My Boss’s Daughter Prt 3

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My Boss’s Daughter Prt 3Well, Sarah was coming home after four years away at college and I wasthrilled. The last picture she sent showed how much her body had changedand I couldn’t wait to find out for myself how well she performed in bed.I was sitting in my office finishing a conversation with a client when Iheard the front door open. I hung up the phone and walked out to seeSarah standing there with her grlfriend Nadia. Nadia wasn’t the girl fromthe pictures but she was just as hot. Her natural bronze body stood outbeautifully and her piercing green eyes were a compliment to her ravenblack hair.Sarah ran up to me and immediately began kissing me as though no one elsewas in the room. “Oh I missed you so much,” she mumbled in between kissesand I could only hold and kiss her back. She finally released me andturned to introduce her girlfriend Nadia. “Nadia, I want you to meet thewoman responsible for all those hot things we do in bed.””Nice to meet you. You must be a gift from heaven above to have taughtSarah the wonderful things she does,” spoke Nadia in a recognizableMediterranean accent. She winked as she shook my hand and I smiled as Icontinued to rub Sarah’s round ass. Indeed she’d grown in other waysalso.Why don’t the two of you go unpack and I’ll make reservations for lunch,”I suggested. The young ladies eagerly grabbed their bags and headedupstairs giggling as they went. I turned towrad the kitchen and picked upthe cordless phone to dial The Pier for a table for three at 2 o’clock. Ihung up and listened as the girls unpacked talking about things theymissed at school but were glad to be home.I went to the second master bedroom and changed my clothes to somethingcasual but still dressy. I was walking out into the living room and Sarahwas sitting on the couch with her blond hair tied up in a pink ribbon Ibought her before she left for school. I went into the kitchen and Nadiawas standing at the breakfast bar drinking a bottle of water. Sheimmediately looked up at me and descended from the bar white leather barstool.”You’ve done a mearvelous job ay raising Sarah. She’s quite a woman. Doyou think one of these nights I could learn how to make love from theMistress herself,” purred Nadia as she walked behind me and pressed herbreasts into my back. “I see why Sarah only dates women of color andnever consorted with the whites no matter how much they tanned.”I turned to Nadia and she took two steps back into the dining area. Sarahwalked in and asked if we were leaving or not. I looked back at hergrabbing my keys and purse. “Ready if you are?”We all headed out to the garage and to Sarah’s surprise her graduationgift was sitting there. She squealed and jumped on me with all praisesand thank you’s she could get out between breaths. I handed her the keysto the black Mercedes SL 600 and we all piled in with me sitting in theback.We arrived at The Pier and the valet graciously opened all the doors forus. They knew me so they were more than happy to help out. We walked inand were seated at the window overlooking the lake. We ate with muchchatter and when Sarah asked me what I’d been up to, her face turned sourwhen I told her that I had been dating Jessica and we were having ourcommitment ceremony in a month. I was lying but having her bring home hergirlfriend only infuriated me. I wanted to make love to my darling Sarahsince we never did the times I came to visit.Lunch was very filling and the ride back home was loud with the radiostation she turned to. I love Metallica but not after a hefty lunch. Wereturned home and everyone retreated to their rooms. I closed my door andturned the tv on as I shed myself of the clothing I wore. I laid on thebed in the dark room and closed my eyes, drifting into sleep. I heard thestairs creak while I was sleeping but thought nothing of it.I don’t know how long I was asleep but as I opened my eyes I saw theoutline of the sex emitting a****l that Sarah brought home standing therenude with her teardrop shaped breasts that were dotted with small hardnipples. I laid there watching as she crawled into bed next to me andknew she couldn’t see that I was watching.”Oh how I wish you were awake to make love to me. Your dear Sarah isasleep and doesn’t want to be bothered. So I came to Escort Bayan you in desperateneed of a good fucking from the Mistress herself,” whispered Nadia as shesnuggled closer to me.””Is that what you really want,” I asked as I turned to her and saw thelook of utter embarrassment on her face. I reached out and stroked herface and she leaned into it. I gently pushed her down on the bed andbegan to kiss her while roaming my hand over the lithe body of thislittle nymph. Her body was as warm as melted caramel and her mouth tastedof strawberries which I liked very much. Only Sarah could have told herthat I liked the taste of strawberries on her lips. Nadia placed her handover mine as I caressed my way to her navel and further down to her Monswhere I quickly diverted my direction to her right thigh and raked myfingers up to her hips and down again. Her moans made it known that shewas enjoying this and I wasn’t in a rush to get this over and done with.Nadia arched her back and threw her arms over her head as I finallycovered her heated pussy with my hand and pressed my palm onto herexposed clit. She sucked in air as I continued to press into her andslide my middle finger into warm fleshy pussy. She was clearly not avirgin and that turned me off but I wasn’t turning her away with outgetting what I wanted and giving it to her good.”Oh please. Right there,” whispered Nadia as she closed her eyes andgyrated her hips to get my finger to slip into her yearning