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My Best EncounterdeleteddeleteddeletedMy age is 25 and i am experienced as I am married. This story is about my best encounter with my uncle.It happened just before my engagement when i was 24. At that age my figure was 32-28-32. I was like sex starving at that time because i haven’t taste any cock in last 4 months.It was my cousin brother marriage.As we have to take Barat from Bangalore to Hyderabad. I was the second eldest in family after my cousin, he is the only boy in family. My father and i have a lots of responsibility as he lost his parents in a car accident. So my father gave me the responsibility to manage barat and vehicles. there are 2 buses one for gents and another for ladies. as expected i have to go in ladies bus but due to some confusion my step mom gave green signal to bus. Then they realized i was left behind alone with no vehicle. Then suddenly my father called me and said one of his friend is coming and they shared my number with them they pick me.As it was morning function, so we left in night. It was about 10 PM when uncle came with his car with his wife, a 10 year old son and driver. We adjusted like aunt sitting in front seat and me , uncle and their son sitting in back seat. Uncle’s age was 36 and their body is well build. Aunt is of same age as him and very beautiful. They had 6 month old daughter. We drove the car and after one hour every one slept. driver increase some volume of music. We all fell cold as AC is high so aunts pass us a blanket.After some time Uncle touch my thighs and i thought it was accidentally as his eyes is closed. I remove his hand. after some time they again put his hand on my thighs, i was feeling too sleepy at that time so i didn’t remove and he got courage. He than start rubbing it slowly. I broke up my sleep and look on him. he mesmerized in my ears you are looking damn hot, today more than your Aunt. The words run electric charge in my body. and i didn’t resist. He got more courage and move my top upward and start playing with my belly.I covered my face with blanket to hide my expression and he again mesmerized don’t be afraid we will do it very slowly so that no one will recognize. he then grab my boob in one hand and start pressing them softly. i was enjoying it and unhook my bra so he got easy access of them. he started pinching my nipples slowly and playing with my both boobs. i started moaning a bit louder but he grab my lips and suck it. then i put my hand in his “Pajama” and start hitting it. He move my skirt up and subbing my pussy over panty. The dilemma we got was too erotic. he slide a lil bit to my side and a bit upper and asked me to go in blanket.I did same and take his whole dick in my mouth in one go. and start sucking it slowly. I was rolling my tongue on his cock pink tip and sucking it. He was controlling his moans. I start moving my hands up and down slowly and also sucking it deeper. uncle was pressing my boobs and pinch my nipples hard.After some time of sucking he came and I had too swallow all of his come. That’s the first time i taste a men’s cum as i hate it. He was looking satisfied with it but i was on high cloud and horny too. I look into his eyes and he understands what i want. He start rubbing my pussy. and i was moving my hands on my boobs, biting my lips.He put middle finger in my pussy and start moving in and out and i was like “ummhh ohhh” yes that’s the spot you need but some how i controlled it. he was doing it slowly so that i could moan slower and enjoy it more. I was about to cum and caught his thighs tighter he understands that and he quickly move his head in blanket and put it near my pussy. I cum in his mouth and he gulped that all. We loose our strength with that long encounter. after 4 hours of continue driving, driver stopped car at a Dhaba for some tea. when everyone got out of the car i adjust my clothes.He reached Hyderabad in early morning at about 6.30 AM. there were 10 rooms booked in the guest house for us. one for the ladies and rest for gents. I went to ladies room and laid on the bed to take some rest. after half an hour Dad called me to check the arrangements of breakfast for all of us. I was buys in that. First function starts at 10 AM, so every one ready at about 9 or 9.30 AM. and went for breakfast.I came to my room, took shower, and doing my makeups güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and all. I was wearing a red backless blouse with black lehenga and drying my hair. I wore less jewelry. As i got full time to do that because i have no work in that function, So i got time till 1 AM. its about 11.30 when uncle knock my door and asked for a pain killer. he was drunken. he came in my room and i gave him tablet. He Said you are looking stunning in that. I ignore him but..After that night we reached Hyderabad at about 6 in morning. I was too tired and thanks to driver we got some time to take rest as the function will start at about 10 AM. I got enough time to take rest but my bad. After an hour my dad came to the room and asked me to go and check the breakfast arrangements for guests and meet Bride’s Father. They will show you. As I said I was the second largest c***d in family there are so much responsibilities. I obeyed their order.I checked all arrangements and informed everyone for breakfast. The time passes like 2x speed. It was already 9.30 approx. when I came back to my room i.e. ladies room. Everyone got ready till the time and more than half of the room was empty. My cousins said everyone left for the breakfast and then for Pooja. You are all alone and too much time to get ready before Ladies Sangeet that will be held at about 1 or 1.30. I took a deep breath and went to shower. I was getting ready by myself as gorgeous as I can because I want to go in Pooja.I wore a