My Best Friends Dad 2

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My Best Friends Dad 2Robert and i didn’t see much of each other since the pool indecent. Actually it seemed like he was avoiding me, but i was determined to get all of him and soon. The plan was simple change the routine that i presently was using. throw him offgard so that i could bump into him and seduce him. He was weak i could tell and i could have my way with him. That Saturday night i stayed home from the party that i was supposed to attend. Sent Amy and her boyfriend Danny on their way telling then that i was not feeling well.I decided to Make some dinner and wait for Robert to come home. 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock and Robert was still not home. Finally at 3 o’clock in the morning he walks in ” What are u doing home?” Robert asked ” Why have u been avoiding me Robert ?” ” Look what happened out there was a mistake and it cant happen again. OK?”” Oh so its a mistake now” he nodded his head ” It wasn’t a mistake when i was sucking your dick now was it! ” i shouted at him.” Keep your voice down,”” Oh don’t worry Mr. Robert Amy is not home, i skipped my fucking party for your. I skipped it so i could see u and give u pleasure. Tell me u didn’t like the way i sucked your dick. Tell me !” over taken by anger and embarrassment of being rejected i walked over to him and slapped him in his face. While moving to slap him again he caught my had in motion. ” I have a girlfriend, I cant do this,” he said speaking with a tight lip. Looking up into his eyes all Escort i could see was frustration. ” Who ? That old hag Amber ? what can she do for u with her old used up pussy? don’t you want a nice, tight, hot, wet, always ready, pussy not to mention that its mine ?” putting on my best seductress voice I took my free hand and lightly passed it down his body.Robert swiftly grabbed a hold of both my hands and tightened the grip on both of them. At the same time he backed me up against the wall and put my constricted hands above my head.” What you think i don’t want to fuck you, oh no, no, no, i would love to fuck you. But your my daughters best friend. Your father and i are best friends. They trusted me with you. I think of u as my daughter,” the more he spoke the more he looked less frustrated and more angry.” So u let your daughter suck your dick, and when you speak to her your dick gets hard right?” I realized that the more angry he got the better chance i had of getting angry fucked and i liked that idea. ” I cant risk getting caught Kay i just cant,” ” Who said anything about getting caught ? You could fuck me anytime, anywhere, anyway you want to i’ll be your little slut,” Just then he loosened the grip on my hand just a little but little enough for me to grab a hold of his semi hard dick through his pants. Robert snatched my hand back tightened the grip once again and whispered into my ear in the most erotic voice,” You want to be my slut, Escort Bayan fine bitch be my whore.” the games had begun.Letting go of my hands and quickly unbuckling and zipping his pants he dropped it to his ankles and pushed me to the floor and only saying two works he demanded me, ” Kneel, Suck,” as my mouth enclosed on the head of his cock a sharp intake of air was taken in by him. I was about to bring my hands into the picture when he gave his other demand, ” No hands, stick your tongue out and look up at me,” and i as an obedient little slut did what i was told. Robert was big for a white guy, hell he was big for any guy and him trying to fit his fat cock down my mouth had me gagging but that seemed to just turn him on more. Holding onto my hair he rammed his cock into my mouth and with his other hand he slapped my face. I was loving it i could feel his dick all the way down my throat and it felt damn good. Suddenly he grabbed my by the shoulders and pulled me up to a standing position. ” Got panties on bitch.” Robert asked me in a voice that i did not even know he could speak in.” No sir,” I replied ” Good bitch i got something for you.”Reaching to the hem of my dress and pulling it up Robert raised my right leg around his waist and stuck his cock in. I had fucked that same day and i was wet enough to quench the thirst of 10 men but the size of Roberts dick had me crying out for mercy. Without giving my pussy time to adjust to the Bayan Escort size of the invader Robert just pumped his cock in and out, in and out knocking to air out of me with the force every time. We were facing each other and he was grabbing and squeezing my breast. Lifting my shirt up some more he latched onto my left nipple suckling on it as if he was a hungry baby and it was the last meal he was about to have. As if losing interest on the left nipple he moved on to the right tugging so hard on i i could have swarm blood would come out. ” Fuck your so damn tight, Ahhh kiss me baby kiss me,” in a mixture of tongue, lip and teeth we seemed to mix up the best kiss in the world. His hand were roaming all over my body as it they were trying to memorize how my body felt. Then with out warning he pulled out and put me on all fours. What seemed to me as a second alone his dick was back in. There Robert was slapping my ass and the sound of his balls slapping against my legs was turning me on so much i could not believe it. ” Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, ahhhh Fuck !” that was all he could muster to say. my screams i’m sure could have woken up the whole neighborhood. I was cumming and I was cumming hard. As the waves of pleasure went through me Robert rode out my orgasm beautifully and it seemed as the last wave of my orgasm died down he came, hard, grunting like he was about to die and bucking like a bull he shot all of his seed in me. What felt like hours we just lay there. He had turned me over and was lieing on top of me. Not a word had been said between us, but thanks to fucking Amy yet again coming up the driveway we were forced back to reality. This time with words in our parting .” Fuck you later?” ” Yes sir,”

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