told my mom there were still things to do, some of which we had already done. I tried to listen. My aunt waved me over by her and tipped the phone so I could hear.Mom: “Where is he now?”Lisa: “In the shower I think.”Mom: “So he is helping?”Lisa: More than you know.” She squeezed my arm.I couldn’t believe I was standing there nude while they were on the phone talking.Mom: “That’s good to hear. He needed to work.”Lisa: “I have to tell you what happened. My air conditioner went outwhile we were working. Poor Cody was sweating so hard, the little helper.When we finished he asked to use the pool and I told him he could. But, I said he could only do it if he was naked.” My aunt started to laugh and so did my mom. “I meant it as a joke.”Mom: “Did he?”Lisa: “He was out there in his birthday suit.” They both laughed. Mom: “Was he embarrassed?” Lisa: Like the whole world was looking at him and pointing. Both laughed again. Mom: “How much of him did you see?” Lisa: “All of him. Back and front.” Mom laughed at that. Mom: “Did he cover himself.” Lisa: “He did. I was just laughing and apologizing.” Mom laughed.Mom: “Did he have an… erection?”Lisa: “I didn’t see that much.” She lied. “But, I liked what I saw. You weren’t stretching the truth on that matter.” My cock was going down. Mom: You should she it hard.” Mom laughed. “It’s way too big for his frame.”For some reason, my cock went back to full attention. Lisa: “I can believe it. Here he comes now. Want to chat with him?” Aunt Lisa handed me the phone and I talked to mom. Aunt Lisa just watched me as I talked to her. She had a big smile on her face and licked her lips. I just watched her as I tried to end the conversation with mom.I hung up the phone. Aunt Lisa smiled at me.”See; our secret. Your mom has no idea.” She giggled. “Why don’t you try the pool out tonight. I bet it feels great out there now.” I didn’t have to be asked twice. I walked out and jumped in.The air was still heavy and warm. The water felt nice on my nude body.I swam for a little while, then just relaxed, thinking how lucky I was to be here, nude in my aunt’s pool. My cock was getting harder as I thought about how much fun it was to be nude around my aunt. I wanted to jack off, but I didn’t think it would be too good for the pool filter, so I just let it float. My attention was turned to my aunt’s house. Most of the lights went off except one. The only light I could see was the over spill from the light in the hallway.I was walking around the pool a little when I heard the door open and close. My eyes were blurry from the chlorine and it was dark. I could make out the silhouette of my aunt as she walked toward the pool. She jumped in and swam a little then popped up on the other end of the pool.”Mind if I join you?” She asked, just keeping her head above water.I didn’t know what to say. I was naked in her pool and she probably just wanted to swim. I made my way to shallower water and leaned on the side of the pool. My aunt came swimming up and stood right in front of me. She then grabbed my head and pulled it toward her kissing me. I froze as I felt her body press against mine. She grabbed my body and pulled it into hers. She was as nude as I was. It only took a millisecond to register in my brain that my aunt was fully naked holding me and even less time for my cock to react. I have never felt my cock get so hard.”I need you.” My aunt said as she pulled away from my face then kissed me again. I tried to kiss back the best I could, but all of this was new to me. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I wanted to touch and feel things, but was not sure my aunt wanted that. She pressed her lips on mine and grabbed my cock. I had no idea what to do. She moved around a little and I felt my cock sink into the warm depths of her pussy. I wasn’t sure what I was felling at first. I was kissing my aunt still, trying to think. I finally stopped thinking and just did what came naturally. I started to move my hips. My aunt shifted again, wrapping her legs around mine and forcing her hips up and down. I didn’t last long. I don’t think I was even in her cunt a minute before I came. I moaned as I came in my aunts body, thrusting into her as she held on to me. When I finished, I felt stupid. My aunt got close to me again and started kissing me. She moved around and my cock slipped out. It had never felt so sensitive before. I had to back away a little and catch my breath. My aunt just looked at me.Once the tingling stopped and I was breathing normal again, my aunt reached under the water and felt my cock and balls again. It was still hard but not as hard as it was.”Come on.” She said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the pool.

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