purple backless and sleeveless blouse with a single knot at my back. I wore a black lehenga with designs on it. My waist was clearly exposed with this outfit and you know who cares in marriage. Even girls don’t. I did my makeup with hot red lipstick and kajal on my eyes. There is less jewellery as I don’t like much jewellery. I was brushing my hair and was so involved in my feelings that I forgot everything.Suddenly my door knocked. I asked who’s this and the person said it’s me Sangeet, your uncle. I was like shocked and all the memories of last night flashed in my mind. Somehow I open the door. They said they require a headache pill. I invited them in the room and gave them aspirin from my bag. The room was a total mess at that time. They sat on the bed and take tablet. I again went in front of mirror and start straighten my hair. My back was clearly visible to them. After some minutes they mesmerized something. I asked what are you saying.They said you are looking stunning in this outfit. I have never seen such a beauty in last couple of years. Even your Aunty is nothing in front of you compared today. What a girl needs you guys know? I was like on seventh cloud. I said but aunty is all time stunner. I then move around and said look uncle what we did last night is not good. He agreed with me and said we did nothing, did we? I was shocked and he half laid down on the bed. I was again start brushing my hair.He suddenly came to me and caught my back and said we did nothing but we can do now and start sucking and kissing my shoulders. I said no, someone will come. This guest house is full of my relatives and this is ladies room. He said no will come, there is no ladies in the guest house as all went for Pooja, most of the gents are out to visit malls and buy gifts, rest are in the drinking area.I showed a sigh of relief and he continued to lick my shoulder and then neck. He licked and kissed my right shoulder from behind, I caught his head in my hand. His hands were moving on my stomach. It was like a great pleasure. I asked him how you should come to know I will be ready for all this including the car experience. He said he read it in my eyes. A tricky reply. On the same time he was playing with my naked belly.He moved slightly and start kissing my back and moving his tongue all over my back. He untie my blouse knot and grab my breasts in his hands. I was still in my half opened blouse and was enjoying the act. He then threw my blouse and caught my naked breast while kissing my back and start teasing my nipples. He slowly pressing them and I was start moaning. Ummhhh uncle please do this more ah um. He got full freedom of my body he then caught my waist and pull me towards him moved me and show me in my eyes.We were looking in each other’s eyes. He was moving güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his hands on my chicks and came near to my lips and slowly kissed. I responded back with a small kiss and we started smooching, he was kissing my lower lip then upper lip and continued for some time. I was in great pleasure, he made me so horny. I started unbutton his shirt one by one and removed his shirt. What a gorgeous hair less chest of a hunk. My fingers was moving on his chest and my lips were locked with his. We mixed our saliva and continued kissing for several minutes.Then he caught my one leg put it on the table and start rubbing my thighs. He whispered in my ears, UNDRESS ME. I acted on his words and removed his pants. He again whispered, do whatever you want.I got the hint and insert my hand in his undies. His cock responds with my touch and a shock traveled in our bodies. I was moving my hands on his dick. He was touching my pussy over my panty and I got the idea what he wants me to do. I removed his undies, bent down on my knees and kissed his tools. It was great experience because I never kissed a dick. He caught my chicks again and guided me to suck his cock. I did so. I take in my one hand and start kissing it. I saw it in porn movies and did the same. Take it in mouth and slowly moving my mouth. I put my saliva on it and messed all of it with my both hands.My tongue was moving on his pinkish dick top. He was started moaning and I like that feeling. I take it in mouth fully and started moving it in and out. He grab my hair and start mouth fucking me. I was like mmmhhh mmm slp slp slp. Tasting every inch of his cocks. That was too hard with my mouth and grew in its size. I don’t know the exact size but I guess it was more than average. He came near to his orgasm and remove it. Asked me to stop and said I don’t want to come so early. After a great blowjob he threw me on the bed and I was aaauccchhh uncle slowly, I am soft. He said yes you are and your pussy is much more than yours.He instantly removed my lehenga and start licking my toe. He slide over me licking all over my legs and came on my thighs. I was moaning a little hard. I was in fear what if somebody listens my moan. I turned on TV and raise its volume. Uncle understands and put his mouth between and start kissing my pussy. He was licking it with great passion just like he never saw such one. He was on its high speed and I was in heaven. I forced his heads between my thighs. He stopped for a while and spread my pussy lips with his fingers. He insert his tongue in between and licking it.I was in extreme pleasure and moaning faster. Oh yess uncle, aaucch mmm ahh ohh… He was on his pace and I was saying yes it is do it fast, fast, I am cumming, I am cumming. After a while my fingers was pulling his hairs and he understands that I am about to cum really. I removed his head and start finger fucking me, I threw a huge load in couple of minutes. And laid in the same way I was, breathing heavily.He laid near me and said slowly tired? I said yes, I never cum so much. He said I never