My Bhabhi And Her Friend Renisa-1(Meeting Renisa)

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My Bhabhi And Her Friend Renisa-1(Meeting Renisa)?????????????????????If you have read my previous stories, you will know of my bhabhi Jiana. She has turned herself completely into a neighborhood slut. She now doesn’t fuck at her place, as in my place where she stays. She goes out to parties with the community guys at their local clubhouse.I told her to let me know if she will be returning home or not. There have been few occasions when I heard her getting fucked as she called me to inform me she will be returning next day morning. I decided to take a good amount of time off from work as I had been hankering for leisure time.I will leave for my 2 weeks vacation to the Caribbean with Petra, my ex-girlfriend. Jiana wanted to come with us too but that would raise suspicion so we held back that plan. I could sense she was upset inside even though she kept a smile on her face.She has been living with me for quite a while now. Her husband calls her on weekends for an hour or so on Skype. Her parents had to move back to their ancestral place because of some property matters within the family. Also, the city’s pollution was hampering their health. So they said they will be leaving the city soon enough.While her mother was telling this Jiana was in the same room as us. Her parents had come to visit her. I insisted on them to stay back for a day or two. To which they agreed. It was in the evening they arrived for the overnight stay, that we were all having a nice evening talking about Jiana’s future prospects and her so-called married life.It was during that time that her father said, “I think she has learned the ways of the city. I think she will be safe here with Aryaan.”Her – Yes dad. As it is the city is not suiting you. The water, the food, the air.Her mother added, “Yes, I am having these coughs which I never had in my whole life. I think in the coming days we will leave from here.”This meant only one thing, Jiana could do ANYTHING she wanted even more freely. The moment her mother assured they will be leaving I shared an eye contact with Jiana. I could see her face was overjoyed and smiling at me.Soon it was dinner time. They ate and went to sleep in her room. The other attached guest room was unattended for a long time and had accumulated loads of dust. So Jiana insisted on leaving her room to her parents. She would sleep in my room and I will make myself comfortable on the sofa-cum-bed.I was in my room on my laptop booking my tickets for my vacation and checking out hotels. Jiana came inside my room and sat beside me. I told her, “Your parents are just across down the hallway. What will they think, at this hour ?”Her – They are fast asleep. They have turned off their lights.Me-Okay, can you grab me a drink, please?I have completed my ticket booking and was on bed lighting a cigarette and waiting for my drink. She came inside the room and closed the door without making any noise. She adjusted herself next to me, giving me the glass with a smirk on her face. I know what that meant.Me – Jiana your parents are here. If we get caught we will jeopardize everything.Her – It is going to be fun Aryaan.She was leaned on top of my thighs with her loose nightie exposing half of her milky breasts. I saw she come close to me dragging her chest upwards my body. She slowly was nearing my hand which had the glass. She took a sip of neat scotch from güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the glass almost emptying it till half.Then she slowly climbed on top of me, resting her body completely on me. I was wearing a vest and my underpants. By now my dick was semi-erect and bent upwards, stuck on my tummy because of the boxer. I was slowly growing more erect and hard making a conical bulge.She brought her face near my lips and stared at me. Her hands were on my chest. I felt she slowly pushed her pelvis upwards and trying to find my dick shaft in my pants and as she did, she places herself back on top of me. Now my dick was trapped in my pants with her putting pressure on it by her abdomen.Then she smiled at me and came near my lips to kiss. As our lips touched I slowly sucked in the scotch for her mouth. A bit of it trickled from our corner of lips on to my neck and downwards my chest. She then broke the kiss and licked my neck, kissing all over my chest, sucking in the alcohol dripped on my body.Then she took rest of the scotch in her mouth again. While doing so she slowly unbuttoned her nightie from front exposing her big round breasts. She cupped her