My Bavarian Holiday Ch. 02

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My Bavarian Holiday Ch. 02Hanna Tells Her StoryThis summer I decided to cash a rain check given to me long time ago by my good friend Elsa Braun, who invited me to spend some time at her pension by Tegernsee Lake in the Bavarian Lake District. We used to be roommates during our university days in Munich during which period we had lots of naughty fun, many times together.After meeting Elsa and her husband Brent, I was given a single room, small but with a cozy double bed and as is quite common in small pensions in Germany, without enclosed shower. Elsa showed me the door less shower boot by the pool and the open showers in the sauna complex, which did not have any partitions and were coed. She said that as she knows me, that shouldn’t be a problem. Elsa also told me that during my stay, the pension will only be partly occupied and there will be no families and c***dren, so I could feel free to enjoy the pool and the sauna “creatively” as she had put it. I had a nice “Brotzeit” for evening composed of cheese, charcuterie and beer with Elsa and Brent. I was happy to realize that Elsa found herself a very attractive and nice man to share her life with. We bridged the time gap, enforced on us during the long years of taking care of our k**s till we could enjoy quality time just for ourselves.We drifted into more personal and intimate subjects and we found out that we were both still into practicing nude tanning and swimming like we used to do frequently every summer at the FKK part of the “Englischer Garten” in Munich while we were students.Elsa told me that though she did not declare the pension as FKK, or nudist, nor clothing optional, because she was afraid of losing the traditional German customers. Most of them would rather use the sauna in the nude and coed, as is the norm here, but would not like to be obliged to total nudity (as in a nudist resort) in the rest of the hotel or even just by the pool. What she did do to overcome the FKK issue, was to tell customers, whom she thought were liberal enough, that they could shower by the pool, where their nudity could be interpreted as natural or misinterpretation of the house rules, if they would be seen naked while undressing or dressing or even swimming in the buff. She would further stretch the line by telling part of the guests they could use the pool naked on condition that they ask the other users if it would be OK with them, but she would say that only when there were no families in the pension. Very few would object to someone, especially a woman, who would ask permission the swim naked. So, by creating some obscured boundaries, Elsa created a nudist tolerant environment in her small pension. This was “The Elsa” I remembered from university days.I was happy to hear from her that Brent was very much likeminded when it came to being nude in public or just having a naughty behavior; I was wandering how much Elsa told him about our adventures during university days, but was sure she didn’t leave many stones unturned.When it was getting late we said our goodnights and gave each other a kiss and a hug. Brent’s hug lingered longer than I expected and I felt his cock pressing into my pelvis. Instead of feeling alarmed, I liked the warmness of his hug and the touch of his semi erect penis. Elsa gave me a knowing nod giving me her nonverbal assurance. I was relieved. My good old friend was still keeping her liberal attitudes, so I allowed myself to lightly squeeze Brent’s ass before disengaging and going to my room.I stripped and entered my bed. I fingered myself patiently, playing with my clitoris ring till I had a nice fulfilling orgasm and fell into deep sleep.When I woke up in the morning I put my bathrobe on, took my towel and toilet kit and went down to the pool to take my morning shower. It was already nine o’clock. There were a few hotel guests swimming in the pool, so I gave them the traditional “Guten Morgen” which those who were able mirrored my greeting and continued swimming. I pretended to look for a secluded spot to strip before entering the door less shower, that anybody who was at this side of the pool could see clearly what was going inside the cubicle. I am no prude and I love to show my almost perfect body to people, but even after so many years of exhibitionism, I still feel excited like it’s my first time. I stepped into the cubicle and stripped inside, than I had to step outside to hang my robe and take my toilet kit in. I saw some stares fixing on me from the pool and I felt some wetness in my cunt, but my mouth became dry from the excitement. I showered and took good care to lengthily soap my pudenda, stiff nipples and my ass crack, especially when I saw people glancing at me when they’d reached my side of the pool.When I was done showering, I pretended to make an attempt to reach my towel without going fully out of the shower. Even like that the swimmers could see my nakedness, but I pretended I was sheltered. When I couldn’t get to my towel, I stepped out, grabbed my towel and stepped