pussy. I heldmy position firm as she snaked under my touch and brought her legs up. Ipushed them back down.”You aren’t getting fucked so stop it,” I said angrily. “Not just yetanyway,” I mentioned as an afterthought. She looked up at me and wasabout to protest when I pushed two fingers inside her quivering pussy.She yelped and I could see that it had been some time since she had a maninside her. I didn’t care. I curled my fingers up towards her stomach andbegan my ‘come here’ motion of stroking her g-spot. Nadia writhed abouton the bed trying to get more of the internal assault i brought to herand I delighted myself as she smiled.I looked up to see a shadow outside my door and knew Sarah was there. Theoutline of her head was clear and if she wanted a show shewas going torecieve one for bringing this girl home. I quickly yanked my fingers outof Nadia just before she could cum and told her to turn over. I turned tomy bedside drawer and pulled my harness and dildo out. I sat up anddonned the chap style harness and locked the thick dildo in place to makesure it wouldn’t detatch itself. I looked as Sarah as she looked in andpulled Nadia to me. I pushed her down so that only her ass was in the airand instead of teasing like I would have with Sarah, I shoved the threefinger wide dick into Nadia and proceded to ram her with furious abandon.Nadia yelled and screamed as I held her hips for leverage as I drovedeeper inside. Sarah finally came in and walked to the edge of the bednear Nadia’s head. She climbed in and crawled toward me. I held Nadiadown as she tried to reach for Sarah and held Sarah as she sat up next tome. We kissed as I fucked her girlfriend good and hard. “Do you reallywant to be with someone who wants to fuck your lover and Mother,” I askedwithout hesitation. She looked at me as I pounded Nadia’s sopping pussy.”This is what she wanted. I wanted this to be you so I could be sincereand slow and hold you as I made love to you.”She leaned forward and kissed me as I reached down behind her to caressthe soft round flesh that had developed nicely. I pushed her closer thatI could finger her pussy and found it just the way it was when sheleft. Free from invasion. She lifted one leg so I could get in more andbegan to grind against my thigh.”Oh YEAH! PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER,” Nadia screamed as I thumbed her ass andbegan to dig deeper into her pussy. Her ass was quivering and I knew shewas on the verge of a huge orgasm. “Oh, oh, oh,” whimpered Nadia as shewas shot with an explosive orgasm. She collapsed without warning intodeep slumber which caught me off guard.”She did that the first time and I thought she was dead for a moment. Sheexplained that she falls asleep when she cums and she will be out formost of the night,” explained Bayan escort Sarah with a smile. She dipped her headdown and began to suck Nadia’s cum from the soaked dildo and I almostlost it. Her beautiful mouth swallowed the whole thing and she never tookher eyes from me. I never imagined that she would learn to suck off adick and I pushed the thought from my mind. I was enoying the sightbeneath me. She held the base and bobbed her head back and forth and withher other hand massaged my clit with slow contrived circles. The pressureshe applied was deliberate and drove me wild. I leaned back as worked herfingers back to my pussy and inserted two inside the slippery orifice andcurled them up toward my stomach and stroked my g-spot slow and steady.My hips pumped in time with Sarah as Nadia lightly snored and I began tolose all track of time as my body tingled.Sarah kept her fingers inside me as she sat up to kiss me and we sharedthe taste of Nadia together. “Fuck me, Mommy,” she whispered. I asked ifshe was sure and she laid back on the bed with her legs open. I followedher down and held her close as we kissed. I reached between us and heldthe tip of the dildo against her pussy and watched her face as she tookjust the tip into her soaked hole. She looked up at me and nodded as Islide in a little more. Her hips rose and fell as I held the shaft waitedfor confirmation. “Ok,” she whispered as she wrapped her legs around myback. I pushed in further and she groaned as the width of the dildostretched her virgin skin. I saw a tear fall from the corner of her eyeand I kissed it before it went any further. Sarah held me closer as Ibegan to pump my hips and move the dildo in and out of her. Her whimpersturned into moans and she was soon pushing up to meet my thrusts. “I’vewaited so long for this,” Sarah yelled out blindly as I came to a pacesuitable for the perfect rhythm. I neede something faster and she neededsomething easy and steady.I reached down beneath her and took a hold of her as for leverage. Shewrapped her arms around m neck and let out a load hungry moan as I wentin deeper. I laid my head on her wonderfully formed 36Ds and licked herright nipple. My mind went back to the first night I tasted Sarah and myclit throbbed in response. Sarah wailed for more as I pushed into placesshe’d never known and I was soon giving her all that she wanted. Ireached back and took a hold of her knees and pushed them back so that Icould hold her up and plunge deeper. Sarah’s tits bounced around as Idrove into her squishy pussy and she reached down to massage her clit.She sight was beautiful. I hadn’t fucked anyone like this since I lost myAngel. She begged louder and louder as I turned from pusher to jackhammersmacking into her as our bodies met. Sarah made no attempt to try to pushaway and that’s when I felt a tongue slide into my pussy. Extra help incumming, I though. The tongue was long and thick and was much needed. Islowed my pace as Nadia spread my ass to poke around. Damn she was