both breasts from below and formed a huge cleavage. Then she spat out the scotch from her mouth. It trickled down her lips to her, then slowly spreading all across her neck and chest and on her breasts.It immediately glistened her pulpy breasts and my dick was at its hardest. I have started to rub my dick along its curvature on her abdomen. To help me do that I had my arms below her ass cheeks. I pulled her towards me, to which she glided upon my body.I started to lick her lips and chin, slowly down to her neck and shoulders. I put my face between her cleavage licking and then sucking on her nipples. I felt she was bending her legs upwards and lowering down my pants. She lowered it down until the moment when she felt my dick erect and stand hard poking in between her thighs.She slid her hand down and touched my dick. Her eyes sparkled as she said, “There it is!” I had slid up her nightie along her ass till her tummy. She held my dick with both her legs near her vagina and started to rub herself up and down.She played sports, her thighs were perfectly toned. She would tighten her both thighs, eventually squeezing my dick hard. It was feeling amazing. I was spanking her ass and putting my finger in her asshole. Kissing her and fondling her breasts. They were so soft and big and natural.She was squeezing my dick really hard. I saw she took her one arm and reached for my dickhead. As she kept squeezing my dick, the tip of my dick would pump up. She would run her fingernails on my moist dick head. My dick was dripping with pre-cum and I could sense her vagina was warm and wet.I could smell the aroma of both our cums mixed. She liked to chug down alcohol while she rid a dick. She reached out for the bottle of scotch kept in the ice bucket. I saw she took out a bottle of wine.Jiana had pre-planned all of these. I was surprised a little but apart from the fact that her parents were in the same house as us, and what we do is “taboo”, it was very hot and sexy. I have always loved women who felt free to exchange their desires. I feel privileged if I am a part of that.Jiana was perfect. If only someone could understand her. He will be a lucky man to have her. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri uncorked the bottle and sat up to let me touch my dick on her vagina. As it did, she immediately sat on it taking it completely inside. She was drinking Cabernet Sauvignon, a pleasant wine, if taken in high volume can make you tipsy.She was riding me fast but as the tipsy feel hit her she was getting slow and sensual. Then she fell on me, kissing me passionately. I rolled over to be on top of her. I was pushing my dick inside her in a medium pace as I was enjoying seeing her being this beautiful satisfied lady.Her breasts jiggling up and down as I kept thrusting her. I slowed down my pace and I heard her moan, “Oh Aryaan.” I went near her face and she looked at me. I could see she was closing her eyes in pain with every thrust of my dick.But she opened her eyes again and looked me in the eye. Then she said, “I think I am having other feelings for you Aryaan.”Me – What do you mean?Her – You treat me so well, you fulfill all my desires. You let me be myself, however, I want and that is everything a woman wants from a man.Me – You deserve it all.Her – Aryaan I love you.Me – I love you as well Jiana.Her – Why did you not tell me?Me – Somewhere if we end up together we will lose our family.Her – Plus this is exciting.Me – Is there any difference between how we are and what we want?Her – NoMe – I am all yours.She wrapped her legs around my waist and was hugging me close to her. I gathered my pace of pushing my dick in her pussy. Her face was near my ears by the side of my face. She was pulling my hair, running her hands on my back, sometimes plunging her nails on my skin.It was around 1:30 a.m there was a knock on the door. We both were startled. She asked, “Who is it?” It was her father. A bleak voice from the other side of the door came, “Where is Aryan? Why are you awake at this time. Lights are on.”She was struggling for an answer but I kept fucking her. She was widening her eyes and nodding her head to indicate me to stop doing that. But I was not going to listen. It was the actually exciting situation.She somehow managed to say, “I do not know. After you slept he was in the living room.”Her father – Well he is not even sleeping in the other room. Where has he gone at this time?Her – Maybe to the terrace. He likes going there.Him – Ah okay. you don’t stay up late longer. Goodnight.Her – Goodnight dad.Then she frowned at me and whispered to me, “Mr. Big