saw someone with such a great load and start kissing my lips slowly. I responded him in his style. He kissed for some minutes then he slowly came over me and start pressing my breasts. His cock was real hard at that time. He take his cock in his hand and guided it to my pussy walls and slide it in, in one go. I was aaaucchh, it was itching me at that time because I cum just 5 minutes ago. I asked him to remove it but he didn’t and start kissing me again. He ate my all lipstick during those kisses, my lips was all dry.He bent on his knees without removing his cock, put his both hands under my back and take me upwards I was in hands (baahein). My head is touching the bed but his hand is supporting my back. My chest was to emerge. He quickly took my left nipple in his mouth and then right nipple and sucking both them hard one by one. His cock was touching me in depth. I was in his charge totally and started enjoying it. He was a great lover of ladies body.Once he noticed I was enjoying, he started moving his hips that was amazing. I was never fucked like that. I bet he had a great experience. He slowly start fucking me in and out. I was laying on the bed, he caught my waist from sides and increase güvenilir bahis şirketleri his pace a little. I was supporting him by moving my ass and liked it. My moaning was increased from ummmhh to aah aah ah ah oh oh yes ah ummhh ohhh yess yes uncle uffff ahh… he was banging me hard like he never fucked anyone in years.He stopped after sometimes and laid on his back in front of me and asked me to sit over him. I did so and took his cock in my hands, it was all sticky with my cum and his precum, I guided it on my pussy walls and it go deeper.I started moving my ass up and down and in rounds with our moans the moment was even hornier. We were on our full pace of love. That love making was amazing. He hold my breast in his hand and start sucking my nipples again, they were rock hard and pumping me at down. He was stroking his dick in my pussy hard. We both were moaning ah ah umm aaohh. I was on my high point and near to cum. I laid on his chest and licking his small pink nipples. I said I am about to cum and he increased his pace more. I cum with a loud moan and bite his shoulder. He was still hard and didn’t cum once. Its almost more than 40 minutes of fucking.He again whispered in my ear are you’re ready for another shot, I am on Viagra. I brought it to fuck your aunty but once I met you, she is nothing. I didn’t utter a word. He then remove his dick and sat on his knees, asked me do you tolerate this. I nodded my head and said but take care of me, I just came. Yes my princess was his reply. I moved in a doggy pos, my hands was holding the edge of bed my ass was facing his front. My hairs was on one side of my shoulder and I was looking behind to him.He came closer and insert his dick in my pussy from behind. And start stroking hard. He slapped my ass chick, it pained but I like that aggressive move because we were high on love. He was thumping me and I was saying hard and hard ohh yes deeper hard, I was ignoring my pain and getting the pleasure. He took my white boobs in his hands and pressing them hard along with that cock. I forgot my pain again sooner and helping him to bang me hard. He reduce his fast pace and his one hand was on my pussy.He slowly fuck me and rubbing my pussy too. That moment was great and arousing our demons more. He take my hair in his one hand and caught my other hand and pushing his cock more deeper. He pushed it more and more I was liking this. He laid on my back and put me on bed with my breast touching bed. And pumped me for some more time. Its already more than 20 minutes in this round. He then said I am near to cum, I said oh yes, then make me cum too again. He moving his dick completely out and then in, out and in. I was feeling great pleasure and it is giving him the pleasure too. Ummhhh aaahh ohhh aah umm yessss uncccllee was my words. He came in me with a loud moan and I cum too.We were there in the same position for some time, I was too too tired as I cum for time since night. He cum a lot in my pussy. I realized that. I was feeling too happy but worried too. Because he cum in me. I was worried of getting pregnant. I shared the same with him. He said don’t worry and take some rest. And leave the room after half an hour. I dressed myself and again laid on the bed. I was quickly got in sleep.He again came with a glass of lemon juice and ask me to take it to reduce some tiredness. I took and he said he mixed a pill in it and you won’t get pregnant this time. There is a sigh of relief on my face, I winked and we laughed.We realize that its already more than 12 PM. I quickly get up and go to shower. He left my room. No one will know about that love making moment because room was already mess due to ladies dresses all over. I got the shower and started my makeup and all, brushed my hair. My body was aching a lot.Somehow I could control myself but my body didn’t allow me and I laid for a while. When I woke up it was 3 PM I called my Step mom and asked where are they? She replied in ladies sangeet, I asked why you didn’t wake up me.She said your father said not to do that as you were too tired due to all those arrangements. I quickly left the room and went to attend the function. Uncle was not there and I came to know after that he was sleeping too.We left the guest house that night and also left some of the unforgettable memories of my life. I never met my Uncle Sangeet after that incident. I came to know from my father that he left India, he was transferred to US as a project head. It’s already 6 Years passed to that incident but those memories are still alive in my mind and heart.I hope you all like my story. Looking forward for your responses.

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