quickly back inside to dry myself. When Escort Bayan I was through with the towel, I wrapped it around my body high enough to cover my tits, but also high enough to partly expose my shaved cunt to the pool guests. I stepped out of the shower and stretched my hands to take my bath robe. The towel that I made sure was not secured well slipped and revealed my nakedness. Pretending to be surprised, I jumped and covered myself quickly with my robe. The people in the pool were staring at me and I wondered if they believed my little act.I took a poolside chair and sat waiting for these guests to leave the pool area, so I may have a chance of having a nude swim.After a short while, I was left alone by the pool. I quickly disrobed and entered the water to take my morning swim. After about ten minutes the door to the pool opened and two men and a woman entered the pool area with loud “Guten Morgen” greetings, which I answered respectively, not trying to hide my nudity. I saw surprised stares directed at me, but nothing was said. When they disrobed and entered the water wearing their swimsuits, I approached them and asked in a very polite manner whether my nudity disturbed them and should I put something on. Their embarrassment was obvious, but they said I could swim naked as they were the ones to intrude on my privacy. Well, what can I say, Elsa was right.After a while, I stepped out of the pool. I slowly took my shower, dried myself in front of the people, put on my robe and went to my room. I dressed and went to the breakfast room to have my coffee and meet Elsa.Elsa asked me if my room was OK, and I told her I liked it, especially the fact it didn’t have an enclosed shower.”So I see you had a good start today. I hope you were not alone by the pool,” she said cunningly.I told her all the details about my pool show and how much I enjoyed it. She was happy to hear I was having fun, urging me to continue with my exhibitionism during my stay. Elsa could not spend time with me today due to some business she had to deal with. She said she would have more free time tomorrow. She recommended me a little local secret; it is a nude beach at the mouth of the Weisach River, where it flows into Tegernsee Lake. She explained, although not an official FKK strand, nudity is well accepted there for more than fifty years and that she and Brent visit that strand quite often.I packed my things and went to the nude beach. There were already about twenty men and women in various stages of nudity there. I stripped off my clothes, oiled my body very thoroughly with suntan lotion. I laid myself on my beach towel on my back with my thighs spread to catch the sun, the cool breeze and to show my clitoris hood ring and my nipple piercings for potentially interested audience. I opened the book I brought with me and started reading.The morning had passed without events. Simple tranquility prevailed, though I noticed stares from men and women alike, that were studying my body and piercings that I was wearing.My body absorbed as much sun as was possible. When it became too hot and sweaty, I would go into the cool water and enjoyed its cooling effect on my skin, especially the cold tingling at my vulva and my stiff nipples.In the afternoon I decided I had more than enough sun for one day and left the nude beach to go back to the pension. I stopped for an afternoon cup of coffee in a caf? by the lake to enjoy the late afternoon sun.While I was sipping my coffee I noticed a cyclist who had just entered and sat at a nearby table. I like the Lycra shorts cyclists wear without underwear. This man certainly had a nice cock that seemed to be slightly engorged and lying straight up his lower flat belly. The contour of the crown was very conspicuous. His testicles were hidden under the absorbent pad in his shorts, which was a pity. I moved my eyes to examine his nice torso and to examine his face, when I realized he was staring at me. I flushed instantly out of my embarrassment, but tried my best to look innocent and gave him my best smile, which he returned though he seemed to be caught off guard as well.I liked the way this guy looked. I would love to flirt with him, but suddenly, I didn’t have the guts to go over to his table and introduce myself. What if he is married or just has a female partner? What if he is just not in the mood for flirting? I have these hesitations, especially with men I find very attractive.The waitress came asking whether I wanted something else, hinting me I was occupying the table for too long without ordering. I said I was just about to leave and asked for the check.I paid the waitress and went back to the pension, disappointed for not finding the way to approach this cyclist. Well, another among many lost flirts, I thought to myself.When I came back, I didn’t see Elsa or Brent, so I went straight to my room and changed to my bathrobe, collected my sauna towel and went downstairs to the sauna complex. I passed by the pool, taking notice that everybody there was wearing Bayan escort a bathing suit. I entered the sauna complex hanged my towel and