hotbut I kept my focus on my Sarah. She was panting out of breath from thepunding she’d just recieved. She looked up at me deliciously as shecontinued to rub her clit between our bodies. I leaned down to kiss herand she brought her finger up for us to lick together. Sarah jumped and Icould only guess that Nadia had found her asshole and was inserting afinger inside. My pussy began to throb as Nadia snake her tongue aroundinside me and I wanted Sarah to join me. I pulled Sarah’s legs up againand told her to massage her clit. She did so and I pushed harder into heras Nadia continued to invade my pussy and Sarah’s ass. We were bothwailing as I worked my dildo in and out of Sarah. As I neared my orgasm Isw Sarah’s stomach contract and her chest rose and fell as she wasovercome with an intense orgasm. The sight of Sarah going through thisexcited me more and I was soon joining her as I released a warm flow ofcum onto Nadia’s face. I let Sarah down easily and stayed inside heruntil she was completly done.I kissed Sarah again and then pulled from her vacuum-like grip with a lowpop. We laughed and Nadia was intent on keeping her tongue inside me. Shewas fingering herself from behind and I let her finish. I Escort came again asshe shoved four fingers in and out of her pussy and screamed into mine.Sarah bent down and kissed Nadia to get my taste from her tongue. Iwatched as they shared my taste and reached around to rub Sarah’s clit.They both collapsed on the bed next to me and we all went to sleep. Iheld Sarah closer and kissed her forehead and she snuggled up against me.The next morning I woke up and Nadia was masturbating furiously in thebathroom. She was on the counter with her knees drawn up to her shoulderswith her toes pointed out. I opened the door and a glazed look was in hereyes. I knew she needed a good licking so I got to my knees and suckedher rock hard clit as her wetness flowed from her pussy in waves andlanded on my chest. She held on to the counter for leverage as I raidedher clit and she bucked against my face. She tasted like Jessica and thatwas delicious. I pushed my face into her as my tongue invaded her pussyand was greeteed with her contracting walls. Her nipples became rocks asher tits rose and fell on her chest. She kept her legs in the air andlegs spread wide as she was shot with wave after wave of another intenseorgasm that she managed to get through without falling off to sleep.I stepped to the side and grabbed a towel to take a shower. I turned onthe water and made it hot enough to bear and stepped in. I washed my bodyfrom face to feet. After my seven minute routine, I stepped out and heardsomeone crying. I wrapped a towel around me and walked out to my room. Noone was there. I walked out to the hall and head the crying coming fromupstairs. I headed for the stairs and turned left to Sarah’s room. Herdoor was wide open and there lay Nadia on Sarah’s bed with a huge redmark on the sdie of her face where Sarah had slapped her and sobbing herhead off.”I told you that if you wanted to fuck the woman who’s taken care of me,to tell me so we could enjoy it together, but no you wanted to defy me sopack your shit and hit the road. I could give a flying fuck where you gobut it won’t be here, you whore,” Sarah shouted from the bathroom as shethrew Nadia’s things from the closet into the room.I walked to the bathroom door and stood there as stood there in a heatedfit and cleared my throat. She turned around and began to cry. “I didn’tknow she’d do this to me with you. I know you wanted only me and I shouldhave never left. You found love with Jessica and..” I held up my hand andshe stopped.”I only told you those things to upset you because you brought this younglady into our home when I expected it to be only you so I could spend theday pampering you and showing you all that you’d missed while you weregone,” I told her sternly. She turned back to grab Nadia’s bags and threwthem on the floor as she walked into her room. Nadia was now stuffing herbags and sobbing.Sarah paid no attention. She turned to me and kissed me deeply. We stoodthere in the middle of the room holding each other. She looked back atNadia who was putting on her clothes and rubbing her face where she washit. Sarah walked over to her and pulled her up so they were face toface. “You upset me something terrible. I hate whores and paid noattention when everyone told me that you were one. I would have loved toshare with you but you made it clear that you wanted Cher to yourself. Ifollowed you last night when you went down to her room. I heardeverything you said and I was intent on letting her fuck the shit out ofyou before kicking you out. So yeah, you served all that was dealt toyou. Now get out. I’ll be nice and call you a cab,” Sarah squeezed outthrough clenched teeth. She walked over to her phone and dialed the cabcompany and gave the address.Nadia walked past me and stopped to look up at me for only a moment. Shewhispered that she was sorry and procede to walk to the stairs. Shecontinued all the wa down and turned to the door. Sarah grabbed her robeand walked down to see that Nadia walked to the curb.She came back in after the taxi drove off and came back in. I watched asthis my late boss’s daughter had staked her claim on me and wouldtolerate nothing from anyone but me. I smiled as she walked back up thestairs and untied her robe. “Now that we’re alone, Mommy, how about Itake care of pleasing you for breakfast?”I pulled her to me and let the robe fall to the floor and picked her upand took her back downstairs to the living room where she had her firstintense orgasm and she showed me the things she learned while she wasaway at college.

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