talk. What if we get caught and shit. What were you doing a few minutes back?’Me – I did not want to stop fucking this wet pussy bhabhi.Her – Then fuck me faster now.I held both her legs, bent them forward nearing her head, spread them wide and pounded her vagina. Her moans were ecstatic. We have been together for a long time and we fucked several times. By this time we had gathered a chemistry.I could sense she was reaching orgasm and so was I. I started to push my dick deeper and faster. Her legs trembled, her pussy gripped on to my pulsating dick as I splurge out hot thick cum inside her vagina.This is not the first time I came inside her. She is usually on pills. We stayed next to each other for a bit. I wore my pants and went to sleep on the sofa.Her parents left the next morning. Jiana went with them to get some belongings from her house before her parents güvenilir bahis şirketleri moved away. The day came when her parents went to their ancestral house. It was 5 days later. She bid them off till the airport.She said she had to meet her friends so she will come home in the evening. Later that day in the afternoon she texted me she will stay back at her friend Renisa’s place. I thought of getting few of my errands completed as well. Later in the night, she was texting me pictures of her and Renisa in her house, chilling and drinking – a usual girl best friend sleepover.I had seen Renisa naked on Jiana’s phone before. She is a petite woman. Had sharp features and 32C breast. She had little hair at the edge of her clitoris. In the picture which Jiana sent, Renisa was wearing a black tank top and ash colored short pants.I texted Jiana, “Damn she is hot.” She texted a video of her this time. In that her small cleavage was visible. She was drinking from a glass and dancing to song.Then she texted – She really wants to meet you.Me – When is she comfortable with coming here?Her – She said the coming weekend.Me – Good. Tell her she is invited for dinner.Her – She said its great idea. And how about you talk to her directly and I give her your number?Me – If she is fine with it, sure why not.Later at night, she pinged me. We ended up chatting for a few hours. I got to know about her and so did she. I knew she was drunk and I asked her, “What do you think of Jiana?”Renisa – She is a good friend of mine. We share everything.I knew they do. Jiana told me. But I pretended to act surprised.Me – Really now?Her – Yes mister, everything.Me – I saw a picture of you and Jiana naked. You fancy her?Her – Omg, you saw that? That stupid bitch is so careless.Me – Tell me.Her – Well, she is beautiful.Me – I saw you kiss her passionately and so was she. Did you two experiment any further?Her – No. Never thought of it. Btw, can I ask you something?Me-SureHer – Did she really fuck all those other men?Me – Yes she did.Her – I always knew she was a slut.Me – Huh?Her – She would walk past the boy’s campus after class and would enjoy hearing those guys commenting her, whistling at her.Me – She mentioned she enjoyed all thoseHer – Some were lewd remarks too, Aryaan. But she enjoyed them and seeing that the guys would say stuff but did not have the guts to approach her because of her father.Me – Well she is happy. Plus the guys here respect her too. It’s just that she has managed to come to a settlement with them.Her – She enjoys fucking you.Me – I would hope so.Her – Look at you being modest.Then she sent a picture of her on her bed. I saw Jiana was fast asleep next to her. The picture was of her face and showing ample cleavage saying, “It is so hot here but your bhabhi would not let me turn the AC down. I am sweating let me show you.”And she texts me a picture of one of her breasts popped out of her tank top and with her fingers, she was squeezing the nipples. Then she immediately texted, “Omg wrong picture.”I knew where she was getting at. Jiana told me how she traps men (her exact words.) I took a picture of my hard on (she was looking extremely hot in her half-drunk eyes) and sent her. She sends a picture of her panties pulled up tight forming a camel toe.I pulled down my pants a little exposing the tip of my dick from the pants and clicked a picture, sent that to her.She replies – Show me the whole thing.Me – You have seen it, Jiana showed you.Her – But it is on her phone.Me – Too bad.Her – Playing hard to get huh?Me – It isn’t easy.Her – What do I have to do?Me – I will tell you when we meet.Her – Oh I love mysteries.I had already made plans to fuck both of them together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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