bathrobe and stepped into the communal shower that had no partitions between the shower heads.I was soaping myself thoroughly in preparation for the sauna, when a naked man entered the shower room. He had a very nice muscular body, allover tan and a beautiful circumcised cock, quite rare in Germany, with a cock ring at its base. This ring was special as it had a little protrusion that looked like a head of a snake. Oh my! I thought to myself, this ring can drive my clit nuts! His balls were big and were enclosed by a tight fitting scrotum. His balls were positioned up close to his belly and were placed forward, hardly swaying when he walked. His cock was long and slightly engorged. It curved forward and downward resting along the dent between his balls. He had absolutely no body hair except on his head. I instantly started to get wet in my pussy, and not from the shower. Everything he had between his thighs was like it was taken out of my wettest dreams.I forced myself to lift my eyes and smiled to myself as I caught him staring at my shaved pussy. When he realized he was caught staring, he apologized by telling me how attractive I am and that he liked the sexy jewels I was wearing. How clever of him to smooth his way out!Then he asked me if I was the one he was looking at the caf? by the lake and it suddenly rang a bell; he was the handsome cyclist I did not have the courage to flirt with. I must not lose this chance again, not after I saw him in his full glory.I thanked him for complementing my sexy jewelry, stating bravely that there is no reason to wear them if nobody can enjoy their beauty. I saw that he liked my creative reply.We introduced ourselves to one another by our names and I told him I didn’t recognize him without his clothes on. He laughed, telling me he didn’t recognize me either in my nakedness. I felt we broke the ice between us. I complemented him on his cock ring and how attractive he looks and I saw deep in his eyes that he enjoyed my complements.As Dan opened the sauna door for me I made a decision I am not letting my inhibitions take over this time. I was relieved to see we were the sole occupants of the sauna room, so I spread my towel on the top bench, leaned my back on the wall and spread my thighs so as to expose my pussy to his view. I was already wet from the excitement.I fixed my eyes on his beautiful dick and started to finger my pussy, first dipping two fingers to collect some lubrication, spreading it over my swollen pussy lips and clit. I started circling my clit, not touching it but rather giving it indirect stimulation by going around in circles and tagging on my ring. My right hand cupped my left tit and I pushed it up to lick my areola and to bite on my nipple. My masturbation had the desired effect on Dan and his dick grew to become long, thick and pointed upwards like in his cycling shorts at the caf? this afternoon.I was getting bolder as my excitement was increasing and with the confidence I received from Dan’s positive reaction to my pussy play. I introduced my ring finger to my ass hole massaging the sphincter slowly in circles. When I felt the relaxation in my sphincter, I slowly introduced it into my ass sensing a slight burn that was soon changing into a sense of fullness. His eyes were fixed on my anal play in a Trans like gaze and he gasped when I pushed my finger into my ass as if his asshole was being the one penetrated. Then he followed my lead and started massaging his prostate between his balls and his ass hole. His other hand was stroking his big cock and I wished, when he would cum, his sperm would spray on my body. My juices were flowing freely out of my cunt. I could cum any moment, but I didn’t let myself go, so I could lavish myself with the sexual tension my body was in for a long time before my orgasm arrived.I was engulfed in my feelings and totally forgot we were masturbating in a public place, when I suddenly heard Dan’s order: “Stop!” It took me a second, but the adrenalin rush brought my senses back in no time, and I took my hands out of my precious holes, put my legs closed tight and straightened them on the bench. Dan put both his legs on the upper bench bent at the knees holding them together with both his hands close to his chest, trying to hide his stiff cock from being spotted by the entering people. Luckily Dan had heard them, as I was totally absorbed in my pussy and ass play and probably wouldn’t stop in time.An elderly nude couple entered the sauna and settled themselves across us. Luckily, they didn’t seem to be aware of the hot scene they just had brought to an end. Then I realized, in horror that Dan’s erection will not subside soon because of his cock ring. We couldn’t stay much longer as the intense heat started to take its toll on us.I suddenly got a wicked idea. I smiled reassuringly at Dan and waited to see what he would like to do next. He asked me Escort whether I wanted to go out, and I nodded affirmatively. Dan tried to cover himself with the towel to no avail, since it was spread lengthwise on the bench and it wasn’t wide enough to wrap around. He couldn’t raise himself off the bench to pull his towel from under him, as his erection would be disclosed immediately.I stepped off the bench, hanged my towel on my shoulder and faced Dan, hiding his pelvis from the couple’s view. I saw the relief in Dan’s eyes and I outreached my hands to hold his to support him, in a theatrical way, to help him get off the bench. When he stood facing me, his purplish stiff cock pointed high at me, almost touching my belly button, I moved quickly to my right as if to fetch Dan’s towel for him, thus exposing him to the other couple’s view. I couldn’t see the people behind me, but I could have guessed their reaction through Dan’s shocked expression.I handed Dan his towel pretending nothing unusual have just happened. Dan quickly covered himself with the towel, his hard cock making a big protrusion in front of him. He quickly left the sauna and I followed him. I did my best not to burst out laughing at the prank I’ve just pulled.I walked slowly the few meters to the common showers when I saw a young couple coming out of the showers towards me.” Oh my goodness,” I thought to myself. “They couldn’t miss his erection!”The young couple entered the sauna and we were left by ourselves in the shower area. I stepped in and joined Dan who’s back was turned to me to hide his erect cock from potential intruders. I took advantage of the situation and hugged him from behind. He really deserved this hug as a support for the adrenalin rush he had just gone through. I took some liquid soap on my hand and soaped his back with my right hand down into the crack of his ass, taking advantage of his standing astride to slip my hand further to gently soap and fondle his tight balls. My other hand was busy soaping his lower belly gravitating till it found his stiff cock. It was big and it was poking far away out of my hand. When I started to wank him I felt him growing under my touch and twitching. I love the feel in my hand, or my pussy, of a twitching cock. I regard it as a nonverbal primitive complement from a male, showing how great he wants to fuck you.When Dan asked me, or more correctly stated a fact that I exposed him intentionally inside the sauna, I admitted it, saying I thought he would enjoy the excitement of exposing himself and the risk it involved. I told him I was feeling his cock twitching in my hand, so he possibly couldn’t be mad with me or at least his cock wasn’t.He asked me to join him for a swim in the pool, so he could chill up a bit, maybe losing some of his erection. I instinctively answered that I had not brought my bikini to the sauna. Dan surprised me by saying that it wouldn’t really matter and gave me what Elsa had told him. I decided to keep my relation to Elsa and Brent to myself for the time being and see how things develop between us. I liked the way he was taken into exhibiting himself so far. I reassured him by explaining the German liberal attitude towards nudism in public places.We put on our bathrobes. It still didn’t hide Dan’s erection, but it looked less ominous when we walked than just with his towel on. The pool was empty, so we didn’t need to consider anybody. We stripped off our robes and entered the water.Swimming with Dan, though speechless felt very relaxing. I kept glancing at him while doing our laps and even got a good view of his erection while doing backstroke. His cock was poking like a submarines periscope out of the water, but though beautifully erect with a shining ring at its base, it seemed a bit relaxed in comparison to its condition in the sauna and the shower.We stopped swimming and were having a small talk when Dan started playing with my left nipple and my piercing. It felt good continuing our small talk while my nipple was getting treated. It became very erect and I was starting to feel the currents flowing from my nipple directly to deep in my cunt. My nipple got very hard and I was engulfed in the tension I felt spreading in my areola and further to engulf the whole of my breast. Dan continued caressing me lower and lower till he reached my clit where he stopped to play with my clit and clit ring alternately like a k** who found a new toy. This c***dlike behavior got me very excited and slippery inside. Dan led me to a relatively secluded corner of the pool. He paid continuous attention to my clit piercing. Then I felt him inserting a finger, hooking it just to press on my G spot. I felt weakness in my legs and started to milk his finger with my pussy muscles.I couldn’t remain passive anymore and took hold of his cock. I let my fingers research blindly his cock, to feel its girth, the veins protruding through the thin delicate skin. The snake head protruding from the ring at its base felt nice to my touch. I moved my other hand to explore its crown. I never had the chance to feel a circumcised cock before, so I took my time to explore it and see how I feel about a cut cock. I t actually was nice to my touch. I certainly wanted it to feel me up inside my cunt and maybe later on in other body cavities.

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